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Hey Guys, C-Gaymer is looking for enthusiastic writers interested in sharing their thoughts about Politics, Video Games, Anime or Technology. Have fun and spread your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. As you read the requirements, be sure to check the bottom of the page for relevant notes which are marked by one of these *.

To qualify you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older (Will Require Some Form of Photo ID*)
  • A registered member of the Unaffiliated, Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, Tory, or UKIP Parties (Will Require Valid Voter Registration Card*)
  • A sample of your writing**
  • A general description of your interests
  • The subject you would prefer to write about
  • You must meet my standards of LGBT-Friendly***

Things that will be looked on favorably are:

  • Being LGBT
  • You have a WordPress Account
  • You have a semi-active WordPress Blog**
  • You have relevant educational experience


After filling out the form I will review your application at my convenience. If I like what I see you will receive a response from my personal email (not the web sites contact email), and I will help you set up a Gmail account to be linked to your own contact form on the Contact me page, A WordPress Account**, and a short bio on our about me page as well as a web handle.


Binding Conditions

This is not a paying job. You will not be compensated for any of your work here. If your relationship with C-Gaymer is terminated I reserve the right to keep your work published on the site. You will still be credited for your work however. Any posts you submit will be subject to review by me before they are scheduled for publication on the website. I reserve the right to edit for spelling and grammar. I also reserve the right to edit out inappropriate content, however if I do I will ask for your approval before publishing the final product.

By submitting the form below you recognize and agree to abide by the conditions stipulated above.


* When presenting a copy of your ID and Voting Card, please make sure your name and date of birth are visible. Also for liability reasons, please cover personal information such as your personal address and any government information. A simple guideline is
  • For Photo ID I should only see your face, name, and Date of Birth
  • For voter registration, I should only see your name and party affiliation
 If you are not comfortable with sending a scanned image, I will settle for seeing these documents via webcam.
** The Writing sample must be at least 5 paragraphs long. I will also accept work from your WordPress blog if you have one. Having a well-written WordPress blog will expedite this process and be viewed upon very favorably
*** I do not subscribe to the fascist far left definition of LGBT-Friendly I will consider you LGBT-Friendly if:
  • You believe in the right of gay people to live unharassed by the government or private groups
  • You support the right of gay people to pursue their own personal happiness as long as it does not interfere with or infringe on the legal rights of others
  • You do not support violence against gays (as a societal group)
  • You believe what happens in the bedroom is the business of two consenting adults and not the government
  • You support the rights of same-sex couples to conceive a child through surrogacy
  • You condemn the unequal treatment of gay people at restaurants, grocery stores, or other public places (This does not include private and personal businesses such as caterers or photographers in situations where they would have to violate their religious beliefs or convictions (you should support the right of the business owner to refuse service in these limited instances))
  • You support the equal access for gays to public services such as the police, fire, or paramedics and do not believe they should be able to refuse or be biased with any vital or life-saving service they provide
  • You condemn hate crimes or groups that execute gays for their sexuality (IE: Islam, the incarceration & execution of gays in Chechnya, gay bashings, etc)
 You do not necessarily need to support these things as I myself do not support or am not strongly for or against these:
  • Gay Marriage
  • Same Sex Adoption Rights
  • Banning Conversion Therapy
  • Gay Pride Rallies
  • Teaching Homosexuality to School Children