Why you should NOT be voting for Democrats if you are Gay.

So it figures I would start this blog off with politics. Why not though? We are in an election year and a lot of gays and lesbians are going to make a really stupid choice because their slave masters in the Democratic Party tell them to. But that’s the tragedy because most gays and lesbians think gay conservatives are the self-hating ones. Maybe that’s because they don’t realize just how Homophobic the Democratic Party really is.

I mean at the very top we have Miss Hillary. She is the most racist and homophobic pool of scum I have seen in the 2016 race. Now she is talking big about gay rights and stuff since it’s a winning issue. How soon do we forget though that she has spoken out against gay marriage multiple times and only stated support for it when it seemed public opinion was in favor of it. She has, in fact, said she believes marriage is between one man and a woman and her husband Bill Clinton was responsible for DADT. And she just happens to be their chosen nominee.

It’s not just her, though, the whole party has a hidden homophobic attitude. I mean seemingly innocent things like saying, “No Homo” begin to look less innocent when you talk about daddy vibes or speculate on someone’s membership to the DC Gay Swim Team. What offends me most is how they believe they set the criteria for what makes someone a good gay or not. It just shows you how they view us gays as their property.

By the way lets not forget how Democrats have made Muslims right’s a higher priority than gay rights. I mean I don’t hate reasonable Muslims but as for Islam, I can’t really say I tolerate a religion that calls for killing me because of who I’m attracted to. But Democrats, of course, remain totally silent about the fact that every year in Saudi Arabia and other Sharia countries gay men and women are murdered for being gay and lesbian. They have given awards to Imams who openly advocated the execution of gay men and they even invited an openly homophobic Imam to a banquet a WEEK after the tragedy in Orlando who in the past blamed the 2004 Tsunami on gay sex. But of course, the mainstream Kool-Aid sipping gays seem to eat that right up.

To them, it’s a good idea to support the ideology that wants them dead because their Democrat overlords tell them to. People who can’t think for themselves are why gays are just slaves in the eyes of the Democrats. Maybe some of them are just uninformed. But nothing will change till we vote against them. Yes, some Republicans are openly homophobic but at least they are open about it and I have never heard them call for killing gays. And you know there aren’t only 2 choices, the Green Party is very pro-gay as is the Libertarian Party.

With all these choices there is no reason to vote Democrat. They are the worst choice in fact for gay men and women. I really want to see the power taken away from them which is why I will not check any box with a (D) next to the name on November 8th. It’s 2016, and it is high time for the party of misery that delivers hate with a smile to crumble. I hope all of you who read this are moved enough to take your vote away from these Homophobes.