Why I Can’t Condemn The Alt-Right, And Neither Should You. (Disclaimer Inside)

(Disclaimer: Read this all the way through before making dumb statements about my alleged bigotry. I abhor any sort of claims of any racial supremacy in any form with any subject. None of the arguments within this article should be construed as a defense of the ideals of any group mentioned herein. This is Analysis. I judge groups by their actions more than their ideas. Anybody is entitled to their odious opinion and to voice it publicly, nobody is entitled to resort to violence. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said in Whitney v. California (1927) “If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”)

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, yes, I cannot defend the Alt-Right. Some of you are of course shocked and are now swearing & spitting in a rage about how I’m just some dumb faggot who knows nothing. If that’s the case you’re probably a far left Democrat whose conservative Uncle sent this with you to rub it in your face about how reactionary and juvenile you are. The rest of you are just Libertarians, Normal Conservatives, and those very rare but much valued Moderate Democrats, and you are all scratching your head and saying, “How do ya figure there sports fan?” Well, I cannot condemn the Alt-Right because it is not very clear what the Alt-Right actually is.

Existence of An Enigma

Unlike the Alt-Left which is a title given to far left groups like Antifa which they themselves do not identify themselves by, the people who label themselves as or are labeled as Alt-Right are not an organized political movement or organization. There are so many groups or individuals claiming this label or being lumped under the label that hold wildly contradicting views. It is very similar to Gamergate which has itself been labeled Alt-Right by the left, despite the fact that on close examination most people who identify themselves as part of Gamergate were extremely leftist. That leads to huge confusion as to the nature of the term. Is it a movement or a slur?

Originally I characterized Alt-Right by the people identifying themselves by the label such as Milo Yinnopoulos and Lauren Southern, with ideas just outside the conservative mainstream. These people are generally reasonable though at times very abrasive. Now, however, they are calling themselves Alt-lite as the term has become more charged. This makes one question why they are lumped in with an extremist set of people who are being called Alt-Right since as I mentioned before the ideas and people are polar opposites. After all, Milo is gay and a Jew (that is not a dirty word, don’t pretend it is) which are 2 things that people the media has additionally labeled as Alt-Right vehemently hate.

There is also a difference in attitude. /pol/*, for example, has been referred to as a breeding ground for the Alt-Right. However, despite the media characterization of Alt-Right as a political movement, /pol/ seems to have no concern for actual politics. I am actually fond of /pol/, they are mostly geared towards making offensive memes or trolling arrogant people like Shia LeBeouf. Even their support of Trump seemed to be more based on Trumps ability to offend snowflakes than his own politics. To them, everything that is happening in the world is one big joke. This is why I find comparing the Gen X attitude of /pol/ to the intense racial hatred of groups like the KKK to be an extremely implausible stretch.

Ha, Ha, You’re a Cootie-Face

In my opinion, too there is a distinct possibility that the Lying Mainstream Media is using this as a label to discredit all conservatives by trying to associate them with bigots. This very year we have seen how labels can be turned against their creators, such as how conservatives successfully turned the term “Fake News” against the Washington Post by pointing out that they are Fake News. In fact, it seems like only in the last few months that we have seen groups like the KKK or Neo Nazi’s identified as Alt-Right. On top of that, now anything like a free speech protest or conservative gathering that is intended to protest far left tyranny gets called a gathering of White Supremacists or Alt-Right, almost as if they intend to discredit these groups not with an actual argument against their message but with an inaccurate association with largely and rightfully hated groups. It benefits them to put all of their opponents under one broad label so that they can insinuate anything they believe is associated with certain evils.

It is true as I stated earlier that this year some people identified as Alt-Right. These people were charismatic, intelligent, and were gaining popularity. In short, they were a threat to the left and the media who were already suffering from a huge image issue. It stands to reason then that the media would gain from blurring these lines and thus discrediting their opposition. After all, unlike the term Alt-Left we use for violent and criminally dangerous/unhinged liberals, some people identified themselves by this label willingly. So it makes it easy for the Media and the Left to turn it into a childish insult

Muh Nazi’s

Where do the KKK and Neo Nazis fall into this? Many Alt-Right events have attracted these types. It could be because of the message of the Alt-Right condemning Anti-White Racism. They may also come because of the shared nationalistic views. Or maybe the Alt-Right gets those views from Neo Nazism.

