Mario’s Picross

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He’s watching…

It’s a plotless game. A plotless puzzle Game Boy game. A powerful plotless puzzle Game Boy game. Perhaps playing powerful plotless puzzlers pleasantly passes protracted periods. Excuse me.


What’s their game?


Is this a picross? Image from New York Times

The purpose is to draw a specific picture using the “instructions” given. For what there is of a plot, you are playing as Mario at some Egyptian ruin “chiseling” the images because he doesn’t want ants to get at them or something. He doesn’t know, he was drunk. The screen is taken up by a grid with squares for each space (unlike a certain other “grid” for “leveling up”). The controls allow you to mark a square so that you know not to chisel it, remove a mark, chisel the square, or unchisel one (this is only useful in Time Trial, for the other modes any tiles you chisel that should not be chiseled are unchiseled automatically. Chisel Chisel Chisel Chisel CHISEL!).

You are given grids of varying sizes in the tutorial stage and easy mode. The normal


Is THIS a picross? Original image from Village Inn

mode presents only 15×15 grids. Regardless of size, you’re given 30 minutes to finish a puzzle. My cousin picked it up, started randomly guessing spots, and was out of time inside of 30 seconds. That’s because when you chisel the wrong area, you lose a bit of time on the clock. Each wrong area takes away increasingly larger chunks of your allotted time, with the largest being 8 minutes.

The tutorial is of course a good starting point, but to me its explanation about the numbers to the left and on top of the grid was faulty. I probably just misread it. The numbers are the “instructions” for each picture- they tell you how many squares to chisel in the row or column they line up with. They don’t tell you where in the row or column that the chiseling needs to happen, just the amount that needs to be done and in what order it should be done. For example: “5” means five squares together need to be chiseled while “5 1 2” means five squares together need to be chiseled, followed by one square, followed by two squares. Each one of these sets of chiseled squares would be separated by at least one non-chiseled square, so it would look something like 55555x1x22 where x is a non-chiseled square.

Tips (I usually do 15-20%)

There are shortcuts to take, and every puzzle is solvable with the information given,

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The puzzle grid. Notice how I used my tip to fill in the 2nd row from the bottom a little bit. Chisel on, fellow players too cheap to buy stuff that lets you take a proper screenshot!

so no the game is not broken. We’re just dumb as hell. The most useful shortcut I found was that if you’re told that you need to chisel a group greater than half the number of spaces in the row or column, you can chisel the center spot safely. So if you had a row of 15, and you needed to fill 8 together, you can chisel the spot that’s in the middle (8 spaces in). If you had a row of 15 and you needed to fill 10 together, you can chisel out the center 5.

So… that’s about it. There are at least 192 puzzles, over 128 of which are 15×15. I say “at least” and “over” because once you complete the first 192 you get a Time Trial mode, wherein the mechanics change somewhat in that you have an infinite amount of time to solve a puzzle and you are not told if you chisel the wrong space. Unless my memory is failing me, the first puzzle I completed in that was unique from the previous 192, so that potentially means many more puzzles than I’ve seen so far. And to the best of my ability to determine, at this point the puzzles become impossible. Give up.

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Says right here that it’s Super Game Boy compatible. Next to Mario’s soulless, vacant stare.

Oh yeah, this game is enhanced by the Super Game Boy. It doesn’t do much. I didn’t notice any fancy colorization like some games do (and yet still can look inferior to their Game Gear counterparts as “Star Trek Generations” showed). All I saw were two different borders around the screen. I would suggest playing it using the Super Game Boy since I’d imagine whatever appears on the TV screen would be easier to see than on the Game Boy’s screen, unless your SNES is connected to your Game Gear. Sometimes exhaustion and insufficient lighting make the tiny numbers blend together.

Yup, That’s It



“HAHA! Your official movie tie-in jigsaw puzzle shows a version of the ship that didn’t appear in the movie!” See? Doesn’t work. You can’t make fun of a jigsaw puzzle. Image from Fordos Models

To those expecting a scathing review like I gave to “They Were 11”, sorry to disappoint.   The material is lacking. What exactly am I going to make fun of? TELL ME! There’s no plot to put holes in, other than apparently Mario committing vandalism against Egyptian landmarks which last I heard was a criminal offense. Other than this bizarre item there’s nothing to mock, there’s no there there as our thought leaders like to say. It’d be like making fun of a jigsaw puzzle.

I find this game addicting. It has a strange effect on me, to where it puts me to sleep after I’ve done a few of the puzzles. So… I’m addicted to a sedative. Mario’s Picross is part of the opioid epidemic.

