PR Spirit (of the gun)


This is the party you trust with depriving us of our 2nd Amendment rights? Image from flickr

What does Public Relations (PR) have to do with mass shooters? Why would they care about it? If they have a manifesto, they care. In fact, they might be doing the shooting just to draw attention to their cause, which makes it an act of terrorism. The El Paso shooter expected a lot to be made out of his manifesto, as he explained when he took pains to distance himself from Trump. The Dayton Shooter didn’t have a manifesto, but a friend of his said he possibly did the shooting because he wanted to create another anti-gun talking point (one which is candidate of choice, Elizabeth Warren, turned him into a martyr for by fundraising off his violence).

The PR War

It’s been noted that media coverage of the Dayton shooting dropped significantly after it was found the shooter was not a white supremacist, much like how the only time you hear about the mass shootings in Chicago is if the mayor wants to blame Republicans as I covered before.

Here’s MSNBC interviewing a shooting-survivor who thinks the villains who let the shooting happen, both by deliberately ignoring red flags in that kid’s background due to liberal policies as well as the Lefty law enforcement officer who hid while the shooting happened (Hey liberal, isn’t one of your arguments that we don’t need guns because the police will protect us? Whoopsie, one of YOUR avowed liberal officers refuted your point, and his liberal boss didn’t even train his officers for this situation!). This kid knows a lot about PR (And apparently the American government was genocidal up until… well, I don’t really know why he says we’re post-genocidal since right now the Left accuses Trump of being genocidal, and at the same time Bernie Sanders is calling for genocide (women in third world countries need to have a lot of kids so that at least one survives to adulthood… or are you saying those countries are paradise, in which case why would we grant anyone asylum coming from them?), and media outlets like CBS are cheering the genocide of people with Down’s Syndrome. Personally, I think he just reached into a hat and pulled out some strips of paper with liberal buzzwords on it and made a sentence out of it). He managed to turn his tragedy into a PR success story, speaking here and in Canada about the need for gun control on the Left’s dime and getting a nice deal with an ivy league college… not that those are anything more than daycare for the elites while their parents line up trust funds and high-paying jobs for them after they graduate.

PR and RF Laws

RF meaning Red Flag laws- the Left wants to be able to put you on a secret list, without your knowledge, that would deny you your Second Amendment rights if they don’t like you or if a neighbor or family member doesn’t like you. These are the so-called “red flag” laws.


Can someone womansplain to me why in this era when Trump is worse than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin (as cited elsewhere in this post) liberals want to lose their right to own guns? Hmmm… I think I answer that actually towards the end. Hint: it’s not the liberals that lose their rights. Image from

New York State follows a model like other areas, so some highlights are: a teacher, ex-girlfriend, police officer, therapist, former roommate, family member, and many others can declare you violent and immediately you lose your 2nd Amendment rights and can’t even challenge that until the hearing happens. If you can’t afford a lawyer in this case, one WON’T be appointed for you, and the judge decides what counts as evidence. If someone lies to force this onto you, they will go unpunished even if it’s discovered they committed perjury. Also, if a teacher decides they hate YOU, they can say your kid is a possible mass shooter and YOUR guns will be confiscated until you can go through the legal process of getting them back. In other words, you are guilty until proven innocent. And as you saw in that article, New York has a more lenient version of the Red Flag laws.

More extreme attempts at these laws include the idea that if you’re on the no-fly list, you should not be allowed to buy a gun. As you’ll note in that article, it took months for a State Senator to get his name off such a list, and that’s AFTER a government official involved in it told him that he can neither get his name off the no-fly list nor be told why he was on it. The Left wants THAT to be the model for denying you your Second Amendment rights.

Now for those of you saying I’m being extreme because you can’t read, let me get to where the PR part comes in. San Francisco, full of Democrats who supported no-fly no-buy lists, labelled the NRA and all involved in it as terrorists (anyone remember when San Francisco pretended to care about civil liberties? Or maybe, as I’ll note later, it’s because they have an affinity for Islamic terrorists but just hate Republicans). That certainly would put you on a no-fly no-buy list, one that as I said above a State Senator was told he couldn’t get off. Moreover, CNN’s Don Lemon implied that white people in general should be on such lists wholesale. The Left is using it’s public relations arm to make sure that you believe that anyone in the NRA, or anyone who’s white (as Lemon said, and as I’ve noted with their efforts to paint whites as mass shooter white nationalist terrorists), deserves to be on a terror watch list. So… if you vote Republican, you’re on the Left’s terror watch list between Don Lemon, the mainstream media, and San Francisco’s determinations on the topic.


The New York Times says a lot of things, things to make liberals wish they had a gun rather than wish to fight the Second Amendment. Image from techcrunch

We already know that the Left does not apply these standards equally. Like I mentioned last time, San Francisco labelled the NRA a terrorist group while declaring that rapists were not felons but rather “justice-involved persons” (and they gave arts funding to a video where various non-whites advocated for genocide against white people). But let’s look at another group- Islamic Terrorists. We saw in the New York Times’ coverage that they think it’s white nationalists behind the shootings (as well as the guns), but when it’s Islamic terror it’s just the planes themselves that magically lifted off the ground and flew into buildings. Even Rep. Ilhan Omar at least said “some people” were involved, instead of just blaming the planes for not being smart enough to fly high or whatever.

Also, notice that San Francisco DID NOT label Antifa a terrorist organization, in fact, notice that they labelled the NRA a terrorist organization at a time where it could be interpreted as a response to the Trump threatening to label Antifa as a terrorist organization? Imagine that. The Dayton shooter was a big Antifa supporter (which by the Left’s very loose standards for the El Paso shooter being Trump’s fault means Dayton was Antifa’s fault), and CNN praised an Antifa terror cell. While Antifa exists to cause violence and incite people to riot, the NRA promotes gun safety. Yet San Francisco said that the NRA was the group inciting violence. So… a liberal terror cell encouraging others to spread violence isn’t labelled a terrorist group and would have the right to own guns if San Francisco Democrats had their way, BUT the NRA and all its members would be denied the ability to own a gun and be unable to challenge that if San Francisco Democrats had their way. Because they are winning the PR war.

Taken in whole, what you see in this article is that while liberals oppose watch lists for potential school shooters (the Parkland links), Islamic terrorists, and Antifa, they WANT NRA members and white people on watch lists.


Getting In The Spirit (Of The Gun)


Picture from Pinterest of what former Democratic Presidential Candidate Eric Swalwell wants to do to people who own guns.

I want to point out that if any of the shooters were illegal immigrants, this would not be a news story. How do I know? Kate Steinle was shot by an illegal immigrant. The illegal lied to police multiple times about what happened. The jury of the sanctuary city found him innocent of all charges except illegally possessing a gun, which was later thrown out by an appeals court. The media did not see this as worth a mention, in the middle of a public conversation about gun control and how people SHOULD be facing penalties for such things as illegally having a gun. So… an illegal immigrant blows off the face of a probable Democrat voter with a gun he illegally has, and Democrats cheer that he has NO consequences over it. Whereas, a liberal Leftwinger shoots multiple people in El Paso, and now all Republicans are white nationalist Nazis because of it, and all white people are terrorists too, and the Left demands more legislation to stop people from getting guns.

This brings us to today. Another shooting over the weekend, again in Texas. There are few details about the shooter as of yet, other than he had a criminal record of some kind and was white and previously failed a background check for owning a gun so legally he probably shouldn’t have had one, so I can’t really talk much about motivations, and the media has kept it down to just pushing gun control. Hurricane Dorian seems to be blowing away much of the coverage.

Taken As A Whole

As I mentioned before, for those keeping score that means 2 mass shootings and 1 attempted mass shooting in Texas since July. While this statistic would actually be considered a miracle if it were applied to liberal utopia Chicago, it’s a bit odd seeing it from Texas. (For those who say the U.S. has more mass shootings than any other nation that Obama and Hillary didn’t ruin for no reason, a shady study by one liberal professor isn’t enough for evidence of that, and the real numbers available indicate that you are more likely to die of a mass shooting in Norway and Switzerland than the U.S. Since I’m on a roll with this, I’ll also mention that the idea the Assault Weapons Ban is some catch-all solution is nonsense, as proven in a study, plus only 7% of the weapons used in these incidents are obtained from a licensed gun dealer. Also, other Leftists ironically including the guy who did a study comparing the U.S. to other countries re: mass shootings have said that such comparisons are hard or impossible due to differing definitions of what a mass shooting is. In fact, even in the U.S. you’ll see headlines just a day apart telling you we’ve had 251 and 292 mass shootings. No, liberal, we did NOT have 41 mass shootings on August 3… well, maybe in Chicago…)

Statistically the thwarted mass shooter was probably a Democrat (I explained before how easy it is to predict a person’s voting habits by their race in some cases) and the El Paso mass shooter was a 2008-style Democrat with a bit of Ocasio-Cortez in the mix. All that’s known about the third shooter is he’s a criminal who probably legally should not have had a firearm, but since Democrats believe making it legal for felons to vote will boost their chances in the election (and 70% of convicts DO register to vote Democrat if they can) it’s safe to say that the ex-con killer was likely a Democrat.


Chicago, Chicago   Image from ABC7 in Chicago

Plus you have the Dayton shooter who was (as anyone reading my posts for the last four weeks would know) a Liz Warren/Bernie Sanders Democrat, and there is a 61.9% chance that the person behind the shooting in California was a Democrat, and there is an 80% probability that the Virginia Beach mass shooter earlier this year voted Democrat for the last three Presidential cycles as I discussed in a post referenced in the above paragraph. It is a near-certainty that if the Chicago shooters did vote, they’d vote Democrat, as that party has a stranglehold on the city, and in particular the areas the shootings happened in. (And no, liberal, gun violence in Chicago is NOT the fault of Republicans. 1. You believe blacks are too stupid to get an ID to vote, so clearly you must also believe they’re too stupid to get a gun from a Republican state. 2. It’s your voters that are pulling the trigger, the gun is merely a tool, a dedicated person with a knife killed 8 in China, and another killed 4 in California, all within the last month. Oh, and like many of the Chicago shootings, the California stabbing was gang-related. 3. If it’s the fault of Republicans, how come Dallas does not look like Chicago? If the fault lies solely with access to guns, then Dallas should be covered in blood by now, Chicago should look as safe as a hospital in comparison. 4. You don’t want the police to enforce the laws on the books, you HATE them, so even if you had effective gun control laws how would they be implemented?)

With it being a known fact or high probability that the newsmaking mass shooters of the past 3 months were Democrats, what does that say about the party? Perhaps that explains why their focus has been on banning guns and blaming Republicans and attacking Christians (for their thoughts and prayers). They don’t want to admit the darkness their ideology brings.

And isn’t it interesting how in Virginia, the Democrats in charge wanted to make it EASIER for convicted criminals to obtain guns? 63.8% of violent criminals released from prison will be arrested again, on average within 18 months of their release. These are the people that Democrats want to have easy access to guns. Yet their number one rallying call after every shooting is to make it HARDER for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms.


They even want a convicted criminal for President, one who fantasized about murdering children. Image from CBS Dallas

Are you noticing a pattern here? They want violent people to get guns, but they don’t want you to have one (violent felons are “justice-involved individuals” while gun owners are “domestic terrorists”, unlike Antifa evidently). They want an illegal immigrant to go free after he murdered a woman (because I guess it’s a woman’s right to die by the hands of an illegal immigrant, just as it’s a woman’s right to be raped by illegal immigrants… #MeToo I guess) but they talk about how great violent acts against millions of Americans would be, just because those Americans don’t believe in open borders (because the Left says anyone who agrees with having border security after El Paso is a white nationalist). They think it is ok for an illegal immigrant to possess a gun illegally, they want to make it easier for violent felons to get a gun, but want to prevent non-criminal American citizens from legally obtaining guns.

So if you think violent ex-criminals should be allowed the temptation of a gun, if you think illegal immigrant rapists and murderers should be in this country and shouldn’t be punished for their crimes (remember: Montgomery County, where the 7 rapes in 6 weeks by illegal immigrants mentioned above took place, lets rapists go free rather than turning them over to ICE, the liberals in Montgomery County think you are a TERRORIST if you believe illegal immigrant rapists should be jailed or deported), but you think the average non-criminal American citizen should lose their rights to own a weapon and their right to speak freely about illegal immigrant crimes, then you are a Democrat. That’s what the party has made itself about. They serve lawbreakers, rapists, and citizens of foreign countries before they serve the people who voted for them.

Now ask yourself- given how that is the demographic that Democrats have been catering to, is it any wonder that from California to Chicago to Texas to Ohio we see Democrats murdering people? And is it any wonder that the media hides this by blaming Republicans and the NRA?

Former Marine Sgt. Andrew Paul Tahmooressi entered Mexico illegally BY ACCIDENT, was detained for 7 months, abused (until he slashed his neck in a suicide attempt and was moved to a better facility). The media reported on it pretty neutrally in some articles and brief news segments since it was on Obama’s watch, even smearing Fox News as an “echo chamber” for its reporting on the events, and even blamed him (as snopes did, and snopes called him a liar over his claims of abuse) for illegally entering (but you shouldn’t blame illegal immigrants for coming here deliberately and permanently loaded with drugs and kidnapped children and a record of rape a thousand miles long, snopes will come after you for that even if it is true). But the media DOES care if a non-citizen illegally entering the country is detained, that’s TERRORISM according to liberals. All we did is what Mexico did, better in fact since the illegals were detained at special facilities, not thrown in with the prison population.


Liberals tell you that this is paradise and the people that liberals help love to live here, and you are a bad person if you don’t want to live here too. Does that sound like what a friend would say? Image from Google Maps.

Liberals HATE you. They don’t care if you’re raped or killed by an illegal, they don’t care if you’re arrested and battered by one of the countries these illegals come from, they believe these other people are SUPERIOR to you. The Left serves the interests of these other countries and supports them, but does NOT support the Americans they are elected to represent, the Americans they deliver news to every day, the Americans whose money keeps their media conglomerates afloat.

