Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (0079)

08th ms team poster

Battle in the Jungles of Southeast Asia is brutal and unforgiving

October of UC0079, the tide of The One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon had heated up to a fever point after the defeat of Colonel M’Quve’s forces during the Battle of Odessa. The Federation has been making massive gains in reclaimed territory using their mass-produced Mobile Suit Models, and are pushing back the Zeon invasion forces. But now that the two forces are on even footing, the war has become more intense and more lives are lost and homes destroyed as Mobile Suits tear up the landscape. The battlefields of Southeast Asia are no exception as Federation Forces press forward, unaware of the Zeon’s secret machinations. Clashes between the Zeon and the Federation Forces, now armed with the RX-79 [G], have only increased the urgency of Ginias Sahalin’s secret project code-named “Apsalus”.


Shiro Amada with his repaired RX-79 [G] EZ-8

Ensign Shiro Amada, the new commander of the 08th MS Team deployed to Southeast Asia, does not know much about any of these things. For this enthusiastic young soldier, his only goal is to defeat the Principality of Zeon after the horrifying event of the Colony Drop. Things seem black and white to this young recruit till he gets stranded with a Female Soldier during a rescue operation en route to his assignment. Now in charge of the 08th MS Team, Shiro has to battle the Zeon in the humid jungles while also battling the ambiguity of the war and his feelings for the female Zeon Pilot, Aina Sahalin. With the help of his partners in the 08th MS Team, as well as Local Gurellia fighters who fight both Zeon and the Federation, will Shiro and Aina be able to stop Aina’s brother from unleashing the devastation of Apsalus? Or will the Federation suffer a massive defeat in Asia at the hands of this madman? Watch Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team to find out.


Unlike other Gundam Series, 08th MS focuses more on the battle happening on the ground than on space battles.

This is one of the best 0079 Side stories, in my opinion, the narrative is more relatable as it almost entirely takes place on the earth. It reminds you more of actual warfare with tanks and foot soldiers, albeit bi-pedal tanks that are like foot soldiers with lasers. Aside from that, the actual soldiers involved, rather than being cooped up inside a sealed vessel walk around breathing fresh air and interacting with locals. There is grit and grime and the characters have to struggle in a volatile environment, as opposed to the characters being in a clean sterile environment. Of course, the stakes aren’t as high since these soldiers in the jungle don’t have to worry about the vacuum of space.


Shiro being held hostage by Guerrillas.

That being said, the stakes are still high in the jungle as in space. You can still die in the Jungle if a Mobile Suit blows up, and in Episode 2 Shiro makes it quite clear that the cockpit of a Mobile Suit in a humid jungle is an intolerable sauna. Not to mention capture by an enemy is more likely as well, in episode 3 Shiro is captured by Guerrillas. Now, in the end, these Guerrillas become allies, but capture by Zeon is also an imminent danger as they do not treat their prisoners very well despite the Antartic Treaty. The point I am making, however, is that there is just a different all around dynamic to The 08th MS Team.

This anime is one that really shows the style of the 90’s too. From the themes and the theme songs, it painted war in a realistic light but it also injected subtle elements of hope for the future of the characters. The ending was a bit disappointing to me, but I do not regret seeing it. You can buy your own copy here on Amazon, they have it in both Blue Ray and DVD. Buy it, enjoy it, share it with your friends. 🙂

Mobile Suit Gundam (0079)

Words are hard to come by when you are trying to introduce this show. The original Mobile Suit Gundam released in 1979 not only revolutionized the anime industry but set forth a franchise that has endured nearly 40 years. It started the Giant Robot Genre of the 80’s and has spawned 36 anime, 6 movies, along with numerous Manga, Video Games, and Models. It is truly legendary. So here we go, the first step of a journey 40 years in the making that started in the seemingly quiet Side 7 Colony.


Amuro Ray, Pilot of the G.U.N.D.A.M.

The year is UC 0079. The Earth Federation and The Principality of Zeon are engaged in open conflict, a conflict which Zeon is winning using the new technology of Mobile Suits which the Federation has not yet developed. Young Amuro Ray leads a peaceful life in the seemingly quiet Neutral Colony at Side 7, living with his father who researches robotics. He spends his days lazily tinkering away with robotics, the horrendous conflict of the One Year War is literally worlds away from him. But that all changes abruptly when Zeon attacks the Side 7 Colony in order to destroy his father’s secret project, the Federations first Mobile Suit which is codenamed Gundam.

x1 mourning Ryu's death

Despite his young age, Amuro has to endure the tragedies and atrocities of war -image from

Forced to defend fleeing colonists as they flee to the experimental Federation Ship White Base, Amuro pilots his fathers new mobile suit to stop the Zeon. This catches the eye of Char Aznabel, an Ace Zeon Pilot known as The Red Comet. Being subjected to attack after attack as they flee to the earth, Amuro is forced to be enlisted as a Federation Pilot for Gundam in order to stop the enemy with his emerging abilities as a Newtype. He is joined by his friends as well as other colonists forced to flee to the white base as they form a ragtag civilian crew. Will they merely survive the attacks of Ace Zeon Pilots, or will they be the key to ending the One Year War? Will Gundam be able to stop the Zabi Family? All is revealed in Mobile Suit Gundam.


