Lighting Democrats On FISA

We finally saw the much-ballyhooed House GOP FISA memo. It confirms what Rep. John Jordan (R-OH) speculated back in December: that the bogus Fusion GPS Trump Dossier was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on members of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign. At the time, the Dossier was unverified. When presented to the judge who granted the FISA warrant, no one mentioned the DNC’s involvement (and no, Republicans were NOT involved with the Dossier contrary to what the media is STILL reporting, the one GOPer involved pulled funding early on and no work up to that point was used. That’s like saying that the writers for the abandoned “Star Trek Planet of the Titans” project should receive credit for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”!). Another item used to justify the FISA warrant was a news report that allegedly corroborated the Dossier, except the evidence the news report cited was leaked information from the Dossier’s author. The wife of a senior DOJ official involved with people who approved the FISA warrant had worked on the Dossier. The DNC paid for this Dossier, and the FBI almost put money towards it.

So basically- a political hit job full of salacious innuendo that was grown by the DNC was then sent to the FBI, who were ready and willing to pay for it too. Then it was used, without anyone checking for accuracy, to get FISA warrants so that the government could legally spy on Trump’s campaign. Oh yeah, and at least two of the people working on the Dossier had strong ties to the DOJ and FBI, and the Dossier’s author hated Trump with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican Presidential Campaign had fabricated evidence against the Democrats, (almost) got the FBI to pay for it, and then used that fake evidence to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Democrats legally? Ironically, it’s the Left characterizing the release of this memo as a Nixonian move by Republicans.

Some Say It’s Significant, But Others…

Let’s address the donkey in the room- the Democrat Party’s frantic response to this. The


The Hula Burger was the original nothingburger. Photo from mid-card nothingburger USA Today.

media (propaganda arm of the DNC, since most journalists vote Democrat and most of their donations apparently go to Democrats, and their union sends money that way too) has been quick to say this dreaded, evil thing they have been railing against is really nothing at all.


Despite claims from Republicans to the contrary and despite the fact that the memo does not say anything about more than a couple of named FBI folks, one CNN pundit commented that the FBI at large was being attacked, and other leftwing media cronies back him up on it. If talking about some individuals is an attack on the whole, where were these folks when Democrats attacked the FBI Director in 2016? More importantly, with Democrats now saying it’s wrong to attack the FBI, and to insult it is to attack the Constitution, how come it was alright to attack the FBI in 2016 to begin with? Oh, right… And didn’t the FBI Director himself under Obama say that law enforcement was full of evil racists anyway?

As with claiming that the memo was an attack on the FBI despite statements to the contrary, Democrats have also claimed that this memo is an attack on Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation… despite statements to the contrary and in spite of what the memo itself says. Don’t worry Democrats, your precious insurance policy is still intact.

Scandalous Comparison

Let’s think about the treatment of this memo for a moment. Despite not a shred of evidence being found as admitted by Democrats themselves, the media pushes the Trump-Russia collusion narrative as if it were fact. When the Fusion GPS Dossier was released by BuzzFeed, the Left started embracing it, and still now despite the initial controversy, as fact despite it still being unverified (one year after BuzzFeed released it, longer still since when it would’ve been used to get a FISA warrant). Yet now with this GOP FISA memo, suddenly conclusions from a Congressional Committee have less weight than tall tales of collusion and unconfirmed innuendo that belongs in the National Enquirer? Really? If the partisanship were any thicker and any more transparent, you’d be able to build a glass house in the Marianas Trench with it!

Is The Best Way To Fight Alleged Partisanship To Incoherently Apply Some Of Your Own?


On the right is Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). Fittingly pictured on the Left is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), whose histrionics about the memo, which he read, before its release is contradicted by the media/Democrat’s dismissal of it as a nothingburger. That’s it, I’m making burgers tonight. Photo from New York Post

In the leadup to the memo’s release, Democrat politicians were far from honest. Take Rep. Adam Schiff, a sniveling, putrid, pathetic little weasel of a human being whose arrogance as he lies to the public bothers me to no end (I’ve been forced to listen to him for many months), who stated that the FBI agents that reviewed the FISA memo said it had factual inaccuracies. Except the agents said they found no such inaccuracies. Note the date for the video and the date for the report: Schiff made his statement AFTER the agents’ findings had come out. Remember, Schiff serves as Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


Then we have poor confused Nancy Pelosi. I sometimes think that Democrats in San Francisco keep voting for her because that’s the only way they have of getting her to stay the heck away for most of the year. Throwing in a shout-out to our Baltimore readers, I want to point out that she is a transplant from there; her father and brother were both mayors of that town. Granted, not much difference between San Francisco and Baltimore these days. Anyway, No Pelotas said on CNN, within a minute or so mind you, that the Democrats’ own memo designed to counter the GOP’s memo would have items redacted because the Democrats want them to be redacted, but also that the GOP is obstructing the release of the memo by forcing the Democrats to have the very redacting process that Democrats asked for.

Another one on Pelosi- in that same interview, host Chris Cuomo asks her if her position is that releasing the GOP FISA memo would not be damaging because it does not show any wrongdoing. Pelosi confirms this to be true but then goes on to say that this memo which shows no wrongdoing is entirely a lie (actual quote: “it’s not even true”). So… it’s a lie that nothing happened? I’ll buy that. She was having a rough night- she said that intelligence is about fact and not a “false memo based on a false premise”, sort of ignoring the Fusion GPS Dossier used by the FBI that started all of this.

Yet another Democrat protest has been that the released version of the GOP’s FISA memo was altered from the one that Democrats had seen. Democrats seem to feel this was a troubling, wrong, sneaky thing to do. Except the changes to the memo were small, mostly grammatical, and came at the recommendation of the FBI and the Democrats themselves!

So first the Democrats claim GOP obstruction because the GOP gives them what they want and puts the Democrat FISA counter-memo through redactions, then the Democrats claim that a memo they never saw before is being released even though the only changes were ones that Democrats themselves suggested. Maybe Democrats are trying to break into the bread market with these Partisan-bred attacks. Ok, I’ll concede that any Antifa death threats against me are warranted if they’re triggered by that pun.

More Responses To Responses

This response only warrants a footnote, but the Democrat notion that the GOP memo is


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has to worry about a lot of leaks at her age. (AP Photo/Khue Bui)

being released without the needed context to understand why it is unimportant is quite hypocritical given that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) leaked some testimony which was missing needed context too! You remember, the stuff she said that her head cold made her release.

One other DNC response I want to address is their claim that the GOP FISA memo contained sensitive info. First of all, since when did the Dems give a whit about classified/sensitive/private info? They’ve been begging for and reporting on leaks from the Trump White House ever since he got into office, some of which even could have or had diplomatic repercussions. Add to that their cavalier attitude towards classified info that Hillary Clinton herself leaked when she made her emails public (while denying there was any classified info) and you wonder where this sudden interest in the integrity of our government’s ability to keep secrets came from. Adding insult to injury, there’s nothing classified in the GOP memo anyway despite all these claims that it contains secrets that will get people killed or whatever.