Why were there people at the start of this though that these groups clearly hate? I return your attention to Milo, a Gay man who practices Judaism. He is literally the antithesis of what those groups stand for but identified himself as Alt-Right for a short while. Even now though the media calls him Alt-Right despite him distancing himself from that label. So is it that the Alt-Right are Nazi’s that hate Milo or is Milo the Alt-Right that Nazi’s hate? They certainly are not part of the same group though. This is what muddies the waters.

Richard Spencer has also been part of the Alt-Right from the start and is known for Neo Nazi views. He was instrumental in coining the term Alt-Right. It is interesting to note that while he is against gay marriage, he banned people with anti homosexual views from a conference he organized, however that is the only aberration as to the rest of his Nazi Ideology. He leads a group of people who hold blatantly fascist views and has called for what can only be described as “soft ethnic cleansing”. These ideas are certainly dangerous.

Actions Paint A Larger Picture Than Words

Now the behavior of the proclaimed Alt-Right is curious. They have been largely peaceful unless provoked. This is behavior I would not expect from the groups the left-wing describes as Alt-Right. Indeed the behavior is more in pace with the more benevolent view of the Alt-Right as simply being libertarian leaning activists against left wing fascism. But there has been violence even if most of it was provoked.

Twice in Berkeley, there have been incidents of conflict provoked by the terrorist Antifa group against free speech advocates which are labeled Alt-Right. The second time it erupted into street warfare that resulted in the free speech side beating and driving back the Antifa several blocks. There was also an incident in Huntingdon Beach where Antifa tried to block a group of pro-Trump marchers by forming a human chain. This ended in the pro-Trump group chasing down and unmasking Antifa who were then apprehended by the police while the pro-Trump side continued their march. However recently in Charlottesville, a man identified as Neo Nazi and part of a demonstration there plowed his car into a crowd of Antifa. He killed at least one person and if he is convicted it is truly a huge red flag about Alt-Right. But then again, things seem suspicious and a few plausible alternate accounts of what happened place the blame not just on the Neo Nazis, but on the Antifa attacking the rally as well as the Mayor of Charlottesville:

Here is one of the alternate accounts, one that implicates the Mayor, Michael Singer, in criminal behavior including depraved indifference murder:

  • Constitutionalists organized a peaceful assembly in Charlottesville called Unite the Right

  • The organizers lawfully obtained a permit to host this event

– Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, illegally revoked the permit for this event.

– The ACLU successfully sued Charlottesville for violating the First Amendment, and a Federal judge ruled that the permit must be reinstated and the right to assemble honored

– Unite the Right was scheduled to take place at 12:00 pm for an organized, peaceful gathering with scheduled speakers.

– At 11:30 am, a heavily militarized police force illegally shut down the event, physically assaulting peaceful protesters with batons and tear gas. Several people were illegally arrested.

– Right at noon, who shows up but the KKK, BLM, and Antifa.

– While evacuating, many protesters were illegally assaulted by counter-protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the police stood by and did nothing.

– Antifa and BLM members were recorded throwing bricks at people, using pepper spray, throwing Molotov cocktails, water balloons (filled with chemicals, urine, and feces).

– The Constitutionalists were physically trapped between the Antifa terrorists and the police. The Constitutionalists pleaded to the police for their assistance. The police responded that they were given orders by the Mayor to stand down. Not only that but because the police were shutting down the event, the Constitutionalists were told that unless they were residents of Charlottesville, they would be arrested if they did not leave immediately. However, the police were told not to allow the Constitutionalists past them, which meant they were FORCED to walk through the BLM and Antifa protesters. This sounds pretty well orchestrated.

– A terrorist associated with the KKK drove his car straight in to a crowd of people, killing at least one, nearly killing 5 (they are in ICU) and injuring 12 others.

– The state of Virginia declared a state of emergency with the National Guard on standby, and Charlottesville became the #1 news story in the world.

– The lying media intentionally portrayed this all in a way to make it appear that 1) the peaceful protesters were white supremacists 2) Constitutionalists were the perpetrators of the violence, rather than the victims, despite heavy video evidence to the contrary.

– This was an enormous breach of trust by the mainstream media, an enormous breach of the Constitutionalists’ First Amendment rights, an enormous breach by our men in blue who became part of a violent police-state suppression of free speech that is now being hidden by the lying media.


– Given the testimony from the Constitutionalists, this was a WELL PLANNED AMBUSH on law-abiding Americans

Eyes of The Public

An interesting way to measure what they are is people’s perception. We know the far leftist impression of “Alt-Right”. How about normal people though? For this, I decided to ask random people on Facebook, namely friends or pages I follow. This is the full transcript of what impressions I got.

