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Hey guys, I have a few exciting announcements regarding the blog.

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Final Fantasy: 30 Years, 15 Stories

I had a year to decide how I was going to celebrate this momentous occasion. Last year I covered the history and impact of Final Fantasy in “Final Fantasy: Why the Vibrant Gaming Industry We Know Could Not Exist Without It”, and this year I have been playing my ass off trying to complete various Final Fantasy games. That’s how I came up with this idea, to show the cover art for the games along with a short description of them as well as the systems you can find them on. I originally wanted to cover the whole set of stories, but it would have been too laborious and honestly been a huge spoiler. So I have adjusted my original idea to this more practical format. I hope you enjoy.

For first-timers, here is a kind of Key Legend for those of you unfamiliar with abbreviations for game systems:

(PS1 = Playstation) (PS2 = Playstation 2) (PSP = Playstation Portable) (PS3 = Playstation 3) (PS4 = Playsation 4) (PSV = Playstation Vita) (NES = Nintendo Entertainment System) (SNES = Super Nintendo Entertainment System) (GBA = GameBoy Advance) (DS = Nintendo DS) (3DS = Nintendo 3DS)


Final Fantasy



4 young Orphans discover their destiny as the Warriors of Light and embark on a quest to restore light to the 4 Elemental Crystals. Will they succeed, or will the fall to the Fiends that Guard the Crystals, or their Master?

Systems You Can Find it On: NES, MSX2, Wonder Swan Color, PS1, GBA, Mobile Phone, PSP, Wii, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, 3DS, Wii U

Significance: This was the very first Final Fantasy game, released this day (12/18/17) 30 Years ago. It saved Square from Bankruptcy and has ever since greatly influence the gaming industry. If it were not for this game, you would not be reading any of this.

Final Fantasy II


Orphans fight an aggressive Empire in an attempt to save their friend Leon. Will they save him, or are they in for a terrible surprise?

Systems You Can Find it On: NES, Wonder Swan Color, PS1, GBA, Mobile Phone, PSP, Wii, iOS, Android, 3DS, WiiU

Significance: This is the first name where characters have pre-set canonical names which you can choose to change or leave the same.

Final Fantasy III


After an Earthquake opens up a cavern, a crystal gives 4 orphans incredible powers and sends them off on an important journey. Will the 4 young travelers be able to save the world from utter darkness?

Systems You Can Find it On: NES, DS, Wii, iOS, Android, PSP, Ouya, Windows Phone, WiiU, 3DS

Significance: Final Fantasy 3 was the first game to introduce the concept of the 2 world maps, overworld and underworld. It is also the first game to have Summoning.

Final Fantasy IV

Final-Fantasy-IV-CoverWhen he begins to question the behavior of his King, the Dark Knight Cecil of Baron is stripped of his rank and sent to perform a dastardly task. Angered by what happened, Cecil embarks on a journey to stop the dark forces that caused all of this and threaten the entire world.

Systems You Can Find it On: SNES, Wonder Swan Color, GBA, DS, PS1, Wii, PSP, iOS, Android, Windows, 3DS, WiiU

Significance: Final Fantasy IV was the first Final Fantasy to introduce the Active Time Battle system to determine the order in which actions are determined. It is interesting to note this game was intended to be a release for the NES but they instead put their resources into making it a SNES Release.

Final Fantasy V

Final-Fantasy-V-CoverOn a day when the winds stop and crystals shatter, a group of Heros must band together to put a stop to the catastrophe. Will they be able to save the crystals that sustain their world and defeat the evil entity behind the catastrophe?

Systems You Can Find it On: SNES, PS1, GBA, iOS, Android, Windows, Wii, WiiU, 3DS

Significance: Final Fantasy V apparently has an OVA Sequel.

Final Fantasy VI

Final-Fantasy-VI-CoverAfter a young girl has her mind freed of an empires control by an ancient being, she embarks on a journey to prevent the repeat of a 1000-year-old catastrophe. With the help of her newfound companions, will she be able to stop the evil empire before they can unleash the power of rampaging gods?

Systems You Can Find It On: SNES, PS1, GBA, Android, iOS, Windows, Wii, WiiU, 3DS

Significance: This game had the largest cast of playable characters and also the largest selection of Espers. The last Final Fantasy on SNES.

