The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game here is not only one of my all time favorite RPGs, it’s a huge reason I am bummed that my N64 doesn’t work anymore. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the quintessential RPGs. It’s seen remakes on one of Nintendo’s major consoles the Gamecube and a 3D remake for the Nintendo 3DS. And with a good reason. It is an amazingly good game with the right amount of difficulty to it. It is neither too complicated nor too simple which makes it easy to enjoy the story.

The game starts as the fairy Navi flies to the Kokiri Village to awake Link from his slumber. He is summoned by the Great Deku Tree who has been cursed by a “wicked man of the desert”. After breaking the curse on the Deku Tree he, unfortunately, finds he is too late. With its dying breath, the Deku Tree gives him a spiritual stone and tells him to travel to Hyrule Castle.

There he meets princesses Zelda who shows him the wicked man from the desert, Ganondorf of the Gerudo. She then tells link he must go on a journey to stop Ganondorf. Traveling across Hyrule and across the river of time itself, Link must collect three spiritual stones and the powers of the 7 sages themselves in order to gain the power to beat Ganondorf once and for all. Will Link be able to conquer the evil King of the Desert? The only way to find out is to join Link on his Journey in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Well, the first thing I like about this game was the Ocarina. In the game, music has magical properties and when Link plays his Ocarina he can unlock many secrets. Some songs open hidden passages, some change day to night, and some even allow Link to travel through time. The songs are simple to learn and can be input with the directional keys. My favorites were The Song of TimeThe Song of Storms, and The Prelude to Light.

Another notable thing is the diverse races of Hyrule. Besides Humans and fairies, there are…….

The Kokiri

The Gorons

The Zora

And the Gerudo

Having all of these races can be interesting. In the end, they are all friendly, even the Gerudo. My favorite is the Zora because they are so odd. I don’t mean appearance either, their behavior is just funny. 😀

There are fun side games too. There is Targeting in the Gerudo Valley, Races on Death Mountain, and Fishing at Lake Hyrule. Besides being a nice way to kill some time and relax from the main quest, winning these games gets you items to help in your journey. Plus it’s just fun to run down to Lake Hylia and reel in a big one!!!

Battle in this game is real-time though Navi makes targeting easy. Your main weapon is a sword but there are other side weapons that have different effects. Ranged weapons are good for attacking from distances and they often confuse or paralyze enemies. There is even a hammer that knocks enemies off their feet when you hit the ground in it.

In this game your health is everything. Health is determined by hearts. The more hearts you have, the longer you can last in a fight and the more hits you can take on the run. You can gain hearts by beating bosses or by finding 4 pieces of heart. Also, there are fairies in the game that automatically restore your health if you catch them in a bottle. They make Navi jealous though. (just kidding.) 😉

Dungeons in this game are unique and complicated. Some dungeons even require special Items or Clothing to be completed and some dungeons can only be accessed at certain times. Full of twists and turns and puzzles, these will require a lot of thought and skillful timing on your part. Or you can eliminate thought with a walk-through but what fun is that? 😀

Honestly, this game is hours or even days of fun and it is fun for all ages. I have loved this game for the longest time and I hope when my sister gets older I can share it with her on my old Nintendo 64 providing I ever get it fixed. I highly suggest if you’ve never played this game that you get a copy, it is good no matter what format and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it just like I did.

Happy Gaming!!! 🙂