The Terminator (Sega CD, 1993) – Part of Sega CD Sunday

The_Terminator-Sega_CD-main_menuResuming the conversation from Wheel Of Fortune, this was released for $53.99 in 1993. That would make it $96.10 in 2019’s money. I saw it in several used video game stores around New Year’s for $109.99 so it’s safe to say its value has gone up a bit. As for my copy- I don’t even remember when I bought it, but I know I wouldn’t have spent $110 on it if I were sober, and I’m ALWAYS sober. I don’t think I’d have spent more than $75 on it, probably half that, so I must’ve bought it during a lull in the market.

The Game


In the police station, you periodically run into obstacle Terminators. You can only knock them down, you can’t kill them permanently. They’re like a tougher version of Harry and Marv in Home Alone 2 on the SNES.

It’s a platformer, based on the movie. You start by killing Terminators in the future with future weapons. You can get powerups to make your gun stronger Then you travel back to the early 1980s where you kill a bunch of punks and a police helicopter. Then you fight punks in a club, with the background music being some kind of dance song that samples lines from the first Terminator movie. Then you kill a bunch of what I guess are policemen or escaped criminals at a police station. Then you destroy machines in a factory. I got to the second-to-last level here. While in the past, you can get powerups to make your shotgun stronger. First it shoots faster, then it shoots stronger (and different) projectiles. No wonder Joe Biden said they’re good for self-defense- firing a plasma burst from your shotgun would scare anyone away.


Those skulls follow you around the first little bit of level 2. Someone either really liked them or just learned how to have a foreground element follow you.

In between each level, and at the beginning, you’re treated to a horrible looking video of a scene from the movie relevant to what you’re doing/did.

The sprite animations are nicely fluid, the controls are pretty good, and the music is CD-quality because obviously you’re playing on a CD.

That said, there was a drawback that held me up for quite some time. Sometimes a section of the level looks like a background detail, so you might miss a platform you need to hop on simply because it doesn’t look like a platform. That really only happened in stage 2, but it was a damned nuisance. Or maybe my brain saw “oh ok, sometimes background objects can really be foreground objects” and I never noticed later. Either way, I spent like 5 minutes scratching my head about this before looking up on YouTube what to do.


It’s not worth $110. It’s a quick game, if I didn’t suck at video games in general that aren’t Mega Man X then I’d probably have knocked this off no problem in 45 minutes or so just


As you can tell, Virgin had a hand in both this game and the Sega Genesis one.

like some user on YouTube did. It’s not particularly hard.

When I looked up this game, I saw several sites saying it wasn’t the same as the Sega Genesis version. Aside from a shared title, I wondered why they kept insisting. So I looked at a video of the Sega Genesis version- it actually does look pretty similar to this. Now, when the sites say the Sega CD version had new gameplay modes, I don’t know what it means. It has more levels, and takes longer to beat, but it certainly doesn’t have anything more than platforming action. So… I guess if you want a cheaper Terminator platform fix, get that version, because the added bells and whistles are not worth an added $100 to the price.



Wheel Of Fortune (Sega CD, 1994) – Part of Sega CD Sunday


The title was in motion, this was the best I could do.

I didn’t plan on doing this one for this week, but then I remembered that Vanna White had taken over hosting the show for Pat Sajak in the episodes that were taped for last week. I don’t remember that ever happening before, not that I’ve ever watched regularly. But I figured since she was hosting, I’d present a past occurrence when she hosted- this game.

The Game


As you can imagine, spinning a wheel factors into it. In this game, you have to hold the spin button down until that red and yellow bar in the upper left reaches into the green, otherwise the wheel will spin but it won’t count.

