Let’s Talk about how the Democrats are “Tolerant”

Now, what prompted this article was a run-in I had last Monday, September 5th at a 7-11 while I was waiting for my food. I was having a conversation with my father on the phone and what had started off with a conversation about backpacking had slowly drifted into a conversation about politics. Now my father had told me that I should probably vote for Trump and I told him I probably would since Hillary is a lying racist homophobe and that although Trump is a braying prolapsed anus I would rather see him in the white house rather than Hillary. Suddenly an older man started yelling at me, calling me a liar and trying to pull me into a political debate. This was the rudest thing ever, to butt into a total stranger’s phone conversation and start screaming at them because they said something they didn’t like to another total stranger. I told him as much. He still continued to mouth off at me about being a Republican and stuff so I tore into him telling him that while Trump is a prolapsed anus at least he isn’t a criminal like Hillary and pointed out to him that I’m a Libertarian. His only response to this was “young people like you don’t know what you are talking about.”

That’s how Democrats debate, though, they lack an intellectual defense of their views or actions so they resort to the typical weapons. When debating Democrats can only resort to screaming louder than the other person, attacking their character, and almost always to physical violence like former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click. But that’s all they can do because there is no rational justification for what they believe. Stupid intolerant people can only resort to stupid behavior to express what they believe. These behaviors only show that most Democrats are just that, Stupid people through and through except for a few exceptions. I mean there are a few ones who are sweet, intelligent, rational but hopeless idealists or who are grossly misinformed.

Most Democrats, however, display a huge amount of cognitive dissonance. Take for example this composite of a statement I have heard many Democrats say on TV and in the streets, “All southerners are ignorant bigoted xenophobes and we would all be better off if they just went away.” The funny thing, though, saying that makes THEM ignorant, bigoted Xenophobes by definition!! But in their mind, there is no fault with what they just said. But can we expect any less? After all the Democrats are the party of self-righteous hate since the start.

For those of you don’t know it, here are the highlights in the History of the Democratic Party. It was founded by Jefferson Davis who would later become the president of the confederacy and preached the message primarily that Blacks were simply property. After the staggering loss of the Confederacy at the hands of the Union the Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan, more notoriously known as the KKK. Besides being guilty of terrible spelling, this group was responsible for the deaths of many African Americas and other hate crimes. Even today by tradition the head of the DNC is also supposed to be head of the KKK though I’m not 100% sure if this is still true. I would not be surprised though.

Later on, the Democrats unanimously voted against the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery and the 14th Amendment which guaranteed equal protection under constitutional law. They were fortunately beaten both times by a Republican Party which was in much better shape than the party we see today. However in response to this Democrats stepped up their terror and intimidation with the KKK. They also passed what we know today as Jim Crow Laws that segregated African-Americans from Caucasian Americans. This went on until Federal Courts stepped in. This is a legal gray area, to be honest, but it was undebatably a moral decision on the part of the courts.

During World War II the Democrats under Truman committed more atrocities. First was an attack on an unarmed Japanese freighter. Then they choose to unlawfully inter every Japanese American based on their race or religion. Finally at the end of the war when the Japanese were preparing to surrender to Russia after massive losses in the north, Truman who made bold demands he was now in no position to fill if the Japanese surrendered gave the order to drop atomic weapons on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both of these cities were mostly populated with non-combatants. Hiroshima, in fact, was only home to a prison camp, most of the people who lived and worked there were innocent farmers just trying to make a living. They died as well as many American POWs in the camp there.

The second half of the century was no better. In the 60’s Lyndon B Johnson in an attempt to steal the African-American vote from the Republicans formulated his new society. In his exact words, he believed, “These Negros, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.” When speaking of the welfare system he said, “I’ll have those n****rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Johnson intended the welfare system to be a means by which he and other Democrats could keep African-Americans as slaves in some way shape or form. Sadly this seems to have largely worked. Democrats do still have the “Black Vote” as they have dubbed it.

Finally in the 90’s Bill Clinton passed his “Zero Tolerance” policies. This was essentially a policy meant to incarcerate large numbers of young black men on frivolous charges. Democrats have also fought as hard as they could to limit the second amendment. They claim it’s for public safety but the reality is that the intention is to disarm black people. And of course, gays and Hispanics are just the token votes to Democrats, if either group stops benefiting them Democrats will turn on them in a heartbeat.

So you see by its very history and by the continuing actions of the party it is clear tolerance is the last thing in the minds of Democrats. In fact, the Democrats are the party of intolerance. They only act in their own self-interests to gain power. The Democratic Party is really more of a criminal enterprise than a political party. In the face of all this then, how is it they can still claim they are tolerant with a straight face?