I’ll just wrap it up with CNN. As I said before, they supported a terrorist group that went on to commit an act of terrorism. Well, CNN also supported an illegal immigrant who went on to butcher a father. And CNN supported Pelosi when she said MS-13 consisted of divine beings.


Living In Spirit (Of The Gun)


Image if military-style weapons from the Tank Museum in Danville, VA

Well, this list didn’t pile up so much these past 10 days or so, but here we go one more time for all this! I had a big chunk of stuff I wrote here, but realized it would be more appropriate for something else I’m working on, so of course that made this take even LONGER. Well, that and I think I’m burnt out from all of this. You’ll notice I refer to the last two gun posts a lot. Like I mentioned before, this all was ONE post, but I ended up splitting it because these things got to be very very very big.


Let’s just start with some general media talking points that emerged:

  • They want to condemn everyone who says “illegal immigrant” now, even though that is what the people matching that definition are. They aren’t “undocumented”, they committed a CRIME to get into this country. They showed total disrespect for our laws, the immigrants who abide by those laws when seeking entry, and the citizens themselves who are bound by those laws.
  • ABC said Trump needed to answer for the El Paso shooting which he caused. As explained several times now, no Trump did not cause it.
  • CNN agrees with ABC, and believes that if you aren’t white then a white person will kill you unless the government confiscates everyone’s guns.
  • CBS agrees
  • NYT agrees, and wants black voters to vote against Trump, basically telling them they’re next if they don’t.
  • MSNBC declares that the media has been too soft on conservatives, because they are ALL Hitlerites, from Trump down to every last man and woman and child supporting him. Reid has yet to say something similar about Farrakhan’s supporters in the Congressional Black Caucus. I guess all them hymies, as civil rights icon Jesse Jackson would say, are ok to hate. She isn’t alone- Democratic candidate Buttigieg also attacked the deplorables as racists.
  • Noted racist Spike Lee went after Trump as well, on CNN.
  • Robert O’Rourke said Trump is terrorizing communities, and you will be killed in your sleep by him or his supporters.
  • White male Republicans are the greatest terrorist threat this country faces.

I’m so glad the media is telling us now about how powerful someone’s words are (even if Trump never actually said them), because as I’ve noted in the last two posts they were preeeetty quiet when it was their own guy shooting up Republican Congressmen, and were pretty quiet when their Presidential candidate Warren was fundraising off a mass shooting one of her supporters committed.

Now, I have a question here- if Trump’s rhetoric that allegedly promoted white nationalism, that allegedly promoted bigotry against Hispanics, that allegedly demonized every Hispanic, if that rhetoric was responsible for the El Paso shooting, then what are we to make of the Left doing the exact same thing to whole groups of people? Above you see them demonizing their enemy, telling you you’re an evil person if you support their enemy. Now we get to some threats they make:

  • Burn down the GOP, leave no survivors. This is from the Washington Post, on MSNBC.
  • Steven Colbert threatened to attack President Trump.
  • Mitch McConnell is receiving death threats from liberal protesters, and Twitter is letting the hashtag #MassacreMitch run unabated while at the same time they deleted McConnell’s campaign account because he posted a video of liberals threatening to #MassacreMitch
  • Destroy white people because they supported Trump. Do not negotiate with them, just destroy them.

And just look at all the violence liberals do. Yet somehow, when the Left does exactly what they claim the Right did to trigger a mass shooting, and there is violence linked to such hateful rhetoric including an attempted mass shooting, the Left is NOT held accountable and liberals feel there is nothing wrong with their words. So by their own judgments of Trump and his supporters, liberals must WANT violence and mass death, and condone it when their own people do it for them. I’m not saying my view, I’m saying that’s their view in their own words. If they believe that words cause violence, then they MUST believe their own words cause violence, thus they MUST believe they are responsible for that violence and MUST WANT that violence to happen otherwise they’d tone down their rhetoric.

Here’s another example. Democrats are saying ICE agents are terrorists and Nazis, so naturally the media doesn’t say that there is a connection when one of their liberal flunkies shoots at an ICE facility. Trump said a couple of illegal immigrants are bad apples, media says he is responsible for a racist shooting Latinos. Demcrats and the media say ICE agents are terrorists and Nazis, ALL of them, and ignore it when Antifa launches a terrorist attack and when someone fires rounds into an ICE building. I guess they think ICE deserves it? I guess the media thinks people need to die?

Tying into all of the above, we have the NYT encouraging cop killers. But that’s not dangerous. Using the standard the Left likes to apply, since Cory Booker isn’t condemning this dangerous rhetoric he must support it.

Robert O’Rourke said Trump was “depraved” for visiting the El Paso victims because the Left says he is responsible. “Depraved” is you blaming Trump when as I’ve mentioned the El Paso shooter had nothing to do with Trump, had MORE to do with Democrats. And if you want depraved Robert Francis, how about we talk again about that little child murder fantasy of yours? What’s also depraved is you fundraising off El Paso, but even worse is your fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren fundraising off the massacre in Dayton that HER OWN SUPPORTER committed.

I had a bunch of material here about how, if words have meaning as the Left keeps saying about Trump, then liberals themselves are responsible for both the Dayton and El Paso massacres. I’ve probably said the same thing dozens of times between this and the last two posts. Maybe if I say it as many times as the Left says Trump is to blame, someone will hear it.


The media and fellow Democrats said that the Dayton shooter who supported Warren was a white nationalist. So… White Power? Image from Vox

The Dayton guy was a Satanist, which Leftwing PBS celebrated once (they didn’t celebrate him, they celebrated Satanists). He was a gun control advocate, and after his mass shooting the Left and media capitalized on it by calling for gun control, effectively making him a martyr for the cause in a weird way (the Dayton shooter’s friend said he suspected the shooting was done just to prove the need for gun control). He was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren, whom NBC favored during the debate they hosted. Unlike the El Paso shooter, the Dayton one is solely the responsibility of the Left. So naturally they also blamed Trump for him as I mentioned before.

You’ll see at the end of this paragraph why this is relevant, but give me a little leeway to start. Liberals love that “if it saves just one life” argument with gun control. Question: if stopping illegal immigration saves just one life, shouldn’t we do it? If it saves just one woman from being raped, shouldn’t we do it? If doing the common sense thing of enforcing our borders as every other nation on this planet does saves just one life and stops just one rape, isn’t it worth doing? Also, the El Paso shooter said immigration was destroying the environment. So if shooting a bunch of Hispanics in a mall saves the Earth and thus the human race as was kind of his reasoning, shouldn’t we do it?

Liberals believe Biden and Obama are a billion times smarter than Trump. So… does that mean that they knew Obama and Biden’s white nationalist rhetoric that I’ve been repeatedly pointing out the El Paso shooter was motivated by would cause death? Does that mean the blood of El Paso is really on Obama and Biden’s hands, since the El Paso shooter was inspired during the Obama-Biden Administration?


Come to think of it, maybe the NYT IS white nationalist… image from techcrunch

New York Times wants to blame Rush Limbaugh and claims that the El Paso shooter’s usage of ideas Limbaugh has means Limbaugh inspired the shooter, and further means that any negative comments on unrestricted immigration makes you a racist mass shooter creator. The problem of course is that the El Paso shooter shared lots of words in common with liberals, or at least liberals of the past. And remember: in his manifesto the shooter said he was inspired long before Trump, in other words back when liberals had this belief. Back when liberals voted Obama into the White House because he had these beliefs. The NYT loved Obama, so does that mean the NYT supports white nationalism? By their own logic, they do. And let’s throw in Ocasio-Cortez too, because her call for everyone to riot because that’s the only choice left and her fearmongering on the climate certainly match aspects of the El Paso shooter’s manifesto.

Kamala Harris says that Trump “tweeted out the ammunition” for the El Paso shooter. Except that as I say over and over Obama was given a Grammy in 2006 for “Best Ammunition”. and Biden and Ocasio-Cortez were helping load the shooter’s clips.

Cory Booker said you can’t just say you aren’t racist, but need to be active in attacking racists. So… does that mean Obama wasn’t enough? Because he didn’t do anything. Obama complained a lot, but he did nothing. His DOJ couldn’t even solve the problem of racism in Ferguson. And if Obama did do enough, then the El Paso shooter would’ve been rehabilitated or arrested under Obama. Come to think of it, isn’t Obama a white nationalist since the El Paso guy’s manifesto reflects Obama’s remarks from 13 years ago?

CNN’s Jake Tapper said Republicans can’t handle his interviews after gun massacres so they stop coming on his show. It’s not that, it’s that they can’t handle show trials. No one can. Tapper criticizing Republicans for not being able to handle show trials is like criticizing one of Stalin’s victims for not being able to handle a show trial.

Kamala Harris is out promoting that unconstitutional idea that if you are on a secret government list of suspected terrorists you should not be able to buy guns. The kind of list where if your neighbor doesn’t like your haircut they can get you on it, and it would take years for you get off it. Now, you read above how liberals believe every white male is a terrorist, right? So now Kamala argues all suspected terrorists should lose their 2nd Amendment rights. All white men are suspected terrorists, so under Harris they would lose their 2nd Amendment rights.

Gillibrand, who thankfully dropped out, was approaching this from a different angle. She just wanted to outright jail anyone who had a gun that she didn’t like. Interesting approach: illegal immigrants rape and kill, but we should welcome them in and you’re a racist if you say even one of them committed a crime. Whereas we should just jail U.S. citizens who are abiding by the law. If it saves just one life, put Americans in prison, but if it saves just one life to keep illegal immigrants out forget it, you’re a racist for even suggesting it. Because illegal immigrants are superior.

Tying-in with all the charges of racism, MSNBC tells you that all of Trump’s supporters are just rich white people who want to be richer and don’t mind that they’re supporting a racist. I’m not rich, I have negative amounts of dollars because I’m in debt. I still support Trump. And blacks and Hispanics are getting richer too thanks to Trump. Are they racist? Well… that’s a bad question to ask actually, because if you support a Republican and are a minority Democrats go after you with much of the ferocity they aimed at blacks trying to vote during Reconstruction. Except Democrats stop short of killing them.

Whether it’s useless background check laws or ineffectual assault weapons bans, the Left keeps giving bogus solutions to gun violence. They are exploiting the tragedies to get you to vote for them. “Vote for me, I have a plan! You just want people to die if you don’t support my worthless plan that might increase crime.”

Kamala Harris said that you can’t even debate if Trump is a white supremacist, that by virtue of her declaration he is one now and forever. You know, despite the many times he condemned white supremacy as noted above. By the way Kamala, speaking of who has been helpful to white supremacists, let me ask you a question. Under your oversight, a lot of blacks were locked in prison for years, decades even, with harsh sentences for nonviolent crimes and you even withheld evidence that would get people released, whereas under Trump we had criminal justice reform beneficial for the black community, we had black people pardoned rather than imprisoned as you did, and the black community is seeing its lowest unemployment rate in decades.

So if Trump is a white supremacist he’s doing a bad job of being one, and if you’re NOT a white supremacist you did a REALLY bad job at not being one. How many black lives and black families did you destroy? Trump certainly helped more than you ever did, by initiating reforms that run counter to what you were doing with your clear attempts to bring the black community to heel. Interesting how you supported Hillary in 2016 too, with her husband’s criminal justice policies enabling your reign of terror. And here you sit criticizing Trump after spending decades as at best an unwitting tool of white supremacists, and at worst an outright ally to their movement. Tsk, tsk.

And speaking of no empathy Kamala, where was yours when you were withholding evidence to make sure a black man stayed in prison, stayed separated from his family? Or do you only have empathy for Hispanics separated from their families? Is it their lighter skin that makes them relatable to you, Ms. White Husband? Maybe they remind you of the white backers gave you your power to begin with?

NBC’s Chuck Todd stated that President Trump has not made Hispanics feel safe in this country. So Trump says “illegal immigrants bad”, and that means ALL Hispanics are unsafe, when he’s clearly talking about illegal immigrants, meaning YOU’RE the ones making Hispanics feel unsafe by lying about what Trump says, either that or you think ALL Hispanics support illegal immigration and open borders just because they look like the people coming in. After all, you say it’s racist to support having a border wall, so it would totally be racist if over 33% of Hispanics believed in that… 1 in 3 Hispanics think there should be some kind of wall? But they can’t be racist! Oh well, I know you’ll just say they watch too much Fox News or something and dismiss it.

MSNBC believes that Trump is giving “subliminal orders” to white supremacists. See, Trump doesn’t SAY what the Left wants him to say, so they just tell you that he’s got hidden messages and lie about what he actually does say, as with the Charlottesville speech where he condemns white supremacy and neo Nazis, and does NOT say they are “fine people” if you bother to actually listen to that part.


Broken human being? The Right’s been calling him that for years. Neo Nazi? Well, if you guys on the Left say so… Image from

Trump made a teleprompter speech, condemned the El Paso shooter, said have pity for the families, condemned the evil ideologies, and said they were looking into reforms. Liberals say he is a “broken human being” because of that response. Obama made teleprompter speeches, condemned the shooters under his watch, said have pity for the families, condemned the evil ideologies, and said they were looking into reforms. So… now Obama is a broken human being? I thought the Left was saying that the RIGHT was the group that kept getting more radical, now they’re saying Obama was a “broken human being”. And of course it was open season on Obama at the debates as Biden lamented. Obama hasn’t even been gone 3 years and already Democrats are attacking him at debates and calling him a “broken human being”. But it’s the Right that’s been getting more radical, not the Left, according to the Left. I guess that means Obama was a neo Nazi? Good to know I guess.

