Bargaining With Bluff


We won’t be seeing today’s subject on any coins, at least not for another 20 years. Long enough for history to be rewritten. In the meantime, here is a coin depicting his namesake. Image from wikimedia.

This exchange says everything about the Democrats’ control of the African American community, and the community’s representatives.

Separate But Equally Disdainful

The entitlement-minded host who seems to have zero experience in radio complains that after 15 minutes Biden can’t just leave an interview because that’s an insult to “black media” or something, trying to use a faked claim of racism as a nightstick to Rodney King his guest into submission.

Having worked in radio, it’s clear to me that the host either never had a guest bail on him because the interview got too dicey, never had to deal with other people’s schedules, or is unaware that other people have lives too. Or maybe he only thinks that Black Lives Matter. Seems to be that last one, based on how Biden was talking. The only way that the host isn’t a spoiled brat whiner who lies about racism in his temper tantrums is that if Biden’s campaign promised more time and really is bailing early, but even that isn’t a racist act. It’s not an assault on “black media” as this honky-voiced whiner claimed, unless I’ve missed something and this whiner happens to be the only African American media representative in the country.

I don’t know anything about him, I’d heard his name before and honestly thought he was solely a rapper, but I already don’t like him because his reaction to the perfectly normal occurrence of a guest leaving before the host wants them to shows he’s just an entitlement-minded spoiled little wimp that thinks saying everything is racist is how to get what he wants.

TL;DR the black host tried to pull the race card while fronting that he was a strong black man fighting for his community, but in the end Charlamagne the God was on his knees praying to Joe Biden for forgiveness. He might be the face of black millennials, but it’s the same docile face that kept the rest of the slaves in line prior to 1865.


The creep in back is the one who won the exchange with what was- according to the host- the entire combined might of “black media”. Image from PJ Media

Biden didn’t leave here unscathed either. White Democrat leader Biden tells the black host that he isn’t black if he doesn’t back Biden 100%. So Biden took a hit with black voters. Well… let me rephrase. Any blacks on the fence might be alienated by what Biden did.

Let’s look at what the black community loves to have Democrats do to them. Biden gloating that blacks are race traitors if they don’t vote Democrat and all of the rest saying blacks are mentally ill if they support Republicans, Maxine Waters saying any blacks supporting Trump are incapable of understanding what they’re saying and are “talking out of turn”, and Democrats getting away with blackface . That’s quite a level of loyalty from blacks- they’re treated with utter disdain and contempt and still beg for forgiveness if they dare voice a thought Democrats don’t like.

So… really Biden was just reminding Chuckles the Gosh of his place, and Chuckles graciously asked for forgiveness for stepping out of line, and most blacks (as we’ll see on election day, as we’ve seen on past election days) wholeheartedly believe that Biden is 100% correct in his statement here. Why would they stop supporting him just because he told the truth? Maybe they’ll lie and say they’re annoyed or something because cognitive dissonance is a real thing, but their votes and donations show their true feelings.

And Biden knew he could get away with this sort of thing. Remember what happened to Kanye West (who just two months ago made a very relevant observation)/Dr. Ben Carson/Condoleezza Rice/Diamond And Silk/even Charlamagne himself when they took a centrist or rightwing position? Biden knows blacks have his back, that he can go on the air and gloat about it and not lose any votes. Charlamagne obviously learned from the last incident where he was referred to in a racist way for not goose-stepping with the Democratic Party.


Biden had that host whipped. By the end of the interview, the host went from faking his front of strong “black media” representative to begging Biden for scraps for his community. See, the only way to get Biden to give them anything is for blacks to legitimately threaten to vote for Trump, that’s the only way to encourage Biden to even make promises let alone deliver on them, yet the host took that off the table. So why, Mr. Host, should Biden and Democrats bother giving you or your community ANYTHING if you’ll surrender this easily?

Further, Charlamagne’s surrender shows that he knew this going in, that he was more bluff than bluster. He followed-up the interview by talking up how great Biden is and then stating “[y]ou can’t possibly want me to Fear Trump MORE than I want something for my people” as if that little bit of bluster meant anything anymore, because when Biden directly addressed the wimp with that point, the wimp choked. Instead of saying “yes, Trump is a legit alternative because of all the things he’s done for us”, the host basically said “I would never vote for anyone that wasn’t a Democrat, I beg of you to acknowledge our servitude to your political party”, which Biden already had given lip-service to earlier in the interview. And since the wimp revealed that blacks would never stop voting Democrat no matter what (they carried Biden, even though under the Obama/Biden Administration blacks watched their wealth wither away vs. having record high employment rates under Trump. They loved Obama and hate Trump, according to polls. And for you folks that claim blacks were stuck jobless under Obama because Recession! remember that Democrats promised blacks/the country would NEVER recover, remember that you said Trump’s policies that gave jobs to blacks were going to destroy the economy and bankrupt the African American community, then YOU spent months praying for a recession that’d decimate the black community just so you can win in 2020… and blacks STILL support you…), he ceded any bargaining room so he should be thankful Biden even deigned to give that lip-service. Simply put: if you’re going to vote Democrat no matter what as the wimp revealed in the interview, why should they bother doing anything for you when they can use the resources that were supposed to go to you to court new voters?

You know what the real irony is (aside from the fact that Charlamagne would be just as submissive if Kamala Harris- who made her career taking money from/marrying whites and using blacks as slave labor– were the candidate and seems to think she’s a good Vice Presidential pick)? If the host actually cared about blacks and wasn’t just a wimpy poser, then Trump would be a legitimate alternative to Biden, Trump’s proven that. Despite the host hinting at that in his response later in the day about the interview, we saw that when under the gun all he had was a blank in the chamber. Lots of noise that he hopes would be scary, but would never be a threat.


A nurse holds the 1969 intellectual equivalent to Chuckles hostage. Image from IMDb

But hey, with a shallow name like his it’s no surprise that his activism and backbone would be nonexistent. “Charlamagne tha God”? I think this guy needs a paraphrased lecture I heard on Adam-12 directed at a biker leader named Bach (pronounced “batch”): he can pretend to be smart by taking the name of the Father of Europe but he’s not smart enough to spell it or “the” right, he can pretend to be powerful by taking God’s name in vain but we all saw how much power he really has, he can pretend to be courageous by pulling the race card on Biden but spent the rest of the day submissively urinating all over himself after Biden reminded him of his place.

If the wimp wants to be smart and tough, maybe he should start by educating himself- the founder of this blog has a book that’d be at the top of the wimp’s reading list (I’ll add the link when it’s out).

I guess the wimp should’ve known better than to tangle with the guy who ended the legendary Corn Pop’s reign of terror.

Veterans Of The Democratic Party


Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA) Image from wikimedia commons

I was reading earlier today about a Congresswoman from Virginia named Luria who supports impeaching Trump. She is a veteran of the Navy, and tried to hide her partisanship behind her Navy uniform. She claims she is serving a higher calling, protecting the Constitution, saying she swore 7 times to protect it. She picked Veterans Day as the day to release this message. Turns out she must have had her fingers crossed all 7 times. We’ll look at this impeachment she is supporting, and the allies that she chose to join because they share her values. And how she basically punched every veteran in the face with her partisanship and support of the America haters.

A Few Words On Impeachment

She’s not the only veteran in Congress and the Democratic Party who supports impeaching Trump. I made a timeline earlier of how the impeachment thing played out so far, at least the current thrust centered on the Ukraine. That was a few weeks ago so let’s look at some updates from that front. Spoiler alert: they don’t support the Democrats unless you’re on the same Trump Derangement Syndrome-induced fever trip that they’re on.

  • The “whistleblower” colluded with Ukraine in 2016 to help Hillary Clinton win.
  • The Obama Administration colluded with Ukraine to help Hillary Clinton win.
  • The “whistleblower” is tied in tight with anti-Trump Intel Community liars like John Brennan and America haters like LTC Vindman, in addition to liars like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) as discussed in the last post.
  • We can finally see some of the transcripts for testimony in the impeachment hearings, and… they say nothing supportive. Overall either the witness says they heard things from other people, or they said “in my anti-American partisan opinion, it might mean this”.
  • The leader of the impeachment committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), told witnesses not to answer questions from Republicans (after trying to stop Republicans from asking questions at all, as I mentioned earlier).

And now we have a veteran say that serving this farce is protecting the Constitution. Maybe she didn’t read it. There’s a bunch of stuff in there related to something she may never have heard of- it’s called “due process”. They’re some weird concepts about being allowed to face your accuser, a bunch of stuff in there about due process, a bunch of stuff about being allowed to cross-examine witnesses. Trump has been denied all of that, and the Democrats threaten to continue denying it to him. Instead of lawyers for the defendant, a few Republican congressmen are allowed to be present at the hearings, but they are NOT allowed to call witnesses and in some cases can’t even ask the questions they want to ask.

Now yes, the President in an impeachment hearing isn’t really entitled to any rights like due process since it’s not really a criminal proceeding, but yes Democrats- the party that Luria chose to join because she agrees with their values- believed Bill Clinton SHOULD have had due process rights applied when he was impeached and with the accusations of sexual assault against him, yet right now Democrats are giving Trump fewer rights than Republicans gave Bill Clinton while claiming this is fairness! But keep in mind that Democrats tried to do this with Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing, and were accusing him of a very serious crime similar to Bill’s. In other words- Democrats only believe their own side should have rights. The old saying goes “you practice how you play”. So how will liberals like Luria play when it comes to real trials?

  • Another practice swing- Democrats worked to deny college students due process rights, though granted they really just worked to make it easier for colleges to circumvent criminal courts where due process and the need for evidence would come into play and attack students baselessly accused of crimes on their own. In light of the following, it makes you wonder if they were training kids for the “new norm” as they’re so fond of saying.
  • Now they’re at bat: the Democrats told the Supreme Court that if they don’t judge cases the way Democrats want them judged, then Democrats will alter the Supreme Court so that it will give results that the Party finds acceptable.
  • There’s the old chestnut where Democrats tried to attack Constitutionally-protected things the 2nd Amendment and due process rights at the same time.
  • Once Obama came into office, the Democrats expanded President Bush’s anti-due-process-anti-terror rules.
  • President Obama’s military commissions for civilians, instead of courts (ostensibly for terrorists in a warzone, but according to San Francisco that means any NRA member)
  • President Obama skipping the military commission and ordering the execution of an American citizen without giving him any form of due process or trial, at least trial as we understand them. Several times.
  • Worth mentioning is Obama’s bailout of Chrysler was in defiance of due process. So first Democrats defied due process to payoff some big business millionaire friends, and then they defy due process to murder someone.
  • Obama’s “rocket docket” idea defied due process.

