Walking off the Plantation: When Democrats Attack the Minorities They Claim to Look Out For.

For the longest while we have seen a lot of non-white Republicans out there breaking the Democrats narrative that all Republicans are old racist white men and that the Democrats are their friends, a narrative we know to be the opposite of the truth. Successful men and women like Herman Cain, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson have all sought the Republican nomination for president. Now you might think that a lot of what they have to say about Democrats being divisive would reach a lot of African-American, Gay, or Women voters, but somehow it doesn’t. Well, that’s because like in the old days of the Confederacy when someone from one of these Minority Groups, whom Democrats view as their slaves, walks off of the happy left-wing plantation, they are attacked by the left. Democrats have never changed their tactics, even 200 years later they keep their obedient house slaves. These blindly loyal members of the DNC are kept to stir up sentiment against any Black or Gay or Woman who dares defy the DNC Plantation.

Institutionalized bigotry, a hallmark of the 18th and 19th Centuries, has been reborn for the 21st Century and rebranded to fit the Left’s new agenda. The past 4 years have been rife with examples of this sick strategy. I want to highlight the most obvious ones. Take, for example, Ben Carson. He was my first choice during this year’s Primary season. President-Elect Carson has a nice ring to it, but alas, he was targeted by the Media and the usual token liberal pundits. Take for example University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler, who used a racial slur on Ben Carson in response to his defense of free expression. One wonders why a professor of religion even feels the need to comment on politics, but then you have to remember in academia there is always a liberal pundit just itching to commit proxy character assassination behalf of the Democrats. And let us not also forget how recently Democrats called Carson “Grossly Unqualified” to be in charge of HUD, despite the fact he grew up in housing run by HUD. Sounds like they consider him unqualified because he might actually do something to improve the quality of life for the poor souls stuck in public housing.


Don’t forget the media hit job on Carson claiming that his appointment to West Point, as described in his book, “Gifted Hands,” was bogus. The Daily Wire immediately debunked this claim but Politico, the website that originally broke this “Fake News,” denied any wrongdoing and doubled down on their false accusations. Politico eventually gutted the original article, attaching an insincere editor’s note. They couldn’t be bothered with printing a full retraction and admitting wrongdoing. However, the damage was done. But that figures, their sole objective was to marginalize any black man with the gumption and fortitude to claw his way out of poverty and challenge the left’s narrative.


Milo Yiannopoulos has proudly earned the rank of “Most Dangerous” in the left’s eyes. Not only does he espouse Libertarian values, denounce Liberalism, and ridicule feminism, he dissects and eviscerates the Liberal dogma, and he does it with flair and a vengeance, and to add insult to injury,  as an openly gay man.  This enrages the left to no end and also inspired me to start this blog. Milo represents the breaking of the Liberals’ hold on the LGBT community, though it is an uphill battle. Milo has been called many things; the left is never at a loss for ad-hominem attacks. “Fake Gay” or “Gay Fascist” are just a couple of labels used to refer to him; many times these labels have been targeted at me as for being like Milo. Unphased, Milo laughs at the charges such as “White Supremacist” and at a recent event, destroyed one such heckler with his now famous “cross-examination.” It’s not the route I would have taken but it was pretty funny and is part of his extreme popularity with conservative college students. While these attacks don’t hurt Milo, they discourage young gay men who might otherwise follow his lead and exercise a little free speech and self-determination. Protests against Milo by so-called pro-LGBT groups (which are more like far-left terrorist groups) are all the rage on college campuses. This sad one man protest, depicted below by a guy I would otherwise find attractive (if not for his apparent inability to form an original thought), is typical of the group-thought riddling academia.  So sad. 😥


I’d say most shocking recently have been liberal reactions to Melania Trump, The First Lady Elect and the rest of the First Family. So far we have seen shocking behaviors such as hack celebrities insinuating his son has autism to a Brooklyn lawyer and his husband, a professor at Hunter College, attempting to harass Ivanka Trump and her family on a Jet Blue Flight.


