Carrier Aces (SNES, 1995, Part Of February’s Frequent Flier Friday)


I guess it’s accurate since the plane pictured took off from a carrier and presumably contains an ace pilot, but still you’d expect there to be an aircraft carrier in the title image of a game called “Carrier Aces”.

Something isn’t right when I shoot down more Zero fighters with a Dauntless bomber than with Hellcat or Wildcat fighters. Something is seriously wrong when the Aichi D3A bomber is nigh invincible in a dogfight with a Hellcat or Wildcat and downs either in a single shot after outrunning and outmaneuvering them.

The Game


With the Dauntless and Avenger, you can hit the R button to man the tail gun as your plane keeps flying straight. On the Hellcat and Wildcat, the R button just gives you a first-person perspective of the front with some generally useless crosshairs.

Whereas the last game was basically Pilotwings set in World War I, this game is way more in depth. You play as either the Japanese or the Americans, fighting out air battles


Carrier landings again, this was more like Turn And Burn but easier since you’re given audio instructions.

somewhere in the Pacific. Each mission has several sub-missions. You might trade places with the enemy too- in the first sub-mission you are the aggressor catching up to the enemy and you occupy the top of the splitscreen, then in the next one you are on the defense with the enemy starting out behind you and you occupy the bottom of the splitscreen.

I’m also pretty sure you can’t aim by sight alone when you’re using the forward gun. It seems like you also have to try to match the enemy’s altitude otherwise your shots look like they’re just going right through him. This gets more complicated if you take damage and can no longer read your altimeter.


dive bombing

Once the dogfighting is over, stages can have you either move in on the enemy ship, or defend your own ship using its anti-aircraft guns if your fighters were wiped out. When attacking, you have two different modes of gameplay depending on if you’re using a torpedo plane or a bomber. Torpedo planes fly at the ship from the side, and you need to drop your torpedo below a certain altitude and in a certain distance from the ship. Too high and your torpedo disappears in mid-air or something. Too close and you


Torpedo run, but also if you’re in a fighter then you’d strafe the enemy ship in this mode.

collide with the enemy when pulling up. Too far and it says you fired too far away and your torpedo disappears. Figures your torpedoes would disappear, these are TBF Avengers afterall. If you attack a boat with a fighter, you’ll be at the same screen and can sometimes cause damage with your machine guns, or rockets if you have any. If you’re piloting a Dauntless though you dive bomb the enemy ship. This involves you flying towards a big background drawing containing a top-down view of the target vessel.


Don’t be an idiot like me- remember to equip your squadron with torpedoes, bombs, and rockets. Also don’t be like me and remember to actually HAVE a squadron! When I was just figuring this out, I accidentally started a mission with no planes in my squadron, which automatically gave the opponent a win.

I like the game’s sounds. It sounded like they had a .wav of gunfire instead of using a system-generated sound, and they had voice samples playing.



This is very extremely true.

It’s fun once you get the hang of it, I assume. I liked the parts I could do well enough, but


The mission map screen. The octagon on the right contains a clock, counting down how long you have in which to choose which airplane you want to take on the enemy in. If you read carefully above, you will guess accurately that I was shot down in seconds.

I never really did get the hang of fighting another fighter with my own fighter. I found the tail guns in the Dauntless and Avengers to be easier to use.


It’s worth noting that this game has a multiplayer mode too, which ought to make for lots of fun as you fight a buddy to try and win World War II. There are a lot of missions to keep you busy, though I did not encounter a save mode or password.



Wings 2: Aces High (SNES, 1992, Part Of February’s Frequent Flier Friday)

SNES-Wings_2-titleThis is the prequel to Turn And Burn, titled “Turn And Crash”. The game also has the monikers “Blazing Skies” and “Sky Mission” depending on which country you’re in.

The Game


Dogfight! The first mission puts you right behind the enemy plane, but shooting immediately will just miss.

Taking place during World War One, you are an Entente pilot taking on the Central Powers, somewhere in France I guess. In a big flat field surrounded on all sides by mountains.

SNES-Wings_2-powerupYou select your pilot then go on a mission with them. After successfully completing a mission you have some experience points you can distribute to your characters various attributes. Then you come to a menu where you can choose the next mission or change your pilot. Unless all of your pilots are dead, in which case you go to the game over screen and have to start from either the beginning or the last password you copied down.


Bomb the factory! And don’t do like I did and mistake the smoke of the anti-aircraft fire that hits your plane as a bomb dropping just because you hit a button at the same time.

It doesn’t matter who you pick, the missions will always be the same and in the same order. There are three basic types: dogfighting, bombing, and strafing. That is, you fight another airplane or bomb a target or gun down a target on the ground. These missions are short too. The bombing one is basically a vertically scrolling shooter, where you dodge anti-aircraft fire and drop a bomb on the target. If you miss, you are demoted but get one more try. If you miss again oh well, onto the next mission. Same is true for the strafing one, except that’s like the dogfight where it’s a 3D flying environment. The problem though is you have a very limited amount of time, so you can’t just turn around if you miss the target.


You can kind of see on the right wingtip the target: a truck crossing the bridge. If I were trying to shoot it instead of posing for pictures, I would have to be shooting at it from right here.

Making up for seemingly infinite bombs and infinite ammo for your plane’s guns, I think it’s a realistic trait that your plane handles horribly. In order to turn without crashing, I had to put the plane on its side a certain way. If you’re not angled steep enough then you have to keep pushing up to stop from crashing. If you angle too steep then pressing up doesn’t help and you go into the ground. Now’s the best place to put it I suppose, but sometimes it’s really hard to tell how close you are to that ground!


SNES-Wings_2-crashedIf you liked the fighter stages in the Star Wars SNES games better than Star Fox, then this one is for you. Otherwise, just put in the extra $5 and get Star Fox. Though I will say, I think the difficulty on this game is a bit under that of Star Fox, and I suppose if I were actually a competent player I’d find the game short but as it was I spent an hour beating the same first 5 or 6 missions over and over again because I kept losing all my pilots.


Super Strike Eagle (SNES, 1993, Part Of February’s Frequent Flier Friday)

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-title_screenI like alliteration and I had some leftover airplane games from before I settled on Tomcat Tuesday.  Here is one of them.

The Game

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-ground_battleThe plot apparently involves you single-handedly attacking various ex-Soviet bloc countries to bring them to heel for the U.N.

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-flyingYou have multiple game modes here. The first is like a slower and choppier version of Turn And Burn that looks way worse. It’s your cockpit view as you engage enemy jets. I didn’t see an ammo count for the twin guns but I assume you have one, and you are stacked with 12 sidewinder missiles, at least for mission 1. I didn’t make it to mission two. Now, it is simpler to deploy countermeasures than it is in Turn And Burn- you just press L or R.

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-city

Somewhere in there is a target///

The mode 2 is actually Mode 7- you have a big drawing representing the map of the ground that rotates around and zooms in and out depending on what you’re doing in your jet, It is VERY hard to tell how low you are flying relative to it. Sort of like the Mode 7 sequences in Turn And Burn, but it’s a bit more urgent that you know where you’re at. Using your twin cannons, you’re shooting up targets on the ground. Anti-aircraft batteries, surface-to-air missiles (these two shoot at you so watch out), tanks, and buildings. In the city area, there is hardly any distinction between what you can and can’t shoot, so I pretty much ended up flying around looking for a target until I was shot down.