And due process isn’t the only Constitutional right (under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments) that the present crop of Democrats like Luria have worked to deny you, Democrats who cosplay as members of the military and tell the equally-as-big lie that they are protecting your rights. They’ve gone after the First Amendment, Second Amendment, the sixth amendment, and the recess appointments clause. Is this what veterans like Luria believe they took an oath to protect- the Democratic Party and its agenda instead of the Constitution? Did they take the Chinese oath to serve?

Stolen Valor

So, do the veterans in the Democratic Party like Luria (picking on her because, like I said with AOC a while ago, it helps if you can point to a specific face rather than generalize the evils of a group overall) believe that a citizen is NOT allowed a fair trial and that the prosecutors get to decide what witnesses they can call and what evidence they’re allowed to use and who the defendant is allowed to cross-examine, if the prosecutors even allow the defendant to be present at the trial? Well, they backed it for Obama and for Schiff’s impeachment and they back Democrats demanding the Supreme Court tailor its decisions to Democrat Party values so…

Does Luria believe that she fought to protect the right of the government to have a partisan who works with liars come forward and make an unsupportable accusation in secret followed by secret hearings to in order to convict someone of a crime? Because that’s what Democrats support. They don’t just support ending due process for Trumps or Kavanaughs either, we see this going on with liberals at the local level. And THIS is the totalitarian system of government, the unconstitutional system of government, about which people like Luria say “I’m a Navy veteran and I support this evil, so you should too.” Maybe I just didn’t do my research on her- maybe she was a zampolit in the Soviet Navy. Or not, because some of them actually were honorable.


Image of liberal Jane Fonda mocking American soldiers  to entertain North Vietnamese butchers. She is still a favored liberal/Democrat personality. The veterans in the Democratic Party know this is who they are supporting. Image from Patriotpost

As you saw from the reference to Lt. Col. Vindman, just because someone wears a uniform it does not make them pure and good. Why, even you liberal would agree with that, remember Lt. Col. Oliver North? Besides, liberal, the rest of your party hates the military anyway, hated them for a while, thinks they’re the same as terrorists or worse. So even YOU don’t believe it. And note that THESE anti-military people who hate America are the ones that Rep. Luria and other Democrat veterans side with. They weren’t forced, they VOLUNTARILY became Democrats because these Democrats who hate this country SHARE their values. These dishonorable veterans BELIEVE in the same cause that the anti-American crowd who spits on veterans believes in. And how do these anti-veteran anti-military anti-American veterans sell themselves to the public? They don the uniforms that their party hates, and claim it makes them credible somehow.

Liberals are supposed to be smarter, studies have been done to show that, so I don’t believe for one second, and neither should you, that these liberals somehow aren’t aware of the beliefs they’re promoting, somehow not aware of the despicable anti-veteran causes they now serve.



Living In Spirit (Of The Gun)


Image if military-style weapons from the Tank Museum in Danville, VA

Well, this list didn’t pile up so much these past 10 days or so, but here we go one more time for all this! I had a big chunk of stuff I wrote here, but realized it would be more appropriate for something else I’m working on, so of course that made this take even LONGER. Well, that and I think I’m burnt out from all of this. You’ll notice I refer to the last two gun posts a lot. Like I mentioned before, this all was ONE post, but I ended up splitting it because these things got to be very very very big.


Let’s just start with some general media talking points that emerged:

  • They want to condemn everyone who says “illegal immigrant” now, even though that is what the people matching that definition are. They aren’t “undocumented”, they committed a CRIME to get into this country. They showed total disrespect for our laws, the immigrants who abide by those laws when seeking entry, and the citizens themselves who are bound by those laws.
  • ABC said Trump needed to answer for the El Paso shooting which he caused. As explained several times now, no Trump did not cause it.
  • CNN agrees with ABC, and believes that if you aren’t white then a white person will kill you unless the government confiscates everyone’s guns.
  • CBS agrees
  • NYT agrees, and wants black voters to vote against Trump, basically telling them they’re next if they don’t.
  • MSNBC declares that the media has been too soft on conservatives, because they are ALL Hitlerites, from Trump down to every last man and woman and child supporting him. Reid has yet to say something similar about Farrakhan’s supporters in the Congressional Black Caucus. I guess all them hymies, as civil rights icon Jesse Jackson would say, are ok to hate. She isn’t alone- Democratic candidate Buttigieg also attacked the deplorables as racists.
  • Noted racist Spike Lee went after Trump as well, on CNN.
  • Robert O’Rourke said Trump is terrorizing communities, and you will be killed in your sleep by him or his supporters.
  • White male Republicans are the greatest terrorist threat this country faces.

I’m so glad the media is telling us now about how powerful someone’s words are (even if Trump never actually said them), because as I’ve noted in the last two posts they were preeeetty quiet when it was their own guy shooting up Republican Congressmen, and were pretty quiet when their Presidential candidate Warren was fundraising off a mass shooting one of her supporters committed.

Now, I have a question here- if Trump’s rhetoric that allegedly promoted white nationalism, that allegedly promoted bigotry against Hispanics, that allegedly demonized every Hispanic, if that rhetoric was responsible for the El Paso shooting, then what are we to make of the Left doing the exact same thing to whole groups of people? Above you see them demonizing their enemy, telling you you’re an evil person if you support their enemy. Now we get to some threats they make:

  • Burn down the GOP, leave no survivors. This is from the Washington Post, on MSNBC.
  • Steven Colbert threatened to attack President Trump.
  • Mitch McConnell is receiving death threats from liberal protesters, and Twitter is letting the hashtag #MassacreMitch run unabated while at the same time they deleted McConnell’s campaign account because he posted a video of liberals threatening to #MassacreMitch
  • Destroy white people because they supported Trump. Do not negotiate with them, just destroy them.

And just look at all the violence liberals do. Yet somehow, when the Left does exactly what they claim the Right did to trigger a mass shooting, and there is violence linked to such hateful rhetoric including an attempted mass shooting, the Left is NOT held accountable and liberals feel there is nothing wrong with their words. So by their own judgments of Trump and his supporters, liberals must WANT violence and mass death, and condone it when their own people do it for them. I’m not saying my view, I’m saying that’s their view in their own words. If they believe that words cause violence, then they MUST believe their own words cause violence, thus they MUST believe they are responsible for that violence and MUST WANT that violence to happen otherwise they’d tone down their rhetoric.

Here’s another example. Democrats are saying ICE agents are terrorists and Nazis, so naturally the media doesn’t say that there is a connection when one of their liberal flunkies shoots at an ICE facility. Trump said a couple of illegal immigrants are bad apples, media says he is responsible for a racist shooting Latinos. Demcrats and the media say ICE agents are terrorists and Nazis, ALL of them, and ignore it when Antifa launches a terrorist attack and when someone fires rounds into an ICE building. I guess they think ICE deserves it? I guess the media thinks people need to die?

Tying into all of the above, we have the NYT encouraging cop killers. But that’s not dangerous. Using the standard the Left likes to apply, since Cory Booker isn’t condemning this dangerous rhetoric he must support it.

Robert O’Rourke said Trump was “depraved” for visiting the El Paso victims because the Left says he is responsible. “Depraved” is you blaming Trump when as I’ve mentioned the El Paso shooter had nothing to do with Trump, had MORE to do with Democrats. And if you want depraved Robert Francis, how about we talk again about that little child murder fantasy of yours? What’s also depraved is you fundraising off El Paso, but even worse is your fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren fundraising off the massacre in Dayton that HER OWN SUPPORTER committed.

I had a bunch of material here about how, if words have meaning as the Left keeps saying about Trump, then liberals themselves are responsible for both the Dayton and El Paso massacres. I’ve probably said the same thing dozens of times between this and the last two posts. Maybe if I say it as many times as the Left says Trump is to blame, someone will hear it.


The media and fellow Democrats said that the Dayton shooter who supported Warren was a white nationalist. So… White Power? Image from Vox

The Dayton guy was a Satanist, which Leftwing PBS celebrated once (they didn’t celebrate him, they celebrated Satanists). He was a gun control advocate, and after his mass shooting the Left and media capitalized on it by calling for gun control, effectively making him a martyr for the cause in a weird way (the Dayton shooter’s friend said he suspected the shooting was done just to prove the need for gun control). He was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren, whom NBC favored during the debate they hosted. Unlike the El Paso shooter, the Dayton one is solely the responsibility of the Left. So naturally they also blamed Trump for him as I mentioned before.

You’ll see at the end of this paragraph why this is relevant, but give me a little leeway to start. Liberals love that “if it saves just one life” argument with gun control. Question: if stopping illegal immigration saves just one life, shouldn’t we do it? If it saves just one woman from being raped, shouldn’t we do it? If doing the common sense thing of enforcing our borders as every other nation on this planet does saves just one life and stops just one rape, isn’t it worth doing? Also, the El Paso shooter said immigration was destroying the environment. So if shooting a bunch of Hispanics in a mall saves the Earth and thus the human race as was kind of his reasoning, shouldn’t we do it?

Liberals believe Biden and Obama are a billion times smarter than Trump. So… does that mean that they knew Obama and Biden’s white nationalist rhetoric that I’ve been repeatedly pointing out the El Paso shooter was motivated by would cause death? Does that mean the blood of El Paso is really on Obama and Biden’s hands, since the El Paso shooter was inspired during the Obama-Biden Administration?


Come to think of it, maybe the NYT IS white nationalist… image from techcrunch

New York Times wants to blame Rush Limbaugh and claims that the El Paso shooter’s usage of ideas Limbaugh has means Limbaugh inspired the shooter, and further means that any negative comments on unrestricted immigration makes you a racist mass shooter creator. The problem of course is that the El Paso shooter shared lots of words in common with liberals, or at least liberals of the past. And remember: in his manifesto the shooter said he was inspired long before Trump, in other words back when liberals had this belief. Back when liberals voted Obama into the White House because he had these beliefs. The NYT loved Obama, so does that mean the NYT supports white nationalism? By their own logic, they do. And let’s throw in Ocasio-Cortez too, because her call for everyone to riot because that’s the only choice left and her fearmongering on the climate certainly match aspects of the El Paso shooter’s manifesto.

