John Madden Football (Panasonic 3DO, 1994)

john_madden_football_3do-titleSuper Bowl Sunday is… well, Sunday. So let’s take a break from ramming our political views down your throat and unite around football, where everyone is one and there is no intrigue or politics or… well doggone it. Look, it’s either this or I try to spin the shutdown ending one way or the other and talk about the Left eviscerating the Covington kids despite them being the real victims, with the Left as usual taking pleasure in endangering the lives of teenagers… not so surprising there really since they like endangering babies too. Anyone who can’t vote or doesn’t vote for them doesn’t matter, it seems.

I’m not much of a football fan. I vaguely identify with the Buffalo Bills and their perpetual inability to deliver significant wins (it’s like looking in a mirror I tells ya!), and that was chosen by higher authorities as my favorite team a little over 11 years ago. I watch the Super Bowls, and bits and pieces of a handful of games during the season. All that said, it’s amazing that on the morning of January 12th I managed to narrow down my Super Bowl picks to being either the Dallas Cowboys or the Los Angeles Rams. I just looked up who the top teams were though and guessed the Cowboys for some reason. I knew the Patriots would be in it, EVERYONE knew the Patriots will be in it. That was known back in August. Too bad the only time I ever rooted for the Patriots was in the 2017 Super Bowl, when the media tried to make the Super Bowl into a referendum on white people and Trump. Fun fact: in a contest of athleticism and strategy, it’s totally racist if white athletes end up besting black athletes. Here are some headlines from 2017.

  • New York Magazine: There Are So Many Reasons to Root Against ‘Trump’s Team’ in the Super Bowl
  • NBC Sports: Curran: Patriots’ Super Bowl win is America’s nightmare
  • The Root: The Trap House vs. the White House: Why Black America Needed the Falcons to Win (they say that the Patriots are “racist-adjacent”, and say that their logo is of a white guy though he looks more like Chief Crazy Horse to me)
  • Colorlines: How the Super Bowl Became a Battle for America’s Soul The subtle—and not-so subtle—roles race, xenophobia and Islamophobia played in Super Bowl LI.

And then the reactions on social media were quite pretty. “I hate seeing white people happy”. Hitler only wishes the Jews gave him that much ammo to fuel hate against them, and then these people spewing their own hate wonder why they in turn are hated. Gotta love these vicious self-feeding cycles; whoever said perpetual motion machines are impossible never tried to transform the human capacity for hatred into an energy source. Just take two people, make them hate each other, then watch as they fuel it themselves! It’s more than a perpetual motion machine; it’s a perpetual motion machine that gets faster and faster! And yes, I am condemning both sides. The whites who randomly hate nonwhites, the nonwhites who randomly hate whites, and the ones like me who think hating the other people because all or some hate you is a useful response.

But I did get a kick out one of the Northeast’s most liberal cities, Boston, being declared the most racist city that a certain comedian ever went to. When the Left turn on each other it’s always fun.

The Game Please…

Like with watching football games, I’m usually not one for football video games. I can piece together what the plays do based on the diagrams, but I have no idea when to use what. It’s a miracle I know which side of the field to run to. Also, they’re all the same. I’ve played Madden ’97 and Madden ’98 on the Sega Saturn (they were the first, and for a while only, games I had on the system so I developed a slight nostalgia for them), one of the 2000s Maddens on my brother’s Xbox 360, and NFL Quarterback Club on the Sega 32X. They all felt the same as each other, the same as this game. RealSports Football on the Atari 2600 though, that was a unique experience. Maybe that will be for next year.

My Stone Cold Lock Of The Century Of The Week

john_madden_football-3do-final_scoreAfter running a simulation on my super-advanced simulating machine so advanced it goes by the symbols “3DO”, I determined that the Dallas Cowboys would beat the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl this year with a score of 35-7. Fortunately since it ended up being the LA Rams, I can still claim that if the Cowboys had made it to the Super Bowl they would have defeated the Patriots 35-7 and never worry about being disproven. As for the real game… oh I dunno… I’ll make up a number. 31-28, Patriots win. I’ll probably end up doing this year what I did in 2017 too- I’ll think the game starts at 8pm and sleep until then, only to tune in during halftime.

The Simulation

john_madden_football-3doOutside of the graphics, this could have been any Madden game or even NFL Quarterback Club game up through I think 2006 (I’m just guessing on when that Xbox 360 Madden game I played came out). And if the formula hasn’t changed after that, it’s entirely possible this is the exact game I’d be playing if I laid down $60 at the store tomorrow. But I’d bet dollars to donuts that the flashy new games don’t come with the ridiculous amount of paper that this had. Look at that play chart!


This is why the Amazon faces deforestation.

How The Game Goes, In Pictures!


Start with the kickoff


Choose your plays. I have no freakin’ idea when any of this is appropriate to use. Sometimes I’d just mash a random combination of A, B, and C until the game started. Other times for some reason I had only 2 seconds to decide before the decision was made for me.


Pass your ball if you picked a passing play. Otherwise just run around towards the football like a chicken with its head cutoff. I don’t recall the Sega Saturn games doing this for passes though- as far as I remember, the other football games zoom out and put an icon over the people you can pass to, while as you see here this game just splits your screen 4 ways.


Have the guy you throw to either fail to catch it, or have the other team catch it. Usually for this game, my guy only failed to catch the ball if I took control of the player catching it. Pressing one of the buttons lets you change which player you control, I assume like every other football game. Usually it was my computer-controlled player intercepting the computerized-opponent’s ball.


Run up the field all by yourself, because the Patriots might as well not have a defensive line.


Watch your player do his touchdown dance because this is 1994 and the NFL has not decided to penalize players for this yet.


Kick that field goal!


Watch as the ball soars over the clearly 2-dimensional goal post!


Review your stats either at halftime or at the end, and ponder how you beat the other team 35-7 when you just mashed random buttons and got only -1 yards average per run.