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-mapIn between the two gameplay modes, you end up on a map screen where you control which mode your plane is about to be in- you can fly at enemy planes to fight them in the air, or fly towards your targets to trigger the ground attack part.

So…. let’s address the elephants in the room. F-15’s DO NOT takeoff from aircraft carriers, only have ONE gun, and can only carry FOUR Sidewinder missiles. Even if they could carry more, there’s only 11 spaces for any kind of weapon. I guess this is why they call it “Super Strike Eagle”? Because it’s obviously not the regular one.

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-aircraft_carrier

The Verdict

You only have one life, though it is possible to save games. I guess it saves after you complete a mission. Too bad I didn’t. With easier games going for the same price, it’s not rally worth the bother unless you like Mode 7 a lot, like me.

Super Strike Eagle-SNES-game_over

Madden NFL ’94 (SNES, 1993)


In the long tradition of sports, I’ll start this by insulting the other side. A big “sit and spin” to feminists that say we can’t talk about sports because it’s exclusive to women and leads to male behavior. The manly men at ESPN can do the same. I try to tailor my insults to my target.

Like I did last year, I’m looking at a football game in honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday. The one I picked was the previous game in the series from the one I did last time. I had been under the impression that last year’s review was of the first game in the series, and only just now found that I wasn’t even close, and that the game I reviewed had no counterpart on other consoles. I think that’s an anomaly for the Madden series, where you have  a game that’s exclusive to one system. It came out in May of 1994, and the game up today came out in November of 1993, just in time for you to copy the action at the Thanksgiving Day football game. I got my copy 26 and a quarter years too late for that, so I’ll be simulating Sunday’s game.

The Game


The other team intercepted my ball 6 times, I got theirs only once. I still won.  The overall stats showed I didn’t even have the ball as long as they had it. I assume this means my defense was phenomenal while their defense was crap.

It’s just like the one I played last year. Pick your game options and play. I chose the 1969 Chiefs, facing off against the 1989 49ers. I think I enjoyed this one more though, or perhaps one year hence I’ve somehow grown more fond of football games.


Wikipedia states that this was the first Madden game to have the camera pivot when the ball changes teams, say for instance via interception.

There is one thing though- there was no option visible for deciding on getting a two-point conversion after scoring a touchdown. I don’t recall if the 3DO version had it, but I know other Madden games give you the option for doing that instead of kicking for the extra point (for those not in the know- when you score a touchdown your team immediately after can either kick the ball like you would for a field goal so that you get 7 points instead of 6 for your touchdown, or if you’re in a big jam or need an extra point to keep the game from being a tie then you can try a two point conversion, which basically means instead of kicking for the extra point your team tries to run the ball into the endzone a second play in a row. That’s much more riskier than the extra point, which only Apache Chief can block).


These exact settings led the game to reset itself.

Just like the Madden game on the 3DO, we’re treated to some audio clips of John Madden talking synced up to sprites, though obviously here the quality is poorer and there are way fewer. Speaking of audio, I’d also like to note that I enjoyed the music. Catchy.

One big drawback- I got glitched out of a game I was playing. The game reset itself. Another drawback- I set the weather to include rain but that didn’t materialize while I was playing, or if it did its effects were not visible. Or maybe its effects were felt, explaining why I lost the ball a bunch of times.



This year’s “super-advanced simulating machine”.

It’s a pleasant football game, probably better if you’re playing with someone else. Madden 94 lets up to 5 people play together, though I don’t even have one person who lives within an hour of me that’d be interested so you just get this review based on one player. It’s a great budget title too- I paid less than $15 for a copy that came in a box with the manual. I don’t know if it’s supposed to come with as much equipment as the 3DO version had, but I assume it did because I’ve seen other football games do that, though none were Madden games. Do your research I guess is my warning to the completionists out there.


How I feel almost every time I’m at this screen. Sometimes it’s this too.

Yes, I know this review is short but what can I say that I didn’t say last time? To the untrained eye all these football games look alike, a topic I already have plans to dive into next year. Unless the Bills are going to the Super Bowl, then I’ll probably be in a coma at this time from the shock to my system.


Due to the wildly correct guess I made last year, here is my prediction for Sunday’s scores.

U.N. Squadron (SNES, 1991) – Part of Tomcat Tuesday


F-14s are pictured on the cover, but not immediately available in the game. Also, at the time of this writing it can be speculated that the logo on the right is a Galarian Rapidash.

Oh boy, another arcade-style shooter, this time sidescrolling instead of moving forward.. You might recall how terrible I am at these.


The guy on the left is the main character of the series. The guy on the right appears to be Mario. He’s pretty good at these sidescrolling shooters.

Anyway, this here game is a victim of localization. It’s actually a port of a 1989 arcade game based on a 1979 manga (titled Area 88), and in Japan it bore the title of the manga whereas internationally it was retitled. There is no characterization here that I saw or in-depth storytelling, instead the enjoyment comes from killing a bunch of people but without the shame and self-loathing that the hero felt according to the Wikipedia page. Really, kinda runs contrary to the message of the story. And the fact that I played as the hero character makes it doubly ironic- while he was a top ace, I am absolutely terrible. For a triple irony score, we have the game being called “U.N. Squadron” when you play as a mercenary group that has no affiliation with the U.N., an organization that frowns upon mercenary activity. Hell, let’s go all-in for quad-irony: the manga was praised for realistic depictions of air combat, while this game is very much unrealistic.

The Game

UN_Squadron-SNES-gameplayDidn’t I tell you? Side-scrolling shooter. You can pickup power-ups that change your gun from being some kind of infinite energy bulb shooter to an infinite energy crescent shooter. The eventual form of your energy bolts reminded me of one of the ultimate weapon upgrade in the SNES Star Wars games. You also can have several secondary weapons, but they’re in a finite supply.

You start with a screen showing a map of the area, and can pick a mission on that grid. Then you go to a screen where you can select your fighter. You start with an F-8 Crusader, but can upgrade to various other planes as your amount of money increases… so I guess that’s something from the manga they were able to translate to good effect without too much of the irony thing happening. You can buy other planes to fly, such as the F-14. Once you select your plane, you are taken to a screen where you can pick what secondary weapons you wish to equip. Go ahead- buy an F-14 and load it up with all sorts of insane things, then fly at real low speeds mopping up enemies. Pretend you’re flying the Turbokat. You choose your science-fiction fantasy, you’ll be living it every time you play this game based on a manga lauded for realistic depictions of air combat.


What did I tell you last time? I told you that an F-14 could only attack a sub on the surface. Here you are. An F-14 vs what looks mostly like a Soviet Delta-II class, borrowing the sail of an Ohio-class.

