The Hunt For Red October (Various, 1991-1993. Part 3 of the War Games series)

If you’ve never heard of it, pull your head out of your butt, actually look up what Family Guy references ya hipster millennial jackanape, and at least watch the gallderned movie.


Image from uproxx, property of WWE

As the midterms approach and the Democrats continue to run on impeachment (why does the Left’s drive for impeachment against a Republican sound familiar?), so that they can start a new Cold War or something, let’s take another look at some more Cold War games… that came out a little late. Sort of.


It was a flat orange-ish color for the NES on the left, it just came out like that because of the screen used.

Today, we take a look at defectors. Historically from the Cold War, foreshadowing defectors in the Left’s future Cold War, as well as looking at political defectors from the Left.

Since the game is based on a movie based on a book, let’s just get the game out of the way first.

Game Boy


Yes, that was the best picture I could get.

Lousy, but it is one of only two video games I know of (that was made before any hipster with a phone could produce an app) whose title screen features a hammer and sickle and the Soviet Anthem (because those hipster-commie bastards who think (if you can credit what little activity in their brain there is as such) mass murder is trendy (1 in 5 millennials in the U.S. think Stalin was a hero) or take the Pulitzer-winning NYT’s stance that it doesn’t happen, and are so used to their parasite lifestyle of mummy and puhpah giving them everything in the world that they can’t conceive of how an economy based on free stuff would fail, and hate America because this country should not exist according to their ideals and their favorite tenured professors who also live at someone else’s expense, would just loooooove to make an unironic Soviet game with a title screen like that, if they haven’t already). That alone makes it awesome.

No save feature, no password screen, no continues, and you die pretty easily. I was surprised at what happened with my playthrough- I struggled for an hour total over two days to get through the first level, but when I did it was an instant breakout the likes of which we haven’t seen since what Obama gave Russian ally Iran in the nuke deal. I tore ass through the next two levels, and then died at the boss for level 3.

Hunt-For-Red-October-Game-Boy-MapYou face other submarines, destroyers, aircraft carriers that send up depth-charge dropping jets (F-14s are what they look like, which is weird since they are incapable of hunting submarines or even using anti-submarine weapons). But you have some help in this. You can activate Red October’s caterpillar drive, which inverts your sub’s colors and makes people stop shooting at you unless you pass too close. You also have a limited number of missiles that are way stronger than your torpedoes. Just like the Blue Marine, you have infinite torpedoes. Soviet engineering; it’s no wonder they ran out of money and collapsed.

The levels are just long horizontal courses you must navigate your submarine through. Islands that float on the surface but have nothing under them, random large collections of rocks that dwarf your 198m submarine, that are way larger than an aircraft carrier, just floating about 120m under the water’s surface with no geological feature holding them up. Also in each level we have a boss. Level 3’s caught me flat-footed since it has cannons that knock you out in one shot (which you start in the line of fire of) and depth charges that knock you out in I believe 3 shots. I lost all my lives and called it quits, because this is a very frustrating game. Luck is all that propelled me that far. I knew mine had ran out.

Hunt-For-Red-October-AtlantisAs far as I can tell, it’s a very loose adaptation. In the movie, Red October didn’t blow up other submarines (except the one, but Red October didn’t fire a shot), didn’t fire missiles at helicopters and jets, and didn’t face random bosses that I don’t even know what the heck they’re supposed to be. A giant naval mine that shoots torpedoes, an undersea base that sort of reminded me of Atlantis’ central structure, and some kind of underwater death pagoda. I watched a YouTube video of the rest of the game- apparently the 3 bosses I faced are repeated in harder variations, then two different bosses, then you’re done after 8 levels. And I lost it on level 3. We ain’t doin’ this, the “L” in “Flagg” stands for “lazy”!



on the left is the Game Boy’s intro, on the right is the NES’, both had the radar sweep spawning the hammer and sickle, I just took the pictures at different points.

It’s a similar intro to the Game Boy, we even get the radar graphic. But the title screen is different, just the movie logo. And you don’t get a menu or anything, the moment you press start you’re thrown right into the action. You don’t even get the map showing where you are. But that plays into the different cutscene setup, I guess. This game featured dialog from the movie in between levels. It’s the only one that does, at least as far into them as I was able to play.


They a did a good job with the Russian Ambassador on the right. I assume the guy on the left is supposed to be David Stockman.

Hunt-For-Red-October-NESThe control configuration is also slightly different. The levels though look way different. Your submarine looks like a bigger version of the Game Boy sprite, one of the enemy sub types seems to have carried over, and I think one of the surface ship types too, but that’s it. Different levels, more varied enemies, and different hazards, such as the iceberg level involving ice falling on your sub this time. Sure ice is buoyant and shouldn’t be falling on you and shattering on the iceberg under you, only to have the pieces bounce up and fall again, but… explanations and science. I’m playing as Captain Marko Ramius here, not Captain Cold! I’m not some Ice Man that knows all about ice!


I strongly doubt the Soviets called anything the “Arctic Zone”

Just like the Game Boy game, you get some lives, and can add to them if you pick up the right item, and like the Game Boy version once they’re all gone you’re done. No passwords or continues, the game restarts as if you just turned the power on and off, just as the Game Boy version does. So no, I did not beat it. It’s harder than the Game Boy version


It’s also the only version with the Paramount Logo


One more point of interest- if you’ll look on your right, you’ll notice that the HUD is way different on the screenshots for the back of the NES box compared to the screenshot I showed of what really was in the game. The colors look a little faded for the water and icebergs in the ice stage, compared to the screenshot, but that may just be because of poor printing processes on the box or poor picture quality when taking it.


Hunt-For-Red-October-SNESWell, FINALLY someone bothers to explain what the missions are! The Game Boy version just throws you into them, the NES version does too but at least puts dialog from the movie into the game to make the contrast between what was on film and what you’re doing all the more obvious. The SNES game goes in a different direction and shows the missions the sub has, with as much effort to tie it into the movie as the Game Boy version. And they all make so much since. I mean, what Soviet Captain WOULDN’T want to stop arms dealers while on his way to defecting? It’s a no-brainer!


There is exactly nothing in both the book and the movie about illegal arms merchants. What the hell is this?

The inter-mission screen looks like an upgraded version of the Game Boy game’s, and the HUD looks like a 16-bit version of what you’ve seen so far in the NES and Game Boy games. But here we get more weapons, and the torpedoes are no longer unlimited. They also don’t home in on the enemy, an enemy that is now harder to kill because it can endure more hits, even the most basic enemies.



The SNES version introduces a new mode of gameplay, for I guess secret bonus stages or something. You have to pick up an item to trigger it. We get a first-person view of enemy boats in the distance and enemy attack helicopters coming at us. This is designed for use with the Super Scope. Mine is not on-hand and I wouldn’t waste my pack of 20 Toys ‘R’ Us AA batteries on it. Well, 18 of them anyway. The makers of the game obviously wanted you to suffer for not having a Super Scope, because when just using the controller your aiming cursor crawls along the screen like a depressed sloth (ie Eric Holder after he quit).

October, 1943, Two soldiers of the American army loading up a bazooka gun during training exercises in England during World War Two

Pro Tip: Minimize interruption of gameplay when using a Super Scope by having a buddy replace expired batteries.

The SNES version added an innovative feature- if you lose a single life, the game resets itself. I guess you could justify that by making the claim that it’s also easier than the Game Boy and NES versions so you don’t need as many lives, because I made it all the way through the first level on my first try. So I didn’t learn about this until level 2. No passwords or save options here either.

