Greening the Planet 2

I’m kinda writing this post at the last minute but I have been working on this game for 2 weeks. Greening the Planet 2 lets you play as 3 aliens who travel the universe filling barren planets with leafy green life. 🙂

Each level starts on a slightly different but totally barren planet. Armed with a laser and a flask that collects material to make lifeforms you need to gather enough material each level to bring the planet from a barren surface to a happy green globe. 🙂


You gather material 3 ways, by collecting falling meteors, emptying the auto collector, or using your laser to destroy comets. You then empty the flask and as you do the plants and clouds grow and appear around you.

There are many different kinds of lasers to use but my favorite so far is the thick beam laser. Some are tiny shots and some track targets though. And if you level up your turrets you can fire off more shots at the same time.

At the end of each level, a flower grows and your aliens leave for another planet after a job well done.

It is a pretty fun game honestly. The only downside is to activate bonuses like a higher concentration of comets or meteors you have to watch ads.

It is a fun way to kill time though and you can find Greening the Planet 2 on the Android App Store.

Happy Gaming. 🙂

Special Shitpost: My Thanksgiving Travel Adventures

Yes guys, it is the holidays, and since I spent the last week dicking around and wasting my time you guys get to read this post where I gripe about traveling on a budget. I love my family and I love seeing them all together for the holidays but the first leg of my journey to see them is usually pretty arduous. This Tuesday morning I had to wake up at 10 but I woke up and 8 instead. Then I ended up wasting 3 hours on television so by the time I started getting ready it was 11 and I had 2 and a half hours left before I had to leave. Luckily I packed my bags the night before.

After an unhealthy breakfast of leftover Alfredo, I departed. Unlike most sane Americans, I do not drive. So to get to my parent’s place in PA. I have to walk, take a bus, then take 2 trains. So after stopping for a drink at my corner store, I walked towards the bus stop to wait for a bus to Penn Station.

Walking 5 blocks with 3 heavy bags is no cake walk and I was winded by the time I got there. Wow, not even a half hour out and I already feel like throwing myself in front of the train I am going to catch. (Just Kidding) My luck wasn’t total shit tho cause I caught the free Circulator bus and saved $1.70.

After a short ride down Charles Street, I arrived at Penn Station and bought my ticket. Commuter rail is cheap here in MD. One way to DC is $8 and my ticket to Harper’s Ferry will be $12. Of course, I got to the station a half hour early for the train I had to take and so I had to sit and wait a half hour.

Finally, the train arrived. The view from the window while you are in Penn station isn’t very impressive though. Whats equally annoying is that I had to end a phone call with a friend since I knew there would be a long tunnel just after we leave the station in which I would lose all signal. It actually made this post harder since I had to wait till we left the tunnel to add an image. Fun fact though, even though the tunnel dates from the 1800’s somehow it accommodates the dual level cars the commuter rail uses.

There is not much to note on the Penn Line, well not a lot you can see from the train really. It passes a few small towns and the airport before reaching Union Station. After an hour I did reach DC’s Union Station. After exiting Gate A I was greeted by a wall of people going at least 30 feet.

Union Station is a Gargantuan affair indeed. The above photo was just a picture of the ceiling of the entry way and I couldn’t even get all of that into one shot. For it to be this crowded is a big deal. But I was still able to get my tickets and find out what gate my train was leaving from though with a bit more effort than usual. At least the wait wasn’t too bad, there was a cute guy with a Virginia Tech tee-shirt on who I kept peeking at and would have loved to have flirted with if he hadn’t been reading. 🙂

Pretty soon they called for my westbound train and I had to board at the far end of the platform which was under some sort of repair. Then began the 1 1/2 hour ride out to Harpers Ferry. There are a lot of Notable things along that line but I was too lazy to take pictures, it is nonetheless beautiful. Sadly the train I took only went up to Brunswick and I had to catch a bus the rest of the way into Harper’s Ferry.

Finally, I was there in Harper’s Ferry after that long journey. The sunset was beautiful on the cliffs and within an hour my father and baby sister picked me up from the station. After a long pain in the butt journey, I finally get to see my smiling sister. And that was the bulk of my holiday travels. Happy Thanksgiving!!

A Certain Scientific Railgun


Well thank god the election season is over, now we can focus on the real issues. Like how can a city that is 80% students run normally when they have students with esper powers running amok on a daily basis? I mean what is the police force Anti-Skill doing? It seems like they let the student run investigative force Judgement do all of the legwork which makes things worse. And I know this is s scientifically advanced city designed to study these espers and rank them with numbers 1-5 but what is up with all of those shady experiments? I mean damn, every couple of weeks it’s either a rogue AIM Beast or a sadistic mad scientist in a Power Suit. Is there ever a normal day in Academy City?