The missions don’t happen in a vacuum- while you are doing one, the enemy has units advancing elsewhere. So you might finish a mission to find that an enemy sub is shooting-up your base, or an enemy mercenary squad has finally reached  your base. Or you might take a million turns failing to fight off the enemy air force as it advances to your base until it finally arrives and becomes the only mission you can select.

That’s it really as far as I can tell. Just keep playing until there aren’t any more missions? I’ll never know.

Final Opinion


They gambled wrongly on the F-20 and YF-23, since between the two only 5 prototypes exist. The F200 is apparently based on a Clint Eastwood movie that I’ve wanted to see for decades but never got around to.

It’s not a budget title, it runs at around $25. As I recall for $15 more I was able to get arcade ports of R-Type I and II on the PlayStation. So… to me it didn’t have much to offer that differed it significantly from other games like this or that would make it more cost-effective to buy it over another side-scrolling shooter, but if you like the Area 88 series then I’d suggest this game over the other side-scrolling shooters.


Turn and Burn: No-Fly Zone (SNES, 1994), F-14 Tomcat (Game Boy Advance, 2001), and Super Hornet F/A-18F (Game Boy Advance, 2004) – Part of Tomcat Tuesday


I wanted to do this in November, but then work and laziness mixed into a toxic smoothie. So here we go now for December. On Tuesdays, I will have a post about games featuring the venerable and maintenance-heavy F-14 Tomcat. Not because I’m an Iranian sympathizer, but because I grew up with them flying over my head.

It’s really the same game, but they changed the title. I guess because over the course of 7 years kids forgot what “Turn and Burn” meant. Or maybe it’s because Nintendo wanted to continue misleading the public on how its first set of GBA games were just retitled remakes, like release title Super Mario Advance. Seriously, 14 or more of the games released in its first seven months were just ports, slight remakes, or collections.

What Is This Game?


From the SNES version. I had a teacher once who told about two Air Force pilots that tried a night landing on an aircraft carrier, as seen depicted above. One was terrified, the other transferred to the Navy.

It’s a flight simulator. A fun one, I should add. I’ve played others that were terrible (like a virtual reality one that got waaaay to realistic in that you had to have a real-life manual to run the plane, and F-22 Raptor for the Sega Genesis which is kind of slow and clunky). You pretend you are piloting an F-14. For those who don’t remember, they were a very needy plane that Iran still uses, being the only country to use them that wasn’t the United States. We got rid of ours because at the time (2006) we didn’t need them. Now we do, or rather we need a ship that has the same range and speed as a Tomcat. But maybe without the expense or high maintenance needs.

Of course the military has been getting away with wasteful idiotic and likely corrupt projects (like the F-35, the Bradley, and body armor that doesn’t work) or at-one-time worthwhile projects that work but end up being done in the most asinine corrupt way possible (like the F-22, the C-5, and buying hammers and toilet seats), and politicking and fraudulent accusations of fraud between services and with contractors has been laughably dangerous for our national security, so we’ll probably get a proper replacement for the Tomcat exactly 10 years after the next war, and it will only be half as good as it needs to be.

Back In The Game


Refueling on the SNES version

You start each mission with a briefing telling you what you need to shoot down. Then you take off from USS America (which was retired 2 years after the game came out on the SNES. It looks like you still launch from her in the Game Boy Advance version despite this being 5 years after the carrier’s decommissioning, though when you takeoff the number is indecipherable and on the title screen it looks like the carrier is numbered with the rather unconventional “6E”). You’re in a first-person view all the way. When it shows the rear view of your character flying, that’s just looking through the rearview mirror. Yes, they had those.


GBA on the left, and the SNES version with the bottom of the screen cropped by accident on the right.

While up in the air, you take on enemy planes, MiG-29s. This presents a problem in the GBA version as while the SNES keeps the enemy vague, on the GBA you are fighting China who never used the MiG-29. Later on, submarines appear on the map and send missiles at you- while you can use your countermeasures to get the missiles off your tail, you can’t do much about the subs, just like real F-14s which could only attack a sub if they could see it on the surface. Sometimes, you are given a special target, which basically ends up being you shooting at the ground. Let me explain: Mode 7 allows for certain effects, like how for landing on carriers in the game it looks like you’re flying at a blue wall with a picture of an aircraft carrier. Well, that dynamic is repeated when you attack a ground target (they just have you fly at a picture of the ground and shoot various points of interest on it) and when you attack a new surveillance plane (you just shoot sprites of propellers as you fly at the picture, also- I assume it’s either supposed to be a Yak-44 which never went into production and was probably classified at the time, or they just used an image of the American Hawkeye). I didn’t make it much farther than that into the game, but it’s probably safe to assume you have to do it to some other stuff too. I’m not criticizing the technique, I rather enjoy it.

The dogfighting in the game made me think of Star Fox 64. Maybe the visuals, cockpit view, and mechanics are why. Some instinct honed over years of playing that game and its 3DS remake told me “this is like that”. It seemed kind of fast-pace, I guess. Anyway, that’s entirely subjective, but I was impressed by the dogfighting and sensation of speed this game was able to provide.

You don’t have to dogfight, you can lock onto the enemy with one of three different types of missiles. Upon impact, in the little screen where your radar is, instead a small video clip from Top Gun plays that shows a plane getting hit by a missile. One possible clip is of an F-14 getting hit, the other possible clip is the one famously used by China where an F-5 is hit. This happens in both versions of the game.

I don’t know how it proceeds through the rest of the game since I didn’t bother getting far, but the first set of missions came as a group of four. Day, evening, night, sunrise. Kind of like Super Battletank.

Since I am but one person, I did not have a chance to sample the multiplayer modes.

Version Differences


Here’s you taking off backwards on the GBA version (left) and taking off like it really works, on the SNES (right). This view also appears when you want to deploy electronic countermeasures to hit a missile tailing you.

Some bullet points:

  • Bullets are blue on the GBA but yellow on the SNES
  • GBA’s overall play field map does not show the whole area, unlike on the SNES.
  • On the GBA version you takeoff from the front of the carrier, but then when it flips to the rear view your plane is seen taking off from the back of the carrier (which is physically impossible).
  • GBA’s close-range radar screen is different
  • The GBA game pits you against China, while on the SNES the enemy was not named though assumed to be Middle Eastern since the manual says you are in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Dogfighting was a lot harder on the GBA
  • Of the two difficulties, novice and ace, the GBA version makes novice even easier than on the SNES. It takes off and lands the jet for you on the GBA novice setting, and when all the MiGs are destroyed you are immediately teleported back to the carrier for the landing sequence. On the SNES, you controlled takeoff and landing, and you had to find the carrier yourself on the novice setting.
  • the multiplayer modes: for the SNES, your fellow player is your R.I.O. while on the GBA you instead deathmatch with up to three others.

I had some difficulty getting my copy to work. It might just be my copy, but it almost didn’t work on my DS lite and absolutely refused to work on my GameCube Game Boy Advance Player, this after the game had been cleaned.

Overall Impression

It’s a great budget title if you like flying fighters and dogfighting. Some bits of it reminded of Super Battletank and Super Battletank 2 (I mention this because the tactical map in that game is similar to the one here), probably because the same company made those games. The GBA and SNES versions both ran about $5 (I think the GBA version might’ve been cheaper).


