Being Gay in a Disposable Society

In a way, this is a political post but it’s also more of a social observation. We really do live in a disposable society materialistically speaking. We have disposable plates, disposable tableware, disposable phones. Sadly this convenience comes at a cost since it breeds a disposable mentality. People are now just as easily tossed aside like trash as the phones and eating instruments they use.

This is most noticeable in relationships, especially relationships between gay people. I’m very happy to see my straight friends finding love after trial and error, it really warms my heart. But as a gay man, I know the odds are I will die in a bed alone. Commitment went out the door with the older generation as well as tolerance and reasonable compromise. Everybody feels entitled to have exactly what they want down to the last detail.

When perfection is the name of the game things get tricky, especially when ideology is bundled in there. It boils down to two choices in the end. You can either start to believe everything your partner believes and try to think the exact same way they think and be partnered but a shallow shell of a person, or you can be yourself and die alone. Substance is not welcome in the modern LGBT relationship. Even if you are physically perfect if you are not 100% ideologically perfect then you are only good for a hookup and many guys will lie to you and manipulate you for just that.

A similar mentality applies to friendships. The only difference is that if you put out they will be your “friend” but only as long as you are on your back or inside them. The second you say you are not going to have sex or the second they get a boyfriend you always get the cold shoulder. You’re never truly their friend so much as their sex toy. Always the “friend” when they are single but disposable when they don’t need you.

Now you have to wonder when this started and why. It really wasn’t always this way. A long time ago gay men valued love and they could have a relationship with someone different. When I was younger I was a Catholic. Despite what the media will tell you Catholics are extremely tolerant. When I came out actually the congregation I was part of gathered around me in extreme support with the exception of a few members. I still try to visit them even though I have converted to another religion that’s a world apart from Christianity. This story I am about to share is about a couple in the congregation I knew before I came out who greatly contributed to it. They were both Gay men.

I’m hazy on the details but apparently, they met in the 50’s in Ocean City Maryland. They fell in love and maintained a relationship even though one of them had to ship off with the Navy. The other man was a teacher and when his lover came back they began to live together. They were together for 60 years despite the huge differences in who they were and they finally got married when Washington DC legalized it. What was key for them is that they were around in a different time when people valued other people over possessions.

What fundamentally has changed since then? Well, the first thing is that the LGBT community was formed and quickly became pawns of the Party of Hate who just years earlier were directing their hate at Gays and only changed that outward appearance when they realized they could make slaves out of another gullible demographic using lies. Frankly, when Democrats touch something it becomes corrupted very easily. So along with this growing culture of disposable things they were taught by the party that views people as possessions that they should pursue what they want while ignoring laws, the rights of others and how their actions adversely affect others. But that was not the end of this story.

Compounded by a disposable society and the manipulation of the party of hate, Gays entered the 90’s with a slightly selfish momentum but this still was not universal and they even had occasions where they could cast aside selfishness. Then in the 90’s we saw the rise of the special snowflake mentality. It took hold in some teenagers including LGBT teens but it took deeper root in children born in this decade. By the start of the 21st century a force of loud and selfish children arose which has since grown larger every year, and this manifests in the LGBT spectrum of society as gay and lesbians intolerant to what others believe and who readily dispose of anybody in their lives who challenges anything they say or believe. Even among gay conservatives the special snowflake mentality has set in a lot of them though to a lesser degree, but still substantial one. There are still some Gays and Lesbians left who are tolerant, but they are very hard to find and in my experience they live very far away.

If there is any hope I find it in two places but both become an issue of distance for someone like me. First, there are Gays and Lesbians overseas. I find they are a lot more likely to tolerate different points of view, even conservative ones. They seem more relaxed and less influenced by the special snowflake mentality or the lure of a disposable society. They look like hopeless romantics from where I sit and that’s a good thing. The next are gays who sadly live far away from me but show tolerance or objectivity. There are 2 or 3 tolerant ones that I have met online and some are even registered Democrats, sadly they often live 50 or 80 or 200 miles from me. Even with some of these two categories of guys I sadly find myself trigger-shy and I end up wondering if they are actually this tolerant or whether they are just acting tolerant because they find me attractive.