Whitey Richy Rich Robby O’Rourke who was trying to stop minorities from being President on Heil Hitler day August 8 says that Trump is the real white supremacist. Hey O’Rourke, who’s the one dehumanizing whom here? You’re lying about Trump’s remarks, and saying he and this entire country are racist. Also O’Rourke, you’re out here saying open borders and saying ICE is evil, and sure enough a liberal decided to try and blow up an ICE facility and murder ICE agents. Why aren’t you taking responsibility for your rhetoric which triggered that attack? Also O’Rourke, you’ve made it clear your a Latino Supremacist. Adopting a Latino name to hide your white heritage, insulting your white heritage, saying the whites in America are racist and only white America is racist, certainly not any of the pure Latino peoples coming in, and your lust for open borders to allow all of these Hispanics in to the detriment of our communities which already can’t handle the amount of illegal immigration we have as non-white Obama said.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told a black audience that white people were the problem, after the El Paso shooting. Kind of ignoring how blacks have a disproportionate share of the mass shootings, while with whites it’s terrible but at least kind of what you’d expect population-wise. Also, is Buttgeek (it might sound homophobic, but it actually came from an accidental mispronunciation I had of his name. I assure you, I am in no position to use “Buttgeek” as a slur without a severe measure of hypocrisy.) is a white dude himself. So he is saying that a white person needs to solve the national problem of racism, that blacks are incapable of it? Also, if it’s solely a white problem as he says here, how does the audience know he won’t become part of it? If non-whites are immune as Buttigieg says, doesn’t that mean people should vote for a non-white? It’s his own logic on the issue.

You want to talk about radicalization? Senator Carper, Democrat from Delaware, one of Biden’s buddies, outright said Americans were lazy, unskilled, unethical, and drugged-up while illegal immigrants are pure angels descending from utopian paradises to grace our economy with their munificence. Isn’t that exactly what the Left says white nationalists are evil for saying about non-whites, or is it ok because Hispanics are the heroes this time and Americans are the villains?

Why does someone who wants to be a leader in this country think the people he’s leading are evil and encourage foreigners to illegally enter this country to take jobs from those living here that this politician is supposed to be representing the interests of? And why did Biden not call out this Senator, Biden’s fellow Senator from Delaware, on this? Why did Biden continue with this by saying that white people, and ONLY white people, are sexist racist oppressors incapable of leading fairly? Why does Biden believe 60% (the whites) of this country is evil? Why does Biden attack the 40% or so people of this country who voted for Trump as racists? Why is Biden demonizing so many of the citizens he is trying to represent? “I hate all of you based on your gender and skin color, now vote for me! Oh yeah, and I’m a great unifier even though I hate you, while this guy who has brought more prosperity to blacks and Hispanics (as I cited much earlier) is an evil divider who needs to be cast out because it’s a bad thing that he gave them prosperity and I will undo that when elected.” That is Biden’s campaign message. Pretty much the Democratic Party’s message as a whole. “60% of this country are racists, 30% are sexists too, so vote for us because we hate you.”

And while the Left spreads its message of hate, normal people sit around and see it. They know millions are absorbing it. They feel that we’ve lost the culture war. They feel this is what everyone believes. They see their teachers, their news anchors, and maybe even their friends repeating the hateful things liberals spew. They know it’s a lie, but they don’t have a voice. The Left’s vast numbers deny them a voice. The anger silently gathers inside them. What can they vent at that would do any good? The anger stays, becomes a feeling of helplessness.  Eventually they wonder- what recourse do they have but to grab a gun and try to solve the problem themselves? By the way- if you think I’m a white nationalist for saying this, that this is just an excuse, then you are a racist because this is how you guys on the Left justify the fact that the African American community has gifted this country with 51% of its total murders as I mentioned earlier. Oh wait, nevermind. It’s ok if it’s a non-white, perfectly justifiable, only white people are evil according to you. That’s why your reasoning for a non-white group does not work when applied to whites. Because according to you, all races are equal, except whites are inferior. And you wonder why whites go on these rampages.

Also, if it is racist to persecute illegal immigrants, isn’t it also racist to have an immigration system altogether? Why are you forcing some people to go through the system, while letting others come in with no problem? Aren’t sanctuary cities racist for discriminating against legal immigrants? Why aren’t sanctuary cities simply treating legal and illegal immigrants the same way? Is it because we get more legal immigration from certain countries than we do illegal immigration? Then why are you forcing those legal immigrants who generally are not Hispanic to go through the process while letting Hispanics cheat the system? Isn’t that racist? Or are you now telling me that you can be racist against Hispanics, but you can’t be racist against Indians or Somalis the same way you can’t be racist against whites?


A picture from Elijah Cummings’ district. This is far from uncommon there. Image from Google Maps

And by encouraging illegal immigration, aren’t you aiding the cartels? Isn’t that racist against blacks? Afterall, cartel drugs enter our inner cities, the largely black areas, and lead to various drug-related crimes from selling to shooting (both shooting up and shooting each other). So why are you protecting a source for death in the black community? Why is Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) complaining that it’s too hard for cartel members to enter this country while by his own admission people in his district are dying from the drugs those cartel members are bringing in? Do you care more about Hispanics now, and don’t care if blacks die in the streets? It sure looks that way.

You certainly don’t want them to have good paychecks or welfare: Obama said increased illegal immigration would depress wages and strain welfare. Now, being smarter than us, you MUST have known that your President who won a Grammy for saying that was telling the truth, yet now you encourage all that. Why? What did the black community do to deserve lower wages, welfare issues, and more drugs? Because that’s what you’re punishing them with.

Pelosi said MS-13 gang members, whose motto is “rape, kill, control”, who controlled a town called Mendota in California with fear by dismembering and murdering various citizens, are divine beings (as discussed before in other posts). Sen. Carper said that Americans are filth, and illegals are needed to replace this American filth. Biden said whites are sexist and racist and have been for hundreds of years and it’s embedded in their culture. All of them then say Trump is the one dividing this country.

Like I said before, Democrats encourage fighting, shooting, and blood in the streets which a shooter obliged by attacking Republican congressmen. Ocasio-Cortez says ICE is evil, so a member of liberal-supported Antifa attempts a terrorist attack on them. Socialist Ocasio-Cortez says oppressed peoples have no option but to riot, and a socialist in Dayton shoots people. Ocasio-Cortez says we have only 12 years to save the planet with her green new deal and says oppressed people need to riot, so a socialist ecoterrorist shoots up a Walmart in El Paso. Yet the media blames Trump for that, citing its own LIES about what Trump says as evidence that he caused the attack, and IGNORES the ones that are clearly linked to THEIR OWN creation of a divided and violent environment. Pelosi was saying it was disgusting that Republicans linked the congressional shooter to Leftwing rhetoric, yet here we have them doing exactly that with Trump. So according to Pelosi, she and the rest of the party are disgusting. I agree.

Biden attacked President Trump’s use of the term “invasion” to describe the various caravans and border surges. Ok, fine Biden. It’s not an invasion. It’s a bunch of people who have no right to be here that you’re telling black Armicans they need to pay for, when black Americans can barely lift themselves out of crime and poverty.

Also, Biden thinks so little of his campaign and his chances against Trump that he said by watching Biden’s speech, Trump was showing he had no life. Not taking the time to study an up and coming adversary, but rather Trump was just wasting time because Biden will never amount to anything. Glad he’s honest. By the way Biden, how far is it from Ocasio-Cortez saying oppressed people have no choice but to riot to the socialist Dayton shooter leading a one-man riot? Not far at all. How far was it from rhetoric like yours saying whites will put blacks in chains and telling women that white culture is sexist and oppressive and white culture is why Anita Hill did not get a fair chance to a black man becoming a serial killer targeting whites? Not far at all.


Image of Joe Bidens from New York Magazine

Biden condemned division. Democrats abandoned the idea that we are one people long ago. The entire party’s history consists of them trying to oppress an untermensch, whether it was non-whites or catholics or Republicans. Under Obama, we saw liberals telling us that Republicans were mentally inferior and that was science. Also Biden, when you say this is about separating people based on race and whatnot, just a day before you made that statement the Democratic Socialists (at their convention, I wish I could find the link but I heard over the radio about this) were separating people based on race, gender, ability, and unseen oppression points just to do something so mundane as ask a question. Don Lemon, on the very network Biden is speaking, was saying white people are the source of all problems. Biden himself gave a speech attacking whites and whiteness, saying whites can’t represent minorities.

Biden also says of Anita Hill that people thought she deserved what happened. No, Biden, people didn’t BELIEVE what happened. Same with Dr. Ford, who as I pointed out was probably lying. And what about Keith Ellison’s accuser, Biden? Where were you on that one? Also, Biden, at least the English culture gave that “rule of thumb”. I’m sure a cane that does not leave permanent damage is preferable to FGM and acid attacks, which came about decidedly independent of white influence. Or maybe you think that’s ok, and sexism is only evil when whites do it.

Speaking of racism and dividing, Biden, remember when you were dehumanizing these poor helpless people as “illegals”, and said they were all drug dealers bringing in “tons tons tons” of drugs? Remember when you were happy to brag about voting for 700 miles of fence?

Remember how I keep citing Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”? He won a Grammy for saying “many blacks share the same anxieties as many whites about the wave of illegal immigration flooding our southern border… this huge influx of mostly low-skilled workers threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.” “Wave” of immigration, “flooding”, “threatens”. Obama tells his black and white readers that illegal immigration will hurt their poorest. Seems like he dehumanizes them a little here. And you gave him a Grammy for reading these white supremacist rants.


Wrapping this up with my favorite picture of him, courtesy of CBS’ Dallas affiliate.

To Robert Francis specifically over his remarks blaming Trump for El Paso, I have to say this: you are lying about what Trump says, and if you stopped lying people would stop hearing what you want them to hear. I have to assume you are smart, you tell us you’re smarter than the Right, thus you must know that by lying about what Trump is saying you’re making these racists think he has their back. And you must KNOW this and WANT this to happen, and the fact you’re out campaigning on the results… well, I have motive, opportunity, and saw you doing it. And we see you profiting from it. So really, right now, you are guilty of murder by our laws. Your actions in misleading people into thinking that Trump supports what they’re doing in order to profit from mistrust in the public has resulted in a murder. By our laws, if your action results in a murder, we at least have you on manslaughter. And since you lefties are so much more smarter than us, you must have known this would happen and wanted it to happen, you sure were ready to profit when it did, so that actually would up the charge to murder since this was clearly an outcome you wanted and NOT just an accident.



Writing In Spirit (Of The Gun)


One fallacy the gun control club spreads is that if we’re using guns to resist a hostile government, it would wipe us out quick. I think there’d be a good chance against the aluminum-skinned Bradley, pictured here at the tank museum in Danville, VA. This is a joke at the military’s expense, much like the Bradley itself. Implicit in the gun control club’s use of that argument is their willingness to use the military against American citizens for exercising Constitutionally-protected rights, and the Left’s stupidity because of how they started buying guns to #Resist Trump while still demanding an end to the 2nd Amendment I guess so that tyrant Trump can oppress them. An ex-Democratic Presidential Candidate even suggested using nuclear weapons against people who did not surrender their guns, which I’m sure would play great if one Republican in the middle of Democrat Baltimore refused to surrender. Not that there’d be much difference between Baltimore before and after the Democrats nuked it. This is afterall the party that says you can kill a human if you never really accepted them, at any age, so I doubt they’d mind nuking their own party members just to prove a point. In the long history of Leftwing socialist tyrants, one constant was a disregard for the lives of the people they ruled. So when we see socialists like Swalwell or AOC encouraging the same stuff, you understand why the Right gets a little nervous.

This is part 2 of the post I put up on Sunday. It was looking very very very long, so I split it when I realized it was 7am and I had been working at it for 9 hours in a row after spending much much much more time than that during the week pulling together the misc sources and quotes and whatnots. Believe it or not, what you see below is still only about a third of what I had left to address.

There’s a common fallacy that I want to address (or re-address, I don’t remember). Liberals keep blaming Trump and Fox News for spreading white nationalism. They keep blaming conservative opinion leaders for any dissent against Democrats. I must be a man alone on this one, because my judgments come straight from Democrats. I see their quotes, I see what their people are saying, and I am disgusted. I am driven to an angered frenzy. “How can they get away with lying like that?” “How come no one’s calling them out?” “I feel so helpless…” and so on. The lies I see from the Left’s media outlets serve to divide this country and promote economic ruin for us all, and serve to advance what appears to be an attempt to install a Stalinist regime. They want show trials of their enemies, every liberal from TV to twitter said as much with Kavanaugh. We often see them demonizing their political opponents, dehumanizing them as some “other” that needs to be “exterminated” as you’ll see one of their Congressman said below.

They don’t believe in free speech or a free exchange of ideas: if they disagree with you on anything it’s not up for debate, you are automatically labelled a bigot and/or mentally incompetent. An enemy or an inferior, either way someone who needs to be isolated from the population, someone whose ideas cannot be allowed. The Left’s own intolerance, their own thirst for power, is what pushes me so far into Trump’s camp that at this point I’m voting for him just to keep Democrats out, rather than for anything Trump has done. Trump hasn’t called for any mass exterminations or for any particular race to become second-class citizens, whereas when it comes to their political opponents Democrats have called for exterminations and when it comes to whites Democrats have demanded that they become second-class citizens, and blame this country’s problems on them as you’ll see between this post and last week’s post picking up remarks about how everything from sexism to mass shootings is the fault of white people according to prominent Democratic Party figures. As I said last time, 32% of the Democratic Party already believe that white people are never right if it conflicts with what a non-white politician says; 32% of the Democratic Party believes race determines whether you are factually correct on a topic.


Granted, it’s a shorter trip from far Right to far Left than it is to the Center. Image from DemocracyNow

You want to talk radicalization? I knew someone who was borderline alt-Right. Not a neo Nazi, not a racist, but pretty harsh on illegal immigration and all that. Within three months of joining a liberal forum, this person openly told me they were ready to murder everyone at the Heritage Foundation, wanted mass rapes and executions for every citizen of the state of Alabama, and wanted to murder everyone in the One Percent, and believed white people were to blame for every problem in the world. Those views were common amongst the forum-dwellers this person associated with. I pointed out the extreme violence involved, that not everyone was evil, and the response I got was a dehumanizing justification, saying that none of them would bow to this person’s demands if asked so they all need to die. So yeah, I’ve seen the face of the Left. The Dayton Shooter and El Paso shooter do not surprise me. And why all the murder? Because this person wanted free stuff. That’s it.