Final Fantasy VII

Final-Fantasy-VIICloud and his companions must fight against an evil corporation to save the entire planet. But will the darkness from his past end up spelling disaster? As cities collapse and the planet cries, the heroes must overcome all obstacles before time runs out.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS1, PS4, Windows, iOS, Android

Significance: Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game in 3D, also the first Final Fantasy game on the PlayStation and the first game to use multiple disks. It had a Multi-Million Dollar budget and a staff of 100 people. Most notably, it is considered one of the best video games of all time.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final-Fantasy-VIII-CoverA group of young mercenaries is sent to stop an attack by an aggressive empire, only to find a darker threat lurking under the surface. Now the young heroes of SeeD must set out on a journey around the world and above it. The future of not just the planet, but all of time and space itself is at risk and only they can save it.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS1, Windows

Significance: Final Fantasy VIII is the first final fantasy game where summoned espers take an active role rather than just resulting in a single devastating attack. It also is the first game with 4 disks.

Final Fantasy IX

Final-Fantasy-IX-coverAfter kidnapping a princess, 16-year-old Zidane and his companions set off on a journey of epic proportions. With the fate of the entire world on their shoulders, will they be able to stop invaders from another world from taking over all of Gaia?

Systems You Can Find It On: PS1, PS4, Windows, iOS, Android

Significance: Final Fantasy IX was the last game on the PS1. Additionally, it was the last title to use ATB until Final Fantasy X-2, a misguided sequel attempt by Square. It also used ATE, or Active Time Events that allow a player to events unfolding at multiple locations. Other than that, it was pretty average.

Final Fantasy X

Final-Fantasy-X-CoverA young man torn from his own city of Zanarkand wakes up on a beach to tales of its destruction 1000 years prior. Trying to solve the mystery, he joins a young summoner and her guardians on their pilgrimage to Zanarkand. Will they be able to defeat the creature Sin and solve the mystery of his arrival?

Systems You Can Find It On: PS2, PS3, PSV, PS4

Significance: Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy game on the PS2, the first Final Fantasy game that did not have a world map, and the first 3D Final Fantasy game that did not require multiple disks. In addition, it was the first game since Final Fantasy III that did not use the ATB system, instead opting for a Conditional Turn-Based system or CTB for short. It is also the first Final Fantasy game to have a Sequel game developed for it, though that sequel was horrible. Final Fantasy X though is still my favorite game in the Final Fantasy series as well as the first Final Fantasy I ever played.

Final Fantasy XI

Final-Fantasy-XI-CoverVana’diel is a world steeped in myth and conflict. A hero must fight for his nation and stop the Shadow Lord and other threats to the world.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS2, Windows, X-Box 360

Significance: Final Fantasy XI is the first Final Fantasy to be crafted as an MMORPG. It is also the first Final Fantasy that did not have random encounter battles, opting instead to adopt a live battle system where a player can approach an enemy to start a battle or flee from the enemy to avoid one. Final Fantasy XI received 5 expansions and 16 of the original servers are still active today. It has received mixed reviews from critics, though fans have been more critical of some aspects of the game that seem forced or phony.

Final Fantasy XII

Final-Fantasy-XII-coverAfter a young street urchin tries to rob treasure from the palace treasury of Dalmasca, he embarks on a journey to stop a tyrannical empire. Will he and his companions be able to stop the fires of war or the entities that weave fate?

Systems You Can Find It On: PS2, PS4

Significance: Final Fantasy XII is the first non-MMO entry to the Final Fantasy series to use the ADB, or Active Dimension Battle system. It also introduces the “Gambit System” to determine the behavior of other party members when engaging enemies in battle. It is the last Final Fantasy mainline title for the PS2.

Final Fantasy XIII

wht_PS3_keyart_22_r04-80.inddAfter fleeing from a Purge in a town within the artificial sphere of Cocoon, Lightning and her friends meet her sister at the fal’Cie Anima and are branded l’Cie. Now they must embark on a journey to complete their Focus and in turn, save Pulse and Cocoon.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

Significance: Final Fantasy XIII is the first Final Fantasy game on the PS3 and has 3 sequels. It adopts a hybrid of the ADB and the ATB, players can run from or approach an enemy, however if they encounter the enemy the game transitions to a different battle screen that utilizes the ATB. Rather than using traditional jobs, the game utilizes a Paradigm system to determine skill sets such as magic.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final-Fantasy-XIV-coverAfter having a strange dream on the way to a city, the Hero must work with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to save Eorzea and live up to the legacy of the Legendary Warriors of Light.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS3, PS4, Windows, OS X

Significance: Final Fantasy XIV is the second MMORPG from the Final Fantasy series. Facing major flaws and angry fans, the original servers were scrapped and shut down after a major redesign, and the game was relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In its new format and running environment, the game performed much better and was easier to facilitate as a cross-platform title.