I guess that’s what we would be saying if any of that were real, it’s really just the
plot of A Certain Magical Railgun. It’s the story of Esper and Middle School Student Misaka Mikoto as she and her friends go about their day-to-day lives being dragged into the dark mysteries of Academy City. It’s a city decades ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technological advancement where 80% of the population are students attending the academies and schools about the city. Many of these students are Espers, people with special abilities that allow them to control different aspects of matter and physics. All of the student’s powers are ranked from 1 being the weakest to 5 being the best of the best. Misaka is the 3rd strongest Esper of only 7 Level 5 Espers in the city. Her Powers to manipulate electrical current and magnetism earned her the designation “Railgun”.


With her title of Railgun though she attracts a lot of friends and despite her refusal to join the student-run security force “Judgement” she also attracts a lot of trouble. Being able to turn a coin into a high-powered projectile using electro-magnetism can’t solve all of life’s problems and Misaka quickly finds her unwitting role in the dark side of the cities experiments.


Her hot temper doesn’t help her much nor does her obsession with beating Toma Kamijo.


Luckily she isn’t alone, she has friends of all esper powers. There is, of course, her roommate Kuroko.


Kuroko along with being a member of Judgement is also a Level 4 esper, her power is teleportation. She is powerful enough to travel by teleporting herself from place to place within her line of sight or in a combat situation she can use her ability to turn objects into weapons and projectiles. She also happens to be an aggressive sexual deviant in love with Misaka. XD


Speaking of sexual deviancy there is also their friend Ruiko Saten. She may be a Level 0, or a student who exhibits no power whatsoever but she helps Misaka out a lot. Well, that is when she isn’t flipping Uiharu’s skirt to see what color her panties are and gossiping about the cities urban legends.


And who could forget sweet Uiharu? A fellow member of Judgement and Level 1 esper, Uiharu is soft-spoken and often a pushover. She carries a huge amount of responsibility though and helps out more with her computer skills than her “Thermal Hand” ability that she is too embarrassed to share with her friends.


In stories like this with a mix of comedy and action, of course, you must have the teenage boy who the main character likes. Or doesn’t like? Or is just friends with?


Toma is a wild card, he doesn’t appear a lot but when he does he and Mikasa fight, which enrages Misaka. Toma is recorded as Level 0 but he does have a power in his right hand that nullifies other abilities. Love burns hottest in the sparks of battle and what is sometimes a rivalry between these two is other times a partnership or even a date.


Now what I like most about this anime is how diverse it is. It’s technically Shojo but is has so many elements of Shonen all audiences can enjoy it. There are elements of action and comedy that delightfully intertwine, but some episodes take on the feel of the Slice-Of-Life Genre of Anime. It’s a good feel really and gives the whole show and its characters almost real life human feel despite all the electrical shocks and people appearing and disappearing in an instant. All in all, it is a top-notch anime with 2 seasons covering 4 very compelling story arcs.

You can buy both seasons here directly from Funimation

Season 1

Season 2

Don’t be shocked when you love it. 😉


In The End It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

I know this post is gonna come up on Wednesday so I better set some context. I am writing this post on Sunday, November the 6th. In about 48 hours we will know just how fucked the country is though by the time you’ll be reading this we will already know. But I just want to reassure you, it doesn’t matter who wins because things will not get any better. Politicians will still ignore us. In fact, even people who I’m supposed to be allied with already do.

Now quite obviously if that Bitch Queen Hillary won last night I’ll be ignored. After all, I’m not a “Good Gay” who is obedient and just looks over the fact she takes money from Saudi’s who decapitate people like me. That is a given, I mean I live in a Blue District anyway so I have pretty much no representation at all in Washington. What is really annoying is when your allies ignore your own advice that could save their asses. That’s not something you expect.

It happens, though unless you’re an insider you’re out. That’s just how politics work if you are just the common Joe and you don’t know anybody you get stonewalled. It’s done in many ways. Secretary’s tell you they will send the message to the Senator or they will tell you to Email them but you rarely ever hear back about your concerns no matter how well you present them. Sometimes they just try to misdirect you too and hope you give up.

Sometimes it is because of your political affiliation, sometimes it’s just because you aren’t an insider. It doesn’t make it right though. I mean you know it’s intentional from Obama’s White House where you can start a petition and get millions of signatures then a few months later receive a form email totally dismissing your concerns and trying to validate his own crap. Senators are guilty of this too. But you shouldn’t feel that way.

If Trump indeed won yesterday you guys don’t hold your breath that he will ” Drain the Swamp”. Once someone gets into office it becomes business as usual. The only politicians that ever listen to their voters are City Council Members and even that is rare. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is still better than Hillary. But most voters these days remind me of those Non-Doges in my featured image. I’m just saying no matter who you support it would be a good idea for you to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The “Proof Hillary committed a Federal Crime” starter kit (Special post.)