The Crew of White Base -image from

So as I said earlier, this is the original Gundam that started the franchise and revolutionized the industry. It was largely unpopular when it first aired though, an underdog story like most industry-changing legends. Apparently, things turned around for the series which almost saw itself canceled, when Bandai bought the rights to the show and began producing plastic models. The show’s popularity skyrocketed after this as hobbyists developed an enthusiasm for the mechs and the story behind them. It was a well-deserved turnaround for the series which only needed to be nudged towards a suitable target audience.


Gundam engaged in Battle with Zeon Zaku Mobile Suits.

One thing that I have always liked about the Gundam Series was its realistic feel. The writers approached war in a very real sense, and instead of depicting the pilots as heroes or villains they chose to instead depict them as soldiers. They blurred the line between who was good or evil by having moments where the supposedly good Federation made some ethically questionable choices or with moments where some of the Zeon soldiers showed their true colors as relatively decent human beings. Their approach to science was pretty real too, by choosing the O’Neill Cylinders as the format for the Colony Side’s they established the series as something that is a possible future. These themes were a fresh and new break for the anime industry which had until this point not dealt with mature themes of war or solid themes of the future.

Even though it has been out so long, I am having a hard time finding a place to purchase this at as I did last week as well. I would suggest a streaming service or something else. Honestly, this show can be hard to get through since the animation is old and the show is 43 episodes long. But I find it to be worthwhile as there are some memorable moments. I hope if you decide to watch that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origins (0068 – 0079)

Well as promised, you guys will now be treated to 13 weeks of posts about Mobile Suit Gundam!! Now, of course, it will not be 13 weeks straight, there is the December 18th Final Fantasy Anniversary post, and if there is breaking political news then I plan to cover that which means I will have to jumble the schedule a bit. But anyway, let’s get down to business. We start this 13-week journey that covers nearly 150 years of UC History with Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. Are you excited yet?


Char’s Signature Red Zaku at the Battle of Loum. -from

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origins is a prequel to the 1979 classic Mobile Suit Gundam which follows the origin story of the most well known Gundam antagonist, Char Aznabel. Before he was known as “The Red Comet”, he was just an innocent child. His name was Casval Deikun, son of the prominent philosopher and politician Zeon Zum Deikun. He leads a peaceful life in the Side 3 Colony Cluster (Autonomous Republic of Munzo) with his sister Artesia and their mother. But soon that all changes when their father is assassinated and the devious Zabi Family rises to power and declares Munzo “The Principality of Zeon”.


Casval posing as Char at the Zeon Military Academy. -from

After escaping house arrest with the help of men loyal to Zeon Deikun, the siblings soon find themselves on the run from Zeon Assasins. Being forced to move again and again throughout the Earth Sphere, Young Casval’s anger and resentment towards the Zabi’s begin to fester. Upon hearing the news of the death of his mother, Casval’s resentment then turns into rage, and he begins to plot his revenge. After swapping places with a boy from Texas Colony (Side 5: Loum), he assumes the name Char Aznabel and joins the Zeon Armed forces, where he sets his plans for revenge in motion. Learn the story of the origins of a man who is destined to bring the world to its knees in Mobile Suit Gundam: Origins.


“Operation British” as shown in Mobile Suit Gundam Origins -from

As prequels go, this one isn’t all that bad. Actually, it really lives up to the Gundam Franchise and fills in a lot of unanswered questions about what led up to the events of pretty much all of the Gundam Series. It also depicts a lot of crucial events that set the stage for the One-Year-War and the development of Mobile Suits themselves. My favorite scene is the depiction of the Colony Drop Operation, Operation British. This is something they had never really depicted in detail in the original Mobile Suit Gundam or any of the other 0079 Side Stories.

maxresdefault (3)

Young Casval and Artesia shown next to Char. -from

The character development was also really satisfying. Aside from seeing Casval and Artesia mature into Char and Sayala, there was a lot more fleshing out for characters that were barely expanded upon in the anime. I really came to identify a bit with Ramba Ral, so when I saw him die later on when I got around to watching Mobile Suit Gundam it was a bit emotional for me. They also expand on the Zabi Family, showing the cruelty of Kycilia, the scheming of Gihren, the oafishness of Dozle, the arrogance of Degwin, and the airheadedness of Garma. Again, watching this before Mobile Suit Gundam can really make that a more tolerable/fulfilling experience.