The Game In Video

Remember, this is in 1994 when full-motion video in a video game was a novelty. And when it took forever to load! It was a conscious decision to have valuable chunks of my time used to load these video clips that generally lasted only a couple of seconds, sometimes the loading time was longer than the video!


Start with the coin toss


Flag on the play!








Is this a first down? I don’t know! Let’s stop the game for an hour to show a 5 second clip of us checking!





The early 1990’s cheers for you.


His arms are in the shape of the field goal posts to signal your field goal is good.



And sometimes your field goal kick does not make it.


John Madden drops in at the beginning, halftime, and end of your game.








How Was It?

I only wanted to play half a game. I needed to only play half a game. I needed to go to bed because I had a long day ahead. Instead I stayed up an extra half hour to finish the game. So I liked playing it. Like I said though- it felt like any other modern football game, except for the cutscene loading times. But FMV was novel in a video game, and I guess they liked showing it off. Probably was a selling point too.


So… enjoy your Super Ball! Go spend Sunday watching burly men toss pig skin around.




It’s Solely and Singularly About Stopping Border Security


Their performance was so rigid and stoic that they might’ve been auditioning for Star Wars: Episode I. Or they’re planning on being in a Bee Gees music video. Image from NBC

Democrats have made it clear- the shutdown has nothing to do with federal workers. Even though Schumer and Pelosi based their response to President Trump’s warnings about rape and murder on telling us how bad off federal workers are (before Pelosi and Schumer’s  buddies went on vacation with lobbyists), their actions made it quite clear that they just don’t want border security. This goes beyond not wanting a wall, they don’t want border security period.

Let’s start by looking at the speech Schumer and Pelosi gave- it did not address Trump’s concerns about murder and rape except to dismiss them as part of a “manufactured crisis”. And they said all we need in the way of border security is money for future innovations. Trump’s idea is to build a wall right now that will do something, solid and tangible. Pelosi’s idea is: “give us money and we’ll give you something in the future assuming the government’s priorities don’t change”. Plus, she doesn’t tell us what future innovations she is talking about or when they’d be available, just that there will be some.


If this is what the gate around Schumer or Pelosi’s neighborhoods/homes looked like, you can bet there’d be hell to pay. Image from CNN

She talked about women and children at the border not being a threat, and the crisis being manufactured, yet Trump cited some very real murders and rapes, and the humanitarian crisis faced by the women and children who live long enough to reach the border. Pelosi says that’s all manufactured though, we just have a few thousand women and children at the border, no one is killed by the angels of MS-13, no one apparently dies trying to get to and across our wide open border. Pelosi also seemed more concerned about government workers than murder victims or even the women and children at the border. Schumer came off as a patronizing parent.

Let’s parse what Pelosi was talking about though. Funding for innovation that will solve the problem in the future. She does NOT want it to be solved right now with the border wall that her own party was demanding as recently as 2013. She is willing to keep the government closed because she does not want a solution right now (and Republicans in the Senate are happy to help).

As anyone who pays attention to government knows, when they say “just throw money at it” like Pelosi did, it’s because they want to pass some funds off to some friends while pretending they care about what’s happening. Look at Benghazi- Hillary Clinton said that if they had thrown money at the problem it wouldn’t have happened, only we later learn that money had nothing to do with it. Look at the VA scandal- it was the result of incompetent and probably sadistic employees, yet the Democrat response was that it just needed more money (Sen. Sanders’ first statement at this link, and the Pelosi and Obama clips previous are relevant because they boast of the money bundled by Democrats for the VA as if that mattered) and everything would be alright (VA usually had millions of unspent dollars at the end of each year). Not really, no. Look what happened after the IRS was caught wasting billions of dollars- the Democrats said just give them more money to waste and everything will be alright. Now look at Pelosi on the border- just give them more money for some vague objective with no solid delivery date and everything will be alright.


The Left’s immigration policy: anyone from an area that’s not light blue is allowed in. Image from

Now look at another Democrat talking point: they’ve wanted amnesty without a border, to the point where they wanted amnesty for illegals and limits only on LEGAL immigration… so basically, anyone who wants to be an American citizen and wants welfare, any of the 7 billion people on this planet that wants it, is entitled to it and should just walk across the border instead of trying to become a citizen. Democrats will need a lot more of your money than the mere bread crumbs that the tax cut gave, as Pelosi characterized them. Seriously, they tell you they want border security, they tell you that what they want is more money for some vague undefined future objective, and then they tell you that we should give amnesty to everyone coming in while half their party says a border is immoral. Is this too hard to follow? Do you need a neon sign pointing out what they’re really after? Obviously not, Democrats are smarter than the rest of the country, they tell us that, therefore by their own words and own boasts of intelligence we can solidly state that every Democrat is for open borders. The destruction of the United States. We’d just be a mass of land for anyone who wants welfare to come to that exists between Canada and Mexico, welfare at the expense of working-class slaves of all races (if anyone can come in, but only the natives are forced to work so that the others can live off welfare, and only the natives are bound by citizenship, what does citizenship become in that scenario other than the chains of slavery?).

And As For Federal Workers

Honestly, I have zero sympathy for most of them. ICE, Coast Guard, groups like that of course I feel sorry for and am horrified that they’re impacted so badly and think the shutdown is wrong to have done that, but I don’t give a damn about the rest of the federal workforce. For one thing- it’s bloated and corrupt, these are jobs that should not exist so why should I feel bad if people can’t work them? Another point- this federal workforce also happens to be heavily Democrat and thus also wants open borders, so I say let ’em suffer. Think about it: the federal workforce resides around DC. The areas around DC are the wealthiest parts of the country. All of the wealth ended up in the hands of the federal workforce (extending out to the contractors too). And you’ll notice that they routinely vote Democrat, so much so that the concentration of federal workers in the northern parts transformed Virginia from Republican to Democrat. Wealthy Democrat federal workers feeding off the taxpayers with jobs that are superfluous; wealthy Democrats who want open borders and don’t care about the carnage that results from that and devastation to the lower classes; why should I care what happens to them?