I think the Alt Right is just about white identity.
That is the focal point

In my mind, there are two different sections. One is where we use memes and alternative media to defeat our enemies. And backing grassroots candidates that are not country club elite.
The other section is white Nationalist Nazi’s that wave the flag, hate the Jews, and ultimately see no place for minorities in the country. They also want socialist policies that tie in with their Nationalism.

I honestly dk its so loosely used its hard to shift through all the definitions

thats good enough. dunno is a good reaction too, im just trying to get any honest viewpoints on this and thats honest.

Well it is most people say nazi but they were socialists and different ideologies
But even thats not really definitive so yeah dk lol

people who aren’t represented by our terrible two-party system. But it’s a mix of traditionalists, patriots and others who despise seeing the negative effects of race baiting, hatred towards whites, the gender revolution, destruction of the family, globalism.. etc.

kind of the opposite of cultural marxism
This last one is really lengthy. (Some Pun intended):

Well it has been muddled by ignorant racists (there is a distinction)
But I see it as people who are fed up with neo con keysian bullshit and liberals who have gone from social reform of Kennedy or fdr to anarcho communism rallies for spoiled brats and retarded idealists who can only think with emotion
If they only even noticed that their beliefs are contradictory as well as insulting/crippling to the people they keep claiming to be for

That’s goodC.O.:
By treating minorities like kids you are essentially crippling them, and telling them that they are incapable of making decisions or accomplishing things on their own.
With social policies at current there is no incentive to do better and in fact it is worse for you if you do.
If you work 1 hour over limit even at minimum wage it is like a 300 dollar difference in SNAP
Thusly in order to offset this you’d have to do nearly impossible economic changes considering being a student is also a disqualification for benefits

How does this tie into your views about the Alt-Right?C.O.:
Because the whines of these millennial cunts is obnoxious, pedantic, and literally mental illnessSelf preservation is out the window and all logic or organization is too
Fucking retarded cuck fags (never use as a homophobic slur)have no concept of economic development, sociology, geopolitics, history, reality
Tumblr and social media in general has raised a generation of kids who think that their opinions are meaningful and important. The internet has allowed for people to have a cursory glance at the world without actually experiencing it or leaving safety.
The dead Kennedys (ironically always a favorite band of theirs)have a great song, holiday in Cambodia:So you’ve been to school for a year or two And you know you’ve seen it all In daddy’s car thinkin’ you’ll go far Back east your type don’t crawl Play ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz On your five grand stereo Braggin’ that you know how the niggers feel cold And the slums got so much soul

okay, but how does this tie into your view of what you think the Alt-Right IS?

I think it is the last hope for true conservative values
But like I originally said I think many people muddle it with white nationalism and homophobia or religious intolerance

As you can see people’s views are across the board. Some associate it with Neo Nazis. Others associate it as fed up patriots. Some believe Nazi’s have only hijacked the term. The left is convinced (or is trying to convince people) that it was a Neo Nazi term from the start. It is really all over the place. So how can you define a term that invokes so many meanings?

We Just Don’t Know

At this point with all the chaos and such, we just don’t know. Because of that we really can’t criticize the Alt-Right because it is uncertain. We could be condemning actual bigots, that is a possibility. But it is also possible we are condemning real Lincoln Style conservatives and this is playing into the left’s hands. We already have issues in our own party with traitorous disgraces like John McCain. If we need to call out hateful elements trying to falsely claim the banner of conservatism then it is best we call them out by their specific names, KKK, Neo Nazi, rather than use an easily manipulated blanket term. The last thing we need is to reject young people who actually hold the conservative ideals of freedom and equal rights for all people and are just combatting the threat to it from the left in ways only our generation can, all just to avoid the image attacks of a dying radical left that is losing the culture war regardless of their lies.


C-Gaymer Podcast Episode 2: Antifa

Well, now we are 2 Episodes into my disaster Podcast!! I’m so disgusted!! ❤

All jokes aside, this week we are covering the new Militant Wing of the Democratic Party. The retards who have never picked up a history book ironically call themselves Antifa (Anti-Fascists), and they can be found attacking people wherever free speech is being exercised. Well unless they are getting their asses kicked. Or if their moms grounded them.

The Left Wing Has Gone Off It’s Rocker

So since last year after Trumps Election Victory and the successful leave vote in the Brexit Referendum, something fishy has been in the air. Certain groups that call themselves peaceful and tolerant have been smashing property and making death threats. And it isn’t over something outrageous like the rise of a dictator (certainly they installed one in 2008 so that makes them hypocrites), but something as petty as the majority of society disagreeing with them. I’m going to stop beating around the bush because I am sure you already guessed it by virtue of the title alone, I am talking about Liberals. But honestly, was their loss last year what unhinged them or are we just now noticing how utterly insane they are?

