Welcome to C-Gaymer, A blog about gaming and conservative politics from the perspective of a gay conservative. As the admin of this site, I am hoping not only to bring political awareness and empowerment to other gay conservatives, I am also hoping to introduce everyone to a world of Gaming rarely noticed through unique and lesser-known titles.

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It is our goal at C-Gaymer to provide our readers with insightful and entertaining material that meets the standards of the most deranged madman. As such pages on the website will be undergoing site maintenance to improve our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will not affect the content itself, only how you access it. Our Goal is to make C-Gaymer more visible to search engines so our content can reach more people. We provide Quality Content and want to share it with as many people as possible. As such, the layout of the website needs to be corrected to reflect the value of this content and match user intent filters.

Thank You for your patience during this process.


Important Notice:

As of August 4th, the news website Heat Street is now defunct. I used a lot of source material from them, but the good news is that is is not lost. Until I update the links, you can copy and paste links from Heat Street and search them using a Wayback Machine website. This website keeps a searchable archive of internet pages. In the next year, I will try to review the links themselves and correct them.

Not all of the images used in my articles are my own intellectual property however their use is covered under Section 17 Chapter 1 of US Code. For more information please check my About page.