You can have up to three players. It plays just like the show. For those who don’t know because they hate their parents and grandparents (I personally assume that the only reason NBC News has such high ratings is that Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy! are on right after, thus baby boomers and older folks don’t have to get up and twist the knobs on their Arkay Fantasias to flip from the news to the Wheel) and so try to avoid or insult everything they value from religion to Republicans as an act of impotent rebellion from their basements because you majored in gender studies and can’t make a career of it outside of a college, the rules of the show go like this: each contestant takes a turn, and when it is their turn they spin the wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, the contestant gets whatever a little stationary needle is pointing at on the wheel, but only under


Vanna White will walk by the yellow rectangles to reveal the E’s that I guessed were in this puzzle.

certain conditions. If the needle points at “lose a turn” or “bankrupt” or “free play” then the contestant is immediately awarded or punished with those items. If the needle is pointing at a monetary value, the contestant gets that amount of money only if the letter they call out is in the puzzle, but you can only call consonants for free. Vowels cost money to get. The puzzle itself can be a word or series of words. Sort of like playing hangman for cash. If the letter you call appears multiple times, then you get that many times the prize money. So if the needle is pointing at $500 and you say “T” and there are 3 “T’s” then you get $1,500. If you get “lose a turn” or “bankrupt” it’s the next player’s turn, or if the letter you guess is not part of the puzzle then it’s the next player’s turn. Otherwise, at this juncture you can “buy a vowel” since you now have money to pay for it with. Then you would spin again. The process repeats until your turn ends from one of the aforementioned pratfalls or you figure out what the words are and share that with the host during your turn.


Yes, it did take me until this point to solve the puzzle. I am terrible at this sort of thing.

This is rather easy to replicate in a video game, and the Sega CD is more than capable of doing it. As are the SNES and standard Sega Genesis. What the Sega CD does differently though is feature a better soundtrack (it is a CD afterall) and video clips. Clips of Vanna White doing hosting duties (prompting the player, displaying the letters you’ve guessed that are in the puzzle, congratulating you or moving turns along) are played, and animations of your player doing various poses are shown. However, the graphics are way superior to what you get on the Sega Genesis and SNES versions. Because it’s actual videos, not sprites. The loading times aren’t too terrible, so if you have the option I’d say go with this version over the other two.


Probably the best version of the 16-Bit era, and the best available until those 32-Bit consoles came out. Good job, Sega CD. Too bad I suck at Wheel Of Fortune.

Oh yeah, this game apparently was $59.99 when it first came out ($104.12 in 2019 moneys) but I got it for only like $8 ($4.61 in 1994 moneys). I guess $59.99 was the standard price for new Sega CD games at the time, since Sonic CD debuted at that price too. For those of you scratching their heads about why Sega made such expensive games (I mean, even now who charges $104 for a new game today, unless you count all the digital downloads you need to buy to make a game work as advertised), it was because other companies were releasing CD-based consoles at that time and probably most importantly Nintendo had announced that they too were working on a CD add-on for the SNES. With no real marketing data aside from projections and surveys and no history to look to, Sega took a chance.


The crappier adaptations were by a different company. These guys though… I like their work with Star Trek games, especially the Game Gear ones.

Star Wars Chess (Sega CD, 1993) – Part of Sega CD Sunday

Star_Wars_Chess-Sega_CD-title_screenI didn’t want to have another “<insert item> on <insert day of week>” series going, but the alliteration was too good to pass up.

The Game

It’s chess. It’s a very old game. It probably existed contemporaneous with the Star Wars universe’s “long time ago” setting.

Star_Wars_Chess-Sega_CD-checkmateSo what new features does this game bring to the table? Nothing affecting the game’s mechanics or rules. The chess board is at an awkward angle, not that it’s much of a feature since the playfield ends up partly obscured by the pieces. But fear not, they have a remedy for that. Press a button, and your perspective changes to an overhead view of the board, though when that happens your pieces lose a little bit of the character. That was a pun setting up for the next factoid: each of the pieces is represented by a Star Wars character when in the overhead-side view, but when in the overhead-center view the pieces are represented by their traditional symbols.

Star_Wars_Chess-Sega_CD-alternate_boardFurther, when you take out an opponent’s piece you’re awarded with an animation. You can see such things as Darth Vader killing Luke, R2-D2 torching Boba Fett (doubtless in an act that inspired George Lucas’ choices for accessories that R2-D2 would have in the sequels), or C-3PO killing Emperor Palpatine. As creative as these are, the drawback is that you have some load times to deal with for the clips each time you take an opponent’s piece.