From the SNES version, after I got shot down

Addendum/Post Script/After The Fact/Super Hornet F/A-18F


Looks familiar, doesn’t it.


If it ain’t unplayably broke, don’t fix it… I guess…

Wow. This game is just… I knew Majesco was cheap, but damn! Basically, it’s the above two games but with an F/A-18 pasted over the F-14 stuff. It even does the same screwup that F-14 Tomcat does where you takeoff the carrier backwards. Instead of showing footage from Top Gun of exploding planes, to their credit they show different scenes. But otherwise, it is just a slight sprite update with some new terrain to fly over. Basically, it’s Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to F-14/Turn And Burn’s Mortal Kombat 3. I had already completed the above post and was originally going to start a new post on this game, and set it for release in the new year, but it’s the same as the above two games so this seemed more appropriate. Plus, when F-14s weren’t flying over my head growing up it was F/A-18s (and when I went golfing the occasional EA-6 and E-2 flew by, and once an F-15 for some reason).


Apparently, I should be losing in a dogfight at this close range with a MiG-29, but I should have been able to shoot the MiGs down from farther away. Except you run out of missiles pretty quick, and have to land to reload in all the games. Y’know, instead of sending up multiple fighters to meet the threat.

The game’s story is at least different, you’re now going against Iraq. Iraq used MiG-29s so keeping them as the enemy isn’t a problem. But there is a problem when you fight submarines and destroyers. Iraq didn’t have destroyers in 2004, and never had submarines. So I guess this rules out Iraq being the adversary in Turn And Burn.



Wordtris (SNES, 1992)


I should note that the backwards “R” in the title is a Cyrillic letter, which is pronounced “yaw”. But I guess “Wordtyawis” isn’t as catchy as “Wordtris”.

Oh yeah, for the last two and a half months I kinda forgot that games are supposed to be covered in this blog. I was trying to keep up with the news cycles.


On the right it tells you there is a difficulty setting for children, on the left is a reason why children should not be playing this game. Or maybe kids no longer get nightmares when they see lions eating people. I’m not hip on modern trends, and have not been hip to them since a little after Pokemon came to the U.S. Believe it or not, I’m probably half the age this makes me sound.

So Wordtris is a puzzle game. Like Tetris or Dr. Mario, you have blocks dropping from the top of the screen that you have to lineup in a specific way in order to eliminate the blocks accumulating at the bottom… well, middle of the screen. There’s a red field that your block will land on when the screen is empty. It goes about 2/3 the way up the screen. Your first block in a column to land on there will just sit there, but any block you put on top of it will push the rest of the column down. Once the column stretches from the bottom of the screen to the top of the red field, the blocks are no longer pushed down. They just stack like normal.


The images can get a little Freudian.

These blocks have a letter on them. You have to arrange them so that when they land they form a word, either when read left-to-right on a row or top-to-bottom on a column. It starts out easy enough, the blocks descend at a leisurely pace so you can think of the word possibilities. But the longer you play, the faster things get, until eventually you don’t even have time to read what letter is coming down and just move it to the nearest open spot, hoping that it makes a word.

There are three blocks you might get aside from one of 26 letters. The question mark block allows you to scroll through letters, otherwise it will just pick a random letter when it lands. Bombs will destroy one block, whichever it lands on. Sticks of dynamite can destroy anywhere from three to five blocks from what I saw.

Why Are There Clowns?

Wordtris-SNES-ClownSo naturally the first thing you think of when you hear “Scrabble Meets Tetris” is “I hope there’s clowns”. It isn’t? Well, it was for somebody. As you saw in the pic of the title screen, this game involves a circus. The depressing red and brown colors of the play field I guess mimic a circus environment (my experience with circuses is limited). Your play area is on the left of the screen, while on the right is a circus-related picture. The music is composed of dreary, depressing tunes that you might’ve heard depicting a circus in the Victorian-era. Between the music and the colors, you almost welcome the promise of death brought to you by that clown.


Is that a mime or a clown? Or a clown mime?

I had to settle for a “Game Over” screen. There are only 10 play fields, labelled alphabetically AJ with “J” being the last and fastest. I didn’t make it there. By the time I got to “G” the letters were dropping too fast for my pathetic excuse for grey matter to keep up. Even in the “F” play field, the only reason I advanced was that random chance kept popping in to cause words to form where I had no awareness they would.

So… if you like an eventually-fast-paced dull and bleak word-game version of Tetris with a circus theme that makes the average rainy day seem like the perfect time to down a bottle of sleeping pills, this is the game for you. Fortunately, my day was saved by “The Flintstones” arriving on MeTV about 10 minutes after I was done with the game.


Every time you stop playing, they force a kitty to jump through a ring of fire.

Arcade’s Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1 (PlayStation 1996, Sega Saturn and SNES 1997)

Midway_Arcade's_Greatest_HitsYou might recall the Sega Saturn edition from previous entries. I thought it was interesting that the Super Nintendo version wouldn’t be released until August 1997, coming behind the Saturn and PlayStation releases by months- there were only 8 SNES games released after it in the U.S., a line which stopped in 1998 (in Japan they kept going right up until November of 2000, less than a year before GameCube was released). Nintendo 64 came out in 1996, 11 months before this game was released on the SNES, which makes me wonder why they didn’t do an N64 release.


the in-game menu on the PlayStation release

Unlike other compilation releases I’ve seen, like the Atari Anniversary one, each port here comes complete with all 6 games: Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout, and Tempest.

Sega Saturn and PlayStation

I’m wanting to say these releases are identical. The only thing that sticks out is this: for Battlezone, the tank controls sort of reflected how real tanks work in that the buttons sort of simulated levers like you’d use to drive one. But I don’t remember dealing with that on the Saturn.


Missile Command on the PlayStation

Otherwise, it’s the same game. Same intro movie, same transitions when you start a game, same documentary. The games emulate the same way- in the documentary they’re claimed to be “arcade perfect”. You wonder how the same game can play differently? Just look at Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Doom on the PlayStation and Saturn. MKT has longer loading times, and while running smoothly on the PlayStation, Doom on the Saturn runs like your system is also trying to download Doom 2016 in the background- a choppy mess.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


You’ll notice that the score isn’t cutoff at the top of the screen on the SNES version.

I only tried two of the games on the SNES. Instead of having a menu to switch between games like on the disc versions, for the SNES you have to reset every time you want to change the game you’re playing. Fortunately the menu loads pretty quick.


The crosshairs for Battlezone flickered in and out of existence on the SNES version

As for emulation, I noticed that it isn’t quite arcade perfect. Missile Command played ok, actually better than the PlayStation as you’ll notice in the screenshots that some parts of the PlayStation screen got cutoff. Battlezone on the other hand didn’t fare so well, it seemed a little sluggish. The best comparison I can think of is that is that it was like playing SNES Doom compared to PlayStation Doom.

Should You Buy It?

It’s the only 16-bit way to play Asteroids, Centipede, and Tempest. Battlezone had a few modernized clones, Missile Command made its way to the Sega Genesis, and Super Breakout had a clone in the form of Arkanoid. I suppose you could argue that Tempest was succeeded by games like HyperZone with the whole “3rd person perspective as you shoot up incoming enemies” notion, but that’s a bit of a stretch in my view.


