BREXIT Day: An open letter to the British People

Congratulations!! You are finally on your way to being free from the dictatorial tyranny of the EU. Many people have fought hard for this day and it was hard fought indeed. In a clear show of spite, many have tried to stop this even after a democratically held election showed the desire to leave. And many people will try to sabotage this process as time goes on. Even now the EU council is trying to extend the process to 3 years so they have time to continue to lob political attacks at 10 Downing Street. But I know you will pull through this even with those inside your own country trying to stop you. This day is an affirmation, a show of gratitude for every soldier who fought so that Britan would be free 70 years ago. Many died or risked their lives then to make sure that Britan has the right to determine their own rights.

Somewhere along the line, the promise came that the European Union would ensure economic prosperity, and Britan joined that bloc not knowing what they were getting into. And gradually as time went on and more power was taken away from Britan quietly, the youth of the country began to forget about those sacrifices and take them granted. They were fed the idea that they could not live without that EU. Many became dependent on the monster that took and took from Britan without realizing what kind of Demon they were dealing with.

Finally, somewhere at some point, somebody cried out into the dark at the injustice and hypocrisy and the movement for your freedom began. With your own government working against you the right to hold a referendum was secured. And then despite being told you wouldn’t win you campaigned and voted. And on that glorious summer day in June of 2016 history was made when Great Britan Voted to throw off the oppressive yoke of the European Union. And even though the fight has not stopped since then, your momentum and overwhelming love for your own country have all but guaranteed victory.

You have made your voices heard and it is brilliant. In the face of lies and intimidation, you have won and you keep winning. Truly my grandfather who was stationed in Britan with the US Army during the great war would be smiling if he were alive today to see this. Many angry people are claiming that you are taking yourselves out of Europe, but this is untrue. Britan will always be part of Europe as it always has been, you are now just taking a step forward to secure your own future in a world that will soon remember the EU as a brief mistake of history. In your darkest moments, remember this song that my grandfather admired for its show of the strength and optimism of the strong British people:

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

When Britain first, at heaven’s command,
Arose from out the azure main,
This was the charter of the land,
And Guardian Angels sang this strain:

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

The nations not so blest as thee
Must, in their turn, to tyrants fall,
While thou shalt flourish great and free:
The dread and envy of them all.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Still more majestic shalt thou rise,
More dreadful from each foreign stroke,
As the loud blast that tears the skies
Serves but to root thy native oak.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Thee haughty tyrants ne’er shall tame;
All their attempts to bend thee down
Will but arouse thy generous flame,
But work their woe and thy renown.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

To thee belongs the rural reign;
Thy cities shall with commerce shine;
All thine shall be the subject main,
And every shore it circles, thine.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

The Muses, still with freedom found,
Shall to thy happy coasts repair.
Blest isle! with matchless beauty crowned,
And manly hearts to guard the fair.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

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The Irregular at Magic High School

Don’t let the title fool you, this show is full of things you will not expect. Take Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba. On the surface, they look like normal students attending the prestigious First High School Affiliated with The Magic University, the younger sister a First-Course honor student or “Bloom” and the older brother a Second-Course remedial student or “Weed” with inferior magic ability. In reality, the younger sister is heir to the Yotsuba’s, A family that is part of the 10 Master Clans of Magic in Japan. And the older brother is a disgraced member of the family tasked with acting as his younger sisters bodyguard because of his unparalleled skill with magic, though his powers have been limited by a seal. Scratch the surface and there is a lot going on under it all. That is what I find most appealing about this anime that exceeds all expectations for the discerning anime connoisseur.

Image from

The Cast of the show and Tatsuya’s main group of friends. (Weeds to the left, Blooms to the right) From left to right: (Mikihiko Yoshida) (Mizuki Shibata) (Leonhard Saijo) (Erika Chiba) (Tatsuya Shiba) (Miyuki Shiba) (Honoka Mitsui) (Shizuku Kitayama) Image from

The show takes place in the year 2095. After a 3rd world war that altered not only the world’s political climate but the climate of the planet as well, many things have changed. The first is that as a result of wars sparked by the chaos of diminishing food supplies in the 2040’s the world’s countries have consolidated into 12 distinct nations, among them the USNA, the Federal Soviet Republic, and The Great Asian Alliance, with nations like Japan and Australia being the only recognizable countries. The second is that Magicians and Magic have become the greatest asset in warfare since the implementation of tanks, they are more lethal than any bomb or missile and more effective than commandos. This has led nations to encourage the study of magic as a science and to cultivate young magicians as valuable military assets.


The Locations of the 9 High schools Affiliated with the Magic University. This map is apparently from the Manga as they do not really elaborate on the school’s locations in the anime. Image from

In Japan, magicians are identified and trained at 9 High Schools across the nation affiliated with the Magic University. Here young men and women who are so carefree and innocent are trained as weapons, barely aware of the fate of both glory and tragedy that awaits them. In this setting, we find Tatsuya Shiba and his sister Miyuki. Despite on the surface being a remedial student with mediocre magical ability, Tatsuya is, in reality, an extremely talented magic engineer who is employed by the JSDF in addition to his job at a well-renowned company that produces magic equipment. (CAD’s)


First Course Students (Blooms) wear the school’s crest on the shoulder of their uniform, while the Second Course Students (Weeds) wear a field of gray. Image from

Despite his skills, however, he falls victim to the systematic discrimination of First-Course students towards their Second-Course peers. He also faces troubles at home as he is a disgraced member of the Yotsuba Clan. Not only is his power sealed as punishment, he is forbidden to garner praise or attention from the rest of the Magic Community. With the support of his sister and friends as well as some more intuitive First-Course upperclassmen, though, Tatsuya achieves the admiration of his peers and elders while shattering the stagnant status quo.