The game has several difficulty levels, but I’m so bad at chess that it didn’t really matter which I chose.


Yes, I Have To Address The Latest Movie (Semi-Spoilers But No Real Ones I Think)

So… despite JJ Abrams hyping to the LGBTQ community that the new Star Wars was their friend, the best they got was 2 seconds of happy women kissing during the film’s obligatory celebration scene. I’d name the characters if they had names, it could’ve just been two extras doing something unscripted for all we know. So in this era of virtue signalling, I”m laughing at their “superior wokeness”. “Come see this slashfic! Oh wait, it’s nothing. TROLOLOL.” A lovely bait and switch, would’ve only been better if it was just two and a half hours of getting Rick Rolled.

The film itself was… terrible compared to Solo, but passable compared to Last Jedi. Like, watching Last Jedi you felt like you were being dragged behind the ships at sublight in some kind of cosmic keelhauling, while in this one the pace runs pretty well most of the time, though it starts very fast for like the first ten minutes and then starts taking its time.

Star_Wars_Chess-Sega_CD-character_intro-EmperorAnd of course, no one acted intelligently in the whole goldarn film, to the point where the climactic effects-laden battle was ruined when I demanded the bad guys make the obvious move and they failed to comply. Twice. But the lynchpin of the film, indeed all three films, is apparently the idea that an octogenarian with Mountain Dew mouth had sex which led to a son that somehow was not the kind that would have been automatically aborted in Iceland as the media cheered progress. You see, the older a man gets, the lower the quality of his sperm, so that once he’s in his 80s it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s either shooting blanks or his kid will have a problem, if it lives. Plus this particular old man had faced hazards such that by the time his little younglings were searching for an egg they should’ve been totally impotent to fertilize it.

There’s also just some basic issues, like superpowering the Force to such an extent you wonder why they needed Death Stars or bacta tanks, ordering only ion cannons to be used but then no scene ever in the ensuing battle showing their use, and weather that suddenly changes (granted, the woke folk behind the film believe that after a specific, set, hard, immutable date in the future climate change will be irreversible so maybe they too think weather changes with that kind of split-second precision), and why people forget things they were using just moments before existed, and people forgetting starships can rollover even in an atmosphere.

I’m disappointed I didn’t pickup on this added social issue but aside from the LGBTQ community, women can also attack the latest unwoke Star Wars movie. I saw in Forbes how Rey, who was supposed to show that any ol’ nobody girl from nowhere can become great, ended up showing that only being born into privilege means you matter, in her case the granddaughter of a powerful male figure. So yeah, girl power!… provided you had a rich man somewhere.

So yeah… if you feel compelled to see it, don’t put in the extra dollar and see it in 2D. It doesn’t do anything to make 3D worth your while.


It doesn’t take advantage of the 3D medium, like other 3D films that have someone stick their hand out at the audience and shoot lightning at them. Screenshot from “Robot Monster”, sourced from basementjunkies. P.S. That film gives a pretty good interpretation of what an alien race would do upon seeing us pathetic humans- blast us out of the stars lest they risk extinction, whether from an imperialist totalitarian nation or an SJW who thinks all Ro-Men are sexist and should be wiped out.

Tomcat Alley (Sega CD, 1994) – Part of Tomcat Tuesday

Tomcat_Alley-title_screenAn FMV game. For those who don’t know, basically it’s like the “timed events” in modern cutscenes where you have to press a button at a certain point. Except this is the whole game.

Some crazy Russian guy stole a bunch of Russian hardware and now plans to illegally immigrate from Mexico, bringing his bombs with it. While Democrats might plan to welcome him with open arms even after he kills everyone in their sanctuary cities (like they do with MS-13), your job is to be an R.I.O. on a fictitious F-14X, which can carry like 5 times the missile load of a normal F-14, and stop the ex-Russians.



In between some of the cutscenes, you are presented with this overlay over a video playing. The large green rectangle in the middle is your targeting reticle/cursor. You use the d-pad to move it around the screen… slowly. You would move it over the missile icons on the lower left to select which type you want, and over the word “AIR” to switch from air-to-air weapons to bombs. On the opposite are icons  for countermeasures, changing the camera, and using the radio, which are only used when you are prompted.