So let’s move on to this item that thematically sets up the rest of this post. At the first link, the author talks about some lie about white supremacists opposing abortion, easily debunked by the fact that a white supremacist founded Planned Parenthood to kill black kids. But the author here goes on to mention the Left’s habit of lying. They just spew out like machine gun fire into a line of British soldiers attempting a breakthrough. The tactic is simple- overwhelm and devastate. How can you defend yourself when everyone from Hollywood to the nightly news to the 24/7 DNC propaganda outlets MSNBC and CNN to their newspapers are spewing lies. Now add in social media. For the average person out there, they just see the lies, and even if they see the corrections there is still this impression left in their head about you. And it’s impossible to protect against the lies anyway. Humans evolved in limited tribes, our brains aren’t ready for this interconnectedness, so you have a caveman brain used to dealing with maybe 150 people in their lifetime dealing with 63 million enemies out for blood. As you’ll see below, blood is what the Democrats want. You’ll also see in only 10 days, even when cut in half between two posts, the accusations just kept piling on. Many are similar. Some different. Democrats discovered a corollary to that “Big Lie” theory attributed to Hitler’s propaganda minister- you tell a lie over and over until the public believes it, but even if they don’t they’re still left with the impression you’re a bad person just from all the bad things they hear even if they know all of it’s garbage.

How does this sound for calls for blood? Twitter even censored it when Sen. Mitch McConnell’s team posted it. They said it was glorifying violence even though it was posted by McConnell’s campaign team to condemn violence. Meanwhile, Twitter has done nothing to stop #AssassinateTrump which is a supreme glorification of violence. But it’s one Twitter agrees with. Twitter openly declared their bias and activism, so it should be no surprise they’d use the McConnell thing as an excuse to ban his account and hide videos of liberal protesters threatening McConnell and his family. Kills two birds with one stone. I’ll have more on Twitter in another post that I’ve been gradually assembling over the months, that will finally end up looking something like this probably.

To tie it all together for you, this relates directly to the whole gun violence and mass shooting topic from last time. You might recall (and you’ll see later) that liberals keep saying Trump is a violent man encouraging hate and mass shootings and they say he has blood on his hands. Anyone who listened to Trump knows this is a total lie, like what I debunked last time about how the Left lied on what Trump said in the wake of Charlottesville (they lied about that “good people on both sides” part, Trump specifically said right there in the speech before and after that he was not talking about white supremacists when he said that).

An interesting aside here- the Left loves to say Trump’s hateful rhetoric sparked the mass shootings, that Trump encourages Neo Nazis and the like. The problem is Trump DOESN’T. If you listen to his speeches and not the media’s spin on them, he’s really saying little more than you would’ve heard out of Democrats up until 2010 or so. And then awkward moments are caused when Nancy Pelosi says rapist killers are angels because she got caught up in the Left’s web of lies about what Trump says. Or maybe it was just a Freudian slip, revealing that folks like Epstein and MS-13 are the core of the party.


The Left’s idea of an angel makes them devils. Image from wikimedia

Remember how Kavanaugh was obliterated by the Left as an inhuman monster? Remember how the Left said Republicans deserved to die for supporting Kavanaugh because of an unproven rape accusation? Well here we have those SAME liberals saying a gang of rapists and monsters deserve our love and affection and our deepest respect since they are people like us. They show KNOWN rapists and killers more consideration than a Republican accused with very shaky evidence. And like I pointed out then, they have ignored or hidden or downplayed accusations like that against members of their own party. Believe all women, unless you need the MS-13 vote or they accuse one your own.

Pelosi is supposed to be a feminist icon, but there she was saying rapists were angels. Well, she was pretty quiet about the Epsteins and Weinsteins and Clintons of the party, as are the other liberal women until it’s convenient for them to speak out and oppose these folks. So I guess rape doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or people from a desired demographic doing it, they’re angels. They want to relax the voting laws to the point where convicted rapists can vote for them. Seems like the party of women is courting a very anti-woman demographic. But keep in mind, Islamic purist Linda Sarsour who believes in female enslavement (Sharia) is considered a good Democrat and feminist icon.

The Dayton shooter took part in Antifa-type activities. The media encourages that behavior. Though he’s not a member of any particular Antifa terror cell, he often expressed support for them and ideological solidarity. Given the loose brotherhood that Antifa is, he certainly qualifies as a member as much as anyone else. It’s like Bernie Sanders pretending to be an independent despite always siding with Democrats and running for the Democratic Presidential nomination twice- do you have to be a member to earn the label? So far, crickets from the Left. You don’t hear CNN saying “oh boy, did we goof by supporting this group?” Liberals are smarter than us, as I keep repeating, so maybe CNN didn’t goof at all and got the result they want. Based on CNN’s own assessment of how “hate speech” works, CNN’s own network has been trying to cause extreme acts of violence. Just like how the media and Democratic Presidential candidates are, by their own standards of how it works when Republicans talk, guilty of spawning various near-fatal attacks on ICE.

In fact, CNN arguably already did and have been very silent on it. They gave glowing coverage of an Antifa group who’s member that the host was seen with later tried to murder ICE agents. That Antifa group SUPPORTED the attempted massacre by their man. CNN glorified the Antifa member, CNN consistently demonizes ICE agents as inhuman monsters that are evil incarnate, yet when an Antifa member they glorify acts on those words, somehow there’s no connection. Just like they made no connection between that terrorist’s words and the very similar words of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Whereas when the El Paso shooter openly says Trump had nothing to do with him, CNN says that Trump is responsible for the attack. After lying about all the times Trump denounced hate crimes and the like, claiming Trump only encouraged them. Hey, I wonder if CNN will hold itself to its own standards and claim responsibility for when an illegal alien murdered 5 people while dodging ICE agents after CNN glorified him. That’s twice in two months that someone CNN profiled killed/attempted murder/praised an attempted murderer.

As for El Paso… so the shooter believes immigrants strain welfare and hurt jobs, like Obama said as noted last time. The shooter believes races need to remain separate like black students at Williams College and like leftwing icon Spike Lee and like Obama/CBC/Cory “Moral Clarity anti-Semite loverBooker buddy Louis Farrakhan and like many people at Obama’s alma mater Columbia University. The shooter blamed overpopulation for environmental damage like Ocasio-Cortez. The shooter decided to riot/fight in the streets/spill blood like Ocasio-Cortez/Tim Kaine/Loretta Lynch, respectively. So where in all of that do you get “Trump is the bad guy”? The shooter even said in the manifesto that he WASN’T inspired by Trump! He said is ideas predate Trump, much like Obama’s ideas.

“[O]ur lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country,” 
Crusius writes. “Corporations are … shamelessly overharvesting 
resources. … [M]ost of y’all are just too stubborn to change. … 
So the next logical step is to decrease the number of people 
in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, 
then our way of life can become more sustainable.”

That’s an eco-terrorist talking. That’s Ocasio-Cortez talking, as linked above.

So is it also encouraging violence to demand Trump be “eliminated“, as a Congressman did? We won’t hear about it, CNN didn’t want to condemn death threats against McConnell that I mentioned above. The Left wants everyone opposed to them to be “eliminated”. Speaking of elimination, that lie by an MSNBC anchor I think I mentioned last week about Trump wanting to exterminate Hispanics, it turns out her apology rings pretty hollow since that’s been the network’s position.

Tying-in with my rant above about how Democrats stomp on women, here we have them throwing all their female victims under the bus in an effort to attack Trump. Bill Clinton flew with Epstein on his plane of underage girls at least 27 times. A member of the Clinton Admin and a Democrat Senate Majority Leader both had sex with an underage girl, according to that girl. Now, maybe Cory and Joy at the link above forgot, but we’re supposed to believe all women. Or do we not believe this one because she was a little girl at the time? This same victim said to her knowledge Trump had nothing to do with the operation, and didn’t even flirt with the sex slaves. You’ll notice that in the link, New York Magazine uses the Mueller precedent of “guilty until proven innocent”. To sound smart, they even pretend they know how to be law-talkin’ guys by quoting Mueller’s “totally exonerate” line and applying it to this matter. In fact, Trump was the only one who cooperated. Trump also banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago after unconfirmed reports he fondled an underage girl there. Whereas Bill flew with Epstein’s underage girls.-Yet despite that ban, MSNBC’s Joy Reid still insists Trump was friends with Epstein, and insists on ignoring Democratic ties with him. Why is that- do victims of Democrats matter so little that Reid has to invent scandal around Trump to make people hate Epstein? Real victims aren’t good enough so she has to lie about Trump who actually took some action against Epstein, and who agreed to fully cooperate with federal authorities against Epstein unlike many of those subpoenaed? Maybe Democrats hate Trump now because he tried to help the little girls that Democrats were raping?

CNN says anyone opposed to them, and anyone supporting Trump, is racist. New York Times outright said all Republicans are white nationalist terrorists. MSNBC says in one show (and says even before the mass shootings) that Trump supporters are all racists, MSNBC says in another show they are all stupid, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says they are all racist AND stupid.  So, across the vast spread of liberals, they believe anyone with contrary views are racists, stupid, and terrorists. They sling these terms around with no support, except the occasional lie about a quote as I mentioned last time with the Charlottesville thing. They’re lying to dehumanize and delegitimize their opposition. No one wants to be known as a racist or a terrorist, so they tell viewers that if they disagree with the Left on anything that’s what they are.


Liberals think you’re this type of Deutschlander if you don’t goose step with them. Also, when they say they want to ban military-style rifles, keep in mind that all rifles at some point in history were considered military-style going back to the musket. So they pick on the AR-15 now, but then mass shooters will just use another type of gun. The another.  You get folks like those at the LA Times who look on us with such disdain that they think we’d buy their insipid arguments that certain guns need to be banned and that’s all the Left is after. Firstly- liberal political leaders and their public said that wasn’t the case, but secondly: really any gun that you don’t need a trained minuteman to load can be used in a mass shooting. The guy who shot JFK got off three rounds in 7 seconds, and his was a bolt-action rifle. That’s a type of rifle where the bullets don’t load automatically after firing, instead you pull a bolt back and that lets the next bullet enter the chamber. And if you’ve seen some of Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns, you’ve seen how fast a revolver can be fired, and while revolvers are definitely “military style weapons” given how they were used for like 150 years by the military, they’re not a “military style assault weapon” or “assault style weapon”. And look at the evolution of that term too. Assault rifles to assault weapons to military style rifles and assault style weapons. Gets vaguer and vaguer and vaguer. Almost like the AR-15 and its kin weren’t there only target. Hmmmmm…

To instill fear in the conquered populations, the Romans would take three random criminals and crucify them. That would send a message that the Romans meant business and you should just shut up and do what they command, otherwise you’ll end up crucified. That is what the tolerant Left wants. Out of one side of their mouths they claim that disrupting their speech in any way is harmful to Democracy, but then out of the other side they verbally crucify anyone who disagrees. They don’t do it with facts; they do it with accusations and lies. They dehumanize you and make you someone no one wants to defend, until you’re no longer a bother. When was the last time Cortez asked “do Trump supporters have a point on this issue?” Never, she says they are stupid racists and not worth listening to. Life unworthy of life.

That’s what the Leftist establishment believes of anyone opposed, you’ve seen plenty about what they say to reach that conclusion. They don’t even give you the dignity of addressing the merit of your idea, they just dismiss you as a worthless stupid bigot and move on after screaming that loud enough to scare away any support. And then they complain about Democracy dying if they perceive someone is impacting their rights in some way, after they trash the subhuman others, after they threaten to destroy the subhuman other, after the Left’s mobs attack the subhuman others with support of the Left’s establishment. As bad as Stalin was, the best case you can make offhand for him thinking groups of people were inferior is that he liked Georgians and trusted them more than other varieties of Soviets, so to say what the Left is doing is pure Stalinism leaves out that inferiority component. No, that part of the Left’s ideology is lifted directly from Stalin’s contemporary in Germany, who himself got it from American progressives- the intellectual elites we see today supporting Antifa. Liberals with beliefs like Planned Parenthood’s founders.

Let’s do a contrast here, in light of this recent story about illegal immigrants raping a little girl. The Left wants to pass anti-gun laws, no matter how ineffective, because “if it just saves one life it’s worth it”. But they want open borders, so that more 11 year olds will be raped. Even if you believe that illegals aren’t criminals like the rest of the American population (an assertion I debunked last time), you MUST concede that if they were not present at all then crimes like this where two illegal immigrants rape an 11 year old would not happen. So what if the crime figure from illegal immigrants is lower; the reason we have a border is so that figure will be zero!

And liberal, if it means one little girl isn’t raped repeatedly over several months, isn’t it worth it? Just like if your useless gun laws save one life, they’re worth it? Or do you believe taking away peoples’ right to defend themselves is more important than protecting 11 year old girls from rape? What’s wrong- does it only matter if the claim is against a Republican? Well, I guess we saw that answer when you said anyone not voting for rapist-enabling Hillary in 2016 was sexist but then tried to lynch Kavanaugh in 2018 over an event with even less evidence than what Bill’s accuser had.

All women must be believed… only if they accuse a Republican. All illegals must be protected, right? You’d gladly sacrifice your own body or your daughter’s body or your mother’s body for them, apparently, based on your desire for open borders.

Am I characterizing all illegals as rapists? You characterize every white Trump supporter with a gun as a potential mass murderer based on a couple of mass shootings done by liberals, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t characterize illegals as rapists. And I can certainly skew the stats any way I want since we have black-centric-liberal-favorite news outlet NewsOne saying “Reminder: White People Commit Mass Shootings Way More Than Any Other Group” despite the fact that, as stated in my last post, black men are TWICE as likely to be a mass shooter than a white man.

Remember: more incidents of sexual assault were committed by illegal immigrants in 2018 (80) than fatalities from white nationalists by any means in 2018 (49), so if anything I’d be even MORE justified with claiming all illegals are rapists than you are with your slander/libel. And those stats are just based on what illegal immigrants in the U.S. are convicted of doing: on the way here, over 180,000 rapes are predicted to happen at the hands of traffickers and fellow illegal immigrants though there’s sometimes overlap between those categories.