Tatsuya being greeted by two Second Course upperclassmen after being forced to join the disciplinary committee. While initially skeptical of a “Weed” being allowed to join they immediately change their mind when the head of the disciplinary committee relates Tatsuya’s amazing ability to them. Image from

So first off what I really love about this anime series is how they approach the concept of magic. Rather than the mushy gushy “wave a wand and anything is possible” bullshit, the magic of this world is a science. Just like in science there are things you can’t do with magic (for example sustained flight magic was impossible until Tatsuya solves the problems surrounding that magic concept), and unsolved problems (like the Cardinal Codes referred to on and off starting in the second story arc.) making this vision of magic very real and believable. Even the explanations behind the magic are scientific in nature. One example, Tatsuya’s friend Leonhard Saijo uses Convergent Systematic Reinforcement type Magic, a type of magic that reinforces the position of one physical object in relation to another allowing the user to do things like fortifying the integrity of an object by fixing the molecules in place or fixing the position of one object to another effectively binding the two objects till the caster releases the spell.


Leonhard Saijo using the spell “Reinforcement” to prevent himself from being injured in a fight with terrorists while also effectively increasing the severity of damage his attack does. Image from

There are also Ancient Magic Types that are stylized in the Shinto Tradition. These are used by Tatsuya’s friend Mikihiko Yoshida. In fact, I think he is the only one in the show who uses this style. I nonetheless enjoy it since I myself am Shinto (Not that I think there is any actual practice of what would be termed magic in actual Shinto.) so it excites me the way I imagine a Catholic would be excited to see a stylized rendition of an exorcism on TV. It adds to the cultural context of the show and is pretty cool to watch, my favorite spells are his Thunder based attacks which use Talismans as a point to concentrate electrons and then disperse them in the form of a Thunderbolt.


Mikihiko Yoshida using the spell Thunder Child while competing in the 9 Schools Competition event Monolith Code. Image from

So Magic Aside this show also tackles some pretty mature themes in a mature way. Take for example discrimination. A theme from the first story arc was the frustration of the Second-Course students over the First-Course student’s preferential treatment. Some Second-Course students choose to complain about it, ignoring the empathy of the few progressive first-course students who agreed with them. Tatsuya and his friends overcame this all though by demonstrating merit rather than complaining, this is a lesson that translates to real life.


Student Council President Mayumi Saegusa giving a speech during a debate about discrimination at the school. She expresses her desire to do away with a rule that says Second-Course students cannot serve on the Student Council. Image from

The series also deals with the role of soldiers as objects. Throughout the series, they break from the lighthearted theme and remind the viewer that these teenagers are being prepared as weapons, and some like Tatsuya and Third High’s Ichijou Masaki have already seen combat and have killed. To spare his sister from this fate Tatsuya’s goal is to solve the technical issues behind using Gravity Control Type Magic to create a sustained nuclear fusion reactor. Despite all of this it is very clear to the viewers that war has already started and that their fate as weapons is all but guaranteed. There are also a few underlying references to Genetic Experiments, Tatsuya not being able to feel emotions because of an experiment, Human Trafficking, and Using Body Parts of Magicians in experiments that really drive home the idea that many people view the magicians as an asset without taking into account that they are human.


Ichijou Masaki covered in fake blood after target practice. Masaki uses the Dispersal Type spell “Rupture” to cause his enemies to explode from the inside out. He learned this in 2092 when despite being 13 years old, he volunteered with the armed forces to repel an attempt by the New Soviet Union to invade Sado. This garnered him the title “Crimson Prince”. Image from

It isn’t all high-tech magic, mature themes and war though. The show has a real Slice of Life aspect to it as Tatsuya and his friends go about a relatively normal High School life. There are also parts of the plot that monopolize awkward teen hormones and the social dynamic of high school to provide comic relief. Some examples are the obvious attraction between Mikihiko and Mizuki that causes them to be very awkward and clumsy around each other or the rivalry/friendship between Leonhard and Erika that also sometimes really feels like there is an element of attraction between the two. The funniest joke is the impression that Tatsuya and Mizuki give to others that their love may be more than just that between a brother and a sister. Of course, that doesn’t seem to be the case since Tatsuya doesn’t really have emotions. I dunno about Miyuki though, it’s hard to tell what she is really thinking about her brother.


Miyuki might have a serious bro-con and Tatsuya is too dense to notice it.

There is currently one 26 episode season of The Irregular at Magic High School out right now. There is also a movie due to come out in Japan on July 17th, entitled “The Irregular at Magic High School: The Girl Who Calls The Stars.” It is unclear however when or if a second season of the show will come out. There is plenty of material for them work off of but as always in the anime industry, the decision to renew or a continue a project is determined by ratings and popularity. Let’s keep out fingers crossed though, this is an exceptional anime that is very smart with a story I feel is worth telling. I would love to see more and I am sure you will too. Enjoy the show guys!!

Why we Need The Electoral College


A Map of the Electoral College distribution of votes. Image from

Ever since the Electoral College fulfilled their duty in December there have been calls from sore loser Democrats to abolish it and pathetic arguments based on selective reasoning, like the Electoral College is somehow Racist. Keep in mind this tantrum came after they begged and pleaded with the members of the Electoral College to ignore their duty. This is the most childish behavior coming from childish minds. They didn’t have a problem when the Electoral College worked in their favor and put Obama into office twice of course. Sadly back then it was Republicans decrying it, though in more rational and level headed tones.


Barack Obama. He was put into office twice by the Electoral College. Image from

I too at one time was critical of the Electoral College as are many Americans. The problem was that I didn’t know enough about it and how it benefits the fair election of our President. Interestingly, a popular vote would be the least effective and least democratic way to handle our elections and would result in nearly no voter participation. The Electoral College is not in any way obsolete and can barely be improved, in fact, the final version of the Electoral College as outlined in the Twelfth Amendment is needed more than ever. There are plenty of old problems that make it essential as well as new ones which further it’s usefulness.