While the Dems have launched quite the campaign of denial, one other irony escapes them. The Fusion GPS Dossier that started all of this, which the DNC funded and the FBI used, probably was put together with the help of the Russians. A Democrat Senator even tried to collaborate with the Russians to learn more about it (remember when reading that article- the Left said that Trump’s son meeting with a Russian lawyer to talk about dirt on Clinton was close to treason, as stated by the other Senator from the aforementioned Democrat’s state).

Where’s The Beef?

Ever since 2016, Democrats have been trying to say the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians to get him elected. Yet here we have evidence that the CLINTON CAMPAIGN was the one doing the colluding. Certainly, for those liberals in the audience, you MUST concede that the link between the Clinton Campaign and the Russians presented here is far more sturdy than any link that could exist between Trump and Russia, otherwise 20 months of journalists and government agents investigating the matter would have revealed the Trump collusion by now just as it had this link between the Clinton camp and Russia, or at least some scintilla of evidence.  Aren’t endless, factless, politically-driven investigations what you all kept accusing the GOP of regarding Benghazi and the IRS?  And if you think for one second that this government with its anti-Trump employees that leak everything they can get their grubby little paws on wouldn’t leak genuine evidence of collusion if it existed, if you think folks like Feinstein who feel the need to leak classified testimony wouldn’t drop other stuff if it existed, then you really need some fresh air. Stop reading this and go for a walk or something. Sniffing your own farts isn’t healthy. I know, I know, there will be a nice big tantrum awaiting me in the comments section even though all I wanted to do was work a South Park reference into this.


Pictured from left to right: A phony scandal and phony human. Images from CNN and The Washington Times


The Case for the Deep State

(*Update: Even as I wrote this article, Andrew McCabe resigned from his position at the FBI.)


A year ago, if you told me there was some kind of Deep State within our government I would have probably laughed at you. Even with the DNC and Media trying to influence the election, the thought that there was an internal force influencing things was just too much for me to believe. A year later however, it has become clear to me that the external forces I just mentioned act in concert with an internal force within our government that is dedicated to advancing a certain agenda. The idea that a cabal of unelected officials is making decisions with no respect to the will of the American people is a scary thought, but the evidence is there. And the scariest thing is that they are seeing an unthinkable amount of success working against our president.

How Did it Start and to Whom do They Answer?


Barack Obama Image from

Make no mistake, there is no mystery as to who the Deep State works for. The Deep State really started to form in 2009, during the first term of President Barack Obama. The very nature of the Deep State itself is that it is composed of officials appointed by Barack Obama and the people they hired within multiple government agencies. As such, there is no question that the Deep State serves the political agenda of the Democratic Party, and they are willing to go as far as undermining our Republic and committing criminal acts to make sure the ill-gotten gains of the past 8 years are not undone. This includes the dismantling of their own power structure within the government agencies. The Deep State has operated with very little opposition for the past 8 years, and so like roaches that can survive a nuclear apocalypse, they are very hard to uproot.


George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

So how can I pinpoint when the Deep State was formed with such certainty? That is quite simple, looking at the 2 previous administrations as well as the current administration, one can observe the differences in resistance to the executive office’s agenda. During the Administration of George Bush, he faced average resistance, however he was able to operate a functional government and at no time were whole agencies working against him. This is typical of a presidential administration, Bush had individuals within those agencies go rouge but never an entire agency. During Barack Obamas Presidency however he did not have any agencies work against him, however they were too cooperative and acted as his cronies to attack political opposition. This is not normal at all for a Presidential Administration and it constitutes a severe breach of ethics that borders on criminal behavior. Finally, during the Trump Administration, we see whole agencies leaking partial information designed to damage the president, engaging in wasteful and clearly partisan investigations against the president, colluding against the president, dereliction of duty, all things that are so totally abnormal.

State of Unintelligence


Intelligence Agencies have done a huge amount of dirty work for the Deep State.

As I mentioned before the culprits are political appointees and those hired by them, and nowhere is the behavior more brazen and more dangerous than in the intelligence communities. This first became apparent in February when reports came out that along with agents leaking information to damage the president, Intelligence agencies like the CIA were actually withholding intelligence information from President Trump. The next scandal to arise involved the fact that intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration illegally acquired FISA warrants to wiretap the phones of Trump’s Associates, using a widely discredited dossier which was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. What is really scandalous to me is that figures like FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who knew about this and lied under oath about it are still allowed to hold onto their positions*. Even chronically dishonest Chuck Schumer Puppet James Comey was fired for his corruption.


Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had exchanged a huge volume of text messages expressing their hatred of Trump before and during their involvement in the farcical Russian Collusion investigation. -Image from

Another big scandal involving the Deep State ridden FBI also involves the fraudulent Russia Investigation and the inadequate Clinton Email Investigation. FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who had both worked on Robert Mullers Russia Probe were found to have expressed a clear bias against Donald Trump in messages found on their FBI Mobile Devices. This beautiful scandal has blossomed like a Bloomin Onion at Outback Steakhouse, with missing texts which were mysteriously recovered when the heat was put on the FBI. Some choice material within those texts were not just plain anti-Trump talk but also talk of a secret society to take Trump down after the election and efforts to hamper the Clinton Email investigation. Of course, predictably the Alt-Left Media continues to poo-poo the investigations and the accusations even as it blows up in their face.

Ministry of Love


Derrick Watson was appointed to the Federal Bench by Barack Obama.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece about fascism “1984”, there was a so-called “Ministry of Love” that was supposed to deal out justice but instead furthered the corrupt machinations of “Big Brother”. During his 8 years in office, Obama through a series of judicial and departmental appointments managed to turn our judicial system, including the DOJ, into the Democrats own private Ministry of Love. Even now that rot exists, especially in the corrupt 9th Circut of the federal courts which have routinely tried to prevent the Trump Administration’s agenda with a series of rulings that ignored the laws of this country and served only the politics of this countries political left. Take for example the case of judge Derrick Watson, a political appointee from the Obama Regime who ruled against the Trump Travel ban 3 times based off of cases with a flimsy pretext, and has been overruled by the Supreme Court every time an appeal made it to their desk. Even after having his ruling overturned by the Supreme Court the first time, Judge Watson tried to effectively invalidate the Supreme Courts decision by presenting an opportunistic interpretation of the language of their ruling, an interpretation which also got overturned.


Robert Muller was appointed to be the supposedly impartial Special Counsel into allegations of Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, however, his probe has only lead to a scandal surrounding his own actions.

Next, of course, we have the phony Russian Collusion probe headed by Robert Muller, a hardcore leftist and longtime friend of James Comey. From the start of this farce, he has shown that he never intended to perform an impartial probe, opting to appoint a cavalcade of far left anti-trump judges and lawyers to his investigation team. He has also violated normal courtesies afforded to a cooperative suspect when he ordered an early morning armed raid on Paul Manaforts home where agents manhandled him and his wife, a clear attempt at intimidation. And of course, it doesn’t help that the only indictments he has filed so far are against Trump aids and their associates for alleged crimes that have no connection to the 2016 election, prompting one of them to file a lawsuit against Mueller and the DOJ. Luckily this corrupt behavior will hopefully result not just in Mueller’s Probe being ended as well as his own prosecution, we may even see other officials who have lied or contributed to the corruption going down with Mueller.

Goebbels Wet Dream


The Mainstream media has managed to become a running joke.