Kamala Harris says that Trump “tweeted out the ammunition” for the El Paso shooter. Except that as I say over and over Obama was given a Grammy in 2006 for “Best Ammunition”. and Biden and Ocasio-Cortez were helping load the shooter’s clips.

Cory Booker said you can’t just say you aren’t racist, but need to be active in attacking racists. So… does that mean Obama wasn’t enough? Because he didn’t do anything. Obama complained a lot, but he did nothing. His DOJ couldn’t even solve the problem of racism in Ferguson. And if Obama did do enough, then the El Paso shooter would’ve been rehabilitated or arrested under Obama. Come to think of it, isn’t Obama a white nationalist since the El Paso guy’s manifesto reflects Obama’s remarks from 13 years ago?

CNN’s Jake Tapper said Republicans can’t handle his interviews after gun massacres so they stop coming on his show. It’s not that, it’s that they can’t handle show trials. No one can. Tapper criticizing Republicans for not being able to handle show trials is like criticizing one of Stalin’s victims for not being able to handle a show trial.

Kamala Harris is out promoting that unconstitutional idea that if you are on a secret government list of suspected terrorists you should not be able to buy guns. The kind of list where if your neighbor doesn’t like your haircut they can get you on it, and it would take years for you get off it. Now, you read above how liberals believe every white male is a terrorist, right? So now Kamala argues all suspected terrorists should lose their 2nd Amendment rights. All white men are suspected terrorists, so under Harris they would lose their 2nd Amendment rights.

Gillibrand, who thankfully dropped out, was approaching this from a different angle. She just wanted to outright jail anyone who had a gun that she didn’t like. Interesting approach: illegal immigrants rape and kill, but we should welcome them in and you’re a racist if you say even one of them committed a crime. Whereas we should just jail U.S. citizens who are abiding by the law. If it saves just one life, put Americans in prison, but if it saves just one life to keep illegal immigrants out forget it, you’re a racist for even suggesting it. Because illegal immigrants are superior.

Tying-in with all the charges of racism, MSNBC tells you that all of Trump’s supporters are just rich white people who want to be richer and don’t mind that they’re supporting a racist. I’m not rich, I have negative amounts of dollars because I’m in debt. I still support Trump. And blacks and Hispanics are getting richer too thanks to Trump. Are they racist? Well… that’s a bad question to ask actually, because if you support a Republican and are a minority Democrats go after you with much of the ferocity they aimed at blacks trying to vote during Reconstruction. Except Democrats stop short of killing them.

Whether it’s useless background check laws or ineffectual assault weapons bans, the Left keeps giving bogus solutions to gun violence. They are exploiting the tragedies to get you to vote for them. “Vote for me, I have a plan! You just want people to die if you don’t support my worthless plan that might increase crime.”

Kamala Harris said that you can’t even debate if Trump is a white supremacist, that by virtue of her declaration he is one now and forever. You know, despite the many times he condemned white supremacy as noted above. By the way Kamala, speaking of who has been helpful to white supremacists, let me ask you a question. Under your oversight, a lot of blacks were locked in prison for years, decades even, with harsh sentences for nonviolent crimes and you even withheld evidence that would get people released, whereas under Trump we had criminal justice reform beneficial for the black community, we had black people pardoned rather than imprisoned as you did, and the black community is seeing its lowest unemployment rate in decades.

So if Trump is a white supremacist he’s doing a bad job of being one, and if you’re NOT a white supremacist you did a REALLY bad job at not being one. How many black lives and black families did you destroy? Trump certainly helped more than you ever did, by initiating reforms that run counter to what you were doing with your clear attempts to bring the black community to heel. Interesting how you supported Hillary in 2016 too, with her husband’s criminal justice policies enabling your reign of terror. And here you sit criticizing Trump after spending decades as at best an unwitting tool of white supremacists, and at worst an outright ally to their movement. Tsk, tsk.

And speaking of no empathy Kamala, where was yours when you were withholding evidence to make sure a black man stayed in prison, stayed separated from his family? Or do you only have empathy for Hispanics separated from their families? Is it their lighter skin that makes them relatable to you, Ms. White Husband? Maybe they remind you of the white backers gave you your power to begin with?

NBC’s Chuck Todd stated that President Trump has not made Hispanics feel safe in this country. So Trump says “illegal immigrants bad”, and that means ALL Hispanics are unsafe, when he’s clearly talking about illegal immigrants, meaning YOU’RE the ones making Hispanics feel unsafe by lying about what Trump says, either that or you think ALL Hispanics support illegal immigration and open borders just because they look like the people coming in. After all, you say it’s racist to support having a border wall, so it would totally be racist if over 33% of Hispanics believed in that… 1 in 3 Hispanics think there should be some kind of wall? But they can’t be racist! Oh well, I know you’ll just say they watch too much Fox News or something and dismiss it.

MSNBC believes that Trump is giving “subliminal orders” to white supremacists. See, Trump doesn’t SAY what the Left wants him to say, so they just tell you that he’s got hidden messages and lie about what he actually does say, as with the Charlottesville speech where he condemns white supremacy and neo Nazis, and does NOT say they are “fine people” if you bother to actually listen to that part.


Broken human being? The Right’s been calling him that for years. Neo Nazi? Well, if you guys on the Left say so… Image from

Trump made a teleprompter speech, condemned the El Paso shooter, said have pity for the families, condemned the evil ideologies, and said they were looking into reforms. Liberals say he is a “broken human being” because of that response. Obama made teleprompter speeches, condemned the shooters under his watch, said have pity for the families, condemned the evil ideologies, and said they were looking into reforms. So… now Obama is a broken human being? I thought the Left was saying that the RIGHT was the group that kept getting more radical, now they’re saying Obama was a “broken human being”. And of course it was open season on Obama at the debates as Biden lamented. Obama hasn’t even been gone 3 years and already Democrats are attacking him at debates and calling him a “broken human being”. But it’s the Right that’s been getting more radical, not the Left, according to the Left. I guess that means Obama was a neo Nazi? Good to know I guess.

Whitey Richy Rich Robby O’Rourke who was trying to stop minorities from being President on Heil Hitler day August 8 says that Trump is the real white supremacist. Hey O’Rourke, who’s the one dehumanizing whom here? You’re lying about Trump’s remarks, and saying he and this entire country are racist. Also O’Rourke, you’re out here saying open borders and saying ICE is evil, and sure enough a liberal decided to try and blow up an ICE facility and murder ICE agents. Why aren’t you taking responsibility for your rhetoric which triggered that attack? Also O’Rourke, you’ve made it clear your a Latino Supremacist. Adopting a Latino name to hide your white heritage, insulting your white heritage, saying the whites in America are racist and only white America is racist, certainly not any of the pure Latino peoples coming in, and your lust for open borders to allow all of these Hispanics in to the detriment of our communities which already can’t handle the amount of illegal immigration we have as non-white Obama said.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told a black audience that white people were the problem, after the El Paso shooting. Kind of ignoring how blacks have a disproportionate share of the mass shootings, while with whites it’s terrible but at least kind of what you’d expect population-wise. Also, is Buttgeek (it might sound homophobic, but it actually came from an accidental mispronunciation I had of his name. I assure you, I am in no position to use “Buttgeek” as a slur without a severe measure of hypocrisy.) is a white dude himself. So he is saying that a white person needs to solve the national problem of racism, that blacks are incapable of it? Also, if it’s solely a white problem as he says here, how does the audience know he won’t become part of it? If non-whites are immune as Buttigieg says, doesn’t that mean people should vote for a non-white? It’s his own logic on the issue.

You want to talk about radicalization? Senator Carper, Democrat from Delaware, one of Biden’s buddies, outright said Americans were lazy, unskilled, unethical, and drugged-up while illegal immigrants are pure angels descending from utopian paradises to grace our economy with their munificence. Isn’t that exactly what the Left says white nationalists are evil for saying about non-whites, or is it ok because Hispanics are the heroes this time and Americans are the villains?

Why does someone who wants to be a leader in this country think the people he’s leading are evil and encourage foreigners to illegally enter this country to take jobs from those living here that this politician is supposed to be representing the interests of? And why did Biden not call out this Senator, Biden’s fellow Senator from Delaware, on this? Why did Biden continue with this by saying that white people, and ONLY white people, are sexist racist oppressors incapable of leading fairly? Why does Biden believe 60% (the whites) of this country is evil? Why does Biden attack the 40% or so people of this country who voted for Trump as racists? Why is Biden demonizing so many of the citizens he is trying to represent? “I hate all of you based on your gender and skin color, now vote for me! Oh yeah, and I’m a great unifier even though I hate you, while this guy who has brought more prosperity to blacks and Hispanics (as I cited much earlier) is an evil divider who needs to be cast out because it’s a bad thing that he gave them prosperity and I will undo that when elected.” That is Biden’s campaign message. Pretty much the Democratic Party’s message as a whole. “60% of this country are racists, 30% are sexists too, so vote for us because we hate you.”

And while the Left spreads its message of hate, normal people sit around and see it. They know millions are absorbing it. They feel that we’ve lost the culture war. They feel this is what everyone believes. They see their teachers, their news anchors, and maybe even their friends repeating the hateful things liberals spew. They know it’s a lie, but they don’t have a voice. The Left’s vast numbers deny them a voice. The anger silently gathers inside them. What can they vent at that would do any good? The anger stays, becomes a feeling of helplessness.  Eventually they wonder- what recourse do they have but to grab a gun and try to solve the problem themselves? By the way- if you think I’m a white nationalist for saying this, that this is just an excuse, then you are a racist because this is how you guys on the Left justify the fact that the African American community has gifted this country with 51% of its total murders as I mentioned earlier. Oh wait, nevermind. It’s ok if it’s a non-white, perfectly justifiable, only white people are evil according to you. That’s why your reasoning for a non-white group does not work when applied to whites. Because according to you, all races are equal, except whites are inferior. And you wonder why whites go on these rampages.

Also, if it is racist to persecute illegal immigrants, isn’t it also racist to have an immigration system altogether? Why are you forcing some people to go through the system, while letting others come in with no problem? Aren’t sanctuary cities racist for discriminating against legal immigrants? Why aren’t sanctuary cities simply treating legal and illegal immigrants the same way? Is it because we get more legal immigration from certain countries than we do illegal immigration? Then why are you forcing those legal immigrants who generally are not Hispanic to go through the process while letting Hispanics cheat the system? Isn’t that racist? Or are you now telling me that you can be racist against Hispanics, but you can’t be racist against Indians or Somalis the same way you can’t be racist against whites?