And The Republic For Which It Stands

First off you have to realize, America is NOT a democracy. For those of you who don’t remember the Orwellian practice of chanting the pledge of allegiance from your elementary school days, the United States is a Republic. To be exact it is a Constitutional Republic. In reality, an actual Democracy ensures there is no freedom, if we were a Democracy then slavery might still be legal and Native American’s might have been wiped out a long time ago because we would be following the directive of the majority which is seldom right. By dividing power between different branches of a government and requiring that we elect representatives this ensures that the voice of the people is heard while at the same time ensuring that the majority does not have the power to trample over the rights of individuals at will.

Now you may ask what any of this has to do with the Electoral College. Well, the Electoral College divides the responsibility of electing the President and Vice-President between 50 States rather than just between a small handful of states. Does that make sense to you?  Another way of explaining it would be like dividing a pack of M&Ms for a bunch of kids. You can leave the decision on how to divide them to the older and bigger kids and hope they will be fair (which Human Nature states they will not be), or you can open the pack and divide them up between the group making sure even the smallest kids get at least 1 or 2 pieces.


A political cartoon about the Electoral College. It illustrates that without it, presidential candidates would only pay attention to 4 states and that the votes from the 46 other states would be worth practically nothing. Image from

This is how the US would look to a Presidential Candidate if we went by the popular vote. Knowing that those 4 states would put them into office, they would focus on the needs of those states leaving the rest of the nation neglected. There is an argument that the Electoral College gives Disproportionate power to smaller states however that is totally untrue. In fact, it levels the playing field and makes sure the smaller states have their voice heard by the nation. In reality, the popular vote is the unfair system since it would put all of the power into the hands of larger states which would effectively overlook the concerns and needs of the smaller states in the same way the older kids would overlook the desires of the younger kids to have an M&M or 2 in my hypothetical scenario.

Tyranny of The Majority

What I just described would be disastrous for the country. Of course, it is wrong to leave the fate of the entire nation in the hands of a few states, or in reality a few cities. To understand the issues with a popular vote you need look no further than my home State of Maryland. Maryland has only gone Republican 2 times in the last 10 General Elections. What keeps Maryland a blue state is the dense populations of Baltimore City and Prince Georges County. This has enabled a Democrat Majority in Maryland’s Legislature which has also led to the state being heavily gerrymandered. Now there is only 1 Republican Electoral District in Maryland existing on the Eastern Shore and Harford County, even though the far west of the state is heavily Republican.

Because of this, and even before the gerrymandering for that matter, the legislature in Annapolis has been effectively able to ignore the needs and concerns of the people living in the mountains. This has led to a sad decline in those areas. The most drastic display of that is the City of Cumberland, Maryland; once called the Queen City for being the second largest in the State, it is now essentially only a Train Depot or another exit along Interstate 68. Once a city of heavy industry, due to heavy regulations out of Annapolis and their neglect in helping to replace those industries that disappeared the area slowly declined and the city has barely any new infrastructure even though it is the center of Allegheny County. They do not even try to repave and reorient the Interstate 68 Offramp, even it has a heavy volume of traffic incidents. Because of this and many other reasons the people of Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick, and Carroll Counties have begun a movement to secede from Maryland and form an entirely new state which has gained momentum after Brexit. Don’t confuse this with Calexit though. Unlike crybaby California whose only grievance is that their candidate lost an election, the people of Western Maryland are really and truly suffering because they are going unheard.

Everybody Gets a Voice And More

The reason I decided to highlight this was to demonstrate how pure Democracy that has gone out of control damages lives. Western Maryland is hurt because the cities in the east decide the Governor and the Governor then decides to reduce the influence of the west of the state because that is what the eastern cities want. That is the danger of a popular vote presidency, while the presidents cannot reduce the voice of the midwest he can still ignore their concerns and appoint officials that will do the same or pass regulations that go against their best interests to placate those who dwell in the cities. The cities have no right to decide what is best for the rest of the nation, they do not know or care about the needs of the midwest and this is a good reason they do not have any right to be the sole deciders of the fate of the nation. This is what the Electoral College protects us from, it makes sure everyone has an equal voice and protects the citizens from “the tyranny of the majority”.


A satirical map of the Electoral College. Not only does this show the bigoted attitude the Left has towards Middle America, it is another good example of why we need the Electoral College. Image from

All that said, those are the extreme examples for the reasons behind the institution. Rember, the Electoral college vote has reflected the national vote all but 5 times since the system was put into place. And that too is a good thing for the most part since it shows harmony with the choices of the people. It gives everyone an equal voice even though, in essence, 6 states have a disproportionate amount of Electors and are largely the deciding factors of the Presidential Elections. But it still requires the candidates to make an effort to connect with other states since even if one candidate won all 6 of those states (which is totally impossible because of their wildly different social make-ups), they would still have to court many others as well to reach the 270 Minimum Electoral Votes to claim the presidential seat.

However, that is not the end of the protections it provides. Electoral Voting helps avoid Run-Off Elections. While it is also true that it is nearly impossible for there to be a tie in the popular vote, it is equally impossible with the Electoral Vote. In fact, it has never happened. If however, it did then the vote would revert to the House. I somehow doubt that there would be a solution as easy as that in the case of the Popular Vote since the same complaints would arise that are now currently being directed at the Electoral College.

It also ensures the certainty of the vote. If there were a small margin of error in a Popular Vote Election then a Candidate could claim foul and call for recounts in states he or she thinks they may gain a sufficient amount of votes. This could go on back and forth for weeks or months even, leaving the presidential seat up in the air. From what I have seen after the 2016 elections I believe this could lead to massive civil unrest with mentally unstable people going wild one week because their candidate lost and gloating the next because they think they have won, then getting even more violent the next time they think they are losing. This obviously isn’t at all acceptable.