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own will.” When Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said this I am sure he never dreamed it would apply so well to the American Mainstream Media. Then again, due to how ridiculous they are he may have been a bit dismayed that they have undertaken the task of being the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democratic Party in such a crude manner. After all, there is no way to effectively push propaganda when your headlines revolve around how many scoops of ice cream somebody gets. When you peddle stuff like that as well as easily debunked lies, well you just aren’t peddling effective propaganda to the masses.


Most “Mainstream Media” Outlets colluded with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election

Of course, thanks to the WikiLeaks dump of the DNC and podesta emails, only the most willfully ignorant can pretend that they are impartial agents of truth. Thanks to the WikiLeaks dumps of the DNC and Podesta emails, we know for a fact that the DNC and Hillary colluded with the Media in an inappropriate manner. Thanks to Julian Assange, we now know who colluded with the Clintons and what networks they were a part of, but sadly we also have reason never to trust the mainstream media again. Notable outlets and publications, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Hill, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CNN, these supposed trustworthy scoursed were in direct contact with the Clinton Campaign to ensure coverage of her was positive and even to coordinate stories. In addition to them were biased Alt-Left outlets like The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vox, Buzzfeed, Vice, Now This, outlets only popular with the most radical leftists and which we never expected honesty from. The additional issue though is how unprecedented it is for a political campaign to direct the media during an election year about what to report and how to report it. Then again though, Democrats resorted to Fascism for the past 8 years, it was only a matter of time before they took a page from Goebbels playbook.

Not so Private Enterprise


Social Media and Tech Companies have shown an extreme left-wing bias for a long time now.

A new social trend has been to get news from social media as these sites have convenient features that show you “trending” stories from sites tailored to your preferences. At least that is what they say, in reality, though they have demonstrated a long-term and established bias against conservative ideas and voices. Websites like Facebook routinely ban and block conservative-leaning accounts that post offensive memes.  while turning a blind eye to left-leaning accounts that promote criminal activity. Instagram banned a conservative comedy group without giving any explanation of what rules they violated if they violated any at all. And along with banning Milo Yiannopolous on a flimsy pretext, Twitter also was caught suppressing a hashtag critical of Hillary Clinton.


The thought that information or things like your phone can be used to try and manipulate your opinion is terrifying.

Other tech giants have been demonstrably biased, and this should really scare us as these tech giants I mention produce the software for that phone you are likely reading this on. One example is apple, in 2016 they rejected a game poking fun at Hillary Clinton despite having an overwhelming number of Anti-Trump games. Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant has been making rounds in the news lately as it was discovered the AI is programmed with a pro-leftist political agenda. What alarms me most is the behavior of Google, the worlds largest search engine was caught burying search suggestions critical of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Google is also currently facing a lawsuit from 2 former employees for wrongful termination, in which details highlighting googles systematic discrimination against heterosexuals, whites, men, and conservatives have come to light.

Pervers de Noblesse Oblige


Billionaire and Former Nazi George Soros

Among the outlying Deep State actors are a group of extremely rich people telling poor people what is best for them cause they are their allies and other rich people are the enemies. Shady and possibly Faustian Power Broker George Soros is a prime example. Known for his funding of the criminal “Community Activism” group A.C.O.R.N. which engaged in numerous criminal acts, he has an extensive resume of trying to influence politics worldwide. Of recent interest, he has also been caught giving funding to an ANTIFA domestic terrorist group. The DOJ is now investigating this as well and hopefully, this will lead to an indictment against Soros. He was also one of the largest campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential run.


Artist Moby Lectured the Electoral College on decency. He is one to talk right?

Soros is not the only Billionaire putting his pen in the Deep State ink, a prominent sufferer of TDS Tom Steyer has dumped millions of dollars into an ad campaign calling for Trumps Impeachment. The impeachable offense he invokes is Treason, the Treasonous act of pulling out of the Paris Climate accord which asked our country to take a hit to our economy while leaving the worlds highest polluters to go on with business as usual. Speaking of TDS, remember how a bunch of celebrities who donated millions to Clinton pleaded for Republican members of the Electoral College to ignore the choice of the people they are supposed to represent? Luckily America is sick of their hypocrisy though, especially considering their seedy underworld of rapists and perverts they shelter. The damage they have done though is innumerable as for decades they have been putting their money behind corrupt politicians and acting as mouthpieces for the agenda of the American left wing. If there were ideological diversity in Hollywood this would be a different matter entirely. Sadly this is not the case, Hollywood Conservatives often face rejection and blacklisting from the “open” and “tolerant” Hollywood Left.

How do These Dots Connect?


The Deep State Runs Deep within the DC Beltway

Believe it or not, while some of these are seemingly unrelated they are connected in one way or another. From top to bottom, The rich fund the politicians who appoint the officials who work against the opposition while the media ignores the scandals and the famous instruct the masses what to think and the tech companies control the flow of information. I know it sounds convoluted. To simplify it, all of these things are connected to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the root of the Deep State, because as you will notice all of the actions of the Deep State benefit them from the Uranium One Deal to the bogus Russian Collusion Probe.


Thanks to their hypocritical bullshit along with greater awareness, younger people have begun to reject the Democratic Party which created the deep state more and more.

How do we fix the Problem? Well first would be to purge the Government agencies of Obama Era Appointees, the elements within the government are the only part of the deep state that poses an actual threat and ties it all together. But as Mr. F.L.A.G. covered in his piece about political appointee’s, this is very hard to do. Since the Democratic Party is the real problem and since they have engaged in criminal behavior with criminal elements, a Federal RICO case resulting in arrests and their dismantlement would work. This would also take care of Deep State elements in other area’s I mentioned if they are found to have knowingly contributed to criminal behavior. The best part of this is that it does not really harm our Democracy, another party like the Green Party or Libertarians can fill in that political void. But this is all a moot point as we are a long way off before any solution is possible, but the good news is that it looks like we are winning the battle.

History Is Written By Who?


History being written. From “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (EMI Films, 1975)

A curious thought crossed my mind. The Left plays the long game. As LBJ once observed when passing his Great Society policies “I’ll have those [not-so-nice-word for African Americans] voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. And so it has come


Fun fact: LBJ supposedly did not watch the moon landing. image from wikimedia commons

to pass, blacks always vote overwhelmingly Democrat even when the GOP candidate is black and the Democrat is white (I love this source, it’s a white history teacher telling blacks how to think and which party hates them!). Notice the gradual rewriting of history too- they say on their website that they were at the forefront of civil rights for two hundred years. How do I interpret that anyway? Are they saying their support for slavery equaled civil rights? Are they saying that George Wallace was a civil rights icon? Or are they pretending none of that ever happened, just like the blacks who vote for them? (In the case of George Wallace, they are.) We are told that all such Democrats are just Republicans in disguise, or if we examine closer we are told that the parties shifted and today’s Democrats are what the Republicans were at the time of Lincoln and during the Civil Rights movement. Except, of course, no such changeover took place. But that’s what we believe as a country.