You’re at this screen for like 5 seconds, either to select the flashing icon or target an enemy and fire. Then you’re whipped back to the rapid-fire scene changes for the mission.


Don’t worry, you’ll know when to deploy countermeasures….

While it’s easy to highlight a stationary icon, it’s rather difficult to lock onto the enemy. the enemy plane bounces around the screen like a ping pong ball, Eventually your reticle turns red and holds on the target,  giving you about a second to realize this and press the A button to fire a missile at it. Oh, and the missile you need to use can vary by aircraft you’re trying to shoot down, so if your reticle isn’t turning red it might be because you have the wrong weapon. It’s on you to figure it out.

You also use the reticle, which is a cursor, to do more menial stuff like select a waypoint to follow, select a target to follow from a distance (they show up as little red arrows you can point and click on). When doing this or turning on the devices/changing weapons you press the button down until it turns blue, indicating you’ve successfully highlighted it, and then release.


The second green square is an enemy jet. Try to hold your cursor square over it until it turns red to blast it. Otherwise, if you press the fire button a video plays of you missing and then the enemy ends up behind you, costing you a countermeasure or a life if you’re too slow.


I didn’t last too long. I wasn’t agile enough with the cursor, and I ran out of countermeasures in a mission (I think I also shot down my wingman in an earlier mission when the footage jumped and I lost my lock on the MiG). You get a game over right away, no lives in that situation. You can also get a game over if you miss too many of the prompts for action.

Tomcat_Alley-cutsceneThe enemies look well enough like MiGs, hard to tell with some, but others are definitely. And sometimes you just see a model exploding. Anyway, once you run out of countermeasures, game over if someone gets behind you. Which is what ended my playthrough.

I guess I’d best describe it as sort of like if the movie Top Gun were made into an FMV game. It’s got frantic action, but it’s mostly a visual experience, all you do is move the cursor around really. A step down from Rebel Assault, where you could at least move your ship.


Top Gun (NES, 1986) – Part of Tomcat Tuesday

Top_Gun-NES-titleDidn’t I mention that I’m bad at this kind of game? Why do I keep doing this to myself? And to you, for that matter.


The movie was better known for its taking-off sequences, rather than landing.

Yes, I’ve seen Top Gun from the top. I know because I recognized the title screen music from the game as being the music from the movie just after Tom Cruise starts World War III by downing a Soviet jet. Of course I liked watching the pretty planes flying, but the rest of the movie was crap. Who wants to watch a bunch of sweaty men spend half a movie shirtless… oh. What I don’t get though is how the Navy has supercarriers but not one building or aircraft carrier in the movie has a basic air conditioning unit. This game also does not feature an A/C unit, and it is probably all the more difficult for it. At least as difficult as staying hydrated wherever any scene in Top Gun takes place- the characters in Jarhead didn’t sweat as much!

Tomcat! The most effectual Tomcat! Whose intellectual pilots get to call her Turkey, provided it’s with dignity!


You can shoot down the enemy missiles.

This game is more like After Burner than Turn And Burn. You have wave after wave of enemies that you must destroy. Like those other games, you also have limited missiles, and like After Burner and the GBA versions of Turn And Burn you have unlimited bullets. Also like Turn And Burn, you go on missions and have to take off and land your ship. So it’s Turn And Burn that plays like After Burner.


When an enemy is behind you, an outline of an F-5 appears because that portrays the MiG in the movie. But it’s not any of the aircraft you fight in the first two missions.

I only got to level 2, but I guess the plot is that you and your lone F-14 with up to 40 missiles equipped set out to sink your allies. The first mission says it is a training exercise, but it looks like you’re shooting down your comrades in their F-14s. The second mission is you versus a bunch of Harrier jets, blasting them and battleships (not aerial ones, mind you) as you make your way to an aircraft carrier through its escorts. I assume it is a British aircraft carrier, or that “training” mission was you making your way through the U.S. Navy’s fighter cover before the Marines had a go at it with the Harriers in mission 2. Either way, it’s not a good day to be a NATO member and the commies must be roflmaoing.