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Title Screen for a Schedule II Controlled Video Game

Getting Control


Guns. From Nintendo’s Goldeneye (N64)

Guns make me nervous. I’ve fired real ones and was scared to death doing so. I hate loud noises too, so that does not help. Unlike the bedwetters on the Left, even though I’m not a huge fan of the devices I acknowledge the people’s right to own firearms and their utility in matters from defense to hunting (for food). I don’t want things that I don’t understand or can’t tolerate being banned (though the Left sure makes it tempting to flip-flop on that).

Our story today is motivated by the mass shooting in Florida. We express our deepest sympathies for the victims and their families.

Before the bodies were cold the media was demanding more gun control. ANY gun control.

As for these partisan hacks like Jimmy Kimmel who claim it’s never too soon after a shooting to go into a gun control debate, bear in mind that rash action seldom solves problems. Democrats themselves on this issue have been the poster boys for that. Hardly any of the legislation they propose reflexively after a shooting would stop said shooting from having taken place. We’ve even had shootings where the Left demands more gun control despite the fact that there were sufficient measures in place; the problem was that the people enforcing them acted badly. Democrats will be out calling for random action before they even know vital details of what happened.


I’ve come to learn that I don’t much like Jimmy Kimmel. Image from ABC

Speaking of reflex responses, liberals (Jimmy Kimmel of course, as well as CBS) have adopted a new response to shootings: saying that Trump is a hypocrite because he is quick to attack illegals and call for deportation but then calls for a measured response to gun violence. That’s because the problem with illegals is self-evident: THEY SHOULDN’T BE HERE… that’s why people on the Right call them “illegals”. That’s like saying someone is a hypocrite for immediately knowing they should get a glass of water when they are thirsty but taking hours to complete a test at school. Now there may be complex issues motivating the illegals to run people over while drunk or shoot people or whatever, but the solution is already a LAW: get rid of them. If it saves just one life, right? (WRONG, because even stats that anti-gun folks use show that at least one life is saved by having a gun, yet that argument only works AGAINST guns, not in favor of them, according to our intellectual superiors).


I suppose it’s a false comparison with illegal immigrants. Democrat Congressmen and Senators were booing when Trump mentioned illegal immigrants killing American citizens, right in front of relatives of such victims. Anyone remember when they said Trump was a terrible human for an allegedly insensitive phone call when that one nitwit Congresswoman said she wanted to cuss at the President? I’ll bet that same… creature… was booing in front of the victims’ families too. It’s clear where the line of compassion starts- Democrats repeatedly have shown they only care about saving one life when it involves restricting the rights of citizens, mostly Republicans.

The Left, and CBS in particular as seen in the above CBS link, also are now saying that Trump is a hypocrite because he says mental health issues are the problem, yet rolled back an Obama-era regulation so that people with mental health issues can now buy guns. They also claim that Medicaid cutbacks are an attack on therapy for mental health issues. The latter is of course just stupid to say, Medicaid is so full of waste spending that we could probably cut most if it and still get the same lousy level of service. As for rolling back that Obama-era regulation, the ACLU opposed that regulation because it was a violation of people’s rights. You remember the ACLU right, the ones typically favored by liberals? One of their board members said he would kill Trump voters? Those guys? I guess noted attorney Harvey Dent was right.

A Tangent

Coming off of the CBS screed, I’ll point out the usual about how the mainstream media tends to ignore blacks shooting each other. I see it on the local news every evening it seems, but only 3 or more dead at a school or at an office appears to get the Left’s attention. It’s almost like they’re trying to bury black-on-black crime reports if I were to wax conspiratorial. If the Left cared about black shootings, the national news programs and papers would be dominated by crime reports from liberal haven Chicago.

Also in regards to the Left/shootings/African American community- they tell the citizens they don’t need guns, that law enforcement will be enough to handle any criminals or shooters that trouble us, except they also say that you can’t trust the racistpigs”. So if you’re an African American, what are you supposed to think? Why does your trusted Democrat want you to give up your gun and trust the police while at the same time telling you that you can’t trust the police? Why does your trusted liberal tout the support of the evil police? Why do your trusted liberals suggest banning guns to PROTECT the police?


The typical Leftist response in the wake of a mass shooting is to call for more gun control legislation, as mentioned above. Great, but how come that wasn’t always the case? Remember when Major Hassan shot up Ft. Hood and the Obama Administration said it was workplace violence? Why wasn’t there a strong drive for gun control then? For that matter, in the wake of the Binghamton shootings, where was the call for gun control?