Democrats apparently are on the same page as me; they don’t really care about these workers except when it comes time to write more laws for us (a job they leave to this army of unelected bureaucrats). Republicans have tried to get some funding passed just to keep federal workers afloat during the shutdown, but Democrats shot down that measure (and I assume will shoot down the one coming up after this is published). Democrats told us to pity the poor workers, but refused to allow money to go to them. Democrats care more about stopping the wall, stopping border security as I established above, than they do about helping the poor helpless millionaire federal employees living in mansions that Pelosi in her speech told us we should pity.


So… much… wealth… Image from

Oh, by the way, as you’ll read here it’s not like Democrats aren’t perfectly happy to hold federal workers hostage to get what they want. That’s coming from Politico, a usually left-leaning source too! Since we can rule out the moans about federal workers as crocodile tears, what does that leave us with for Democrats’ true intention behind prolonging the shutdown? The wall, and only the wall. Maybe if the shutdown continues until Congress itself stops getting money, something will be done about-HAHAHAHAHA!!! Couldn’t even type that with a straight-face. Congressmen and Senators make 6-digit salaries per year. yet they mostly come out as millionaires. I doubt the shutdown would do much except shut down their summer homes. (An interesting note here is that women in Congress are wealthier than their male counterparts, despite their claims of inequality and the like)

Does Pelosi Speak For The Party?

We can say Nancy Pelosi is considered mainstream in the Democratic Party. She won speakership by a landslide and minority leader by a landslide 8 years ago. She’s routinely trotted out among other Democratic leaders. So her views must be in-line with the party’s thinking. Ok, let’s take a look at her views.

  • Hamas, the terrorist group best known for raining rockets down on Israeli civilians, is a humanitarian organization.
  • No one has been killed by MS-13 gang members. This is a manufactured crisis. That was her response to President Trump’s address to the country in which he outlined the many people hurt or killed by illegal immigrants/MS-13 members among them. Nancy Pelosi said it was a “manufactured crisis”, created in Trump’s head or wherever, and not reality at all.
  • MS-13 members who rape and murder are divine creatures, the highest forms, angels.
  • Republicans are scum worse than MS-13. Meaning half the country, in Pelosi’s eyes, are worse than MS-13. She never once said her opponents had a spark of divinity, she never demanded mercy on them. She defended rapists and murderers before she ever defended the half of the country that disagrees with her.
  • Despite her heartfelt and teary-eyed defense of rapists whom she defined as divine creatures, Pelosi claims to be a feminist, in fact she believes men should be removed from authority.

Do you hear any Democratic voices opposing these views? Nope. Right on down to the rank and file voter on the street, not a one of them has expressed opposition to any of this, at least openly or that I’ve seen, and at least 4 times a week I spend hours looking through this stuff. In fact, they voted for people who voted for her to be House Speaker, so clearly they think she’s right. What really doesn’t help the party’s case is that 74% of Democrats would vote for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as President, meaning 74% would vote for someone with views even more radical than Pelosi’s! So anyone saying that Democrats don’t believe the above or that I’m mischaracterizing the whole party based on their silence, just keep in mind that if 74% support someone more radical than Pelosi then it’s not a stretch to at the very least say 100% believe in the views she expresses, or believe those views are just a good starting point.

I have a question though…


I have another question- if Mexico is so bad that we have to accept refugees from there, so bad that we have to help all the poor people who want better lives coming from there, why do Mexicans and Hispanics want parts of the U.S. to be under Mexican control? If Mexico is such a bad place, why would they want this? And why do you keep saying it’s a bad place? Again, the only answer is that you just want their votes. Image from Pinterest

If it’s all about mercy for the illegals, why are we letting them die to come here? Why aren’t we fixing the problems that make them flee their country? Why are we forcing them on a death march, on a Trail of Tears, to reach safety? The only purpose that is served by forcing them to die to come here is to give Democrats votes and big businesses cheap labor to exploit. Even if we had open borders, these illegals would still need to travel through Mexico, with their tough border laws and strict immigration controls. Should we pay the Mexican government to escort any immigrants straight to our border? Well, why stop there? This is very classist of you- only the immigrants who can afford to come here via cartel caravans are welcome? Why aren’t we sending buses down to remove anyone who wants to come here? If it’s all about compassion and equality, why don’t we empty a few cruise ships and start transferring these populations into this country? Do you want women to be raped and children to die? Do you want that just so you can claim to be tough on the border but soft at heart, while gaining votes of those who manage to live long enough to reach this country?

If it’s all about compassion, then instead of death marches to our border just so the survivors can be raped and tortured before being allowed in, wouldn’t you just call up the Navy, have them dock ships in each South American country that has people who want to come here, load them up, then take them back to the U.S. safely? If we can shave $21 Trillion from the Pentagon’s budget as Ocasio-Cortez says, surely some of that can be used to fund the transfer of immigrants into our cities.

And why should our compassion stop there? These people are poor and uneducated, and unhealthy. They need free education, free medical care, free meals, and free housing. As it is, we make them get raped and risk dying just to come here, but then throw them out on the streets or give them some meager slice of welfare when they arrive? How is that compassionate? And so much is in English, these people with such poor uneducated backgrounds can’t be expected to learn our language, so we must learn theirs. We must make them feel welcome, adopt their customs. Afterall, they’re the ones who need help, right? You want to be compassionate and helpful, don’t you?

Or maybe you’d like to help by stopping the cartels. Legalize drugs! That will do it, they will no longer have any reason to smuggle anything, just like how with tobacco being legal Eric Gardner obviously was not illegally selling cigarettes and his life was never in danger and he’s still alive today because legalization totally solves all drug-smuggling-related crimes. And with their cash cow now legal, cartels will become peaceful. Or they’ll find something else to smuggle, like guns into gun-free zones. So should you legalize guns then too? Legalize everything!

