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Hey guys. It sucks the first post from me in so many months has to be bad news, but thems tha breaks!! Right now I am having a hard time keeping up with work AND reviewing content, so to take the pressure off I am putting the blog on hiatus till June. Don’t be bummed though, when we come back there will be tons of fun content from both myself and Mr. F.L.A.G., and this hiatus will give us plenty of no stress time to develop our work. Thanks for your patience.

Total Idiocy: Democrats and the obsession with Gun Control

I am going to start this off with a harsh truth, a very nasty but nonetheless true. Liberals like to claim groups like the NRA and legal Gun Owners are the problem with gun violence in this country. That is an egregious lie and a deflection of responsibility. And so here we go ahead with this bold statement of truth, if you support gun control it is YOU who have blood on your hands. You are responsible not just for the deaths of children in school shootings, you are responsible for the deaths of countless mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who were killed by someone who illegally obtained a firearm because they were unable to exercise their legal right to bear arms and defend themselves.

Those of you for gun control will make your emotional arguments as to how I am wrong that just do not add up, and in the end, you will make character attacks and attempts to vilify me. And even some in the pro-second amendment crowd will say I am sinking to the level of the liberals who make these pleas to emotion. I frankly do not care, after so much death at the hands of total fucking retards who watch the same thing happen and push for more of the same policy causing it, I feel it is time to take the kiddy gloves off. You gun control supporters are remorseless murderers with your hands drenched in the blood of so many Americans who you shed crocodile tears for. And that isn’t like one of your pathetic pleas to emotion that have proven themselves to be deadlier than bullets, that is a statement of the reality of the situation backed by facts.

Gun Control Kills


These are the original victims of Gun Control, the nearly 6 million people killed in the holocaust, and hardly any of them were killed by a bullet.

Gun Control is not about making people safer at all. Just look at Chicago and Baltimore, jurisdictions that have had some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and still do. I will, of course, explain later why this is, but the question now is why they still double down on these policies every time despite the fact they are clearly not working? To formulate one answer, all you have to do is look back at history and see who else touted gun control as such a glorious solution and why they did so. Look at the actual consequences of gun control and what atrocities it was used to commit and which heinous extremist groups committed them and you will begin to see reason #1 why gun control is dangerous and why we were given a right to bear arms.



Joseph Stalin and other dictators relied on new or existing Gun Control Laws to consolidate their power

In 1929 when Stalin declared all of the privately owned farms in the USSR state property he relied heavily on gun laws passed shortly after the 1917 communist revolution, laws that made it hard for anybody but party members to own firearms. And in Italy before Mussolini and his Blackshirts rise to power, the Italian government had banned Firearms and Canes to restore order, a move which left no resistance from those opposing the squads of Blackshirts and their formation of a fascist government. Most chilling of all, however, was the series of gun control laws passed by Adolf Hitler and the SS during the 1930’s. These laws placed heavy restrictions on gun ownership especially for jews and used a gun registry to identify and confiscate guns from Jews and other political opponents of the SS leaving them with no means to resist, the ultimate goal being the nearly effortless slaughter and terrorizing of Jews during the Kristallnacht incident. The moral of the story kids is that gun control is the go-to method which dictators and murders use to take control. Still feel safe calling for more restrictions? If you do then you are pretty retarded.

Just Like Weed


Even though marijuana is deemed illegal by the federal government, it is still easily obtainable and widely used across the US.

There is no coincidence that over the past 20 years as private gun ownership has risen, gun violence has been on the decline. Well there is one exception, while gun violence has been universally on the decline, there has been a sharp increase of shootings in so-called “Gun Free Zones”. This has a lot to do with the fact that only 6 percent of gun crimes are committed with guns obtained legally by the offender, an overwhelming 94 percent of the time guns used to commit mass shootings and other crimes were stolen and/or obtained through illegal channels. To put it in terms many of the jackass anti-gun hipsters can understand, it is a lot like how even though pot is illegal you dope fiends somehow get it. The law and threat of consequences did not stop you from obtaining the pot you freaks desire, it only stops the citizens who abide by the law. In the same way, gun control laws do not stop shooters like the Columbine shooters from illegally obtaining firearms and killing a ton of innocent people, it only ensures law-abiding citizens who are afraid of the consequences are easy targets for criminal psychopaths.


The NRA promotes and protects the 2nd Amendment and encourages responsible gun ownership.

Oddly while groups that promote the legalization of pot never face criticism for drug addiction and violent drug lords (and rightly so because the connection is so loose you would have to be mentally retarded to make that connection), whenever there is a mass shooting in the US in one of those gun free zones where citizens cannot legally carry their firearms, the blame is stuck on the NRA. (Unsurprisingly that connection is always made by hysterical retards.) Much in the same way mature adults should be able to consume marijuana as long as they accept the consequences, the 2nd Amendment guarantees us the right to bear arms as long as we accept the consequences that accompany it. Unlike pot, of course, the consequences of not being allowed to carry guns is a lot graver. Our 2nd Amendment exists to allow us to protect ourselves from criminals and also from the possibility of individuals like Hitler or Mussolini coming to power and committing atrocities. Thus banning guns only makes us easy victims, not only to those who do not follow the law but potentially in a worst case scenario to our own government as well.

When facts don’t work, just cry a lot


Looking like a badly tanned meth addict, David Hogg has been the lefts newest “useful idiot” to throw on-air tantrums for them since the tragic Parkland Shootings.

Facts are never on the leftists side especially not with the gun control debate, so rather than having a mature discussion they routinely pick an extremely stupid and easily manipulated poster child to throw a tantrum and cry so that other equally stupid people will get whipped into a frenzy while other easily manipulated people will get pulled into their meritless arguments or back down. After the tragic Parkland school shooting in which a cowardly sheriff’s deputy even refused to enter the school and stop the massacre, The left got its newest useful idiot in the form of the cowardly, childish, and incredibly deranged David Hogg. He represents another cute face and warped personality the left uses to make the argument an emotional one, using sickeningly fact devoid lines such as “2nd Amendment advocates are going to die out” (too bad there are going to be more of them than ever though since Gen Z is set to be more conservative than even the Baby Boomers.), and “The NRA controls Washington.” As usual, there is nothing of substance, not facts and only tantrums, but this is nothing new. The left always plays stupid games like this that blow up in their face.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., holds a gun magazine as she calls for a debate on gun control measures during a press conference on Capitol Hill, on May 6, 1999. (AP Photo/Khue Bui)

Remeber those warm New England summers? Remeber ice cold glasses of Lemonade on the porch? Remeber when Democrats passed an “Assault Weapons Ban” in 1994 that classified weapons as assault rifles based on cosmetic features that did not really enhance the performance of the gun and in fact made some harder to use according to experts? Well Peppridge Farms remembers, and Pepperidge farms isn’t gonna keep it to Pepperidge Farms self. But then again Peppridge farms ain’t no idiot, Pepperidge farms knows the term Assult Weapon is a made up term meant to scare idiots like the boogeyman scares children. Pepperidge Farms knows liberals lie about the “AR” in AR-15 standing for Assault Rifle so they can scare idiots. Pepperidge Farms knows it stands for ArmaLite, the name of the manufacturers. Now I better stop while I am ahead before I kill this Pepperidge Farms joke, but I think I made my point here, liberals cannot actually find a legal or factual basis for attacking the 2nd amendment so they always resort to misinformation and emotional arguments made to play upon fear or outrage in place of anything of substance.

It’s a Racial thing tho….


During the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion of 1831, rebel slaves in the Democrat-Held State of Virginia massacred plantation owners.