It’s not just history that the Left is changing though, as we see right now the news media is making every move Trump makes- even ones Hillary herself said she would have done- into deplorable acts of evil that will destroy the world, kill American citizens, etc. The leftwing media operation is enormous. It’s not just the big three networks and major newspapers and CNN. It’s right down to your local newspaper. The internet (and its subunit social media) is full of lefties, probably more so since the tech-oriented youth with their popular blogs and webcomics tend to be liberal (just look at the darn things! Plus, this usage report indicates that liberals find plenty to… well, use.), so the conservative voice there is a whisper. Even more of one given how twitter, facebook, google, and youtube tend to censor conservative thought, not just on their services but in their companies too. (Speaking of re-writing history, my search for material, aside from showing forums asking these questions where every two out of three responses was an insult at conservatives, turned up this 2010 laugh riot here about how Republicans want “commanding leadership”, want to enforce speech codes, and stifle debate! HA!)

And My Point Is…?

Where am I going with this bleak portrait of conservatism’s inferior messaging ability? To the dustbin of history, like the rest of you. Think about it- what do historians use when trying to write everything from theses to textbooks? Contemporary reporting. Newspapers as well as TV and radio depending on what existed at the time. Literature, music, radio shows, movies, and TV programs are analyzed to determine what people thought was important. And what’s the one common thread today between all of the aforementioned institutions? They’re far Left and evidently in a race to see how much farther they can go.

In a hundred years, who’s going to think to look at Fox News or National Review? Will there even be records of their broadcasts or online publications? The Wall Street Journal with its preserved hardcopies might get a mention, but for every positive article, they do you can find negative counterpoints in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. In the future, historians will see all this negative information about conservatism compared to one or two positive footnotes from the few rightwing outlets out there, and those historians will make the assumption that conservatives were wrong about everything and hated, and doubtless many research papers and theories about mass brainwashing will be developed to understand how Trump rose to power.

A Parallel Made So Often Today

Actually, this reminds me of how the history of Hitler coming to power is treated. We’re given a lot about charisma, crowd hypnosis, and mastery of groupthink and stuff like that. The assumption is made based on our current understanding of what had happened, which itself is not necessarily reflective of what really happened. Hitler was just another politician. He promised a chicken in every pot. Hope and change, in other words. So what if he seemed anti-semitic? The Left’s precious nursery of future leaders (college) is full of them today, as is the rest of the world! All those Hispanics coming in? Jew haters. Asians coming in? Maybe just the old man that rents a room in my building. The Middle East? Jew haters. Europe itself? Jew haters. The Democrat Party’s preferred base of blacks and Latinos? Jew haters. That’s TODAY, despite the Holocaust. Imagine how much worse it was back then, only thirty years removed from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion!

Anyway, my point is that Hitler was indeed a showman but historians (all are usually liberal) made him into much more, seemingly to justify the anomaly of what we now know to be a bad person being elected to run a country of what we thought were good people, because one thing the Left always assumes is that people (other than Republicans) are basically good. (Unrelated, but when trying to find more than lefties saying people are good, I found this astounding claim from 2008 that any given SJW disproves within seconds.) The same thing will happen to Trump. All the records the average historian might access would show Trump to be the root of all evil, just as most of the 1940s coverage of Hitler does thanks to World War II. Fox News will be likened to Goebbels and his propaganda network, and thus ignored except when studying the art of lying. Remember- newspapers publish (and retract) faulty statistics all the time that prove the liberal agenda. How many historians bother to look on the back page of later papers after finding the headlines they need for their research?

So… Did We Win?


From “Cheers” (NBC,1982-1993)

Once again, the Left has us licked on the long game. They own the institutions of learning, the institutions of reporting, and the institutions that determine what is fact and what isn’t. They will see all this negative stuff about conservatism, regard it as fact and the interpretation of everyone at the time because let’s face it: the voice that yells the loudest has the longest echo through history. And so when future policymakers are learning history or studying past bills to see what works, they will see all of this negativity and assume that conservatism is hated and regarded as a failure, and the future will shift Left accordingly.

Blogs and other such things as this will only last until North Korea EMPs our power grid. Besides, most of the stuff I’ve seen referenced from the past that was outside the mainstream media in ages before blogs were enforcing the Left’s talking points. Unfortunately, like with climate science, today’s historians seem to be in pursuit of evidence backing their preconceived notions about how the Left has always been right. Guess that’s why the only jobs outside their chosen fields they can get involve mopping vomit off floors, fitting that they’d clean it up after a career of adding the equivalent to our knowledge-base.

Well, that was fun to write! Any non-violent solutions? Feel free to leave a comment. Just remember- the Left is good at spinning stuff. If anything bad happens to them they’ll just say we should pity them more and give more money and pass new laws.


Fig. 1: The Future. At least it’s in widescreen…


They Were 11


Hello all you happy people. You know what? He’s the hero. From “They Were 11” (Toho,1986)

We start in THE FUTURE! where Earth and other nobody planets have been at peace for over a hundred years. Between them, they developed something called a “Cosmo Academy” which is a jack of all trades school that one needs to be a jack of all trades to get into so that they can come out specializing in one trade. There is also some prestige with being accepted into it, which itself is a motivator for some. Everyone’s dreams and hopes rest on getting in there! Every one of the main cast, anyway. We follow our protagonist Tadatos “Tada” Lane as he is tested, spacesuited, and flown to a derelict vessel. He and the other academy applicants board the new ship, and only upon arriving do they realize that there are 11 of them (the others being named Frolbericheri Frol, King Mayan Baceska, Amazon Carnais, Dolph “Rednose” Tasta, Glenn “Thickhead” Groff, Vidmenir “Knu” Knume, Ganigas “Ganga” Gagtos, Doricas Soldam IV, Toto, and Chako Kacka) when in fact there are supposed to be 10. We learn where each is from, and gradually why most of them claim they want to be there.

They have a pretty red box that contains a means of signaling that they have quit their mission, which is to sit on the ship for 53 days. Sounds easy enough- have a bunch of people who I think are supposed to be young enough that their High School diploma hadn’t arrived in the mail yet and who never did anything like this before babysit a derelict starship- except the ship randomly explodes in certain spots when they board, courtesy of some bombs. They suspect the 11th person of doing this. We spend the film waiting for them to figure out who this 11th man is as various complications from sabotage and the explosion plague them. Will they solve the mystery of the 11th person? Will they save themselves from certain death? Or will they wuss out and call for help, thus ending their chances of entering the Academy?

Plot and Setting Notes

This was based on a manga from the mid-1970s, and itself was produced in 1986. The release I watched was in Japanese, with English subtitles.

To me, it seemed that instead of focusing entirely on who the mysterious extra person is, we see a lot more of this boatload of children cooperating to get through various emergencies. This was an appreciated twist given that I was expecting just another ‘who is the mysterious extra person’ plot, but in the end, we still ended up with a mixture of “Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up” and “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”.

The primary setting is what appears to be the USS Cygnus from Disney’s “The Black Hole” (and the space suits look like Maximillian), the interior for certain is similar, while the exterior looks kind of like the Cygnus’ bow. The bulk of the film takes place on the ship. The abandoned nature of the ship and its derelictness also recall the first part of “The Black Hole” when they find the Cygnus floating near the titular celestial phenomenon.

Harshing The Buzz


The observant gentlemen to the right is a king. From “They Were 11” (Toho,1986)

Every last one of the characters just fell off the turnip truck. They were born yesterday. Their wheels are turning but the hamsters are dead. Even the folks running the Academy. I thought at first the problem was just these space cadets (earning the most derogatory use of that term) but as near as I can tell, based on how one of these nitwits is the king of his home planet, based on how these people are supposed to be the best of the best and based on the academy staff, everyone in this universe was dropped on their head as an infant. Maybe this is from that future with the United States Handicapper General.