Remember: in addition to having the most governors at the time, Democrats had the House of Representatives starting in 2007, they also had the Senate starting in 2007, and they had the Presidency starting in 2009. It wasn’t until January 2011 that a Republican majority was present in the House to disrupt the Democrats’ agenda. In the time Democrats controlled all of this, there were four mass shootings where 10 or more people were killed. Why wasn’t gun control rammed through if it’s so important an issue?

Nancy Pelosi (from Jan 2007-Jan 2011 she was Speaker of the House of Representatives,


Map of the 111th Congress, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as House Speaker. Image from Wikimedia Commons

second in line for the Presidency if the real one were killed) said in February of 2018 that when Democrats owned the government no one was clamoring for gun control. Four mass shootings (Virginia Tech, Binghamton, Ft. Hood, Geneva), 68 people dead (71 if we count the shooters), and Democrats didn’t really care about gun control according to the recollection of THEIR LEADERSHIP!


I’ll cut you apologists off right now who say Democrats couldn’t have done anything. They could’ve passed the bill in the House, ratified it in the Senate, and in 2009 and 2010 Obama could’ve signed the bill into law. Though they didn’t have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate they could’ve invoked the nuclear option if the issue was important enough. Or are you going to tell me that getting Obama’s political appointees approved in 2013 was so vital that it demanded the filibuster be overturned, but saving lives wasn’t? Even in 2007 and 2008 when Democrats did not have the Presidency they could’ve either pressured George W. Bush to sign the bill into law or pressured a couple of Republicans to overturn a Presidential veto. We’ve seen how easily Republican senators surrender plenty of times. There was a motive and opportunity to pass gun control legislation, yet Democrats refused.

But then January 2011 came around, and Republicans had the House again. And looky here, CBS reports that over 100 measures were introduced by Democrats between January 2011 and 2016. Clearly Democrats aren’t short on ideas for how to stop gun violence, and obviously mass shootings didn’t stop just because Democrats ran the country, so where was this legislation when Democrats could’ve rammed it through like they did with Obamacare? Why did they wait until AFTER Republicans had the House?

On the subject of waiting- why is it only now that high school kids are organizing nationwide marches against gun violence? It certainly isn’t the first time a high school was the site of a mass shooting. Where was this kind of mass dissatisfaction before? It’s like with Antifa- why did that suddenly spring up to stop Trump? Where was it when all the other fascist Republicans were running? Why do we only see organized efforts to #resist when a Republican is in office, yet when Democrats are in control and the same tragedies happen we see no comparable efforts (just like with Democrats in government)? More importantly- how exactly are a bunch of high school kids organizing nationwide, to begin with? Maybe as with Antifa, they’re getting help, like the Left alleges with the Tea Party.


What Are These Fixes That Democrats Suddenly Realized After January 1, 2011?

Usually, they go for banning “assault weapons”- civilian rifles that just happen to look like military hardware but can only achieve such a performance if illegally modified. Of course, banning any weapon that can be used in an attack means banning all of them. Right? Besides, even the Washington Post wonders if such a ban would do anything. Perhaps it would prevent people from being killed with “assault weapons”, but as mass stabbings and killings via truck or pressure cooker show, interfering with our choices for a hunting rifle hardly will do anything to deter killers.

They claim law-abiding citizens need more background checks and less access to assault weapons even if the guns used in a shooting were stolen. They claim we need more background checks even if the ones in place are entirely sufficient, but either were not executed properly by the bureaucrats or the information that legally was required to be there was left out due to some bureaucrat’s negligence. As always, the Left’s solution to negligent bureaucrats is to give them more money and grow the government rather than to reform what’s already there into something effective. That’s why the IRS has major conferences near Disneyland and pays bonuses to bad employees while their computers still run Windows XP well past when Microsoft stopped supporting it.

It’s a consistent pattern with the Left that when current laws aren’t used properly, their

solution is more laws and more government rather than reforming the present system. Like with the alleged wage gap- it’s been illegal to pay women less than men for the same work for 40-50 years now, yet in the past 8 years we’ve been hearing all about how women earn less and we need legislation to solve that problem.