Well, let’s be clear here, this has been a long time coming. Liberal delusion is nothing new, it has existed since they began spreading the lie that the parties switched, a lie which has been proven wholly wrong based on the facts but which they still push over and over again regardless to cover up their extreme racism. It has always been present with their belief that they know what’s best, especially for the Midwest which commonly votes against them, a delusion so pervasive they recently have even encouraged millennials to move to the Midwest to vote in an attempt to weaken the conservative hold on those Senate seats. This article from Townhall sums up a lot of what I plan to cover here, namely that the liberal ideology is based on absolute narcissism that separates them from reality. It is this pretty delusion they have pushed on young middle-class kids from the 90’s that lead to the full on deranged mania triggered by the lefts absolutely humiliating loss in November.

Now everything we have seen since November has always been present in liberalism, the hypocrisy, the violent tendencies, the lying, and inability to accept reality. 2016 was the year that triggered them all, to the point where it has been brought into the public eye of everyone but the farthest left liberals incapable of self-awareness. Since then the evidence of their deep seated mental illness has snowballed into a near-daily cycle of violence and falsehood and sensationalism. The media which has been outed as fake news has been daily churning out falsehoods and conspiracy theories and framing them as fact. This sadly has inspired delusional acts of violence, and that is where I am going to start.

Violence from the American left started early last year when Leftists began attacking Trump supporters at rallies. Since then their hypocritical hysteria over a so-called alt right movement has devolved into violence and a wave of crimes intended to be blamed on the American right. Their wave of violence is indeed so bad, a new study shows Americans are 13 times more likely to be killed by a left wing terrorist than by a right wing terrorist. And this is not coming from rank and file liberals, liberal politicians are leading the charge with delusional tirades ending in implied threats of presidential assassination while their celebrity counterparts engage in their own threats as well. And in case you are wondering, there is no isolated incident of terrorist threats from left-wing politicians or celebrities. This really makes the case for locking the whole lot of them behind bars at this point.

Now before I move on I wanna peddle back just a little bit to one very interesting issue I brought up that also kind of relates to my next point. It is about the fabricated hate crimes after the election. The fake hijab attack was not an isolated incident as there were many other fake hate crimes before this and after. In fact, a new trend among the far left has been to fabricate hate crimes. More startling is that there is an actual hate crime epidemic gripping the nation, an epidemic of hate crimes against Trump Supporters!!


Ironically one of the farthest left states in the US also is the worst for mental health.

The violence, of course, is accompanied by a level of hysteria and delusion that it has been referred to as T.A.R.D. or also as Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Media, as well as left wing politicians and hard-line activists, seem to be hit hardest by derangement. Take for example the hysteria on Kansas’s public university campuses earlier this month when a provision passed in 2013 came into effect after a 4 year grace period, requiring local municipalities and public buildings to either provide adequate security or allow concealed carry within their properties. That’s right, despite the fact that they had 4 years to comply with the law by arranging adequate security which they did not do, and despite the fact that concealed carry on college campuses is legal in 10 and has been for over 13 years without any violent incidents, a small group of college professors and activists have cried, shrieked, and complained about an imaginary epidemic of violence that is going to break out on campuses in Kansas and 5 professors (out of 5800 statewide) have tendered their resignation. Not enough for you? Apparently now according to the left, Free Speech isn’t only racist and silences minorities (leave it to the left to fail to comprehend the idea of freedom), it now also causes PTSD and Smoking when people hear opinions they do not like. That last one is almost as bad as their hysteria over Russia, extra funny since there is more evidence proving the Democrats colluded with Ukraine.


A wonderful message I once received from a “Tolerant” liberal.

And of course, there is Cognitive Dissonance, a trait the American Democrats share with the similarly deranged Labour Party. It is far more than the rudimentary liberal tendency to say one thing and do another, like when liberals claim to be pro gay and send messages like this to my inbox before blocking me. Ignoring the results of elections they lose and booing democracy is a new page out of their book. Let’s not forget how Hillary once said that if Trump did not accept the results of the Presidential Election it would be a threat to democracy, only to quietly contest the results themselves after she lost. A clear sign they themselves were not going to accept a loss in the event of it happening (which it did). Labour too has their own issues with acceptance, even though they got nowhere near a parliamentary majority like the Tory party, Labourite Corbynista’s all over Britain claim they won, that it was a vote against Brexit, and want Jeremy Corbyn forcibly installed as PM. It’s so bad that had to be curtly reminded that Labour did not come anywhere close to winning or even forming a successful coalition. This suprises me because I honestly thought de Nile ran through Egypt, not the heart of London.