That’s the sum of things really. The hope is though with each generation things will get better. I am almost certain that I will die alone, but I’m hoping that younger gay men and women will rebel against the dogma of this generation with a new one of their own which truly fosters total tolerance and respect for others. Maybe in the next 10 or 20 or maybe even 30 years, a political movement will form that is truly Pro-LGBT and not just pretending to be to get votes for votes for a political party while setting them up for failure. The sad thing though is for someone like me it is too late, and barring a miracle person entering my life I will live alone and die with only my baby sister and her family there to comfort me on my deathbed. I will not be alone in a literal sense but I will have spent my life alone after sharing what little love extra I had to share with all of the wrong people.

Pokemon Shuffle

Sometimes going through the Google Play store you find little gems you never expect to come across. Some are better than you expect them to be. That is how I came across Pokémon Shuffle while just looking for something to kill some time. I didn’t expect to get so hooked on a simple puzzle game. But good things come when you least expect them.

It is pretty simple really, you match 3 or more Pokémon horizontally or vertically. Each Pokémon does damage to the HP of the Pokémon you are battling. You have to reduce the other Pokemon’s HP in a certain number of turns. After you beat it you get to catch the Pokémon. The success or failure of your catch attempt depends on a percentage determined by how many turns there are left.

There are also expert stages which give you unlimited moves, however, you have to reduce the other Pokémon’s HP in a certain time limit. Catching an expert level Pokémon works on a similar formula to the regular catch though the determining factor, in this case, is time remaining.

There is also limited time special stages where you can catch legendary Pokémon that aren’t in the main stages. They are extremely tough and follow exotic rules many times but the rewards you reap from these stages are awesome.

The premise of the game is just like the Pokémon games for Gameboy and Nintendo DS. You travel across the land battling Pokémon and catching them. To battle another Pokémon you have to use heart points which are only replenished after a certain amount of time. There are a lot of Pokémon to battle against and areas to travel through. My Favorite board is the Nighttime Festival.

You fight boss battles at the end of every area. These bosses are all Mega Pokémon and really hard if your Pokémon hasn’t leveled up on early puzzles. I’m having that problem now with Stage 240. But there are items you can use to enhance your Pokémon.

Sadly the items have no names but their effects are good. You can enhance things like max levels and Pokémon skills. It’s moderately useful.

Each Pokémon has unique skills by the way. They each have different attack stats and those stats go up with each level. Your party is one of between 3 and 4 Pokémon depending on the stage. You get 2 to 3 regular Pokémon and one Pokémon that can change into a Mega Pokémon. There are only a few of these but once you have that Pokémon’s Mega Stone you can make it Mega Evolve into its second form.

Mega Pokémon in your team have special effects that are triggered when you make a match. Keep that in mind when you are making your team to make sure it fits around the type weakness of the other Pokémon or around your chosen Mega Pokémon.

All in all its a pretty fun game. There are other Nuances but you just have to play and figure them out. It’s a great game if you want to kill some time. You can find Pokémon Shuffle on the Google Play Store. It’s absolutely free. 🙂

Happy Gaming!!! 🙂

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game here is not only one of my all time favorite RPGs, it’s a huge reason I am bummed that my N64 doesn’t work anymore. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the quintessential RPGs. It’s seen remakes on one of Nintendo’s major consoles the Gamecube and a 3D remake for the Nintendo 3DS. And with a good reason. It is an amazingly good game with the right amount of difficulty to it. It is neither too complicated nor too simple which makes it easy to enjoy the story.

The game starts as the fairy Navi flies to the Kokiri Village to awake Link from his slumber. He is summoned by the Great Deku Tree who has been cursed by a “wicked man of the desert”. After breaking the curse on the Deku Tree he, unfortunately, finds he is too late. With its dying breath, the Deku Tree gives him a spiritual stone and tells him to travel to Hyrule Castle.