But I don’t believe that about all illegals, like Trump said some are good and some are bad. Isn’t that true about all groups? Don’t Trump supporters have the same “Spark of Divinity” that Pelosi said MS-13 rapists have? The only difference is that the illegal immigrants should not be here for us to roll the dice on if they’re good or bad. Guns are protected in the Constitution, but illegal immigrant rapists are only protected by liberals. “Spark of divinity” is what you believe they have; obviously you don’t believe their victims have that, or even matter, otherwise you’d adhere to your “if it saves just one life” policy and be standing guard on the border yourselves until a wall was built.

Irony. Joe Scarborough says that Elizabeth Warren is better than Trump because she won’t inspire mass shootings. Except in Dayton. And I guess her anti-ICE rhetoric won’t inspire any more terrorist attacks on ICE facilities either. Also, that entire segment was about how they oppose Trump because he is assaulting the Constitution, and by doing so they WANT to vote in a Democrat who will be just a bad, they openly say it doesn’t matter how bad the Democrat is. So according to MSNBC, only Republicans inspire mass shootings and terror attacks so Warren must be a Republican and so must the media otherwise a few items I’ve talked about here wouldn’t have happened, and it’s ok if a Democrat burns the Constitution as long as they beat Trump because Trump is a threat to the Constitution. As long as the threat is a Democrat, it’s not a threat. MSNBC’s anchors proudly declared that belief. CNN said a recession is awesome, all those job losses and everything, because it will hurt Trump. Remember last time how I mentioned that liberals DO NOT CARE what happens to you? Who do you think a recession will hurt? The poor minorities that Democrats claim to represent, or the rich white Republicans they want the recession to hurt?

In fact, CNN WANTS it to hurt the poor minorities so they’ll keep voting Democrat, they said as much. They said they want a recession so that it hurts Trump, right? Well how would it hurt Trump if it weren’t hurting people who’d vote for him? And how would it hurt people who voted for him without hurting people who vote Democrat as well? Exactly. They want their own voters to suffer, to lose their jobs, to starve in the streets, just so they can get rid of Trump who hitherto had been doing a good job with the economy.

I honestly can’t remember if I mentioned this last time, or if this here is what I wanted to mention last time but instead transferred to here. Or maybe I just linked to it as part of another topic and moved on. It bears examining here though- Ex-Rep. Robert Francis “rich and white” O’Rourke said racism in America and intolerance is common and has always existed here. Racism and intolerance by white people.


Normally I’d say of Robert O’Rourke’s appearance what my mom says about Daniel Craig’s: he’s an ugly man with a stupid face. But I genuinely think this is the best picture taken of him; his face is the least goofy in it. Why yes, this image from CBS’ Dallas affiliate IS a mugshot. Rich White Robby was arrested for burglary (charges later dropped because he is a rich white kid, do you think Kamala Harris or Cory Booker at that age would’ve gotten away with it? How about someone Hispanic named Beto, would THEY get away with it?), and drunk driving/crashing his car/fleeing the scene of the accident. Now he’s running for President. Democrats did want the felon vote. Also, as a 15 year old little Bobby wrote a nice long fantasy about murdering children.

So if all whites are racist, why are you running? Do you think you, some idiot rich white kid who was a backbencher in Congress for 6 years (I didn’t even know he existed until he ran against Ted Cruz, and I’ve been looking at this garbage for over 8 years now), is superior to a person of color like Cory Booker who was a Senator (which you failed to achieve) and a mayor? Or do you think you are superior to a woman of color, Kamala Harris, who is also a Senator (which you failed to achieve) and before that was attorney general for a state? Why do you think you’re more qualified than they are? Objectively speaking, comparing resumes, I’d honestly say Cory Booker is the most qualified (Kamala ran the prosecutor’s office, but wasn’t mayor or governor. President is closer to mayor than it is to prosecutor). Kamala and Cory are definitely more qualified than YOU Robert, so why are you still in the race except to steal votes from minority candidates, except to oppress those minority voices you are running against? Why do we need a rich white failure (or another rich white failure depending on your views on Trump) in the White House? Huh, Robert? Why are you superior to these other people, because it really looks like white privilege is the only thing you have over them.

I have another problem to pose about the Left’s sexism; it’ll take a moment to get there. Enjoy the ride.

So why is it that when a white person shoots up a place with motives coming from both sides of the aisle it’s solely Trump’s fault, yet when a Muslim cites the Koran and shoots up a gay nightclub you make his homophobic extremist father that doubtless inspired the attack an honored speaker at your Presidential convention, and then you say any condemnation of anything Islam is evil and Islamophobic even if the various jihadists cite the Koran as motivation? You go out of your way to connect Trump to El Paso, yet when a Muslim commits jihad and quotes their own religious texts you go out of your way to protect them, you even invite people on from Hamas-offshoot CAIR to tell us how bad we are for associating Islam with violence. Then you associate Trump and whites with violence and terrorism.

Are you saying whites are inferior? Are you saying they are untermensch? White males in particular, you love attacking them, are you saying that is the lowest form of life on the planet? So what happens when a white woman decides she is trans and wants to be a man? Are you saying that person is evil, or mentally unstable? Afterall, in your view white males are scum, life unworthy of life, so if a female wants to transition to male then that would be inflicting harm on them, according to everything your media and celebrities and just the average liberal on Twitter have been saying about whites and white males. One of your Presidential candidates even said that violence stems from evil male testosterone only. So are you saying that a white female-to-male transsexual isn’t actually trans in that case, but just sick in the head? Or do you believe that a white FTM is superior to white cisgendered men? If so, then aren’t you saying that a FTM does NOT truly become a man?

How can a female-to-male transsexual be superior if the transition is complete as you tell us it is? Why are you trying to trigger an attack of gender dysphoria by telling that FTM they are different from the biological males? Or are you now saying that all men and women are really equal? That it’s just toxic masculinity that’s the problem? If so, how can men and women truly be equal if only MEN are capable of suffering toxic masculinity? And can a FTM suffer from toxic masculinity too? No? Then I guess they don’t really become men, since you say all men are susceptible. So you’re not really tolerant of the trans community, are you liberal.

Here is a montage of Obama attacking whites and telling his supporters to get into the faces of their opponents, and also tells Republicans they need to sit in the back of the bus. We also have Obama smiling next to Louis Farrakhan, the black David Duke. Obama never had to answer for it. AOC and her staff never had to answer for quoting and supporting actual Nazis. Yet because a shooter acted based on what the media says Trump said, not what Trump actually said, Trump is evil. And the Left is not, even though the Dayton shooter was one of theirs and an Antifa member tried to launch a terrorist attack, and the Bernie Sanders terrorist shot at Republicans. The Left has produced acts of terrorism, and they’re fundraising off them, while saying Trump is evil for something he never even encouraged, unlike the Left which has encouraged its terrorists in mainstream outlets.

Jesse Watters has it right, in case you hadn’t been paying attention. AOC says we need to riot, a socialist shoots up an ICE facility. AOC says ICE agents are Nazis, an Antifa member tries to blow them up. Yet the Left did not link AOC to those events. Trump… makes no real racist statements and does not support white supremacy except in the media’s fantasies, yet the Left tells you that any rhetoric not supporting a Democrat or their policies will lead to a mass shooting. I was liking Donna Brazille up until her rebuttal of Jesse Watters’ point on that. Jesse was correct as you’ve seen me point out above and elsewhere, and if Donna was listening then Fox News would not be the only place she heard the Left denying culpability while blaming the Right for everything.

Honestly, Donna just has to check out New Republic. If you look at their pages you’d think that Chicago didn’t exist and the Dayton shooting never happened! You’d think the only people who even owned a gun in this country were white Trump supporters,  based on some of the headlines over there. They try to say gun culture is solely from white people, but have that not listened to a single rap song in their entire lives? I’ve listened to 5 DMX albums, one G-Unit album, one 50 Cent album, and one Coolio album. I can safely assert rap is pretty dedicated to gun culture. But the New Republic and other liberal outlets have a whiteness blind spot. Basically if they see white, that’s what they focus on to the exclusion of all other issues and detriment of racial unity.

I’ll stop with this odd one. An MSNBC analyst criticized Trump for the delivery of his speech. As if reading off the teleprompter is bad and shows Trump was forced to say what he says, does that mean Obama enabled black supremacists who wanted to kill cops? No? Also, his spiel about 8-8 sounds utterly insane, and Brian Williams sounds even worse. WHO THE HECK WOULD MAKE THESE CONNECTIONS?! This guy might as well say Trump is a Neo Nazi because he ate a Reuben on Hitler’s birthday! Actually, Obama is a Neo Nazi for ordering bombings of non-whites that started on 8-8 according to NBC’s stoic analyst.

Or how about this? I’ve decided that “NBC” stands for “Nazi Broadcasting Company”. Whoops, by YOUR logic it looks like you guys had better change your companies name! Especially since “MSNBC” stands for “Mengele’s Special Nazi Buchenwald Clinic”. So if these definitions spread among white supremacy groups and we start twisting everything you say to be a racist white supremacist dog whistle, does that mean you’ll apply the same standards you do to Trump and condemn yourselves? Nah.

I will say I agree with Brian Williams. It is chilling that people could be as stupid as they are. And for those of you who disagree with Jesse Watters on the idea that the Left is trying to criminalize all speech against it, here’s evidence in support of Watters. We can’t even count to 88 anymore without being Neo Nazis, and apparently everything we do August 8 is symbolic to Neo Nazis so we should erase that date from the calendar. The Left is willing to stretch to great lengths to call Trump a racist.

I’ll do one better. If the measure is “we can’t do anything that Neo Nazis interpret as enabling them”, and if raising an American flag on 8-8 counts as supporting Neo Nazis, then I assume being white and speaking English on 8-8 must also count as support. Afterall, it’s kinda their thing. Racial supremacy, English as our language and all that. So Brian, are you going to enable Neo Nazis by doing your show on 8-8? Even being white is triggering and a sign of hate according to the Left, thus it must be a sign of support according to Neo Nazis, certainly a more realistic sign of support than raising flags on 8-8, so why are you even doing your show? In fact- why do you have one to begin with? You realize a wise Latina would be better able to do that show for you, right, and that your occupation of that time slot is stealing it from someone who needs it more. Right?

My mother pointed out that on 8-8 we had a pro-democracy uprising in Myanmar and the forming of the liberal-lauded ASEAN. So I guess those are also white supremacist dog whistles since they happened on 8-8.


Using the same geometric logic that Jewish-owned NBC’s analysts and pundits used to determine that Trump is a neo Nazi because he did something on 8-8, I have determined that the analyst is secretly an agent for Mossad. Only after drawing the picture and writing all this and putting the links in did I realize that it looks kind of like I’m saying the Fredo in this picture has a big nose, which is a stereotype of Jews. So I guess now I’m anti-Semitic and anti-Italian despite being like fourth or fifth generation of each. Maybe I should declare myself a Democrat now and a trans or homosexual, the outrage mob won’t go after bigots if it’s their own party and they have one or two oppression points like that. Image from MSNBC.

Jews are secretly Neo Nazis too according to NBC. Hanukkah lasts 8 nights, and celebrates an occasion where enough oil for one night was divided into 8 nights. 8-8. H-H. So making the same leap of logic NBC might, NBC must believe that the Holocaust never happened because the Jews have a religious ceremony commemorating Hitler. Maybe NBC believes that the Jews fabricated the Holocaust once the Nazis started to lose, so that nobody would blame them for World War II. I mean, given what NBC believes about 8-8 and given their support of anti-Semites like Omar, Tlaib, and Farrakhan and their allies, it stands to reason that NBC would believe this too, and it even works according to NBC’s own logic.

Also, if you saw any coverage NBC and MSNBC do of Hamas’ attacks on Jews (because remember: exterminating Jews is in their charter, which is why Pelosi said Hamas was a humanitarian organization, because she believes it is humanitarian work to murder Jews and she believes MS-13 rapists and killers are divine beings) you’d think NBC and MSNBC thought that Hamas consisted of God’s chosen people. They have on people from CAIR, an offshoot of Hamas, all the time. If David Duke’s deputy founded an organization for the rights of oh I don’t know white men and the people in the organization said they wanted to wipeout all non-whites in the U.S. and Fox News had them on, you’d certainly claim that it was proof Fox was white supremacist. Yet you do the same with an organization that wants to eradicate all the Jews in the world whose members said they wanted to eradicate all religions aside from Islam from the United States. Somehow it’s ok when the targets are Jews and non-Muslims, but it’s wrong when the targets are Muslims and non-whites? Liberal logic- genocide is ok if the right group wants it. NBC’s logic- Jews deserve to die.

Speaking of preachy sanctimonious outlets, how come after warning of doom and gloom for the environment the Washington Post and New York Times are still polluting with their papers? The forests are being harvested, the plants that manufacture the millions of newspapers sold are belching pollution into our skies and require cars and trucks and resources to build them and require land that could be used as a nature preserve, then we get to the cars and trucks and airplanes carrying the papers to their destinations, and finally the used papers taking up landfills. This is leaving a hefty environmental cost just so that we can get the daily preach about how we need to help the environment. It’s like how Obama’s EPA saved the environment by polluting a river; I guess it makes sense to liberals.

That was a bit of an aside. How about we go back to Democrats and horrible reactions to shootings? Elizabeth Warren immediately rose to the top of monstrousness. The shooter in Dayton was a hardcore supporter of her and of gun control, so Warren sent out an email fundraising off the shooting, basically turning the man into a martyr for Warren’s cause. What message does that send? “Shoot people so that my campaign can get money!”

Bringing it all the way back to the top of this section, why haven’t you told that stupid-faced rich kid Robert O’Rourke to pack sand since he’s competing against non-white candidates on 8-8, trying to say he’s better than them even though he clearly isn’t. He is literally saying a white person is superior to non-white people with better resumes, and he’s doing it on 8-8! How is THAT not a Neo Nazi dog whistle?