Did I comment on the music yet? I should. Both the Game Boy and NES versions start off with 8-bit versions of the Soviet Anthem while the SNES version has… silence. The Game Boy version has some custom music for its levels. The NES version does too, though it’s a different tune and it’s AWFUL. Hey buddy, you know there’s more than one instrument and more than four notes, right? Anyway, the SNES version gives us generic public domain music. I’m not sure about the menu or Level 1, but Level 2 was Night On Bald Mountain (which at least is Russian) and the Game Over screen is Beethoven’s 9th. Ode To Joy for a submarine captained by a Soviet defector sinking; I always thought Comrade Beethoven was more Marx than musician.


I have a strong suspicion about whose bright idea the Game Over screen music was. Either that or every time you die in this game Conrad McMasters breaks into a vault. Which do YOU think is likeliest? Image from macduff1797

The powerups are different too. Instead of grabbing a wrench icon to repair your ship like in the other games, you grab… a snail. Between this, the weird missions, and the soundtrack I am going to go ahead and make the assumption that the SNES version started out as a different game, and maybe a whale or a Nintendo-Not-Ecco-The-Dolphin was swapped for Krasnye Oktiabr. Even though it was the third one released it just felt and sounded way too different, like someone had a game that played similarly and gave some graphics a Red October paint job.

The Story Of The Story

The Tom Clancy novel came out in 1984. Plenty of Cold War tension still existed, to the point that we even had Russian reversal in full swing (particularly its variant of in Soviet Russia, Democrat asks Russians to interfere in Presidential election- and ignore the Politifact debunking, they cite an article that outright says this was the case to support their claim that this was false). Heck, just one year before, MI6 stopped a rogue Soviet general from executing his scheme to invade Western Europe unopposed. But these video games came out later- the NES and Game Boy ones were released within the 11 months preceding the USSR’s collapse on Boxing Day 1991 (Japan and Europe though didn’t get the Game Boy release until 1992), while the SNES version came out in 1993.

As is obvious from their labels, the games were released as tie-ins to the movie, which came out in early 1990 (about 4 months after the Berlin Wall fell). Still some Cold War tensions in this time sorta maybe, but not having been cognizant of the realities around me at the time I can say at least in hindsight it seemed the Cold War was on its way out. (Maybe that’s why liberals are so eager to start a new one- the first one ended under George H.W. Bush, a Republican, after 12 years of Republican Presidents. Democrats are jealous- they want to start a new Cold War so that they can claim to be the ones that ended it, like how Obama undid a lot of progress in attitudes towards racial equality so that the Left could exploit it for future elections… even if their candidate is a snow-white elderly millionaire).

The Story’s Story

As you may have gleaned from the trailer and what I’ve said in this writing thus far, the plot centers on the efforts of a Soviet submarine commander to reach America, dodging the Soviet Navy, while the U.S. Navy tries to help him (while standing by to blow him out of the water in case they’re wrong about his intent).


Hollywood was ahead of its time. They were Reds before the country turned red in 2016. Hollywood (and the media) spent the election cycle screaming until they were blue in the face. Image from Medium

Frankly, I’m surprised that Hollywood made a movie out of this and that the video game industry made a tie-in. Hollywood was quite enamored with commies, and liberals like our Hollywood elite saw (and still see) the USSR and its ilk as the closest thing to paradise that the world has achieved. Heck, liberal/friend-to-draft-dodgers/hero/peacenik/Sen. George McGovern (D-SD) said that the South Vietnamese would be better off if they stayed under the North’s occupation instead of fleeing to America, that the North was trustworthy in its promises not to hurt them. You can guess how well that went for the South Vietnamese left behind; McGovern should really have put down the Astro Boy manga for a few seconds (As for the refugees, those of you who claim racist Democrats became Republicans after the alleged great civil rights racist switcheroo of the 60s, take a look at how your valued Democrats including such luminaries as Joe Biden and Jerry Brown treated Vietnamese refugees with Brown’s own appointee saying a “large minority” group would be “unwelcome“… and of course your liberal Democrat friends at the time were the ones that voted to cut off aid to Vietnam, leading to the refugee crisis which these Democrats you have on a pedestal refused to handle, refugees which according to liberals at the time should never have existed because America was to blame for everything and the North was really not so bad and there’d be peace once America left and this is so pervasive of an ideology that I spent hours searching Google and found little related to North Vietnamese war crimes much as this 1972 NYT article laments, It’s almost like after the war everyone decided the North were angels or something (or in the case of the American Left, during the war) and the Americans were sadistic butchers (note that the BBC readily used the debunked Turse book)… so I guess in regards to treating communist oppressors as heroes and being their propaganda agents, not much has changed (read how willing Ted Kennedy thought the media was to help the USSR spread a message calling for America to disarm), since Obama ended our program for accepting Cuban refugees who might actually like America while advocating for and passing orders helpful for some openlyantiAmerican peoples looking to become citizens… and I noticed a decidedly leftwing bias in the Google search results for trying to find examples of illegals hating on America ie my searches only showed results talking about discrimination faced by illegals, what a shock, especially after the North Vietnam search trouble I mentioned. Granted, my searches improved slightly when I used the terms “undocumented” andDREAMer“).

Uh… where was I? As for the video game industry, I always just assumed they were lefties because all creative and tech types tend to be that way. Find me an Art major (different from Arts… but really kinda the same) or someone in Silicon Valley that doesn’t have Das Kapital memorized and hasn’t burned an American Flag. Plus, you know, stuff sort of creeps (the folks at that link go way overboard in my opinion, but they raised too many good examples to disregard it- don’t you just hate it when someone you disagree with has a point? It’s like saying they’re right about X legitimizes their wrong views on Y and Z.) into their work.

Re: not knowing the intents of the Soviet sub commander, that was the way it was. We had no idea if someone with nuclear missiles was coming to defect or destroy (good thing card-carrying communist and Obama acolyte John Brennan was not head of the CIA then- he’d take his orders from Soviet Moscow just like the party he voted for in 1976 (and let’s be honest- just like the spirit of the party he currently serves), so Red October would be a dead duck) A little less serious now, the Russian Federation isn’t that much of an adversary, but the Left’s aforementioned nostalgia for the Civil Rights Movement and now I guess the 60s in general- since they want/don’t want a proxy war (in Syria this time) and want a new Cold War- makes it so that a situation like this would be just as terrifying today. I mean, maybe this is just part of that remake-itis that has swept across Hollywood and brought us such gems as that recent Ghostbusters movie- the Left now wants to remake the 1960s, but updated for the 2010s.

Liberal Defectors

It’s worth mentioning how the Left treats people that defect from it (like saying all the people who voted for Obama twice are now and always were racists for voting Trump): just as badly as the Soviets treated their defectors. Liberals are always sure to give their ex-


Go on, try to defect. The guards need a little excitement to keep themselves sharp. Image from wikimedia

comrades the Trotsky treatment. If you’re homosexual, well… you’re not even part of the LGBTQ community anymore according to them. If you’re black you’re an “Uncle Tom”, and this goes for other races and genders with equivalent slurs replacing “Uncle Tom” (sometimes regardless of if they know what your political affiliation is, they might be racist to you because you are part of a government agency they don’t like, just ask ICE). If you’re a Muslim, you’re an extremist (according to Facebook’s, Amazon’s, Twitter’s, and Google’s approved fact-checker SPLC) if you dare challenge the radicals in your own religion (whose radicals employ a very Liberal style) according to Democrats. If you’re a woman, not voting the way the Left tells you that you must vote means that you’re incapable of thinking for yourself, and you’re letting someone else control you- the men in your life, either your father or husband or son or that male friend you have or some male relative or your male boss. If you’re a liberal I guess you don’t really catch the irony here of telling someone they’re willingly enslaved by someone else if they’re not blindly enslaved by you, so I needed this sentence here to make it clear to you.