Everything like new citizens, for example. The argument made in that link is that countries will send their best, that open borders works in Europe. It’s a false comparison. These countries are deliberately encouraging their worst and worst-off to come here (take it from Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein of liberal California), much like Cuba did in 1980 except with a wink and a nod instead of an order. Seriously, why would they want to be encouraging their BEST to leave? “Oh, you have an idea that will boost the economy? Go ahead and leave and never come back!” Yeah, that’s so believable. And the author of that piece destroys his own argument about improving the economy- he says they’ll send their best and their best will stay and improve this country, but then also says that these very same “best” will only stay a few years before leaving. And, pray tell,  if we’re not getting a country’s best and brightest right now as you imply, why would we expect to suddenly get them later? These people are all refugees anyway, remember Mr. Author? Why would they want to return to crime and poverty and possible death?


And why would we expect a bunch of people waving “brown pride” banners to help white America? Fun fact: Mexico is horribly racist. So doesn’t that mean people who want to Make America Mexico Again are racists too, for wanting to put more people under that racist influence? Why do all these clearly brown people want to return parts of America to their white Mexican overlords? Image From The Yucan Times

Why would we expect the train of their worst and worst-off to suddenly stop? If we have open borders we’ll suddenly get all the Einsteins and all the moochers will stop coming in? They don’t come here for the education; they come here because welfare and even prison are better than what they’re leaving behind! If we open our borders, the only thing we’ll be getting more of are the people too poor to pay off the cartels to smuggle them across. We get  thousands every time the border looks weak, why the hell would that idiot author argue that no border would LESSEN the flow?

Welfare is what draws them here; welfare, safety, and the easy-to-get low-paying jobs that are both opportunities much better than any in their countries of origin. If they’re doing fine in their countries, they have no reason to leave even though the best and brightest would be the ones who had the money to pay the cartels to smuggle them here. And how does an open borders policy discourage people from coming here for the above reasons?

Hey workers who think the open borders crowd are protecting your jobs, remember that $15 minimum wage you want? With the open borders crowd that you’re voting for, you’re going to have a bunch of non-citizens taking your job, and more than willing to do it for cheaper than $15. You were warned of wage suppression by Obama himself. Don’t you just love how you’re supposed to have work experience from summer jobs or part-time employment to make yourself competitive when applying to other positions? Well too freakin’ bad, those jobs will be taken by the guys pouring across the border. High Schooler looking for a summer job to pay for your first car? Forget it. College student needing part-time work to help pay for your education? Those jobs are gone too! Low-skill factory worker? Gone. Oh, and don’t think your white collar self will be unaffected- you’ll need to learn Spanish pretty quick to even buy groceries. And if a bunch of Hispanic politicians, fueled by votes from the newcomers, who believe it is immoral for billionaires to exist come into power and decide they want to take your money because welfare just isn’t enough, well… don’t say I didn’t warn you Mr. Open Borders.


Yes Mr. CATO, the people who support the ideals in this sign totally would be a boost to America’s economy and totally help America as a country. I might actually agree- if they solely reclaimed California and the liberals stayed put. Image from Flickr

The psycho behind the opinion piece above turns out to be a libertarian at the CATO Institute. I remember 5 years ago when they used to be a little more attached to reality. Boy, times change! I guess in his little bubble of rich lobbyists and opinion-leaders who’ve never actually seen a border except when looking at a map, he’s never had to contend with logic or common sense. I wonder if he’ll be feeling the same way if he gets his wish and his taxes jump through the roof to pay for the new arrivals? By the way Mr. CATO Psycho- Mexicans in here legally send home hefty amounts of their paychecks. You think they’d stop doing that if we had open borders? You think Mexico wouldn’t incentivize people to come to America and send money back home? Have you even met another human before? Do you not understand how this species works?

Let’s apply common sense here. The open borders crowd tend to be liberals, right? Ok, here’s an example of human nature that everyone agrees on. If it weren’t for laws stopping them, humans would exploit mother earth until it was a barren, smog-covered disaster. Right? Why is that the case for the world, but NOT the case for the U.S.? Immigration laws would be like environmental laws in this situation- they stop people from exploiting the resources past the point of depletion. If you believe we need environmental laws to keep humans from exploiting the planet beyond its ability to handle, why wouldn’t we also need laws to prevent humans from exploiting a country beyond its ability to handle? Why are humans so evil in one situation and yet have a spark of divinity in the other?

It’s About The Latino Vote

This is the reason we are having this garbage, and the shutdown, stuffed down our throats. Importing voters. Didn’t I mention that last time? Well, a leftwinger at The Atlantic agrees with me. Democrats are fighting for the Latino vote, fighting to ensure that the 11 million illegals become 11 million Democrats (they have been saying there are 11 million illegals here since at least 2006, it is impossible that number has not grown). Fighting to ensure that this never-ending spring of new Democrats doesn’t dry up, at least until every election is won by Democrats. Democrats have made it legal for illegals to vote in elections since 2008 at least, and have done much more since then to advance these non-citizen voting rights. Even way back in 2006, estimates of non-citizen voters topped 2 million. With Democrat governors happily restoring voting rights to rapists and murderers (notice in the first one how Democrat McAuliffe said that rapists can actually have paid for raping women, something I’m sure feminists like Sen. Mazie Hirono (D) who believes all men are guilty merely if accused would agree with), why wouldn’t they also let people who entered the country illegally vote as well?