A picture from Elijah Cummings’ district. This is far from uncommon there. Image from Google Maps

And by encouraging illegal immigration, aren’t you aiding the cartels? Isn’t that racist against blacks? Afterall, cartel drugs enter our inner cities, the largely black areas, and lead to various drug-related crimes from selling to shooting (both shooting up and shooting each other). So why are you protecting a source for death in the black community? Why is Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) complaining that it’s too hard for cartel members to enter this country while by his own admission people in his district are dying from the drugs those cartel members are bringing in? Do you care more about Hispanics now, and don’t care if blacks die in the streets? It sure looks that way.

You certainly don’t want them to have good paychecks or welfare: Obama said increased illegal immigration would depress wages and strain welfare. Now, being smarter than us, you MUST have known that your President who won a Grammy for saying that was telling the truth, yet now you encourage all that. Why? What did the black community do to deserve lower wages, welfare issues, and more drugs? Because that’s what you’re punishing them with.

Pelosi said MS-13 gang members, whose motto is “rape, kill, control”, who controlled a town called Mendota in California with fear by dismembering and murdering various citizens, are divine beings (as discussed before in other posts). Sen. Carper said that Americans are filth, and illegals are needed to replace this American filth. Biden said whites are sexist and racist and have been for hundreds of years and it’s embedded in their culture. All of them then say Trump is the one dividing this country.

Like I said before, Democrats encourage fighting, shooting, and blood in the streets which a shooter obliged by attacking Republican congressmen. Ocasio-Cortez says ICE is evil, so a member of liberal-supported Antifa attempts a terrorist attack on them. Socialist Ocasio-Cortez says oppressed peoples have no option but to riot, and a socialist in Dayton shoots people. Ocasio-Cortez says we have only 12 years to save the planet with her green new deal and says oppressed people need to riot, so a socialist ecoterrorist shoots up a Walmart in El Paso. Yet the media blames Trump for that, citing its own LIES about what Trump says as evidence that he caused the attack, and IGNORES the ones that are clearly linked to THEIR OWN creation of a divided and violent environment. Pelosi was saying it was disgusting that Republicans linked the congressional shooter to Leftwing rhetoric, yet here we have them doing exactly that with Trump. So according to Pelosi, she and the rest of the party are disgusting. I agree.

Biden attacked President Trump’s use of the term “invasion” to describe the various caravans and border surges. Ok, fine Biden. It’s not an invasion. It’s a bunch of people who have no right to be here that you’re telling black Armicans they need to pay for, when black Americans can barely lift themselves out of crime and poverty.

Also, Biden thinks so little of his campaign and his chances against Trump that he said by watching Biden’s speech, Trump was showing he had no life. Not taking the time to study an up and coming adversary, but rather Trump was just wasting time because Biden will never amount to anything. Glad he’s honest. By the way Biden, how far is it from Ocasio-Cortez saying oppressed people have no choice but to riot to the socialist Dayton shooter leading a one-man riot? Not far at all. How far was it from rhetoric like yours saying whites will put blacks in chains and telling women that white culture is sexist and oppressive and white culture is why Anita Hill did not get a fair chance to a black man becoming a serial killer targeting whites? Not far at all.


Image of Joe Bidens from New York Magazine

Biden condemned division. Democrats abandoned the idea that we are one people long ago. The entire party’s history consists of them trying to oppress an untermensch, whether it was non-whites or catholics or Republicans. Under Obama, we saw liberals telling us that Republicans were mentally inferior and that was science. Also Biden, when you say this is about separating people based on race and whatnot, just a day before you made that statement the Democratic Socialists (at their convention, I wish I could find the link but I heard over the radio about this) were separating people based on race, gender, ability, and unseen oppression points just to do something so mundane as ask a question. Don Lemon, on the very network Biden is speaking, was saying white people are the source of all problems. Biden himself gave a speech attacking whites and whiteness, saying whites can’t represent minorities.

Biden also says of Anita Hill that people thought she deserved what happened. No, Biden, people didn’t BELIEVE what happened. Same with Dr. Ford, who as I pointed out was probably lying. And what about Keith Ellison’s accuser, Biden? Where were you on that one? Also, Biden, at least the English culture gave that “rule of thumb”. I’m sure a cane that does not leave permanent damage is preferable to FGM and acid attacks, which came about decidedly independent of white influence. Or maybe you think that’s ok, and sexism is only evil when whites do it.

Speaking of racism and dividing, Biden, remember when you were dehumanizing these poor helpless people as “illegals”, and said they were all drug dealers bringing in “tons tons tons” of drugs? Remember when you were happy to brag about voting for 700 miles of fence?

Remember how I keep citing Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”? He won a Grammy for saying “many blacks share the same anxieties as many whites about the wave of illegal immigration flooding our southern border… this huge influx of mostly low-skilled workers threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.” “Wave” of immigration, “flooding”, “threatens”. Obama tells his black and white readers that illegal immigration will hurt their poorest. Seems like he dehumanizes them a little here. And you gave him a Grammy for reading these white supremacist rants.


Wrapping this up with my favorite picture of him, courtesy of CBS’ Dallas affiliate.

To Robert Francis specifically over his remarks blaming Trump for El Paso, I have to say this: you are lying about what Trump says, and if you stopped lying people would stop hearing what you want them to hear. I have to assume you are smart, you tell us you’re smarter than the Right, thus you must know that by lying about what Trump is saying you’re making these racists think he has their back. And you must KNOW this and WANT this to happen, and the fact you’re out campaigning on the results… well, I have motive, opportunity, and saw you doing it. And we see you profiting from it. So really, right now, you are guilty of murder by our laws. Your actions in misleading people into thinking that Trump supports what they’re doing in order to profit from mistrust in the public has resulted in a murder. By our laws, if your action results in a murder, we at least have you on manslaughter. And since you lefties are so much more smarter than us, you must have known this would happen and wanted it to happen, you sure were ready to profit when it did, so that actually would up the charge to murder since this was clearly an outcome you wanted and NOT just an accident.



Spirit Of The Gun


New and improved post, now with 400% more links to videos with Bee Gees songs.

It’s Saturday night and I’m finally finalizing this week’s post. No, the delay is not because I had a fever (as a rebuttal to the Bee Gees’ assertion: I should NOT be dancing, yeah). You must think I’m lazy and have no life. Yes to both, but the biggest reasons for this delay have been A: processing my reaction to this week’s news and B: assisting the venerable founder of this blog with some external activities.

Jumping right into it, I have to ask the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominees: why do they think saying 40-60% of the country is racist and likely to murder three or more people with a gun is a winning strategy (They’re saying whites are racist, this country is racist, Trump supporters are racist, and the shootings come from that racism, they even blamed the Dayton shooting on white extremism, thus they’re saying whites are likely to commit mass shootings. CNN seems to believe that’s where ratings come from, while MSNBC goes so far as to badly photoshop some lies together and say whites are evil simply for their skin color (though I wonder if according to this speaker Muslims will have to be set free from what their fellows in the Middle East are up to, or if blacks like the person speaking need to be set free from what blacks are doing worldwide from Africa to Chicago))? Why do they think singling-out whites as the most violent race in history, the only violent race apparently (contradicted by the fact that statistically speaking a black male is twice as likely to be a mass shooter as a white male- African Americans do about 25% of the mass shootings which is twice their share of the population while whites do 50-60% of mass shootings which is on par with their share of the population. So far in 2019, 51% of mass shootings were done by African Americans and only 29% by whites, meaning that African Americans this year are FOUR times more likely to be a mass shooter than a white person), will let them win against Trump?

For that matter, why do liberals believe hating one particular race and telling them they are evil for even being born is the path to ending mass shootings? The Left loves to say about inner-city youth (black kids) that they shoot each other and generally engage in higher rates of criminal activity than the rest of the population because we are racist towards them; they decide that there must just be something wrong with being a non-white. They see this and feel angry inside, and vent that anger in negative ways since they have no other recourse.


Anyone else see the problem with this ragtag group of politicians saying all whites are racists? Image from CNN

So what does the media think happens when a white guy sees Presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and perpetual spellcheck error Pete Buttigieg declare that all whites are racists (and sexists according to Biden, because the context of his remarks kinda revealed he was saying whites are the only race in history who ever treated women unfairly… so I guess he thinks various women deserved acid in their faces and thinks FGM is perfectly fine. And ignores statistics showing Black and Hispanic men two or three times more likely than white men to be violent towards women, and ignores rap music in general), that they should be persecuted solely by the color of their skin? Does the media believe the white person seeing this, and feeling powerless because if he dares speak out he’ll be banished from society as some combination of sexist/racist/whatever-ist monster (Ostracizing/firing/whatever has happened and been threatened), doesn’t get angry at the lies being spread and his helplessness about it? Does the Left think whites don’t have the same emotions as blacks? So, why wouldn’t a white person react the same way a black person would? Why does the Left believe that their racism towards and oppression of whites (not even allowing them jobs  (sorry that the link for “them” is to a forum discussing an article, but the article itself was taken down)) wouldn’t create anger and violence anymore than such things do in the black community?

If we are to take the Left’s claim of intelligence at face value, then the logical conclusion is they know damn well that whites feel the same way as any other race. This is a deliberate ploy at dividing America. While black communities are in shambles, they are success stories as far as Democrats are concerned. Just look at their reaction to Trump’s Baltimore tweets as an example- they think crime-ridden Baltimore is a success I guess because it has high amounts of welfare recipients and has consistently voted Democrat for 50 years. Since they know their model of hating blacks into submission worked in the 20th century, and since whites have cost them elections in the past, they appear to be working on hating whites into submission for the 21st century. Bonus points for making sure each race hates the other so that they’ll never unite against the Democrats dividing them. Naturally Democrats will ignore their own words and claim Republicans are the real dividers, and their vast propaganda arms turn an impossibly weak deflection into a rock-hard defense.

By bringing up their propaganda arm I accidentally swerved my opening into some stuff I had written earlier in the week, so I shall take advantage of that situation and present ir to you.


