Has the Election Really Been Rigged Against Trump?

So recently Donald Trump came under heavy fire for his assertions that the election has been rigged against him. And to some degree, that’s the right reaction because it is not as rigged as he seems to think it is. But don’t forget the time-honored adage, “Just because you are crazy doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” Indeed to some degree, there is a bit of rigging against Trump that has taken place both on a private and an official level. Can Trump overcome it? Maybe but first we have to understand what he is up against.

This article is a list of ways the race has been rigged against Trump with video evidence. Maybe you’ll see what even I myself reluctantly see and must admit.


#1: Debate Bias

So maybe not the best example video but it has been asserted that Lester Holt Colluded with the Hillary Campaign to rig the debate in Clinton’s Favor. Honestly, I am iffy about the hand signals but a Poker Expert has claimed that he believes Hillary was signaling Holt. However, while I am iffy on the use of hand signals I am 100% sure the debate was rigged to be extremely biased against Trump and favorable towards Hillary.

The first Prime Example was the fact that Holt hammered Trump with slanderous accusations and biased questions and neglected to ask Hillary a single question about any of her scandals unless they were brought up. Seriously though, any sane person watching this video can see that Holt has it out for Trump. Not only was he slamming Trump’s Tax plans and misrepresenting them, he then attempted to slander Trump by asserting that Trump supported the Iraq War. Meanwhile, Hillary smiles and grins like she knew this was going to happen. The only time Holt directed a remotely critical question at Hillary is when Trump brought up her emails, and even then the question was worded in a way that allowed her to be totally dismissive of the issue without looking like she was trying to avoid the question.

It has also come to light that Hillary was provided questions from the CNN debate before the actual event by DNC chair Donna Brazile. In an Email Exchange posted on Wikileaks between Brazile and Members of Hillary’s Campaign entitled “From time to time I get the questions in advance”, she outlined a question that was to be asked at the CNN debate. This brings up many questions. The biggest is “Why is CNN providing these questions to the chair of either party in the first place?” But I think we all know the answers to that.

Of course being that this is CNN the buck doesn’t stop there. Backstage the Focus Group of “Undecided Ohio Voters” were asked leading questions. The person asking the questions also made an effort to clearly avoid any questions compelling the focus group to speak their honest opinion about Hillary. In no stretch of the objective mind was the CNN debate in any way Balanced and Unbiased. Looking objectively, this debate was meant as a gauntlet in which Lester Holt and CNN were to take shots at Trump and make efforts to paint Hillary in a favorable light. It was totally unethical behavior and I hope the Republican Candidate’s in 2020 make a point out of refusing to cooperate in any CNN moderated debates.

#2 Political / Legal Bias

Oh, we all Remember that. People call it the Hillary defense, “I was grossly incompetent and broke the law but I didn’t mean anything by it so make me president.” Let’s see though, how did the rest of the FBI and the justice department react to that? Yeah, Comey better hope the crook Hillary wins or else he may see the inside of a federal prison. Or not. I mean only the Clinton’s and their friends seem to be above the law after all only Clinton’s can meet with the Attorney General while their spouse is currently under criminal investigation for illegal actions they took while in office. They are american royalty after all, if a Clinton and a Bush get married we can just cancel all the elections and disband Congress and the Supreme Court!!

Oh but it doesn’t stop there. The email scandal is just the tip of the Iceberg. There is also the Clinton Pay to Play Scandal, evidence now shows that during her time in the State Department members and donors to the Clinton Foundation were given special treatment and provided special access to diplomats and the like. Oh and lets not forget how Hillary is accepting money from the Saudi Government. You know the Saudi’s right? The ones who execute gays? But we all know how Hillary feels about gays.

And in the meanwhile the Trump University Lawsuit is still going through the Civil Courts. I hope the hypocrisy isn’t lost on you here. Oh I am not defending Trump at all though people. But here is a novel idea, maybe the outcome of civil or criminal legal action should depend on whether or not a person is guilty or innocent. You know, as opposed to their last name or the size of their bank account or their political affiliation?