And then of course there’s how the Left treats Conservative defectors. Parade them around (Communist regimes in general kinda do that with those who defect to them), but give them nothing significant (part-time pundits that rarely say anything worthy of RealClearPolitics or worthy of debunking like on Newsbusters, like David Jolly and George Will, are hardly significant) and maybe let them disappear once they’ve outlived their usefulness (anyone remember Jeff Flake? He was in the news…). Similar to the Soviets’ treatment of Western defectors, really. I mean, given how much the Left hates Trumpers, I find it hard to believe that deeply-entrenched hatreds just disappear the moment someone changes their party label, just as you find it hard to believe that simply electing a black President means America is no longer racist, right?


Here are pictures of liberals being tolerant that one time half the country expressed dissent against their policies. Images from AP, RWC, Fox News, and Quora

As I mentioned in the California piece, all this happens because the Left can’t tolerate dissent, and certainly can’t defend its policies. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the future of the party, has become the poster-child for this. Listen to her talk- she hasn’t a clue. So naturally when a conservative host challenges her, she refuses. And tries to equate challenging her on her beliefs to sexism, meaning that asking her to explain why socialism works would be a sexist act. According to her. Huffington Post reliably endorsed this method of not explaining your views.

She outright says that she does not have to explain her views to anyone, and says any males asking will be labelled as sexist. “Don’t challenge me, just do what I tell you, otherwise you face punishment, I’m right and anyone opposed to me has an ulterior motive because I’m so right on everything that no other points of view are acceptable.” This coming from the party that says women who vote Republican aren’t thinking for themselves, from the self-proclaimed party of tolerance and intellectualism. Well, Ocasio-Cortez IS a socialist (who tried to sell medicare-for-all by saying it would cut funeral expenses, because to her I guess the VA scandal never happened or soldiers don’t matter. Given her desire to slash military spending to fund her corruption-ready programs…), and every socialist government has this kind of governing style where they tell you what you are supposed to think and you’re an enemy if you dare object, and intellectuals love communism, so there you go.

And ironically, the same media that carries Ocasio-Cortez on their shoulders as the next big thing are the very same ones worrying that Democracy is at an end. What kind of Democracy is it where you’re only allowed to think and vote in one way? The USSR held mock elections (so fake that voters stopped voting and just wrote on the back of their ballots what the problems were in their area), I guess that’s the kind of Democracy liberals in the media and liberals like Ocasio-Cortez want. Ocasio-Cortez did say she was all for universal employment, I guess that means politicians get to keep their jobs too.

I suppose you’re now calling me a hypocrite.

You’re the party that claimed Trump was bad for attacking a gold star family after the father attacked him, and then you went and attacked the mother of a cancer survivor because she thanked Trump’s son for donating to a childrens’ hospital.

I admit, I rarely hesitate to toss insults at the Left and probably seem about as welcoming to a defector as the 38th Parallel’s DMZ. Well, darn it I get so flustered seeing


It would be a little more welcoming if it were greener (not Army green but green green)… and had fewer landmines. Image from thrifty nomads

the Left spew insults about people like me to the majority of the country and across the world, certainly way more people than anyone on my side could ever hope to reach! Think about it- if you insult me, it can be on social media to millions of followers worldwide because you’re a celebrity, in a movie that millions worldwide will see and will provide millions of dollars to you to fuel your messaging against me, on one of the big three TV news providers or part of your 2-1 cable news advantage (CNN and MSNBC vs Fox News, BloombergTV and CNBC vs Fox Business), in printed media which your side dominates whether it’s books or newspapers or magazines, in any artistic field from poetry to painting (NEA grants are only given to liberals, just like arts organizations, which makes the kerfluffle about Trump defunding NEA hilarious because it means liberals aren’t even willing to privately fund their own art projects despite all the Silicon Valley billionaires, liberal millionaires, and celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell), in most forums, blogs, online publications, and comments sections of websites and YouTube videos and the like, ie everywhere on the internet- which seems dominated by liberals- (that’s more of a qualitative assessment), in our public schools and universities (which follow the Communist Party model of telling you what to think, not allowing for contrary opinions, like in Europe which is no wonder why the Left says they’re the model to follow, which make it ironic when the Left complains that people who vote against them are either brainwashed or not thinking for themselves), and in our living rooms if we watch just about anything on TV that isn’t Fox News, from late-night “comedy” shows to prime time programming, all of which is consumed by people worldwide.

Then of course there’s the wealth gap– your side whines about Republicans and dark money and the like, when your side routinely raises much more money. You complain that the rich are destroying the country when most of them vote Democrat. SO- money and mouthpieces are all on your side, and all insulting me for daring to disagree, despite every fact I base my views on still being available for you to consume, and the biases of your fact-givers disclosed, if you dared to do more than listen to the party line. How do you think I’m going to react, greet your side with tea and cookies? To me, I guess much as it is to you, your defectors are just people who decided that racism, corruption, poverty for all, and mass murder are bits of history not worth repeating. Bravo?

What Do You Think?

Looks like such a fun game, vote Democrat and make it happen! Consider the party you want to support. Vote independent if you don’t like the Republicans, write-in someone’s name. Just don’t assume that the Democrats are any better just because they claim they are. Unless you’ve read all there is and somehow think an inverted Cold War with America as the commie superpower and Russia as the leader of the not-so-free world is the best possible scenario. I bet you’re one of those liberal writers who thinks there are no such things as heroes, so you want to self-destruct the closest country in the world to that state and make the world stage just some game of morally-gray-to-morally-repugnant superpowers clashing with each other. You sick psychopath.


Battlezone (Various, 1980-2001. Part 2 of the War Games series)

Atari-BattlezoneAs we watch the Democrats peddle their warmongering interventionist and laissez-faire let’s-wait-for-war attitudes, ie as they play their war games on their way to the fall brawl known as the midterm elections, where voters will probably vote Democrat to bring us nookular annihilation, I’ll take a look at some literal war games. Cold War video games, anyway.


Image from Pinterest, logo is property of WWE

Today, we address the Left’s cuts to our military and #Resistance to helping it as said #Resistance demands war with Russia, and the game Battlezone.

Get In The Zone, Battlezone

You’re given a vector-graphics simulation of the first-person perspective of a tank. Some arcade cabinets even had a rig that made it seem like you were staring through a tank commander’s periscope. The object is to blow up any tanks, anti-tank missiles, or Unidentified Flying Cupcakes that you might see. And don’t get hit. The saucers just kinda float there and are hard to hit, but give you 5,000 points. The tanks shoot back and are worth 1000 points. The missiles fly right at you, but if you blow it up before it blows you up they’re worth 2000 points. There are barriers to hide behind too, for when the other tanks are shooting at you. There is a radar on the screen that shows where the tanks and missiles are, but not the cupcakes.


Just about all the versions I played mentioned here are ports of the arcade (as seen above, even arcade emulations can have differences, on the left is the GBA version and on the right is the Saturn one). The Atari 2600 version changes everything up though. It’s not in the vector graphic format, and you are given a third person perspective of your tank. Or maybe it is first-person and you’re just riding on top of your tank.

We Don’t Serve Your Kind


An M2 Bradley, as of this writing the only one on display at a museum. At the Danville, VA Tank Museum

The military, being fans of war games, wanted their own version of Battlezone. This would be done to train operators of the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Atari developers didn’t want to work on it because the Army is evil.

There’s a strong irony here. The Soviets who Atari was supporting with their refusal to cooperate were quite militaristic. The Red Army was founded based on bloody battles to rid Russia of tsarists. The Soviets had no problem using it- border wars with China, pilots and equipment for North Korea and Vietnam, war in Afghanistan, crushing various revolutionaries domestically. Yet the Atari developers wanted nothing to do with the military that would protect them, totally unaware that under Soviet rule the government would’ve threatened their families or imprisoned them if they refused to cooperate. But apparently that’s the system of government they wanted.