Usually, this is where I would tell you where to buy it, but sadly it is still an ongoing series. Some of it is available on Blue-Ray in the US, but your best bet to get it sooner is to watch it on a streaming service. But again, it is well worth the effort to watch it. It really makes a lot of sense out of the Universal Century and set the stage better, so when you finally see the original you will be able to see Zeon as more than just random aggressors. So hopefully you will get to watch and enjoy, and please come back next week as I review the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

How Did The Political World Become So Childish?

Don’t get me wrong, by no means is Trump the adult in the room. Honestly, he is more like the edgy teenage babysitter, but that is a stark contrast to the rest of the political world. Liberals and even some Conservatives have begun acting like petty children, name calling and virtue signaling and telling half-truths or outright lies to further their own agendas. This is a cliff-like decline of human quality that separates us from the founding fathers, who themselves had their own arguments and called names, but at the end of the day picked public service, not for their own agenda’s but because they had a genuine desire to serve the people. But today it is just personal agenda’s from men and women who are less concerned with serving every day American’s and more with serving their parties political interests at the citizen’s expense. There are still good men like Rand Paul who serve for the right reasons, but they are vastly outnumbered by odious individuals like John McCain, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. How did we let things get to this point?

The flash point, where the bubble burst so to say, was November 8th, 2008. Establishment liberals were not emboldened by electing the first non-white president but by the method they used. This sickness had been festering a long time before the bubble broke though. When did the festering really start? When did all this plotting and hatred and planning start? The answer is 8 years earlier.

November 8th, 2000: It Begins


George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

Well maybe November 8th exactly is a bit of a stretch, the Democrats made claims of voter fraud and fought tooth and nail to hand the election to Gore. They hadn’t truly accepted their loss till January 20th, 2001 when the Bush presidency became a done deal. Back then too they were sure Gore would win, after all despite policies that resulted in the mass incarceration of black people and the insult of calling them super predators, and for having stopped Bush Sr. from getting a second term, Clinton got a 2nd term for himself and the Democrats felt unstoppable. Back then the media was still slightly objective and didn’t try as hard to hide scandals for the left, but they still won despite their bad behavior. That, however, only lasted till 2000, when their bad behavior caught up to them and cost them the election because of the infidelity of Bill Clinton. At this point, the plotting really began.

There was initially not a lot they could do for the first 7 months of the Bush Presidency, but then the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 changed the world. While the media was still honest, the internet was still a largely overlooked technology which was only then becoming more prevalent with the rise in ownership of PCs. It was here the Democrats windfall originated, soon after the attacks the internet became filled with conspiracy theories blaming the attack on the administration and claiming it was just a pretext for war. Between this and the carnage in the 2 years following the attacks, an anti-war sentiment arose which the Democrats took advantage of. Members of the media and in Hollywood were becoming more polarized, and personalities like Michael Moore produced their own brand of propaganda that was tailor fit to influence people into believing the war was about profit. They then tied this to the entire Republican Party and tried to paint them as some elitist old men who were more concerned with lining their own pockets rather than making the nation a better place. With this, they set their eyes on the 2004 Elections with the hope of repeating their upset in 1992.

Seeding The Youth

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pauses during a Reuters Newsmaker event on the nuclear agreement with Iran, in New York

John Kerry ran against George Bush Jr. in 2004

Needless to say, they failed miserably, by nominating John Kerry they alienated just enough voters to lose. His weak discourse and constant flip-flopping did not put a lot of confidence in voters who saw Bush as a better choice since we were still at war. I was 14 back then so I couldn’t vote, but I do remember not being able to take the Democrats seriously since they put this joker up against Bush. At this point, Millenials only now had begun to reach voting age, and a lot of Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers who made up the lions share of the voting public were not impressed. So their anti-war gambit hadn’t worked to get them the 2004 Election, but they had planted an important seed for them that would sprout in 4 years.