#3 Reporting Bias

I can’t even find a that sums up all this to make the header to this section. So let’s jump right in. The media is extremely biased as they focus on every one of Trump’s Scandals. Now while we all know about how Trump mocked the disabled since the media howled about it for weeks, but not a peep was mentioned about Hillary calling a black servant the “N” word. Oh that’s not the end of it though, while they commented on Trump being endorsed by a member of the KKK (an endorsement he didn’t ask for) the fact that Hillary Clinton’s mentor and close friend Robert Byrd was a high-ranking member of the KKK and that she gave him a loving tribute in 2010 was never mentioned. Perhaps most upsetting is that they covered Trump’s 2005 comments about “grabbing her by her pu**y” they either ignore or try to justify Hillary’s 1975 defense of a pedophile in which she blamed the 12-year-old victim and the interview in the 80’s where she laughed about the case. I have a 2-year-old sister so that last one really pisses me off so much. I mean if Trump grabbed my sister I would beat him black and blue, but if my sister had been the victim in that 1975 case and I heard Hillary Rodham accuse my sister of asking for it and claiming she fantasizes about older men I would have killed Hillary in the courtroom without caring about the consequences.

Sadly we can’t hold the Media Legally accountable. The 1st amendment protects propaganda and courts have held up that compelled speech is as illegal as attempts to censor speech. So The media can act as Hillary’s goons without any fear of consequences. Honestly you need to sift through the internet to get the whole story or any story. After all when you try to tell the truth on CNN and stuff it just doesn’t fly with them.


Closing thoughts:

So you have to ask yourself why if Hillary has all of these more outrageous scandals that we don’t hear about them? Why if she has committed these illegal acts she is not in jail? Could it be because the Media wants Hillary in the white house at any cost? Could it be because the current administration doesn’t want to lose control? What we all need to remember is that the mainstream media exists to pander to and lie for the Democrats. Propaganda is alive and well. Trump is no prized pig but this election has been rigged against him as much as the Democrats possibly can. They will not stuff ballot boxes or hack voting systems or anything outright illegal, but they will be sure to withhold the truth and withhold justice to make sure the person they picked gets into the Whitehouse. And we NEED to stop that because if nothing else it sends the message to the Democrats that we can be controlled and they can control elections. And if that happens, the end result will be the loss of our 2 party system and the realization of the Democrats dream of a fascist 1 party system.

Update: It is unsual for me to update before an article comes out but this is breaking news and I do not have time to incorporate it seamlessly into this article. Voting machines in Texas had a “malfunction” where the machines were recording Republican votes as Democrat votes. In short, the machines recorded a vote for Hillary when voters tried to vote for Trump. Hopefully an investigation will be started soon and quickly. If it comes to light the DNC or Hillary’s campaign were involved then I feel she should be removed from the ballot in all 50 States and a Criminal investigation should be started for election fraud.

Trump is a Womanizer but Hillary Defends Rapists!!

Hi Readers, in the run-up to this most crucial election I have decided to focus on politics so I can inform you about what the Mainstream Media will not report to you. Recently there have been a lot of scandals surrounding Crooked Hillary Clinton that have gone under the radar due to media Bias. I will report on as many of these as I can before November 8th. I want you all to go out on the 8th fully informed and vote your conscience. And for those of you who don’t live in the US or who are sick of politics and are now thinking, “Lame!!! F**k this noise, I’m out!!” I just wanna assure you after the 8th it will be all nerd all the time for a while cause I have had my fill of politics for a while. So with that said let’s dig into today’s selection.