The most shocking behavior though has been directed at the first lady from the same Liberals calling her husband a sexist womanizer. I mean of course he is, but the Democrats feel they are the only ones with a right to be sexist. I mean after all designer’s who designed Michelle Obama’s clothing for the past 8 years have without even being asked refused to design a dress for Melania to wear to the inauguration. “Hey guys, let’s get back at that sexist Donald Trump by being sexist towards his wife.” is what I imagine these total Fascist’s said to themselves when they decided to bray their idiocy from the MSM mountaintop. But what shocks me more is the Anti-Trump protesters in DC who claim they protest Trump for being Racist and Sexist but hold up signs calling for the Rape of Melania Trump. You know, cause that’s not savage or sexist or criminal in any way cause their voter cards say, “Democrat”.


I wanna close this article with an older example though. I mean I don’t want to leave the impression these are all recent examples. Before these last 4 years, Democrats had a one stop shop when they wanted to release their aggression against African American’s, Women and Gays. Her name was Condoleezza Rice.


Back in 04 Democrats fought tooth and nail to block Condoleezza’s nomination as Secretary of State. During that time she was called grossly incompetent and even labeled as Bush’s house n***er by liberal cartoonist Ted Rall. In a Democrats mind this is fine because of the plantation they believe black woman can’t be a white man’s equal, and they were rightly scared because Condoleezza Rice worked hand in hand to champion relations with our allies like Israel, and she unlike her successor Clinton did not resort to clandestine attacks on the sovereignty of other nations. But that was a threat to Democrats, so of course, they attacked her even after she got her position despite their unsuccessful racist attacks.

To Democrats, Minorities are their slaves. Black or Gay or Female or Latino, you are just Field Slaves to them. And if you dare have the courage to think for yourself and walk off the plantation you had best be prepared, their loyal token house slaves in the media and academia will be out for your blood and odds are your peers will not see this.


Final Fantasy: Why the Vibrant Gaming Industry We Know Could Not Exist Without It

No gaming title is better known or more widely acclaimed than the SquareEnix title Final Fantasy. Since the first game was released in December of 1987 it has shaken the gaming world and set the stage for many games we know and love today. In fact, if it were not for Final Fantasy the gaming Industry would not be as vibrant as it is today. Final Fantasy is truly the game of miracles but not many people are aware of its history or just how important it is. To understand this you have to go back all the way to the late 1980’s and a young game developer named Hironobu Sakaguchi since his story is by all rights the story of the game.


In 1983 a young Sakaguchi dropped out of Yokohama National University and began to work for Square, a newly formed subsidiary of Denyusha Electric Company. Square was founded when the son of Denyusha’s owner Masafumi Miyamoto graduated from Waseda University and desired to enter the video game industry. Masafumi believed that the then standard model of having only 1 programmer work on a game was inefficient and that better, more profitable games could be developed with a team of programmers and professional story writers all working on the same project. In this climate, Sakaguchi worked on some of Square’s first games for the PC. By 1985 Square had moved on from PC games to console games with an adaption of Thexeder for Nintendo.

By 1986 Square split from its parent company Denyusha to become the independent Square Co., LTD and with this change, Sakaguchi became a Full-Time employee of Square as head of Planning and Development. Sadly the company quickly fell on hard times after a release of many unsuccessful games for Nintendo, prompting Square to move their headquarters to the Ueno District of Tokyo. Facing Bankruptcy things looked grim for Square till Sakaguchi came up with a project that would save the entire company. It was an idea that had been overlooked but was now their final hope.

For a long time Sakaguchi had desired to work on a console RPG, however, there were many things stopping him. First off was that his employer Square refused to give him permission to go ahead with the project assuming that an RPG would not sell very well based on trends. Additionally, only 3 of his colleagues were willing to volunteer to work with him as he was considered to be a “Hard Boss”. However facing bankruptcy Square had nothing to lose and finally gave the project the green light. Sakaguchi then began to work on an RPG named Fighting Fantasy inspired by the games “Ultima” and “Wizardry” not realizing all the while that he would create a masterpiece that would outshine both of these.

As we all know the name would later change to Final Fantasy. This name change was prompted by issues involving trademark conflicts with an RPG Gamebook series that had the exact same name. The new name, however, was inspired by Sakaguchi’s personal conflict as well as the plight of the company. It was very obvious that if this game hadn’t sold it would be the first and “Final Fantasy” that Square would ever have developed. It was the same situation for Sakaguchi. This would have been his last game as he had decided to give up game development and return to University if the game hadn’t been successful.

