The KKK and Antifa: They are The Same Goddamn Thing

So recently in the latest display of ignorance and cognitive dissonance from the left, the bigots have once again donned their masks to terrorize people who think differently from them. I speak of course about the ironically named “Antifa” or Anti-Fascists. They combat Fascism (anything other people believe that they don’t agree with) with righteous violent backlash (Fascist attempts to silence dissenting opinion with violence and criminal acts). HI-larious right? Well not really, since they attack people they know will not fight back, IE young women, the elderly, college students.

What is really funny is that this is the Democratic Parties new KKK. Yes indeed, they have once again in the face of total loss decided to resort once again to using small violent groups to terrorize the people responsible for their downfall. In 1865 the people they targeted were African-Americans out of bitterness for the Democrats loss in the Civil War. Now in 2017, their targets are Libertarians, Republicans, and a few far-right extremists (though Antifa seems to be afraid to engage them when they are in large groups) all of whom are responsible for the Democrats loss in the 2016 election. What is funny is how a lot of people haven’t made the connection about why Antifa is so similar to the Klan. Then again these are the same people who think they aren’t fascists even though they are the ones who use violence to silence people they disagree with. It is sad really.

But Anyway, here is the good ole compare and contrast on these two shithead groups. Read all of this to your Ultra-Liberal friends and see what piss poor excuse they use to explain this stuff away.


Hiding Their Faces


Antifa protester. Image from an Antifa terrorist site

Both of these groups are known for Hiding their faces. In my opinion, this is motivated by two things, they are aware their actions are socially unacceptable and criminal in their nature, and they are both groups of extremist cowards.


Ku Klux Klan members. Image from

The KKK as we all know are well-known for their white hoods, however, Antifa commits their criminal acts of fascism wearing black face masks and scarves. Not a lot of difference really other than the fact the Antifa uniform is trashy street clothing they can easily explain away if cops show up at their door.



Setting Fires and Other Terrorist Acts


Antifa Terrorist at Berkeley setting fire to a Trump supporters sign promoting free speech

Both the KKK and Antifa resort to violence and terrorist acts in order to intimidate people. For example, during the Berkley riots, Antifa was setting fire to private property in the streets. And again in the image to the left, we see an Antifa burning an opposing protestor’s sign after assaulting him to take it. Indeed arson, vandalism, assault, and disruption are what Antifa uses to spread their hate and intimidate the people that speak out against it. The people they hate by the way is anybody who doesn’t agree with their extremist left-wing ideology.


A clan member burning a cross.

This is Exactly what the KKK did as well. The Ku Klux Klan was well-known for intimidating people who disagreed with them. It is well known they would resort to cross burning. They also firebombed churches, vandalized businesses, made bomb threats and committed lynchings. To be honest I expect very soon that we will be hearing about Antifa doing the exact same thing. After all, they are the new clan.




Both Are Reactions to Democrats Losing Power


A political Cartoon from the 1800’s. It made the remark that the KKK was just the militant arm of the Confederacy/Democratic Party under a new label. Image from

The KKK was first founded as a militant wing of the Democratic Party in reaction to the Democrats bitterness and anger over losing the Civil War. It was made up of former confederate soldiers, loyalists to the Democratic Party and they directed their anger and hatred at African-Americans. It was a real shot in the chops for them that African-Americans now had their freedom thanks to the 13th Amendment and equal rights thanks to the 14th Amendment. Many Democrats these days like to pretend the Republicans are responsible for the Clan but this is totally untrue, most powerful Clan members held high seats of power in the Democratic Party whereas only 2 Republican Politicians belonged to the clan and only got elected by hiding their affiliation. Another fun fact is that David Duke, a well-known political figure, and outspoken Clansmen, was a registered Democrat till 1989.


Antifa Terrorists on the morning of Trumps Inauguration. Over 200 people were arrested however the federal government has been slow to take action as a whole. Image from

Antifa took center stage after the defeat of the Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and their loss of a majority in the Senate, all while there is a Seat up for grabs on the Supreme Court. Angry that all the violence and attempts to rig the election for Hillary failed, Antifa appeared to take the next natural step for Democrats by getting more violent and attacking people they don’t agree with. Aside from the attacks at Berkley, there was also plenty of assault and property destruction during the inauguration and there were attacks on peaceful demonstrators at the March4Trump in Berkeley. This is quite in line with the clan and their methods, in fact in some ways more brazen. Pretty soon it will escalate if nothing is done, mark my word.


Both Suffer from Delusions of Superiority

White Power KKK

A KKK recruitment poster promoting “White Power”. Image from

Both groups have a supremacist ideology they use to justify their violence. The KKK was quite simplistic about theirs, they believed whites were a superior race. They felt that they had a right and duty to attack African-Americans and “put them in their place.” The idea of racial equality was poison to them and they vehemently fought the repeal of Jim Crow, desegregation, and the Civil Rights Act. So pretty much all of that is an indication of severe mental illness as well as a lack of empathy for other human beings.


An Antifa poster. It promotes violence against people they label fascists. Image from

Antifa is very similar. They have the delusion that anything they do not agree with is fascist. They believe as a result they have a right to silence these people with violence and somehow still believe that they themselves aren’t the fascists even though they practice fascism. They will attack anybody remotely right of left, including Libertarians and Republicans. They convince themselves that anybody they do not agree with is a white supremacist or Nazi, even if it happens to be a gay immigrant jew who is primarily attracted to black men. (AKA Milo) Their deluded, monochromatic view of reality is highly problematic and it is startling that many of these people fit into daily life. Despite their claim to fight fascism, Antifa despises the concept of free speech and claim that not everyone has an equal right to free speech. (Coincidentally the people they believe don’t have that right are the people they don’t agree with.)


Both Are Affiliated With Democrats


KKK Grand Dragon and Mentor to Hillary Clinton, Senator Robert Bryd (D-WV). Image from

Yes, both of these are related to and supported by the Democrats, and the members come from their ranks. We all know the Democrats founded the KKK, and even very recently high-ranking people in the party were affiliated with it. Take for example Hillary Clinton’s close friend and mentor Senator Robert Byrd. She even went as far as to call the KKK Grand Dragon the “Heart and Soul” of America. This is not really surprising though coming from the mouth of a woman who called African-American youth “Super Predators” and recently had racist remarks she made via email leaked.


Known left-wing institution ACLU is apparently training Antifa, likely in how to get away with their actions. Image from

Antifa’s backers aren’t too different. So far I cannot say for sure whether any politicians of the Democratic Party are part of any Antifa groups, but their near silence is a form of support. They are however getting visible support from known funders of the Democratic Party. For one thing, it seems the ACLU is encouraging and training Antifa, and I can only assume we will see them providing legal support in the future. And known Left Wing financier George Soros has been funding Antifa groups, such scheming makes satire pieces like this one, about a disgruntled Antifa member spilling the beans on how Soros said he would pay him $2000 a week to set up Antifa Groups and organize protests, seem believable when you read it.


So next time someone tries to justify Antifa to you, by all means, I encourage you to point out that they are just the new clan. Who they target doesn’t matter. And if they still don’t realize this you will just have to accept that your acquaintance is extremely mentally ill.


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