Recently a lot of attention has been given to tapes with Donald Trump’s totally disgusting comments about women. They are indefensible and would have made me want to vote for Hillary if I didn’t know about her dirty laundry. In 1975 Hillary Clinton defended a Pedophile Thomas Alfred Taylor by attacking the victim and essentially claiming she asked for it in a highly suspect affidavit. This has been touched on as recently as 2014 when the victim told The Daily Beast “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell”. Liberal News outlets and her rabid supporters have resorted to lies or half-assed excuses like “She didn’t Volunteer for the case” or “The defendant had a right to a fair trial.”

What are the facts of the case? Were Hillary’s actions illegal or immoral? Well to determine that you need to know the history of the case without the spin provided by her memoirs or the corrupt far left media. I had to dig really deep into Google’s Search results (Which by the way, they excluded this search from their suggested searches) to find some facts. This is what I found from Law Newz which is a pretty unbiased source under thorough examination and I will also the facts of the case from the transcripts and records.

On Tuesday, May 13, 1975, at 2:27 PM Prosecutor Mahlon G. Gibson Filed charges of Rape in the First Degree against Thomas Alfred Taylor for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Three Days before Mr. Taylor and two male acquaintances, including a 15-year-old boy she had a crush on had encouraged the Victim to join them on a late night trip to the bowling alley. Taylor drove the group around in his truck and poured the victim a whiskey and coke. After getting the victim intoxicated Taylor drove the group to a “weedy ravine” where he and his two accomplices proceeded to rape her. According to the 15-Year-Old accomplice who later testified for the prosecution, Taylor was particularly violent when he took his turn and actually beat the victim.

Around 4 AM The Victim and her Mother went to the Hospital. Examinations were performed and it was determined she had been sexually assaulted. Taylor was arrested on the 13th when charges were filed. On the 14th Initial Discovery was filed by his Court Appointed Attorney John Barry Baker. On the 15th a signed Affidavit was filed by Investigator for the Prosecutor’s Office Kim Smith, who relayed that both The Victim and one of the 2 men who accompanied Taylor claim that he had raped her and that there was medical evidence that she had been sexually assaulted around the time both The Victim and the other witness claimed the rape had taken place.

Taylor was given a bond of 50,000 and was facing 30 years to life for this crime. His first legal move, however, was to fire John Baker and demand a female attorney. Miss Hillary Rodham was appointed to represent Taylor for his next court date on the 21st of July 1975. 2 days after the docket was updated on May 21st Hillary filed an updated Discovery request of her own including results of polygraphs. That same day on May 23rd she filed a motion to dismiss and a motion to modify bail.

In her motion to dismiss she claimed there was a lack of evidence and that the affidavit of the Investigator Kim Smith was not sufficient enough to establish Probable Cause. She also filed her own Affidavits on behalf of Taylor’s cousin Azilee Huddleston and his boss Buck Foster to sway the judge in her favor on her request to modify bail. Both of these motions were rejected on June 9th. On June 14th the prosecutor filed a Bill of Particulars stating the names of the witnesses present at the time of the crime or expert witnesses to be called upon at trial and the evidence in the state’s possession, a pair of the defendant’s undershorts compared to a blood sample that was taken by the State Toxicologist Berwin Monroe. On the 15th Hillary filed a Notice of Disclosure of Favorable Evidence along with a motion to suppress statements made to the police by Taylor by claiming they violated his 5th, 6th, and 14th amendment rights.

On the 16th a hearing was granted and scheduled for the 21st of July which was Taylor’s original trial date. On June the 8th Hillary filed a motion to compel the Victim to submit to a psychiatric examination at the University or Arkansas Psychology Clinic on July 31st. This was a clear conflict of interests since she herself worked at the University of Arkansas. On top of that, she filed an affidavit on July 28th stating that the victim was “Emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” according to the analysis performed by the University she was affiliated with 2 days before the scheduled appointment. However, after all this, the trial was rescheduled to the 16th of September 1975.