If Trump actually said X, it would be a different story. You’d be reading about a crazed overweight dude charging into Area 51 through a hail of bullets to steal an android. Image from MMKB

Scenario A: Trump says x. The Left decides he meant y. The Left says he is racist for saying y. The Left says he is supporting people who believe in y. Someone who really does believe in y feels emboldened by what the Left is saying about Trump and goes to shoot people based on y. The media blames the shooting on Trump, who never said y to begin with.

Scenario B: A liberal says x. The Left decides they meant x. The Left says they are wonderful for believing x. The Left says they are supporting people who believe in x. Someone who really does believe in x feels emboldened by what the Left is saying about x and goes to shoot people based on x. The media blames the shooting on Republicans and Trump and whites, and the Left says you are despicable for daring to say their rhetoric about x was even remotely related to the shooting… and then says more people needed to die and one of the people already shot deserved it.

When both scenarios kind of (El Paso wasn’t entirely a white nationalist thing, barely at all actually if you bother to read the manifesto as examined later) happen in the same weekend, the Left focuses on Scenario A and ignores Scenario B and even seems to ignore the victims of Scenario B. In fact, according to Karl Rove they seem to triple-down on Scenario A.

So let me ask you liberal who says Trump wants mass shootings to happen: who was out fundraising after the Dayton and El Paso shootings? Not Trump. Who, according to your own narrative about the El Paso shooter’s motives which he and I both dispute (as examined later), lied about what Trump has said until someone believed you and launched a hate crime? Not Trump. Which 2020 candidate was fundraising off of a massacre that her own supporter caused? Not Trump. Seems a lot like the Democrats are the ones enjoying the shootings.

This Was A Mess

I have A LOT I want to say. A lot of it, the stuff about Democrats, would get me into legal trouble. Basically, this past week I’ve been seeing different statements and reading different articles and typing out rebuttals of each because I was so furious after seeing them I couldn’t really do much else. That naturally led to a bit of a mess- now I have a bunch of rants that say the same thing but they debunk different sources and different people. So what do I do? I’m out of time this week to sort through them all, compress them, etc. So I’ll just do the lazy ol’ bulletpoint format that I used in the Google search posts.

To get the ball rolling, have some headlines about mass shootings in general.

  • “Why are white men carrying out more mass shootings?” -UK’s Sky News
  • “Mass Shootings: Guns, White Men, And Mental Health” – Medium
  • “Opinion | We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem” – New York Times
  • “#WhiteSupremacistTerrorism: Hashtag Takes Over Twitter After Latest Pair of Mass Shootings” – The Root
  • “We Have a Gun Problem, and We Have a White Supremacist Terrorism Problem” – Washington Monthly
  • “Gun Culture Has Always Been About White Supremacy” – New Republic (I wonder what they think of rap music and blacks in Chicago shooting each other…)
  • “Our Country Isn’t Fixing The Gun Problem Because It’s White Men Who Love Guns” – Bustle (maybe they and New Republic should get together and take a look at the latest rap hits and Chicago shootings)
  • “White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings than Any Other Group” – Newsweek
  • “Majority of mass shootings carried out by white men” – Philadelphia Tribune

Notice a pattern? How they blame whites for it all? How they make it look like only white people do mass shootings? I also noticed when hunting for these headlines that early reporting on the Dayton shooting also said that the socialist anti-gun Warren supporter was a white nationalist.

Here’s the thing- whites aren’t actually doing ALL the mass shootings as the headlines would have you believe. It is mostly male, true. But when it comes to race, as you saw way earlier in this post whites do about 50-60% as would be consistent with the white share of this country’s population. Blacks on the other hand do 25%, which is TWICE what their share of the population is. So basically- a black man is TWICE as likely to be a mass shooter as a white man. The media wants to judge it all on race, very well, do so but do it fairly. That’s not going to happen though- how could it when 32% of Democrats think you’re a racist if you are white and criticize a non-white politician even if said politician is doing something wrong?


I mean, he IS half white, and he did use attack dogs like police during Civil Rights protests. Image from

Democrats say that Trump is behind El Paso. Actually, if you read the guy’s manifesto, you’d find he was an anti-corporate anti-immigrant ecoterrorist pseudo-socialist. Do you know what his reasoning was for murdering Hispanics? It sounded exactly like what PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA warned about in his Grammy-winning audiobook “Audacity of Hope”. He was worried that the incoming Hispanics were reducing wages and straining our social safety nets, just like Obama warned. And liberals gave Obama a GRAMMY for saying that. So liberals gave Obama a GRAMMY for white nationalist rhetoric that led to a mass shooting. Cory Booker said the shooter had written a “white supremacist manifesto” which means, according to Booker, Obama was spreading white nationalist talking points. Cool. Also of note, the shooter said he was worried the media would blame Trump for his views. Notably, he also said that some Democratic Presidential candidates might be blamed for his views. Footnote here I guess, but some of the other items in the manifesto sounded like Joe Biden might’ve said them. Might as well also say here, according to Sen. Cory Booker, Obama really is a white nationalist. (Yes, the guy had some stuff about not wanting to mix white and non-white populations for reasons of biodiversity, but A: isn’t diversity a good thing? and B: you give Spike Lee awards for glaring at mixed race couples).

Drawing The Lines

Lost in this dense patch of anger below is my true position. I don’t personally believe Biden or Obama or Trump or Cortez are really to blame for what the crazies do. I agree with Fmr. DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazille (I’m starting to like her lately, or maybe that’s just because she seems like a moderate compared to the insanity that is the Dems’ Presidential race and The Squad). But then we get the weight of the Democratic Party pushing this narrative that it’s all the Right’s or Trump’s fault because they say things


Does anyone else think “Culpability” would be an awesome name for a biography of Robert Culp? Image from TheConsumateCulp

Democrats disagree with. So, I end up spending this post showing how Democratic rhetoric played the major part in the El Paso shooting, and how the Dayton shooter was entirely the Democrats’ fault. Because I learned when I was three years old that if a bully comes at you, you don’t run or cower in fear and surrender, you knock them on their ass. What better way than by showing Democrats that by their own standards of culpability, they’re responsible for both the Dayton and El Paso mass shootings.


Now that I’m at the part where I just have disconnected rapid-responses to things that annoyed me, I figured for the sake of organization I’d go with these nifty horizontal lines. Because I tried the bulletpoint thing and it looked awful.

As the Left screams for gun control, a story this past week shows how a good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting. This is actually very horrifying though: El Paso and Dayton were the ones we heard the most about because El Paso was clearly tied to Trump, but there was one in California that the media ignored I guess because like with Chicago shootings just don’t happen in liberal places (or maybe because the guy was targeting  BOTH political parties). Then there was this attempted shooting that was thwarted in Missouri that I led with, but then there was ANOTHER shooting in Texas that was thwarted! That means we almost had FIVE mass shootings in 10 days!

I mentioned above in my screed that the El Paso shooter was kind of a Lefty. So was the Giffords shooter, who the Left keeps saying was a rightwing fanatic.

NYT got mad that Trump said the beliefs of one of the mass shooters needed to be addressed, after spending time attacking the beliefs of the other mass shooter. Because the Dayton shooter was a hardcore NYT-style Leftist and the El Paso shooter had a couple of beliefs in common with what we’ve heard from President Trump.

I mentioned before how early coverage said the Dayton shooter was a white nationalist. Before anything was known about the Dayton shooter, Buttgeek (it’s quicker to type, and actually started not as a homophobic slur nor an insult against someone who I’m scared of because he has a funny name as Obama might’ve assumed if Mayor Buttigieg weren’t white, but simply because I was mentally mispronouncing his name and misspelling his name all over the place when trying to read and remember it) was out saying that he was a white nationalist. He was dead opposite of that, unless Buttgeek thinks Warren is a white nationalist. I personally don’t think so, white nationalists generally don’t lie being Native American blood. It’s like saying a Sicilian has African blood.


Instead of linking to his book as reference for good communists disappearing, I thought I’d put a picture of the back cover here instead.

Democrats are going after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for supposedly making white supremacy mainstream. Tucker Carlson has yet to do that. But he does say a lot of stuff Democrats don’t like. So that’s why they want to call it white supremacist, because that means it is hate speech, and the Left wants hate speech outlawed. Ending the First Amendment would make things rather easy for them: anytime you say something they don’t like, they call you a racist and then send you to Alaska (closest we have to Siberia). The public would never miss a racist. Of course, you folks on the Left need to be careful because a lot of good communists disappeared too under that other government you love who did that.

Along that same line, Francis Ethelbert (points to whoever catches what that play on Robert’s name references) O’Rourke says that his lie (at the upcoming link) about Trump “can’t be open for debate.” Now why would that be if his statement was factually correct? Well, liberals do say they’re smarter than us, so he knows his statement is a lie and doesn’t want to be humiliated for spreading it.

CNN outright said you are killing people if you don’t say what Democrats want you to say. NYT wants things like the El Paso shooting to fall under the veil of terrorism, which would mean anyone spouting rhetoric like in Obama’s Audacity of Hope could be labelled by the Left as a terrorist, as if calling people who aren’t Democrats now racists/sexists/bigots isn’t bad enough.

Finally for this section, Washington Post said “There is no excuse for supporting this president” in a headline, even though the one shooter is a socialist and the other could have been quoting Obama and Biden in his manifesto. I didn’t click on the article, but maybe there was an arrow pointing to a picture of Obama from the headline.

Dem Presidential Hopeful Castro said that the El Paso’s shooter could’ve been written by one of Trump’s speechwriters. Actually Castro, his manifesto could’ve been done by your former boss Barack Obama. So doesn’t that make you a white supremacist for working under Obama?

As the Left runs with gun control here and demands we end the 2nd Amendment (glad they’re out doing it, they used to say you were crazy if you said they were trying to repeal it), we see protesters in Hong Kong wishing that they had a 2nd Amendment to protect themselves from a ruthless government. Meanwhile, a CNN host was yammering on about how Venezuela with its severely oppressed citizens couldn’t understand why we’d want guns to defend against such a thing.

So now we’ve had in the wake of the weekend shootings assaults by the Left on our First and Second Amendment rights, and yet they’re baffled by why we’d want to keep guns. Even though liberals themselves decided to exercise their Second Amendment rights out of fear of President Trump. I’m beginning to understand a little bit of the liberal mind I think- between all these conflicting positions there just isn’t ROOM in their heads for reality.

Amidst the calls for gun control, 4 are dead in a California stabbing spree. Now, liberals define a mass shooting as 3 or more people killed. 4 died from this knife, so now that mass stabbings are a thing will we have knife control like in England?