Now honestly, I really feel that it is appropriate to submit the possibility that there is a racial component to the Democrats opposition to gun ownership as we have proven it is in no way about safety. As I have covered in the past, the Democrats have a long history of racism dating back to the decades before they founded the CSA. This made me remember the famous Nat Turner Rebellion, an 1831 rebellion where Nat Turner and a group of slaves killed 55-65 people, mainly Plantation owners. In the aftermath the Democrats went into a total frenzy, they made it illegal to teach black people to read and making it illegal for them to hold religious congregations without the supervision of a white preacher. Similar laws with widespread restrictions on the Civil Rights of black people were passed across the South and held their legacy for nearly a century in the form of Jim Crow Laws and other discriminatory policies. So it is entirely possible, in fact highly probable that Democrats still have some fear of black people or other parties of oppressed Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in a way similar to Nat Turner. Gun Control isn’t just about taking Guns away since these laws are most prevalent in the cities I would say Democrats are especially passionate about keeping guns out of the hands of black people more than any other Americans.

Lots of reasons, None of them safety

Whatever the reason, secret ambitions to resurrect the fascist socialist order or fear that black people will rise up and kill them for their racist past, we know for sure that Gun Control has never been about safety. Gun Control only creates a set of easy targets for psychopaths with no regard for the law. The tragedies at Parkland, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, Charleston, Orlando, they all could have been avoided if just one teacher or churchgoer or movie usher or bartender were legally allowed to carry a firearm and could have stopped these insane shooters in their tracks. The blood of all these victims from the innocent school children to the club goers who were just there to dance, their blood is on the hands of the Democrats and their puppets who push the Gun Control policies that make easy targets for criminals and other despicable individuals. That is not what makes me angry though, what makes me angry is that these morally bankrupt monsters like David Hogg or Dianne Feinstein have no remorse for all the blood that is on their hands. They would rather blame the people looking for real solutions who promote responsibility and solutions that do not violate our civil rights. We can only hope though that they do not get their way and create a larger pile of bodies in their ignorant wakes.

The Case for the Deep State

(*Update: Even as I wrote this article, Andrew McCabe resigned from his position at the FBI.)


A year ago, if you told me there was some kind of Deep State within our government I would have probably laughed at you. Even with the DNC and Media trying to influence the election, the thought that there was an internal force influencing things was just too much for me to believe. A year later however, it has become clear to me that the external forces I just mentioned act in concert with an internal force within our government that is dedicated to advancing a certain agenda. The idea that a cabal of unelected officials is making decisions with no respect to the will of the American people is a scary thought, but the evidence is there. And the scariest thing is that they are seeing an unthinkable amount of success working against our president.

How Did it Start and to Whom do They Answer?


Barack Obama Image from

Make no mistake, there is no mystery as to who the Deep State works for. The Deep State really started to form in 2009, during the first term of President Barack Obama. The very nature of the Deep State itself is that it is composed of officials appointed by Barack Obama and the people they hired within multiple government agencies. As such, there is no question that the Deep State serves the political agenda of the Democratic Party, and they are willing to go as far as undermining our Republic and committing criminal acts to make sure the ill-gotten gains of the past 8 years are not undone. This includes the dismantling of their own power structure within the government agencies. The Deep State has operated with very little opposition for the past 8 years, and so like roaches that can survive a nuclear apocalypse, they are very hard to uproot.


George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

So how can I pinpoint when the Deep State was formed with such certainty? That is quite simple, looking at the 2 previous administrations as well as the current administration, one can observe the differences in resistance to the executive office’s agenda. During the Administration of George Bush, he faced average resistance, however he was able to operate a functional government and at no time were whole agencies working against him. This is typical of a presidential administration, Bush had individuals within those agencies go rouge but never an entire agency. During Barack Obamas Presidency however he did not have any agencies work against him, however they were too cooperative and acted as his cronies to attack political opposition. This is not normal at all for a Presidential Administration and it constitutes a severe breach of ethics that borders on criminal behavior. Finally, during the Trump Administration, we see whole agencies leaking partial information designed to damage the president, engaging in wasteful and clearly partisan investigations against the president, colluding against the president, dereliction of duty, all things that are so totally abnormal.

State of Unintelligence


Intelligence Agencies have done a huge amount of dirty work for the Deep State.

As I mentioned before the culprits are political appointees and those hired by them, and nowhere is the behavior more brazen and more dangerous than in the intelligence communities. This first became apparent in February when reports came out that along with agents leaking information to damage the president, Intelligence agencies like the CIA were actually withholding intelligence information from President Trump. The next scandal to arise involved the fact that intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration illegally acquired FISA warrants to wiretap the phones of Trump’s Associates, using a widely discredited dossier which was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. What is really scandalous to me is that figures like FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who knew about this and lied under oath about it are still allowed to hold onto their positions*. Even chronically dishonest Chuck Schumer Puppet James Comey was fired for his corruption.


Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had exchanged a huge volume of text messages expressing their hatred of Trump before and during their involvement in the farcical Russian Collusion investigation. -Image from

Another big scandal involving the Deep State ridden FBI also involves the fraudulent Russia Investigation and the inadequate Clinton Email Investigation. FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who had both worked on Robert Mullers Russia Probe were found to have expressed a clear bias against Donald Trump in messages found on their FBI Mobile Devices. This beautiful scandal has blossomed like a Bloomin Onion at Outback Steakhouse, with missing texts which were mysteriously recovered when the heat was put on the FBI. Some choice material within those texts were not just plain anti-Trump talk but also talk of a secret society to take Trump down after the election and efforts to hamper the Clinton Email investigation. Of course, predictably the Alt-Left Media continues to poo-poo the investigations and the accusations even as it blows up in their face.

Ministry of Love


Derrick Watson was appointed to the Federal Bench by Barack Obama.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece about fascism “1984”, there was a so-called “Ministry of Love” that was supposed to deal out justice but instead furthered the corrupt machinations of “Big Brother”. During his 8 years in office, Obama through a series of judicial and departmental appointments managed to turn our judicial system, including the DOJ, into the Democrats own private Ministry of Love. Even now that rot exists, especially in the corrupt 9th Circut of the federal courts which have routinely tried to prevent the Trump Administration’s agenda with a series of rulings that ignored the laws of this country and served only the politics of this countries political left. Take for example the case of judge Derrick Watson, a political appointee from the Obama Regime who ruled against the Trump Travel ban 3 times based off of cases with a flimsy pretext, and has been overruled by the Supreme Court every time an appeal made it to their desk. Even after having his ruling overturned by the Supreme Court the first time, Judge Watson tried to effectively invalidate the Supreme Courts decision by presenting an opportunistic interpretation of the language of their ruling, an interpretation which also got overturned.


Robert Muller was appointed to be the supposedly impartial Special Counsel into allegations of Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, however, his probe has only lead to a scandal surrounding his own actions.

Next, of course, we have the phony Russian Collusion probe headed by Robert Muller, a hardcore leftist and longtime friend of James Comey. From the start of this farce, he has shown that he never intended to perform an impartial probe, opting to appoint a cavalcade of far left anti-trump judges and lawyers to his investigation team. He has also violated normal courtesies afforded to a cooperative suspect when he ordered an early morning armed raid on Paul Manaforts home where agents manhandled him and his wife, a clear attempt at intimidation. And of course, it doesn’t help that the only indictments he has filed so far are against Trump aids and their associates for alleged crimes that have no connection to the 2016 election, prompting one of them to file a lawsuit against Mueller and the DOJ. Luckily this corrupt behavior will hopefully result not just in Mueller’s Probe being ended as well as his own prosecution, we may even see other officials who have lied or contributed to the corruption going down with Mueller.

Goebbels Wet Dream


The Mainstream media has managed to become a running joke.