Here’s another winner the Democrats proposed, now that we’re on the subject of bureaucrats and laws. Democrats wanted a secret list to be created of people who aren’t allowed to buy guns. You wouldn’t know that you were on the list until you went to buy a gun, and it would be near-impossible to get your name off the list. Any bureaucrat or politician could put your name on that list for any reason. You would’ve heard this in the media last year after various shootings- it is the idea that people on the “no-fly” list should not be allowed to buy guns either. Basically, if anyone claims you are a terrorist or whatever, you can be denied your 2nd Amendment rights without a trial or notification, which is as complete a violation of the Constitution as you can get. Basically, the Left wants to be able to tell you which rights you are allowed to have.

This ties-in to another gun control measure the Left wants. Recall how liberals, even Democrats in Congress, are saying that Trump supporters are terrorists and dangerousTHESE are the people that would be deciding who goes on the secret no-gun list. What this ties-in to is the idea of meeting a certain standard of mental health before being allowed to buy a gun. It would be these same people, the ones who say gun owners are scared and ignorant, that judge whether you are mentally fit to own a gun.

Would you trust a Republican who said they wanted to redraw a district just to make voting fairer?

It’s a good segue from above- we might agree that one should be sane when purchasing a firearm, but the Right and Left have different definitions of sane, thus we automatically must assume that such measures would be executed in bad faith. So it is with any gun control measure- the Left has made it plain that they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, therefore when it comes time to talk gun control we naturally will be reticent to surrender ANY rights, whether or not the reforms proposed make sense. Of course, the Left either can’t or won’t acknowledge this, they just say the NRA boogeyman (gun control’s equivalent to what the Russians are for elections according to the Left) is preventing legislation from passing and is also brainwashing people. This certainly makes any attempts at debate by the Left appear to be in bad faith, much as they probably assume the NRA corrupts all Rightwing positions, so in the end, we’re not going to resolve this issue.


I guess the Right really did collude with the Russians. The NRA worked with the Russians to brainwash everyone! Their spokesman could not be reached for comment at the time of publishing. Image from The Manchurian Candidate (United Artists, 1962)


Lighting Democrats On FISA

We finally saw the much-ballyhooed House GOP FISA memo. It confirms what Rep. John Jordan (R-OH) speculated back in December: that the bogus Fusion GPS Trump Dossier was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on members of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign. At the time, the Dossier was unverified. When presented to the judge who granted the FISA warrant, no one mentioned the DNC’s involvement (and no, Republicans were NOT involved with the Dossier contrary to what the media is STILL reporting, the one GOPer involved pulled funding early on and no work up to that point was used. That’s like saying that the writers for the abandoned “Star Trek Planet of the Titans” project should receive credit for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”!). Another item used to justify the FISA warrant was a news report that allegedly corroborated the Dossier, except the evidence the news report cited was leaked information from the Dossier’s author. The wife of a senior DOJ official involved with people who approved the FISA warrant had worked on the Dossier. The DNC paid for this Dossier, and the FBI almost put money towards it.

So basically- a political hit job full of salacious innuendo that was grown by the DNC was then sent to the FBI, who were ready and willing to pay for it too. Then it was used, without anyone checking for accuracy, to get FISA warrants so that the government could legally spy on Trump’s campaign. Oh yeah, and at least two of the people working on the Dossier had strong ties to the DOJ and FBI, and the Dossier’s author hated Trump with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican Presidential Campaign had fabricated evidence against the Democrats, (almost) got the FBI to pay for it, and then used that fake evidence to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Democrats legally? Ironically, it’s the Left characterizing the release of this memo as a Nixonian move by Republicans.

Some Say It’s Significant, But Others…

Let’s address the donkey in the room- the Democrat Party’s frantic response to this. The


The Hula Burger was the original nothingburger. Photo from mid-card nothingburger USA Today.

media (propaganda arm of the DNC, since most journalists vote Democrat and most of their donations apparently go to Democrats, and their union sends money that way too) has been quick to say this dreaded, evil thing they have been railing against is really nothing at all.


Despite claims from Republicans to the contrary and despite the fact that the memo does not say anything about more than a couple of named FBI folks, one CNN pundit commented that the FBI at large was being attacked, and other leftwing media cronies back him up on it. If talking about some individuals is an attack on the whole, where were these folks when Democrats attacked the FBI Director in 2016? More importantly, with Democrats now saying it’s wrong to attack the FBI, and to insult it is to attack the Constitution, how come it was alright to attack the FBI in 2016 to begin with? Oh, right… And didn’t the FBI Director himself under Obama say that law enforcement was full of evil racists anyway?