Additionally, in the last century, the Electoral College has become a protection against another new threat, Voter Fraud. Despite recent bogus claims by Democrats that there is no voter fraud, not only is evidence accumulating that there is indeed widespread voter fraud, it shows that Democrats are the ones committing it and profiting from it. First, there was the fraud unveiled during the Wisconsin and Michigan recounts. Trump gained 131 Votes in Wisconsin while in Michigan they found that Detroit counted more votes than the actual number voters, of course in Hillary’s favor. Also, a recent study found that around 2 Million non-citizen Hispanics are illegally registered to vote. Between these and other factors it has been hypothesized that Hillary Supporters cry baby claims she won the popular votes are extremely false, with some calculations claiming she lost by 22,000 votes.



Failed Presidential Spinster Hillary Clinton.


Had we decided the presidency by a Popular vote, Hillary Clinton would have won and been rewarded for the criminal action of herself and her supporters. That would completely have undermined the legitimacy of the election and thus the legitimacy of the government. Luckily the final result is determined by the electors who are voted for by their states. Even by committing voter fraud, Hillary could only have succeeded in a limited number of states or districts. It would be virtually impossible for her to commit fraud in rural areas where she is likely to meet more resistance from Republican Election Judges than cooperation and the same would apply if it had been the other way around; if a Republican committed fraud he would face resistance rather than cooperation in areas that are heavily Democrat. Committing fraud in enough counties and in enough states to sway an Electoral Vote is pretty much impossible because of this country’s bi-partisan nature. So yet again, the Electoral College saves the day.

Can It Be Made Better?

Does that mean that the system cannot be improved? To be honest I think it can in a couple of ways. One way would be to legally bind an elector to his vote, making it a criminal offense to break with their vote except in extreme cases. One problem now is that Electors do not face sufficient punishment for doing this. At the most, they face a fine in some states. That to me is not a real deterrent. Just look at last November when liberals were begging and threatening the Electors because they wanted them to vote against Trump, at that time some of them were offering to pay any fines or legal fees that would arise from breaking their oath which to me is tantamount to a bribe.

Another concept that could be improved is how states award their electoral votes. With the exception of Nebraska and Maine, every state awards all of their votes by popular vote. This is one reason I believe voter turnout is low especially in big states since even if you vote you will not even be able to get even one Elector for your Candidate. Because of this, I believe that for states with 4 or more electoral votes should award their votes according to the percentage of votes each Candidate got in that state. A simple example would go something like this. Using Idaho which has exactly 4 electoral votes as an example, let’s imagine that the percentage of Idaho’s Population that voted for Trump was 75% and The percentage that voted for Hillary was 25%. So under this new guideline, Trump would get 3 Electors and Hillary would get 1 rather than Trump getting all 4 electors. Trump still gets more but the 25% feels represented.

Of course, there is no real easy answer. What is easy to answer is why each party criticizes it when they lose. They feel cheated. But this time Democrats are also criticizing the institution out of hatred for Middle America. They blame Hillary’s loss on, “Whitelash”, as they call it. I mean, of course, it has to be racism!! It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the midwest feeling neglected by the last administration, or how dishonest Hillary was, or the blatant contempt hardcore liberals show the Midwest which does not share any of their values.

Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States Image from

Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
                  Image from

Donald Trump is President now. He won fairly through the Electoral College, possibly the best system for selecting a leader this world currently has. Liberals not accepting the results of the election decided by the electoral college is a direct threat to democracy. Well not really, because there is nothing whining liberals can do to change the results. They can kick and scream and cry all they want but the electoral college will not go away, just remember it is them kicking and screaming and acting like children that contributed to the electoral college being charged with voting the way it did. So actually, let’s hope they keep it up cause we are just going to ignore them and vote for Trump again. And don’t forget to thank them in advance for handing us victory again in 4 years whenever you possibly can.



from Steam


I am not usually a big fan of online MMORPG’s. Quite usually they are unbalanced, they require too much of your attention too often, the people who pay to play have an unfair advantage, there are potty-mouthed tweens, and usually a small group of losers with no real friends IRL band together and make the game unplayable for other players. You can usually spot these games a mile away because they are rife with inactive accounts. In my opinion though, BattleSpace is an MMO so far apart from these that it’s sad to know it’s a game at risk of disappearing.


Home System from

It is rather simple. You play as an Admiral of your own space forces. Your main goals are to collect resources, strengthening your home system by colonizing the planets and developing the planetary cities, building up your fleet, and conquering the Galaxy!!

There are 3 ways to gather the basic resources you need to play the game. The first is to develop your Planetary Resource Centers that mine energy, gas, and metal from your planet as well as the all-important Market Centers that gather the funds you need to expand. In fact, the only way to gain funds in the game is from your Market Centers so pay special attention to them but don’t make them your sole focus. You also need to invade Enemy Systems that are swarming with NPC  Fleets, these lifeless systems contain plenty of resources and each system you conquer furthers your path to victory. Finally, you can send your commanders who aren’t assigned to the front lines on Expeditions. Not only does this occasionally produce small amounts of resources, it can also produce parts and experience for the commander you send as well as yourself.


Planetary City from

Now that you have the resources you need you should develop your cities. They have the necessary facilities needed to grow and fight your enemies. Your Capital City will be home to your Research Labs, your Center of Government, Recruitment Offices, Fleet HQ, and other necessary facilities. Use your Research Lab to study and obtain the instructions for different and higher level Facilities and Ships. Some facilities may only exist in your Capital City but you can build Hangers, Settlement Centers, Storage Facilities, Defense Bases, and Shipyards to build your fleet ships on any of the planets in your Home System. And some Facilities can only be built on your Colonized Planets. Each Home System has 9 Planets.