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own will.” When Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said this I am sure he never dreamed it would apply so well to the American Mainstream Media. Then again, due to how ridiculous they are he may have been a bit dismayed that they have undertaken the task of being the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democratic Party in such a crude manner. After all, there is no way to effectively push propaganda when your headlines revolve around how many scoops of ice cream somebody gets. When you peddle stuff like that as well as easily debunked lies, well you just aren’t peddling effective propaganda to the masses.


Most “Mainstream Media” Outlets colluded with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election

Of course, thanks to the WikiLeaks dump of the DNC and podesta emails, only the most willfully ignorant can pretend that they are impartial agents of truth. Thanks to the WikiLeaks dumps of the DNC and Podesta emails, we know for a fact that the DNC and Hillary colluded with the Media in an inappropriate manner. Thanks to Julian Assange, we now know who colluded with the Clintons and what networks they were a part of, but sadly we also have reason never to trust the mainstream media again. Notable outlets and publications, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Hill, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CNN, these supposed trustworthy scoursed were in direct contact with the Clinton Campaign to ensure coverage of her was positive and even to coordinate stories. In addition to them were biased Alt-Left outlets like The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vox, Buzzfeed, Vice, Now This, outlets only popular with the most radical leftists and which we never expected honesty from. The additional issue though is how unprecedented it is for a political campaign to direct the media during an election year about what to report and how to report it. Then again though, Democrats resorted to Fascism for the past 8 years, it was only a matter of time before they took a page from Goebbels playbook.

Not so Private Enterprise


Social Media and Tech Companies have shown an extreme left-wing bias for a long time now.

A new social trend has been to get news from social media as these sites have convenient features that show you “trending” stories from sites tailored to your preferences. At least that is what they say, in reality, though they have demonstrated a long-term and established bias against conservative ideas and voices. Websites like Facebook routinely ban and block conservative-leaning accounts that post offensive memes.  while turning a blind eye to left-leaning accounts that promote criminal activity. Instagram banned a conservative comedy group without giving any explanation of what rules they violated if they violated any at all. And along with banning Milo Yiannopolous on a flimsy pretext, Twitter also was caught suppressing a hashtag critical of Hillary Clinton.


The thought that information or things like your phone can be used to try and manipulate your opinion is terrifying.

Other tech giants have been demonstrably biased, and this should really scare us as these tech giants I mention produce the software for that phone you are likely reading this on. One example is apple, in 2016 they rejected a game poking fun at Hillary Clinton despite having an overwhelming number of Anti-Trump games. Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant has been making rounds in the news lately as it was discovered the AI is programmed with a pro-leftist political agenda. What alarms me most is the behavior of Google, the worlds largest search engine was caught burying search suggestions critical of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Google is also currently facing a lawsuit from 2 former employees for wrongful termination, in which details highlighting googles systematic discrimination against heterosexuals, whites, men, and conservatives have come to light.

Pervers de Noblesse Oblige


Billionaire and Former Nazi George Soros

Among the outlying Deep State actors are a group of extremely rich people telling poor people what is best for them cause they are their allies and other rich people are the enemies. Shady and possibly Faustian Power Broker George Soros is a prime example. Known for his funding of the criminal “Community Activism” group A.C.O.R.N. which engaged in numerous criminal acts, he has an extensive resume of trying to influence politics worldwide. Of recent interest, he has also been caught giving funding to an ANTIFA domestic terrorist group. The DOJ is now investigating this as well and hopefully, this will lead to an indictment against Soros. He was also one of the largest campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential run.


Artist Moby Lectured the Electoral College on decency. He is one to talk right?

Soros is not the only Billionaire putting his pen in the Deep State ink, a prominent sufferer of TDS Tom Steyer has dumped millions of dollars into an ad campaign calling for Trumps Impeachment. The impeachable offense he invokes is Treason, the Treasonous act of pulling out of the Paris Climate accord which asked our country to take a hit to our economy while leaving the worlds highest polluters to go on with business as usual. Speaking of TDS, remember how a bunch of celebrities who donated millions to Clinton pleaded for Republican members of the Electoral College to ignore the choice of the people they are supposed to represent? Luckily America is sick of their hypocrisy though, especially considering their seedy underworld of rapists and perverts they shelter. The damage they have done though is innumerable as for decades they have been putting their money behind corrupt politicians and acting as mouthpieces for the agenda of the American left wing. If there were ideological diversity in Hollywood this would be a different matter entirely. Sadly this is not the case, Hollywood Conservatives often face rejection and blacklisting from the “open” and “tolerant” Hollywood Left.

How do These Dots Connect?


The Deep State Runs Deep within the DC Beltway

Believe it or not, while some of these are seemingly unrelated they are connected in one way or another. From top to bottom, The rich fund the politicians who appoint the officials who work against the opposition while the media ignores the scandals and the famous instruct the masses what to think and the tech companies control the flow of information. I know it sounds convoluted. To simplify it, all of these things are connected to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the root of the Deep State, because as you will notice all of the actions of the Deep State benefit them from the Uranium One Deal to the bogus Russian Collusion Probe.


Thanks to their hypocritical bullshit along with greater awareness, younger people have begun to reject the Democratic Party which created the deep state more and more.

How do we fix the Problem? Well first would be to purge the Government agencies of Obama Era Appointees, the elements within the government are the only part of the deep state that poses an actual threat and ties it all together. But as Mr. F.L.A.G. covered in his piece about political appointee’s, this is very hard to do. Since the Democratic Party is the real problem and since they have engaged in criminal behavior with criminal elements, a Federal RICO case resulting in arrests and their dismantlement would work. This would also take care of Deep State elements in other area’s I mentioned if they are found to have knowingly contributed to criminal behavior. The best part of this is that it does not really harm our Democracy, another party like the Green Party or Libertarians can fill in that political void. But this is all a moot point as we are a long way off before any solution is possible, but the good news is that it looks like we are winning the battle.

Why Democrats hate the Electoral College (Or any system to ensure Electoral Integrity)

Since my piece on the Electoral College has been such a smashing success I have decided to do this fun follow up, expanding upon my criticisms of efforts to undermine our electoral system and specifically targeting the people who try. And those people are of course the members of the Democratic Party. Now it is true that sometimes Republicans screw up the system too, and I will be sure to point out what crimes they are both guilty of, but Democrats are by far the worst offenders. From calling common sense policies racist to outright fraud, Democrats have waged an all-out war on the integrity of elections to keep themselves in power and to maintain their fiefdoms. And of course all the while they deny there is any problem with our electoral system, well except the parts that are actually working. So let’s explore the cheap tricks and assaults on our freedom by the Democrats.

Night of the Living Dead (Voters)


Dead Voting has been a long-standing tradition for the Democratic Party

A time-honored tradition by Democrats has been to practice Necromancy on Election Days. By that, I mean there is a long-standing tradition of a type of Voter Fraud where Democrats cast Votes under the names of dead people who are still on the Voter Rolls. It has lead to the results of elections being overturned in municipalities as big as a whole state or as small as a city. Of course, this is something Democrats vehemently downplay the significance of as usual. This is extremely disgusting, not just because it undermines our democracy but also because it causes pain to the families of the deceased like the families involved in the Colorado investigation into Dead Voting.

Omar Mateen Registration

This is the Voter Registration of deceased terrorist responsible for the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

Dead Voting even happens in surefire states for Democrats. Investigations began in southern California after a local CBS affiliate uncovered deceased individuals still on the active voting rolls in Los Angeles County. On the other side of the county in Virginia, a more contentious state for Democrats, a bigger scandal unfolded involving a college student working for an organization affiliated with the Democratic Party. A JMU student by the name of Andrew Spieles was found guilty by a Virginia District Court on 18 counts of Fabricating Voter Forms. He is now facing at least 100 days in prison, however, such a short prison term is not an actual deterrent in my opinion and makes me question how serious Virginia is about combatting voter fraud in any form.