Yes, in the U.S. they’re free to object to helping America win, but it doesn’t make them free from criticism, especially when their actions make it look like they want the Soviets to control our country. We had enough bread lines in the Great Depression, we don’t need socialism here to bring them back.

Wasn’t The Last Time Techies Did This

Thousands of Google employees recently demanded their company stop working on military drones. There are several ironies here. 1- these employees had no problem with  Obama using drones to kill Americans without due process, they voted for him. 2- these employees have no problem creating a version of Google for China to use to limit the speech of its population and hide atrocities committed by its government. 3- these employees had no problem voting for Queen Hawk Hillary and every war she planned to start. 4- these employees are heavily funding California Democrats, members of the same party that wants a war with Russia.

So… they say Google’s image would be hurt by helping build drones to keep American soldiers out of harm’s way, but they believe it enhances Google’s image to help China oppress its population and help Hillary send American soldiers to die, and think a war with Russia whether by spiteful Democrats or by Hillary if she were President is a good thing. They think keeping soldiers from harm is immoral, but helping oppress people and sending soldiers to die and risking the lives of millions of Americans is moral.

I have a question- these developers want the option to opt out of helping the military protect the country and save our lives, so why do they want to force me to pay for abortion? They believe in conscientious objecting, but only when it suits them it seems. Killing babies anytime anywhere for any reason is fine if a mother decides on it, killing people and starting wars is fine if Hillary and Obama do it. Such is Google’s belief, based on what they openly support.

More On Developers (say the first two words together)


Their nuclear war candidate lost and their politicians’ push for nuclear war isn’t going anywhere, but liberals still tried to turn cities into fiery hellscapes. Images from Associated Press, RWC, Fox News, and Quora

Battlezone illustrates the kind of combat that leftwing Atari developers voted for when they wanted Hillary in office. Well, Missile Command honestly was a better demonstrator, but Hillary is quite interventionalist. She claims to regret her Iraq vote, but she was happy to ram us into Libya with fewer reasons. And she didn’t even have the decency to stay and fix Libya after we were done breaking it, thus her policies led to the death of Ambassador Stevens. But that’s ok, the Atari developers and Google are just fine voting for sleazy warmongers like Hillary, just don’t ask them to support the military that Hillary will put in danger.

Liberals want military funding cut, but they’re happy to have Carter endanger soldiers in Iran, Clinton endanger them in Bosnia, Obama endanger them in Libya, and Clinton endanger them in Syria. And now that they’ve lost the election they’ve become like some kind of spiky-haired nihilistic punk and want the whole world to end, hence they want a nuclear war with Russia or at least North Korea.

Just Cut Military Spending!

When rising DNC star Ocasio-Cortez was asked how we’d pay for all her free stuff, she says tax the rich and deplete military spending. As the crowd cheers. The same clapping seals in her audience are the ones that also cheer when we’re told Russia committed an act of war and we should retaliate. So… cut military spending, but then pick a fight with Russia? And keep in mind- China and Russia are pretty good chums right now, and let’s throw in Iran and Syria because they owe Russia a lot anyway. So now we’re talking war with Russia, China, Syria, and Iran, while we cut our military below the already terrifying state it’s in right now if liberals are in charge. Oh yeah, and don’t forget- the “rich” that we’re taxing will flee the country or hide their money elsewhere. Does anyone else remember what happened when an underfunded country, with a resource-starved military, with a government that called itself “socialist”, tried to take on a bunch of different countries? Here’s a hint- it’s the reason toothbrush mustaches went out of style.

Just an aside to Ocasio-Cortez: I find it ironic that she, a New Yorker, is talking about the ultra-rich paying their fair share. Because in New York State, when Trump tried to raise taxes on their “ultra-rich” as she phrased it, the Democrats in command there set up a scheme to launder rich people’s money so that they could keep it. Our socialist comrades in California did the same thing.

Back To The Game Please?

The Atari 2600 and home computer versions give a story. The year is 1999. You had to steal a tank from a museum in order to fight the armies of people who don’t want peace on earth (or purity of essence, they oppose both). They unleashed automated weapons that you alone must face.


The Atari 2600 release gave you a new perspective on the game

Speaking of the various versions, even the ones that are simply unaltered ports of the original play differently. Of course the controls and responsiveness differ. I mean, we’re talking a bunch of different controllers here. Less intuitive differences include how the Saturn port is very stingy with the saucers. The Dreamcast version gives you the option of playing with a fake cabinet border, but that makes everything smaller. Not that it matters, for some reason you can’t read the radar on the Dreamcast version anyway. The little blip was waaaaay too small. The GBA version played and looked pretty good, but I was using one of those fancy back-lit GBA SPs, rather than the front-lit earlier models or unlit original ones like you saw me get “screenshots” from in earlier writings. In the GBA version it also felt like hitting the missiles was easier.


Screenshot of the Sega Saturn release (part of Arcade’s Greatest Hits, the gold version, also on PlayStation and SNES)

One thing this game does really well, I guess since it’s designed to eat your quarters, is reflect a certain aspect of real tank combat. The first tank to see the other one wins. An extreme example, but if an enterprising M3 Lee managed to sneak up on an Abrams, then the Lee could put a round into an Abrams’ engine no problem (not much armor there). But realistically the Abrams would’ve blown it to pieces before the Lee’s crew could possibly know another tank was aiming at them, and would still blow the Lee to pieces even after the Lee blasted its engine


From the Dreamcast version (part of Atari Anniversary Edition, also on PlayStation). The arcade cabinet could be removed, making the game play in fullscreen. That made the radar at the top easier to see.

because its gun was still working (unless our brave antique roadsters somehow got a few rounds fired into the cannon of the Abrams). Such is the case in Battlezone. You have a little radar to guide you, but if the other tank sees you first, like say spawns on your right facing directly at you (happens a lot more than you’d think) you’re dead, even with the radar telling you to move that way, because you turn too slowly to meet the tank in time. The best I was able to do in such scenarios was sort of zigzag my tank between enemy shells, but I was never able to fire back because if I held the enemy in my sights long enough to do that, it would’ve been long enough for my already sighted adversary to fire the finishing round at me.

Battlezone-Destroy-All-Monsters-Comparison_vrfocus-megalon-vizzed-theridculosityreviewI am fairly certain that the developers of Battlezone stole designs from Destroy All Monsters. The saucers look like the alien saucers in that movie (granted, there isn’t too much you can do with the saucer design). The tanks look like the tanks in the movie with their general shape and even the radar sticking out the top, minus the rockets and extra cannons.

How’d You Do?


Screenshot of the Game Boy Advance version (in the Atari Anniversary Edition)

As with Mario Bros., I’ll give my scores that I’m super proud of. Oh boy oh boy oh boy lookhowawesomeIamliekOMG!!!111

-GBA had 3 lives. I got 26,000 points.

-Atari 2600 had 5 lives, and I got 33,000.

-Sega Saturn had 3 lives, I got 20,000 points, in spite of how stingy the game is with the saucers.

-Dreamcast had 3 lives, I got only 16,000 because of the tiny radar. Or at least that’s what I’m going to say.

What Do You Think?