In the Millenials they had planted a seed of thought they had also successfully put in the minds of Gen X’ers, associating war and all the other bad things that were facing our country with the Republican Party. It was extremely effective on those who were more easily impressionable. I remember in this time in middle school, after Hurricane Katrina, a kid from a lesser grade claimed at lunch one day that Bush had caused Katrina on purpose. When I asked him how after pointing out it is impossible to control storms, he responded by claiming that Bush had a button under his desk that could create hurricanes. They had successfully created a larger than life boogy man, and in the 2008 Election between race-baiting, promises of change to a country weary of war, a tech savvy campaign using utilizing the developing social media, and a generation of voters who have come of age after 2004 and who spent their time hearing about how evil Republicans were responsible for all of the world’s woes, Barak Obama became the 44th President.

The Boil Bursts


Barack Obama Image from

A good analogy for this arc of development from 2000 till right this moment (2017) is that of a person with a boil who doesn’t see a doctor about. In the years of the Bush Administration the boil was festering, and by 2014 it had become fully infected because of the open wound. It was in the year 2009 that the Boil Burst. Republicans themselves were too late in trying their own propaganda by claiming Obama wasn’t born in America and such other strawmen (and it’s sickening they thought they had to). The left-wing became emboldened by their successful gambit, propaganda had worked for them and they had successfully made their enemies a Boogeyman the nation wanted to defeat.

After this, they continued their success by blaming the sudden economic depression on Republicans while trying to make it seem less serious by calling it a Recession. That gambit worked well for them as their followers blindly followed it along did the people of the Midwest who Elected him again in 2012. The Democrats largely controlled the media and had a substantial presence on social media which helped them win the last election. At this point, they thought they never had to put hard work into anything again, as now they could totally lie and do illegal things and there would be virtually no media voice to contradict them and which would smear or blame their accusers of some wrongdoing. They also had begun cultivating their foot soldiers on college campuses.


This is an art collage that reflects what College Campuses became after 2012 or 2013 for students with conservative ideas.

Sadly I had to drop out of college in 2011 for financial reasons, but at the same time, I am glad I did because, after Obama’s 2nd Term colleges descended into a pit of ignorance and regression. Professors, especially those teaching the humanities (social justice, feminism, ECT.), began acting as propagandists by indoctrinating their students with a far left ideology that included loose justifications to discredit any views they did not like. Soon the very students at the school themselves became an effective thought police who even were able to intimidate professors who offended them by making them fear the loss of their job, all for simply saying something they did not like or agree with. Using a flawed and ignorant theory of thought called Intersectionality, they were able to create a fascist “Us or Them” mentality, where they can equate even words to violence and paint anybody who doesn’t 100% agree with them as a vicious mortal enemy. This, in turn, enhanced their roles as campus thought police, whose cries of “bigotry” to the administrators could get subjects they didn’t like banned, student groups they didn’t like shut down, speakers they did not like disinvited, and professors who actually taught fired. After all, to the intersectional social justice warriors, everyone who agreed with them was a saint and anybody who disagreed with them in the least big belonged to the enemy and could be labeled any sort of “ist”. To a generation who grew up getting participation trophies and were told they were special no matter what, to the point they perceived any contradiction or criticism about what they believe as violence, this new campus order suited them all too well.

That pervasive mentality, in turn, became adopted by liberal politicians and in turn by some of their Republican counter parts trying to keep ahead of the trends and hold on to their own power. Combined with the Democrats epiphany that they could tell any lie and be believed, this became a destructive combination that made discourse worse than ever. For example, during the 2013 shut down when Republicans had enough to filibuster over Obamacare, Obama blamed the shutdown on the Republicans rather than taking responsibility for not trying to negotiate a solution with them, and then proceeded to shut down DC monuments for dramatic effect to scare Republicans into acquiescing to his absolute authority lest they be called obstructionist or racist. They also impeded the Benghazi Investigations with accusations of sexism as well as “misplacing” documents, and when Obama started a coup in Ukraine (I suspect because he was pissed with Russia getting 1st place in Sochi and wanted to hit them back by interrupting their ability to supply gas to Europe), he accused Putin of interfering in Ukraine’s politics (what irony) and called politicians who opposed the demands of the rioters “Russian Sympathizers”, and later called the rebels against the coup imposed government “Pro-Russian Rebels” who wanted to split Ukraine. Trends like this where lies were told and names were called to polarize people and discourage them from examining facts continued all through Obama’s “Lame Duck” term as a response to problems in both domestic and foreign policy.