Government ID is Racist……

voter-id-things-ID-needed-voter-fraudDemocrats have always fought tooth and nail against laws to require a form of ID be shown at polling places to prevent fraud. Their usual tired out response as repeated here in this piece by longtime political rabble rousers and fake new fabricator Mother Jones, the tired old claim that Black people are too poor and stupid to get an ID. Let’s examine this statement now, shall we? What sounds more racist to you dear reader, asking for a form of ID that every legal citizen has equal access to which proves they have a legal right to vote thus protecting the significance of their vote no matter their skin color or that voter ID laws are wrong because blacks are too poor and stupid to find their local DMV and pay $20 or less to get a form of identification or drivers license? Luckily this 4-minute video by Ami Horowitz shows just how asinine and racist that claim is, of course, if you ask a Democrat they will just tell you that “The sneaky Kike just tricked those Negros into disagreeing with us”.

Illegal Voting isn’t a Problem (For Us Anyway)


Democrats have been caught encouraging Illegal Immigrants to vote in our elections

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote (But Lost the Electoral College) by at least 3 million votes. Coincidentally, studies now show there are nearly 2 million illegal residents also illegally registered to vote in our country. These are not unconnected phenomena either, Democrats have been caught time and time again not only covering up voting by illegal immigrants but even encouraging it. Former Dictator Barack Obama even gave veiled encouragement to illegal immigrants to vote in 2016. Of course, a person could be called ridiculous for implying Democrats call for amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders specifically because they want these undocumented individuals to vote Democrat. Ridiculous like a Fox.

I Voted……. Twice


Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins Sr. encouraged voters to commit fraud to elect a left-wing senator.

Back in 2014, a shocking video surfaced of Democratic Mayor Don Cravins. In this video, he is shown encouraging voters at an event to vote twice for Senator Landrieu, adding that “tomorrow we’re gonna elect Earl Taylor as D.A. so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice.” And of course, this isn’t isolated. Fox News reported last year on the voter fraud issue, most shockingly that 194 instances of double voting had been uncovered in 3 counties around the San Fransisco Bay Area. It is apparently so easy, it is as simple for them as requesting an absentee ballot, sending it in, and then going into a physical polling place and voting again. There have also been incidents of double voting where an individual is registered to vote in 2 states. This actually happened in my state with hilarious results in my opinion.

Eat’in Ain’t Cheatin (And Other Bought Votes)


Former State Delegate and current Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Here is a fun/infuriating story. In Baltimore’s 2016 Democratic Party Mayoral primaries, an extremely bizarre incident happened that falls into the category of bought votes. In an effort to recruit campaign workers as well as voters, the Pugh Campaign was apparently giving the workers Chicken Boxes with French Fries and other assorted junk foods. They were then piled onto buses where there were bags of more junk food on the seats, and they were then taken to the early voting locations. This lovely article forgets to mention some key facts, luckily I came across these word of mouth from people working on other campaigns in those primaries. Apparently, on one of the buses used to transport voters to the polls, the potential voters found chicken boxes on their seats and they were told by a Pugh campaign worker, “Now we are going to go vote for Catherine Pugh.” Besides being a criminal act which should have resulted in Catherine Pugh being disqualified under Maryland Election Laws, in a city with a majority African American population this stunt of buying votes with chicken boxes just smacks of Racism.


Hudson Hallum was an Arkansas State rep found guilty of voter fraud in 2012

Usually, these incidents aren’t so bizarre and racially charged though, most often Democrats buy their votes with crisp green bills. Just ask young little Hudson Hallum, who in 2011 cheated his way into a special election win against John Geelan (R) and D’James Rodgers (I). Here is the funny set up, this special election was being held for the seat of Rep Fred Smith (D) who had been removed from office for Theft. Not to be outdone by his predecessor though, little Hudson here decided to undertake a long campaign of voter fraud with the help of his father and 2 campaign workers, including “helping” absentee voters fill out their ballots and buying votes with food and money. Little Hudson only got to benefit from his fraud for a year though as he was forced to plead guilty to voter fraud in 2012 and resign the seat he bought.

Ballot-a Crap


Ballot Fraud is exceedingly common, it has also become easier with the introduction of absentee ballots.

Democrats don’t just commit voter fraud against Republicans, Bernie Sanders supporters learned this the hard way in 2016 when hundreds of thousands of ballots that were suspected to be for Bernie Sanders were destroyed in a covert and Illegal shredding operation at the San Diego Registrars Office. According to some experts, the destroyed could have possibly swayed the California Results in Sanders favor. But that isn’t the only case or type of Ballot Fraud in 2016 that occurred in California, a San Pedro man checked his mail to find 80 Absentee ballots addressed to his 89-Year-Old neighbor, none of which had her name. The Elderly woman who is hard of sight and hearing was clearly a patsy for some voter fraud attempt. Meanwhile on the other side of the country in Florida’s Broward County, Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes and her employees were caught stuffing Ballot Boxes, Destroying Ballots for President Trump, and filling Absentee Ballots for Clinton. Unfortunately, after initially filing a complaint The Florida GOP dropped it after a Judge proposed a compromise where both campaign members would have a representative present to observe the handling of ballots. Despite committing a heinous act of fraud days before the election, Miss Snipes served no jail time and kept her job.

Who Benefits and How Much?



This Map shows instances of voter fraud committed by A.C.O.R.N. between 2007 – 2008

Does anybody remember A.C.O.R.N.? Well besides pimping, they also had their hands wrist deep in voter fraud through their voter registration drives. This interactive map here shows locations where A.C.O.R.N. committed their acts of fraud along with articles covering the details of the crimes. Notice anything relevant here about where these are located? Seattle, Miami, Denver, Detroit, St. Louis, these are all Liberal Strongholds that determined the outcome of governors elections, members of the state legislature, Judges. If we didnt have the Electoral College, they could have even influenced the results of presidential elections, though they may have considering the timing. What should really shock you is every one of those dots is just what is reported. There are probably thousands more unreported or uninvestigated incidents in the strongholds of the party that claims voter fraud is a myth.


So the answer to the question “Who does it benefit?” comes with the obvious answer, it benefits Democrats. Even if there wasn’t all of this evidence, you still have to ask yourself why. Why would they so vehemently deny that it happens? Why do they so aggressively fight investigations into it if they are so sure it doesn’t happen? I think you know the answer. So then we are faced with a bigger question now. How do we stop this criminal enterprise without hurting voters or trust in our Democracy?


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Final Fantasy: 30 Years, 15 Stories

I had a year to decide how I was going to celebrate this momentous occasion. Last year I covered the history and impact of Final Fantasy in “Final Fantasy: Why the Vibrant Gaming Industry We Know Could Not Exist Without It”, and this year I have been playing my ass off trying to complete various Final Fantasy games. That’s how I came up with this idea, to show the cover art for the games along with a short description of them as well as the systems you can find them on. I originally wanted to cover the whole set of stories, but it would have been too laborious and honestly been a huge spoiler. So I have adjusted my original idea to this more practical format. I hope you enjoy.

For first-timers, here is a kind of Key Legend for those of you unfamiliar with abbreviations for game systems:

(PS1 = Playstation) (PS2 = Playstation 2) (PSP = Playstation Portable) (PS3 = Playstation 3) (PS4 = Playsation 4) (PSV = Playstation Vita) (NES = Nintendo Entertainment System) (SNES = Super Nintendo Entertainment System) (GBA = GameBoy Advance) (DS = Nintendo DS) (3DS = Nintendo 3DS)


Final Fantasy



4 young Orphans discover their destiny as the Warriors of Light and embark on a quest to restore light to the 4 Elemental Crystals. Will they succeed, or will the fall to the Fiends that Guard the Crystals, or their Master?

