What Were They Debating?

Tim_And_Eric-Its_freeFree stuff! Free Stuff! FREE STUFF! For the low admission fee of your vote, the Democrats are giving away EVERYTHING for free!

  • Free Healthcare for all citizens!

  • Free Healthcare for all noncitizens!

  • Free money for not being white!

  • Free $12,000 annually for everyone!

  • Free College!

  • Free Elimination of Pre-Existing Student Debt!

So cast your vote NOW! Political operators are standing by.

In Reality

Interesting stat– Democrats said “free” 683 times, but “America” only was uttered twice.

Another interesting thing- Democrats say they will fund their programs by stealing from the profits of companies, but they spent the whole evening badmouthing profit as if they wanted to stop it. So they want to stop the one thing they keep saying they’ll use to fund their programs, which means they either WON’T fund them anymore or WILL start stealing money from people who DON’T profit. People like me with $7,500 of credit card debt they can’t pay.

Democrats really have no freakin’ clue how to pay for their plans. Even lefty groups tell us that plans we’ve heard from the candidates for how to fund their programs won’t work, without more people than just the rich paying for it. And that’s just for the stuff they’ve told us their plans for paying!

Speaking of reality, when questioned on how they’d deal with very real Republican opposition, Democratic candidates suggested mob rule- they wanted to have mobs of people go after anyone opposed. Like we’ve seen with Antifa (which Democrats defend, as it’s part of their new fascism- that is, fascism disguised with the trappings of socialism… honestly, socialism and fascism both involve the government controlling every aspect of your life so to the person being stomped on it makes no difference what color the boot is) and Maxine Waters ordering her followers to chase Republicans out of public spaces, and even the New York Times demanding border patrol agents be assaulted in public (what NYT calls for matches the legal definition of assault, as does what Waters calls for). Alleged frontrunner Kamala Harris outright suggested a dictatorship.

Hmmm… a dictatorship where the leader does whatever they want with no opposition while mobs of people attack you if you disagree or if the government tells them to. What country are these candidates trying to lead again? Do any of them have funny-looking mustaches? I know a lot of liberals are frustrated artists (or art majors or “artists” in the musician sense, but you get the idea), so that’s another step in this direction.

Another reality is that the country is not as far Left as the candidates. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough got it right in his scathing criticism, whereas CNN tried to deny that the candidates were talking open borders or universal healthcare while at the same time saying that such positions were mainstream among Americans (they aren’t).

992 Arguments


Image from New York Times

The candidates did not do a good job of showing a unified front. The aforementioned Scarborough even went so far as to say that anyone watching who hated Trump’s style would be turned off by the Democrats’ similar belligerence towards one another. NBC outright declared Trump as the winner of the debates. And what were they arguing over? How far Left they can go on issues that most Americans already think are extremist.

One argument which exemplifies arguing over far-left positions was the one between Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro. Castro was arguing for decriminalizing all border crossings, while O’Rourke was trying to say that Castro was focusing on a narrow population of immigrants. The thing is- as Obama’s DHS Secretary said– Castro was basically arguing for open borders, despite Castro telling us back in April that nobody on the Democratic stage or in their party wanted open borders. I guess not, because as we saw in both nights they didn’t talk about “open borders”, they only talked about making it legal to enter anytime you want and providing free health insurance to anyone who comes in. Perhaps the phrase “open borders” was not uttered, so on a technicality maybe Castro was right.

This didn’t happen at the debate but it goes towards that whole “unity” thing and touches on issues brought up in the debates: it’s worth noting here that candidate Cory Booker believes that Bernie Sanders is a literal Nazi (and as you see later, Bernie Sanders is also a racist, so in a party where BERNIE FREAKIN’ SANDERS is a Nazi and a racist, with widespread support for that belief based on how much support Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have despite their views I outline, do you think there’s room for tolerance or diversity of thought?), and also believes that Fareed Zakaria is a literal Nazi, based on Booker’s claim that denying asylum to ANYONE makes us Nazis. If Bernie is now a Nazi based on rhetoric from other Democrat candidates, and the party apparently supporting this by virtue of the fact that Booker made it to the first two debates, and has been one of what Time refers to as “soaring politicians”.


Then you have Kamala Harris attacking Joe Biden over busing. For those who don’t know, busing was the practice of taking kids from one school district and having them attend schools in another district to encourage integration. But it wasn’t popular, and wasn’t even legal. Not many parents liked the idea (Joe Scarborough and Joe Biden referenced this) of their kid attending a school just as good as their own that was an hour away (as good or better, black-only schools ended up being largely inferior to their white counterparts, but as we see with Democrats opposing vouchers for poor black kids to attend private schools, school quality is not relevant- also note that they don’t want poor black kids attending the private schools they themselves attended). Now, imagine the impact on working-class families who can’t afford to take time off to drive that hefty distance if their kid needs an emergency pickup or has a school function that needs a parents’ support, or imagine the impact on the 7 year old who is now more isolated than they’ve ever been in their lives, with the closest person they trust being hours away. Heck, with our hair-trigger CPS taking kids from parents who just let kids play in the front yard unsupervised, it’s hard to imagine busing even being considered today!

