C-Gaymer Podcats Episode 7: Democrats are Racists

On today’s episode of the C-Gaymer Podcast, we are going to cover a fact that should be obvious to everybody, Democrats are Racists. Their History, their behaviour, the results of their policies, all of these have been disastrous to the lives of Black Americans. Join us as we explore this pitifully hidden truth.


By the way, we have stopped doing uploads on SoundCloud due to their storage Policy. For the foreseeable Future, all podcast episodes will be uploaded to Vimeo. If you would like a download of our Podcast, please contact us through the Contact Page with your email, age, and the Name/Episode # of the Episode you are Requesting.

C-Gaymer Podcast Episode 6: Illegal Immigration

C-Gaymer Podcast Episode 6: Illegal Immigration from C-Gaymer on Vimeo.

Today we will talk about a huge issue facing the country, Illegal Immigration. Crime, Voter Fraud, Welfare Fraud, why doesn’t Congress act to build the wall? Who benefits from it? Mr. F.L.A.G. and I explore all of this.

C-Gaymer Podcast Episode 5: Comic Crazies

C-Gaymer Podcast Episode 5: Comic Crazies from C-Gaymer on Vimeo.


SJW’s have managed to ruin the news, college campuses, video games, and now comic books!? On today’s Podcast, we discuss how Marvel and DC have ruined mainstream American comics by trying to shove left-wing narratives down their fans throats.

Sorry, this is 2 weeks and 6 hours and 30 minutes late, by the way, have been recovering from surgery.

C-Gaymer Podcast Episode 2: Antifa

Well, now we are 2 Episodes into my disaster Podcast!! I’m so disgusted!! ❤

All jokes aside, this week we are covering the new Militant Wing of the Democratic Party. The retards who have never picked up a history book ironically call themselves Antifa (Anti-Fascists), and they can be found attacking people wherever free speech is being exercised. Well unless they are getting their asses kicked. Or if their moms grounded them.

C-Gaymers New Podcast!! Episode 1: Gamergate

Hey guys, so this has been my secret project months in the making.  Every other Monday you can look forward to a dose of conservative politics thrown at you with my svelte and sexy voice over your morning cup of joe. Two Mondays a month I will be uploading my new C-Gaymer Podcast, with my co-host Mr. F.L.A.G. and we will tackle pressing political issues, gaming, and tech news, or just basically dick around on air and waste 30 minutes of your time leaving you with a euphoric smile. Tune in twice a month, Monday at 7 AM.

Anyway, this week we tackle the hard hitting issues surrounding gamergate and get to the bottom of the movement. Spoiler alert, if you have been told they were right wing extremists you have horribly been lied to.