Systems You Can Find it On: NES, MSX2, Wonder Swan Color, PS1, GBA, Mobile Phone, PSP, Wii, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, 3DS, Wii U

Significance: This was the very first Final Fantasy game, released this day (12/18/17) 30 Years ago. It saved Square from Bankruptcy and has ever since greatly influence the gaming industry. If it were not for this game, you would not be reading any of this.

Final Fantasy II


Orphans fight an aggressive Empire in an attempt to save their friend Leon. Will they save him, or are they in for a terrible surprise?

Systems You Can Find it On: NES, Wonder Swan Color, PS1, GBA, Mobile Phone, PSP, Wii, iOS, Android, 3DS, WiiU

Significance: This is the first name where characters have pre-set canonical names which you can choose to change or leave the same.

Final Fantasy III


After an Earthquake opens up a cavern, a crystal gives 4 orphans incredible powers and sends them off on an important journey. Will the 4 young travelers be able to save the world from utter darkness?

Systems You Can Find it On: NES, DS, Wii, iOS, Android, PSP, Ouya, Windows Phone, WiiU, 3DS

Significance: Final Fantasy 3 was the first game to introduce the concept of the 2 world maps, overworld and underworld. It is also the first game to have Summoning.

Final Fantasy IV

Final-Fantasy-IV-CoverWhen he begins to question the behavior of his King, the Dark Knight Cecil of Baron is stripped of his rank and sent to perform a dastardly task. Angered by what happened, Cecil embarks on a journey to stop the dark forces that caused all of this and threaten the entire world.

Systems You Can Find it On: SNES, Wonder Swan Color, GBA, DS, PS1, Wii, PSP, iOS, Android, Windows, 3DS, WiiU

Significance: Final Fantasy IV was the first Final Fantasy to introduce the Active Time Battle system to determine the order in which actions are determined. It is interesting to note this game was intended to be a release for the NES but they instead put their resources into making it a SNES Release.

Final Fantasy V

Final-Fantasy-V-CoverOn a day when the winds stop and crystals shatter, a group of Heros must band together to put a stop to the catastrophe. Will they be able to save the crystals that sustain their world and defeat the evil entity behind the catastrophe?

Systems You Can Find it On: SNES, PS1, GBA, iOS, Android, Windows, Wii, WiiU, 3DS

Significance: Final Fantasy V apparently has an OVA Sequel.

Final Fantasy VI

Final-Fantasy-VI-CoverAfter a young girl has her mind freed of an empires control by an ancient being, she embarks on a journey to prevent the repeat of a 1000-year-old catastrophe. With the help of her newfound companions, will she be able to stop the evil empire before they can unleash the power of rampaging gods?

Systems You Can Find It On: SNES, PS1, GBA, Android, iOS, Windows, Wii, WiiU, 3DS

Significance: This game had the largest cast of playable characters and also the largest selection of Espers. The last Final Fantasy on SNES.

Final Fantasy VII

Final-Fantasy-VIICloud and his companions must fight against an evil corporation to save the entire planet. But will the darkness from his past end up spelling disaster? As cities collapse and the planet cries, the heroes must overcome all obstacles before time runs out.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS1, PS4, Windows, iOS, Android

Significance: Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game in 3D, also the first Final Fantasy game on the PlayStation and the first game to use multiple disks. It had a Multi-Million Dollar budget and a staff of 100 people. Most notably, it is considered one of the best video games of all time.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final-Fantasy-VIII-CoverA group of young mercenaries is sent to stop an attack by an aggressive empire, only to find a darker threat lurking under the surface. Now the young heroes of SeeD must set out on a journey around the world and above it. The future of not just the planet, but all of time and space itself is at risk and only they can save it.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS1, Windows

Significance: Final Fantasy VIII is the first final fantasy game where summoned espers take an active role rather than just resulting in a single devastating attack. It also is the first game with 4 disks.

Final Fantasy IX

Final-Fantasy-IX-coverAfter kidnapping a princess, 16-year-old Zidane and his companions set off on a journey of epic proportions. With the fate of the entire world on their shoulders, will they be able to stop invaders from another world from taking over all of Gaia?

Systems You Can Find It On: PS1, PS4, Windows, iOS, Android

Significance: Final Fantasy IX was the last game on the PS1. Additionally, it was the last title to use ATB until Final Fantasy X-2, a misguided sequel attempt by Square. It also used ATE, or Active Time Events that allow a player to events unfolding at multiple locations. Other than that, it was pretty average.

Final Fantasy X

Final-Fantasy-X-CoverA young man torn from his own city of Zanarkand wakes up on a beach to tales of its destruction 1000 years prior. Trying to solve the mystery, he joins a young summoner and her guardians on their pilgrimage to Zanarkand. Will they be able to defeat the creature Sin and solve the mystery of his arrival?

Systems You Can Find It On: PS2, PS3, PSV, PS4

Significance: Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy game on the PS2, the first Final Fantasy game that did not have a world map, and the first 3D Final Fantasy game that did not require multiple disks. In addition, it was the first game since Final Fantasy III that did not use the ATB system, instead opting for a Conditional Turn-Based system or CTB for short. It is also the first Final Fantasy game to have a Sequel game developed for it, though that sequel was horrible. Final Fantasy X though is still my favorite game in the Final Fantasy series as well as the first Final Fantasy I ever played.

Final Fantasy XI

Final-Fantasy-XI-CoverVana’diel is a world steeped in myth and conflict. A hero must fight for his nation and stop the Shadow Lord and other threats to the world.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS2, Windows, X-Box 360

Significance: Final Fantasy XI is the first Final Fantasy to be crafted as an MMORPG. It is also the first Final Fantasy that did not have random encounter battles, opting instead to adopt a live battle system where a player can approach an enemy to start a battle or flee from the enemy to avoid one. Final Fantasy XI received 5 expansions and 16 of the original servers are still active today. It has received mixed reviews from critics, though fans have been more critical of some aspects of the game that seem forced or phony.

Final Fantasy XII

Final-Fantasy-XII-coverAfter a young street urchin tries to rob treasure from the palace treasury of Dalmasca, he embarks on a journey to stop a tyrannical empire. Will he and his companions be able to stop the fires of war or the entities that weave fate?

Systems You Can Find It On: PS2, PS4

Significance: Final Fantasy XII is the first non-MMO entry to the Final Fantasy series to use the ADB, or Active Dimension Battle system. It also introduces the “Gambit System” to determine the behavior of other party members when engaging enemies in battle. It is the last Final Fantasy mainline title for the PS2.

Final Fantasy XIII

wht_PS3_keyart_22_r04-80.inddAfter fleeing from a Purge in a town within the artificial sphere of Cocoon, Lightning and her friends meet her sister at the fal’Cie Anima and are branded l’Cie. Now they must embark on a journey to complete their Focus and in turn, save Pulse and Cocoon.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

Significance: Final Fantasy XIII is the first Final Fantasy game on the PS3 and has 3 sequels. It adopts a hybrid of the ADB and the ATB, players can run from or approach an enemy, however if they encounter the enemy the game transitions to a different battle screen that utilizes the ATB. Rather than using traditional jobs, the game utilizes a Paradigm system to determine skill sets such as magic.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final-Fantasy-XIV-coverAfter having a strange dream on the way to a city, the Hero must work with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to save Eorzea and live up to the legacy of the Legendary Warriors of Light.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS3, PS4, Windows, OS X

Significance: Final Fantasy XIV is the second MMORPG from the Final Fantasy series. Facing major flaws and angry fans, the original servers were scrapped and shut down after a major redesign, and the game was relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In its new format and running environment, the game performed much better and was easier to facilitate as a cross-platform title.