I am gonna close though with the worst, most despicable behavior that shows the true Depravity of Liberals. I am speaking of course on how they monopolize on tragedy for their own political gain. A most recent example, The Labour party has monopolized on the Grenfell Tower Fire as another way to criticize the Tories and demand May resign her seat. They are doing this of course despite the families of victims asking them not to hijack their grief. And I can’t even count on one hand how many times Presidential Disgrace Barack Obama tried to use the tragedy of a mass shooting to push an anti-gun agenda. Some would call this behavior anti social, in fact, this and everything else I have described could be called a mental illness. But that is what it is, modern liberalism is a mental illness that we need to eliminate now before it can take root in further generations.

Ad Hominem, Moral Equivalency, and Democrats who Have a Hard Time Understanding These Concepts


A wonderful message I once received from a “Tolerant” Democrat.

I felt the best way to open this article was with this little number here. This was a nice little message sent to me after I admonished a bunch of Democrats for some bigoted crap they were mouthing off about. I made it a point to let them know that their bigotry is why I am a gay republican and this little girl here decided to give me a cemented example of the bigotry I speak of. This represents the true feelings of Democrats who claim to advocate gay rights and fight against “Homophobic Republicans”. The thing is, I have never met a Republican who spoke to me like this. In fact, ever since I have come out the only homophobic remarks directed at me have been from Democrats and other liberals. That is because Democrats only protect those who are obedient to them. Their party is about obedience rather than progress as they claim.


A moronic Antifa who does not understand the definition of fascism.


Phil Robertson came under fire from the left for saying he didn’t support gay marriage nor understand homosexuality. However, the remark they publicized was cherry picked. This was the second half of his quote they excluded.

In case you are a liberal reading this who is going to claim that an isolated incident doesn’t mean anything, Liberals calling me Fag or Faggot or other slurs is actually a regular occurrence. In the mentally ill mind of the common liberal however, these actions are justified and don’t make them homophobes. Meanwhile, when their political opponents say anything that doesn’t amount to total support of their views they are instantly attacked by the left and called a bigot or some variation. Please, dear reader, compare these two individuals and their statements. Which person here seems like the actual homophobe? Is it the city-dwelling Antifa who calls anybody right of center a fascist or homophobe but then resorts to gay bashing? Or is it the redneck from the back country who admits he doesn’t understand homosexuality and is against gay marriage, but all the same respects human dignity and expresses a wish that people would just get along with each other and love each other like his Christian God teaches?

Seriously though, I invite you to share your answer in the comments of this article. Let the world see if you passed the test of moral equivalency. That is, of course, the problem here though, leftists never pass this test. Leftists suffer from an extreme ignorance and lack the understanding that their actions speak louder than their words about their beliefs. And let me clarify when I say ignorance I mean actual intellectual ignorance which in many cases is intentional.


A description of the characteristics of actual fascism from Wikipedia.

Let us return to our homophobic Antifa friend. He is a prime example of this intentional ignorance, he felt the need to call me a fag cause I pointed out fascism is not exclusively tied to conservative ideology and rather is conditional on the behavior of any movement regardless of ideological alignment. I also aptly pointed out that Antifa is, in reality, a fascist movement. Indeed through their actions and support of authoritarian left wing ideology, they undeniably fascists according to the definition to the right. Let me attempt to summarize this for you.

Antifa claims to fight fascists. In reality, they attack any group with an opinion that is in dissent of the views of their party. They attempt to justify this violence as legitimate and they have repeatedly made it clear they despise the US system of democracy because it put Donald Trump in the presidency rather than Hillary Clinton. Their ideal vision would be a nation under the rule their one party and hope that their violent efforts to stifle the views of others will lead to that outcome. Just like previous fascist parties such as the Nazi’s, they use violence and fear in the hopes of advancing their totalitarian agenda which is their idea of national rejuvenation.


There is too much “Tolerance” in this to cover it all.