Final Fantasy XV

Final-Fantasy-XV-coverOn his way to be wed to Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae, Prince Noctis of Lucis learns that Nifelheim has broken an armistice killing his father and taking over Lucis Capital of Insomnia. Now with the help of his close friends, Noctis must travel to the corners of Eos and recover the ancestral relics of the Lucii to stop the evil empire of Nifelheim and the apocalyptic Star Scourge.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft

Significance: Final Fantasy XV is the most realistic Final Fantasy game to date, the most like everyday life in many ways. It utilizes the Active Cross Battle system, or ACB for short. It is also the closest release to this, the 30th Anniversary of the original 1987 game. With its HD Graphics and lush environments, it looks to be a tour de force for the senses.


Now for some Fan Service before my Closing.


I’m sorry, he is just so fucking hot I couldn’t help myself. ❤ Thanks to noctella1427 on Devian Art for this smoking hot pic. XD


In 30 years, this is what Final Fantasy has become. Along with these mainline games, there are many sequels, side stories, and spinoffs associated with this series. This game changes with the world and continues to tell breathtaking and heartbreaking stories. These are stories worth experiencing, stories I want to share with my baby siblings and maybe eventually one day with my children. This is the sum of a great legacy started 30 years ago from the date this post will be published on. In another 30 years, we can only imagine what it will be like. Certainly though, this is a series that has changed the gaming industry, as well as changed the lives of so many people who have played it. So happy birthday Final Fantasy, you are truly one of the masterworks of our society, a masterpiece of music, art, and storytelling.

To 30 More Years!!

Removing Their Fangs: A Thought Exercise on how Conservatives can Turn the Tide of the Culture Wars


A Typical “Tolerant” Democrat teaching us about what real bigotry looks like.

Ironically this article was inspired by a smug article from a liberal rag called The Atlantic, which I sadly have no link to. The article basically made the argument that liberals should stop resorting to using the term bigot or any or its variations cause they are winning the culture war and they are always right, and using these terms only alienates us woefully left behind conservatives and prevents us from reaching their supposed pinnacle of excellence. In short, it was a delusional piece meant to both strokes their own ego while simultaneously trying to stop the damage caused by one of their more moronic tactics. Moronic and delusional as it was though, there were some hard truths in it that one could reflect upon. The major one being that even though we have facts and rationality on our side, Liberals are winning the cultural war.


Brendan Eich was CEO of Mozilla till he was ousted for donating to a charity that supports traditional marriage.

Shocking Right? Some of you will argue with me that Trump in the Whitehouse is evidence that we are turning things around, our win last November though is important but also empty. We now control the government, but liberals control our media, our schools and colleges, our corporate culture, and have too huge an influence in our courts and in the UN. We are still losing the culture war so long as even an accusation of bigotry for having a viewpoint liberals don’t approve of can cost you your career, as long as Left Wing nutjobs can cherry pick the news and spin events to fit their narrative, so long as renegade judges can halt bills and presidential orders by issuing injunctions motivated by their political views and not the interests of the law, and so long as they can tell our children any lie they want and frame it as an essential fact. In 50 years, they have drilled their roots so deep that it will be exceedingly hard, though not impossible, to cut down their poison tree.

Identifying the Problem.


Liberals use emotional Ad Hominem arguments to silence people they don’t agree with.

The biggest problem we face is a disparity in tactics. Liberals have no decency, have no tact, and resort to emotional arguments rather than logic. The number one problem we face is their go-to tactic, whenever they are on the losing side of an argument they will resort to ad hominem attacks such as calling their opponent bigoted or some variation thereof. Now, this is partially losing its steam, however, there is an observable tendency of conservatives to be less open about their political beliefs for fear of facing reprisals and/or being called racist. Why is this a problem though? I mean “Sticks and Stones” right? Well as I pointed out earlier, liberals have managed to weasel their way into dominating Higher Education and Corporate Culture through lies and money, so simply being labelled one of these things even arbitrarily can result in being fired or being failed by a teacher.