Looks like such a fun game, vote Democrat and make it happen! Hillary sure would have. Of course, if Democrats had their way then the military would be fighting these wars with no money, and no support at home since liberals hate soldiers (Salon has a nice headline “You don’t protect my freedom”, arguing that calling soldiers heroes is “childish”, and saying that it “deadens real democracy”. Ironically, 3 years later Salon’s political party of choice would demand we send soldiers to protect our democracy from Russia. Another irony is the childish naivety of the author, who because they don’t see threats they just assume there are none, like they never developed object permanence and are permanently stuck with an infant’s worldview… that author had better be careful, their mother might want an abortion). So there you go- just like Google, if you think killing American soldiers is a great thing then go ahead and vote Democrat this fall. Given Hillary’s treatment of police and military and government agents protecting her, it’s logical the Left and certainly her political party would hate them too, “Birds of a feather” and whatnot.




Missile Command (Various, 1980-2001. Part 1 of the War Games series)

Missile-Command-WarheadOne night politics and video games attended the same party. They got very drunk and had triplets (known as “Rockman Zero 2”, “Rockman Zero 3”, and “Rockman Zero 4”. Those will be addressed when/if I decide to play them again). But politics and video games met again, in a sleazy bar near downtown Detroit, and this article and any I can think of to follow in this series were born from that second drunken tryst. (Their third tryst, which is memorialized by stains of Old Crow and bodily fluids on the Corinthian Leather of a 1980 Cordoba, gave us Mass Effect 3 and a generation of SJW games.) 

As we watch the Democrats peddle their warmongering interventionist and laissez-faire let’s-wait-for-war attitudes, ie as they play their war games on their way to the fall brawl known as the midterm elections, where voters will probably vote Democrat to bring us nookular annihilation, I’ll take a look at some literal war games. Cold War video games, anyway.


Image from

Today, we address the Left’s push for World War III or at least a new Cold War- by looking at the Cold War thriller “Missile Command”.

Alias “Warheads(Not to be confused with Warhead 2000)

Depending on the version you play, you have between one and three missile defense platforms. You aim their salvos with a helpful cursor. You fire your anti-missile missile at incoming enemy missiles. And smart bombs. And these Sputnik/flying mine things that fly by. And enemy bombers (that oddly look like B-52s in some releases, making me wonder just which side you’re on in this game, especially given the modern leanings of game developers). Once all of your cities are destroyed, your game is over. The same effect might also be achieved if your missile platform(s) is(are) destroyed early on in a round, because that means the rest of the missiles will come in unopposed and flatten your cities. It looks something like this (a scene from the big blockbuster of 1977 that Fox had to delay releasing until Fall, releasing some obscure flick called Star Wars to whet the audience’s summer appetite instead).

You have a finite amount of missiles too, by the way. In later rounds as the action gets faster and incoming missiles become more numerous, you’ll start running out.


To defend against Fake News, one has to be able to counter the overwhelming number of claims. While distracted by one, another comes raining down, then another. Sometimes you can take down multiple claims in one shot. But eventually you’re not fast enough and are overwhelmed. What game does that sound like to you?

Strategy for stopping the smart bombs varies game-to-game. As far as I can tell, I think in the Genesis or 5200 version, the best strategy is to direct them (via detonating your missiles in front of them) into a city that’s already destroyed, or that you don’t like. The cities represent real American cities, so send the smart bombs to the second city from the left (San Francisco) or second city from the right (Los Angeles). They’re the liberal cities that most voted for nuclear war; let ’em have it. As for the other releases, smart bombs can be destroyed.

This Time, The Game Is Real


Nike-Hercules missiles were armed with nuclear warheads and deployed across the country to defend against incoming Soviet bombers. This example is from the Tank Museum in Danville, VA. This picture was taken before I was kicked out, because SOME people just don’t like it when you repeatedly hit a nuclear warhead with a hammer! Typical nanny-state BS.

The game is grounded in reality, sort of. We had such missile platforms all over the country, but they were designed to take out squadrons of Soviet bombers  (we tried to upgrade them to take out some short to long-range missiles, but that just kind of stopped when the Soviets started focusing on massive ICBM strikes with hundreds of warheads instead of bombers). ICBMs of course are faster. A faster interception system was needed, and although we never got any such projects off the ground this game depicts what appears to be the Nike-X project (it was downgraded to Sentinel, which gave less coverage and could repel far fewer missiles, and then became Safeguard. Sentinel was both met with heavy protest, from the Left of course who found missile defense to be too belligerent. Ironic how the Soviets called it “imperialist warmongering“, just the sort of thing the Left (sources like Common Dreams,


Noo-cue-lar combat toe-to-toe with the Ruskies is a man’s job, that’s why he gets the helmet deary,,,,,,, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who is the future of the party) refers to any U.S. overseas action or military buildup as today ( and had examples of this belief, globalpolicy even linking missile defense to imperialism) (the Left also thinks colonizing Mars is imperialist and an example of “male entitlement”, so congratulations Democrat, this is the allegedly pro-science pro-truth group you are supporting. By the way, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you believe that the Left is pro-science), the same anti-Imperialist-anti-US-warmingering Left that wants war with Russia (note that after a century of brutalizing its own people and others worldwide, the only thing that made Democrats stop loving Russia was allegedly helping Hillary lose, not that whole “Soviets killed tens of millions of people” thing, so remember that when Dems say they’re compassionate and care about others) and celebrated Obama’s hawkishexcept-against-Islamic-terror-foreign-policy… and wanted Hillary The Hawk to win).

Hippie liberals, who now run the colleges and to an extent the DNC via the radical protesters they are producing, protested heavily against Safeguard being installed because they were afraid it would trigger an arms race or a pre-emptive attack or some such rot. And now these same hippies and their progeny (both ideological and biological no doubt) want to piss off Russia enough that they’d send nukes our way, right into the country they left undefended. In fact, their radical President wanted to disarm the U.S. entirely, their President who said Russia was our friend. If we are to assume that your side of the aisle is as intelligent as you claim, that means you KNOW that your decades of protesting the military and disarmament talk left America weak, your protests against missile defense left us defenseless, thus you must know that your demands for war with Russia mean the destruction of this country that you left undefended. Therefore, if you’re as smart as you claim to be, you’ve deliberately disarmed America to make it easy for Russia to destroy it. That fits with your antiAmerican procommunist proRussian rhetoric, which was the norm until your almost-century old position on Russia changed with Hillary. So unless you admit to gross incompetence, admit that your side is not particularly intelligent, we can only assume that you want America to be destroyed. For those who think I’m being a little hyperbolic and exclusionary, keep in mind that the Left for decades has believed anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is a racist. ANYONE.


“Peace!… n-no wait WAR! Uh… I NEED MORE TIME TO ANSWER!”

So tell me, liberal, just what the hell are we supposed to do to Russia when they “hack our elections” and make your candidate lose? If we have no nuclear weapons as you want, what do we do? We saw in the aftermath of Hawaii’s accidental missile alert that you liberals have no stomach for confrontation if you think it’ll actually hurt you. You began screaming at Trump to tone down his rhetoric against North Korea (all the while you still were very vocal against the much more heavily-armed Russians). So let’s say you decide to sanction Russia- they just have to threaten a nuclear launch and you’ll shut up and impeach your President for endangering you, unless you mean to tell me that all your rhetoric against Trump over his North Korea talk was just a bunch of garbage. No, I guess you won’t.

Speaking of that Hawaii incident, and blaming Trump for inflaming the situation, remember how Obama was ready to go to war with North Korea without even seeking negotiation? No, I guess you don’t. Definitely not your Senator who went after Trump after the false alert (then again even when combined with Kamala Harris’ vast intellect we find that both Senators have just enough brain activity to show that even people not in comas can be vegetables. Throw in Maxine Waters and you might have the same amount of activity as in tomato sauce. And no, liberal, it isn’t racist or sexist to say a minority or a woman or some combination thereof is an idiot. Plus, I think white male Adam Schiff and white female Sally Boynton Brown are similarly impaired, while white male Joe Biden is slightly above them because I’m pretty sure he just babbles to himself rather than deliberately lies, and I have a low opinion in general of the predominantly white anchorage at CNN. Or are you going to say I’m racist against whites, because last I heard from you liberal that was impossible). Actually, the Left is still ready for a war with North Korea, at least those liberals on the mainland who wouldn’t have to face an attack. 71% of liberals polled don’t want peace with North Korea if it means Trump gets credit for it.