Image of a big nope from… come to think of it, I’d better get some sleep if I’m going to be awake for their PPV in less than 12 hours.

Remember how I took the time earlier to outline how whites have overall done about 54% of the mass shootings in the U.S., how certain other groups have done a totally disproportionate number, and how this year whites have done just over half the mass shootings this other group did? Well, this actress here said that she is ashamed to have been born white because of the white people shootings. Which begs the question- does she believe that blacks, who for this year are four times more likely to be a mass shooter than whites, should be ashamed for being born black? Whoops. Personally, I would be ashamed to have the last name “Arquette” after David was  given the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

A CNN contributor/TV personality decided to advocate murdering more than 40% of the United States’ population. One of their contributors, a board member of the National Iranian American Council, someone who was given an award by Harvard and ate a human brain, decided that the best solution to the Left’s woes was a Final one. That link between Trump and white nationalism that liberals like him lied to create (Trump denounced white nationalists during his campaign, in his Charlottesville remarks as you saw above, and after the El Paso shooting, and probably some other times I’m not remembering too), he decided to take it further and say anyone supporting Trump is a white nationalist terrorist who deserves to die. I suppose he’d know about terrorists, he often lies to cover for Islamic ones. So glad CNN has him on its crack team of advisers. Genocidal maniacs, because he is directing this at white people, are welcome in Don Lemon’s safe space, at least based on what Don Lemon has said in the past.


Anyone else tired of all this jive talkin’; feedin’ us lies?

Again, part of the problem we have here is what the Left actually believes white supremacism is. They say Trump’s mention that some illegal immigrants are criminals is racist. It’s correct, below I cite data on it, but it’s racist to say I guess. And Cory Booker in a section quoted somewhere in here (the one where he speaks with “moral clarity” about Trump, even though Booker has less moral clarity than Goebbels because A: Booker supports Hitler-lovin’ Farrakhan and B: Goebbels probably knew that he was lying while I doubt Booker is smart enough to know even that much) notes that Trump allegedly referring to lousy countries as “shithole” countries (that remark was never actually proven to have taken place, it just became part of the lore, like the father of modern Progressivism’s praise for KKK thriller “Birth of a Nation”) makes him a racist.

Even if Trump said it, he’s right. Liberals spent years telling us that the “women and children” swarming our border are fleeing shitholes. They just didn’t use that word. But when Trump did, suddenly according to the Left it became racist to say that the people at the border were fleeing bad places. That totally undermines asylum claims too, because Democrats are saying it’s so wrong to claim that Central and South American nations are in bad shape that it’s racist to do so, so how are we to believe people when they come here requesting asylum? Our laws don’t allow you to request asylum from paradise.

Congressman Gutierrez said to Trump “stop calling people like me breeders”. At least when liberals distorted the Charlottesville thing they still used something Trump said. Gutierrez is just making up random stuff now.

As to his hypocritical outrage, I will say this: you don’t care either Gutierrez otherwise you wouldn’t be part of the party demanding money that could help stop that violence goes to people who look like you. You want to call Trump a racist, but here you are supporting a party that will take money from those blacks shooting each other that you mention and send it to help people like you enter the country to strain our welfare programs that the inner-city Chicago blacks rely on, as Obama said.

Playing right into the hands of the white supremacist groups feeding off the anger and fear whites are feeling (as I started this post off describing), MSNBC confirms that whites are the only race who have ever done a bad thing in the history of the world. All other races are divine gods living in peace. They believe that being white means being evil. Meanwhile, MSNBC says Trump is the one trying to divide the races against each other.

Some guy from The Atlantic told CNN that Fox News gets its ratings by “making white people scared and angry”. I don’t watch Fox News. I’m too cheap to pay for it. For my job and this blog I watch you a lot though. And I do get scared and angry when I listen to people like him. Remember that long rant I went into where I applied Leftwing justifications for urban youth violence to white people? I didn’t ONCE say Fox News was where they were getting their info. I said they were listening to liberals like that guy from The Atlantic. People like him and CNN and MSNBC as noted just above saying whites are evil. They are doing more for white nationalists than Fox News ever could.


For a network that attacks white people so much, they sure do love white women. Image from an MSNBC tweet, criticism from the Left.

It’s easy to say the Left hates whites as a generalization, but hard to prove if no one on the Left says anything. But EVERYONE on the Left is saying it; they’re providing the evidence; THEY’RE providing the grounds for the fearmongering! Serwer might as well have said “Discovery Channel’s shark week gets ratings by making people scared of sharks”. We are perfectly justified in fearing our predators. And by the way, with all the times CNN and MSNBC say whites are evil, it sure seems like they get their ratings by making non-whites scared and angry. Even if Fox News did do that for whites, why is it wrong when that happens but right when CNN and MSNBC and I guess you too do it? What do you call MSNBC claiming that Trump wants to “exterminate Latinos” (I watched the clip- that wasn’t an accident, and she knows that a lot fewer people are going to see that off-air apology than saw the on-air remarks)?

Francis was out saying that mass shootings and immigrant children in cages don’t happen unless the President is out “giving people permission”. So… O’Rourke said Obama gave permission for Sandy Hook and Pulse Nightclub and Gabby Giffords, and Obama is responsible for putting kids in cages. Well, if he thought for a moment about his gaffe he’d realize that’s what he was saying. By the way Beto, wasn’t some of this going on in your home state while you were in Congress? What did you do about it? The El Paso shooter said he had his views long before Trump came around, which happens to be around the same time you were a Congressman. So were you giving him permission? By your own logic, you must have been.

Chris Rock instagrammed out a kind of darkly humorous image about the shootings, basically saying that everyone understands all mass shooters are white. I’m not going to attack Chris Rock over that. While 25% of mass shootings are done by people who look like Chris Rock, which is really about 10% of the population, and 51% of the mass shootings this year were done by people who look like Chris Rock, the liberal media only mentions race for white people. Also, Chris Rock likely did not see a picture of the Virginia Beach mass shooter from two and a half months ago. He was a black dude.

This next little spiel is tangential to the shootings. Saying Trump is a racist for claiming that illegal immigrants include criminals in their midst opened the door for this line of examination. But let me head this off right here- I’m NOT saying all Hispanics are criminals nor that the victims of El Paso deserved it, because I know how this works liberal. I will make the next assertion and you’ll decide I said something completely different no matter what I say, even if you have to lie about it, just like you did with Trump at Charlottesville. You’re an idiot.


Bobby’s white face annoys me. It drips with sanctimonious hypocrisy. He just LOOKS like a stupid rich white twit pretending to be relatable, his face says it all. Plus it vaguely reminds me of a loser frat boy I was forced to room with, who probably makes four times as much money as I do because that’s how the world works. So instead have a picture from Slick Hare used in an earlier post showing why guns are not appropriate at all venues.

Anyway, Robert Francis O’Rourke decided to repeat the claim that “immigrants” (don’t know if he meant illegal or legal or all, but probably illegal) are more law abiding than U.S. citizens. The Left says they’re DREAMers, the Left says they deserve billions of dollars and free healthcare, liberals like Elijah Cummings complain about their treatment. And what of our OWN citizens? The Left does not care. Cummings is out advocating on behalf of illegals while members of his own district are in his own words walking around zombie-like because of the drugs they’re strung out on. The Left wants to import more and more despite Obama telling us only 13 years ago that this will destroy the black community. The Left says of American citizens that they’re more likely to be criminals while illegals are morally upstanding citizens (libertarians say that as well, but the facts show that illegal immigrants are much more dangerous than the average American). MS-13 consists of divine beings according to Pelosi.

The Left also says American citizens are lazy drug addicts who need the illegals to do our jobs because we’re just too stupid and incompetent. You heard that Senator’s remarks? He basically said we should just abandon the American people and now only represent illegal immigrants! And as you saw with Cummings and Pelosi, and anyone who wants open borders despite Obama’s warnings, it’s now the Democrats’ party line that the average American is to be abandoned in favor of illegals.

Oh, one more thing, about that Senator- he was Biden’s buddy Senator from Delaware when Biden was in the Senate.

Something interesting I ran into, might as well note it here. The El Paso shooter was kind of a Leftist, the Dayton and Bernie Bro shooters were totally leftists, and while some victims statistically may have been Trump supporters the media never reported on a Trump supporter being killed by a liberal. Even though that actually did happen.

The story apparently is one of neighbors provoking each other. However, key to this is  the murderous liberal’s defense. Part of the defense is that the Republican neighbor was provoking him by placing pro-Trump signs in his yard (the killer had anti-Trump signs in his). So basically, having a pro-Trump sign can be used as justification for murdering someone, or at least that’s part of what they were going for. If a liberal is sufficiently triggered by a pro-Trump sign, then you should give them a lesser sentence if they murder the guy who put the sign up to deliberately provoke the killer. Blaming the victim. Now yes, the Republican guy may have been an asshole, but the liberal shot him, waited a few seconds standing over the motionless body, then shot him again. Then tried to claim all that was self-defense spurred by years of provocation, such as having a pro-Trump sign in the yard.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press, alleged purveyors of unbiased reporting, found that there was no political motive whatsoever in the shooting and dismissed any statements to the contrary as just being from some rightwing nuts. So I guess the killer himself was a rightwing nut, despite his anti-Trump signs and pro-liberal positions and all that. He must have been, Associated Press said so!

That’s It For Now

Saturday Night became Sunday Morning. 7am. And this post is looking pretty dern long, so I’ll just bow-out here and pick up the other hunk for Wednesday.


Senator Warren gives a white power signal after her white supremacist supporter in Dayton kills a bunch of people causing her and her allies to make a bunch of money. Image actually from Vox and taken months ago, and signal would more likely be the black power gesture.

So Far Left They’re On The Far Right


David Duke, one of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)’s supporters. Image from Politico.

I didn’t know forgot that the 2nd round of Democratic Debates was this week. Oh well, I might get to the Democratic debates next week once they’re all done, or the week after since I also need to address the Baltimore stuff (spoiler alert: I’ve been there; Trump is right).

