A Handy List/Guide to Identify Fake News

After Hillary’s crushing loss on November 8th, the dishonest liberal biased mainstream media who lied through their teeth to try and get her into office have doubled down by coining the term Fake News and saying it applies to any news outlet who reported things contrary to what they themselves reported. Well, the irony was not lost on Rational America and this term has quickly been applied back to CNN, MSNBC, and other Mainstream Media outlets who engaged in deception. Everyone has made their list, so here is my List of Fake News Media Outlets and Fake News Reporters. This list is a work in progress so feel free to contribute names and evidence to this list by Emailing me at contactcgaymer@gmail.com

A list of Fake News from Mr. Ron Paul’s Website. I based my list off of this and a few other sources so there may be a few things missing in my list or different from this one.







Daily Beast

Huffington Post




New York Times

The New Yorker

People Magazine


The Guardian

The Hill




The Washington Post



The Associated Press*

The Young Turks

*Some reporters of The Associated Press may be reporting fake news but I cannot yet say this organization is totally fake news till I have performed a more thorough investigation taking into consideration the varying nature of this organization




Cecelia Vega – ABC

David Muir – ABC

Diane Sawyer – ABC

George Stephanopoulos – ABC

Liz Kreutz – ABC

Jon Karl – ABC

John Heillman – Bloomberg

Mark Halperin – Bloomberg

Jennifer Epstein – Bloomberg

Norah O’Donnell – CBS

Vicki Gordon – CBS

Steve Chagaris – CBS

John Harwood – CNBC

Rebecca Quick – CNBC

Donna Brazile – CNN*

Brianna Keilar – CNN

David Chalian – CNN

Gloria Borger – CNN

Jeff Zeleny – CNN

John Berman – CNN

Kate Bouldan – CNN

Mark Preston – CNN

Dan Merica – CNN

Sam Feist – CNN

Chris Cuomo – CNN

Wolf Blitzer – CNN

Jackie Kucinich – Daily Beast

Whitney Snyder – Huffington Post

Amanda Terkel – Huffington Post

Ruby Cramer – Buzzfeed

Tamara Keith – NPR

Amanda Becker – Reuters

Matt Lee – The Associated Press

Robby Mook – The Associated Press

Bradley Kapper – The Associated Press

Julie Pace – The Associated Press

Ken Thomas – The Associated Press

Liz Lerner – The Associated Press

Alex Seitz-Wald – MSNBC

Alex Wagner – MSNBC

Beth Fouhy – MSNBC

Chuck Todd – MSNBC

Phil Griffin – MSNBC

Rachel Maddow – MSNBC

Rachel Racusen – MSNBC

Joy Reid – MSNBC

Mark Murray – NBC

Savannah Gutherie – NBC

Amy Chozik – New York Times

Gail Collins – New York Times

Johnathan Martin – New York Times

Maggie Haberman – New York Times

Mark Leibovich – New York Times

Pat Healy – New York Times

Ryan Liza – New Yorker

Sandra Sobieraj Westfall – People Magazine

Glenn Thrush – Politico

Kenneth Vogel – Politico

Mike Allen – Politico

Annie Karni – Politico

Gabe Debenedetti – Politico

John Harris – Politico

Jessica Valenti – The Guardian

Monisha Rajesh – The Guardian

Sady Doyle – The Guardian

Brent Budowsky – The Hill

Amie Parns – The Hill

Alyssa Mastramonoco – VICE

Jon Allen – VOX

Ezra Klein – VOX

Karen Tumulty – Washington Post

Anne Greran – Washington Post

*This individual has been fired from his/her job for their actions
 I wholly encourage you to search some of these names in the DNC and Podesta Leak Databases on Wikileaks.com. Find out exactly how they behave behind closed doors wit these reporters and more. Here are the links:
DNC Leaks Database
Podesta Leaks Database