How Democrats have Tried Violence as a Method to Influence the Election

During this election protesters and activists have howled and screamed that “Trump Stands for Hate” and “Trump spreads Hate”. Now Trump has spread plenty of ignorance during this election cycle but only one group is responsible for spreading hate. It is Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. My header image for this article is of a Trump Supporter attacked and a rally. That’s before he was attended to be EMTs. The image below is of him in the ambulance.


Personally, I don’t really care who you hate as long as you keep it to yourself. It seems though that Hillary’s people not only have a problem keeping it to themselves, they have a problem acting like civil human beings and not resorting to violence on a routine basis. And it is a routine basis, these are not Isolated incidents. Not only has Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago because of an apparently arranged riot outside of the location his supporters were also violently attacked at a rally in San Jose. The picture below is another victim of Anti-Trump Violence in San Jose. One man was also hit with a bag of unidentified material and left with a bloody ear.


The only sincere condemnation from the San Jose incident came from the campaign of Bernie Sanders. While Clinton’s Campaign also issued a statement of condemnation recently leaked tapes show that the Clinton Campaign was fully aware of and complicit in violence at Trump rallies. They even imply Hillary Clinton herself knew about these decisions. So how is it surprising when Clinton supporters take the violence and ignorance in their own hands after having such a good example? If you have read this blog for a while you already read about my own run-in with a Clinton supporter but it is tame compared to other run-ins.

Hollywood has been the scene of a lot of that “Tolerant Liberal” Violence in the past week. First, a Liberal Activist smashed trumps star on the Hollywood walk of fame over so far unverified allegations sexual assaults against Trump. After Vandalising the star he took pieces of it to later sell. He claims the money will go to the alleged victims however his white night act does not match his actions which besides the felony vandalism included impersonating a worker to facilitate his act of vandalism. Very suspect in my opinion.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce plans to repair the star. In the meanwhile, though a homeless African American woman decided to defend the rubble of his star. She met some more of those “Tolerant” Liberals. While defending the star she met verbal abuse from a mob of leftist thugs who began taking her signs and ripping them up, then pushed her to the ground and continued to verbally assault her and mock her. Police did nothing to step in and help.

Africans Americans, the Homeless and Inanimate objects aren’t the only targets of the left wing thuggery this year. I have said time and time again Liberals are the biggest homophobes. Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore who are engaged to be married have received death threats after doing an interview at a Trump rally in which they voiced their support for Trump. They have been called self-hating gays, told to drink bleach, and told not to walk outside and to stay away from gay clubs. Again, very tolerant of the left when it’s shown on video the alleged homophobes and deplorables are perfectly fine with an engaged gay couple publically showing affection at a Trump rally. It goes to show you the ones who point and scream “Bigot” or “Homophobe” the loudest are really just trying to draw attention away from their own bigotry.


These last few months we have seen lots of corruption from the left and their chosen representative Hillary. Rigged conventions, political cover-ups, media bias, election rigging, homophobia, racism, the incitement of violence. Why do we put up with it? Why hasn’t Hillary and the DNC been barred from the election? Why hasn’t anyone seen jail time for any of the criminal actions? And why doesn’t the Media report on any of this so the American people will wake up? Because certain people don’t want it that way and until the American people wake up and say enough is enough it will remain this way. A vote for Trump isn’t enough but it is a small, sick little start.

Update: Fox News Pittsburgh just reported liberal students are using Violence in an attempt to silence activists from a pro-Trump newspaper on a local Campus.


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