Let me start with a recent item in the news: the DCCC got a new chief, the new chief brought in some white people, the U.S. population is 60% white, the DCCC’s staff after the changes was 51.85185185% white (they could replace two more people with whites and still be fine), so naturally Democrats complained that having a figure more diverse than the American public still made the DCCC too white so 6 white people “resigned” (hard to say it was a resignation when the alternative was being fired for being the wrong race and committing racism, because in liberal land they are racist for stopping a non-white from having that job), which means only 29.629% of the DCCC staff will be white, a figure less than half of what the actual white population in the country is.

Touching on some other points here before we get to the takeaway most relevant to this post, let’s start by looking at this attitude. When Democrats say they want diversity, this is what they mean. Now, with the actual white population being twice what liberals find tolerable, what does that say for the excess whites? Where do they go? Shall we bar them from jobs, fire them for being the wrong race as we saw with the DCCC? Refuse to hire them as we saw at the DNC? Moreover, for those who didn’t look, “DCCC” stands for “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee”. That means the very body working to elect people that represent the population DO NOT believe that their people should be representative of that population (The Squad, in particular Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), would concur). Also, Democrats are speaking out in support of their chief in the wake of what can ONLY be interpreted (by their measure) as her racist actions.


CNN’s first debate night, July 30, was a sea of white faces. Image from CNN

Now, let’s get to the relevant part: they claim the DCCC chief hired too many white people. Naturally the chair would’ve said she was totally not racist and just hired the most qualified people. Which means whites were more qualified than the non-white candidates, thus the DCCC chair believed whites were superior. No wonder all those minority groups complained! So why is the DCCC chief still there now that we know she has a pattern of hiring white people, a bias towards white people? She hired almost TWICE as many whites as were acceptable! My case gets even better if you say she was just hiring loyalists over other candidates, because it still meant she hired (and trusted) whites more than any other race.

Mask You A Question

We all agree that the FAAAAAAAAR Right/Alt-Right as the media labels it consists of Neo Nazis and Klansmen. Well, what do they believe?

  • hate Jews
  • hate Israel
  • hate Catholics
  • believe their race is the best
  • believe their religion is the best
  • want a totalitarian system of government
  • believe in segregation
  • believe everyone across different races can all be stereotyped
  • believe the entire LGBT community can be stereotyped
  • refer to non-whites as “colored people”
  • believe whites and men are superior
  • believe African Americans are unintelligent
  • believe in using minorities as slave labor

Now, let’s take a look at what the Far Left believes.

  • hate Jews
  • hate Israel
  • hate Catholics
  • believe their race is the best
  • believe their religion is the best (yes, atheism counts, and absence of criticism of Islam in the wake of anti-Christian and anti-Semitic attitudes counts as a preference)
  • want a totalitarian system of government
  • believe in segregation
  • believe everyone across different races can all be stereotyped
  • believe the entire LGBT community can be stereotyped
  • refer to non-whites as “people of color”
  • believe whites and men are superior*
  • believe African Americans are unintelligent
  • believe in using minorities as slave labor (the much ballyhooed liberal Kamala Harris did that apparently, in liberal California)
*That requires some explaining. TL;DR- how could whites/men possibly ever have reached the status of evil oppressor if the rest of the peoples are equal or superior? How does a mouse oppress a cat, or how does a winner arise from two perfectly equal cats? If all races are equal then why/how are all the non-whites ‘historically oppressed groups”? And if all genders are equal, then why/how are women a “historically oppressed group”? If all are equal, why do we need laws making sure enough women and minorities are hired? How did racism or sexism even start if all are equal? Afterall, white men are no different than black women or Asian men, right? So how did white men end up so dominant a force that laws were needed to protect the non-whites? By admitting that white men control the world to such a degree where racism and even systemic racism can exist, isn’t that an admission that anyone who isn’t a white male is inferior? Maybe not morally inferior, but certainly inferior where it counts otherwise white men never would’ve dominated the world as you claim- at between 3% and 11% of the global population (depending on what you think of as white- this is counting Hispanics too for the bigger numbers) white men would have been bested when encountering a force equal to them but greater in number. Heck, how come the women didn’t fight the sexism and overthrow the men/oppressive white men immediately since they are equal in every way and might even have a numerical advantage? And to say that whites or men or white men were better organized or really better at ANYTHING would be an admission that the other side was inferior. So, liberal, how do you get historical oppression without admitting whites and men and white men were able to oppress and thus superior? Your OWN belief system implies whites and men are superior. Can’t really call me a supremacist here liberal, it’s YOUR racist and sexist ideology that I’M complaining about!

Honestly, Ayanna, I thought it was racist to call them “brown” people and homophobic to call them “queers”.

Now you understand my title? You’ll also notice that while some are far-flung groups, most are mainstream voices. “The Squad” has crossed right on over to alt-right in the name of social justice without even noticing. Or perhaps the only difference between the Far Left and the Far Right is that the Far Left uses the word “socialist” instead of “fascist” and “non-whites” instead of “whites”. Because from someone like me who would’ve been considered a centrist not terribly long ago, there is very little difference between members of those two fringes except the labels. Like listening to “Der Kommissar” by Falco and “Der Kommissar” by After The Fire. Fitting I suppose, because the more they live the faster you will die.

Now is where a Leftist might argue that the Left just wants equality. Which is exactly why Pelosi said women deserve to be the only ones leading the world, the sole gender allowed to lead. Which is exactly why Ocasio-Cortez only wanted to put Latinos in leadership positions. Which is exactly why Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff worships a genuine Nazi as Cortez herself quotes someone who allowed Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann and monster Josef Mengele asylum in her country in exchange for wealth stolen from the murdered Jews. Which is exactly why whites need to shut up. Which is exactly why you fire and refuse to hire people based on them being white.

Which is exactly why a crowd of tolerant, sensitive Democrats laughed at Sen. Warren when she was talking about a friend with ALS. You know who else mocked the disabled as if they were untermensch? Do I really have to spell it out- it’s the same people AOC’s chief of staff’s hero mentioned above supported! (And let’s not forget the New York Times, which buried coverage of the Holocaust at the time, recently published support for that anti-Semitic BDS movement covered in links above, and recently published anti-Semitic cartoons).

Post-Debate Addendum: 32% of Democrats believe you are a racist if you are white and criticize a non-white lawmaker. With #KamalaHarrisDestroyed trending on twitter, that means according to a third of Democrats the majority of whites in their party are racist, especially since those racists support white Joe Biden who criticized Sen. Kamala Harris, thus making their party’s frontrunner a racist according to 32% of the party. And might I also point out that Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) is a white supremacist, since she believes only a white voice (hers) can raise awareness to issues of white privilege, otherwise she would NOT have told Sen. Harris and Sen. Booker that their voices were not enough, otherwise she wouldn’t even be running and would be backing one of them or Julian Castro. Instead, she is trying to become just another white president while saying her voice is absolutely needed because minority voices just aren’t enough to get the job done!
National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Los Angeles

Let’s be honest- this guy could either be a Cheeto-chompin’ Antifa keyboard warrior wannabe Brown Shirt or a Neo Nazi. But probably not Sgt. Schultz ’cause he was a nice guy. And honestly- whether it’s a socialist sending you to die in Siberia or a Nazi sending you to die in Dachau, or a Nazi/Socialist fusion like Nazi supporter AOC, does it really matter to you who’s sending you off to die? (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

What Were They Debating?

Tim_And_Eric-Its_freeFree stuff! Free Stuff! FREE STUFF! For the low admission fee of your vote, the Democrats are giving away EVERYTHING for free!

  • Free Healthcare for all citizens!

  • Free Healthcare for all noncitizens!

  • Free money for not being white!

  • Free $12,000 annually for everyone!

  • Free College!

  • Free Elimination of Pre-Existing Student Debt!

So cast your vote NOW! Political operators are standing by.

In Reality

Interesting stat– Democrats said “free” 683 times, but “America” only was uttered twice.

Another interesting thing- Democrats say they will fund their programs by stealing from the profits of companies, but they spent the whole evening badmouthing profit as if they wanted to stop it. So they want to stop the one thing they keep saying they’ll use to fund their programs, which means they either WON’T fund them anymore or WILL start stealing money from people who DON’T profit. People like me with $7,500 of credit card debt they can’t pay.

Democrats really have no freakin’ clue how to pay for their plans. Even lefty groups tell us that plans we’ve heard from the candidates for how to fund their programs won’t work, without more people than just the rich paying for it. And that’s just for the stuff they’ve told us their plans for paying!

Speaking of reality, when questioned on how they’d deal with very real Republican opposition, Democratic candidates suggested mob rule- they wanted to have mobs of people go after anyone opposed. Like we’ve seen with Antifa (which Democrats defend, as it’s part of their new fascism- that is, fascism disguised with the trappings of socialism… honestly, socialism and fascism both involve the government controlling every aspect of your life so to the person being stomped on it makes no difference what color the boot is) and Maxine Waters ordering her followers to chase Republicans out of public spaces, and even the New York Times demanding border patrol agents be assaulted in public (what NYT calls for matches the legal definition of assault, as does what Waters calls for). Alleged frontrunner Kamala Harris outright suggested a dictatorship.

Hmmm… a dictatorship where the leader does whatever they want with no opposition while mobs of people attack you if you disagree or if the government tells them to. What country are these candidates trying to lead again? Do any of them have funny-looking mustaches? I know a lot of liberals are frustrated artists (or art majors or “artists” in the musician sense, but you get the idea), so that’s another step in this direction.

Another reality is that the country is not as far Left as the candidates. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough got it right in his scathing criticism, whereas CNN tried to deny that the candidates were talking open borders or universal healthcare while at the same time saying that such positions were mainstream among Americans (they aren’t).

992 Arguments


Image from New York Times

The candidates did not do a good job of showing a unified front. The aforementioned Scarborough even went so far as to say that anyone watching who hated Trump’s style would be turned off by the Democrats’ similar belligerence towards one another. NBC outright declared Trump as the winner of the debates. And what were they arguing over? How far Left they can go on issues that most Americans already think are extremist.

One argument which exemplifies arguing over far-left positions was the one between Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro. Castro was arguing for decriminalizing all border crossings, while O’Rourke was trying to say that Castro was focusing on a narrow population of immigrants. The thing is- as Obama’s DHS Secretary said– Castro was basically arguing for open borders, despite Castro telling us back in April that nobody on the Democratic stage or in their party wanted open borders. I guess not, because as we saw in both nights they didn’t talk about “open borders”, they only talked about making it legal to enter anytime you want and providing free health insurance to anyone who comes in. Perhaps the phrase “open borders” was not uttered, so on a technicality maybe Castro was right.