There he meets princesses Zelda who shows him the wicked man from the desert, Ganondorf of the Gerudo. She then tells link he must go on a journey to stop Ganondorf. Traveling across Hyrule and across the river of time itself, Link must collect three spiritual stones and the powers of the 7 sages themselves in order to gain the power to beat Ganondorf once and for all. Will Link be able to conquer the evil King of the Desert? The only way to find out is to join Link on his Journey in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Well, the first thing I like about this game was the Ocarina. In the game, music has magical properties and when Link plays his Ocarina he can unlock many secrets. Some songs open hidden passages, some change day to night, and some even allow Link to travel through time. The songs are simple to learn and can be input with the directional keys. My favorites were The Song of TimeThe Song of Storms, and The Prelude to Light.

Another notable thing is the diverse races of Hyrule. Besides Humans and fairies, there are…….

The Kokiri

The Gorons

The Zora

And the Gerudo

Having all of these races can be interesting. In the end, they are all friendly, even the Gerudo. My favorite is the Zora because they are so odd. I don’t mean appearance either, their behavior is just funny. 😀

There are fun side games too. There is Targeting in the Gerudo Valley, Races on Death Mountain, and Fishing at Lake Hyrule. Besides being a nice way to kill some time and relax from the main quest, winning these games gets you items to help in your journey. Plus it’s just fun to run down to Lake Hylia and reel in a big one!!!

Battle in this game is real-time though Navi makes targeting easy. Your main weapon is a sword but there are other side weapons that have different effects. Ranged weapons are good for attacking from distances and they often confuse or paralyze enemies. There is even a hammer that knocks enemies off their feet when you hit the ground in it.

In this game your health is everything. Health is determined by hearts. The more hearts you have, the longer you can last in a fight and the more hits you can take on the run. You can gain hearts by beating bosses or by finding 4 pieces of heart. Also, there are fairies in the game that automatically restore your health if you catch them in a bottle. They make Navi jealous though. (just kidding.) 😉

Dungeons in this game are unique and complicated. Some dungeons even require special Items or Clothing to be completed and some dungeons can only be accessed at certain times. Full of twists and turns and puzzles, these will require a lot of thought and skillful timing on your part. Or you can eliminate thought with a walk-through but what fun is that? 😀

Honestly, this game is hours or even days of fun and it is fun for all ages. I have loved this game for the longest time and I hope when my sister gets older I can share it with her on my old Nintendo 64 providing I ever get it fixed. I highly suggest if you’ve never played this game that you get a copy, it is good no matter what format and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it just like I did.

Happy Gaming!!! 🙂

Let’s Talk about how the Democrats are “Tolerant”

Now, what prompted this article was a run-in I had last Monday, September 5th at a 7-11 while I was waiting for my food. I was having a conversation with my father on the phone and what had started off with a conversation about backpacking had slowly drifted into a conversation about politics. Now my father had told me that I should probably vote for Trump and I told him I probably would since Hillary is a lying racist homophobe and that although Trump is a braying prolapsed anus I would rather see him in the white house rather than Hillary. Suddenly an older man started yelling at me, calling me a liar and trying to pull me into a political debate. This was the rudest thing ever, to butt into a total stranger’s phone conversation and start screaming at them because they said something they didn’t like to another total stranger. I told him as much. He still continued to mouth off at me about being a Republican and stuff so I tore into him telling him that while Trump is a prolapsed anus at least he isn’t a criminal like Hillary and pointed out to him that I’m a Libertarian. His only response to this was “young people like you don’t know what you are talking about.”

That’s how Democrats debate, though, they lack an intellectual defense of their views or actions so they resort to the typical weapons. When debating Democrats can only resort to screaming louder than the other person, attacking their character, and almost always to physical violence like former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click. But that’s all they can do because there is no rational justification for what they believe. Stupid intolerant people can only resort to stupid behavior to express what they believe. These behaviors only show that most Democrats are just that, Stupid people through and through except for a few exceptions. I mean there are a few ones who are sweet, intelligent, rational but hopeless idealists or who are grossly misinformed.

Most Democrats, however, display a huge amount of cognitive dissonance. Take for example this composite of a statement I have heard many Democrats say on TV and in the streets, “All southerners are ignorant bigoted xenophobes and we would all be better off if they just went away.” The funny thing, though, saying that makes THEM ignorant, bigoted Xenophobes by definition!! But in their mind, there is no fault with what they just said. But can we expect any less? After all the Democrats are the party of self-righteous hate since the start.