Some Cleanup


According to liberals, these are women and children fleeing a country they hate and are afraid to stay in (I guess they wave the flag as a symbol of what they hate?) Image from Reuters

I have nothing against the illegal immigrants that are just coming here to suck our welfare system dry or suppress wages by providing cheap labor. They see an opportunity and they take it, and it’s on us for letting them do it. It’s also on us for letting their community leaders turn them into anti-White, anti-American pigs that are happy to steal our resources while demanding more and saying that anyone who refuses is racist. They sit there and say Mexico is great, wave the Mexican flag, saying “Make America Mexico Again”, all while profiting off American history and American money. And more come in to be transformed from desperate and destitute to activist. And then there’s the guys whom the Left tells us are helpless women and children refugees, who we see in pictures as being a bunch of men proudly waving the flags of the countries they’re supposedly fleeing in terror. Running with Ocasio-Cortez’s comparison, I wonder how many Jews proudly were waving the Nazi flag when fleeing that country.

Sometimes You Just Feel Like Shutting Down


Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on a Puerto Rican beach during the shutdown. Image from Twitchy

Isn’t this a lovely sight: Democrats are partying with lobbyists on Puerto Rican beaches while the government has been shutdown, while federal workers are literally out in the cold as DC becomes snowbound; those same Democrats refused an invitation to negotiate with Trump to help federal workers pay their heating bills, but did not refuse a vacation to a sunny, warm paradise with their billionaire buddies.


What is this thing that Democrats are so obstinate about? A border wall, the same wall in fact that they supported in 2013. So… in 6 years, Democrats went from supporting a border wall to help our poorest citizens as Obama himself said stemming the tide of illegal immigration would do (Obama said that illegal immigrants hurt our poorest by deflating wages and straining social services, ergo stopping illegal immigration would help our poorest), to vacationing on a beach while government employees freeze because Democrats refuse to fund that wall they once wanted.

No, Trump Is The Problem! (Really?)

Democrats like Sen. Mark Warner keep saying the shutdown shows that Trump is a bad negotiator. That’s not really true. A negotiation is where both parties want something and find common ground to achieve it. You can’t have a negotiation if there is no common ground. Senator Warner himself stated that they can’t let Trump “get what he wants”. So Warner said Trump is a bad negotiator, but then says Democrats cannot let Trump get what he wants. “You’re a bad negotiator because my goal is to make sure you don’t succeed.”


Walls totally don’t work. Just ask residents of Berlin between 1961 and 1989. Image from USC

And Democrats have a lot to lose if Trump gets his border security. Democrats depend on the influx of illegal immigrants for their party’s future- 2/3 of them will vote Democrat, or with a wink and a nod we’ll just say 2/3 of their anchor babies and legalized ranks will vote Democrat. They will, as Obama pointed out, become dependent on our government for survival and strain our social safety nets, so they’ll vote Democrat to keep the money coming in. Hard to blame them- live in poverty in their home country or live off the American government for free or by working less than you ever did at home. Sweet deal.

But this means Democrats have staked their survival on open borders (remember: to them, an illegal immigrant is the same as a legal immigrant, if you oppose one then according to Democrats you oppose the other and are racist. As you can see by this headline, illegal and legal immigration are one in the same, the very definition of open borders), so approving any forms of effective border security would be party suicide. Plus they have to worry about losing the open-borders far Left millennial voters, the ones who think a border is racist. Which means Democrats can’t negotiate with Trump, in fact this is not a negotiation at all. To Democrats, it’s Trump pointing a gun at their head and saying “if you don’t kill yourself then I will”. The political version of one of those traps in Saw (a film that I never… saw. HAAAAAAAA!).

And What About The Republican Majority?

We all know Republicans are gutless. Look at how things work with them. Rep. Steve King says something that seems to support white supremacists (I believe his explanation, mostly because I believe that the New York Times would not report what he said correctly if they thought they could get away with it- they’ve done it before. So good job NYT, I might’ve believed you except you lied too many times already, maybe your next article should be on the gender-neutral-young-human-identifying being who cried wolf… oh wait, I’d better check my privilege. Calling it a “being” assumes it exists, and that is an exercise of my being-privilege to just assume something exists or identifies as existing.), and they move to oust him. How many times was Maxine Waters penalized for calling on mobs to swarm government officials (in the midst of threats against Republicans that were legitimate enough to lead to arrests) so that in effect we’d have a shutdown where everyone was paid? Every Democrat who’s called for violence? What about the anti-Semitic Democrat Congressmen? What about the Congressmen tied to Farrakhan (Maxine Waters appears here again- so she’s called for mobs to swarm government officials and supported anti-Semite Farrakhan, and has continuously praised the LA Riots where at least 32 of the 50 killed were minorities, 16 of them black, yet she has not been disciplined once by either party)? What about the Congressmen who insist old white men are unfit for any office


Come on Huffington Post, everything about her is a joke, let us have our fun! Image from Daily Caller

(and shouldn’t Ocasio-Cortez be ordered to condemn the Democratic-Socialist group she belongs to for their remarks about that… and yes HuffPost, I am obsessed with her, because A: I’m about the same age and have done nothing with my life B: you put her on the financial services committee despite her view that the Pentagon somehow in 17 years wastes more money that it has ever been given in history, and Cortez claimed that collecting this alleged 21 Trillion worth of waste over the next 17 years would give her program 21 Trillion over the next 10 years. C: you said she is the future of your party which makes her a nice, singular personification to target, rather than the party as a whole because it’s always more relatable if you can put a face to a group D: she said she doesn’t have to have the right facts so long as she is morally correct, except if you don’t know the truth of what’s going on how can you be morally correct about it? and E: if I were to build a stereotype of a clueless bubble-brained millennial from the ground up it would look like her, and your side voted my laughable contrivance into office and take her seriously)? Why are none of them punished?

Do you really think those same gutless plague-sores desperate to hold onto their own tiny bit of power are going to fight the Democrats? They refused to do that even when they had all of Congress and the Presidency! Trump was the only one pushing the agenda.


Really, it’s Republicans in the Senate who are to blame. The House passed a bill giving Trump everything he wanted right before the government shutdown began. Why, if the shutdown is so bad and is entirely to blame on Democrats, won’t the blasted Senate Republicans invoke the nuclear option and pass the damn thing? We know the Democrats would do it, they were the first ones to invoke the nuclear option. It’s good enough for Republicans to use on Kavanaugh, but not on the border and funding?