On the 16th the Trial was postponed because the Prosecutor had to leave the country and did not have enough time to arrange with the defense to answer some of the defendant’s questions before trial. The Trial was again rescheduled for November 11th, 1975. On November 4th Hillary and the state’s attorney agreed to a Plea Bargain after much of the state’s forensic evidence was lost or destroyed under mysterious circumstances. The charge was reduced from Rape in the First Degree to Unlawful Fondling of a Child. He was given 5 years with 4 years suspended and 2 months reduced for time spent. In the end, a man who by all rights should have spent 30 years in prison for the violent rape of a girl spent 10 months because of lies told by Rodham (later Clinton) and lost evidence.

Years after things still have come up surrounding this case that point to wrongdoing and a lack of ethics by Hillary. In 2014 The Washington Free Beacon did a report on leaked tapes of an interview with Clinton from the mid-1980’s with Hillary Clinton. In this interview intended for Esquire, Hillary Laughed about her defendant passing a polygraph and the crime lab accidentally destroying evidence as she worded it and of course how she got her plea bargain. Also according to the article posted by Law News which has been my source for these facts in a May 2016 report, CNN said no evidence has ever emerged to support the claims Clinton made in her July 28th affidavit.

While it seems Hillary was simply appointed to this case I believe she willfully took it to sate her ambition. She went far past the legal ethic of mounting a competent defense and went as far as attacking the victim and possibly falsifying evidence to win. This fits in with her pattern of psychotic ambition at any cost. It is reminiscent of her vicious attacks against the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. So yeah Trump is a womanizing scumbag. But unless the rape accusation against him is actually true, yet again Hillary is worse in so many ways.

Important Changes to my Site Schedule and New Subjects.

Hey there guys. So far you are accustomed to a new post every Wednesday and Saturday at Noon. This was my ideal vision, however, the reality of it has quickly hit me faster than I thought it would. Blogs, in general, can be pretty exhausting but gaming blogs present their own unique challenges. I hate changing things up so soon but then again it’s better to work out the bugs now rather than later. It’s less unsettling to readers to have a small change at the start than a big one later on.

Now back to these unique issues. The three issues I face are the stress involved with writing a post, the time required to research and play games, and the rate at which I am burning through the material. Again these are unique issues I am facing. Now I could fill more space with political posts but I think those are better in smaller doses and also because of aforementioned stress I am trying to avoid politics in general. The stress is actually deeper than blog posts by the way. In fact, let me elaborate upon these factors.

To begin let’s start with stress. Writing looks easy but it really isn’t unless you’re on Tumblr where the intellectual bar is so low it’s scraping against the dirt. I have to make sure I know what I am writing about and then try to organize it in a way that makes sense and that the reader can understand. This is pretty hard because as someone with an above average IQ my mind processes and organizes things differently than most people. (I’m not going to give an exact IQ number because I am not trying to brag or make people feel bad so let’s leave it at that) It thus becomes a struggle to try to put things in an order most people understand. And when the stress of this is compounded by my current life stress like my failing job search or this miserable presidential election then it ends up most days that while I feel an obligation to work on material for the blog I cannot emotionally handle it.

Next is the time required to make a post. Political posts and tech posts are relatively easy. Most of these I have a vivid knowledge of off the cuff and when that fails I can refresh my memory with a nice Google Search. Gaming posts, however, are a lot harder. Imagine you were making a blog about a TV show. You would have to watch that show every week or watch re-runs on streaming services and that takes time and effort. This is the same with gaming posts, while I often have to obtain screenshots online for some games that don’t change the fact that I actually have to sit down and replay some of these games and do additional research on the porting for them so I can give you a pretty vivid and accurate view of what gameplay is like and on which systems you can play. On top of that, I then have to write an article that makes sense to you and doesn’t contain too many spoilers so you can see how that adds to my stress.

Finally, there is the issue of limited material. I have a limited number of games I have played or have access to. I currently have 11 PS2 Games, 10 Hard Copies of GBA Games, 6 Emulated GBA Games, 22 Emulated SNES Games and 32 NDS games. There are a few mobile and computer titles I can review too and if I got my N64 fixed somehow I would have an additional 7 games I could add to that roster. Even with all of this though I would run through all of those games in less than a year and a half even with posts on tech and current events. From there I would have to use emulated games and I have really complicated views on these.