For those of you don’t know it, here are the highlights in the History of the Democratic Party. It was founded by Jefferson Davis who would later become the president of the confederacy and preached the message primarily that Blacks were simply property. After the staggering loss of the Confederacy at the hands of the Union the Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan, more notoriously known as the KKK. Besides being guilty of terrible spelling, this group was responsible for the deaths of many African Americas and other hate crimes. Even today by tradition the head of the DNC is also supposed to be head of the KKK though I’m not 100% sure if this is still true. I would not be surprised though.

Later on, the Democrats unanimously voted against the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery and the 14th Amendment which guaranteed equal protection under constitutional law. They were fortunately beaten both times by a Republican Party which was in much better shape than the party we see today. However in response to this Democrats stepped up their terror and intimidation with the KKK. They also passed what we know today as Jim Crow Laws that segregated African-Americans from Caucasian Americans. This went on until Federal Courts stepped in. This is a legal gray area, to be honest, but it was undebatably a moral decision on the part of the courts.

During World War II the Democrats under Truman committed more atrocities. First was an attack on an unarmed Japanese freighter. Then they choose to unlawfully inter every Japanese American based on their race or religion. Finally at the end of the war when the Japanese were preparing to surrender to Russia after massive losses in the north, Truman who made bold demands he was now in no position to fill if the Japanese surrendered gave the order to drop atomic weapons on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both of these cities were mostly populated with non-combatants. Hiroshima, in fact, was only home to a prison camp, most of the people who lived and worked there were innocent farmers just trying to make a living. They died as well as many American POWs in the camp there.

The second half of the century was no better. In the 60’s Lyndon B Johnson in an attempt to steal the African-American vote from the Republicans formulated his new society. In his exact words, he believed, “These Negros, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.” When speaking of the welfare system he said, “I’ll have those n****rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Johnson intended the welfare system to be a means by which he and other Democrats could keep African-Americans as slaves in some way shape or form. Sadly this seems to have largely worked. Democrats do still have the “Black Vote” as they have dubbed it.

Finally in the 90’s Bill Clinton passed his “Zero Tolerance” policies. This was essentially a policy meant to incarcerate large numbers of young black men on frivolous charges. Democrats have also fought as hard as they could to limit the second amendment. They claim it’s for public safety but the reality is that the intention is to disarm black people. And of course, gays and Hispanics are just the token votes to Democrats, if either group stops benefiting them Democrats will turn on them in a heartbeat.

So you see by its very history and by the continuing actions of the party it is clear tolerance is the last thing in the minds of Democrats. In fact, the Democrats are the party of intolerance. They only act in their own self-interests to gain power. The Democratic Party is really more of a criminal enterprise than a political party. In the face of all this then, how is it they can still claim they are tolerant with a straight face?

Fortuna Magus

A tower once stood near the stars, invisible to mortal man.

Inside lived an immortal who embraced the solitude.

One day the goddess of fate led a man to the immortal’s door.

Recognizing the immortal’s lonliness, the kind man befriended him, and visited him often.

In time the immortal’s frozen heart began to thaw.

But the man betrayed the immortal, wounding him deeply.

Steeped in sorrow, the immortal vanished along with the tower.

The tears he cried formed a mighty river that now separates the two.

Such a pretty poem and when you start playing this surprisingly addictive game it’s accompanied by a sweet music box tune. It’s an enigmatic start to what is an excellent game in the touch screen format that can he found in the Google Play store. Fortuna Magus is a story of family, heartbreak, smiles and tears. I first came across this game in 2014 as a suggestion from Google Play. Little did I know how fond I would become of this game nor did I realize it would be a gateway into a whole new format for JRPGs.

The story takes place in the fantasy land of Luxia and follows the story of two orphans. Amane and Tia lived happily with their sister Lill and father Kailius till 10 years ago when Kailius disappeared after a mysterious mark appeared on his arm. 7 years later Lill also disappears to search for Kalius. Around this time an incident occurs that shakes Luxia to its roots, certain people gain magic powers. These people are dubbed Magus and by Decree of King Kaswell all Magus are considered dangerous and are to be executed.