Top_Gun-NES-Mission_1Taking off is done automatically, while landing and refueling are done by hand. The mechanics behind refueling and landing are about the same, though refueling kicks the difficulty up a few notches. This involves you obeying the computer’s prompts of “speed up”, “speed down”, “up”, “down”, “left”, and “right”, making full use of the controller’s buttons. It wasn’t so bad landing once I figured out that A and B sped you up and slowed you down, but refueling was a different matter. You have to hold the fuel probe in a certain pixel-perfect position that your ship constantly overshoots. If you don’t get it right, you don’t refuel and can’t try again, meaning you crash.


My R.I.O. was about as useful as a dead Goose.

Like After Burner you’re only given three lives and no continues, but I should note that this came first so After Burner can be considered a possible- better- copy of this. After Burner clearly was inspired by the movie if nothing else- you even take off from the same aircraft carrier (sort of- in the movie Top Gun they call it the USS Enterprise, but like with Star Trek IV it was really the USS Ranger, while in After Burner the ship your F-14 takes off from is called the SEGA Enterprise. That would be a rather fanciful embellishment too; the only corporation to have its own navy was Pepsi when they had the sixth largest navy in the world and even they did not have an aircraft carrier).


Not really much else to say, it’s not that deep of a game for those of us that suck at this kind of thing. I guess this is why it only has 4 missions, they figure you wouldn’t last beyond that. I’ve complained before about the lives-to-difficulty-to-game-length ratio in other games, but here I suppose it strikes a better balance than other efforts. I mean, let’s be honest: unless you had no life, then the SNES would’ve been out by the time you mastered this game.


Yes, it was released for computers too.

The Denied War On Christmas


How does it feel blogging on Christmas Eve? Reading up on all this bad news, like the Left’s recipe for ending the Republican Party forever without setting foot outside their cities? I feel like James Bond! Specifically, in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” when he’s sitting in an ice skating rink that’s playing Christmas music and full of happy people, pulling his collar up over his head and hoping the bad guys trying to kill him don’t spot him (there is a nonzero chance I watched that movie for the millionth time two days ago). As point of fact, there is at least one socialist out there who’s targeted me in particular for termination. So he said, after pledging that socialists did not wish to kill people.

Here’s some placations from the Left:

  • “No one wants to do abortion outside of serious and extreme circumstances”
  • “No one wants to do partial-birth abortions”
  • “No one wants to kill a baby outside the womb and claim it’s for a woman’s health”
  • “No one wants to abort everyone born with Down Syndrome”
  • No one wants to take some of your guns”
  • “No one wants to take ALL of your guns”
  • “No one’s waging a war on Columbus Day”
  • “No one’s waging a war on Thanksgiving”

No one’s waging a war on Christmas

Mmmmhmmm. And I bet you believed the other ones too (and if last year you also believed them when they said the Rudolph Christmas special was bigoted, this year you’ll be happy to learn that it’s woke again and you are bigoted if you don’t think so… so I guess everyone including that woke NYT writer was a bigot last year, see how fast this stuff changes?). Seems everyone from Vox to Washington Post to Esquire to Mediamatters is denying that there is one, but the facts tell the real story, which as usual is nothing like the fiction the Left wants you to believe.

What made me think of writing this (I forgot I broached the topic last year) was how in this piece examining the Left’s triggering at the term “Merry Christmas”, one liberal outlet notes that the notion of a war on it is a GOP talking point. Given the warpath that the ADL went on this year, where as I mentioned even The Beatles circa 1963 would be considered white supremacist (which means owning a copy of the White Album is like owning a copy of Mein Kampf according to liberals), I’m surprised these critics of the phrase didn’t pickup on what I talked about last year when the Left decided that merely saying “Merry Christmas” was racist.

Where’s the war on Eid al-Fitr or Chanukah? Well… Democrats have their own thing for Chanukah I guess (and yes I do have a third one of those in the works; I’ve hoarded over 70 links in that thing but never bothered to write something)… not so much the occasion as the practitioners.