Commander Screen from

Now you are ready to build your fleet, but first, you need to assign Commanders to the front line. This is really fun, BattleSpace commanders come from 5 exciting races. There are the elven looking Ezra, the beastlike Seria Grad, the fish or reptile-like Gredia, the cold and unfeeling Androids, and of course the warmly familiar Humans. Commanders each sport different deck slots that determine how many ships or squadrons can be assigned to them. They also come in 7 different levels of Rarity. They are Common (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R), Rare + (R+), Super Rare (SR), Super Rare + (SR+), and the almost unattainable Ultra Rare (UR) Commanders. The rarer the commander, the stronger it is.


Fleet Battle from

Now that everything is ready and your fleets are being led by powerful commanders you can engage in battle!! The Battle System works like Rock Paper Scissors with stats added. Small Fighters beat Large Battle Ships, Medium Frigates beat Small Fighters, and Large Battleships beat Medium Frigates. But of course, it’s not so simple as that. Depending on the stats of your ships you can totally defy those rules and still crush the enemy. Ships of a Higher Technology Tier have higher stats.


Ship Enhancement from

You can also enhance your ships stats at the Weapons Laboratory using Parts obtained during battle, from Daily Quests, and during Expeditions. You can use them to enhance many aspects of the ship. Enhance your engines to reduce the time it takes to sortie with enemy targets, or your shields to raise your defenses. Enhancing the weapons raises your torpedo attack or plasma attack depending on which weapon you choose to enhance. Keep in mind though, you aren’t enhancing individual ships but rather that entire class of ship you have selected.

As you see the planets surrounding your Home System turn blue when you occupy them you will probably feel really proud. But keep in mind, ships aren’t just for war. Deploying your ships, you can colonize not only the planets within your Home System but also Asteroid Bases held by your allies or which you yourself have conquered. You can also reinforce your allies Home Systems when they are under attack. Joining up with Unions in-game helps you and your new-found comrades become powerful a lot faster.

There is a lot more to discover and explore in this game and to me, it is a lot of fun. I don’t at all exaggerate when I say the game map is GIGANTIC!! The one screenshot of the galaxy map I posted here is only a tiny fraction of the in-game galaxy as a whole. That might be why, as I said at the start of this post, this is an endangered game. Maybe it’s the timer based gameplay where you have to watch the clock tick down whenever you construct a facility or deploy a fleet or research something, maybe it’s the vast galaxy map that requires a few days wait if you decide to attack a player on the other side of the Galaxy but haven’t colonized any Asteroids near their Home System. Whatever the reason, this game has faced hard times and could disappear any day now.

When I started playing in 2013 it was on the American Servers. Sadly those were shut down nearly a year after I started playing partially cause Atlas was acquired by another company or something, partially because there were very few players. More recently I have started playing the EU Servers. Those are still up but you will soon realize there are a lot of Japanese players. This is because Japan shut down their BattleSpace Server last year. The last server is the EU Server I am playing on now and that could go away any day now really.

I never thought I would ever do this but I am asking you, my readers, in fact begging you to try this game out and give it a serious chance. Maybe you’ll learn to love it just as much as I do. You can play BattleSpace by clicking this link here. I hope you enjoy it.

Hopefully Happy Gaming. 🙂

The (Not) Russian (Not) Hackers Story


The Facade of the United States Supreme Court. Image from

Editors Note: This post was originally Scheduled for 3/15/17, however, I have moved it forward because of an extremely dangerous situation that is currently emerging. In January of 2017, 3 Individuals filed a Writ of Mandamus to ask that the entire 2016 election be nullified because of alleged Russian Hacking. It was assigned docket number 16-907. Instead of throwing out this trivial and ludicrous claim, the court decided on February 21st, 2017 to distribute this petition among the justices and schedule a hearing for March 17th, 2017. You can read more of the details and why this is so alarming by clicking on this link here. This is a direct threat to our democracy. The fact that the justices even decided to hear arguments on this writ is extremely distressing since it means they are taking it seriously despite the extreme lack of real evidence which I will be explaining in this article. I am aware to some readers my articles are too long winded and wordy for them to digest but since expressing the actual facts of this case is extremely important, I will quickly summarize the points of this article so you can read the critical pieces of evidence that prove these claims are false:

  • Both Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange and Former British Ambassador turned Wikileaks Operative Craig Murray have repeatedly stated the DNC and Podesta Email leaks did not come from the Russian Government. Craig Murray states that they were DNC insiders and that he actually met one of them while picking up documents to be leaked in a Washington DC Park.



  • The report was authored in the Final Days of the Obama Administration. It has been proven that many times during his administration Information was altered by his agencies to fit the White House narrative. Two examples are the CENTCOM Scandal and Obama’s Unemployment Numbers. He and his party made no attempt to hide their visible fury over the Election of Donald Trump which accompanied by the facts listed above and recent revelations that he has remained in DC to coordinate efforts to get President Trump impeached makes it very hard to believe any information that was put forward under his Administration or by his Appointees.

The combination of these facts means the claim put forward by the plaintiffs has no legal merit and should have been immediately thrown out. This is why the hearing on March 17th is extremely alarming and should greatly concern the reader. Please contact your state’s Senator and House Representative to share your concern about this, or write to the Supreme Court in The District of Columbia. And please read my article for more information on why these claims of Russian Hacking are not just false but dangerous, and what motivation there was to spread this narrative. 


Editor’s Note 7/1/17: Last week another huge hole was punched into the fake Russian Hacking Narrative. First, on Monday, June 24th 3 CNN reporters were forced to resign after CNN had to retract a piece they wrote falsely connecting Hedge Fund Manager and Trump Ally Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian Investment Fund under investigation by the Senate. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday admitting that the Russian Hacking Story has no validity and that they push it for ratings among other reasons. The Friday release also confirms that CNN has a hard left bias, and also features the subject of the sting admitting that CNN thinks American voters are “Stupid as Shit”. This is a huge development and will hopefully lead to the final death of this fake news tirade and punishment for those pushing it.