Is It All Trump’s Doing?

If this is a PR move by Trump, it’s failing. The media would never tell the story straight on this. Even the image of Democrats partying on the beach while winter weather freezes unpaid federal workers kicked out of their homes won’t work… mostly because it will never be shown in that light, the Left will blame Trump and probably just show footage of Democrats who stayed behind or something. The media spin is ridiculous really, we saw CNN refuse to interview local news stations reporting on how real the


Nope, illegal immigrants are angels, angel families are liars, there’s no problem. Image from CNN

border crisis is, instead sending Jim Acosta down to stand in front of a border wall and tell us we don’t need funding for more walls because everything is secure… because of that wall behind him which his network said was ineffective, but which he’s now using to support their argument of ending the shutdown (of course the border isn’t at all secure, someone wearing an Osama Bin Laden costume repeatedly crossed it). And then we have CNN’s resident RINO Ana Navarro filing her nails while someone talks about people murdered by illegal aliens. That image right there describes the media’s view on the situation- you don’t matter, they won’t listen to you, and so what if someone kills you. The life of the Democratic Party matters more than your life.


Jim Acosta pointing out how effective the ineffective wall is, image from CNN

Besides, anyone educated knows it’s Republicans in the Senate who are really holding up funding for the government, as I said with their majority they could ram a bill through no problem. Democrats certainly would if they could. The worst that’s come out of this for Democrats is that some Democrats had to come out in favor in part of building a wall, but then their party refuses to fund a wall, saying it is ineffective and immoral, while simultaneously funding “ineffective” and “immoral” walls in other countries. And let’s not forget what I mentioned earlier of Jim Acosta standing in front of an immoral and ineffective wall to say that the border is secure. Democrats are used to this kind of doublethink though, I’ve made that clear enough in previous posts, so seeing it exposed now won’t hurt anyone’s reputation.

I say Republicans should ram through the bill and quit with the stunt. Sure they have the great image of sunbathing Dems while government workers die of frostbite, the great image of liberals nonchalantly filing their nails while hearing about all the people killed by illegal immigrants, totally dismissing the victims and ignoring reports about them, but no one who’d be impacted by these images would actually SEE it. CNN’s viewers agree that victims have no rights if they approve of the criminal (alleged or otherwise). Democrats will never learn of their leadership’s beach-going, or even if they did by accidentally looking at Fox News they’ll fight to justify it and try to bury it as a non-issue.


So Cowardly?

Well… only because this shutdown reflects badly on Republicans in the Senate; as I said, they could end it quite easily with the border wall bill that was sent to them before the House flipped Democrat. But this gets lost in the weeds, and the shutdown is characterized on both sides as either being Trump going crazy again or Democrats not caring about the public. If the media does pickup on this line of thought, then that could lead to voters being fed-up with Republicans being ineffective on border security, breaking their promise to act even though they clearly could. They lose voters, and the Senate flips Democrat, and then we are guaranteed to never have a border again because Democrats dream of open borders (and yes, Politifact tried to claim that Hillary didn’t want open borders, but even if she was talking about an energy grid crossing countries as she claims how does that even work without open borders, without each country being subject to another’s laws?).

Positive Spin?

It is worth noting that we saw no polling data on the President’s shutdown speech from last week. If the public disagreed, we’d have seen the polling data. The media takes polls every time Trump sits down for a meal, so of course they’d poll his shutdown speech. The fact that we never heard about the results indicate that the public was probably in support of him. Remember: just in the past week, as I said above, CNN refused to interview local news stations and instead sent Jim Acosta down to talk about the border- the local reporters would have said the exact opposite of what Acosta said. CNN outright lied to the public. Why do you think they and the rest of their Democratic colleagues in journalism, as outlined below, wouldn’t report on a poll favorable to Trump?


Most “Mainstream Media” Outlets colluded with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election

PSP UMD, GBA Video, And The Future

umd-vs-gba videoOk, I broke my promise to myself and did a political thing for both Christmas and New Year’s. There were seasonal issues I felt had to be looked at. So here’s something different.

Home Video Game Units

You may be wondering: “why just those two? Didn’t the CD-I have its own video format?” Well, yes, but it also played generic video cd’s, and the CD-I video format itself was actually just an MPEG file with the file extension changed to something else. I think it said “.DAT” instead of “.MPEG”. Copying it onto my laptop and relabelling it would give me access to the video if my CD-I were not around, which is like half the time because I have one of the gigantic models and I am not lugging that thing up and down the East Coast!


The Philips CD-I was region-free, which allowed me to cheaply snatch-up and watch this collection of James Bond movies.

But since I brought it up, and since it’s a precursor to our modern consoles that double as home video players, I’ll just note that as far as I could tell the CD-I videos looked exactly like VHS tapes, but without a sort of haze subtly graying things out a little. While the image is sharper in that regard, you also get some artifacting in there.

While CD-I was on the maybe pile because of its early CD-I exclusive format that was only exclusive because they changed a filename on the disc otherwise it’d work in any VCD player, there are some units definitely in the “not at all” pile for this post. That’d be things like the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube (Panasonic Q to be specific), PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. While these play DVDs and Blu-Rays, there AREN’T home videos released exclusively for formats that only those units can play. Same thing for the Pioneer LaserActive which one day shall be mine. As my earlier post might indicate, I do have me some laserdiscs. And spellcheck for WordPress indicates that “laserdisc” is not a real word… how much we forget in 19 years!

Game Boy Advance Video

If you didn’t know what I meant by “artifacting” when talking about CD-I videos, you’ll see in these screenshots. It looks terrible, but they had to make some sacrifices to fit them onto cartridges. Besides, Game Boy Advance Video came out early in 2004. At that time, the best you could see is whatever image the frontlit SP provided so the resolution would necessarily be quite low anyway.