Usually it’s bad if you see caterpillars coming right at you (centipedes are flat, caterpillars are round like the creature pictured).

As for 32-bit systems? Missile Command and Tempest received updated versions that came out on the Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, and PlayStation. Super Breakout found its way to the Jaguar in an updated form, and another altered version ended up on the PlayStation. Asteroids was remade on the PlayStation. And every game in this collection (plus 6 others) was re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-released for the PlayStation later on in the Atari Anniversary Collection Redux.


Game Boy Advance counts as 32-bit, so here is another release. Like with the PlayStation Atari Anniversary game, all 6 of the games in the Arcade’s Greatest Hits collection are on here. Actually, those are the ONLY six games on here- aside from the added trivia challenge this might as well be just another port of Arcade’s Greatest Hits.

HyperZone (SNES, 1991)

HyperZone-cartridgeIt’s like someone made a ROM hack of F-Zero.

The Book of Wikipedia says that HyperZone’s design was based off the trippy climax to “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Well… it sort of looks like that, but it seems more like it just happened because of how the game would look if you made a shooter like this. Mode 7 and those slit scan effects look a bit alike, the way flat surfaces run at you from a well-defined horizon. I suppose they could have seen what they were able to do with Mode 7 and someone said “Hey this looks like 2001” and they ran with it for the backgrounds.


And they stole the yellow box obstacles from Super Mario World!

But as for the tracks you fly along… basically they took F-Zero tracks and gave you movement along the y-axis. I mean you are flying along the tracks from F-Zero. Same road, same yellow circles and black barrier, same health recharging portions of the track (though they’re colored differently) that are often in the same locations as their F-Zero counterparts. Your ship looks like it could be a car in F-Zero.

The controls weren’t particularly fast or responsive in this game, but on the other hand when you got to smaller areas it felt like the ship jumped a little too fast, like every tap on the D-pad moved you thirty feet. So maybe the struck the proper balance and my varying levels of desparateness shaped my interpretation. I also think you couldn’t fire rapidly enough.


Cyborg lava monster that shoots blue balls of energy past your HUD? Sure. Whatever.

There isn’t much of a story to the game. Just blast your way through 8 levels because evil alien cyborgs are attacking humanity’s attempt to leave a version of Earth where global warming alarmism was ignored for too long… or maybe we all decided to follow China/the USSR’s model and pollute like there was no tomorrow until eventually there wasn’t a tomorrow. I’m glad it said the enemies were evil anyway, because otherwise it looks like you’re playing as something/someone from Earth who is killing aliens so that we can steal their territory because we screwed ours up too much. That would be morally objectionable if the aliens weren’t already bad hombres.

My Take On It


For some reason, at the start of Level 3 (you’d be forgiven for thinking this was Mute City) you change cars.

I suck at shooter games of any kind. I think I alluded to that before. But I do like me some Mode 7 effects like what we see in this game. Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, and Pilotwings will always be tops with me, and for weirdos like me who said “I want Star Fox but without the Super-FX chip” then this is the best thing I’ve played like that… well, at least the best dedicated game like that. The Star Wars games have some Mode 7 stuff goin’ on, but A: there’s too much detail dagnabbit! and B: it’s not entirely what the games are about. And C: they are hard. Very hard. I only was ever able to beat Super Star Wars without cheating; the rest I needed infinite lives for. And I’m pretty sure Super Return of the Jedi’s graphics were achieved by infusing the microchips with midichlorians.


Level 3, out of 8. But I think I got to the boss anyway… during an earlier run that I lost a life on leading up to this final life lost.

Children Of Battlezone (M1 Abrams Battle Tank, Battle Tank, Super Battletank, T-Mek, 1988-1994. Part 9 of the War Games series)


It’s because they’re obvious Battlezone knockoffs.

.Well, the elections are over so that makes this the last of this particular series, though I’ve got a few more games to review out of all this. A fitting way to end would be to revisit the follow-ups to a game covered in a previous entry, while also discussing a game that covers the last battle of the Cold War

Battle Tank


That enemy tank looks like an American-made M48 or an M60. Which is odd, because the only tanks with anything approaching a 150mm gun like the tank you drive in this game has are the American-made M551 Sheridan and M60A2 Starship, which mount a 152mm gun. The next closest gun on a tank is 128mm. You also fight Apache helicopters. Is this like a second Civil War?

Battle Tank on the NES puts you in the driver’s seat of a tank of some fictional variety. Ostensibly you’re playing as an M1 Abrams affiliated with NATO, but what you drive is not an Abrams and it looks very much like you are fighting NATO, based on the vehicles you encounter.

Battlezone already gave us first-person tank combat, and with its simple interface Battle Tank seems to follow-on in the Battlezone spirit (unlike one of the other games we’ll be getting to). Upgrades from the Battlezone formula include health, multiple weapons, and a better radar screen, as well as more enemies and actual missions to conduct. Rather than flying saucers, tanks, and missiles, in Battle Tank you face tanks, helicopters, random objects to destroy, minefields, and fortifications.


M60A2 “Starship”, the tank I assume you play as because the Abrams just isn’t as well-endowed with its barrel size. Image from the Danville, VA tank museum

It looks alright, and plays good especially compared to a game I will review in a moment. I found the controls awkward because I grew up with the many more buttons on the Super NES controllers, playing Super Battletank 2 (occasionally, but enough to build habits).




M-1 Abrams Battle Tank


A Soviet T-64, with the Soviet’s well-known trapezoidal prism chassis. The bright red feather at the top indicates it is a male. Female T-64s are attracted to the tank with the brightest feather, as they know that a T-64 with such distinct plumage must be a strong warrior to have survived natural predators like the M60.

It might be unfair to say these are all knockoffs of Battlezone just because Battlezone came first and was pretty much the same game. But even if such a statement were fair, Abrams Battle Tank would be an exception. It’s more of a simulator than a game. It was originally released on one of them thar 1980s computers I can’t be bothered to look up the name of. I never played the computer version, but my difficulty with the controls makes a lot of sense if the game originally took advantage of the many more buttons a keyboard offers.


First of all, I hate simulators. They’re dry and unfun because of their focus on realistic controls. One glaring flaw in that notion is when the simulator is of a vehicle that requires more than one person to operate it. 4 people are needed for an Abrams. So you simulate handling 4 positions at once. Could be worse, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy on the PC is a simulator where you simultaneously must manage the jobs of anywhere between 80 and 430 different people.


Is that supposed to be George H.W. Bush in the upper left? It looks like they shrank George W. Bush’s face and pasted it on Richard Nixon’s head.

Second, Abrams Battle Tank does it poorly. They should not have taken the 3D polygon approach. The game did not have a smooth framerate, which only exacerbated frustration caused by odd controls and needing to control so many positions at once. And controlling the tank gets very awkward. While Battle Tank had the turret move with the tank, always facing forward (with limited traverse to target the enemies in front of you), in Abrams Battle Tank the turret (and any point of view you scroll to that is based on it) could be facing whatever direction. So you could be facing front with the commander or driver perspective, but then end up staring in the turret’s direction from the gunner or cupola positions. And re-orienting the turret to the front is a bit difficult.