Here’s a Bidenism on the topic-

"you take people who aren't racist, people who are good citizens, 
who believe in equal education and opportunity, 
and you stunt their children's intellectual growth by 
busing them to an inferior school…and you're going to 
fill them with hatred."

Much like Kamala Harris. Being a vicious (her people lied and cheated to put innocent people in prison, and Harris fought hard to KEEP those innocent people in prison) prosecutor (who unseated a real progressive by promising to put more people in jail) like her takes a lot of hatred (I wonder if her marrying a white guy is a Freudian thing- promising to lock up more blacks, marrying a white person, in general being fierce, am I seeing signs of resentment against her black parents for abandoning her to the buses? And, she supported legislation that would put kids who skipped school in jail, something else that makes one wonder about her childhood.), and if you’ve watched her in the Senate you know she’s filled to the brim with hatred. So Joe predicted that someone like Harris would come from busing.

And here’s something else Joe said-

"That, to me, is the most racist concept you can come up with. 
What it says is, 'In order for your child with curly black hair, 
brown eyes, and dark skin to be able to learn anything, 
he needs to sit next to my blond-haired, blue-eyed son.' 
That's racist! Who the hell do we think we are, 
that the only way a black man or woman can learn is 
if they rub shoulders with my white child?"

That’s a pretty damn woke argument for someone in the 70s, but hate-filled Kamala cares more about exploiting differences in order to win so naturally she’d characterize opposition Biden’s woke opposition as racist.

Kamala Harris turned any opposition to busing into an issue of race. You’re not just a bad parent if you want to send your child away, alone and helpless, you’re a racist! According to Harris, being a good parent and caring about kids is now racist. Harris openly said she wanted the federal government to force family separation (ironically, she opposes the real thing for illegal immigrants, so she’s fine splitting American families but thinks it’s a humanitarian disaster to do that to people that come here illegally- and yes, forcing a child to travel hours away from home, hours away from help, hours from security, is family separation! Just ask the kids and parents… except Harris, because as described above she seems to have been damaged by it all so she’d never admit it was wrong) Scarborough didn’t get into this much detail, but he was right with criticizing what many consider to be one of Harris’ crowning moments that evening.

And if you ask me, Kamala’s tale of being one of the kids bused explains a lot. As a prosecutor she made a career out of separating black families, ripping kids from parents, just like what happened to her.

Here’s a recent Bernie Sanders quote on busing:

"Does anybody think it's a good idea to put a kid on a bus, 
travel an hour to another school and to another neighborhood 
that he or she doesn't know? That's not the optimal. 
What is the optimal is to have great community 
schools which are integrated"

Kamala does not seem to agree, because by her stated measures in the debate all opposition to busing puts you on the racist wrong side of history. She did not allow for any nuance or reasons, it was a very rigid totalitarian “with me or against me”, the same attitude seen in her zealous prosecutions and the same attitude seen in her advocating for a dictatorship. Kamala’s surge in polls after the debate shows that the Democratic Party is ready for an absolutist dictator who’s ready to tell you you’re a racist even if she’s referencing a very unpopular policy.

Rigged System

Some candidates say their mics weren’t even on, and it’s clear Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the favorite of the debate hosts when planning for that first night. Echoes of 2016, when we learned the DNC was actively trying to squash non-Hillary candidates. Other candidates were out complaining that the rules to get onto the debate stage were too exclusive.



Will voters read the fine print? Image from EZ Link, an obvious model for the modern DNC (and if you really want to get into it, their renaming of socialism to social justice and Green living match EZ Link being renamed to Global Link just to fool a new set of people).

Harris came off as a racist fascist, all candidates seemed like they wanted an army of brown shirts attacking anyone opposed (afterwards, Mayor Buttigieg who can’t even handle race relations in his own city warned blacks that if the police weren’t abolished (I assume that’s what he meant by eliminate racist institutions, since liberals tell us the police are racist) and blacks didn’t get money for being black (reparations would not discriminate between blacks who arrived after slavery or blacks who had white slaveholder ancestors) then there’d be a new civil war which clearly violates laws about calling for insurrection), and they all (except Hickenlooper, who belongs on that stage as much in 2019 as Jim Webb belonged their in 2015- ie people I might actually vote for do not belong on the Democratic stage!) want to import millions of voters with open borders policies and then give them all free healthcare and free education without having any idea how to pay for it, in fact they actively trashed the one way they repeatedly cite for paying for it, so if they had their way and funded their programs by stealing profits they’d run out of money anyway by destroying that whole idea of profit.

In answer to the titular question of this post, they were debating how far Left each of them were. In other words, they were debating where they would fall on my convenient chart. For those looking for a chart like the one I’ve used earlier, that’s located under the convenient chart. Because it is very inconvenient. These charts are more about the victimhood points the candidates can claim as well as some of their positions. It doesn’t reflect how loud they can yell or how much media support they have.

dem presidential desirabilty in short



dem presidential desirabilty