Meanwhile, the creator of Missile Command found nuclear war to quite literally be a nightmarish scenario. Unlike the Left today, which would rather we have a nuclear war with Russia because they can’t admit to themselves that Hillary was a terrible candidate, and want a war with North Korea too if it means Trump’s reputation is hurt by it.

A Quick Aside On The Russia Warmongering

We the public don’t know that Russia leaked the DNC emails. Mueller’s charges mean nothing, and most of what was in his indictments of the Russian hackers was two years old at least, and reported in mainstream outlets as far back as June 2016, meaning that Mueller’s timing was rather suspicious given that he released the indictments around the time Trump had a major summit with Putin, apparently sitting on this info for his entire first year as Special Counsel. As for the indictments, Mueller knows damn well those Russians will never see a day in court so he doesn’t have to prove anything, doesn’t even have to be able to prove anything. Remember: Clinton associate and strategist James Carville said grand juries can indict a ham sandwich, meaning indictments flow fast and free through them.


Mueller looks like he could be John Kerry’s brother.

Mueller himself has a history of pursuing innocent men and burying evidence showing innocence (he was head of the FBI during the anthrax case when prosecutors buried exculpatory evidence, and Mueller personally led that case), so his credibility is further diminished. Mueller was also very good friends with Former FBI Director James Comey (who helped Mueller prosecute innocent people) so we have in that a certain motive of retribution against Trump on Mueller’s part, which also explains the good timing that even the liberal media admits to in regards to Mueller’s indictments.

Wikileaks denies it was the Russians; there is evidence to suggest it was an inside job. Not that it even had to be, John Podesta’s password could’ve been cracked by a ten year old. Besides, if the server hack was such a damning thing, why did you liberals destroy anything that could provide evidence for your complaint? The only reason you would is that examining the servers would prove that no hack took place. Just like the only reason you would oppose a deal that would allow Mueller to question the indicted Russians is because you are afraid Mueller would have to prove his case.

You also contend that Russians colluded with Trump to get him elected. This lumped with the email hacking constitutes your sole reasoning for wanting war with Russia. There has been an army of bureaucrats and elected (Adam Schiff) leakers in the government complimented by a nation of journalists, all with a strong hatred of Trump. Yet in the two years since Trump obtained the votes needed to be the Republican nominee, not one shred of proof has surfaced. Now how about that, the best you can do is assume debunked and implausible documents like the Steele Dossier are true or say that US Intel Plant Halper giving a story to George Papadopolous who talked about it to the Australian Ambassador/Clinton Donor was somehow collusion.

The hardest evidence you have, the only items you’ve been referring to when asked for solid evidence aside from vaguely circumstantial stuff, are the debunked Steele Dossier and the intelligence assessment that you all kept touting as confirmation from 17 agencies that Russia interfered. I’ll write it here for your convenience- it did not involve 17 agencies, and was an intelligence ASSESSMENT. That means political hack and confirmed liar John Brennan assembled a team of yes-men who came up with the THEORY that Russia interfered, that is what an assessment is, it’s what that little committee theorizes, NOT what really happened (but to a liberal I guess the difference is only semantic, because what they think and feel are the only realities they acknowledge, as I’ve established in other items). And the debunked Steele Dossier was used in drafting the Intel Community Assessment in question. Oh, and Obama of course ordered this Assessment to be done.

Let’s Look At Some Quantities


I’m getting a lot of mileage out of this chart C-Gaymer found.

Given that most of those in the Journalism industry are leftwingers, it’s safe to say that at least 22,241 reporters have motive and opportunity to research Trump and any connections to Russia. Now let’s add in every Democrat in Congress (193 Congressmen and 49 Senators), every member of those 242 Congressmen and Senators’ staff, every sympathetic contact in the private and public sector that they have, every leaker and anonymous source the liberal media uses, every Democrat in the bureaucracy, every liberal blogger, every liberal hacker, every liberal professor who might have academic means of research, private investigators these groups might employ (like Fusion GPS), every liberal in the DOJ (who tried to fabricate evidence against Trump, the Steele Dossier, which wouldn’t be needed if there was anything really there), every millionaire and celebrity in Hollywood plus billionaires like Tom Steyer and George Soros with their massive networks of personnel and followers nationwide, most of the tech industry which easily has access to all of Donald Trump’s tweets and Google searches and things like that, and it’s easy to assume that we’re talking about a group of people larger than the population of Iceland (maybe even larger than England), with more money than the GDP of Russia at their disposal, with a cyber army on par with the NSA and as capable of hacking elections as any Russian group, and the backing of multiple parts of the U.S. government from Congressional offices to departments in the DOJ to state-level offices and attorney generals. This massive ball of hatred has had two years now to work on this.

DESPITE all of this at their disposal, enough raw power to destroy whole countries, DESPITE all of the time that they’ve had to research, they can’t find ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE that Trump colluded with Russia, nor can they provide solid evidence that Russia hacked the DNC servers, even though they have Russian oligarchs with access (as we know from when Clinton cash made its way to Russians, maybe even oligarchs close to Putin to loosen their lips and make this whole “we’ll reveal Putin’s evil plan while risking our lives for some guy we haven’t seen in 7 years” thing credible, through Steele in exchange for the debunked Steele Dossier), even though they have access to SPIES in the Kremlin as the New York Times leaked (which probably means we HAD a spy in the Kremlin, thanks to our intrepid reporters who just threw a life away even though they seemed scared to death that this very consequence would happen if someone leaked the identity of  Stefan Halper as the informant from the Trump Campaign- notice that NOT ONE of the folks like Senator Warner who said Congressmen could be charged for trying to unmask Halper or the folks in the media who said intelligence would be irreparably damaged from the ‘Halper reveal’ SAID WORD ONE about the Times’ leak that we have a spy in the Kremlin). Maybe you understand NOW why your Russian collusion claims seem so ridiculous? If your side brought that same power to bear against Russia itself or China, you could probably bring those countries to their knees both in cyber and economic zones. Instead, you focused all of it on Trump, and have come up with nothing after two years.

Alright, I think that about covers why the Russian warmongering is just another “U.S.S. Maine” (the press exploited the incidental explosion of a battleship to drive America to war with Spain, just like the press is exploiting the incidental leaking of emails to drive America to war with Russia, except this time the enemy has teeth and will ironically incinerate liberals by the millions. The only time I’d ever want to be at ground zero for a nuclear attack is at NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN headquarters (or in Senator Hirono’s office, I’m lumping her in here because she never condemned Hillary demanding missile strikes on Syria and a no-fly zone where we’d shoot down Russian jets, nor did Hirono condemn the media and her colleagues demanding war with Russia) and see the look on the face of one of these warmongerers as Russia responds to their threats in much the manner they kept saying North Korea would respond to Trump’s heated rhetoric).

Uhhhhm… You Mentioned Different Versions?

Oh right! Well, I said this mixes politics and the game, so I became a skosh sidetracked.

Atari Ports


Naturally, we get one for the Atari 2600. One of the selling points of that console was having arcade games at home. As you can see this is a version where you get only one launcher to shoot down enemy missiles from. In later ports with 3 missile launchers, 3 buttons are used to differentiate them. The Atari 2600’s standard controller had only one button.


