Fortuna Magus

A tower once stood near the stars, invisible to mortal man.

Inside lived an immortal who embraced the solitude.

One day the goddess of fate led a man to the immortal’s door.

Recognizing the immortal’s lonliness, the kind man befriended him, and visited him often.

In time the immortal’s frozen heart began to thaw.

But the man betrayed the immortal, wounding him deeply.

Steeped in sorrow, the immortal vanished along with the tower.

The tears he cried formed a mighty river that now separates the two.

Such a pretty poem and when you start playing this surprisingly addictive game it’s accompanied by a sweet music box tune. It’s an enigmatic start to what is an excellent game in the touch screen format that can he found in the Google Play store. Fortuna Magus is a story of family, heartbreak, smiles and tears. I first came across this game in 2014 as a suggestion from Google Play. Little did I know how fond I would become of this game nor did I realize it would be a gateway into a whole new format for JRPGs.

The story takes place in the fantasy land of Luxia and follows the story of two orphans. Amane and Tia lived happily with their sister Lill and father Kailius till 10 years ago when Kailius disappeared after a mysterious mark appeared on his arm. 7 years later Lill also disappears to search for Kalius. Around this time an incident occurs that shakes Luxia to its roots, certain people gain magic powers. These people are dubbed Magus and by Decree of King Kaswell all Magus are considered dangerous and are to be executed.

Despite all of the chaos in the world around them and their own personal loss, Amane and Tia live relatively peaceful lives in the peaceful Village of Raydif. Then one day a mysterious man shows up at their door with the same mysterious mark on his arm as their Father Kailius. His name is Rett, he is a Magus and after meeting him Amane and Tia’s lives will never be the same. Now on the run as fugitives, the siblings soon learn actual truth about the Magus. Accompanied by Tia, Rett, and later joined by Mitoshiro and Oliviet; Amane must embrace his fate and fight the immortal Rad’ie.

Will their journey end in Triumph or Tears? All of it will be revealed in the Fortuna Magus.

So this is one of the few games I have few or no issues with. The only thing I can criticize is that it’s too short. 😀

The JRPG format is one of my favorites as is the turn based play aspect of it and none of it has been sacrificed for this game!! Seriously, Kemco did a really good job with this one. The turn-based battle system is simple to master and the variety of spells and moves are enjoyable. The special moves have nice cinematics and deal tons of damage. I also enjoy the random moments of the game where you go to use a skill and immediately after you learn a new move and immediately use it resulting in two or more chain attacks on your opponent. (there was a similar mechanic in Romancing Sa-Ga 3)

By the end of the game, you will be able to play with 5 playable characters with various skills including a healer and 2 elemental magic users. The NPCs are also pretty well done including boss monsters. And the antagonist Rad’ie is a real piece of work. Have you ever seen a villain so egotistical……

Or deranged looking?

And as boss monsters go I nominate his alternate form for the ugliest boss of the Century.

Along with the amazing characters, there are also amazing towns and dungeons in this game. In fact, I have to admit the scenery of this game is a bit better than the work done on some other Kemco RPGs for the Android Device.

Add in the fact that there are two endings and you have a pretty good game. Maybe the game is short but you’ll spend plenty of hours possibly figuring out how to unlock the good ending. (assuming you unlocked the unhappy ending the first.)

After unlocking both the good and the bad endings you also get an opportunity to take a crack at the monster arena. It is pretty fun and if you finish off one of the monsters (which are final boss level tough by the way) in a certain amount of turns you get super strong items and can even level those up to make them stronger!!

All in all, it’s a pretty good game. Sadly this is not one of the free games Kemco produces. It is however relatively cheap. While originally 7.99 (USD) apparently they dropped the price to 3.99 (USD). It’s pretty good and you can find the amazing heart-wrenching story of Fortuna Magus on the Google Play Store. It’s worth the 4 bucks.

Happy gaming!!! 🙂


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