As with claiming that the memo was an attack on the FBI despite statements to the contrary, Democrats have also claimed that this memo is an attack on Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation… despite statements to the contrary and in spite of what the memo itself says. Don’t worry Democrats, your precious insurance policy is still intact.

Scandalous Comparison

Let’s think about the treatment of this memo for a moment. Despite not a shred of evidence being found as admitted by Democrats themselves, the media pushes the Trump-Russia collusion narrative as if it were fact. When the Fusion GPS Dossier was released by BuzzFeed, the Left started embracing it, and still now despite the initial controversy, as fact despite it still being unverified (one year after BuzzFeed released it, longer still since when it would’ve been used to get a FISA warrant). Yet now with this GOP FISA memo, suddenly conclusions from a Congressional Committee have less weight than tall tales of collusion and unconfirmed innuendo that belongs in the National Enquirer? Really? If the partisanship were any thicker and any more transparent, you’d be able to build a glass house in the Marianas Trench with it!

Is The Best Way To Fight Alleged Partisanship To Incoherently Apply Some Of Your Own?


On the right is Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). Fittingly pictured on the Left is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), whose histrionics about the memo, which he read, before its release is contradicted by the media/Democrat’s dismissal of it as a nothingburger. That’s it, I’m making burgers tonight. Photo from New York Post

In the leadup to the memo’s release, Democrat politicians were far from honest. Take Rep. Adam Schiff, a sniveling, putrid, pathetic little weasel of a human being whose arrogance as he lies to the public bothers me to no end (I’ve been forced to listen to him for many months), who stated that the FBI agents that reviewed the FISA memo said it had factual inaccuracies. Except the agents said they found no such inaccuracies. Note the date for the video and the date for the report: Schiff made his statement AFTER the agents’ findings had come out. Remember, Schiff serves as Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


Then we have poor confused Nancy Pelosi. I sometimes think that Democrats in San Francisco keep voting for her because that’s the only way they have of getting her to stay the heck away for most of the year. Throwing in a shout-out to our Baltimore readers, I want to point out that she is a transplant from there; her father and brother were both mayors of that town. Granted, not much difference between San Francisco and Baltimore these days. Anyway, No Pelotas said on CNN, within a minute or so mind you, that the Democrats’ own memo designed to counter the GOP’s memo would have items redacted because the Democrats want them to be redacted, but also that the GOP is obstructing the release of the memo by forcing the Democrats to have the very redacting process that Democrats asked for.

Another one on Pelosi- in that same interview, host Chris Cuomo asks her if her position is that releasing the GOP FISA memo would not be damaging because it does not show any wrongdoing. Pelosi confirms this to be true but then goes on to say that this memo which shows no wrongdoing is entirely a lie (actual quote: “it’s not even true”). So… it’s a lie that nothing happened? I’ll buy that. She was having a rough night- she said that intelligence is about fact and not a “false memo based on a false premise”, sort of ignoring the Fusion GPS Dossier used by the FBI that started all of this.

Yet another Democrat protest has been that the released version of the GOP’s FISA memo was altered from the one that Democrats had seen. Democrats seem to feel this was a troubling, wrong, sneaky thing to do. Except the changes to the memo were small, mostly grammatical, and came at the recommendation of the FBI and the Democrats themselves!

So first the Democrats claim GOP obstruction because the GOP gives them what they want and puts the Democrat FISA counter-memo through redactions, then the Democrats claim that a memo they never saw before is being released even though the only changes were ones that Democrats themselves suggested. Maybe Democrats are trying to break into the bread market with these Partisan-bred attacks. Ok, I’ll concede that any Antifa death threats against me are warranted if they’re triggered by that pun.

More Responses To Responses

This response only warrants a footnote, but the Democrat notion that the GOP memo is


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has to worry about a lot of leaks at her age. (AP Photo/Khue Bui)

being released without the needed context to understand why it is unimportant is quite hypocritical given that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) leaked some testimony which was missing needed context too! You remember, the stuff she said that her head cold made her release.

One other DNC response I want to address is their claim that the GOP FISA memo contained sensitive info. First of all, since when did the Dems give a whit about classified/sensitive/private info? They’ve been begging for and reporting on leaks from the Trump White House ever since he got into office, some of which even could have or had diplomatic repercussions. Add to that their cavalier attitude towards classified info that Hillary Clinton herself leaked when she made her emails public (while denying there was any classified info) and you wonder where this sudden interest in the integrity of our government’s ability to keep secrets came from. Adding insult to injury, there’s nothing classified in the GOP memo anyway despite all these claims that it contains secrets that will get people killed or whatever.