How is it not a dog whistle that this sea of white faces is trying to say they’re all better than a latino man, black man, and black woman? How is it not Neo Nazi that nine of the white faces here are trying to convince you they’re superior to the Jewish man pictured? How is it not a white nationalist neo Nazi dog whistle that this is all happening on 8-8?

Spirit Of The Gun


New and improved post, now with 400% more links to videos with Bee Gees songs.

It’s Saturday night and I’m finally finalizing this week’s post. No, the delay is not because I had a fever (as a rebuttal to the Bee Gees’ assertion: I should NOT be dancing, yeah). You must think I’m lazy and have no life. Yes to both, but the biggest reasons for this delay have been A: processing my reaction to this week’s news and B: assisting the venerable founder of this blog with some external activities.

Jumping right into it, I have to ask the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominees: why do they think saying 40-60% of the country is racist and likely to murder three or more people with a gun is a winning strategy (They’re saying whites are racist, this country is racist, Trump supporters are racist, and the shootings come from that racism, they even blamed the Dayton shooting on white extremism, thus they’re saying whites are likely to commit mass shootings. CNN seems to believe that’s where ratings come from, while MSNBC goes so far as to badly photoshop some lies together and say whites are evil simply for their skin color (though I wonder if according to this speaker Muslims will have to be set free from what their fellows in the Middle East are up to, or if blacks like the person speaking need to be set free from what blacks are doing worldwide from Africa to Chicago))? Why do they think singling-out whites as the most violent race in history, the only violent race apparently (contradicted by the fact that statistically speaking a black male is twice as likely to be a mass shooter as a white male- African Americans do about 25% of the mass shootings which is twice their share of the population while whites do 50-60% of mass shootings which is on par with their share of the population. So far in 2019, 51% of mass shootings were done by African Americans and only 29% by whites, meaning that African Americans this year are FOUR times more likely to be a mass shooter than a white person), will let them win against Trump?

For that matter, why do liberals believe hating one particular race and telling them they are evil for even being born is the path to ending mass shootings? The Left loves to say about inner-city youth (black kids) that they shoot each other and generally engage in higher rates of criminal activity than the rest of the population because we are racist towards them; they decide that there must just be something wrong with being a non-white. They see this and feel angry inside, and vent that anger in negative ways since they have no other recourse.


Anyone else see the problem with this ragtag group of politicians saying all whites are racists? Image from CNN

So what does the media think happens when a white guy sees Presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and perpetual spellcheck error Pete Buttigieg declare that all whites are racists (and sexists according to Biden, because the context of his remarks kinda revealed he was saying whites are the only race in history who ever treated women unfairly… so I guess he thinks various women deserved acid in their faces and thinks FGM is perfectly fine. And ignores statistics showing Black and Hispanic men two or three times more likely than white men to be violent towards women, and ignores rap music in general), that they should be persecuted solely by the color of their skin? Does the media believe the white person seeing this, and feeling powerless because if he dares speak out he’ll be banished from society as some combination of sexist/racist/whatever-ist monster (Ostracizing/firing/whatever has happened and been threatened), doesn’t get angry at the lies being spread and his helplessness about it? Does the Left think whites don’t have the same emotions as blacks? So, why wouldn’t a white person react the same way a black person would? Why does the Left believe that their racism towards and oppression of whites (not even allowing them jobs  (sorry that the link for “them” is to a forum discussing an article, but the article itself was taken down)) wouldn’t create anger and violence anymore than such things do in the black community?

If we are to take the Left’s claim of intelligence at face value, then the logical conclusion is they know damn well that whites feel the same way as any other race. This is a deliberate ploy at dividing America. While black communities are in shambles, they are success stories as far as Democrats are concerned. Just look at their reaction to Trump’s Baltimore tweets as an example- they think crime-ridden Baltimore is a success I guess because it has high amounts of welfare recipients and has consistently voted Democrat for 50 years. Since they know their model of hating blacks into submission worked in the 20th century, and since whites have cost them elections in the past, they appear to be working on hating whites into submission for the 21st century. Bonus points for making sure each race hates the other so that they’ll never unite against the Democrats dividing them. Naturally Democrats will ignore their own words and claim Republicans are the real dividers, and their vast propaganda arms turn an impossibly weak deflection into a rock-hard defense.

By bringing up their propaganda arm I accidentally swerved my opening into some stuff I had written earlier in the week, so I shall take advantage of that situation and present ir to you.


If Trump actually said X, it would be a different story. You’d be reading about a crazed overweight dude charging into Area 51 through a hail of bullets to steal an android. Image from MMKB

Scenario A: Trump says x. The Left decides he meant y. The Left says he is racist for saying y. The Left says he is supporting people who believe in y. Someone who really does believe in y feels emboldened by what the Left is saying about Trump and goes to shoot people based on y. The media blames the shooting on Trump, who never said y to begin with.

Scenario B: A liberal says x. The Left decides they meant x. The Left says they are wonderful for believing x. The Left says they are supporting people who believe in x. Someone who really does believe in x feels emboldened by what the Left is saying about x and goes to shoot people based on x. The media blames the shooting on Republicans and Trump and whites, and the Left says you are despicable for daring to say their rhetoric about x was even remotely related to the shooting… and then says more people needed to die and one of the people already shot deserved it.

When both scenarios kind of (El Paso wasn’t entirely a white nationalist thing, barely at all actually if you bother to read the manifesto as examined later) happen in the same weekend, the Left focuses on Scenario A and ignores Scenario B and even seems to ignore the victims of Scenario B. In fact, according to Karl Rove they seem to triple-down on Scenario A.

So let me ask you liberal who says Trump wants mass shootings to happen: who was out fundraising after the Dayton and El Paso shootings? Not Trump. Who, according to your own narrative about the El Paso shooter’s motives which he and I both dispute (as examined later), lied about what Trump has said until someone believed you and launched a hate crime? Not Trump. Which 2020 candidate was fundraising off of a massacre that her own supporter caused? Not Trump. Seems a lot like the Democrats are the ones enjoying the shootings.

This Was A Mess

I have A LOT I want to say. A lot of it, the stuff about Democrats, would get me into legal trouble. Basically, this past week I’ve been seeing different statements and reading different articles and typing out rebuttals of each because I was so furious after seeing them I couldn’t really do much else. That naturally led to a bit of a mess- now I have a bunch of rants that say the same thing but they debunk different sources and different people. So what do I do? I’m out of time this week to sort through them all, compress them, etc. So I’ll just do the lazy ol’ bulletpoint format that I used in the Google search posts.

To get the ball rolling, have some headlines about mass shootings in general.

  • “Why are white men carrying out more mass shootings?” -UK’s Sky News
  • “Mass Shootings: Guns, White Men, And Mental Health” – Medium
  • “Opinion | We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem” – New York Times
  • “#WhiteSupremacistTerrorism: Hashtag Takes Over Twitter After Latest Pair of Mass Shootings” – The Root
  • “We Have a Gun Problem, and We Have a White Supremacist Terrorism Problem” – Washington Monthly
  • “Gun Culture Has Always Been About White Supremacy” – New Republic (I wonder what they think of rap music and blacks in Chicago shooting each other…)
  • “Our Country Isn’t Fixing The Gun Problem Because It’s White Men Who Love Guns” – Bustle (maybe they and New Republic should get together and take a look at the latest rap hits and Chicago shootings)
  • “White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings than Any Other Group” – Newsweek
  • “Majority of mass shootings carried out by white men” – Philadelphia Tribune

Notice a pattern? How they blame whites for it all? How they make it look like only white people do mass shootings? I also noticed when hunting for these headlines that early reporting on the Dayton shooting also said that the socialist anti-gun Warren supporter was a white nationalist.

Here’s the thing- whites aren’t actually doing ALL the mass shootings as the headlines would have you believe. It is mostly male, true. But when it comes to race, as you saw way earlier in this post whites do about 50-60% as would be consistent with the white share of this country’s population. Blacks on the other hand do 25%, which is TWICE what their share of the population is. So basically- a black man is TWICE as likely to be a mass shooter as a white man. The media wants to judge it all on race, very well, do so but do it fairly. That’s not going to happen though- how could it when 32% of Democrats think you’re a racist if you are white and criticize a non-white politician even if said politician is doing something wrong?


I mean, he IS half white, and he did use attack dogs like police during Civil Rights protests. Image from

Democrats say that Trump is behind El Paso. Actually, if you read the guy’s manifesto, you’d find he was an anti-corporate anti-immigrant ecoterrorist pseudo-socialist. Do you know what his reasoning was for murdering Hispanics? It sounded exactly like what PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA warned about in his Grammy-winning audiobook “Audacity of Hope”. He was worried that the incoming Hispanics were reducing wages and straining our social safety nets, just like Obama warned. And liberals gave Obama a GRAMMY for saying that. So liberals gave Obama a GRAMMY for white nationalist rhetoric that led to a mass shooting. Cory Booker said the shooter had written a “white supremacist manifesto” which means, according to Booker, Obama was spreading white nationalist talking points. Cool. Also of note, the shooter said he was worried the media would blame Trump for his views. Notably, he also said that some Democratic Presidential candidates might be blamed for his views. Footnote here I guess, but some of the other items in the manifesto sounded like Joe Biden might’ve said them. Might as well also say here, according to Sen. Cory Booker, Obama really is a white nationalist. (Yes, the guy had some stuff about not wanting to mix white and non-white populations for reasons of biodiversity, but A: isn’t diversity a good thing? and B: you give Spike Lee awards for glaring at mixed race couples).

Drawing The Lines

Lost in this dense patch of anger below is my true position. I don’t personally believe Biden or Obama or Trump or Cortez are really to blame for what the crazies do. I agree with Fmr. DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazille (I’m starting to like her lately, or maybe that’s just because she seems like a moderate compared to the insanity that is the Dems’ Presidential race and The Squad). But then we get the weight of the Democratic Party pushing this narrative that it’s all the Right’s or Trump’s fault because they say things


Does anyone else think “Culpability” would be an awesome name for a biography of Robert Culp? Image from TheConsumateCulp

Democrats disagree with. So, I end up spending this post showing how Democratic rhetoric played the major part in the El Paso shooting, and how the Dayton shooter was entirely the Democrats’ fault. Because I learned when I was three years old that if a bully comes at you, you don’t run or cower in fear and surrender, you knock them on their ass. What better way than by showing Democrats that by their own standards of culpability, they’re responsible for both the Dayton and El Paso mass shootings.


Now that I’m at the part where I just have disconnected rapid-responses to things that annoyed me, I figured for the sake of organization I’d go with these nifty horizontal lines. Because I tried the bulletpoint thing and it looked awful.

As the Left screams for gun control, a story this past week shows how a good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting. This is actually very horrifying though: El Paso and Dayton were the ones we heard the most about because El Paso was clearly tied to Trump, but there was one in California that the media ignored I guess because like with Chicago shootings just don’t happen in liberal places (or maybe because the guy was targeting  BOTH political parties). Then there was this attempted shooting that was thwarted in Missouri that I led with, but then there was ANOTHER shooting in Texas that was thwarted! That means we almost had FIVE mass shootings in 10 days!

I mentioned above in my screed that the El Paso shooter was kind of a Lefty. So was the Giffords shooter, who the Left keeps saying was a rightwing fanatic.

NYT got mad that Trump said the beliefs of one of the mass shooters needed to be addressed, after spending time attacking the beliefs of the other mass shooter. Because the Dayton shooter was a hardcore NYT-style Leftist and the El Paso shooter had a couple of beliefs in common with what we’ve heard from President Trump.

I mentioned before how early coverage said the Dayton shooter was a white nationalist. Before anything was known about the Dayton shooter, Buttgeek (it’s quicker to type, and actually started not as a homophobic slur nor an insult against someone who I’m scared of because he has a funny name as Obama might’ve assumed if Mayor Buttigieg weren’t white, but simply because I was mentally mispronouncing his name and misspelling his name all over the place when trying to read and remember it) was out saying that he was a white nationalist. He was dead opposite of that, unless Buttgeek thinks Warren is a white nationalist. I personally don’t think so, white nationalists generally don’t lie being Native American blood. It’s like saying a Sicilian has African blood.


Instead of linking to his book as reference for good communists disappearing, I thought I’d put a picture of the back cover here instead.

Democrats are going after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for supposedly making white supremacy mainstream. Tucker Carlson has yet to do that. But he does say a lot of stuff Democrats don’t like. So that’s why they want to call it white supremacist, because that means it is hate speech, and the Left wants hate speech outlawed. Ending the First Amendment would make things rather easy for them: anytime you say something they don’t like, they call you a racist and then send you to Alaska (closest we have to Siberia). The public would never miss a racist. Of course, you folks on the Left need to be careful because a lot of good communists disappeared too under that other government you love who did that.

Along that same line, Francis Ethelbert (points to whoever catches what that play on Robert’s name references) O’Rourke says that his lie (at the upcoming link) about Trump “can’t be open for debate.” Now why would that be if his statement was factually correct? Well, liberals do say they’re smarter than us, so he knows his statement is a lie and doesn’t want to be humiliated for spreading it.

CNN outright said you are killing people if you don’t say what Democrats want you to say. NYT wants things like the El Paso shooting to fall under the veil of terrorism, which would mean anyone spouting rhetoric like in Obama’s Audacity of Hope could be labelled by the Left as a terrorist, as if calling people who aren’t Democrats now racists/sexists/bigots isn’t bad enough.

Finally for this section, Washington Post said “There is no excuse for supporting this president” in a headline, even though the one shooter is a socialist and the other could have been quoting Obama and Biden in his manifesto. I didn’t click on the article, but maybe there was an arrow pointing to a picture of Obama from the headline.

Dem Presidential Hopeful Castro said that the El Paso’s shooter could’ve been written by one of Trump’s speechwriters. Actually Castro, his manifesto could’ve been done by your former boss Barack Obama. So doesn’t that make you a white supremacist for working under Obama?