To morally justify their war, as if the depraved lunatics really need a justification to act aside from the raw emotion they feel moment to moment, some asinine commentator had the headline “OPINION: Social and religious inclusivity does not mean a ‘war on Christmas'”. Censoring Christians is NOT inclusive. Oh wait, you’re doing that thing like you do with racism where you take power away from your Enemy and then claim that  because the Enemy had power you can’t actually be the one attacking them, even though you are just as hateful as you claim they are.


Didn’t Ialready talk about the Left’s inquisitions? Well, that’s not all they copy from Christians. Image from Encyclopedia Britannica

I find this interesting: atheists are quite a litigious bunch. Much like their brethren of all faiths on the Left, they can’t force people to become atheists in this country, so they just complain and sue to silence everyone they disagree with… meaning Christians in the case of atheists. Checking out the Freedom From Religion’s website, it seems at best they only have minor arguments with the non-Christian religious community, and actually declare those people as holy figures to atheists. Aside from all the reverence and respect the atheist community has for their allies in their joint fight against Christianity, we have FFR’s site declare non-Christian religions as angels, at least in the Left’s theology.

Liberal Religion

Christianity has a concept called “original sin”. In the stories in the Bible, the first two humans God created screwed up royally, (getting knowledge after God told them not to get it) and that was the “original sin”, and God judges every human that followed based on it. Angels on the other hand have no sin and exist to serve God, and sort of have a more privileged position than mere humans.

The Left has its own theology complete with angels and “original sin”. Their version of “original sin” is racism, sometimes referred to as “privilege” for those who they can’t outright call racists but really really really want to for their narratives to work (“privilege” means the racist act of receiving special treatment because you are white, regardless of if you seek that privilege, and according the Left even the poorest of the whites has it thus it is, like “original sin”, something you are born with an an outgrowth of that racism). Rather than humans in general, white people are the ones judged by that, mostly white men though white women too depending on the denomination of the liberal in question. So racism is a white person’s “original sin”. Non-whites are the angels- they are not capable of racism, they are pure and clean unless they become “fallen angels” who share the white man’s ideology like Dr. Ben Carson, equal to Satan from Christianity (which explains why the only thing liberals hate more than a white is a non-white who defects, as you’d see in the post I linked to earlier in this run-on sentence). To borrow the phrase Nancy Pelosi used to describe MS-13 murderers and rapists, non-whites have a “spark of divinity” in them that white people don’t.

The religious parallel continues. Christianity gives you a chance for redemption. The “born with original sin” deal is said to have ended with Jesus’ resurrection. I mean, you’re still born with that original sin and all, but if you believe in Jesus (and presumably act like a good person) then your soul is saved.

So what’s the Left’s equivalent? Well, right now Bill Kristol and Nichole Wallace are at MSNBC repenting for their sins, They did worse than just be a white person, they actually helped Republicans. But for the rest of you whites, for the moment if you adopt the DNC as your Lord and Savior then your “original sin” disappears. Just look at what happened to Ralph Northam and Jimmy Kimmel- they committed some horribly racist sins, but are forgiven their trespasses as they preach in the Left’s name. Some folks aren’t so lucky, but Christianity has been rather fickle with those things too.

Also for the moment, other ways exist for whites to save their souls. Attach yourself to an oppressed group. Becoming an LGBTQ Democrat (LGBTQ Republicans are seen in the same way as nonwhite Republicans, as Satan is seen by Christians) strips you of some of that racist “privilege” of yours. Declaring yourself an atheist removes a little of that privilege too, because it is also considered an oppressed group despite their legal protections and their aggressive stance towards the dominant religion in the country. Conversion to a non-Christian religion also helps. Declaring yourself a communist strips you of your privilege too, to the point that many other sins like wealth are forgiven. So being a poor communist LGBTQ atheist slave to a non-white is the best that a white person can do to absolve themselves of their sins of privilege.