Lindsey Graham is one of the Sanctimonious “Never Trump”ers who would rather see the country and the Republican Party go to ruin than respect the President and support his agenda.

Another problem is the moral righteousness and timidity of conservatives. Now I use moral righteousness as a pretty relative term, what I mean by this is that conservatives are so intent on maintaining the perceived moral high ground and do not practice the same cognitive dissonance that allows liberals to call themselves tolerant and yet act in a bigoted manner towards people with differing views. A clear example of this contrast is attitudes about their values. If you discuss the 2nd Amendment with a conservative, he will support 2nd Amendment rights for anybody regardless of their political beliefs or race. If you have a similar discussion with a Liberal about the 1st Amendment they will at one moment tout its importance and in the next moment claim it should not apply to Christian Business owners or to people who voice opinions they view as hateful, and it is this very appeal to the least virtuous qualities of human nature that give them an edge. Additionally, Conservatives are timider, they have a respect for authority and are less likely to vocally and aggressively stand up for themselves. Liberals, by contrast, have no respect for any authority that does not fit their exact views, they are more likely to loudly stand up for themselves, resort to violence, and even go as far as harassing anybody committing a perceived injustice.

How did it get this bad?

severed head

A major problem Republicans need to get over is that acting with decency towards an indecent opponent will end in defeat for the Conservative Movement.

As stated above, the problem is essential that conservatives are more proper and honest, while liberals are the anything-goes type. People sadly gravitate towards anything-goes. Over the past 50 years, Liberals have been on a no holds barred attack on conservatives and their achievements, most notably fabricating a falsehood attributing the achievements of the conservatives to themselves while diverting responsibility for their malicious actions onto conservatives. In that 50 Years, conservatives have been largely on the defensive, relying on the confidence invested in them during the Cold War and staying honest and decent. The “honest” is fine, the problem is the “decent”. By no means am I suggesting we sink anywhere near their level, but at the same time it is staying on so high a horse that has led to our utter defeat.


In the past, we have signed away key rights by trying to compromise with Democrats, such as the 1994 Assault Weapon ban we see here being signed by Bill Clinton.

Another problem that contributed to this is compromise. Usually, compromise is a good thing, but conservatives should have never ever tried to compromise with liberals. The reason is simple, if you compromise with someone who wants all or nothing, they will take away your everything before you know it. Our current state of gun regulation is evidence of this, some of it is essential but many of the things we compromised on such as automatic weapons and clip capacities have opened the door for more demands and even irrational policies like the 1994 Federal Assult Weapons Ban. For those of you unfamiliar with the act, it deemed many cosmetic features of certain firearms to constitute an assault weapon based on the perceptions of senators and activists rather than any fact-based assessment by experts.

How do we Fight em?

The solution to combatting all this is simple, all of us conservatives need to collectively get off of our High Horses!! There are many ways to fight them back that are so simple and are not objectively immoral. Many of these are impolite, but it is a far cry better than letting the impolite and inscrutable run society. These are some of the simple steps I suggest:

  • Be Brutally Honest


    At this point, humiliating Liberals is the only way to save our country.

    Conventional Right Wing orthodoxy promotes the idea of certain manners, like “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” In the past, some conservatives have been selective about when to apply this and for all the wrong reasons. We need to throw this orthodoxy out of the window entirely for the right reasons!! LEAVE NOTHING UNCHALLENGED! Any lie, any fallacy, any point of ignorance, call them out on it. Make it loud and observable. Cite facts. Crush them and overwhelm them with the Truth!!


  • Do Not Back Down
    The power liberals have always held is the power of irreverence outrage. Anytime they don’t get their way there are protests, lawsuits, tirades. They used it to push their evil agenda, we can use it for good though. Don’t just silently back down next time your liberal teacher shows bias in the classroom! Make a stink, sue the school. If your boss tries to fire you because he doesn’t like your opinion, sue him for everything he has got! Get a conservative advocacy group on your side and take away the most essential thing, his business holdings. When a company or celebrity makes an ignorant remark about conservatives or tells a lie to further a left-wing agenda, Boycott them or their product! And don’t stop after an apology, let them know an empty apology is not enough. And I cannot stress enough, only do these things when there is a Legitimate reason. We don’t want to become snowflakes like the left, the entire reason to do this is to make a singular effort to remove liberals influence.


