The World Ends With You

An antisocial teenager wakes up in a Daze. Looking around he realizes he is in Shibuya, Tokyo’s premier shopping, and fashion district. However, he Quickly realizes this isn’t the Shibuya he knows and things are about to get quite deadly. That’s the start of one of my favorite RPGs for the touch screen format. It’s a little number called The World Ends With You. 😉
You play as anti-social teenager Neku Sakuraba who wakes up in Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing. He doesn’t remember what he is there for or how he got there. The only thing he seems to remember is his extreme dislike for other people.

He realizes nobody around him can hear him and they can walk through him. After being attacked by strange creatures called “Noise” Neku discovers he has been forced to participate in a contest called “The Reaper Game” and there is something big on the line. It’s his life!!

For Seven Days he has to learn to work together with a girl named Shiki as they fight for their lives to keep from being Erased by the Noise and uncover the dark secrets of Shibuya and The Reaper Game.

Now I like this game for many reasons. Besides, it’s surprisingly meaningful title I love the themes and characters. It takes place in a slightly realistic and Funky Fresh rendition of Tokyo’s Shibuya District. Full of fashion and punk culture the game immerses you in a world so close you can touch it. Literally!!

Nearly all of the game’s controls require touch screen input. Attacks are triggered by hot buttons know as Pins and character movement is controlled by the swipe of a finger or stylus.

You earn money for each battle you win which you can later spend at shops to buy Pins with better powers and Accessories that can enhance your character’s stats and abilities. You can also check the map of Shibuya to see which “Brand Names” have an advantage in the area you are fighting in.

The characters are easy to fall in love with too. The interaction in the beginning between upbeat Shiki and anti-social Neku can be comedic at some times and heartbreaking at others. And of course, there is a lot to say about Neku. He is hot as hell. I would love to see more of Neku Nekkid and apparently so does Shiki. XD

But seriously, besides being freaking sexy as hell Neku is a relatable character to me. We all have our times when we hate other people, especially when they hurt and betray us and Neku gives us insight into what that’s like, but his character development shows us if we just open up to someone special then things can get better. Then again start-of-the-game Neku is relatable to us especially cause we have all had one of these moments. XD


Before I forget, when you finished the game’s main story don’t assume there is nothing left to do. I mean playing through again is pretty enjoyable but winning also unlocks an alternate storyline independent from the main story. You get to play as a much happier and well-adjusted Neku as you explore a Shibuya without The Reaper Game while talking to people and playing the Pin Slamming side game, and rest assured you will run into many familiar faces along the way who have been cast in much friendlier roles. XD
There are just so many things about this game I love. It’s just another excellent product from Square Enix. You can buy it for the original Nintendo DS or you can play the mobile phone version developed by Square Enix that can be found in the Google Play store for 18 USD.

Happy Gaming!! 🙂