Final Fantasy XV

Final-Fantasy-XV-coverOn his way to be wed to Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae, Prince Noctis of Lucis learns that Nifelheim has broken an armistice killing his father and taking over Lucis Capital of Insomnia. Now with the help of his close friends, Noctis must travel to the corners of Eos and recover the ancestral relics of the Lucii to stop the evil empire of Nifelheim and the apocalyptic Star Scourge.

Systems You Can Find It On: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft

Significance: Final Fantasy XV is the most realistic Final Fantasy game to date, the most like everyday life in many ways. It utilizes the Active Cross Battle system, or ACB for short. It is also the closest release to this, the 30th Anniversary of the original 1987 game. With its HD Graphics and lush environments, it looks to be a tour de force for the senses.


Now for some Fan Service before my Closing.


I’m sorry, he is just so fucking hot I couldn’t help myself. ❤ Thanks to noctella1427 on Devian Art for this smoking hot pic. XD


In 30 years, this is what Final Fantasy has become. Along with these mainline games, there are many sequels, side stories, and spinoffs associated with this series. This game changes with the world and continues to tell breathtaking and heartbreaking stories. These are stories worth experiencing, stories I want to share with my baby siblings and maybe eventually one day with my children. This is the sum of a great legacy started 30 years ago from the date this post will be published on. In another 30 years, we can only imagine what it will be like. Certainly though, this is a series that has changed the gaming industry, as well as changed the lives of so many people who have played it. So happy birthday Final Fantasy, you are truly one of the masterworks of our society, a masterpiece of music, art, and storytelling.

To 30 More Years!!

Removing Their Fangs: A Thought Exercise on how Conservatives can Turn the Tide of the Culture Wars


A Typical “Tolerant” Democrat teaching us about what real bigotry looks like.

Ironically this article was inspired by a smug article from a liberal rag called The Atlantic, which I sadly have no link to. The article basically made the argument that liberals should stop resorting to using the term bigot or any or its variations cause they are winning the culture war and they are always right, and using these terms only alienates us woefully left behind conservatives and prevents us from reaching their supposed pinnacle of excellence. In short, it was a delusional piece meant to both strokes their own ego while simultaneously trying to stop the damage caused by one of their more moronic tactics. Moronic and delusional as it was though, there were some hard truths in it that one could reflect upon. The major one being that even though we have facts and rationality on our side, Liberals are winning the cultural war.


Brendan Eich was CEO of Mozilla till he was ousted for donating to a charity that supports traditional marriage.

Shocking Right? Some of you will argue with me that Trump in the Whitehouse is evidence that we are turning things around, our win last November though is important but also empty. We now control the government, but liberals control our media, our schools and colleges, our corporate culture, and have too huge an influence in our courts and in the UN. We are still losing the culture war so long as even an accusation of bigotry for having a viewpoint liberals don’t approve of can cost you your career, as long as Left Wing nutjobs can cherry pick the news and spin events to fit their narrative, so long as renegade judges can halt bills and presidential orders by issuing injunctions motivated by their political views and not the interests of the law, and so long as they can tell our children any lie they want and frame it as an essential fact. In 50 years, they have drilled their roots so deep that it will be exceedingly hard, though not impossible, to cut down their poison tree.

Identifying the Problem.


Liberals use emotional Ad Hominem arguments to silence people they don’t agree with.

The biggest problem we face is a disparity in tactics. Liberals have no decency, have no tact, and resort to emotional arguments rather than logic. The number one problem we face is their go-to tactic, whenever they are on the losing side of an argument they will resort to ad hominem attacks such as calling their opponent bigoted or some variation thereof. Now, this is partially losing its steam, however, there is an observable tendency of conservatives to be less open about their political beliefs for fear of facing reprisals and/or being called racist. Why is this a problem though? I mean “Sticks and Stones” right? Well as I pointed out earlier, liberals have managed to weasel their way into dominating Higher Education and Corporate Culture through lies and money, so simply being labelled one of these things even arbitrarily can result in being fired or being failed by a teacher.


Lindsey Graham is one of the Sanctimonious “Never Trump”ers who would rather see the country and the Republican Party go to ruin than respect the President and support his agenda.

Another problem is the moral righteousness and timidity of conservatives. Now I use moral righteousness as a pretty relative term, what I mean by this is that conservatives are so intent on maintaining the perceived moral high ground and do not practice the same cognitive dissonance that allows liberals to call themselves tolerant and yet act in a bigoted manner towards people with differing views. A clear example of this contrast is attitudes about their values. If you discuss the 2nd Amendment with a conservative, he will support 2nd Amendment rights for anybody regardless of their political beliefs or race. If you have a similar discussion with a Liberal about the 1st Amendment they will at one moment tout its importance and in the next moment claim it should not apply to Christian Business owners or to people who voice opinions they view as hateful, and it is this very appeal to the least virtuous qualities of human nature that give them an edge. Additionally, Conservatives are timider, they have a respect for authority and are less likely to vocally and aggressively stand up for themselves. Liberals, by contrast, have no respect for any authority that does not fit their exact views, they are more likely to loudly stand up for themselves, resort to violence, and even go as far as harassing anybody committing a perceived injustice.

How did it get this bad?

severed head

A major problem Republicans need to get over is that acting with decency towards an indecent opponent will end in defeat for the Conservative Movement.

As stated above, the problem is essential that conservatives are more proper and honest, while liberals are the anything-goes type. People sadly gravitate towards anything-goes. Over the past 50 years, Liberals have been on a no holds barred attack on conservatives and their achievements, most notably fabricating a falsehood attributing the achievements of the conservatives to themselves while diverting responsibility for their malicious actions onto conservatives. In that 50 Years, conservatives have been largely on the defensive, relying on the confidence invested in them during the Cold War and staying honest and decent. The “honest” is fine, the problem is the “decent”. By no means am I suggesting we sink anywhere near their level, but at the same time it is staying on so high a horse that has led to our utter defeat.


In the past, we have signed away key rights by trying to compromise with Democrats, such as the 1994 Assault Weapon ban we see here being signed by Bill Clinton.

Another problem that contributed to this is compromise. Usually, compromise is a good thing, but conservatives should have never ever tried to compromise with liberals. The reason is simple, if you compromise with someone who wants all or nothing, they will take away your everything before you know it. Our current state of gun regulation is evidence of this, some of it is essential but many of the things we compromised on such as automatic weapons and clip capacities have opened the door for more demands and even irrational policies like the 1994 Federal Assult Weapons Ban. For those of you unfamiliar with the act, it deemed many cosmetic features of certain firearms to constitute an assault weapon based on the perceptions of senators and activists rather than any fact-based assessment by experts.

How do we Fight em?

The solution to combatting all this is simple, all of us conservatives need to collectively get off of our High Horses!! There are many ways to fight them back that are so simple and are not objectively immoral. Many of these are impolite, but it is a far cry better than letting the impolite and inscrutable run society. These are some of the simple steps I suggest:

  • Be Brutally Honest


    At this point, humiliating Liberals is the only way to save our country.

    Conventional Right Wing orthodoxy promotes the idea of certain manners, like “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” In the past, some conservatives have been selective about when to apply this and for all the wrong reasons. We need to throw this orthodoxy out of the window entirely for the right reasons!! LEAVE NOTHING UNCHALLENGED! Any lie, any fallacy, any point of ignorance, call them out on it. Make it loud and observable. Cite facts. Crush them and overwhelm them with the Truth!!