And Now For The Real #Resistance

Unsurprisingly some Republicans, who were trying to cling to power like Smeagol clung to the one true ring, picked up this behavior too, but I’ll talk more about that in a second. First, let’s bridge the gap between 2013 and 2016. With a ton of apathetic or self-assured liberal voters and an energized conservative base, the Democrats had severe losses in the 2016 election, including their loss in the Gubernatorial race in MD to Republican Larry Hogan. This, however, did not really do much to phase the emboldened Democrats. Obama vetoed a Obamacare repeal bill that passed the House and Senate despite the systems increasing failure and the dissatisfaction over broken promises as well as many lawsuits, and in MD the Democrats passed a law to take the power of the Governor to nominate an attorney general in the event of a vacancy (giving the power to themselves instead as they were afraid since 2 Republicans had been elected Governor in less than 15 years). They were all but assured they could continue to do whatever they wanted. 2015 began to raise an alarm though when the energized and now youth filled conservative base became louder on social media than they ever had before.

Establishment Republicans too became threatened that their old order was going to crumble, as these energized and youthful Republicans began to rally around outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. They were also concerned over new voices, like the gay conservative Milo Yinnopoulos. They wanted business as usual, Jeb Bush as the nominee and the same old 90’s and 00’s era politicians, and so they felt threatened by these new faces and attacked them with claims that they were disqualified or not real conservatives. It did not work well however as Republicans young and old were sick of the business as usual. A revolution was on that was going to crush the Democrats and shake up the order of the Republican Party.


Example of Meme Magic

Younger conservative internet users began to spread information or jokes all over social media via memes. Attacks on Trumps campaign promises were met with positive meme jokes whose wit outclassed their left-wing counterparts. They call it Meme Magic and users from 4-Chans /pol/ were the innovators who drove it to the stars and helped win the election with humor and information (and Clinton scandals XD). This alarmed the establishment Republicans, many of whom said they would rather see Hillary win than Trump, and enraged the left-wing who saw their ability to control people slipping. They had however already become accustomed to lying and name-calling to get their way and this was not going to change.


There is more evidence that Hillary Clinton and her campaign tried to influence the election than any other groups. – Image from the Associated Press

Almost immediately after the election, the media and Democrats began spreading the lie that Russians had hacked the election to help Trump win and they called Trump a traitor. Despite a lack of evidence and even as the narrative has started falling apart, they still continue to push this falsehood in the media and pursue fruitless investigations against Trump and his associates. Their interest is of course not to investigate whether or not the election was influenced. If it was, they should be investigating the Democrats as there is a larger abundance of evidence that suggests they manipulated government agencies and colluded with the media to protect Hillary Clinton’s image while smearing Trump’s. Despite the failure of both establishment factions of the two major parties and the nearly non-existent trust for Democrats, they are pushing forward with their pervasive lies and agendas.

That’s Great, But What Does All This Mean?

Well, that is just the set up to how we got here. This is political discourse today, they can be utter fucking retards and lie their asses off because a good chunk of the population believes whatever the media tells them. Politicians and the media lie and keep telling the lie as if it will somehow become true. And it goes beyond that too, it is not just enough to be able to lie without impunity. The left feels so threatened by their loss that they have begun a dangerous and harmful tantrum.


This meme wittily expresses the unchanging attitude of the Democratic Party

Why should they work on themselves and change their approach to something worthwhile to get them elected when they can just wage war on the people and things that ensured their loss? Their first victim has been free speech, taking advantage of their well-cultivated army of mentally ill social justice warriors that their campus propaganda created, they have wound them up with hysterics thus creating the Antifa thugs the sick on anybody who expresses an evidence based idea different from or contradicting their own Nazi’s. Meanwhile, they have their goons in the media ignore those incidents, wait till conservatives defend themselves, and then claim it is right-wing violence. And of course, they also claim all of this is Trump’s fault as well as the fact their Russian Collusion lie is falling apart, so they pass unconstitutional bills to reduce his power or articles of impeachment that will never pass but still get the Democrats much-needed attention. Meanwhile, as Democrats and RINOs (Ugh, never thought I would be using that term) obstruct the president’s agenda and appointments, the establishment’s trolls lurking in the white house selectively leaking information and trying to replace Trump’s advisors with loyal establishment picks who will prevent him from pursuing the policies he promised to the American people.

Trump may seem childish at times for sure. But he is generally pretty sincere about his thoughts and outrage. But right now his opponents though act like screaming pissants children who need their nappies changed. The real adults in the room are individuals like Rand, they are hopefully what we will see more of going forward. For now, though, Trump is a marked improvement over US political dynasties and manipulative monsters. I am hoping 2018 will wipe away some of their squabbling children and hopefully, Trump will be able to strip power from those in his own administration who wish to enact a Coup against Trump. If it doesn’t though, this type of discourse will lead to war and it will not be pretty for anyone, especially not the Democrats.