  • Turn their Game Against them


    When Ben Carson ran for President as a Republican, he was called so many different names and racial slurs by the left.

    Liberals like to call people racist to shut others down because they know it works. It can be even more effective against them. Call them and their beliefs Bigoted, Racist, Sexist, and back it up with facts. When they try to lie or make excuses based off of lies, call them out on it and repeat the accusation. Why can we get away with this? Review my initial remark, “Back it up with facts.” In short, only do this if you can factually prove there is some bigoted aspect of their remark or belief. An easy example, if they brag about being a Democrat you call them racist. Back it up with the facts surrounding the Democratic Parties Racist History. They will try to throw the Party Switch lie at you. Don’t let it stand, lay down more facts disproving the lie and use the lie as confirmation of their racism. This serves a 3-fold purpose. The first aspect is that it drives them more insane and huts them with an unimaginable emotional agony, which will likely leave them speechless or provoke them into a further display of their ignorance. The next aspect is that by using facts, you turn people against them, and it is especially important to turn people against them with the truth. Last but most important, the effect it has to chill conservative speech will apply to liberals as well. By chilling their speech, we cut out their ignorant charisma that makes them popular with impressionable people


  • Make Yourself Present


    With Liberals using Universities as centres for indoctrination, it is now more important than ever for us to have College Republican groups to push back against the intellectual Hegemony

    Many conservatives are rethinking the value of Colleges. DON’T! If anything we need MORE Conservative students in College. We need more Conservatives in the teaching profession and on school boards. We need to run for every political seat that comes up and be loud. We definitely need more Conservative Advocacy groups like F.I.R.E. The point is that liberals have stuck their noses everywhere from schools to media, to even comic books. We need to spread out everywhere, be loud, and take it back from them.


  • Reach out to the Youth
    Liberals are indoctrinating them as young as possible, hell apparently in New York they teach the Party Switch to lie in school as if it were a fact. And that is creepy since we are letting them shape our kid’s minds considering the left wing propensity to being sexual predators. We need to get in there and start teaching as soon as middle school. And I do not simply mean as school teachers. School Assemblies, After School Programs, both educational and fun. Yes, even a sports team is good. We need to not only teach them what we believe, we need to defy the left wing boogeyman stories and show them what kind of people we are.


  • Don’t Close Any Doors


    Many “Traditional” Conservatives reject Milo Yiannopoulos. Some say it is because of his Firebrand behaviour, however, it is quite likely they reject him for being Homosexual.

    This last one should not need to be said, but sadly it is. There is a problem in the Conservative Community, consciously or unconsciously we exclude groups of people, especially the ones the Democrats exploit. Don’t get me wrong, by no means should we change our stances just to gain votes. When I talk about exclusion problems, I refer to the fact that we exclude conservatives who are already on board for who they are or because they have new ideas. I have felt many times that my thoughts have been brushed off by my states GOP because I am a gay conservative, and even though there are plenty of Black Conservatives we do not see as many as we should even at the local governmental level. Black, Gay, Straight, White, Latino, as long as they are conservatives and legal citizens we should let them in, hear their ideas, and if they obviously qualified for it, encourage them to run for office. Left Wingers claim they are tokens, that is just proof of their bigotry and possibly an attempt to discourage you to run us. But there are a lot of us out there, and as long as we share actual conservative policy beliefs then we should be welcomed. This also serves to help us turn their game against them.

Is there any hope at this point?


Gen-Z may be the Saving Grace of the nation as well as the Republican Party. Politically, Gen-Z can most closely be aligned with Moderate Republicans, rejecting the insane far left politics of the Democratic Party.

For sure there is, though I am not going to lie to you, it is fainter every day. Europe may be totally lost to use and the EU has effectively indoctrinated the youth over there. I may actually write a piece about that at a later time. In the US there is some hope though. Most likely because of the failed policies of the Obama Regime, Generation Z is poised to be the most conservative generation before the Baby Boomers. They are Fiscally Conservative, Slightly more Liberal socially, but hold things like marriage and religious faith with higher importance than other generations. That in itself is heartwarming, a few years back I had an honest fear that democracy might need to die before Millenials are allowed to hold power as they would destroy the country or even the world. Now, that fear has long since passed with these reassuring developments.