  • Do Not Back Down
    The power liberals have always held is the power of irreverence outrage. Anytime they don’t get their way there are protests, lawsuits, tirades. They used it to push their evil agenda, we can use it for good though. Don’t just silently back down next time your liberal teacher shows bias in the classroom! Make a stink, sue the school. If your boss tries to fire you because he doesn’t like your opinion, sue him for everything he has got! Get a conservative advocacy group on your side and take away the most essential thing, his business holdings. When a company or celebrity makes an ignorant remark about conservatives or tells a lie to further a left-wing agenda, Boycott them or their product! And don’t stop after an apology, let them know an empty apology is not enough. And I cannot stress enough, only do these things when there is a Legitimate reason. We don’t want to become snowflakes like the left, the entire reason to do this is to make a singular effort to remove liberals influence.


  • Turn their Game Against them


    When Ben Carson ran for President as a Republican, he was called so many different names and racial slurs by the left.

    Liberals like to call people racist to shut others down because they know it works. It can be even more effective against them. Call them and their beliefs Bigoted, Racist, Sexist, and back it up with facts. When they try to lie or make excuses based off of lies, call them out on it and repeat the accusation. Why can we get away with this? Review my initial remark, “Back it up with facts.” In short, only do this if you can factually prove there is some bigoted aspect of their remark or belief. An easy example, if they brag about being a Democrat you call them racist. Back it up with the facts surrounding the Democratic Parties Racist History. They will try to throw the Party Switch lie at you. Don’t let it stand, lay down more facts disproving the lie and use the lie as confirmation of their racism. This serves a 3-fold purpose. The first aspect is that it drives them more insane and huts them with an unimaginable emotional agony, which will likely leave them speechless or provoke them into a further display of their ignorance. The next aspect is that by using facts, you turn people against them, and it is especially important to turn people against them with the truth. Last but most important, the effect it has to chill conservative speech will apply to liberals as well. By chilling their speech, we cut out their ignorant charisma that makes them popular with impressionable people


  • Make Yourself Present


    With Liberals using Universities as centres for indoctrination, it is now more important than ever for us to have College Republican groups to push back against the intellectual Hegemony

    Many conservatives are rethinking the value of Colleges. DON’T! If anything we need MORE Conservative students in College. We need more Conservatives in the teaching profession and on school boards. We need to run for every political seat that comes up and be loud. We definitely need more Conservative Advocacy groups like F.I.R.E. The point is that liberals have stuck their noses everywhere from schools to media, to even comic books. We need to spread out everywhere, be loud, and take it back from them.


  • Reach out to the Youth
    Liberals are indoctrinating them as young as possible, hell apparently in New York they teach the Party Switch to lie in school as if it were a fact. And that is creepy since we are letting them shape our kid’s minds considering the left wing propensity to being sexual predators. We need to get in there and start teaching as soon as middle school. And I do not simply mean as school teachers. School Assemblies, After School Programs, both educational and fun. Yes, even a sports team is good. We need to not only teach them what we believe, we need to defy the left wing boogeyman stories and show them what kind of people we are.


  • Don’t Close Any Doors


    Many “Traditional” Conservatives reject Milo Yiannopoulos. Some say it is because of his Firebrand behaviour, however, it is quite likely they reject him for being Homosexual.

    This last one should not need to be said, but sadly it is. There is a problem in the Conservative Community, consciously or unconsciously we exclude groups of people, especially the ones the Democrats exploit. Don’t get me wrong, by no means should we change our stances just to gain votes. When I talk about exclusion problems, I refer to the fact that we exclude conservatives who are already on board for who they are or because they have new ideas. I have felt many times that my thoughts have been brushed off by my states GOP because I am a gay conservative, and even though there are plenty of Black Conservatives we do not see as many as we should even at the local governmental level. Black, Gay, Straight, White, Latino, as long as they are conservatives and legal citizens we should let them in, hear their ideas, and if they obviously qualified for it, encourage them to run for office. Left Wingers claim they are tokens, that is just proof of their bigotry and possibly an attempt to discourage you to run us. But there are a lot of us out there, and as long as we share actual conservative policy beliefs then we should be welcomed. This also serves to help us turn their game against them.

Is there any hope at this point?


Gen-Z may be the Saving Grace of the nation as well as the Republican Party. Politically, Gen-Z can most closely be aligned with Moderate Republicans, rejecting the insane far left politics of the Democratic Party.

For sure there is, though I am not going to lie to you, it is fainter every day. Europe may be totally lost to use and the EU has effectively indoctrinated the youth over there. I may actually write a piece about that at a later time. In the US there is some hope though. Most likely because of the failed policies of the Obama Regime, Generation Z is poised to be the most conservative generation before the Baby Boomers. They are Fiscally Conservative, Slightly more Liberal socially, but hold things like marriage and religious faith with higher importance than other generations. That in itself is heartwarming, a few years back I had an honest fear that democracy might need to die before Millenials are allowed to hold power as they would destroy the country or even the world. Now, that fear has long since passed with these reassuring developments.

We still have a long way to go. We cannot get lax, we need to make sure that youth stay more informed and teach them the downfalls to emotional thinking. We need to actively reach out hard to Gen Z and invest in them and new ideas they might bring. Our future really is in the youth of this country and teaching them the hypocrisy and evil behaviour of the American Left. The bottom line though is, we need to strike while the Iron is hot and win by overwhelming the enemy, the American Left.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (0153)


13 Year Old Uso Ewin is one of the youngest Gundam Protagonists.

In UC 0153 a new threat has reached its fever point as the forces of the Zanscare Empire declare their right to dominion over the entire Earthsphere. A massive conflict is about to break out, but 13-year-old Uso Ewin is unaware of any of this. Leading a carefree life in Kasarelia with his friend Shakti, Uso spends his days riding around with his hang gliding and writing his friend Katejina whom he secretly has a crush on. This innocent life quickly comes to an end though when the Zanscare Empire attacks the town of Woowig where Katejina lives. Uso is thrust into the conflict and forced to pilot the Leauge Militaire’s new Mobile Suit, the LM312V04 Victory Gundam.


The LM312V04 Victory Gundam

With the help of the Leauge Militaire’s Shrike Team, Uso must fight to prevent the Zanscare Empire from taking over the Earth Sphere. Can they win without the help of the Earth Federation Forces which are trying to avoid war? Will Uso be able to fight Katejina who has now joined the BESPA forces as a mobile suit pilot? And will Uso find his parents as he travels amongst the stars to fight the Zanscare Empire? It all unfolds in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam!!


Victory Gundam was considerably darker than previous Gundam Series directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino

So this is our final installment in my short series about the UC as it is also the last anime done in the Late UC so far. It is also my favorite series set in the UC to be honest, though most it has mostly received critical reviews even from its own creator. Apparently, Tomino was depressed when he wrote Victory Gundam, so as a result there was a higher casualty rate among the main cast members. Tomino has reiterated his own disgust over his own creation in the Blue-Ray re-release of Victory Gundam which was to be paired with his 35th Anniversary work Gundam Reconguista in G. I for one think the Victory Gundam is greater than even Tomino gives it credit for, and I would be very happy if he ever reads this next part and smiles.


Uso Ewin pictures with the all-female Shrike Team. One of the good traits of the show is how Uso acts like a typical Shonen Protagonist around older women.

At the start of this article, I said that I think Victory Gundam was the best UC Series and I stand by that for good reason. It had a significant, really tangible message while also epitomizing what I really find to be the essential traits of Shonen Anime/Manga. There is the fact Uso has the typical Shonen behavior I find entertaining, he gets flustered by all kinds of women especially older women but overlooks the one girl who likes him most. These are some of the entertaining traits along with Uso’s growing awareness of the world around him and his development from a naive kid into a young man. And honestly, that is why I was not unhappy with the huge cast kill-off throughout the series. I mean it is a pretty realistic depiction of war, as the smaller force and one so virtuous it is realistic to see so many of the members die off in battle. It also leads to a beautiful ending where we see Uso continuing his innocent and peaceful life in Kasarelia, not the same as he was when he left but a wiser and more mature person.