Third, it might’ve been easier on the computer but is really lousy on the Genesis. The buttons could certainly have been better- instead of scrolling through the different perspectives in the tank with a pop-up menu, you could do it with the number keys. It’s like the pacing was slowed by that, but they either didn’t care to change the rest of the gameplay accordingly or they just assumed the naturally slow nature of polygon graphics on video game systems at the time compensated.

Super Battletank


“…looks so real that you’ll wonder if it’s Super NES or CNN.” If it looks real then there’s no way it’s from CNN.


Back when “VCR-quality video sequences” was a selling point. Also, I think you are fighting T-72 tanks in the game. While Iraq did have T-62 tanks, most of the Iraqi heavy divisions had the T-72. Not like I can tell the difference.

Super Battletank isn’t simulating a fictional war between an M60A2 and the rest of NATO. Instead, it simulates the First Gulf War. It’s basically Battle Tank but with spiffy new graphics… and actual enemies that the U.S. fought. You still meet minefields and fight helicopters, tanks, fortifications, and have to blast various static objects.


From the Game Gear version.

You actually do get to drive an M1 Abrams in this game… I think. I’m pretty sure a real Abrams doesn’t have these big windows immediately under the cannon. Anyway, there are only 10 stages. I managed to get to stage 9, before being defeated by my own ignorance. You do I have a set amount of lives, but I was not counting so I don’t know how many.

You have I guess pretty much the same weapons in Battle Tank on the NES, and the same number of things you can control. You just have more buttons with which to control things.


This is what a Wii-U would’ve looked like in 1995.

This game came out across multiple platforms. No computers, but we did see it on SNES, Sega Genesis, and Game Gear. The Game Gear version looks pretty good, fairly similar to its console counterparts. I tried to get pictures from each, but it didn’t go too well with the Genesis version. First, my original copy simply didn’t work. I tried to find one in a used game store, and went to half a dozen but didn’t find it. Finally I find it and try it on my Sega Nomad (because my Genesis is 200 miles away), and sure enough my Nomad doesn’t work. I probably should have tested that console in the last 5 years, and maybe brought its battery pack too (without it, you can only power it via an outlet.


You’ll notice in the graphics for this game that they went for the best realism the console at the time could offer, achieved by scanning images for sprites rather than 3D polygon work. And it looked great; flowed smoothly, gave a level of realism within technological limits that worked well. Hear that guys behind M-1 Abrams Battle Tank?


that’s totally a T-72

Yes, I understand games like Star Fox on the SNES are meant to push the envelope of what the console can do, and not necessarily go for great artwork, but M-1 Abrams Battle Tank puts too much effort into being a realistic tank simulator for me to let them get away with lousy graphics when superior options were available. In other words- their controls were so bothersome and intricate and distracting to me that I want to complain about everything I can from that game. Hmph!

The Last Major Cold War Conflict

The Cold War still had 10 months left when the Gulf War wrapped in February of 1991. So while the Soviet Union was still around, they were able to see how their equipment faired against the West. While the Soviets had a few valid points in their post-Gulf-War review, sometimes they were just laughable. In comparing the T-62 and the M1 Abrams, a Soviet General said the T-62 was perfectly acceptable because the Abrams kept needing to have sand cleaned out of its filters. Which did nothing to affect how the gun works, and the gun of an Abrams routinely blasted Iraqi tanks before the Iraqi tanks could even get into firing range. However, as the article referenced above states, this was not a battle of Soviet vs American weaponry like the Korean War. Iraq’s military and training were mixtures of Soviet and Western practices, plus whatever they learned from their recent war with Iran. Iraq barely had Soviet advisers to tell them about what weapons they did have, and their technology was far behind what the West and even what the Soviets had (as you’ll see in the NYT article, Soviet leaders did admit to some inferiority).

But the Soviets seemed to have a bout of Multiple Personality Disorder when dealing with the Iraq crisis. Aside from “we have no advisers yes we do” schism, they also started by breaking with Iraq and condemning them both for invading Kuwait and wiping out Iraqi communists over the years. Yet they still kept their advisers and the like in there. Then of course the Soviets were/weren’t sharing their intelligence on Iraq with the U.S. Yeah, it was a mess and this fractured response was symbolic I guess of the Soviet Union’s dissolution.


Moving Right Along

Alrighty… maybe later I’ll cover Super Battletank 2. That had a fun new gameplay mode, but otherwise was fairly identical to Super Battletank.

As for this next section, since there is no way I could possibly write this after knowing how the midterms turned out, I wrote two different sections. One for a Republican victory, one for a Democratic victory. The first covers Republicans, the second Democrats… even though I wrote the second first because that’s what I expected, a Democratic House and another 4 years with Nancy “Hamas Is A Humanitarian Organization, MS-13 Are Divine Beings, and Republicans Are Legislative Arsonists” Pelosi as House Speaker because she is so connected in the Democratic Party that removing her would be like removing the screen from your monitor and expecting it to work. If Democrats sweep the House and Senate, section 2 is still mostly valid, just figure that they’ll have more progress in trying to impeach Trump but will still be wasting everyone’s time. Also, if section 2 is true, where the hell was Russia? Didn’t they hack the election already? Trump will be sending Putin a nasty letter for sure! And I guess the GOP kinda sucks at suppressing voters.

By the way, no better place to note it I guess, but Trump has actually been delivering on his promises. So with all the negative coverage, accusations of hatred that have led to no tangible policy measures (I’ll stop you right here- children in cages was Obama’s fault, and the liberal 9th Circuit Court’s ruling made child separation into law, and the travel ban was something Obama considered. Are liberal black Obama and the liberal 9th Circuit Court racists? Oh yeah, and to you folks at Vox, with your 2017 headline “Trump says Obama banned refugees too. He’s wrong.”, I guess since you liberal reporters gloat over having sex with mass murderer Fidel Castro you would not see Cubans as refugees, so you would not believe that the many Cubans who Obama banned from entering the U.S. were refugees.), it’s all aimed at carrying Democrats into power. Proof positive whose side ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, Univision, Telemundo, and Hollywood are on. If any were impartial, this would’ve been reported. If you only had those networks for reality, America would right now be a place where a white male can go out and rape the first woman he comes across and gut the first black or Jew he sees, all while the economy is failing and Trump is sending illegal immigrants to concentration camps. That’s what the Left believes is happening. Depending on how the election went, I guess Americans might believe it too.

1. Communism Fell… Or Did It?


A mighty T-72, symbol of the USSR and communism, late of the Iraqi Army, crushes an unsuspecting car at the Danville tank museum.