You’ll notice that earlier I said “for the moment” when it came to some ways a white could absolve their sins. That’s because the Left is a constantly changing place (as you saw exemplified above in my parenthetical about Rudolph). The DNC one day might be equal to the devil the next day, like how Obama’s immigration views in his book are now white nationalist rhetoric. Associating with the Democratic Party is by no means a certain path to redemption. Why, just recently the entire party was declared as racist by MSNBC. All those years of toiling for Obama were for nought, forgiveness was taken away simply because the Left changed its mind. I suppose that’s the biggest contrast with Christianity- God doesn’t change his mind unless you give Him a pretty darn good reason, certainly a better one than “this unqualified minority female candidate lost therefore everyone who went against her is racist”.

No wonder liberals hate Christians more than any other. The Left’s theology is a dark mirror of Christianity, and they see their religion as something like a changeling, but instead of switching an infant at birth they’re trying to switch the most popular religion in the country for their own version of it.

Or as the old hypothesis goes, if you believe in nothing then you’ll believe anything.


Yes, also from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”




Air Combat (PlayStation, 1995) – Part of Tomcat Tuesday


U.N. Squadron had a Rapidash mascot, so I guess it makes sense this would be a Pidgeot.

I miss the Navy days, it seems the only games I play now are with mercenary forces. This game is actually the first in the Ace Combat console series, but when porting it to the U.S. the changed the name because “Air Combat” sounds so much better than “Ace Combat” or something. I don’t get it either.


Looks like Airforce Delta… on the PlayStation… I’m even shooting down B-52s in an F-14.

Also, are there really this many mercenary air forces out there? Did they buy their planes at an illegal terrorist arms bazaar? Or did they get them legally? Is it legal to own ammo for these war machines? I guess that’s why AOC’s statement that healthcare which people can buy privately is comparable to active war machines and ammo that people can’t buy period- people actually CAN buy them for themselves, and I’ve been missing out all these years. Instead of buying a 1/72 scale snap kit of an F-14 the other day, I could’ve bought an actual F-14 and bought weapons for it. Since that’s the case, I guess AOC is right with her demands for more gun control. I wouldn’t want me to have a fully armed F-14 either. That also explains the Tank Museum in Danville, VA, the last capital of the Confederacy. They aren’t just restoring retired obsolete tanks to operational form, they’re stockpiling ammo too for that one day when the South will rise again.


All it needs is a mod-kit and presto: instant third-generation main battle tank, an easy match for those land ironclads the pesky damnyankees will throw at it. WAWOOWOOHOO!!!!

The Game



What can I said that wasn’t said about Airforce Delta? It’s like Airforce Delta, but on the PlayStation. So the graphics look more primitive and the draw distance is much shorter. Not that it affects gameplay at all. Similar perspective, similar jets, similar that you can only fire two missiles at a time. Same missions too- shoot down planes or shoot ground targets. You even play as mercenaries hired to stop a bunch of bad guys trying to takeover a nameless country.


Night flying was… a bit harder than in Airforce Delta.

It does differ in some key points: you don’t have infinite tries. Once you lose all the aircraft you purchased, it’s game over even if you have money to buy more. Also, you do have a finite amount of machine gun ammo. The missiles don’t lock as well as in Airforce Delta. The planes in Air Combat fly noticeably different- I could tell that the F-4 was different than the F-14, which was not the case in Airforce Delta. Air Combat is harder too- your plane gets damaged more easily (or maybe it’s because I played on the middle difficulty).

I got to Mission 4 before losing my two planes, and I didn’t save before it because my memory card is a few hundred miles away, so I had to leave it at that.


My first attempt playing the game, and I glitched it out. on the right is what the jet select screen is supposed to look like, and on the left is what I ended up with after losing my F-14 and I think hitting a button too soon. It is supposed to say “F-4” in a little text field like that, but that’s about the only thing right. After I pressed the buttons for selecting the fighter and starting the mission (done by memory since there was no prompt), it selected the F-4 and went to the mission like nothing happened, just an FYI in case this happens to you.

Judgment Call


Sometimes, the ground graphics even make Mode 7 look advance.

I like Airforce Delta better because you have unlimited lives basically as long as you don’t mind flying an F-5E all the time, but on the other hand this game was like $4 cheaper. I leave it up to you.


Should’ve bought more planes…