A lot of work was put into the project by the development team as they knew it was the last hope for the company. For the games coding they enlisted the Iranian-American Programmer Nasir Gebelli, Character Design was conceived by Yoshitaka AmanoKenji Terada was in charge of writing the scenario based off of a story written by Sakaguchi and he received some help from Koichi Ishii, the score for the game was composed by the now world acclaimed Nobuo Uematsu, and Akitoshi Kawazu was in charge of the design of the battle system and battle sequences. With Hironobu Sakaguchi at the lead, this team of 7 worked to defy time and the odds against them. Motivated by the companies lack of faith in their project and the general animosity directed at them by their coworkers they soon made great strides in developing the game. Eventually, a “B-Team” Of programmers joined them on the project helping them to finish it. At every corner, the team tried to make distinctive innovations that had never been tried before like elemental weakness or resistance in enemies or the ability to choose the class of your character. As they worked the companies situation became direr but their final gamble would prove to be their saving grace.


Finally, it came, the day that would change history. On December 18, 1987, 400,000 copies of Final Fantasy were released in the Japanese Market for the Nintendo. It was a hit. In addition to the initial release of 400,000 in Japan, the 1990 North America release sold an additional 700,000 copies despite heavy censorship by Nintendo’s North American Localization Team. In Japan, it already had 2 sequels. The sales from Final Fantasy alone saved Square Co. And the career of Hironobu Sakaguchi as well was saved. Working under Square he would later develop many more industry changing hits.

It is this game that saved Square but it was Square that helped define the Gaming Industry worldwide. This is no exaggeration. Before its merger with Enix in 2003 it released many well-known and well-acclaimed games and series besides Final Fantasy such as Parasite Eve and Kingdom Hearts. Games such as these changed or defined the industry and stood out from many others available. Other lesser known games were developed that changed attitudes and ideas and would later become series of their own. Xenogears would become the prelude to the Xenosaga game series. Final Fantasy IV introduced a new type of time/turn based battle system and Secrets of Mana Introduced the Ring Menu system. There were also new themes that were touched upon such as Time Travel in their 1998 hit Chrono Trigger and Genetic Horrors in Parasite Eve.

While Final Fantasy saved the company it also became their driving force. After many sequels, the company came to feel that they could not be defined simply by the Final Fantasy Franchise and thus they innovated and encouraged innovation. And certainly, they are not defined by Final Fantasy even though it was their biggest title in light of the other popular and even “classic” titles that the company released. But maybe I am incorrect in saying Final Fantasy did not have a huge influence on their success since their effort to keep from being out shadowed by its popularity is what makes its games so good and since their experience in 1987 taught them the benefit of taking outlandish risks.

Indeed Square and all of the subsequent risks it has taken have helped give new life to an industry and nurtured an environment of artistic expression and high-quality gaming. So many of their releases keep adding a new flavor to gaming every time and setting new trends. After a merger with Enix in 2003 SquareEnix carried on that legacy of art and risk.

Sadly Hironobu Sakaguchi did not come along with this merger having resigned a year before. Then in 2004, Nobuo Uematsu left Square Enix as well. It in a way was the end of an era. The legend continues however even in their absence, not just the legend of the definitive rise of Square and the continuing success of SquareEnix but also the legend of Final Fantasy. This year we saw the release of 3 Final Fantasy games and a new CG Movie. Along with the Numbered game Final Fantasy XV and the related CG Feature Film “Kingsglaive”, there were also 2 mobile games released. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius lets you play with old characters in a new setting and Final Fantasy Mobius brings back an excellent writer from Final Fantasy X. Today is the 29th Anniversary of this miracle game and on this day next year, the franchise will mark its 30th anniversary since that first release.

30 Years is a staggering thought. As of next year actually, video games will be 70 years old (The first video game was the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device first patented January 25th, 1947). In that 70 years titles have come and gone and the notable bulk of those titles were created in the last 35 years. Final Fantasy however not only saved a company that defined an industry and seen so many different advances and styles come and go, it is still an ongoing title nearly 30 years later and has seen an adaption on most gaming systems developed at this time. What will become of it in the next 30 years?


Very Legendary and Happy Gaming to you all.