Now the ironic thing is that this idiot also doesn’t know the definition of Communism either. Communism advocates the abolition of social classes and the concept of private property and promotes wealth redistribution. He claims Antifa are anarchists, however Anarchism promotes a voluntary departure from government and the formation of a society based on voluntary cooperation. Anarchists rebel through art and music, and someone who resorts to violence is by definition not an anarchist since by using violence as a form of coercion they immediately violate the voluntary nature of the society Anarchism wishes to establish. But then again I should not be surprised as leftists routinely display ignorance along with bigotry.


Liberals seem to have a hierarchy of hypocrisy, at the top of which lays the violent ideology of Islam. (c) 2016 Dixon Diaz

Now with Democrats in particular, they resort to the most basic of ad hominem name calling which appears also to be a form of deflection for their own crimes. What they say doesn’t really match up with what they do. For example, they claim Republicans are homophobic and don’t care about women, but it seems that they are the ones who don’t care much for gays or women. After all, they have an unhealthy obsession with defending Islam, a religious doctrine that subjugates women and promotes killing homosexuals like myself. The worst example of this overt homophobia was characterized by their behavior involving the Pulse nightclub shootings. Not only did the Democrats deny and cover up anything that indicated the shooting was even remotely inspired by the shooter’s belief in Islam, they held a banquet dinner a week after the event where the guest of honor was a Muslim Imam who blamed the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean on homosexuality. Meanwhile, those homophobic Republicans only showed outrage that the shooting happened and committed to taking steps to ensure there isn’t a repeat of the tragedy.


Literally nothing has changed about Democrats attitudes towards African Americans since 1860. (C) skscartoon

But I should not spend time harping on the issue that directly affects me. After all, Democrats have been screwing over African Americans for over 150 years and have spent a little over 40 years convincing them that the Republicans are their enemy. Last time I checked, Republicans don’t call African Americans names when they don’t vote Republican. And last time I checked the inner cities which have the highest death rates for African American men have been managed by Democrats for nearly 50 years, not Republicans. It was a Democratic President, Bill Clinton, who signed a bill into law that allowed police to purchase military equipment. Democrats have a long history of this kind of “tolerance” towards minorities which for the past 40 years ended up voting Democrat anyway. Then again when you have the media in your pocket, you can keep claiming the party that passed the 13th and 14th amendments, as well as the civil rights act, are huge racists and it will stick eventually.



A campaign poster for the Democratic Party from the 1800’s

To those of us savvy with history, their lies cannot be covered up and this image to the left is how we think of Democrats. The only evolution they have done over the years was from a party obsessed with gaining the power to oppress black people to a party obsessed with gaining power and oppressing all people. Sadly for us, the Democratic Party has learned how to better manipulate people and a substantial part of the population has fallen for it. They have successfully ruined the psyche of an entire generation of Americans by manipulating the media and the public school systems in areas they hold power. And this is where we enter the subject of Moral Equivalency.


Samantha Bee is a moron on TBS who uses comedy to spread fake news. Earlier this year she did a segment about AIPAC where she joked about the hairstyles of those in attendance and garnered outrage when it came to light one of these men that had the particular haircut which her show referred to as a “Nazi Haircut” because he was receiving treatment for brain cancer

Democrats have successfully warped their follower’s perceptions of reality and moral issues. Take this Samantha Bee thing as an example. If a comedian made this kind of joke about a Democrat then there would be a ton of publicity and calls for him to be fired which would be answered. With Samantha Bee, there was no coverage and despite some calls for her to be fired, she has still kept her job despite the horrendous joke she made. In the well trained and mentally ill minds of Democrats, it is okay when they do these things but it is not okay when Republicans do them.

To the rational mind no matter who made this type of joke, it would be an outrage and they would demand action. And no matter who makes a bigoted remark it would be unacceptable. That is Moral Equivalency and it is something mentally healthy adults possess, equal reaction to an incident no matter which parties are involved. Democrats however are extremely mentally ill and suffer from a delusion of exceptionalism, they believe they are instantly superior, everything they say is right, and that what is not okay for everyone else to do is still okay for them because of their perceived superiority. Anybody who disagrees with them is instantly some kind of predetermined pejorative term and any established fact that contradicts their belief doesn’t matter because you are the aforementioned pejorative term.


Democrats thrive on division, and they frequently attack conservatives like Allen West based simply because he is an African-American but not a Democrat. (c) Turning Point America

Democrats thrive on this kind of division and foster an environment for these warped views to take form. From the very start of their party, they have been dependent on a “Us vs Them” mentality to garner a support base. In the 1800’s they used “Us vs The Blacks”, and now they use “Us vs ________”. And they have so many things to fill that blank with now, “Us vs Whites”, “Us vs Christians”, “Us vs Israel (jews)” and of course the quintessential “Us vs Republicans”. Democrats are the kind of vile human beings who want power but don’t want to earn it by working hard for the citizens of this country, so they instead resort to dividing people into groups and set them on each other in a destructive and unproductive war of ad hominem attacks.


