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So when I’m not traipsing about the world hiking and doing trail maintenance or slacking off at home playing video games I would love to hear from fans of the blog. If you wanna suggest a game for me to review or share your story with me you can contact with the information provided below. I really appreciate input from readers.

You can contact me with the form below:

I’ll soon be adding an Instagram account, Youtube,  and possibly Facebook in the near future once readership picks up.

So enjoy guys and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Be warned though, trolling will not be tolerated. I moderate comments on here so I don’t have to allow a bunch of bigoted and hate-filled SJWs shit on this page and if they end up in my inbox I will contact the appropriate authorities if it becomes an issue of harassment. Alternatively, I will IMMEDIATELY contact the FBI if I receive any threats of violence directed at me or anybody on my page.