While the Dems have launched quite the campaign of denial, one other irony escapes them. The Fusion GPS Dossier that started all of this, which the DNC funded and the FBI used, probably was put together with the help of the Russians. A Democrat Senator even tried to collaborate with the Russians to learn more about it (remember when reading that article- the Left said that Trump’s son meeting with a Russian lawyer to talk about dirt on Clinton was close to treason, as stated by the other Senator from the aforementioned Democrat’s state).

Where’s The Beef?

Ever since 2016, Democrats have been trying to say the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians to get him elected. Yet here we have evidence that the CLINTON CAMPAIGN was the one doing the colluding. Certainly, for those liberals in the audience, you MUST concede that the link between the Clinton Campaign and the Russians presented here is far more sturdy than any link that could exist between Trump and Russia, otherwise 20 months of journalists and government agents investigating the matter would have revealed the Trump collusion by now just as it had this link between the Clinton camp and Russia, or at least some scintilla of evidence.  Aren’t endless, factless, politically-driven investigations what you all kept accusing the GOP of regarding Benghazi and the IRS?  And if you think for one second that this government with its anti-Trump employees that leak everything they can get their grubby little paws on wouldn’t leak genuine evidence of collusion if it existed, if you think folks like Feinstein who feel the need to leak classified testimony wouldn’t drop other stuff if it existed, then you really need some fresh air. Stop reading this and go for a walk or something. Sniffing your own farts isn’t healthy. I know, I know, there will be a nice big tantrum awaiting me in the comments section even though all I wanted to do was work a South Park reference into this.


Pictured from left to right: A phony scandal and phony human. Images from CNN and The Washington Times

The Case for the Deep State

(*Update: Even as I wrote this article, Andrew McCabe resigned from his position at the FBI.)


A year ago, if you told me there was some kind of Deep State within our government I would have probably laughed at you. Even with the DNC and Media trying to influence the election, the thought that there was an internal force influencing things was just too much for me to believe. A year later however, it has become clear to me that the external forces I just mentioned act in concert with an internal force within our government that is dedicated to advancing a certain agenda. The idea that a cabal of unelected officials is making decisions with no respect to the will of the American people is a scary thought, but the evidence is there. And the scariest thing is that they are seeing an unthinkable amount of success working against our president.

How Did it Start and to Whom do They Answer?


Barack Obama Image from

Make no mistake, there is no mystery as to who the Deep State works for. The Deep State really started to form in 2009, during the first term of President Barack Obama. The very nature of the Deep State itself is that it is composed of officials appointed by Barack Obama and the people they hired within multiple government agencies. As such, there is no question that the Deep State serves the political agenda of the Democratic Party, and they are willing to go as far as undermining our Republic and committing criminal acts to make sure the ill-gotten gains of the past 8 years are not undone. This includes the dismantling of their own power structure within the government agencies. The Deep State has operated with very little opposition for the past 8 years, and so like roaches that can survive a nuclear apocalypse, they are very hard to uproot.


George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

So how can I pinpoint when the Deep State was formed with such certainty? That is quite simple, looking at the 2 previous administrations as well as the current administration, one can observe the differences in resistance to the executive office’s agenda. During the Administration of George Bush, he faced average resistance, however he was able to operate a functional government and at no time were whole agencies working against him. This is typical of a presidential administration, Bush had individuals within those agencies go rouge but never an entire agency. During Barack Obamas Presidency however he did not have any agencies work against him, however they were too cooperative and acted as his cronies to attack political opposition. This is not normal at all for a Presidential Administration and it constitutes a severe breach of ethics that borders on criminal behavior. Finally, during the Trump Administration, we see whole agencies leaking partial information designed to damage the president, engaging in wasteful and clearly partisan investigations against the president, colluding against the president, dereliction of duty, all things that are so totally abnormal.

State of Unintelligence


Intelligence Agencies have done a huge amount of dirty work for the Deep State.

As I mentioned before the culprits are political appointees and those hired by them, and nowhere is the behavior more brazen and more dangerous than in the intelligence communities. This first became apparent in February when reports came out that along with agents leaking information to damage the president, Intelligence agencies like the CIA were actually withholding intelligence information from President Trump. The next scandal to arise involved the fact that intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration illegally acquired FISA warrants to wiretap the phones of Trump’s Associates, using a widely discredited dossier which was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. What is really scandalous to me is that figures like FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who knew about this and lied under oath about it are still allowed to hold onto their positions*. Even chronically dishonest Chuck Schumer Puppet James Comey was fired for his corruption.


Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had exchanged a huge volume of text messages expressing their hatred of Trump before and during their involvement in the farcical Russian Collusion investigation. -Image from

Another big scandal involving the Deep State ridden FBI also involves the fraudulent Russia Investigation and the inadequate Clinton Email Investigation. FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who had both worked on Robert Mullers Russia Probe were found to have expressed a clear bias against Donald Trump in messages found on their FBI Mobile Devices. This beautiful scandal has blossomed like a Bloomin Onion at Outback Steakhouse, with missing texts which were mysteriously recovered when the heat was put on the FBI. Some choice material within those texts were not just plain anti-Trump talk but also talk of a secret society to take Trump down after the election and efforts to hamper the Clinton Email investigation. Of course, predictably the Alt-Left Media continues to poo-poo the investigations and the accusations even as it blows up in their face.

Ministry of Love


Derrick Watson was appointed to the Federal Bench by Barack Obama.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece about fascism “1984”, there was a so-called “Ministry of Love” that was supposed to deal out justice but instead furthered the corrupt machinations of “Big Brother”. During his 8 years in office, Obama through a series of judicial and departmental appointments managed to turn our judicial system, including the DOJ, into the Democrats own private Ministry of Love. Even now that rot exists, especially in the corrupt 9th Circut of the federal courts which have routinely tried to prevent the Trump Administration’s agenda with a series of rulings that ignored the laws of this country and served only the politics of this countries political left. Take for example the case of judge Derrick Watson, a political appointee from the Obama Regime who ruled against the Trump Travel ban 3 times based off of cases with a flimsy pretext, and has been overruled by the Supreme Court every time an appeal made it to their desk. Even after having his ruling overturned by the Supreme Court the first time, Judge Watson tried to effectively invalidate the Supreme Courts decision by presenting an opportunistic interpretation of the language of their ruling, an interpretation which also got overturned.


Robert Muller was appointed to be the supposedly impartial Special Counsel into allegations of Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, however, his probe has only lead to a scandal surrounding his own actions.

Next, of course, we have the phony Russian Collusion probe headed by Robert Muller, a hardcore leftist and longtime friend of James Comey. From the start of this farce, he has shown that he never intended to perform an impartial probe, opting to appoint a cavalcade of far left anti-trump judges and lawyers to his investigation team. He has also violated normal courtesies afforded to a cooperative suspect when he ordered an early morning armed raid on Paul Manaforts home where agents manhandled him and his wife, a clear attempt at intimidation. And of course, it doesn’t help that the only indictments he has filed so far are against Trump aids and their associates for alleged crimes that have no connection to the 2016 election, prompting one of them to file a lawsuit against Mueller and the DOJ. Luckily this corrupt behavior will hopefully result not just in Mueller’s Probe being ended as well as his own prosecution, we may even see other officials who have lied or contributed to the corruption going down with Mueller.

Goebbels Wet Dream


The Mainstream media has managed to become a running joke.

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own will.” When Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said this I am sure he never dreamed it would apply so well to the American Mainstream Media. Then again, due to how ridiculous they are he may have been a bit dismayed that they have undertaken the task of being the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democratic Party in such a crude manner. After all, there is no way to effectively push propaganda when your headlines revolve around how many scoops of ice cream somebody gets. When you peddle stuff like that as well as easily debunked lies, well you just aren’t peddling effective propaganda to the masses.


Most “Mainstream Media” Outlets colluded with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election

Of course, thanks to the WikiLeaks dump of the DNC and podesta emails, only the most willfully ignorant can pretend that they are impartial agents of truth. Thanks to the WikiLeaks dumps of the DNC and Podesta emails, we know for a fact that the DNC and Hillary colluded with the Media in an inappropriate manner. Thanks to Julian Assange, we now know who colluded with the Clintons and what networks they were a part of, but sadly we also have reason never to trust the mainstream media again. Notable outlets and publications, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Hill, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CNN, these supposed trustworthy scoursed were in direct contact with the Clinton Campaign to ensure coverage of her was positive and even to coordinate stories. In addition to them were biased Alt-Left outlets like The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vox, Buzzfeed, Vice, Now This, outlets only popular with the most radical leftists and which we never expected honesty from. The additional issue though is how unprecedented it is for a political campaign to direct the media during an election year about what to report and how to report it. Then again though, Democrats resorted to Fascism for the past 8 years, it was only a matter of time before they took a page from Goebbels playbook.