Yet another port where you have only one tower with which to shoot down missiles. Sure the 5200’s controller had a dial pad like a telephone, but it’d be kinda hard to use the joystick and the dial pad as would be needed to control three towers. The original arcade version used a trackball, so unless you got the trackball for your Atari 5200 you’ll be hard-pressed to emulate that experience with other ports. Not that you need it, the 5200’s joystick worked well enough. It was my favorite control setup, very responsive and swift. As you can see in the upper right, on the 5200 the incoming bombers are American B-52s.


During a marketing campaign to prove the Atari 5200’s rugged durability despite its large size, Atari executives arranged for the U.S. Air Force to land a B-52 on one.

I was surprised to learn, but to the best of my knowledge, there was not a Missile Command port for the Atari 7800. You’d think they would’ve put their hit game on that console, but you’d think wrong I guess.

Sega Ports







The Sega Master System version (from “Arcade Smash Hits”) sort of plays like the real thing. You get multiple launchers too. As you can see, this is not about you defending American… or Soviet… cities. It’s about a race of Tangelas protecting themselves during an interplanetary war.


The cursor on the Game Gear version (part of “Arcade Classics”) moves like a sleepy Hutt, but the incoming missiles are slow as well. Feeling like you’re trying to move a heavy bookcase by pushing it across carpet is not conducive to a good gaming experience.


The Sega Genesis port (part of “Arcade Classics”) does not particularly stand out in my mind. As you can see they took some liberties with the designs, and apparently made commercial airliners into nuclear bombers (a reversal of what was actually done), but there isn’t much more to talk about here.


With the Sega Saturn version (part of “Arcade’s Greatest Hits”, the gold version, also released for SNES and PlayStation) we get into the realm of arcade-accurate ports. Or emulations. Probably emulations.


The Dreamcast version (part of “Atari Anniversary Edition”, also released for PlayStation) takes this arcade-accurate emulation to its logical conclusion by simulating an arcade machine’s monitor. This also shrinks the amount of space your game takes up on the TV screen, and the shrinkage is very noticeable in the graphics. You can see the difference for yourself if you have this copy because you can play it in either arcade cabinet or fullscreen mode.


There is a Super Nintendo port, on the gold “Arcade’s Greatest Hits” cartridge. But clearly I do not have it. Same goes for the Game Boy Color version, which I did not know existed until just now.


I do have the Game Boy version. It’s lumped in the same cartridge as Asteroids, titled “Arcade Classic 1” (there were more, at least 2 more, in the “Arcade Classic” series on Game Boy). The game is obviously enhanced not just beyond the original story, but beyond the Game Boy’s capabilities. If you plug it into the Super Gameboy you get some colors and an arcade cabinet around your screen.


Controls on the Game Boy Advance version (on the “Atari Anniversary Edition” cartridge) aren’t that good, it’s like your cursor is sliding on ice. It’s otherwise a great port, and even manages to give you three missile launchers. Looks like it’s more or less an emulation, like the Saturn and Dreamcast versions.



The PlayStation had a remake, with a different plot than the Cold War terror and graphics altered to suit (just like the Master System and Genesis versions. The Atari 2600 release had a different story, but it was clearly just a port with no extra touches). Same with the Atari Jaguar’s Missile Command 3D. The PlayStation remake offers a 3D, first-person perspective as you man a missile-shooting aircraft. This version also offers a more familiar mode of gameplay, pictured left.



In the game it’s “Warheads”, on the CD label it’s “Warhead”. Released on the FunPack CD with clones of other games (like Pac Man, Asteroids, Tetris, and Super Breakout), we get the Missile Command clone Warhead. Yes, it’s legitimate. I think. My parents bought it in the early 90s from a store, probably a big chain store since they don’t seek out small used video game shops and there certainly weren’t many around, so it must be. The FunPack version has tiny explosions and the missiles move kind of slow, so your aim needs to be more precise than the original. This works on Windows 3.1 through Windows 98. I don’t know if it’d run on anything stronger than that, even with Windows 98 the Pac Man and Tetris clones do not function right.

What Do You Think?

Looks like such a fun game, vote Democrat and make it happen! Much as Trump undid Obama’s legacy, I suspect Democrats, if given the majority in Congress, would work to undo Trump’s. And then in 2020 we’d get President Kamala Harris or President Elizabeth Warren, who’d bring back tensions with North Korea and become such hawks against Russia that Queen Hawk Hillary would tell them to take a chill pill. Because nuclear war with Russia and North Korea is what their base wants these days. Obviously, otherwise they’d vote these warmongerers out of office or at least support the peaceful foreign policy initiatives Trump has pursued, right?

Trump killed 200 Russians with his missile strikes in Syria, that’s 200 more than the past two Presidents combined. Democrats think that killing only 200 Russians, expelling diplomats, and increasing sanctions means Trump is too soft on Russia, a treasonous collaborator and a Russian puppet. That’s the bar Democrats set- meaning their idea of cordial relations with Russia under Trump would be if we nuked only Moscow. So who will YOU vote for? Or maybe just sit this one out…


Can The Center Hold?


Image From Daily Beast

Not “centrists” in the traditional sense, they’re an endangered species. I mean the “center” of the Democrat Party. The ones who are trying to bring all the conflicting ideologies together. The ones who are trying to bring the different identity-politics aggrieved groups together. We’re told there’s more uniting (Senator Klobuchar’s remarks) Democrats than dividing them, but listen to what’s uniting them: a hatred of Trump and Republicans. So what will happen when Democrats have no more external rivals?

We Already Saw That

It seemed certain Dems would be in power forever. Hillary was going to be President, Obama bypassed Congress and proved you only needed the presidency and bureaucracy to run the country, and the Republicans cowered from resisting anytime a journalist so much as looked in their direction. Now that the country was unified it was time for the factions to address their grievances. Time for Obama to be for gay marriage after being


Yeah, this pic again. I’m doing another “bottle article“- no new images.  Image from

against it when he was running for President after he was for it while still in Chicago, time for black lives to matter, there is no such thing as radical Islam, there is no such thing as voter fraud, there is no such thing as someone living in this country who can’t vote, there is no such thing as a southern border and the government will sue if you try to enforce one, and there is no such thing as a socialist government that failed (a question I like posing: if trickle-down economics doesn’t work because the people at the top are evil and keep all the money, how would trickle-down government, ie socialism, work any better? What is Government but a corporation with a gun pointed at you?).

Democrats eventually rallied behind Hillary to try and defeat the evil Trump, but before Trump was the candidate, when it seemed certain they’d win, Democrats were tearing each other to pieces.