Despite all of the chaos in the world around them and their own personal loss, Amane and Tia live relatively peaceful lives in the peaceful Village of Raydif. Then one day a mysterious man shows up at their door with the same mysterious mark on his arm as their Father Kailius. His name is Rett, he is a Magus and after meeting him Amane and Tia’s lives will never be the same. Now on the run as fugitives, the siblings soon learn actual truth about the Magus. Accompanied by Tia, Rett, and later joined by Mitoshiro and Oliviet; Amane must embrace his fate and fight the immortal Rad’ie.

Will their journey end in Triumph or Tears? All of it will be revealed in the Fortuna Magus.

So this is one of the few games I have few or no issues with. The only thing I can criticize is that it’s too short. 😀

The JRPG format is one of my favorites as is the turn based play aspect of it and none of it has been sacrificed for this game!! Seriously, Kemco did a really good job with this one. The turn-based battle system is simple to master and the variety of spells and moves are enjoyable. The special moves have nice cinematics and deal tons of damage. I also enjoy the random moments of the game where you go to use a skill and immediately after you learn a new move and immediately use it resulting in two or more chain attacks on your opponent. (there was a similar mechanic in Romancing Sa-Ga 3)

By the end of the game, you will be able to play with 5 playable characters with various skills including a healer and 2 elemental magic users. The NPCs are also pretty well done including boss monsters. And the antagonist Rad’ie is a real piece of work. Have you ever seen a villain so egotistical……

Or deranged looking?

And as boss monsters go I nominate his alternate form for the ugliest boss of the Century.

Along with the amazing characters, there are also amazing towns and dungeons in this game. In fact, I have to admit the scenery of this game is a bit better than the work done on some other Kemco RPGs for the Android Device.

Add in the fact that there are two endings and you have a pretty good game. Maybe the game is short but you’ll spend plenty of hours possibly figuring out how to unlock the good ending. (assuming you unlocked the unhappy ending the first.)

After unlocking both the good and the bad endings you also get an opportunity to take a crack at the monster arena. It is pretty fun and if you finish off one of the monsters (which are final boss level tough by the way) in a certain amount of turns you get super strong items and can even level those up to make them stronger!!

All in all, it’s a pretty good game. Sadly this is not one of the free games Kemco produces. It is however relatively cheap. While originally 7.99 (USD) apparently they dropped the price to 3.99 (USD). It’s pretty good and you can find the amazing heart-wrenching story of Fortuna Magus on the Google Play Store. It’s worth the 4 bucks.

Happy gaming!!! 🙂

Final Fantasy X

This is not only one of my favorite games for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) but it is also my favorite of the Final Fantasy games so far. I also have to admit it is my first Final Fantasy game and you never forget your first. 😉

The game follows the narration of the protagonist known as Tidus. Tidus lives in the hyper-advanced city of Zanarkand and follows in his father’s footsteps as a star Blitzball player. Life is pretty sweet for Tidus with all the groupies and fans. At the start of the game, we find our protagonist playing in the Blitzball championship. That’s when disaster strikes as during the game a giant creature attacks Zanarkand and a mysterious man in red saves Tidus. This man is later revealed to be Auron a friend of Tidus’s father who then sends Tidus through a portal created by the enormous beast.

Tidus later wakes up on a beach on a tiny island named Besaid, but when he asks the locals how to get back to Zanarkand they seem to think he is sick. He later finds out that the Zanarkand they knew of was destroyed by a creature called Sin……. 1000 years ago.

Tidus meets a young Summoner named Yuna who plans to make a pilgrimage to the ruins of Zanarkand and agrees to accompany her on her journey. Together he travels with her guardians, Wakka the Blitzball Player, Lulu the Magician, and Kimahri of the Ronzo Tribe. They are later joined by Auron who has mysteriously appeared in Spira and Rikku of the Al Bhed. Together they embark on a journey to Zanarkand stopping at all the temples along the way to gain the powers of the Aeons to stop sin. As they journey they will unravel the secrets of Yevon, the Aeons, Sin, the Final Summoning, the disappearance of Tidus’s Father and of Spira itself. Theirs will be a journey of both laughter and sorrow till the climatic and unexpected end.