The Academy ought to be sued into oblivion for its negligence, both what it admits to and for other matters. I can’t get into this without spoiling too many things, and these reviews aren’t supposed to spoil, but suffice it to say there had better be no lawyers in whatever century this is supposed to be otherwise this great collective work between all the planets will be dissolved and war will come. As I think about it


Nimbus III- “The Planet of Galactic Peace” (From Star Trek V, Paramount Pictures 1989

more, I think this Cosmo Academy was supposed to be like Nimbus III where the three warring Alpha Quadrant powers- Romulans, Klingons, and Federation- conned people into settling on the planet as a great peaceful work between the governments. Except the settlers they were getting were the dregs of the galaxy and the governments only sent their worst folks to manage it. Maybe Shatner saw this movie before writing the script to Star Trek V.

Nitpicking And Pre-Feminism Plotting


Toto, a perpetually depressed-looking pencil-necked male character, was voiced by a high-pitched female as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti. From “They Were 11” (Toho,1986)

I mentioned that part of the plot involved the quest for an 11th man. I use “man” grudgingly. Half look masculine, half look girly. The sort of girly men I’d like to see casually, not the sort I’d like to see tag-teaming with the Dudley Boys. Let’s face it- if you whack Bubba Ray or Devon with a chair, they’ll put you through a table. If you whack one of these guys with a chair, their spine will snap like a Cheeto. This should make it quite understandable when they have trouble identifying one of their number as a female during much of the film, but they also immediately identify her as she when we first see her (and then forget I guess), so needless to say it’s a bit inconsistent. And one of the alleged males is voiced by a girl, which I learned from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X4 never works. So we have 10 males and one not quite, the males are surprised a girl would even be with them, one male is voiced by a girl, some of the rest are doing their best to look like girls, and they’re stuck together for 53 days with no one else around for lightyears (and nothing much to occupy their time). Who wants to bet there’s slash fiction out there from all this?


May I have $10,000? $2,000 limit. I’ll take the full odds on Doricas/King Mayan. 200 on Tadatos/Amazon the hard way. The limit on all slash fic sites having a story, 250 on Toto/Chako, thank you very much. (image and dialog paraphrased from”Diamonds Are Forever”- Pinewood Studios, 1971)

Yes, this art style criticism is going somewhere other than pointing out the inconsistency in the story vis-à-vis gender identification for one of the characters. Every character here is sexist. This is surprising to me given the above description of them. I’m wondering if there is some deeper meaning here, but since this is based on something printed in the mid-1970s maybe not. Despite the Bionic Woman using her mechanical right arm to punch through the glass ceiling, sexism was quite rampant. Is there a deeper meaning behind sexist male characters that desire to physically look like women? Is this a sign of the psychological state of the artist who designed these characters? Or is this some subtle commentary on there not being much difference between male and female? Too many questions, so I’ll shoot down that last one- it’s a “no” based on several events in the movie and little details. I’ll invite you to invent your own meaning in the comments. We’ve already hit a depth the movie itself never reached.

Final Notes

What I thought hilarious was, spoiler alert, at the end we learn that despite all that happens this troupe of Lord Of The Flies performers that wavered between rock-stupid and angry-mob-chasing-Frankenstein is revealed to be the BEST group out of


Shocking, but true. They were the best. From “They Were 11” (Toho,1986)

those trying to enter the Cosmo Academy. Out of a bunch of planets and many tests, THIS is the best they can come up with? Did all the other groups resort to cannibalism and sacrificing babies to Moloch? For those of you terrified Trump will start a nuclear war, if the future looks like this I’d suggest you help us put him back in office. If only Hillary had won, we’d have shot down Russian aircraft just as she promised and this whole future would’ve been averted by World War III by now. Damn the bad luck.


Terrible Movie. Lyin’ Plot. Fake Physics! Sad! #LittleKylo. images from and

Even though I’ve been critical, I can safely say that despite plot holes, stupidity, class action lawsuits, and some things that are pivotal to the plot but never given an explanation, I still had an easier time with this than the new Star Wars movie. And I LIKE Star Wars. Big shot Hollywood scriptwriters with a 40-year-old blockbuster franchise screw up royally, while this film based on a 10-year-old comic with a more limited budget and staff did okayish in comparison. So take that for the backhanded compliment that it is, shut your brain off, save $10 by not buying a Star Wars ticket, and go along with what happens to these made-to-order-BL characters.


Sure I was harsh in my review, but I still don’t regret spending $20 on this. Cover art for my copy of the movie, depicting the characters. Pictured left to right in the center are Froh and Tater Tot. Left to right around the perimeter we have Dorkus The Fourth, King Nimrod, 80’s Jock, Vladimir Lenin, Fat Carrot Top, a muscular femboy appropriately named “Amazon”, Wakka’s long lost brother Chappu, Dorothy’s little dog too, and short Brock Lesnar

The Cold War Heats Up!

*Not all of the opinions voiced in this article represent those of C-Gaymer. I do however support a diversity of opinion or views, however, I must clarify my positions. My official stances on Georgia and Crimea are that the South Otessan intervention was justified to prevent then-President George Saakashvili from committing genocide against the people of the breakaway region. As for Crimea, it is my view that Crimea decided to secede from Ukraine in an open and fair election, and did so in response to the coup in Kiev undertaken by Neo-Nazi groups backed by the EU and the Obama Regime. For more information about the latter, please google Pravvy Sektor, or go to youtube and search “Maidens Puppets” in Ukranian. While Russia is not by any means perfect, C-Gaymer does not hold any misconceptions about them being some tyrannical superpower, at least not any more than our own country is, in respect to their foreign policy. In the end dear reader, it is up to you to decide your own position. -C-Gaymer
From Wikimedia Commons. Yes, there is white above the blue. You can’t tell but it’s there.

“The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back”, or so Obama told Mitt Romney during the 2012 election (and the DNC reaffirmed). Five years later, the USSR is suddenly back according to Obama’s party and bigger than ever. Why? Good question. Let’s take a look at what’s happened.

The Russians allegedly tried to interfere in the 2016 election. Terrible if true (though not likely), except like any good country they’ve probably been interfering in every U.S. election they could, and in the U.S. government for sure ever since the 1920s. Any election that CPUSA (not to be confused with the DNC) ran or endorsed a candidate in/for, technically that was Russian interference. And of course, we have


Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), gold medalist from the 1969 Chappaquiddick Triathlon. image from Wikimedia Commons.

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) asking the Soviets to interfere to stop Ronald Reagan from being re-elected. None of that proven interference is worth a war (in fact, they deny the Soviet presence in the government in their quest to smear Sen. Joe McCarthy so that we ignore the stuff he was right about), but the Russian’s alleged interference in the 2016 election- which consists mainly of dumping Clinton Campaign emails and spreading fake news about Democrats- is apparently an act of war. Leaking hidden things about the candidate that any good journalist should have reported (if only we had any in America) is an act of war. Interference by a foreign power wasn’t serious when Bill Clinton gave ICBM technology and other goodies to the Chinese to please donors (Chinese ones too maybe), it wasn’t serious in the past two years when a Chinese billionaire was caught-up with Democrats, but it is serious now that the Democrats claim the Russians spread some real and misinformation about their candidate. Curious.