Zanscare Officers Chronicle Asher and Katejina Loos

Indeed as a closing chapter to the UC, it provided some symmetry. Gundam began as a story of a young man thrust into a war against a tyrannical empire and it ends as one too. There are slight differences which nonetheless hold symmetry as well, for example, Mobile Suit Gundam began in the Side 7 Colonies and Victory Gundam begins in Western Europe. There are also some cosmetic similarities as well, the officer’s uniforms of the Zanscare Empire Resemble those of the Principality of Zeon. It is even rumored that Uso Ewin is supposed to be the Great Great Grandson of Char Aznabel, though the production team denies this rumor stating that it was something they considered but then decided against.

All in all, as I said, Victory Gundam was my favorite. I do not expect that to be the same for everybody else, of course, even its creator rejected it. But you should still watch it and give it a chance and I can only hope you see what I see in it. You can find it in various formats on Amazon by clicking here. I hope you watch it and enjoy the Swan Song of the Universal Century, but for now, this is the end of my series of pieces about Gundam. Maybe in the future, I will do pieces about Turn A Gundam (Correct Century, CC) or Gundam Reconguista in G (Regild Century, RG). I hope you enjoyed these.

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (0123)


The Federation Forces fight back against the Crossbone Vanguard

In the year UC 0123, Years after the completion of the Federations Frontier Side Initiative intended to be an answer to the growing population, A new threat emerges in the form of a faction calling themselves “Cosmo Babylonia”. Intent on forming their own empire, they deploy the forces of The Crossbone Vanguard to conquer and invade the Frontier Side. The unprepared Federation Forces are no match for them and quickly retreat. On the Colony Frontier IV, Seabook Arno and his friends are caught in one of these attacks, witnessing the loss of life and destruction around them. After their friend Cecily Fairchild is captured by members of the Crossbone Vanguard that claim she is the lost heir to the Ronah Family, Seabook and his friends escape on the Federation Ship Space Ark.


F91 Gundam engaged in Aerial Battle.

Little does Seabook know at the time, Space Ark is transporting an experimental Federation Mobile Suit designed by his own mother, the F91 Gundam. Forced to pilot this highly advanced Mobile Suit, will Seabook be able to stop the Crossbone Vanguard and thwart the efforts of Cosmo Babylonia? Will he be able to defeat the ace pilot and military director of the Crossbone Vanguard, Carazzo “Iron Mask” Ronah? And will he be able to fight Cecily, now calling her Berah Ronah? All this is answered in the fast-paced movie, Mobile Suit Gundam F91!!

So there is not a lot to say about this movie, but I will say as much as I can. First, in terms of significance, Mobile Suit Gundam F91 is the first addition to the UC that took place in years far separated from the One Year War. It takes place 30 Years after the events of Char’s Counter Attack, which at this time had been the latest date written into the UC timeline up until the release of F91. In this series the Mobile suits are described as smaller than the previous suits of the Universal Century, this in-universe explanation was a marketing pretext for Bandai to make smaller model kits to reduce costs. However the cost of making smaller joint pieces and tools to paint the models, Bandai abandoned this strategy and returned the mobile suits as well as the model kits to normal size by the release of Turn A Gundam.


Carozzo “Iron Mask” Ronah is the leader of Cosmo Babylonia’s military.

Gundam F91 also introduced a new antagonist in the form of the aggressive and totalitarian Cosmo Babylonia Empire. The Gundam Wiki describes Cosmo Babylonia as being “dedicated to the principles of aristocracy and noblesse oblige“, and it is noticeable they decide to honour the Babylonian Empire in their name and the imagery of their flag. Their fighting force, The Crossbone Vanguard, would go on to take the focal role in a Manga known as “Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam” which spans the years between the events of Gundam F91 and Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. It was hinted at the end of the Gundam F91 Movie that they would return with some material serving as a prequel or sequel, but such a project never came to fruition. The idea of a Crossbone Gundam Anime, however, has been popular with fans for a couple of decades now however so it is not impossible that the promise of the film will be filled in that manner one day.

As it was, I found Gundam F91 left a lot to be desired, and that “a lot” was more. It was a pretty good addition to the UC timeline (they usually all are, to be honest), but it was so brief and deserved more elaboration. A movie was just not enough to satisfy what F91 introduced us to in expanding the UC Timeline. Luckily, the film is easily obtained on Blueray from Amazon. You can get it here, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Unicorn (0096)


The only Image I could find of both Unicorn forms side by side.

In the 3 years since the 2nd Neo-Zeon War, relative peace has returned to the Earthsphere. In the peace of the Side 4 Colony named Industrial 7, young Banagher Links attends the Anaheim Industrial College. Banagher never knew his parents and pays for his schooling by cleaning up space debris, however this carefree life of general peace is about to change forever. While traveling to the Colony Builder “Snail” on a class field trip, Banagher saves a young girl who is falling. She is the princess of Zeon Mineva Lao Zabi, going by the alias Audrey Burne. Soon after this meeting, Industrial 7 becomes the scene of a battle between a group of Zeon Remnants and the Federation Force Londo Bell. In the Chaos, Banagher stumbles upon the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.


Banagher and Mineva hold the fate of the entire Earthsphere in their hands.

Forced to pilot the Gundam in an attempt to save Industrial 7, Banagher finds himself pulled into a larger conflict beyond his imagination. His fate is now tied in with Mineva’s as they criss-cross the Earthsphere solving a 96-year-old mystery. Will they be beaten to their goal by the Neo-Zeon Leader Full Frontal, known as the “2nd Coming of Char”? Will the object they find destroy the world or bring about the Federation that Ricardo Marcenas dreamed of 96 years earlier? The Universal Century is changed forever in Mobile Suit Gundam: Unicorn.


RX-0 Unicorn (NT-D Mode) vs MSN-06S Sinanju

Unicorn is like the all-important twilight years at the end of the first half of the UC calendar that bridges the gap between the real Zeon threat and the real threat of Cosmos Babylonia. It is almost like Stardust Memory in that it sets up certain plot elements leading up to Gundam F91. As a stand-alone piece as well, it is as good as The 08th MS Team in that the characters are characters you connect with quick and wish you could see more from. The Mobile Suit designs too are a good transition from the Hizacks and suits of Zeta, so it is not a huge shock unlike the jump from GM’s and Zaku’s to the suits that existed in 0087. For these reasons, I approve of it as a dynamic addition to the UC timeline, and it has been the only totally original addition since the 90’s.


The leader of Neo-Zeon, Full Frontal. Is he really Char Aznable in disguise?

The political intrigue of Unicorn was a huge appeal for me, it revealed a lot of the history of the Universal Century that has been skimmed over till this point in the narrative. The very origins of the Universal Century are finally covered and they do not disappoint as they are filled with drama and conflict from the beginning. Conflict aside though, the speech of Ricardo Marcenas inspired me greatly and I often wonder if the storyline would have been improved had it not been interrupted by the tragedy at Laplace? But as the foundation for a conspiracy goes, it was pretty great. The mystery of Full Frontal is also intriguing. At this point, we know Char Aznable has a penchant for disappearing as if he were dead and reappearing. The writers take full advantage of this and tease you as they go along by making you ask yourself “Is this Char?” or “Is this a Clone of Char?” making this character quite possibly more interesting than Char or any of his other Aliases. It is the fun kind of tease that I enjoyed.

Even though Unicorn is more recent, it was impossible for me to find the complete series in a boxed set. I know right? That sucks that they would not have something like that by now, especially considering how recently this aired. But you can piece it together here on Amazon. So go put a close to that century with a smile on your face! 🙂