So there is a lot I like about this game. My favorite thing by far is the Aeons and their Summoning animations. They are pretty sweet as are their overdrive attacks and the power of the Aeons are key to winning against many of this game’s boss monsters. It is creepy though when you learn that they are the essence of dead people in Statues but it still doesn’t make them any less cool. 🙂

But you can’t forget the characters. There are seven playable characters and each battle consists of a three character team. You can switch out characters during battle so there are no worries if your team isn’t the most effective against a certain type of enemy, just swap a character out for one who can exploit that enemy’s weakness. 🙂

Now a lot of you who played other FF games but haven’t gotten to this one yet are probably asking yourselves, what about the class systems? Well, the beauty is the combined many of the job classes into each of the seven characters. This is how they broke it down:

Tidus: Freelancer

Yuna: Summoner and White Mage

Wakka: Imitates Ranged attack classes with some aspects of Knights

Lulu: Black Mage and Time Mage

Kimahri: Lancer and Blue Mage

Auron: Samurai and Knight

Rikku: Thief and Chemist

You can also teach character skills other characters have learned but depending on their class build that could be ill-advised. Don’t let that discourage you though. I have had good success in mingling the skill sets of Lulu and Yuna.

The score of this game is also equally amazing as are the visuals. As you can see above there are some excellent CG scenes throughout the entire game. And the Score composed by Nobuo Uematsu is to die for. I especially enjoyed the Orchestral version of Suteki da Ne (How Wonderful is It?)

Now, of course, there is the downside to this game but it’s a fair trade-off. Besides having to play 2 rounds of pain in the ass Blitzball which I never got the hang of, the system for leveling up is a little overwhelming at first. Yes, you do gain levels but instead of automatic stat increases and skill additions, you get points. You then have to use these points and spheres gained in battle to move along the Sphere Grid (depicted below) and gain stat increases and learn the new skills along the way that will make life easier as you come up against stronger bosses and opponents. 

All in all though, the great aspects of this game outweigh the few crappy parts. I have enjoyed playing it time and time again and it will always be my favorite game among the Final Fantasy Franchise. I fell in love a long time ago with the story and the music and the characters. The world of Spira is beautiful and enjoyable to explore and you’ll never want to finish playing. I guarantee you will enjoy it if you are the discerning gamer. 🙂

While this game was originally on the PS2 there is an HD Remaster for the PS4. Either are good, it’s the same plot in either game. The PS4 version, however, comes bundled with the sequel which sadly was not as good as the original so keep that in mind when you are deciding which format you want to play in. 

Happy Gaming!!! 🙂

The World Ends With You

An antisocial teenager wakes up in a Daze. Looking around he realizes he is in Shibuya, Tokyo’s premier shopping, and fashion district. However, he Quickly realizes this isn’t the Shibuya he knows and things are about to get quite deadly. That’s the start of one of my favorite RPGs for the touch screen format. It’s a little number called The World Ends With You. 😉
You play as anti-social teenager Neku Sakuraba who wakes up in Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing. He doesn’t remember what he is there for or how he got there. The only thing he seems to remember is his extreme dislike for other people.

He realizes nobody around him can hear him and they can walk through him. After being attacked by strange creatures called “Noise” Neku discovers he has been forced to participate in a contest called “The Reaper Game” and there is something big on the line. It’s his life!!

For Seven Days he has to learn to work together with a girl named Shiki as they fight for their lives to keep from being Erased by the Noise and uncover the dark secrets of Shibuya and The Reaper Game.

Now I like this game for many reasons. Besides, it’s surprisingly meaningful title I love the themes and characters. It takes place in a slightly realistic and Funky Fresh rendition of Tokyo’s Shibuya District. Full of fashion and punk culture the game immerses you in a world so close you can touch it. Literally!!

Nearly all of the game’s controls require touch screen input. Attacks are triggered by hot buttons know as Pins and character movement is controlled by the swipe of a finger or stylus.