For those who might be tempted during Hate Week to believe Democrats were always hard on the Russians, your bubble is about to burst. In retaliation for invading Georgia, the Obama team and Secretary of State Clinton took the hardline stance that… America was at fault for bad relations with Russia and a novelty red reset button was needed. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State under Obama took the very anti-Russian stance of… saying that we needed to create a new Silicon Valley in Russia, and saying that “our goal is to help strengthen Russia”. Barack Obama, when confronted in 2012 about American efforts for missile defense in Europe, told the Russians in no uncertain terms that… he would have more flexibility to negotiate our backing down after he was re-elected. After Russia invaded Crimea, Obama read the Budapest Memorandum which called for us to defend Ukraine from invasion and… enacted a sanction or two and had John Kerry say stuff. And then, of course, there’s Uranium One where Obama’s DOJ threatened an informant who wanted to spill the beans about a corrupt deal that benefited the Russians, but the Left outright doesn’t believe that happened so what can I say?

All of that of course was turned on its head in 2016. The official line became that the Russians committed the mortal sin of opposing the Democrats, even though the official line also indicated the Russians had spread fake news about/tried to hack the Republicans. It didn’t matter, the Russians and Liberals (Democrats, it’s interchangeable) always had a sort of understanding, and the Left was told their Russian buddies just betrayed them. How seriously do they take this? Democrats are now criticizing Obama and his policies!

Bear in mind also that during the election, the Obama Admin believed that this alleged Russian hacking was just something to be glossed over because Hillary would win, at least according to official policy. But then Hillary lost. Democrat opinion leaders, politicians, and voters felt hurt and betrayed by the American public. They did and still are desperately grasping at straws to explain why their candidate who was perfect on everything and even had the gender card to play could lose. Then they remembered all that talk from Hillary’s campaign about the Russians. Those traitors were to blame! Benedict Arnoldovitches! Well, them and the American people, half of whom are deplorables according to the candidate Democrats wanted to win thus must have agreed with on such matters.

Just Pick One Already!

So as a way to save face, we’re told that the Russians “hacked” the election. It implies they actually altered the vote counts, which (regardless of who actually tried to hack us) isn’t the case. All they managed to do was spread some info like I said above, which didn’t really affect the outcome (common sense tells us this- Hillary and Trump were close before Hillary’s emails leaked, yet a month later Hillary did better and won the popular vote! If anything, data shows the hacking improved her numbers). With that narrative not getting much traction (to me, even though it


Stubborn bunch, aren’t they. Stubborn as a… oh I get it now! image from Wikimedia Commons

wasn’t seriously about the Russians changing the votes, it seemed the narrative faded out after that was debunked in sworn testimony, so take that for what it’s worth on their motives), we were told that Trump colluded with the Russians somehow, either to hack the election or leak info on Hillary or spread lies or whatever-else-because-everyone-tells-you-something-different. With no evidence of Trump colluding, but evidence that showed the collusion seemed to be between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and the Russians, the new narrative that’s being clung to as of this writing is this idea that Trump is guilty of “obstruction of justice” for something unrelated to the election itself.

Meanwhile, a few Democrats still are pushing the collusion idea despite several prominent ones in the know claiming there is no evidence for it. Anyone remember Benghazi and the IRS scandal, when Dems said no evidence means those matters should be put to rest? Didn’t think so.

Greener Pastures


Fig. 1: A Typical Soviet Spy. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Jill Stein, the green party candidate. The Special Counsel that at first was investigating whether or not Trump or anyone on Trump’s staff colluded with Russia but has now gone to checking if Trump obstructed justice is now investigating if Jill Stein colluded with the Russians. Jill Stein’s only crime was opposing Hillary Clinton and maybe diverting a few needed votes from her. Good enough for the Special Counsel, remember: FISA warrants for the FBI to monitor communications between Trump officials were probably generated based on the debunked Fusion GPS Trump dossier, which the Clinton Camp/DNC (no difference) funded.

Why can’t Republicans get this clever?

Let’s say the RNC funded a bogus research paper on their opponent, worked with the Russians to generate that research paper obliquely through the research firm they were paying, had the FBI use that paper to obtain surveillance permits on their Democrat opponents, and then said that the Democrats were the ones colluding and cheating in the election. Nixon was probably the last Republican that would’ve pulled a stunt like that. George H.W. COULD have, he was director of the CIA, but he doesn’t seem like the type.

As an aside for those of you about to jump in by saying George W. lied about Iraq, let me remind you that A: it was clear we were invading months in advance so Saddam had plenty of time to remove the WMDs which B: we actually did find according to none other than the New York Slimes  (as Mark Levine calls it). There is of course C- your favorite philanderer and rapist ol’ Bubba Clinton fired missiles into Iraq for pretty much the same reasons that George W. invaded. And instead of funding the rebuilding effort with oil money we… lost a bunch of it to bad locals and general mismanagement, were looking at legislation to make sure Iraqis were equally receiving revenues from its sales and saying we needed to stop dumping our money in there- not oil money, OUR money- according to liberal icon Rep. DWS who’s statements about our money were supported by Democrat Reps. Meeks and Tim Ryan, and oil prices were rising after the war despite its alleged aims, so there goes that American-Imperialism-Iraq-for-Oil narrative that’s made its way into movies, anime, and video games of all places.

Sorry, sore point. Where was I? Oh yeah, the USSR wanted Trump to win so that he could make the West part of Russia or something like that. Democrats never did adequately explain the end game to this alleged collusion. Putin gets a puppet in the White House, they say. A puppet who lobbed missiles at Putin’s buddy in Syria exactly as the tough anti-Putin Hillary said she would’ve done if she were President (but which the Left still criticized Trump for doing anyway), a puppet who is taking a harsh stance towards Putin’s acquaintances in North Korea and China. And of course, a puppet that thinks maybe a nuclear war over Hillary losing is a bad idea. Maybe Democrats want us to hate Russia to the point of war because they think Hillary losing is the end of the world, so they want to make that particular outcome happen. Consider that when you vote for the impeachment party in 2018, I guess.

But wait, there’s more!

I’d conclude there, but I do what to point out just how pervasive this Russian bogeyman has become. In the Virginia governors race, the guy who won- Ralph Northam- had run on his behalf a really terrible ad that basically said all Republicans wanted to kill minority children. The ad depicted a truck owned by a Gillespie supporter running down minority children and concluded with a message that this will happen if the Republicans win. First of all, quite the opposite happens when Republicans win (and sometimes liberals try to dismiss or justify it by attacking the victims). Second of all and most relevantly: the Left blamed the online backlash on Russian bots. And the only reason weasily little Northam won despite that stunt and his lame excuses is that Democrats restructured Virginia’s population by importing voters. The Left is also claiming Russia was interfering to help Republican Roy Moore become a senator. I suspect Dems will take note of this as part of a winning strategy for 2018 so it will be interesting seeing the diplomatic crisis Democrats will cause by blaming the Russians for everything.