As the Left runs with gun control here and demands we end the 2nd Amendment (glad they’re out doing it, they used to say you were crazy if you said they were trying to repeal it), we see protesters in Hong Kong wishing that they had a 2nd Amendment to protect themselves from a ruthless government. Meanwhile, a CNN host was yammering on about how Venezuela with its severely oppressed citizens couldn’t understand why we’d want guns to defend against such a thing.

So now we’ve had in the wake of the weekend shootings assaults by the Left on our First and Second Amendment rights, and yet they’re baffled by why we’d want to keep guns. Even though liberals themselves decided to exercise their Second Amendment rights out of fear of President Trump. I’m beginning to understand a little bit of the liberal mind I think- between all these conflicting positions there just isn’t ROOM in their heads for reality.

Amidst the calls for gun control, 4 are dead in a California stabbing spree. Now, liberals define a mass shooting as 3 or more people killed. 4 died from this knife, so now that mass stabbings are a thing will we have knife control like in England?


Image of a big nope from… come to think of it, I’d better get some sleep if I’m going to be awake for their PPV in less than 12 hours.

Remember how I took the time earlier to outline how whites have overall done about 54% of the mass shootings in the U.S., how certain other groups have done a totally disproportionate number, and how this year whites have done just over half the mass shootings this other group did? Well, this actress here said that she is ashamed to have been born white because of the white people shootings. Which begs the question- does she believe that blacks, who for this year are four times more likely to be a mass shooter than whites, should be ashamed for being born black? Whoops. Personally, I would be ashamed to have the last name “Arquette” after David was  given the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

A CNN contributor/TV personality decided to advocate murdering more than 40% of the United States’ population. One of their contributors, a board member of the National Iranian American Council, someone who was given an award by Harvard and ate a human brain, decided that the best solution to the Left’s woes was a Final one. That link between Trump and white nationalism that liberals like him lied to create (Trump denounced white nationalists during his campaign, in his Charlottesville remarks as you saw above, and after the El Paso shooting, and probably some other times I’m not remembering too), he decided to take it further and say anyone supporting Trump is a white nationalist terrorist who deserves to die. I suppose he’d know about terrorists, he often lies to cover for Islamic ones. So glad CNN has him on its crack team of advisers. Genocidal maniacs, because he is directing this at white people, are welcome in Don Lemon’s safe space, at least based on what Don Lemon has said in the past.


Anyone else tired of all this jive talkin’; feedin’ us lies?

Again, part of the problem we have here is what the Left actually believes white supremacism is. They say Trump’s mention that some illegal immigrants are criminals is racist. It’s correct, below I cite data on it, but it’s racist to say I guess. And Cory Booker in a section quoted somewhere in here (the one where he speaks with “moral clarity” about Trump, even though Booker has less moral clarity than Goebbels because A: Booker supports Hitler-lovin’ Farrakhan and B: Goebbels probably knew that he was lying while I doubt Booker is smart enough to know even that much) notes that Trump allegedly referring to lousy countries as “shithole” countries (that remark was never actually proven to have taken place, it just became part of the lore, like the father of modern Progressivism’s praise for KKK thriller “Birth of a Nation”) makes him a racist.

Even if Trump said it, he’s right. Liberals spent years telling us that the “women and children” swarming our border are fleeing shitholes. They just didn’t use that word. But when Trump did, suddenly according to the Left it became racist to say that the people at the border were fleeing bad places. That totally undermines asylum claims too, because Democrats are saying it’s so wrong to claim that Central and South American nations are in bad shape that it’s racist to do so, so how are we to believe people when they come here requesting asylum? Our laws don’t allow you to request asylum from paradise.

Congressman Gutierrez said to Trump “stop calling people like me breeders”. At least when liberals distorted the Charlottesville thing they still used something Trump said. Gutierrez is just making up random stuff now.

As to his hypocritical outrage, I will say this: you don’t care either Gutierrez otherwise you wouldn’t be part of the party demanding money that could help stop that violence goes to people who look like you. You want to call Trump a racist, but here you are supporting a party that will take money from those blacks shooting each other that you mention and send it to help people like you enter the country to strain our welfare programs that the inner-city Chicago blacks rely on, as Obama said.

Playing right into the hands of the white supremacist groups feeding off the anger and fear whites are feeling (as I started this post off describing), MSNBC confirms that whites are the only race who have ever done a bad thing in the history of the world. All other races are divine gods living in peace. They believe that being white means being evil. Meanwhile, MSNBC says Trump is the one trying to divide the races against each other.

Some guy from The Atlantic told CNN that Fox News gets its ratings by “making white people scared and angry”. I don’t watch Fox News. I’m too cheap to pay for it. For my job and this blog I watch you a lot though. And I do get scared and angry when I listen to people like him. Remember that long rant I went into where I applied Leftwing justifications for urban youth violence to white people? I didn’t ONCE say Fox News was where they were getting their info. I said they were listening to liberals like that guy from The Atlantic. People like him and CNN and MSNBC as noted just above saying whites are evil. They are doing more for white nationalists than Fox News ever could.


For a network that attacks white people so much, they sure do love white women. Image from an MSNBC tweet, criticism from the Left.

It’s easy to say the Left hates whites as a generalization, but hard to prove if no one on the Left says anything. But EVERYONE on the Left is saying it; they’re providing the evidence; THEY’RE providing the grounds for the fearmongering! Serwer might as well have said “Discovery Channel’s shark week gets ratings by making people scared of sharks”. We are perfectly justified in fearing our predators. And by the way, with all the times CNN and MSNBC say whites are evil, it sure seems like they get their ratings by making non-whites scared and angry. Even if Fox News did do that for whites, why is it wrong when that happens but right when CNN and MSNBC and I guess you too do it? What do you call MSNBC claiming that Trump wants to “exterminate Latinos” (I watched the clip- that wasn’t an accident, and she knows that a lot fewer people are going to see that off-air apology than saw the on-air remarks)?

Francis was out saying that mass shootings and immigrant children in cages don’t happen unless the President is out “giving people permission”. So… O’Rourke said Obama gave permission for Sandy Hook and Pulse Nightclub and Gabby Giffords, and Obama is responsible for putting kids in cages. Well, if he thought for a moment about his gaffe he’d realize that’s what he was saying. By the way Beto, wasn’t some of this going on in your home state while you were in Congress? What did you do about it? The El Paso shooter said he had his views long before Trump came around, which happens to be around the same time you were a Congressman. So were you giving him permission? By your own logic, you must have been.

Chris Rock instagrammed out a kind of darkly humorous image about the shootings, basically saying that everyone understands all mass shooters are white. I’m not going to attack Chris Rock over that. While 25% of mass shootings are done by people who look like Chris Rock, which is really about 10% of the population, and 51% of the mass shootings this year were done by people who look like Chris Rock, the liberal media only mentions race for white people. Also, Chris Rock likely did not see a picture of the Virginia Beach mass shooter from two and a half months ago. He was a black dude.

This next little spiel is tangential to the shootings. Saying Trump is a racist for claiming that illegal immigrants include criminals in their midst opened the door for this line of examination. But let me head this off right here- I’m NOT saying all Hispanics are criminals nor that the victims of El Paso deserved it, because I know how this works liberal. I will make the next assertion and you’ll decide I said something completely different no matter what I say, even if you have to lie about it, just like you did with Trump at Charlottesville. You’re an idiot.


Bobby’s white face annoys me. It drips with sanctimonious hypocrisy. He just LOOKS like a stupid rich white twit pretending to be relatable, his face says it all. Plus it vaguely reminds me of a loser frat boy I was forced to room with, who probably makes four times as much money as I do because that’s how the world works. So instead have a picture from Slick Hare used in an earlier post showing why guns are not appropriate at all venues.

Anyway, Robert Francis O’Rourke decided to repeat the claim that “immigrants” (don’t know if he meant illegal or legal or all, but probably illegal) are more law abiding than U.S. citizens. The Left says they’re DREAMers, the Left says they deserve billions of dollars and free healthcare, liberals like Elijah Cummings complain about their treatment. And what of our OWN citizens? The Left does not care. Cummings is out advocating on behalf of illegals while members of his own district are in his own words walking around zombie-like because of the drugs they’re strung out on. The Left wants to import more and more despite Obama telling us only 13 years ago that this will destroy the black community. The Left says of American citizens that they’re more likely to be criminals while illegals are morally upstanding citizens (libertarians say that as well, but the facts show that illegal immigrants are much more dangerous than the average American). MS-13 consists of divine beings according to Pelosi.

The Left also says American citizens are lazy drug addicts who need the illegals to do our jobs because we’re just too stupid and incompetent. You heard that Senator’s remarks? He basically said we should just abandon the American people and now only represent illegal immigrants! And as you saw with Cummings and Pelosi, and anyone who wants open borders despite Obama’s warnings, it’s now the Democrats’ party line that the average American is to be abandoned in favor of illegals.

Oh, one more thing, about that Senator- he was Biden’s buddy Senator from Delaware when Biden was in the Senate.

Something interesting I ran into, might as well note it here. The El Paso shooter was kind of a Leftist, the Dayton and Bernie Bro shooters were totally leftists, and while some victims statistically may have been Trump supporters the media never reported on a Trump supporter being killed by a liberal. Even though that actually did happen.

The story apparently is one of neighbors provoking each other. However, key to this is  the murderous liberal’s defense. Part of the defense is that the Republican neighbor was provoking him by placing pro-Trump signs in his yard (the killer had anti-Trump signs in his). So basically, having a pro-Trump sign can be used as justification for murdering someone, or at least that’s part of what they were going for. If a liberal is sufficiently triggered by a pro-Trump sign, then you should give them a lesser sentence if they murder the guy who put the sign up to deliberately provoke the killer. Blaming the victim. Now yes, the Republican guy may have been an asshole, but the liberal shot him, waited a few seconds standing over the motionless body, then shot him again. Then tried to claim all that was self-defense spurred by years of provocation, such as having a pro-Trump sign in the yard.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press, alleged purveyors of unbiased reporting, found that there was no political motive whatsoever in the shooting and dismissed any statements to the contrary as just being from some rightwing nuts. So I guess the killer himself was a rightwing nut, despite his anti-Trump signs and pro-liberal positions and all that. He must have been, Associated Press said so!

That’s It For Now

Saturday Night became Sunday Morning. 7am. And this post is looking pretty dern long, so I’ll just bow-out here and pick up the other hunk for Wednesday.


Senator Warren gives a white power signal after her white supremacist supporter in Dayton kills a bunch of people causing her and her allies to make a bunch of money. Image actually from Vox and taken months ago, and signal would more likely be the black power gesture.

So Far Left They’re On The Far Right


David Duke, one of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)’s supporters. Image from Politico.

I didn’t know forgot that the 2nd round of Democratic Debates was this week. Oh well, I might get to the Democratic debates next week once they’re all done, or the week after since I also need to address the Baltimore stuff (spoiler alert: I’ve been there; Trump is right).

Let me start with a recent item in the news: the DCCC got a new chief, the new chief brought in some white people, the U.S. population is 60% white, the DCCC’s staff after the changes was 51.85185185% white (they could replace two more people with whites and still be fine), so naturally Democrats complained that having a figure more diverse than the American public still made the DCCC too white so 6 white people “resigned” (hard to say it was a resignation when the alternative was being fired for being the wrong race and committing racism, because in liberal land they are racist for stopping a non-white from having that job), which means only 29.629% of the DCCC staff will be white, a figure less than half of what the actual white population in the country is.

Touching on some other points here before we get to the takeaway most relevant to this post, let’s start by looking at this attitude. When Democrats say they want diversity, this is what they mean. Now, with the actual white population being twice what liberals find tolerable, what does that say for the excess whites? Where do they go? Shall we bar them from jobs, fire them for being the wrong race as we saw with the DCCC? Refuse to hire them as we saw at the DNC? Moreover, for those who didn’t look, “DCCC” stands for “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee”. That means the very body working to elect people that represent the population DO NOT believe that their people should be representative of that population (The Squad, in particular Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), would concur). Also, Democrats are speaking out in support of their chief in the wake of what can ONLY be interpreted (by their measure) as her racist actions.


CNN’s first debate night, July 30, was a sea of white faces. Image from CNN

Now, let’s get to the relevant part: they claim the DCCC chief hired too many white people. Naturally the chair would’ve said she was totally not racist and just hired the most qualified people. Which means whites were more qualified than the non-white candidates, thus the DCCC chair believed whites were superior. No wonder all those minority groups complained! So why is the DCCC chief still there now that we know she has a pattern of hiring white people, a bias towards white people? She hired almost TWICE as many whites as were acceptable! My case gets even better if you say she was just hiring loyalists over other candidates, because it still meant she hired (and trusted) whites more than any other race.

Mask You A Question

We all agree that the FAAAAAAAAR Right/Alt-Right as the media labels it consists of Neo Nazis and Klansmen. Well, what do they believe?

  • hate Jews
  • hate Israel
  • hate Catholics
  • believe their race is the best
  • believe their religion is the best
  • want a totalitarian system of government
  • believe in segregation
  • believe everyone across different races can all be stereotyped
  • believe the entire LGBT community can be stereotyped
  • refer to non-whites as “colored people”
  • believe whites and men are superior
  • believe African Americans are unintelligent
  • believe in using minorities as slave labor

Now, let’s take a look at what the Far Left believes.