So really a quick story, I was essentially accused of lying by a misinformed friend of mine today when I said Hillary committed a crime. This was in response to the email scandal. He said she was merely accused of a crime. I tried to explain to him Comey admitted she committed a crime as described by the Espionage Act of 1917 so she was indeed guilty of a crime many people before her have been jailed for, but she was let off the hook for being a Clinton. He then deleted the comments and accused me of falsehood. (he didn’t use my name but it was clear he was referring to me.)

I’m not one to let a sleeping dog just lay there especially if the sleeping dog is the truth. So I rebutted him with these easily obtained sources. And now I’m going to share them with you to save you the 5 minutes it took me to find all of these.

First is FBI Director Comey’s Statment when he recommended not prosecuting Hillary.

Next is the 1917 Espionage Act. Be sure to draw their attention to Title 1, Section 1, Article E.

And finally to put the nail in the coffin link them to this article which has a list of 10 times people were punished for the less incompetent handling of classified documents than Hillary.
If they can deny the truth after that then I can’t really advise you any further on how to handle that. The most you can do is spread the truth with evidence to back it up and let people come around on their own. Ta ta now. 🙂

How Democrats have Tried Violence as a Method to Influence the Election

During this election protesters and activists have howled and screamed that “Trump Stands for Hate” and “Trump spreads Hate”. Now Trump has spread plenty of ignorance during this election cycle but only one group is responsible for spreading hate. It is Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. My header image for this article is of a Trump Supporter attacked and a rally. That’s before he was attended to be EMTs. The image below is of him in the ambulance.


Personally, I don’t really care who you hate as long as you keep it to yourself. It seems though that Hillary’s people not only have a problem keeping it to themselves, they have a problem acting like civil human beings and not resorting to violence on a routine basis. And it is a routine basis, these are not Isolated incidents. Not only has Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago because of an apparently arranged riot outside of the location his supporters were also violently attacked at a rally in San Jose. The picture below is another victim of Anti-Trump Violence in San Jose. One man was also hit with a bag of unidentified material and left with a bloody ear.


The only sincere condemnation from the San Jose incident came from the campaign of Bernie Sanders. While Clinton’s Campaign also issued a statement of condemnation recently leaked tapes show that the Clinton Campaign was fully aware of and complicit in violence at Trump rallies. They even imply Hillary Clinton herself knew about these decisions. So how is it surprising when Clinton supporters take the violence and ignorance in their own hands after having such a good example? If you have read this blog for a while you already read about my own run-in with a Clinton supporter but it is tame compared to other run-ins.

Hollywood has been the scene of a lot of that “Tolerant Liberal” Violence in the past week. First, a Liberal Activist smashed trumps star on the Hollywood walk of fame over so far unverified allegations sexual assaults against Trump. After Vandalising the star he took pieces of it to later sell. He claims the money will go to the alleged victims however his white night act does not match his actions which besides the felony vandalism included impersonating a worker to facilitate his act of vandalism. Very suspect in my opinion.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce plans to repair the star. In the meanwhile, though a homeless African American woman decided to defend the rubble of his star. She met some more of those “Tolerant” Liberals. While defending the star she met verbal abuse from a mob of leftist thugs who began taking her signs and ripping them up, then pushed her to the ground and continued to verbally assault her and mock her. Police did nothing to step in and help.

Africans Americans, the Homeless and Inanimate objects aren’t the only targets of the left wing thuggery this year. I have said time and time again Liberals are the biggest homophobes. Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore who are engaged to be married have received death threats after doing an interview at a Trump rally in which they voiced their support for Trump. They have been called self-hating gays, told to drink bleach, and told not to walk outside and to stay away from gay clubs. Again, very tolerant of the left when it’s shown on video the alleged homophobes and deplorables are perfectly fine with an engaged gay couple publically showing affection at a Trump rally. It goes to show you the ones who point and scream “Bigot” or “Homophobe” the loudest are really just trying to draw attention away from their own bigotry.


These last few months we have seen lots of corruption from the left and their chosen representative Hillary. Rigged conventions, political cover-ups, media bias, election rigging, homophobia, racism, the incitement of violence. Why do we put up with it? Why hasn’t Hillary and the DNC been barred from the election? Why hasn’t anyone seen jail time for any of the criminal actions? And why doesn’t the Media report on any of this so the American people will wake up? Because certain people don’t want it that way and until the American people wake up and say enough is enough it will remain this way. A vote for Trump isn’t enough but it is a small, sick little start.

Update: Fox News Pittsburgh just reported liberal students are using Violence in an attempt to silence activists from a pro-Trump newspaper on a local Campus.