We still have a long way to go. We cannot get lax, we need to make sure that youth stay more informed and teach them the downfalls to emotional thinking. We need to actively reach out hard to Gen Z and invest in them and new ideas they might bring. Our future really is in the youth of this country and teaching them the hypocrisy and evil behaviour of the American Left. The bottom line though is, we need to strike while the Iron is hot and win by overwhelming the enemy, the American Left.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (0153)


13 Year Old Uso Ewin is one of the youngest Gundam Protagonists.

In UC 0153 a new threat has reached its fever point as the forces of the Zanscare Empire declare their right to dominion over the entire Earthsphere. A massive conflict is about to break out, but 13-year-old Uso Ewin is unaware of any of this. Leading a carefree life in Kasarelia with his friend Shakti, Uso spends his days riding around with his hang gliding and writing his friend Katejina whom he secretly has a crush on. This innocent life quickly comes to an end though when the Zanscare Empire attacks the town of Woowig where Katejina lives. Uso is thrust into the conflict and forced to pilot the Leauge Militaire’s new Mobile Suit, the LM312V04 Victory Gundam.


The LM312V04 Victory Gundam

With the help of the Leauge Militaire’s Shrike Team, Uso must fight to prevent the Zanscare Empire from taking over the Earth Sphere. Can they win without the help of the Earth Federation Forces which are trying to avoid war? Will Uso be able to fight Katejina who has now joined the BESPA forces as a mobile suit pilot? And will Uso find his parents as he travels amongst the stars to fight the Zanscare Empire? It all unfolds in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam!!


Victory Gundam was considerably darker than previous Gundam Series directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino

So this is our final installment in my short series about the UC as it is also the last anime done in the Late UC so far. It is also my favorite series set in the UC to be honest, though most it has mostly received critical reviews even from its own creator. Apparently, Tomino was depressed when he wrote Victory Gundam, so as a result there was a higher casualty rate among the main cast members. Tomino has reiterated his own disgust over his own creation in the Blue-Ray re-release of Victory Gundam which was to be paired with his 35th Anniversary work Gundam Reconguista in G. I for one think the Victory Gundam is greater than even Tomino gives it credit for, and I would be very happy if he ever reads this next part and smiles.


Uso Ewin pictures with the all-female Shrike Team. One of the good traits of the show is how Uso acts like a typical Shonen Protagonist around older women.

At the start of this article, I said that I think Victory Gundam was the best UC Series and I stand by that for good reason. It had a significant, really tangible message while also epitomizing what I really find to be the essential traits of Shonen Anime/Manga. There is the fact Uso has the typical Shonen behavior I find entertaining, he gets flustered by all kinds of women especially older women but overlooks the one girl who likes him most. These are some of the entertaining traits along with Uso’s growing awareness of the world around him and his development from a naive kid into a young man. And honestly, that is why I was not unhappy with the huge cast kill-off throughout the series. I mean it is a pretty realistic depiction of war, as the smaller force and one so virtuous it is realistic to see so many of the members die off in battle. It also leads to a beautiful ending where we see Uso continuing his innocent and peaceful life in Kasarelia, not the same as he was when he left but a wiser and more mature person.


Zanscare Officers Chronicle Asher and Katejina Loos

Indeed as a closing chapter to the UC, it provided some symmetry. Gundam began as a story of a young man thrust into a war against a tyrannical empire and it ends as one too. There are slight differences which nonetheless hold symmetry as well, for example, Mobile Suit Gundam began in the Side 7 Colonies and Victory Gundam begins in Western Europe. There are also some cosmetic similarities as well, the officer’s uniforms of the Zanscare Empire Resemble those of the Principality of Zeon. It is even rumored that Uso Ewin is supposed to be the Great Great Grandson of Char Aznabel, though the production team denies this rumor stating that it was something they considered but then decided against.

All in all, as I said, Victory Gundam was my favorite. I do not expect that to be the same for everybody else, of course, even its creator rejected it. But you should still watch it and give it a chance and I can only hope you see what I see in it. You can find it in various formats on Amazon by clicking here. I hope you watch it and enjoy the Swan Song of the Universal Century, but for now, this is the end of my series of pieces about Gundam. Maybe in the future, I will do pieces about Turn A Gundam (Correct Century, CC) or Gundam Reconguista in G (Regild Century, RG). I hope you enjoyed these.