До свидания, товарищ. image from wikimedia commons

Why Democrats hate the Electoral College (Or any system to ensure Electoral Integrity)

Since my piece on the Electoral College has been such a smashing success I have decided to do this fun follow up, expanding upon my criticisms of efforts to undermine our electoral system and specifically targeting the people who try. And those people are of course the members of the Democratic Party. Now it is true that sometimes Republicans screw up the system too, and I will be sure to point out what crimes they are both guilty of, but Democrats are by far the worst offenders. From calling common sense policies racist to outright fraud, Democrats have waged an all-out war on the integrity of elections to keep themselves in power and to maintain their fiefdoms. And of course all the while they deny there is any problem with our electoral system, well except the parts that are actually working. So let’s explore the cheap tricks and assaults on our freedom by the Democrats.

Night of the Living Dead (Voters)


Dead Voting has been a long-standing tradition for the Democratic Party

A time-honored tradition by Democrats has been to practice Necromancy on Election Days. By that, I mean there is a long-standing tradition of a type of Voter Fraud where Democrats cast Votes under the names of dead people who are still on the Voter Rolls. It has lead to the results of elections being overturned in municipalities as big as a whole state or as small as a city. Of course, this is something Democrats vehemently downplay the significance of as usual. This is extremely disgusting, not just because it undermines our democracy but also because it causes pain to the families of the deceased like the families involved in the Colorado investigation into Dead Voting.

Omar Mateen Registration

This is the Voter Registration of deceased terrorist responsible for the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

Dead Voting even happens in surefire states for Democrats. Investigations began in southern California after a local CBS affiliate uncovered deceased individuals still on the active voting rolls in Los Angeles County. On the other side of the county in Virginia, a more contentious state for Democrats, a bigger scandal unfolded involving a college student working for an organization affiliated with the Democratic Party. A JMU student by the name of Andrew Spieles was found guilty by a Virginia District Court on 18 counts of Fabricating Voter Forms. He is now facing at least 100 days in prison, however, such a short prison term is not an actual deterrent in my opinion and makes me question how serious Virginia is about combatting voter fraud in any form.

Government ID is Racist……

voter-id-things-ID-needed-voter-fraudDemocrats have always fought tooth and nail against laws to require a form of ID be shown at polling places to prevent fraud. Their usual tired out response as repeated here in this piece by longtime political rabble rousers and fake new fabricator Mother Jones, the tired old claim that Black people are too poor and stupid to get an ID. Let’s examine this statement now, shall we? What sounds more racist to you dear reader, asking for a form of ID that every legal citizen has equal access to which proves they have a legal right to vote thus protecting the significance of their vote no matter their skin color or that voter ID laws are wrong because blacks are too poor and stupid to find their local DMV and pay $20 or less to get a form of identification or drivers license? Luckily this 4-minute video by Ami Horowitz shows just how asinine and racist that claim is, of course, if you ask a Democrat they will just tell you that “The sneaky Kike just tricked those Negros into disagreeing with us”.

Illegal Voting isn’t a Problem (For Us Anyway)


Democrats have been caught encouraging Illegal Immigrants to vote in our elections

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote (But Lost the Electoral College) by at least 3 million votes. Coincidentally, studies now show there are nearly 2 million illegal residents also illegally registered to vote in our country. These are not unconnected phenomena either, Democrats have been caught time and time again not only covering up voting by illegal immigrants but even encouraging it. Former Dictator Barack Obama even gave veiled encouragement to illegal immigrants to vote in 2016. Of course, a person could be called ridiculous for implying Democrats call for amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders specifically because they want these undocumented individuals to vote Democrat. Ridiculous like a Fox.

I Voted……. Twice


Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins Sr. encouraged voters to commit fraud to elect a left-wing senator.

Back in 2014, a shocking video surfaced of Democratic Mayor Don Cravins. In this video, he is shown encouraging voters at an event to vote twice for Senator Landrieu, adding that “tomorrow we’re gonna elect Earl Taylor as D.A. so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice.” And of course, this isn’t isolated. Fox News reported last year on the voter fraud issue, most shockingly that 194 instances of double voting had been uncovered in 3 counties around the San Fransisco Bay Area. It is apparently so easy, it is as simple for them as requesting an absentee ballot, sending it in, and then going into a physical polling place and voting again. There have also been incidents of double voting where an individual is registered to vote in 2 states. This actually happened in my state with hilarious results in my opinion.

Eat’in Ain’t Cheatin (And Other Bought Votes)


Former State Delegate and current Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Here is a fun/infuriating story. In Baltimore’s 2016 Democratic Party Mayoral primaries, an extremely bizarre incident happened that falls into the category of bought votes. In an effort to recruit campaign workers as well as voters, the Pugh Campaign was apparently giving the workers Chicken Boxes with French Fries and other assorted junk foods. They were then piled onto buses where there were bags of more junk food on the seats, and they were then taken to the early voting locations. This lovely article forgets to mention some key facts, luckily I came across these word of mouth from people working on other campaigns in those primaries. Apparently, on one of the buses used to transport voters to the polls, the potential voters found chicken boxes on their seats and they were told by a Pugh campaign worker, “Now we are going to go vote for Catherine Pugh.” Besides being a criminal act which should have resulted in Catherine Pugh being disqualified under Maryland Election Laws, in a city with a majority African American population this stunt of buying votes with chicken boxes just smacks of Racism.


Hudson Hallum was an Arkansas State rep found guilty of voter fraud in 2012

Usually, these incidents aren’t so bizarre and racially charged though, most often Democrats buy their votes with crisp green bills. Just ask young little Hudson Hallum, who in 2011 cheated his way into a special election win against John Geelan (R) and D’James Rodgers (I). Here is the funny set up, this special election was being held for the seat of Rep Fred Smith (D) who had been removed from office for Theft. Not to be outdone by his predecessor though, little Hudson here decided to undertake a long campaign of voter fraud with the help of his father and 2 campaign workers, including “helping” absentee voters fill out their ballots and buying votes with food and money. Little Hudson only got to benefit from his fraud for a year though as he was forced to plead guilty to voter fraud in 2012 and resign the seat he bought.

Ballot-a Crap


Ballot Fraud is exceedingly common, it has also become easier with the introduction of absentee ballots.

Democrats don’t just commit voter fraud against Republicans, Bernie Sanders supporters learned this the hard way in 2016 when hundreds of thousands of ballots that were suspected to be for Bernie Sanders were destroyed in a covert and Illegal shredding operation at the San Diego Registrars Office. According to some experts, the destroyed could have possibly swayed the California Results in Sanders favor. But that isn’t the only case or type of Ballot Fraud in 2016 that occurred in California, a San Pedro man checked his mail to find 80 Absentee ballots addressed to his 89-Year-Old neighbor, none of which had her name. The Elderly woman who is hard of sight and hearing was clearly a patsy for some voter fraud attempt. Meanwhile on the other side of the country in Florida’s Broward County, Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes and her employees were caught stuffing Ballot Boxes, Destroying Ballots for President Trump, and filling Absentee Ballots for Clinton. Unfortunately, after initially filing a complaint The Florida GOP dropped it after a Judge proposed a compromise where both campaign members would have a representative present to observe the handling of ballots. Despite committing a heinous act of fraud days before the election, Miss Snipes served no jail time and kept her job.

Who Benefits and How Much?