Last year’s election cycle was a real mess and has uncovered a lot of dishonest sore losers. I mean there have been protests, riots, calls to abolish the electoral college cause they don’t like it (of course there was nothing wrong with it when Obama was elected twice), attempts to legitimize violence against anybody even slightly Right of Left, boy if you name it we have seen it since November 9th, 2016. But the most dangerous tantrum, however, has been an irresponsible campaign of falsehood that has only demonstrated that US Intelligence and the Mainstream Media are acting as the obedient exemplars of this nation’s political left. It only serves as another in a long line of dishonest attempts not only to try and undermine the legitimacy of the presidency but to cover up the misdeeds of the Left. I am of course speaking of the factually inaccurate claims that the damaging email leaks which revealed the severely dishonest behavior of the Democratic Party and which ultimately cost Hillary the election, came from Russian Government Hackers.

This claim is on its face ridiculous. There is nothing to corroborate the claims, there is, in fact, plenty of evidence to the contrary. But of course, a little thing like the truth has never gotten in the way of the Media and the Left. They firmly believe that if they scream their false claims louder then they will somehow become true. Sadly in the minds of their dependent followers and the eager war hawks, this really happens.

The first leaks that started with the DNC emails happened on July 22nd, 2016, 3 days BEFORE the Democratic National Convention. It is important to remember that as it will come up later in this article. In any case, the documents leaked revealed among other things that the DNC and the Media had cooperated with the Clinton Campaign to not only actively rig the convention against Bernie but also smear the reputation of the Senator and his supporters. So there is inconsistency #1, the group that would have gained the most by leaking the Clinton Emails would be Senator Sanders Supporters working inside the DNC who would have been pissed to find out what had been going on. This has actually been pretty much corroborated by Wikileaks operative and former British Ambassador Craig Murray which by the way is inconsistency #2 in the Left’s narrative.


Former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray. Image from


Of course, after this happened there was a 2 or 3-week tirade by Hillary and the left about how it was Russian Hackers. This was not only to deflect responsibility for her malicious rigging of her party’s primaries but to give her a bogeyman style figure to harp on about in an attempt to gain support by stirring up fear. Remember, just like with all parties of Fascism, the Democratic Party relies on both fear and propaganda. Still, though, after 2 or 3 weeks it died down and she shifted her shrill lying tongue to the sexual assault allegations against Trump that would later be proven entirely false as well. And of course no real investigation was done since the administration not only knew at the time that it was a false allegation, they felt no need to validate its authenticity with fabricated evidence, since they were convinced Hillary would win with the help of her Media Cronies making an effort to manipulate what information the public saw. (just a hint, we were not supposed to see ANYTHING negative about Hillary if they could help it.)

Pretty much the same thing happened with the Podesta leaks when they were incrementally leaked starting on October 7th, 2016. These, of course, being closer to the 8th, they focused their fury not on the imaginary Russian hackers but rather on Donald Trump. It is interesting to note these emails revealed more dishonest and potentially illegal behavior not just by Hillary but by President Obama himself. The leaks revealed things that ranged from outrageous to simply amusing. Among other things, it was revealed that Obama was well aware of Clintons Homebrew Email server and helped in the undertaking of a coverup, discussion about Obama committing voter fraud in 2008, the Clinton Campaign received debate questions in advance from former CNN correspondent Donna Brazile, illegal efforts by the Clinton Campaign to actively coordinate with a SuperPAC, and how the Clinton Campaign intentionally worked behind the scenes to boost “pied piper” candidates like Trump for the GOP Primaries. There were also the equally horrifying personal views and remarks of campaign workers that were revealed such as how John Podesta wished the San Bernadino Shooter had been white, how Clinton Staffers made disparaging remarks about Catholics, and many other embarrassing remarks. Also, let’s not forget that his email account was secured with “password” as the Password which made it so easy to hack a 14-year-old could have done it.

Anyway there was again no effort put into finding the so-called Russian source of the leaks because the administration not only knew it was a false claim, they were also still 100% convinced Hillary was going to win despite the FBI investigation into her improper use of a private email server during her tenure at the state department, and I submit this as Inconsistency #3 in the Left’s narrative. But we all know just how wrong they were. It is after this, after the calls to overturn the electoral college, after the protests. Only after the disastrously failed recount attempt that Jill Stein was put up to starting at the behest of the Clinton Campaign who didn’t want to look like the hypocrites they were. Only after all of this did these fake claims come up again with the ironic addition of claims that Julian Assange is a Russian Spy, and only then did Obama instruct the intelligence community to “investigate.”


This Funny Meme pretty much sums up the Left’s 180-degree turn on Julian Assange, another example of transparent left wing hypocrisy. Image from

By investigating I mean that they were to put together a flimsy set of data that the Joker in Cheif could throw around to impress the impressionable. Now before you accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist I have to point out this isn’t the first time Barak Obama instructed his agencies to manipulate information for him. Besides Obama’s totally false claims that he was leaving with only 5% unemployment which Gallup quickly debunked, there was a huge scandal revolving around CENTCOM rejecting information that didn’t reflect the administration’s narrative on how the battle against ISIS was going well. It is unsurprising to me then that the “Intelligence” Report that was supposed to be “Evidence” Russia was responsible for taking those emails only mentioned Russia 3 times, had multiple disclaimers, and didn’t make any mention of Wikileaks or Podesta. Even former House Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra expressed extreme skepticism not only of the validity of the report but also of the motivations behind it.