  • Someone dared challenge Hillary Clinton on her superpredators remark.
  • Bernie was able to give the party elders a run for their money
  • the current Deputy Chairman of the DNC endorsed Bernie, and so did members of the national committee.
  • the party was divided on policy issues, like gun-grabbing and socialist policies.
  • Black Lives Matter, which only 12% of the black community opposes and which most Democrats support, fought the LGBTQ community (because they weren’t black-centric)
  • Even Vox, in March of 2016, saw fit to publish “American politics has reached peak polarization”, which indicates that internal divisions in the DNC were at their highest ever

Fragmentation Grenade

This fragmentation briefly disappeared in time for Democrats to unite behind Hillary at the voting booth, but when that effort failed their coalition collapsed. Open hatred of whites became even more mainstream, socialism is now their new platform, open borders is their future (DNC Chair Perez claimed that open-borders socialist Alexandria “right of passage” Ocasio-Cortez was the future of the party, interestingly enough she also wants to make sure every person in this country whether legal or otherwise,

patent-medicine-ad-yesterday's papers

No, really! Socialism totally works! It’ll do all this great stuff for you. Trust us. Image from Yesterday’s Papers

without paying a dime, gets free money and the government gives them free medical care, an interesting proposition to bankrupt the working people because the rich will do what they do in all hightax situations and flee to another country (like say one of those socialist European paradises the Left always mentions which actually abandoned socialism, and even if Ocasio-Cortez seized every penny our millionaires owned there wouldn’t be enough to pay for all these socialist programs, just ask Bernie) leaving the workers to pay for her programs and the new non-working residents the programs attract from poor countries, some socialist she is! Democrats, including her, in total have asked for $42.5 Trillion in new spending over 10 years. They suggest cutting funding from the military to finance this… except we’re already almost $20 Trillion in debt, our total GDP in 2017 was just shy of $20 Trillion, we’re expecting only $3.4 Trillion in tax revenue, our budget calls for about $4.1 Trillion already on domestic spending, and defense spending will only be just under $700 billion in 2018, while if only Ocasio-Cortez’s guaranteed-jobs plan were in place this year it’d cost $680 billion, basically the ENTIRE military budget. If all Democrat plans are put into place, we’ll be spending $8.35 Trillion with a tax revenue of only $3.4 Trillion. So what will Ocasio-Cortez do for the rest of her stuff, print money? Tax the rich whether legally or otherwise (helpful hint- it won’t help, you’d net maybe another $700 Billion even if you took every cent they had, barely enough again to pay for JUST ONE program she proposed)? Do we get Official Ocasio-Cortez Wacky Bucks? Will she seize the means of production and use our full $20 Trillion GDP? But hey, she’s very representative of millennials in general, who believe socialism like this is ideal and cutting military spending and raising taxes and getting the wealthy to pay their fair share are magical goodies makers and that these goodies need to be funneled from the government to the population, where the government takes a cut to fund the new bureaucracies created to give you that money when the IRS is all that’s needed, giving you money is already part of their job if you overpaid on taxes. Sigh. Does anyone remember back when Democrats were cutting taxes on the wealthy, to beneath what Republicans did? Because anyone who says the economy does better under Democrats and their high taxes only gets half the picture.). Meanwhile, party elders like Senate Minority Leader Schumer are being protested by their own voters, and House Minority Leader Pelosi seems like she missed a memo when she said that we should be strong on borders, sounding a lot like a Republican. Why isn’t Univision calling her a racist?

As for other elements of the Left’s coalition:

  • Pelosi’s latino angels are firebombing black families
  • Nancy Pelosi herself admitted that she does not believe in gender equality, rather, she believes women should be dominant. In fact, Pelosi in her own words believes women are entitled to such dominance. Anyone paying attention to South Africa, where with Obama’s support (note that Obama praised this guy, who talked of targeting whites until they had nothing left, much like the Nazis with the Jews, and doubtless with a similar eventuality- I mean after all, what do you think people like him will do with whites once they have nothing more to give, give them a “universal basic income”? HA! Sure, a basic income of watered-down soup and moldy bread crumbs) we’re seeing what a previously oppressed group does when it’s told it’s entitled to lead.
  • white people, of course, must shut up, the same whites who put money into that little girl’s campaign coffers. (Yes, I standby characterizing her as a little girl, because only children rebel like that against their parents- in this case, donors)
  • the DNC told its staff that whites, again: their money bags, should not apply for jobs with them
  • and stuff like this, again targeting whites… where are we, South Africa? No wonder Trevor Noah has a show…
  • Liberals love to hate PACs and the rich. Well, guess who uses them way more. The same party that received more money in campaign contributions (Democrats, for those who didn’t follow the link). Biting the hand that feeds you!
  • #MeToo has been harsh on Dems. Most of the Hollywooders involved, like big donor Harvey Weinstein, are Dem donors of course. And several Democrats in office were taken out.
  • the black community still hates homosexuals (even the politicians love homophobe Farrakhan, as do 50% of blacks as of March this year)
  • …and the hatred is mutual
  • a third of American Muslims openly don’t like homosexuals (the numbers are improving, but I still wouldn’t suggest asking one to bake your cake, and I reeeally would be skeptical of a Congresswoman who repeatedly says her Palestinian heritage of “gays get 3 bullets to the chest” keeps her going)
  • speaking of mutual hatreds, how the donors and the socialists?
  • And of course we have the wild shift to the Left, which left Rep. Crowley in the dust and will consign more moderate Dems to the dustbin of history, and which as mentioned led to Democrats actually turning against their party elders re: Bernie.
  • Such a shift to the Left that the lefties now think “liberal” is a pejorative because it means someone who isn’t far enough to the Left

Don’t Rock The Boat, Baby


Evidently, Trump is unifying and energizing the party in a way Hillary and Obama failed to do. You should thank him. He was a Democrat after all, maybe this is some kind of infiltration thing he’s doing. Image from

I’d say the media are doing a good job, by praising the socialists and not publishing anything bad about the establishment. Trump has been a hero to the media on that account- they can fill their news cycle 24/7 with stories about him, and ignore Democrat divisions. And also ignore 66 people being shot in one weekend in Chicago, 30 of them in 3 hours, but as Family Guy pointed out no one cares about blacks shooting each other. (Don Lemon seems to agree, he spent his programs immediately after the shooting calling Trump a racist for daring to call Lemon an idiot.) Oh yeah, and ignore how it was Muslims that were responsible for the starving kidnapped kids in Arizona. Funny how that detail slipped by in all the anti-Trump rage.

Stuffing it under the carpet that you hope your female demographic licks is one tactic. Another is the above notation on Senator Klobuchar, who acknowledged there are divisions but say their common enemy unites them. Of course AFTER Trump is through, that common enemy would be either capitalism or whites in general.

Then you have the Pelosi tactic of trying to say you agree with both sides, even if that leads to a contradiction between demanding strong border security as shown above and championing open borders. But like we saw with RINOs such as Dean Heller and Susan Collins, it’s easy to take positions opposite of what you truly believe when your party is in the minority thus not allowing you to act anyway.

You Uh… You Didn’t Answer The Question

Can the center hold? Nope. If Republicans win, the Dems shift even farther Left with the centrists either becoming radicalized or splitting from the party. If Republicans lose, the Democrat coalition falls apart because it still has all of that anger and hatred, but now doesn’t have a satisfying target, except the other folks on their team who suddenly seem quite different now that it comes time to pick apart America’s corpse and decide who gets the biggest share. Should it be women who’ve been oppressed by everyone for all of history? Should it be blacks who had to suffer through America’s “African Holocaust“?(I’m a little confused by this lady’s remarks- no one confronts the horrors of slavery? That’s news to me, it seems every day some Lefty, every other day a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, throws that in the face of a white GOPer, and certainly Trump has been attacked with it. Maybe she’s one of the millions that don’t watch CNN.) Should it be illegal immigrants who we all hate because they’re brown rather than because they broke laws and expect special favors for it, and who we stole the Southwest from before they could finish killing the natives? Should it be Muslim-Americans whom we’re all racist against because of Bush or something? Should it be the LGT community (which has about twice the membership of the Muslim community, is barely half the size of the official illegal immigrant community of 11 million that we’ve magically had for over 10 years despite repeated border surges, but is only a fraction of the Black and Hispanic communities- I’m not counting bisexuals because the L’s, G’s, and T’s hate them) because this group too has historically been oppressed, even in the socialist utopias that the liberal news outlet of choice New York Times praised (with one article praising how heterosexual women had better heterosexual sex under communism, ignoring how they’d be arrested for having lesbian sex- kind of homophobic to talk about how great heterosexual sex is in a country where being homosexual is illegal, isn’t it.)? That’s a lot of different groups that are going to want the biggest slice, and that already didn’t turn out well for the women’s march