The Midterms showed that the American voters were willing to put off communism for one more election cycle. But DNC Chairman Tom Perez noted that there weren’t any moderates left in the party, that socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (who believes you have no right to question her, your only role is to obey her commands; who believes that a male challenging her to a debate is sexual harassment, a belief which the Left immediately claimed was true as indicated by Jessica Valentine at Medium with her headline “Yes, demanding women debate you is like catcalling”.) was the future, with her unfunded policies and hatred of the liberal media because even they can’t make her interviews look good (She’s one of those slogan people Khrushchev was critical of in Khrushchev Remembers– the type of person who can spout Communist slogans, would give their life for Communism, but has no clue what they’re fighting for or what their slogans even mean… I like this, I wrote this line BEFORE I knew of how when asked how to pay for medicare her response was “you just pay for it”). So… some future for the party.

And the more they lose, the louder the liberal media screams. Until eventually the public thinks that so many screaming people can’t be wrong, or until the voices of m

oderation are drowned out by the screams. Or until the folks our liberal schools and colleges have been grooming to be good little Stalinists takeover.

So with another election not going the way they planned, what else can we expect from the Left? They still have two largely unassailed bastions of liberalism- the courts and the Deep State. Like with the many 9th Circuit Court cases, and the many Deep State acts of sabotage, we can expect this to be the crutch the Left leans on to get what they want.


The Left is being stubborn as a… as a… did I make this joke already? I’m not a fan of this symbol of communism. Needs less blue, more red, and change white for yellow.

But don’t be fooled by the crutch. The reason the Left isn’t using its left leg to walk is so that when they kick you with it you’ll be all the more surprised. I’m thinking of the mobs here. Like a faked injury, liberals in power and in the media claim that mobs aren’t a working part of their group. But they encourage the mobs, sic them on targets, and then liberal leaders claim that the threat of the very liberal mobs they encourage is enough to stop conservatives from entering their town. Mob rule, in other words, as we see in Portland. As we saw in Baltimore when the mayor told police to stand down.

My prediction, in other words, is the same five tactics the Left has been using since Hillary lost, except much more intense: officially smearing anyone disagreeing with them as being racist/sexist/Nazis/etc because liberals (much like their face of the future Ocasio-Cortez) can’t be bothered to argue their points and instead think you should just believe them merely because they tell you to, and if you don’t believe them then it’s not  because the liberal is wrong, it’s because you’re wrong, ie racist/bigoted/Nazi/or just stupid. Tactic 2 would be liberal courts passing the liberal agenda into law on their own, 3 would be the Deep State doing that as well, 4 would be mob violence, and 5 would be censoring opposing viewpoints while claiming to be a neutral centrist group- like liberal Google censoring Republicans and then claiming they’re not politically biased, with no Democrat talking points regardless of how extreme they are being censored.

And remember- the culture wars are ongoing. Communism has repeatedly failed, but the Left still wants to bring it to you. The idea keeps coming back. American youth now want it, badly. The media is happy with it too- even in 2009, Newsweek proudly declared that under Obama we were all socialists (which is ironic given how one of my college professors insisted that we didn’t have socialism, and given how many times the media claimed calling Obama a socialist was fearmongering). The Cold War ended, but it was not the end of history. We haven’t run out of history quite yet.

2. So… The Soviets Won This Cold War


Kiss it goodbye. Well, not literally unless you want a smear on your monitor, but you get the idea. Image from National Conference of State Legislatures.

Yup, even though Republicans kept the Senate, Democrats gained a majority in the House. We know what to expect- votes to engage impeachment hearings (on Trump and Kavanaugh) that will be just as futile as Republican votes to overturn Obamacare when Obama was still President. You remember- those safe ones that allowed RINOs to hide, until they had to put their money where their mouth was and we learned that fair-weather rightwingers were at best center-right, maybe center-left.

I don’t at all believe that the Democrats will have invited such people into their ranks. The most we could hope for there are 2016 Clinton liberals masquerading as Ocasio-Cortezes. I’ve been watching this circus closely for four years- it always seems like Republicans are the ones trying to hold themselves together and get the party to vote as one organ, while Democrats seem to do that every time it’s not just before an election (at which point those in red states have to pretend they’re just as red to keep their jobs).

I’ve already shared what liberal rule looks like. We all hope I’m wrong and that things will go alright, but as you’ll recall last time we had a Republican President, Democrats in Congress refused to let him stop the Housing Crisis, and Democrats just let the Housing Market burn, and then used that to win the 2008 elections. What will they do to regain the Senate and White House in 2020?


As you can see, white is not present on this flag. Image from wikimedia commons.

We’ve seen them attack people wholesale based on race and religion, we’ve seen them say people are guilty of crimes solely based on party affiliation that had nothing to do with those crimes (both with Kavanaugh and, let’s be honest, that whole Russian Collusion thing), we’ve seen them protecting Deep State swamp creatures (even going so far as to offer to hire them). So in all honesty we now have 4 years of corruption, gridlock, and destructive policies, while anti-White/anti-Capitalism/anti-American rhetoric will fill the airwaves even more since liberals will believe Democrats regaining the House was more than just a pattern as they dismissed it in 2010. They will tell America, as they have every day since Trump was elected, that we need to end our system of government and that anyone supporting Trump or Republicans is in the minority, and that what was a pattern merely 8 years ago is now a referendum.

They want to destroy white people, want white men GONE. They want to destroy males. They want to destroy our economic system. They want to destroy our economy. They want to destroy our position in the world, leaving power vacuums that countries like Russia can fill, much like ISIS filled the void Democrats were warned about. Which means these lines of thought are what Americans voted for. While it fits the pattern that we’ve seen for decades, as the media has conveniently forgotten with their “referendum on Trump” talk, in today’s political climate a very dangerous thing has been unleashed, like with Obama’s Presidency. Bouncing between Republican and Democrat is normal. But Obama came in and left us with a radicalized Democratic Party out to destroy the country. Now the tide is bringing that party back in. The anti-Trump, anti-America, anti-White, anti-Law screeching the media is prone to on every issue from terrorism to the economy will only increase now that they believe the public is listening. They’re not going to shut up, they’re going to rightly believe what they’re doing is working.

An undated picture shows German Nazi Cha

Pictured here is a gathering of America First and MAGA supporters, according to the Left. They had an odd way of showing it. Image from National Post

Democrats think you are a Nazi for supporting America, but Democrats also believe that joining the Taliban to kill American soldiers is perfectly acceptable. You’ll note in that link that the Democratic candidate for Arizona Senate believes Americans are the terrorists, like Don Lemon as you’ll see in a moment. Nicholle Wallace stated in the Nazi clip that to love this country is to be a Nazi, to put the interests of yourself and your home country above those of others like say China or Syria makes you a Nazi, while another Democrat says that it doesn’t matter if you join the Taliban to kill Americans. These are the people that just gained power in Congress. Elected officials sworn to serve America’s interests who think that doing so makes them Nazis.