Hillary Clinton, who claims to advocate for the middle class, currently owns 4 luxury residences and gets most of her financial support from Wall Street. – Image from the Associated Press

It is truly saddening that this has been allowed to happen for so long. It should not be shrugged off that democrats think it’s fine to call people like me a fag because they claim to support gay rights and despise homophobes. Or that they can refer to African-American Republicans as “Coons” or “Uncle Toms” because they claim to hate racism and care for African-Americans. Or the really ridiculous one, that they care about the middle and working class even though their elite own multiple mansions and Democratic Policies have ruined the economic condition of our country and placed a financial burden on workers and employers. But it is instantly okay for them to give the bare minimum and then claim the moral high ground because they are Democrats, at least that is the narrative going around.

But you know what really makes me sad? At least in the case of my generation, some Democrats are aware of this and that is why they are Democrats. It is truly the party of the mentally lazy and corrupt. So remember this well, these are the people who call people Nazi while promoting National Socialism and call people racist while they kill African-Americans and take away the tools to help them succeed. In their sick minds, the names they call you are a valid argument and reprehensible behavior is tolerable when they engage in it because of their delusion of superiority. That is what the Democratic Party is, not an ideological group but rather a collective mental illness. I just wonder how long it will take for the sane ones they exploit to wake up to this reality.


The KKK and Antifa: They are The Same Goddamn Thing

So recently in the latest display of ignorance and cognitive dissonance from the left, the bigots have once again donned their masks to terrorize people who think differently from them. I speak of course about the ironically named “Antifa” or Anti-Fascists. They combat Fascism (anything other people believe that they don’t agree with) with righteous violent backlash (Fascist attempts to silence dissenting opinion with violence and criminal acts). HI-larious right? Well not really, since they attack people they know will not fight back, IE young women, the elderly, college students.

What is really funny is that this is the Democratic Parties new KKK. Yes indeed, they have once again in the face of total loss decided to resort once again to using small violent groups to terrorize the people responsible for their downfall. In 1865 the people they targeted were African-Americans out of bitterness for the Democrats loss in the Civil War. Now in 2017, their targets are Libertarians, Republicans, and a few far-right extremists (though Antifa seems to be afraid to engage them when they are in large groups) all of whom are responsible for the Democrats loss in the 2016 election. What is funny is how a lot of people haven’t made the connection about why Antifa is so similar to the Klan. Then again these are the same people who think they aren’t fascists even though they are the ones who use violence to silence people they disagree with. It is sad really.

But Anyway, here is the good ole compare and contrast on these two shithead groups. Read all of this to your Ultra-Liberal friends and see what piss poor excuse they use to explain this stuff away.


Hiding Their Faces


Antifa protester. Image from an Antifa terrorist site itsgoingdown.org

Both of these groups are known for Hiding their faces. In my opinion, this is motivated by two things, they are aware their actions are socially unacceptable and criminal in their nature, and they are both groups of extremist cowards.


Ku Klux Klan members. Image from dailymail.co.uk

The KKK as we all know are well-known for their white hoods, however, Antifa commits their criminal acts of fascism wearing black face masks and scarves. Not a lot of difference really other than the fact the Antifa uniform is trashy street clothing they can easily explain away if cops show up at their door.



Setting Fires and Other Terrorist Acts


Antifa Terrorist at Berkeley setting fire to a Trump supporters sign promoting free speech

Both the KKK and Antifa resort to violence and terrorist acts in order to intimidate people. For example, during the Berkley riots, Antifa was setting fire to private property in the streets. And again in the image to the left, we see an Antifa burning an opposing protestor’s sign after assaulting him to take it. Indeed arson, vandalism, assault, and disruption are what Antifa uses to spread their hate and intimidate the people that speak out against it. The people they hate by the way is anybody who doesn’t agree with their extremist left-wing ideology.


A clan member burning a cross.

This is Exactly what the KKK did as well. The Ku Klux Klan was well-known for intimidating people who disagreed with them. It is well known they would resort to cross burning. They also firebombed churches, vandalized businesses, made bomb threats and committed lynchings. To be honest I expect very soon that we will be hearing about Antifa doing the exact same thing. After all, they are the new clan.