Pete Hoekstra Image from

The only people who are satisfied by this report are Democrats bitter over their crushing election loss and Cold War Holdover War Hawks like John Mc.Cain. Even private bloggers have debunked the report entirely. The best one I have read is this one by Zero Hedge in which they prove that none of the over 800 of the ISPs which were presented as evidence of the “Russian Hacking” are related in any way to the Russian Government. No wonder the so-called intelligence agencies which authored this wrote disclaimers and were not willing to stand by their assessment. It will also interest you to know only 3 agencies, not all 17 as is customary, participated in crafting this document which lacked dissenting assessment. This, however, did not stop Obama from writing an executive order evicting 35 Russian Diplomats from the country under accusations of spying that are backed by practically no evidence, which I am pretty sure by the way is a violation of the Geneva Convention.


Barack Obama Image from

Now that I have covered all of the facts of the matter its time for me to connect the dots. I asked you to remember a few key points in this summary because they are important inconsistencies. Even if you don’t buy those when I am done my outline here then you should still employ Occam’s Razor. After all the simpler narrative is always proven to be true over the far-flung ones. The Russian hacker narrative is as far flung as you can get.

The best place to start is with the people who documented the leaks, Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange, as well as Wikileaks Operative Craig Murray both swear that the documents were not given to them by anybody involved with the Russian Government. Say what you will about Mr. Assange, but over the last 10 years he has been nothing but honest in his crusade against government corruption and he makes thorough efforts to vett the documents he receives so he can guarantee their authenticity. In addition, as I said earlier, Craig Murray has said he personally met with one of the leakers, actually picked up documents from him in a DC Park that would later become part of the Election related Leaks. He also said these leakers are inside men that were angry over the fact that Senator Sanders was being screwed, and one would assume also because the Clintons were trying to manipulate the outcome of the entire US Election. So far it looks like the ONLY party trying to manipulate things from behind the scenes was the Clinton machine.


Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) image from Buttfeed

Another thing to pay attention to is the timing of things. The major contesting claim of the Left is that the Russians wanted Trump in office, but if that is so why would they leak the DNC documents BEFORE the Convention and risk them coming out early enough to cause a wave of outrage against Clinton. That would practically be handing the nomination to Bernie Sanders who was already polling above Trump as Trump was Polling above Clinton in terms of favorability, it is conceivable the DNC would have had to hand it to Sander’s if there had been enough serious protest. Considering the earlier claim then by Craig Murray this reinforces the likelihood that the documents were leaked by angry Bernie Sanders Supporters. They have more to gain from the documents being leaked and would have had easier access to them.

Again with timing, I turn to the actions of the Administration themselves. I can say with 100% certainty that they knew there was no Russian Hacking and that this was a fabrication. If they had suspected there was any possibility of this there would have been an immediate and thorough investigation and Obama would have immediately taken punitive action against Russia. There was none taken though, there was no intelligence assessment made. It is quite clear the claims were made simply as an attempt to distract people from the extensive list of corrupt actions taken by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign which these Email Leaks revealed. And the only reason the claims were resurrected was to serve as a way to undermine the legitimacy of the incoming president and cover up possible crimes by the outgoing administration which made very little effort to hide their disdain and bitterness over the defeat of their preferred candidate.

Okay guys, so I have totally dismantled their “Intelligence” with proof that the list of IP addresses in their report is not connected with Russia, and also the fact that they broke procedure by excluding the assessment of 14 US Agencies who should have been consulted. I have destroyed their fabricated motive they claimed Russia acted on by proving the timeline doesn’t match up. I also showed you the Administration knew there wasn’t a security threat. I have given you evidence that points to a different set of perpetrators with a more solid motive that fits the timeline. And I have further established a motivation to tell the lie and commit to it.

Occam’s Razor Time Guys!! The simplest explanation backed by solid evidence is always the correct answer, so tell me which of these two scenarios sounds more probable to you. The first is that Russian Government Hackers spent untold amounts of money so they could Hack and Leak documents from the DNC and Podesta in order to put Trump in office before they could even be sure he was the nominee, thus influencing and undermining our election. The second is that a DNC Staffer who supported Senator Sanders got wind of the plan by Hillary and her backers to influence both parties primaries and angry at learning about this he/she and a few other supporters of Senator Sanders came together and acquired the documents which they would readily have had access to, then having acquired them they leaked them to Wikileaks hoping to damage Hillary for sabotaging their preferred candidate. I dunno guys, which one of these scenarios seems more likely and less batshit crazy to you?


Hillary Clinton and Bat Boy Side by Side. Image from

My Thoughts on the recent Scandal surrounding Milo Yinnopoulos


Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Milo Yinnopoulos. On February 18th it was announced that Milo would be a Keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference. This decision was made with some protest from certain members, but he was invited because of the UC Berkley riots as well as his work before that exposing Liberal Thuggery on college campuses. On February 19th however, a Twitter group called The Reagan Battalion posted a video that apparently shows Milo attempting to justify pedophilia. Despite Milo’s statement that the videos were heavily edited and that he, in fact, did not condone pedophilia; on February 20th CPAC disinvited Milo. The very same day Publisher Simon & Schuster canceled the publishing of Milo’s Autobiography entitled “Dangerous”, Citing the leaked video from The Reagan Batallion. The Next day on the 21st amid calls for Breitbart to terminate his employment, Milo held a press conference where he announced that he was resigning from his position at the media outlet.

Pedophilia is a reprehensible act. It is, in fact, one of the few criminal acts I feel should come with a mandatory death sentence for the adult criminal. There is no excuse for it whatsoever. I understand Milo comes from Britain where the age of consent is 16, that is all fine and well. Still, though, the age of consent in my home state of Maryland is 16 too but I could never engage in sexual relations with or date a 16 or 17-year-old much less anyone younger. I have a hard enough time as is trying to show interest in anybody under the age of 20 who pursues me even if they are extremely nice. “Why”, you ask? There is a clear difference in maturity as well as life experiences and besides the huge effort they would have to make to convince me of their maturity, the fact remains that at the end of the day we have very little in common for the most part and I feel much more fulfilled in a relationship where I can reminisce about the good ole’ times with my partner rather than one where I tell my doe-eyed partner stories about the good ole’ times. Relationships where there is an immense age gap, are rarely healthy, it’s a simple as that.