“Mumblin’ Morays Mermaid Man, one of the aliens from Space Invaders consumed my foot and has latched to my chest!” Image from SpongeBob Squarepants episode “Mermaid Man”.

There is a small library of Game Boy Advance Video titles, compared to UMD releases. 34 cartridges by my count. All of them are children/pre-teen shows. Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pokemon dubs, things like that. I just bought ’em up for the SpongeBob episodes, though I think I got my Cartoon Network one for free. I wasn’t disappointed- it meant I got an episode of Courage The Cowardly Dog.

Nintendo entrusted this endeavor to Majesco (except the Pokemon releases, Nintendo handled that differently). This seemed like a bad choice to me, after my most recent experience with a Majesco product. A product that surely would’ve been on Nintendo’s mind and on Majesco’s resume, since it came out less than 6 years before Game Boy Advance Video hit the marketplace.

gba-video-majesco-logoMajesco was responsible for releasing the Sega Genesis Model 3 in 1998. No Sega CD compatibility, no Sega 32X compatibility, didn’t work with some Sega Genesis games, and they’re prone to rusting. I have an Atari 2600 that runs smooth and looks new despite being purchased in the 70’s and having spent 20 years in my dad’s closet, yet both of the Model 3’s I got looked like someone drizzled salt water in them and they only turned 20 this year. The cashiers at the shop I bought the first one from noted that Model 3’s were notorious for their unreliability and lack of durability. But hey, as long as it works, right?



Can’t say they didn’t warn you

UMD is just the general title for PSP discs. This got way more traction as far as putting videos on it went. The videos looked better, like DVDs. Evidently there was 900MB-1.8GB of space to work with on the discs. Unlike with the Game Boy Advance Video format which had lockouts preventing you from playing your movie on the TV (in case you wanted to pirate the pixelated mess), the PSP has no such lockout and can plug directly into your TV. Or at least mine could.

The video selection is much more vast. Soooooo many discs. Family Guy seasons 1-3 come to mind right away (because I bought them off a friend, who threw away their original cases and had them in specially-bought UMD cases that I had to sort through). The first time I saw some movies, like Godzilla: Final Wars, it was on the UMD release. But as you can tell just by Family Guy and Godzilla being mentioned, UMD discs had a pretty broad set of videos put on them… and upon looking at my collection when desperately trying to reunite a loose UMD with its case, I found some films I didn’t remember having, one of which the venerable founder of this blog referenced to me a few times but I never understood because I never saw it.

Not A Fair Comparison


No reason to include a UMD screenshot since it was basically the same as you’d get on a DVD, but here is a picture comparing UMD to DVD anyway. All that we say and do is right.

Yes, the PSP was principally in competition with the Nintendo DS. But Nintendo did not make any DS-Video releases, and as point of fact UMD movies only started coming out in 2004, the same year as Game Boy Advance Video. Nintendo’s next video attempt didn’t hit until the 3DS. This was called “Nintendo Video”, but didn’t seem to go far (and had content from notorious Leftwingers CollegeHumor, but this was in the pre-Trump time so maybe it wasn’t so bad). Since then video content has been relegated to stuff in Nintendo’s eShop, but by now with Netflix and the like available on your consoles (my mother’s friend uses her Wii for Netflix of all things) I guess stuff like UMDs and Game Boy Advance Video are going the way of the CD-I video.

Why’d They Do It Anyway?

Sony had the discs, Nintendo had the cartridges, and people like movies on the go. This was before Wi-Fi was everywhere. I in fact bought the PSP and some movies in part because I was going on a long trip, so I guess that means those reached their target audience of travelling teens. UMD allowed for quality transfers, and had more content than just programs aimed at younger audiences, so it makes sense that’d takeoff. It was also a cheaper alternative to portable DVD players- it cost me $50 in 2008 to buy one from a pawn shop, whereas that much money got me probably two UMD movies in 2006. Since people already had the hardware, why not take some movies on the go in a convenient travel size?


If we’re going to dig deep and be honest with ourselves, we’d find that the largest flaw with GBA Video is they did not also include something where Tim Conway was doing his best to make the other actors break character with unscripted acts, like puppetry.

Now, this kind of thing wouldn’t make any sense today. And questions on the future of gaming are raised- what is the fate of having your own disc copy? Will we eventually just be playing Xbox games from Microsoft’s server farm, with the Xbox Three being merely a box with an internet connection? Enter your card, play online and pay as much as you would for the discs? It cuts down on distribution, for sure! Given the controversies about excessive paywalls in games and paid extra content, why wouldn’t we expect gaming companies to cut disc production from their expenses? With the popularity of outlets like Steam, and doing stuff like just buying the games online and downloading them to your console (I remember when I bought Rare Replay for the Xbox One and watched in horror as it simply downloaded the games to suck up memory space on my console, the disc contained almost nothing on it).

Its Future Is History

This will pose a major problem for game collectors in the future. Take this hypothetical: Lloyd Bridges Games creates “Super A Walk In The Sun”. We play it, it’s a good game, but it’s entirely online. The company goes out of business. All bonus content that was stored in their servers- GONE! All your save files stored in their servers- GONE! The game itself can’t be played anymore- GONE!


The only reason I’m not mad at Lloyd Bridges Games’ Founder is that he turned down the role of Captain Kirk, allowing William Shatner to fulfill his destiny.

Or how about the problem with something like Rare Replay, where the disc only contained download codes. What if my Xbox One didn’t connect to the store? What if this is 20 years from now and Lloyd Bridges Games had put Microsoft out of business? Rare Replay would be worthless.

I saw an example of this in the store a few weeks ago. Final Fantasy XI. Unless you transferred to a Windows PC (not Apple, apparently) then all that time you spent on your console version meant nothing, and video game stores are full of copies of the game that are now unplayable. There is no single-player campaign in it, it’s entirely online. So what happens when Square dumps the Windows version too? I guess the same thing that happened to all of those PS2/Xbox 360 owners who only had Apple computers available or didn’t have the money to get a copy of Windows. Final Fantasy XI, part of one of the longest-running video game franchises, will be consigned to the depths of LostMediaWiki despite millions having played it and invested years in it.