Now yes I do use emulated games but there are a few rules I abide by. First off, I only obtain ROMs of games for systems that are no longer operational like the SNES. I also only ever download games that I used to own copies of but they no longer produce and are impossible or extremely expensive to obtain. Other than that I do not condone emulating and I discourage the practice. If the game is new and actively available then go out and buy it people. Emulating, however, kills the gaming industry and hurts programmers. Why should they spend their time designing or coding a game when you are going to pirate it right out of the gate without any justification like the game being 20 years old or no longer produced?

Well with all of that covered this explains why I am cutting back to just Wednesdays and it may become every other Wednesday based on the stress level of my life, but I am doubting it will get to that. There are however some positive changes to address the issue of limited content and to diversify my pool of subjects to grab from. The first has already been implemented partially. To diversify my subject base I am rebranding this from just being a Conservative Gaymer Blog to a Conservative Gay Nerd Blog and I will now be writing about Tech, Anime, Sci-fi and other Nerd stuff in addition to Gaming and Politics. I am also adding a new page to this website with hand selected walkthroughs for games, walk-throughs which I found to be clear and helpful. I am hoping this will help enhance the enjoyability of the gaming experience for those of us prone to get lost or stuck in a game. This new page will be up at 3 PM today so be sure to check it out.

Be on the lookout for a special off schedule post-December 18th 2016/2017 to commemorate the 29th and 30th anniversaries of the release of Final Fantasy. I also am still committed to working on expanding to a YouTube channel and other interactive things for the readers of my site. I really hope that even with these cutbacks I will see an increase in site traffic. And for those of you already reading thanks for sticking with me through this. I’ll see you Next Wednesday with another regular posting.

Thanks for reading and Gaming. 🙂

SPECIAL POST: Congrats Verizon, you guys are Saints!!

So every day we hear from liberals that corporations are evil and every day that is bullshit. This is a prime example of why that is bullshit. Cell provider Verizon is giving customers in the hurricane-affected states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina Unlimited Domestic Calling, Text and Data between the 7th – 11th of October. Their reason is they want their customers to “stay connected when it matters most” and I have to say that is a beautiful sentiment. Kudos Verizon, I am definitely considering them as my next provider after my term with my current provider is up.

This is a classic example of why corporations are your friends rather than enemies. Besides providing us with jobs the better ones provide us hope in the darkest times. Corporations are people too because it is people coming together, and in tough times like this people need to come together. Sadly their only thanks at first will be having to cover the high taxes imposed on them by moronic liberal’s that their customers normally pay but I hope more people switch to Verizon after seeing this example of humanity at its finest. But the important thing though is that we thank Verizon for helping the Families affected by the storm.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle Assault

I’m not a huge fan of RPG Brawlers but I have to admit there are a few out there I enjoy. And since I am a fan of Giant Mecha I do have to say this is one of the good ones if you have strong thumbs and a hatred of Z.A.F.T. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle Assault is an excellent title for Gundam fans whose wet dreams consist of kicking ass in one of these iconic machines. Following the story of the Anime series, you get to fight as one of 12 playable characters and relive the storyline of the show. It’s a pretty wild ride


Now as I stated before this is pretty much the typical brawler style game just with Giant Mecha involved. You fight your mecha through 12 stages reliving a story line. And like most brawlers, there is a 2 player mode and special attacks.

There are a few subtle differences though. First off there are two control modes, Manual and Automatic. In manual mode, a player has to do an extended sequence of button presses to activate a special move. Automatic as the name applies simplifies this by executing a special move with a shorter method. Also in battle jump time is extended by using the thruster gauge. You can also choose to adjust points between a larger HP reserve, stronger Phase Shift Armor, or more Thrust Time.