This Map shows instances of voter fraud committed by A.C.O.R.N. between 2007 – 2008

Does anybody remember A.C.O.R.N.? Well besides pimping, they also had their hands wrist deep in voter fraud through their voter registration drives. This interactive map here shows locations where A.C.O.R.N. committed their acts of fraud along with articles covering the details of the crimes. Notice anything relevant here about where these are located? Seattle, Miami, Denver, Detroit, St. Louis, these are all Liberal Strongholds that determined the outcome of governors elections, members of the state legislature, Judges. If we didnt have the Electoral College, they could have even influenced the results of presidential elections, though they may have considering the timing. What should really shock you is every one of those dots is just what is reported. There are probably thousands more unreported or uninvestigated incidents in the strongholds of the party that claims voter fraud is a myth.


So the answer to the question “Who does it benefit?” comes with the obvious answer, it benefits Democrats. Even if there wasn’t all of this evidence, you still have to ask yourself why. Why would they so vehemently deny that it happens? Why do they so aggressively fight investigations into it if they are so sure it doesn’t happen? I think you know the answer. So then we are faced with a bigger question now. How do we stop this criminal enterprise without hurting voters or trust in our Democracy?


What The Strzok Is Going On?

original unaltered image from

For those of you not paying attention during the Obama Administration, it may come as a surprise just how politicized the government itself has become. I’m not talking about the elected folks, by the very nature of their jobs it’s a given that they will be politicized, I mean the bureaucracy itself. The un-elected masses that make the government work, appointees and employees alike.

Appointees are of course going to be political, but they are in a separate class from Congressmen and Presidents and members of a President’s cabinet. All of those guys have a chance to be ousted every 2-4 years. Appointees though? Forget it! Unless they are fired (which is very hard because the Supreme Court ruled that government jobs were actually private property, belonging to the people that hold them1), die, quit, or maybe for some reach a mandatory retirement age, we’re stuck with them long after the voters have determined that they hate the Administration that put them there. This contrasts with government employees, who are basically like appointees except they advance through skill or nepotism rather than the whims of the President and Congress.

Judicial Use Of Force

     What happens when all of these people become entrenched in our system? Well, let’s focus on the Judicial Branch to see (there is a 33% chance that you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “Judicial Branch”, based on a recent Annenburg Public Policy Center poll, so stop here and look it up or just keep nodding as though you understand). Remember earlier this year all of that hubbub over President Trump’s travel ban? Amidst legal challenges, the Supreme Court declared it Constitutional. However, the judges challenging it were all leftwing appointees. The law states clearly that Trump had the authority to do what he did, SCOTUS upheld that in a 7-2 vote, yet these judges were out there saying what Trump did was illegal.

Executive Decision

     Already you can see that the law is up for grabs because of judges that are political appointees unless you have enough money and time to take it to the Supreme Court (yes it works for both sides of the aisle, but after the Obamacare rulings11,11A it seems liberals


Why is Ginsberg on the far right? Maybe this is a colored Daguerreotype. -image from

keep winning, and liberals are a bit looser with the rules anyway10, plus there’s a lot more of them9), but now let’s cross over into the Executive Branch and see how law enforcement itself is affected. I could cite the soft takeover, as seen in Baltimore. Ever since the Freddy Gray case, police have been noticeably reticent to do their jobs, and so the murder rate shot through the roof5,5A. This is part of the so-called Ferguson Effect5A, where police are hesitant to do their jobs around minorities because of zealous prosecutors and a judgmental public, fueled by negative media coverage of the police giving their local actions national attention. I call it a ‘soft takeover’ because it matches the Left’s doctrine of giving privileged status to select minority groups, in this case by pressuring police to stop enforcing the law around them. Don’t believe me? Explain why white people need to shut up12. Explain sanctuary cities, which are blatantly in violation of the law, and how it’s always characterized as benefiting the Latino community and used for gaining Latino votes.

But that’s the more subtle takeover, let’s get to the big headliner today: the FBI. The one group that’s supposed to be above reproach. Local police might be bigoted or incompetent, as AG Eric Holder thought when he ordered the investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, but certainly not the FBI. If you’ll recall, the Left was arguing that nationalizing the police was the best way to deal with bias8. So what would that nationalized police force look like?

The First Thing We Do, Let’s Bias All The Lawyers

     It would look like Special Counsel Mueller’s investigative team, of course. Politifact6, often biased to the Left, tells us that Of the 9 prosecutors on Mueller’s team who have donated to campaigns, there’s a 15-1 ratio in favor of Democrats as to whom the donations went. Of course, Politifact isn’t a very good source, they counted 15 prosecutors when at that point there would’ve been 16 to consider7. A steadfast Democrat donor who defended Obama’s immigration action in 2014 was brought onboard. Plus, several other folks on it had ties to the Clintons too, though Politifact is quite nebulous as to how the spread looks or if those involved with the Clintons had not donated, thus bringing the bias figure from 10 to possibly 12, out of 16.

Agents Of Change

     It’s more than just the lawyers though! We also have FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who has come to symbolize the bias on the team as of late. Mueller kicked him out, though I agree with Rep. Jim Jordan2 in wondering why, since so many others on the team were clearly biased too. But Strzok is a special case. In 2016, he edited then-FBI Director Comey’s exoneration statement about Hillary Clinton- specifically, he changed the wording from “Grossly negligent” (which the law says is a crime) to “extremely careless”2. Quite a change indeed, basically going from admitting that Clinton behaved illegally to saying she did the equivalent of crossing the street without looking both ways first. Strzok’s bias was in favor of Hillary, in case it wasn’t obvious. He set up the FBI’s interview with Hillary Clinton so that other people involved in the alleged crime were in the room with her, an unprecedented arrangement2 which obviously shows Strzok favored her.


WaPo alleges that Strzok was using an untraceable phone merely to hide his office romance, an explanation that is clearly fake news because Strzok’s true love is not known for using secure devices. – Image from Associated Press

Now we come to his text messages, sent using an allegedly untraceable FBI phone or some such (according to the texts themselves13). Strzok mentions in them a meeting where an “insurance policy” was discussed, in case Trump won13. He also mentioned that “we”, at least meaning himself and someone else at the FBI, could not take the risk of Trump getting elected3. And shortly thereafter, in the same month, the FBI starts its investigation into Trump-Russia collusion3. What a coincidence! Strzok, by the way, at the time was deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI2.

With Liberty And Justice For… The Left

     Even under Trump, it’s clear that the Left still can do plenty of damage- biased court decisions, biased legal teams, biased FBI agents in powerful positions. The Left would love nothing more than to make opposition to it illegal. We see this incubating on college campuses right now, and those snowflakes will be the avalanche that sweeps away our government in the future. But it’s not just them, this bit of typing called to mind Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano issuing a terror threat assessment that declared rightwing extremists can include returning military veterans, pro-life, and anti-illegal immigration people4. Meaning like half the country at least are potential rightwing extremist terrorists and should be watched. That was in 2009; we had 7 more years of Obama bringing in people that think like that. Mueller’s team and Peter Strzok, in particular, aren’t even the tip of the iceberg, they’re the carbon molecule that came to rest on top of it!


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  4.                    4A.
  5.                                                5A.
  11.                                                                                                    11A.