Same can be said for any online game like that, such as ones for the Sega Dreamcast, but this was the first example that popped into my mind.

Happy Holidays From The Media


Strangely, the Left’s theology parallels Christianity quite closely. Just like in the Bible there were many false antiChrists before, but Trump is clearly the real deal after his conversation with a 7-year-old. Image from

The media went insane when President Trump asked a child if she still believed in Santa. They tried to claim he basically told her Santa did not exist. The child’s parents on the other hand thought the phone call was awesome, and the child herself was positively exuberant.

I have a question for liberals- you spend your time selling atheism, except where Mohammed and astrology and Scientology are concerned. You spend your time attacking Christianity. You tell us we should only believe in your logic and your facts, that you don’t have any bias. (But from Kindergarten onward you try and destroy belief in scientific facts like how everyone except rare genetic freaks have either an XY or XX chromosome that determines their biological gender.) Yet, here you are, the masters of science and atheism, dedicated to destroying Christianity, trying to say Trump is pure evil for possibly hurting a child’s belief in Santa?


The only media personality so far who I can safely say wouldn’t mind burning “Year Without A Santa Claus”. Image from that production, all rights to whoever holds them.

What Trump said was this: that there aren’t many 7-year-olds who believe in Santa. That’s it. He didn’t say “there is no Santa”. He said few believe. That’s a freakin’ theme from “Year Without A Santa Clause”! Are Rankin and Bass now the modern equivalent of heretics like Baron d’Holbach? Will we see one of these journalists attacking Trump burn a copy of “Year Without A Santa Clause” on national TV?


As for that idiot from The Hill who said what Trump did was worse than Obama’s “happy holidays” and that the right should be outraged, I’ll take this time to say that such an idiot ought to be canned on the spot for making so blatant of a false equivalence. Trump just noted few 7-year-olds believe in Santa. That’s it. Yet that’s equivalent to banning Christmas in the eyes of this reporter from The Hill. Which leads question to the man’s journalistic abilities. If two disparate things are so comparable to him, then shouldn’t that raise questions about his ability for accurate reporting, given this gross inaccuracy? And if he is ever on deck for promotion to editor, shouldn’t this raise questions about what he would think a good story to cover is? The man has all the good judgment of the stereotypical drunk mall Santa.

The Left gives awards to anti-Christian bigots, the Left teaches atheism in schools except when it needs to refer to Mohammed’s teachings as the “revealed word of God”, the Left creates pro-atheist media, the Left works to convince every level of society that there is no God, yet they attack Trump for saying that most 7-year-olds don’t believe in Santa.

So… What Is Their Theology?

Let’s take a look- Mohammed is ok, Buddha is ok (don’t want to offend anyone!), Satan is ok, human sacrifices are ok, but God and Jesus are either pure evil responsible for everything wrong in the world or simply never existed to begin with. When someone expresses a Christian belief they should be burned at the stake as a heretic (if they’re not faking it like Obama (Obama was part of Wright’s church for a LONG time and visited Wright “countless” times, but none of this came up? Might as well say Hillary made a speech and the question of payments didn’t come up)), kicked out of public life, have their company razed to the ground and the earth under it salted, but if a child professes a belief in Santa then we can’t even say that other kids their age don’t believe. Just like we can’t say anything bad about Islam, Mohammed, or anything related.


The only star that should be on top of your Christmas Tree. The “C” is for “Christmas”. Image from Wikimedia

The pattern taking shape here isn’t that the Left has a coherent theology, but rather that it’s just a mass of hatred against Christians and various other enemies, that if they ever use Biblical terms it’s to glorify their mortal selves. How many atheists do you see protesting mosques? How many atheists do you see protesting Muslim monuments on public land? How many atheists do you see complaining about how Muslim bakers won’t make cakes for gay weddings? How many atheist comedians make jokes about Islam? Well, we know the answer to that last one- just read the obituaries. As for comedians who make fun of Christians, that answer is also easy- look at who the ones with the most awards are. Get the picture?


Remember- the people gathered at the DNC in 2012 desperately wanted references to God removed from the party platform. And these same people are complaining that Trump told a kid that other kids don’t believe in Santa.

For those who are still not getting it, take a look at this statistic: your side of the aisle is trying to tell 70.6% of the U.S. population- men, women, AND children- that their God does not exist or is evil. Then your side of the aisle screams as loudly as it can that Trump is evil for trying to exterminate a child’s belief in Santa. There is absolutely no way you can claim this isn’t hypocritical of your side, at least not in a way that isn’t as fictional as Santa Claus or the man-made global warming apocalypses that your side told us should have happened many times in the past 30 years (Dan Rather tried to jab at Trump over his disbelief in global warming related to disbelief in Santa- this serves as my rebuttal to the old disgraced sham of a human being).

So I ask you, proud defender of the Left- is the really the group you want to belong to? The group that does not believe Christians are fit to serve in our courts? I’m especially asking that alleged 59% participating in the destruction of your own religion (the Democratic Party that you belong to has defended Santa and Satan while attacking God and Jesus)? Can’t you just go independent- not Bernie Sanders or Angus King ‘independent’ where you vote Democrat more times than you inhale in the average year. Because every vote for a Democrat is a vote for this hypocrisy. Sure, statistically you think Christianity and Islam (and Buddhism) are equally as violent, with 10% believing that Buddhism is more violent than Islam, and 9% believing Muslims in America are treated worse than Middle-Eastern Christians facing genocide but… oh. Well, could you at least vote for people who do a better job of not looking so stupid when they reveal their hypocrisy? It’s as embarrassing to me having them as political leaders as it must be for you to have Trump as President!


We need to have a little talk about something called “optics“. Image from Daily Caller/Shutterstock