Not so Private Enterprise


Social Media and Tech Companies have shown an extreme left-wing bias for a long time now.

A new social trend has been to get news from social media as these sites have convenient features that show you “trending” stories from sites tailored to your preferences. At least that is what they say, in reality, though they have demonstrated a long-term and established bias against conservative ideas and voices. Websites like Facebook routinely ban and block conservative-leaning accounts that post offensive memes.  while turning a blind eye to left-leaning accounts that promote criminal activity. Instagram banned a conservative comedy group without giving any explanation of what rules they violated if they violated any at all. And along with banning Milo Yiannopolous on a flimsy pretext, Twitter also was caught suppressing a hashtag critical of Hillary Clinton.


The thought that information or things like your phone can be used to try and manipulate your opinion is terrifying.

Other tech giants have been demonstrably biased, and this should really scare us as these tech giants I mention produce the software for that phone you are likely reading this on. One example is apple, in 2016 they rejected a game poking fun at Hillary Clinton despite having an overwhelming number of Anti-Trump games. Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant has been making rounds in the news lately as it was discovered the AI is programmed with a pro-leftist political agenda. What alarms me most is the behavior of Google, the worlds largest search engine was caught burying search suggestions critical of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Google is also currently facing a lawsuit from 2 former employees for wrongful termination, in which details highlighting googles systematic discrimination against heterosexuals, whites, men, and conservatives have come to light.

Pervers de Noblesse Oblige


Billionaire and Former Nazi George Soros

Among the outlying Deep State actors are a group of extremely rich people telling poor people what is best for them cause they are their allies and other rich people are the enemies. Shady and possibly Faustian Power Broker George Soros is a prime example. Known for his funding of the criminal “Community Activism” group A.C.O.R.N. which engaged in numerous criminal acts, he has an extensive resume of trying to influence politics worldwide. Of recent interest, he has also been caught giving funding to an ANTIFA domestic terrorist group. The DOJ is now investigating this as well and hopefully, this will lead to an indictment against Soros. He was also one of the largest campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential run.


Artist Moby Lectured the Electoral College on decency. He is one to talk right?

Soros is not the only Billionaire putting his pen in the Deep State ink, a prominent sufferer of TDS Tom Steyer has dumped millions of dollars into an ad campaign calling for Trumps Impeachment. The impeachable offense he invokes is Treason, the Treasonous act of pulling out of the Paris Climate accord which asked our country to take a hit to our economy while leaving the worlds highest polluters to go on with business as usual. Speaking of TDS, remember how a bunch of celebrities who donated millions to Clinton pleaded for Republican members of the Electoral College to ignore the choice of the people they are supposed to represent? Luckily America is sick of their hypocrisy though, especially considering their seedy underworld of rapists and perverts they shelter. The damage they have done though is innumerable as for decades they have been putting their money behind corrupt politicians and acting as mouthpieces for the agenda of the American left wing. If there were ideological diversity in Hollywood this would be a different matter entirely. Sadly this is not the case, Hollywood Conservatives often face rejection and blacklisting from the “open” and “tolerant” Hollywood Left.

How do These Dots Connect?


The Deep State Runs Deep within the DC Beltway

Believe it or not, while some of these are seemingly unrelated they are connected in one way or another. From top to bottom, The rich fund the politicians who appoint the officials who work against the opposition while the media ignores the scandals and the famous instruct the masses what to think and the tech companies control the flow of information. I know it sounds convoluted. To simplify it, all of these things are connected to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the root of the Deep State, because as you will notice all of the actions of the Deep State benefit them from the Uranium One Deal to the bogus Russian Collusion Probe.


Thanks to their hypocritical bullshit along with greater awareness, younger people have begun to reject the Democratic Party which created the deep state more and more.

How do we fix the Problem? Well first would be to purge the Government agencies of Obama Era Appointees, the elements within the government are the only part of the deep state that poses an actual threat and ties it all together. But as Mr. F.L.A.G. covered in his piece about political appointee’s, this is very hard to do. Since the Democratic Party is the real problem and since they have engaged in criminal behavior with criminal elements, a Federal RICO case resulting in arrests and their dismantlement would work. This would also take care of Deep State elements in other area’s I mentioned if they are found to have knowingly contributed to criminal behavior. The best part of this is that it does not really harm our Democracy, another party like the Green Party or Libertarians can fill in that political void. But this is all a moot point as we are a long way off before any solution is possible, but the good news is that it looks like we are winning the battle.