As I said earlier the game follows the story of the Gundam Seed Anime. As you Brawl through the 12 stages you relive the anime series through the perspective of each mobile suit pilot. Some story lines are completed in two parts like Kira’s story line (this is split between Strike Gundam and Freedom Gundam). This makes it an enjoyable experience playing as or against your favorite characters.

And at the end of each storyline or when you quit a storyline you get a special password. This unlocks more playable characters or special modes. There are a lot of other fun features to discover and some hidden and most likely pointless Mini-Games to discover.


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle Assault can be purchased for the Gameboy Advanced if you boys and girls still own one. And if you don’t you can always emulate it but it’s better on the GBA.

Happy Gaming!! 🙂

Why Android is and always will be better than Apple.

So recently a lot of smug Apple fans have gone to the Internet trying to troll Android users over the Galaxy Note 7 Recall. This is like the skinny retarded guy in school trying to tease Valedictorian Quarterback. The only reason the Note 7 exploded is because Samsung tries to do something Apple doesn’t, make a better product. Seriously though, all Apple ever does is find ways to make their product less compatible with other things to try and force you to buy more of their products. A good example is their recent announcement to eliminate the headphone jack and make you pay for Bluetooth earbuds, but I bet they still haven’t addressed the dismal battery life their phone has always had. And when you compare the 6S Plus to the defect-free S7 Edge there is no comparison, the hardware is simply better.

Even older Android Build models outperform iPhones that were considered new and improved then as you can see in the chart below. The reason this happens is not the fact that the Android OS itself is open source, it is the fact that the Hardware Developer’s who utilize Android software are trying to build new and better phones while Apple focuses on phones that look pretty but force the user to be absolutely dependent on Apple alone.

Android is built to be open. Thus their slogan, be different. Not the same. Its about options and Apple doesn’t provide that. I mean beyond the Hardware Options, you can customize aspects of the software like the keyboard or launcher and do your own Bug Fixes. Android also has the ability to multitask and the ability to have 2 apps running on the same screen. Apple has not even tried to make that possible.

Android also has widgets. These widgets allow you to see relevant information from apps like previews of your email inbox and then access them with a single touch. I find them to be very handy myself, I even have the WordPress Widget on my phone so I can see how many people aren’t reading my blog! But seriously, iOS just added widgets however they are confined to a taskbar whereas the Android Widgets can be assigned to a home screen. It makes accessing critical information on the go a lot easier.

With iPhone you are stuck with the memory it comes with and when your battery finally dies you have to buy an entirely new phone. (God help you when it freezes too since you can’t pull out the battery and Hard Reset.) Most phones running on Android though have expandable memory through a Micro SD slot. Most models also have a removable backing and a removable and replaceable battery. This means my Android phone can and will last longer than any iPhone and I will never be limited to just the 16 GB of internal memory on my phone. Some phones are capable of even expanding up to hundreds of GB effectively making them like a handheld computer.

Android phones are more Durable too. Remember the Bendgate Scandal? Well besides it showing how committed Apple is to lying in order to cover up their messes it also shows you how they care more about how it looks than how durable it is. Apple users can laugh at the plastic housing of my phone all they want, it isn’t going to bend like their stupid iPhone. Along with that Android has features like water resistance, dust resistance, and shatterproof screens built into certain models. Meanwhile, Apple still has screens that shatter like glass when you drop them.

Android uses the far more durable and universal Micro USB. What does Apple use again? It’s that thing called Lightning USB, the thing that breaks easier and ONLY works on Apple devices. That’s to be expected, though Apple is about exclusivity rather than quality. But hey, at least you look hip at Starbuck’s in your skinny jeans with your bent aluminum iPhone that’s gonna die in 15 minutes since the battery sucks and you can’t charge it since your expensive Lightning USB broke like the 4 cords before it. 