What do YOU think they’re going to do? Democrat Don Lemon says whites are the largest source of terror, but Democrats have no problem if an American helps foreign Muslim terrorists kill Americans, in fact Lemon says we should not take action to stop Muslim or any other foreign terrorists from entering the country. This is mainstream thought on the Left, coming from candidates and mainstream media outlets. They dehumanize people they disagree with. They hate America (look here- Farrakhan, who Democrats love, is even chanting their party line that Obama‘s team tried to downplay as meaningless), hate Trump, hate white people, so they dehumanize them by equating them to pretty much the only villain’s they acknowledge in history aside from Confederates: Nazis. It’s ok to punch a Nazi, it’s ok to punch anyone who likes America, it’s ok to chase them out of public spaces (coming from the Washington Post no less), it’s ok to censor them, it’s ok to ban them, it’s ok to form mobs to attack them. How long before it’ll be ok to load them into boxcars (it’s already ok to try to assassinate them)? Seems like the Left is the one leaning towards Nazi ideology.


Maybe they made that statement after playing From Russia With Love, where Bond is a mass murdering terrorist who mass murders white terrorists and innocent Soviet soldiers.

So if you think Don Lemon declaring on CNN that white male Republicans are terrorists, that we don’t have to worry about terror threats from around the world and thus should open our borders to the next band of 9/11 hijackers, if you think Don Lemon, a mainstream thought leader listened to by mainstream allegedly centrist Democrats, if you think that rhetoric from him is outlandish, by the time 2020 rolls around you’ll be looking back and thinking he was very tame and controlled. Just like you’ll be looking back at the mobs in Portland, the mob that chased Milo Yiannopolous out of Berkeley and left injury and fire in their wake, and the mobs that chased Republicans out of restaurants and thinking how restrained they were. The mobs saw you vote the way they wanted you to vote, and realized their thus far non-lethal terrorism is working, and so will continue with it, maybe even intensify it. Afterall, with liberals dismissing mob violence, it’s not so crazy an idea that liberals will dismiss any charges against mobs once they’re in power. Like whites in the south not charging lynch mobs.

Liberals in power will not be so merciful or tolerant as conservatives. (Honestly, if they win enough seats to impeach Trump and make it stick, I would not be surprised if they acted on America’s “it’s legal to forcibly sterilize people” rule, and start sterilizing conservatives, probably in the name of fighting global warming. I did mention that some not-very-far-left figures wanted us to stop having babies to save the Earth, and since liberal scientists already view conservatives as inferior, genetically different with liberals having a liberal gene that makes them more open to differences despite the many displays of rancid intolerance you’ve seen presented to you here and in my past posts, it stands to reason that with the entire party radicalized -as party Chairman Tom Perez stated- anything can happen. The ideas and legal groundwork are all there, you can hardly call it paranoid ranting if they keep telling us this is what they want to do and already have the ideological, legal, and scientific infrastructure in place to make it happen. Remember- all rightwinger white males are terrorists, Lemon isn’t the only one who says so. Mainstream thought. If it’s ok to punch a Nazi, isn’t it ok to experiment on one too? 5 years ago you would be shocked to hear mob violence, and punching people, be considered good behavior and condoned by a mainstream political party, so who’s to say in 5 years we won’t be at this point either? It only took 10 years for Jews to go from discrimination to mass extermination, at the hands of the National Socialists. What will Ocasio-Cortez’s breed of Democratic Socialists do?)

Just an aside to debunk Don Lemon’s remark- he cites how jihadists killed more, but white male terrorists had led more attacks. This stat debunks his argument: those jihadists are a very small percent of the population. Just a couple of them in the country.



They launched fewer attacks. Yet more died. Meanwhile, whites are the MAJORITY race in this country. Statistically, if the terror statistics reflected the population, whites should have killed WAAAAY more than those few jihadists. But they didn’t. Whites killed fewer. Jihadists, even at the small fraction of a percent of the population that they’re at vs whites at’ 60%, are clearly more dangerous. Or to put the argument into language the Left understands: guns (whites) are big and scary and so widespread in the country and so prolific that we have a 1 in 315 chance of dying from them every year, while the chance of a car accident (Jihadists) killing you is  1 in 491. But only 38,000 people died from guns in 2016, versus 40,000 dying from cars. You, liberal, want to ban the gun (whites). So at least you’re logically consistent- you want to liquidate the lesser of two evils because it happens more frequently, and claim that you’re saving the world and ushering in a peaceful utopia by doing so. Also, like Don Lemon, you claim it’s a false comparison, that cars are above criticism, like how Don says he tells people not to criticize any ethnicity that isn’t white, according to his own words.

Also, let’s turn the Left’s word association games against them on the Lemon issue. Blacks are the largest bloc of terrorists in the country, exponentially moreso than whites. How? Only 106 deaths, according to Don, came from white terrorist attacks over many years. Blacks killed 7,405 other blacks in just one year, 2016. 17,250 people were killed that year. Blacks are 13% of the population, but responsible for 42.9% of the murders. We have statements along the lines of “most black killings in Baltimore were gang-related”, and if we are to believe Don Lemon and his ilk’s gun control meme then every shooting of a black person is by a gang member who illegally got a gun, or at least a black person who got a gun from a gang member. So what is a black gang? A local political group. What is a political group? People who come together to exert control over a region or a group of people or both, ie a gang. So when gangs use murders to intimidate people, to increase their political power, to destroy the political power of those nominally in charge of the area as evidenced by how black males at 6% of the population are behind 42% of police officer killings, isn’t that terrorism, since terrorism is the use of violence for political ends? Gangs kill to get power and stay in power. Terrorists kill for the exact same reason. So, Don, it seems your own skin color should, as you say, have travel bans placed on it. (Look, if Trump is literally Hitler as various media outlets and panels declared simply because he said he’s a nationalist, then black gangs get to be terrorists.)


What “winning” looks like to the Left. Images from AP, RWC, Fox News, and Quora

Yeah, at least 2 more years of the media thinking Lemon, mobs, screaming, and Stalinism is a successful strategy, with the DNC Chairman telling us it’ll only get worse. I’m not going to say Kristallnacht will happen tomorrow, even though Republicans have already been firebombed, shot, ran off the road, dragged behind cars, mobbed, chased out of restaurants, and the suggestion has been floated of denying Republicans the right to vote and the right to live, all of which I’ve discussed previously. But I will say I’ve heard glass shattering in the distance… probably the local RNC HQ. Or maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t glass shattering, but Fort Sumter taking a hit. Will the Left (who traded plantations for welfare, equality-for-only-the-whites for communism/equality-for-only-the-strong, and whips for peer pressure) rise again?

Bonus Stage!


I’ll end on a high note. T-Mek. It’s like Battlezone, and was made by Atari. Except Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat exclaims things at various points, and you’re fighting for the amusement of an alien warlord or something. It’s easier than Battlezone, and you have more weapons to choose from.


Made by Atari, and even has the crosshairs and radar from Battlezone

It’s a fancy offering for your Sega 32X, one of the less-than-40 games made for it. If you’re collecting-to-collect it’s usually a cheap grab, but if you’re collecting-to-play then you’ll find this is superior to some other games, like BC Racers and that motorbike one. That one was AWFUL. BC Racers just had a bad frame rate and slow controls, not too shabby (except it runs worse than Super Mario Kart which it’s a clear imitation of), but T-Mek came off as faster.

What Do You Think?

Not much to say now. Polling places are closed, voting is done. I’ve said it all above. Try to have a good day (as mentioned before, I’m writing this the night before)?