Both Are Reactions to Democrats Losing Power


A political Cartoon from the 1800’s. It made the remark that the KKK was just the militant arm of the Confederacy/Democratic Party under a new label. Image from hubstatic.com

The KKK was first founded as a militant wing of the Democratic Party in reaction to the Democrats bitterness and anger over losing the Civil War. It was made up of former confederate soldiers, loyalists to the Democratic Party and they directed their anger and hatred at African-Americans. It was a real shot in the chops for them that African-Americans now had their freedom thanks to the 13th Amendment and equal rights thanks to the 14th Amendment. Many Democrats these days like to pretend the Republicans are responsible for the Clan but this is totally untrue, most powerful Clan members held high seats of power in the Democratic Party whereas only 2 Republican Politicians belonged to the clan and only got elected by hiding their affiliation. Another fun fact is that David Duke, a well-known political figure, and outspoken Clansmen, was a registered Democrat till 1989.


Antifa Terrorists on the morning of Trumps Inauguration. Over 200 people were arrested however the federal government has been slow to take action as a whole. Image from patdollard.net

Antifa took center stage after the defeat of the Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and their loss of a majority in the Senate, all while there is a Seat up for grabs on the Supreme Court. Angry that all the violence and attempts to rig the election for Hillary failed, Antifa appeared to take the next natural step for Democrats by getting more violent and attacking people they don’t agree with. Aside from the attacks at Berkley, there was also plenty of assault and property destruction during the inauguration and there were attacks on peaceful demonstrators at the March4Trump in Berkeley. This is quite in line with the clan and their methods, in fact in some ways more brazen. Pretty soon it will escalate if nothing is done, mark my word.


Both Suffer from Delusions of Superiority

White Power KKK

A KKK recruitment poster promoting “White Power”. Image from http://3.bp.blogspot.com

Both groups have a supremacist ideology they use to justify their violence. The KKK was quite simplistic about theirs, they believed whites were a superior race. They felt that they had a right and duty to attack African-Americans and “put them in their place.” The idea of racial equality was poison to them and they vehemently fought the repeal of Jim Crow, desegregation, and the Civil Rights Act. So pretty much all of that is an indication of severe mental illness as well as a lack of empathy for other human beings.


An Antifa poster. It promotes violence against people they label fascists. Image from http://i2.kym-cdn.com

Antifa is very similar. They have the delusion that anything they do not agree with is fascist. They believe as a result they have a right to silence these people with violence and somehow still believe that they themselves aren’t the fascists even though they practice fascism. They will attack anybody remotely right of left, including Libertarians and Republicans. They convince themselves that anybody they do not agree with is a white supremacist or Nazi, even if it happens to be a gay immigrant jew who is primarily attracted to black men. (AKA Milo) Their deluded, monochromatic view of reality is highly problematic and it is startling that many of these people fit into daily life. Despite their claim to fight fascism, Antifa despises the concept of free speech and claim that not everyone has an equal right to free speech. (Coincidentally the people they believe don’t have that right are the people they don’t agree with.)


Both Are Affiliated With Democrats


KKK Grand Dragon and Mentor to Hillary Clinton, Senator Robert Bryd (D-WV). Image from pinimg.com

Yes, both of these are related to and supported by the Democrats, and the members come from their ranks. We all know the Democrats founded the KKK, and even very recently high-ranking people in the party were affiliated with it. Take for example Hillary Clinton’s close friend and mentor Senator Robert Byrd. She even went as far as to call the KKK Grand Dragon the “Heart and Soul” of America. This is not really surprising though coming from the mouth of a woman who called African-American youth “Super Predators” and recently had racist remarks she made via email leaked.


Known left-wing institution ACLU is apparently training Antifa, likely in how to get away with their actions. Image from funnyjunk.com

Antifa’s backers aren’t too different. So far I cannot say for sure whether any politicians of the Democratic Party are part of any Antifa groups, but their near silence is a form of support. They are however getting visible support from known funders of the Democratic Party. For one thing, it seems the ACLU is encouraging and training Antifa, and I can only assume we will see them providing legal support in the future. And known Left Wing financier George Soros has been funding Antifa groups, such scheming makes satire pieces like this one, about a disgruntled Antifa member spilling the beans on how Soros said he would pay him $2000 a week to set up Antifa Groups and organize protests, seem believable when you read it.


So next time someone tries to justify Antifa to you, by all means, I encourage you to point out that they are just the new clan. Who they target doesn’t matter. And if they still don’t realize this you will just have to accept that your acquaintance is extremely mentally ill.