You earn money for each battle you win which you can later spend at shops to buy Pins with better powers and Accessories that can enhance your character’s stats and abilities. You can also check the map of Shibuya to see which “Brand Names” have an advantage in the area you are fighting in.

The characters are easy to fall in love with too. The interaction in the beginning between upbeat Shiki and anti-social Neku can be comedic at some times and heartbreaking at others. And of course, there is a lot to say about Neku. He is hot as hell. I would love to see more of Neku Nekkid and apparently so does Shiki. XD

But seriously, besides being freaking sexy as hell Neku is a relatable character to me. We all have our times when we hate other people, especially when they hurt and betray us and Neku gives us insight into what that’s like, but his character development shows us if we just open up to someone special then things can get better. Then again start-of-the-game Neku is relatable to us especially cause we have all had one of these moments. XD


Before I forget, when you finished the game’s main story don’t assume there is nothing left to do. I mean playing through again is pretty enjoyable but winning also unlocks an alternate storyline independent from the main story. You get to play as a much happier and well-adjusted Neku as you explore a Shibuya without The Reaper Game while talking to people and playing the Pin Slamming side game, and rest assured you will run into many familiar faces along the way who have been cast in much friendlier roles. XD
There are just so many things about this game I love. It’s just another excellent product from Square Enix. You can buy it for the original Nintendo DS or you can play the mobile phone version developed by Square Enix that can be found in the Google Play store for 18 USD.

Happy Gaming!! 🙂

Why you should NOT be voting for Democrats if you are Gay.

So it figures I would start this blog off with politics. Why not though? We are in an election year and a lot of gays and lesbians are going to make a really stupid choice because their slave masters in the Democratic Party tell them to. But that’s the tragedy because most gays and lesbians think gay conservatives are the self-hating ones. Maybe that’s because they don’t realize just how Homophobic the Democratic Party really is.

I mean at the very top we have Miss Hillary. She is the most racist and homophobic pool of scum I have seen in the 2016 race. Now she is talking big about gay rights and stuff since it’s a winning issue. How soon do we forget though that she has spoken out against gay marriage multiple times and only stated support for it when it seemed public opinion was in favor of it. She has, in fact, said she believes marriage is between one man and a woman and her husband Bill Clinton was responsible for DADT. And she just happens to be their chosen nominee.

It’s not just her, though, the whole party has a hidden homophobic attitude. I mean seemingly innocent things like saying, “No Homo” begin to look less innocent when you talk about daddy vibes or speculate on someone’s membership to the DC Gay Swim Team. What offends me most is how they believe they set the criteria for what makes someone a good gay or not. It just shows you how they view us gays as their property.

By the way lets not forget how Democrats have made Muslims right’s a higher priority than gay rights. I mean I don’t hate reasonable Muslims but as for Islam, I can’t really say I tolerate a religion that calls for killing me because of who I’m attracted to. But Democrats, of course, remain totally silent about the fact that every year in Saudi Arabia and other Sharia countries gay men and women are murdered for being gay and lesbian. They have given awards to Imams who openly advocated the execution of gay men and they even invited an openly homophobic Imam to a banquet a WEEK after the tragedy in Orlando who in the past blamed the 2004 Tsunami on gay sex. But of course, the mainstream Kool-Aid sipping gays seem to eat that right up.

To them, it’s a good idea to support the ideology that wants them dead because their Democrat overlords tell them to. People who can’t think for themselves are why gays are just slaves in the eyes of the Democrats. Maybe some of them are just uninformed. But nothing will change till we vote against them. Yes, some Republicans are openly homophobic but at least they are open about it and I have never heard them call for killing gays. And you know there aren’t only 2 choices, the Green Party is very pro-gay as is the Libertarian Party.

With all these choices there is no reason to vote Democrat. They are the worst choice in fact for gay men and women. I really want to see the power taken away from them which is why I will not check any box with a (D) next to the name on November 8th. It’s 2016, and it is high time for the party of misery that delivers hate with a smile to crumble. I hope all of you who read this are moved enough to take your vote away from these Homophobes.