I personally have not seen this video nor do I intend to. Considering the reaction of Milo’s peers I have heard all I need to hear. Even heavily edited his remarks were reprehensible. However, considering the mitigating factors, I cannot condemn Milo. I also cannot defend him. He made his own bed and he now has to sleep in it, that is the sum of it all.

I can, however, condemn and criticize his detractors. Starting with the actions of The Reagan Battalion which claims to promote traditional conservatism. Their Guerrilla tactics stink of the same kind of sabotage that Social Justice Warriors employ against their opponents minus the veiled Homophobia. No, The Reagan Battallion indeed displayed outright Homophobia indicative of the Bible Thumping Fundamentalists that are nearly killing the Republican Party and the conservative movement. This cannot even be called righteous outrage on their part, if indeed it was they would have released this months ago however they waited until Milo’s  crowning moment to release it causing the most damage because he was gay. A newsflash for these Soros-funded bigots, you did just as much damage if not more to the conservative movement you claim to fight for. But that’s exactly what your Nazi master Soros intended right? These morons deserve a good portion of disdain as well as Milo since they enabled the downfall of a prominent conservative figure during a critical moment for our movement, giving the left-wing media something to gloat over.

There are also the Hypocritical Celebrity and Media detractors of Milo. While the Press celebrates with their smug and gleeful victory lap they prove once more that they are to be despised as the peddlers of fake news that they are. How are they doing that in this instance you ask? I ask you, isn’t inconsistency and the withholding of facts fake news just as much as a totally fabricated story? As Bill Maher and George Takei gloat in unison with the Media let us not forget how there has been total silence about George and Bill’s past promotion of Pedophilia.

It is a huge mess indeed, and there are guilty parties on all sides. Who are the real victims though? If you thought for a second I would say, “Milo”, then you don’t know me too well. The victims first and foremost are young gay men and victims of Pedophilia. Now that second one is easy to explain, any victim of pedophilia who is aware of being a victim will surely feel pain over such things. Hearing someone justify your victimization causes the worst emotional pain whether you were a victim of rape by someone much older than you or a victim of police/judicial corruption, hearing someone try to justify or trivialize something that has caused you a kind of pain you can’t put into words is like a punch in the gut.

This hurts gay men as well as the conservative movement too. Milo represented a new way, a new ideal. He was proof that contrary to the fascist indoctrination of the regressive liberal LGBT community, not all gay men (or women either actually) had to believe the same things politically or all act the same way. As the LGBT community attempted to shame guys who preferred fit guys and masc guys over fem guys and fat guys Milo attacked that supremacy they tried to exercise with his flamboyance and shocking statements. I don’t agree with everything he says (for instance I am an advocate for trans people), but when I first learned of him I was at a time in my life where I felt like I was a one of a kind aberration and there was nobody remotely like me out there in the world.

Yes, even though he also combatted toxic feminism and politically correct fascism on university campuses his most significant contribution was being that beacon of individuality. He represented the hope for young gays who didn’t agree with the hypocritical ideas they were taught gays were supposed to believe in. The very act of him, a gay man, standing on the stage and espousing ideals contrary to those of the LGBT Community sent a message that there were others out there just like us who were different and that there was some hope.

I know this first hand because despite kind of knowing I was gay since the age of 13 I was not even able to accept that I was attracted to men till I was 21 and I was not able to accept I was gay till shortly before I was 23. I spent my teenage years afraid to be who I really was not because I had a Catholic Family (Who with the exception of my grandmother readily accepted me when I did come out), or because people were less accepting of gays where I was from when I was a teenager; I could not accept who I was because I saw how selfish, ridiculous and irrational gay people acted back then and I was afraid. I didn’t know some of the decent gay people I know now and I didn’t know any gay conservatives, so I was afraid that if I accepted being gay that I would become just like the image of gay people that I saw back then and the thought of being that way frightened me and made me feel sick. I have come to accept who I am later in life than most and so I will always regret that lost time of my teenage years, but what hurts the most is that I now realize if there had been someone as prominent and well-known as Milo to show me I didn’t have to fit a cookie-cutter mold that I may have been able to accept myself a lot sooner and not miss out on all of the passionate romances and fulfilling relationships I could have only had as a teen. That’s who Milo may have hurt in the long run, conservative gay youth.

A few groups too will be affected but less drastically. In the short-term, college republicans will lack an energetic rallying point to encourage them to push back against liberal fascism in academia. The conservative movement will also lose another beacon of the diverse makeup of our ideology (one that has conservatives of every color, conservatives of many religions, LGBT conservatives, even  Conservative Environmentalists). Milo’s words, as well as the despicable actions of The Reagan Battalion, have set our movement back. Despite this, however, the movement as a whole is still going strong. But unless someone steps into Milo’s Gay Conservative shoes and shows the world there are gays who can be individuals, it’s young men a lot like I was who will suffer the most because of this.

Finally, before I wrap this up I have a personal message for Milo in case he ever reads this for some reason:

Milo, I am very disappointed in you. I can never say I looked up to you but I did admire what you had accomplished. Your downfall does not please me at all and what The Reagan Battallion did by sitting on this information till you were at the peak of your popularity and releasing it was wrong, but you did bring this upon yourself. A few words may have toppled all of the good you have already done and could have done. There is no coming back from this though. As much as it pains me to say this the fact remains that if you want to do the least amount of damage to the causes you care about then it would be best to let yourself fade into anonymity. I sincerely hope a charismatic conservative speaker who is also gay can come in to fill the gap you are leaving (I myself have considered trying to go for it), but even if one doesn’t you will do more damage now if you try to remain in the spotlight than you could do by just fading away. I am so sorry to see this happen Milo but what’s done is done and it cannot be changed.