  • hate Jews
  • hate Israel
  • hate Catholics
  • believe their race is the best
  • believe their religion is the best (yes, atheism counts, and absence of criticism of Islam in the wake of anti-Christian and anti-Semitic attitudes counts as a preference)
  • want a totalitarian system of government
  • believe in segregation
  • believe everyone across different races can all be stereotyped
  • believe the entire LGBT community can be stereotyped
  • refer to non-whites as “people of color”
  • believe whites and men are superior*
  • believe African Americans are unintelligent
  • believe in using minorities as slave labor (the much ballyhooed liberal Kamala Harris did that apparently, in liberal California)
*That requires some explaining. TL;DR- how could whites/men possibly ever have reached the status of evil oppressor if the rest of the peoples are equal or superior? How does a mouse oppress a cat, or how does a winner arise from two perfectly equal cats? If all races are equal then why/how are all the non-whites ‘historically oppressed groups”? And if all genders are equal, then why/how are women a “historically oppressed group”? If all are equal, why do we need laws making sure enough women and minorities are hired? How did racism or sexism even start if all are equal? Afterall, white men are no different than black women or Asian men, right? So how did white men end up so dominant a force that laws were needed to protect the non-whites? By admitting that white men control the world to such a degree where racism and even systemic racism can exist, isn’t that an admission that anyone who isn’t a white male is inferior? Maybe not morally inferior, but certainly inferior where it counts otherwise white men never would’ve dominated the world as you claim- at between 3% and 11% of the global population (depending on what you think of as white- this is counting Hispanics too for the bigger numbers) white men would have been bested when encountering a force equal to them but greater in number. Heck, how come the women didn’t fight the sexism and overthrow the men/oppressive white men immediately since they are equal in every way and might even have a numerical advantage? And to say that whites or men or white men were better organized or really better at ANYTHING would be an admission that the other side was inferior. So, liberal, how do you get historical oppression without admitting whites and men and white men were able to oppress and thus superior? Your OWN belief system implies whites and men are superior. Can’t really call me a supremacist here liberal, it’s YOUR racist and sexist ideology that I’M complaining about!

Honestly, Ayanna, I thought it was racist to call them “brown” people and homophobic to call them “queers”.

Now you understand my title? You’ll also notice that while some are far-flung groups, most are mainstream voices. “The Squad” has crossed right on over to alt-right in the name of social justice without even noticing. Or perhaps the only difference between the Far Left and the Far Right is that the Far Left uses the word “socialist” instead of “fascist” and “non-whites” instead of “whites”. Because from someone like me who would’ve been considered a centrist not terribly long ago, there is very little difference between members of those two fringes except the labels. Like listening to “Der Kommissar” by Falco and “Der Kommissar” by After The Fire. Fitting I suppose, because the more they live the faster you will die.

Now is where a Leftist might argue that the Left just wants equality. Which is exactly why Pelosi said women deserve to be the only ones leading the world, the sole gender allowed to lead. Which is exactly why Ocasio-Cortez only wanted to put Latinos in leadership positions. Which is exactly why Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff worships a genuine Nazi as Cortez herself quotes someone who allowed Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann and monster Josef Mengele asylum in her country in exchange for wealth stolen from the murdered Jews. Which is exactly why whites need to shut up. Which is exactly why you fire and refuse to hire people based on them being white.

Which is exactly why a crowd of tolerant, sensitive Democrats laughed at Sen. Warren when she was talking about a friend with ALS. You know who else mocked the disabled as if they were untermensch? Do I really have to spell it out- it’s the same people AOC’s chief of staff’s hero mentioned above supported! (And let’s not forget the New York Times, which buried coverage of the Holocaust at the time, recently published support for that anti-Semitic BDS movement covered in links above, and recently published anti-Semitic cartoons).

Post-Debate Addendum: 32% of Democrats believe you are a racist if you are white and criticize a non-white lawmaker. With #KamalaHarrisDestroyed trending on twitter, that means according to a third of Democrats the majority of whites in their party are racist, especially since those racists support white Joe Biden who criticized Sen. Kamala Harris, thus making their party’s frontrunner a racist according to 32% of the party. And might I also point out that Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) is a white supremacist, since she believes only a white voice (hers) can raise awareness to issues of white privilege, otherwise she would NOT have told Sen. Harris and Sen. Booker that their voices were not enough, otherwise she wouldn’t even be running and would be backing one of them or Julian Castro. Instead, she is trying to become just another white president while saying her voice is absolutely needed because minority voices just aren’t enough to get the job done!
National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Los Angeles

Let’s be honest- this guy could either be a Cheeto-chompin’ Antifa keyboard warrior wannabe Brown Shirt or a Neo Nazi. But probably not Sgt. Schultz ’cause he was a nice guy. And honestly- whether it’s a socialist sending you to die in Siberia or a Nazi sending you to die in Dachau, or a Nazi/Socialist fusion like Nazi supporter AOC, does it really matter to you who’s sending you off to die? (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Testify Brother!


Special Counsel Mueller, or John Kerry after a face-lift? You decide.

I’ll pretend that I delayed this week’s article simply because the Mueller hearings were happening Wednesday.

Mueller himself probably should have delayed appearing at the hearing. He did not have a very good performance. It seemed very much like he had no clue about the investigation and report which he became the sort of personification of. He didn’t check the political affiliations of the people he hired even though in this situation there’s a law saying he should have (Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) points it out in his questioning, though as we learned from Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX)’s questioning Mueller also acted like DOJ policy was “guilty until proven innocent” (with Nadler (and later CBS and the rest of the media) agreeing that not being able to prove innocense meant Trump was guilty, and Mueller agreeing that even though they can’t charge Trump he isn’t cleared of committing a crime because somehow you are guilty if they can’t find enough evidence to show you committed a crime, at least under the Dems’ justice system. Just ask Kavanaugh.) when it came to the alleged obstruction of justice against Trump, so Mueller might just in general not be aware of the legal system he’s been working in, which makes a lot of sense given his earlier record as a prosecutor that I referenced in an earlier post, though there was a lot of “burying exculpatory evidence” going around at the DOJ apparently), there was a lot of stuff in the report itself that he had no clue about (a telling example is that the report cites Fusion GPS, but Mueller did not even know the name of the group his report cited, this group which created the Steele Dossier which the FBI was using to get FISA warrants, and in turn Mueller was using evidence gained from said warrants in his report), and in general he seemed absentminded and doddering during the hearing. Also, he outright refused to answer various questions, and in one case blamed the questioner in a correction to a statement he made (Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) asked Mueller if he didn’t indict Trump because of the OLC ruling, which Mueller said was the case. In the next hearing, Mueller said that Ted Lieu phrased the question poorly, basically saying that the “yes” Mueller provided was to a radically different question that was never Lieu’s intent to ask. A question Mueller must have heard in his mind and wanted Rep. Lieu to say so badly that Mueller corrected the record to say that Lieu was the one who misspoke, not Mueller himself.).

What Did We Learn?

After 10 months of the FBI investigating and 22 months of Mueller investigating, not much.

Mueller stated flatly that he did not charge President Trump with obstruction of justice because he did not find any evidence that a crime took place (Rep. Ted Lieu said Mueller made this denial because someone is threatening him, Lieu insists that Mueller outlined exactly what an obstruction of justice charge should consist of. Lieu was out defending Hillary when she was clearly guilty of gross negligence and Comey outlined how she was guilty and the FBI cleared her anyway, so I have no sympathy. Maybe I should have pity, because Lieu clearly didn’t reach that developmental milestone where you learn to understand how the other side feels, because now he’s on the other side and isn’t having a moment of reflection and realization.). Mueller also agreed with Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) point that the actions Trump took which could be obstruction could also be the actions of an innocent man. Mueller also revealed that the Steele Dossier was being investigated by some other DOJ department.


Since I had nothing better to put here, have a picture of insanity. Image from Nickelodeon

We also learned Rachel Maddow is insane because she believes that all of the above items meant that Democrats had a victory at the hearing; Maddow even directly cited Mueller talking of other investigations, such as the one into the Steele Dossier, as evidence that Democrats won. Maybe Maddow was making one of those nuanced arguments the Left is so fond of. The ones they say are “nuanced” when, taken at face value, the person making them sounds like they survived that partial-birth abortion procedure where they vacuum out a newborn’s brain. I’ll say this for her- at least she has enough awareness of reality to see that Mueller probably didn’t do jack for the investigation.

As mentioned briefly before and in an earlier post, Mueller made poor hiring choices that violated a lot of rules. Mueller claimed these hirings were perfectly legitimate and did not affect the unbiased results of his team. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)’s questioning outlined the absolute partisanship which Mueller denies. Jordan named off a few people associated with Trump and Russia that were prosecuted, with the Trump officials being charged for lying to the FBI and noting that the Russians would never be in one of our courts, yet despite this eagerness to indict for lies and indict people who will never show up, Clinton Foundation supporter and originator of much of this conspiracy Joseph Mifsud who lied to the FBI three times was not charged. Mueller refused to answer why this was the case, but two obvious possibilities come to mind: Mueller knew Mifsud started it all and was scared he’d sue if they charged him and reveal that this was all a conspiracy staged by the DNC and Obama Administration to stop Trump, or Mueller’s team was so extremely partisan that they only went after the folks the DNC named as enemies: Trump, his allies, and Russia.

Jordan and Armstrong weren’t the only ones pointing it out. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also noted that Mueller was more than happy to prosecute Trump people, but let others go. Gaetz didn’t mention Mifsud, but he did note that while Mueller went after Trump allies for lying to the FBI, Mueller ignored Christopher Steele lying to the FBI. Mueller argued that looking into Steele or the reliability of the Steele Dossier was outside of what the investigation was supposed to look at, but A: Mueller’s report says otherwise as Gaetz points out and B: this means Mueller admits to knowingly citing an unreliable source in his report as if it were truth, that being the Steele Dossier which Mueller said was under investigation while his team was still working, thus bringing into question the reliability of other sources he used as well as bringing into question the judgment of anyone on the team involved in the decision to use the questionable sources.

Mueller’s report often did such things though, citing biased media coverage (an example that popped up just yesterday, CNN referred to Rep. Louie Gohmert’s questioning in a headline as “Lawmaker goes on angry tirade during Mueller questioning”, whereas CNN was totally onboard and supportive when Kamala Harris was objectively delivering an angry tirade instead of questioning a witness) as fact and using total gossip as footnotes to justify the accuracy of assertions in the report.


The same media that donates overwhelmingly for people who lie this blatantly (Democrats have only been doing all that civil rights stuff for 50 years) on their website and never holds them accountable is a reliable source according to Mueller’s team. Because they’re all Democrats too.

Rep. Steven Chabot (R-OH) noted that Mueller left out things helpful to Trump, like the bias of the Steele Dossier commissioned by Fusion GPS, which the Mueller Report cites as if that debunked garbage were reliable evidence. In fact, Mueller says many times that he didn’t even investigate this source, apparently just taking it at face value despite as I said knowing it was being investigated. Andrea Mitchell complained that Republicans were smearing the reliability of Mueller and his team, but Mueller did a pretty good job of that all by himself.

The Democrat Response

Some liberal outlets labelled the hearing a disaster. His doddering performance and total unfamiliarity with the case certainly didn’t help. While Nadler thought there was enough for impeachment, Pelosi shot down that idea. I say go for impeachment. Show the public that under Democrats, a person is guilty, period. Let’s have another Kavanaugh situation. Mueller made it clear already in his report that according to him and his Democratic working group a person is guilty of a crime if you can’t find evidence that they committed one and can’t find evidence they didn’t commit one. Nadler reinforced this idea that no evidence for a crime means you are guilty. By Nadler’s own logic he is a pedophile who has raped and murdered 432 Democrat women including potential candidates and judges- there’s no evidence he did, but as Nadler and Mueller agreed on the question is “is there evidence that he didn’t?”, and sure enough there is no evidence that he didn’t do what I just claimed he did, so according to both Nadler and Mueller he MUST have done it.

Then you have others like Vox who believe Trump committed crimes saying that it’s a conspiracy theory to believe that biased FBI agents who we have the biased text messages of and a team of Democrat lawyers indicate that this was a partisan attack. Because y’know, when high-ranking Obama-era DOJ officials attack Trump and when a board of Democrat attorneys is assembled to dig for any sign Trump is a criminal, it’s merely a crazy Fox News conspiracy theory to think there might be some kind of bias there, especially when you have evidence that some people in question were conspiring against Trump. So Vox’s partisan screed is basically a flat earther telling us that it’s a conspiracy to believe the earth is roundish (the Earth might look like a sphere, but really it’s more like an egg with the equator stretching out a little, like if you sat on a beach ball and it went from sphere to ovoid).

I suppose another point to make is one I made before: when Democrats (or any partisan in government I guess) say something ought to be enough, it isn’t. After hyping that the “historic” Mueller hearing would lead to Trump’s impeachment, now that they didn’t hear what they want they’re demanding more hearings so they can hear from everyone on Mueller’s team. They probably should have done that to begin with: it’s much more likely that someone like Andrew Weissman who was at Hillary Clinton’s election night party would want to impeach Trump than it is for Mueller to come out and say “impeachment” when he’s avoided the bait so far.

Why Does The Report Have Mueller’s Name?

Chris Wallace summarizes it pretty good, how Mueller seemed totally out of it. As if the earlier clip montage didn’t do that already. Mueller was not at all knowledgeable about some aspects of his report, and for others he outright refused to answer, and it’s hard to believe that there wasn’t at least one “I don’t want to answer” that wasn’t tied to a “I don’t have an idea”. Either that or the real Mueller died and they just grabbed a lookalike off the street, handed him some index cards with remarks to direct at Republicans and Democrats, and then went forward with the hearings.


In Mueller’s head he’s delivering a 5 star performance and knows his report and investigation like the back of his hand. In reality he is babbling to the end table about being a tree wizard. Image from Accuracy In Media.

It’s also worth noting Mueller’s distance from the report manifested right in front of the public months ago. When he gave his public speech on the report, he wasn’t the one who wrote the remarks he delivered. That likely explains the wording and issues with them (like when Mueller said at a press conference AND to Ted Lieu that the OLC ruling meant that they couldn’t prosecute Trump so they didn’t bother mentioning any crimes, but then later corrected to say they simply didn’t find enough evidence). Moreover, I’ll say it’s safe to assume that the letter Mueller issued where the Left said the letter contradicted AG Barr’s summary of the investigation was written by someone other than Mueller. That explains why Mueller said something totally different over the phone to AG Barr than what was in the letter, as Barr testified to under oath.

To me, Mueller seemed to be interchangeable with any one of the many clueless figureheads I saw during the Obama Administration testifying before Congress in the wake of their agency’s incompetence.