When it comes down to it the this is what it boils down to. Android Phones are more functional than iPhones because they are built for adults. Apple iPhones are just built to look pretty and are in no way imaginative or innovative in a relevant way. Apple iPhones cannot match the Android phone in its capability to help users stay productive and dare I say it happy. All of this innovation is possible because the mentality is to build a better experience for the user rather than to trap the user and bleed them dry for profit. 

I’d like to thank crambler.com for the spec information and credit them for a few points I covered in this article that I forgot to consider going in. Click Here to read his article comparing Android to iPhones. It’s pretty good and less snarky than mine. XD

Chrono Trigger

I’m so happy to do my first SNES piece on an immortal classic like this. I mean how many games can boast the kind of appeal that requires Square Enix to port it to 5 other systems excluding the original. That’s the magic of Chrono Trigger. In 1995 Square really hit the mark again with another game that could endure the decades. And the acclaim keeps coming back again and again.

Now this game is like a cocktail of an eclectic nerd. How do you make it? Well, you take one part Final Fantasy, one part Doctor Who, and sprinkle it all over with the art styles of Secrets Of Mana. So what you get is Battles and time travels, specifically between 1000 AD, 600 AD, 2300 AD, 65,000,000 BC and 12,000 BC. Love the contrast of scenery? You bet your sweet ass you do. I mean who doesn’t like Time Travel to correct your mistakes and save your planet from a parasitic creature that will cause an apocalypse 999 years after your time? (oops, spoiler. XD)


But that’s exactly what you do to prevent your future from Turning out like the one depicted above. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. The game starts in 1000 AD with 3 friends in the fictional Kingdom of Guardia. Chrono and his friend Marle watch as their friend Lucca and her father test a new teleportation machine at the Millennial Fair in Guardia. (and not the kind with a bunch of whiney crybabies asking for a safe space or shit like that.)


Marle who happens to be the Kingdom’s Princess Nadia Volunteers to be teleported but her pendant interferes with the device and instead of teleporting her to another place it transports her 400 years into the past. Chrono and Lucca recreate the portal and follow her to save her. After bringing her back from their misadventure in 600 AD though the new Chancellor orders that Chrono is to be arrested for Kidnapping and sentences him to death. After a hasty prison break though Chrono and his two friends slip through another time portal to the year 2300 AD. There they meet survivors of an Advanced Civilization that was wiped out in the year 1999 by a monster and resolve to stop the future destruction of their world.


Now they must travel through time changing key events, righting wrongs, searching for 3 sages, and just trying to make the world a better place. Do they have what it takes to stop the monster?


So first off I love how this game is a Timey Wimey kind of story as David Tennant would put it. There are few games about time travel and even fewer good games about time travel. This is one of the good ones. The different views of the world in different time periods are interesting to me. Also, the references to the Grandfather Paradox and other time travel tropes are fun for the expert Sci-Fi fan. Admittedly there are some environmentalist undertones but who cares, fix the past to fix the future is something we all want to do.


The battle system in this game is an adaption of the Active Time Battle System from Final Fantasy IV. It is known as Active Time Battle 2.0, each character takes action in battle when the action bar next to the character’s name fills up. The speed at which it is replenished is determined by the Speed Stat of that character. Also instead of Random Encounter Battles you instead walk up to an enemy in the field and a battle instantly begins with that enemy without switching screens. As with most JRPGs though your party is always a limited number of characters, in this case, a team of 3. But it all still makes for interesting battles. 🙂


And of course, you have the mandatory ugly ass bosses. Seriously, I need to replay this again and bash that rapist bat face in. 😀


And of course the anti-climatic yet arrogant culprit behind the world’s woes. 😀

All in all, it really is the masterpiece I make it out to be and many other gamers agree. Now the original port was for the SNES so you can always choose to emulate it but if you wanna be super nice to Square Enix and all of the developers you can but one of the other ports. there are remakes for PlaystationNintendo DS, i-mode (dunno what that is), iOS, and Android. Download it, play it, love it.

Happy Gaming!!! 🙂