This didn’t happen at the debate but it goes towards that whole “unity” thing and touches on issues brought up in the debates: it’s worth noting here that candidate Cory Booker believes that Bernie Sanders is a literal Nazi (and as you see later, Bernie Sanders is also a racist, so in a party where BERNIE FREAKIN’ SANDERS is a Nazi and a racist, with widespread support for that belief based on how much support Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have despite their views I outline, do you think there’s room for tolerance or diversity of thought?), and also believes that Fareed Zakaria is a literal Nazi, based on Booker’s claim that denying asylum to ANYONE makes us Nazis. If Bernie is now a Nazi based on rhetoric from other Democrat candidates, and the party apparently supporting this by virtue of the fact that Booker made it to the first two debates, and has been one of what Time refers to as “soaring politicians”.


Then you have Kamala Harris attacking Joe Biden over busing. For those who don’t know, busing was the practice of taking kids from one school district and having them attend schools in another district to encourage integration. But it wasn’t popular, and wasn’t even legal. Not many parents liked the idea (Joe Scarborough and Joe Biden referenced this) of their kid attending a school just as good as their own that was an hour away (as good or better, black-only schools ended up being largely inferior to their white counterparts, but as we see with Democrats opposing vouchers for poor black kids to attend private schools, school quality is not relevant- also note that they don’t want poor black kids attending the private schools they themselves attended). Now, imagine the impact on working-class families who can’t afford to take time off to drive that hefty distance if their kid needs an emergency pickup or has a school function that needs a parents’ support, or imagine the impact on the 7 year old who is now more isolated than they’ve ever been in their lives, with the closest person they trust being hours away. Heck, with our hair-trigger CPS taking kids from parents who just let kids play in the front yard unsupervised, it’s hard to imagine busing even being considered today!

Here’s a Bidenism on the topic-

"you take people who aren't racist, people who are good citizens, 
who believe in equal education and opportunity, 
and you stunt their children's intellectual growth by 
busing them to an inferior school…and you're going to 
fill them with hatred."

Much like Kamala Harris. Being a vicious (her people lied and cheated to put innocent people in prison, and Harris fought hard to KEEP those innocent people in prison) prosecutor (who unseated a real progressive by promising to put more people in jail) like her takes a lot of hatred (I wonder if her marrying a white guy is a Freudian thing- promising to lock up more blacks, marrying a white person, in general being fierce, am I seeing signs of resentment against her black parents for abandoning her to the buses? And, she supported legislation that would put kids who skipped school in jail, something else that makes one wonder about her childhood.), and if you’ve watched her in the Senate you know she’s filled to the brim with hatred. So Joe predicted that someone like Harris would come from busing.

And here’s something else Joe said-

"That, to me, is the most racist concept you can come up with. 
What it says is, 'In order for your child with curly black hair, 
brown eyes, and dark skin to be able to learn anything, 
he needs to sit next to my blond-haired, blue-eyed son.' 
That's racist! Who the hell do we think we are, 
that the only way a black man or woman can learn is 
if they rub shoulders with my white child?"

That’s a pretty damn woke argument for someone in the 70s, but hate-filled Kamala cares more about exploiting differences in order to win so naturally she’d characterize opposition Biden’s woke opposition as racist.

Kamala Harris turned any opposition to busing into an issue of race. You’re not just a bad parent if you want to send your child away, alone and helpless, you’re a racist! According to Harris, being a good parent and caring about kids is now racist. Harris openly said she wanted the federal government to force family separation (ironically, she opposes the real thing for illegal immigrants, so she’s fine splitting American families but thinks it’s a humanitarian disaster to do that to people that come here illegally- and yes, forcing a child to travel hours away from home, hours away from help, hours from security, is family separation! Just ask the kids and parents… except Harris, because as described above she seems to have been damaged by it all so she’d never admit it was wrong) Scarborough didn’t get into this much detail, but he was right with criticizing what many consider to be one of Harris’ crowning moments that evening.

And if you ask me, Kamala’s tale of being one of the kids bused explains a lot. As a prosecutor she made a career out of separating black families, ripping kids from parents, just like what happened to her.

Here’s a recent Bernie Sanders quote on busing:

"Does anybody think it's a good idea to put a kid on a bus, 
travel an hour to another school and to another neighborhood 
that he or she doesn't know? That's not the optimal. 
What is the optimal is to have great community 
schools which are integrated"

Kamala does not seem to agree, because by her stated measures in the debate all opposition to busing puts you on the racist wrong side of history. She did not allow for any nuance or reasons, it was a very rigid totalitarian “with me or against me”, the same attitude seen in her zealous prosecutions and the same attitude seen in her advocating for a dictatorship. Kamala’s surge in polls after the debate shows that the Democratic Party is ready for an absolutist dictator who’s ready to tell you you’re a racist even if she’s referencing a very unpopular policy.

Rigged System

Some candidates say their mics weren’t even on, and it’s clear Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the favorite of the debate hosts when planning for that first night. Echoes of 2016, when we learned the DNC was actively trying to squash non-Hillary candidates. Other candidates were out complaining that the rules to get onto the debate stage were too exclusive.



Will voters read the fine print? Image from EZ Link, an obvious model for the modern DNC (and if you really want to get into it, their renaming of socialism to social justice and Green living match EZ Link being renamed to Global Link just to fool a new set of people).

Harris came off as a racist fascist, all candidates seemed like they wanted an army of brown shirts attacking anyone opposed (afterwards, Mayor Buttigieg who can’t even handle race relations in his own city warned blacks that if the police weren’t abolished (I assume that’s what he meant by eliminate racist institutions, since liberals tell us the police are racist) and blacks didn’t get money for being black (reparations would not discriminate between blacks who arrived after slavery or blacks who had white slaveholder ancestors) then there’d be a new civil war which clearly violates laws about calling for insurrection), and they all (except Hickenlooper, who belongs on that stage as much in 2019 as Jim Webb belonged their in 2015- ie people I might actually vote for do not belong on the Democratic stage!) want to import millions of voters with open borders policies and then give them all free healthcare and free education without having any idea how to pay for it, in fact they actively trashed the one way they repeatedly cite for paying for it, so if they had their way and funded their programs by stealing profits they’d run out of money anyway by destroying that whole idea of profit.

In answer to the titular question of this post, they were debating how far Left each of them were. In other words, they were debating where they would fall on my convenient chart. For those looking for a chart like the one I’ve used earlier, that’s located under the convenient chart. Because it is very inconvenient. These charts are more about the victimhood points the candidates can claim as well as some of their positions. It doesn’t reflect how loud they can yell or how much media support they have.

dem presidential desirabilty in short



dem presidential desirabilty

Where The Anti-Semites Play Part II: Tlaib’s Terror


Image from Getty Images

Part One, which I will link to and use evidence from without citing throughout this post, can be found here. Mostly because I only want to have to link back to one page when I cite this later.

Honestly, I debated waiting another week to see what other gems Democrats would give me. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) must have read what I wrote last week and said “HA! If he thinks that’s bad, let him see THIS!”. Because the day after Holocaust Remembrance Day. she stated that the Holocaust gives her a “calming feeling” because the Palestinians welcomed Jews fleeing the Holocaust with open arms. As you read last week, as anyone with any understanding of history knows, it took 30 years for the British to force the Arabs, Palestinians included, to accept a Jewish presence, and even at that the Arabs, Palestinians included, fought tooth and nail to STOP the Jews from living there immediately after the Holocaust, immediately after PALESTINIAN leadership promised Hitler they’d exterminate the Jews in their region (pictured here is the Palestinian leader meeting with Hitler, possibly that very meeting I just mentioned). And they continued fighting the Jewish presence for the next 71 years, and will keep fighting it longer. Tlaib is one of those fighting the Jewish presence, continuing the same anti-Semitic violence that her Palestinian ancestors greeted Jews with.


If it weren’t for this caption, you’d be hard-pressed to tell if this was during the Holocaust or during Palestinian resistance to Jews in 1947-1949. Either way, it gives Tlaib a “calming feeling”.

Now, Tlaib is catching flak for that first line about the “calming feeling”, sort of disconnecting it from the rest of the sentence which is as much a lie about history as when terrorist spokeswoman and fundraiser Ilhan Omar gave her speech to CAIR. I’ll defend Tlaib partly on that point- she makes it clear that it’s a calming feeling only in the context of the lie about her ancestors helping the Jews. So taken at face value, she didn’t really say anything wrong assuming everything in her statement is true. But A: she was lying through her teeth, the Palestinians wanted Jews dead then as much as now and B: YOU DON’T SAY ANY TRAGEDY GIVES YOU A CALMING FEELING! THAT’S POLITICS 101 YOU MEATHEAD!

“Slavery gives me a calming feeling because I think of how the Civil War showed whites were willing to fight for the freedom of people they thought were inferior” is equivalent to what Tlaib said and any Republican would be made a nonperson if they said it! In fact, what Steve King was exiled from the GOP for saying was equivalent to what Tlaib said. You’ll notice that Tlaib is still happily sitting on the “Oversight and Reform” and “Financial Services” committees in the House of Representatives while Democrats defend what she said (the managing editor at the mainstream polling firm Zogby said that attacking Omar and Tlaib over their anti-Semitism and pro-terrorist positions amounted to Islamophobia- which means either he doesn’t pay attention to what they say, or he believes all Muslims feel this way thus justifying anyone who really has Islamophobic beliefs… so he can either claim to be stupid or claim that Islamophobics are 100% correct, because those are the only two possible explanations behind his statement given the facts).

Maybe the rest of the Democratic Party gets a warm fuzzy feeling from Holocaust Denial stories? Because that’s almost what Tlaib said, separated only by 3 years. The Jews in Europe went from the Holocaust frying pan into the Arabic fire, the Palestinians wanted exactly what the Nazis wanted, and the Jews spent the next 71 years fireproofing themselves. Meanwhile, Tlaib STILL wants to finish that war from 1948 with her BDS support. THAT’S what Republicans should be focusing on, because without adding this further insight about how much of a lie what she says is, and just focusing on the “calming feeling” phrasing, they are doing exactly what Tlaib is accusing them of: twisting her words.

As for Tlaib’s claim that any opposition to her is racist: she’s the one participating in what I guess should be termed as post-Holocaust Denial. It goes worse than that- not only does she lie about the Palestinians slaughtering Jews, she says the JEWS are the evil ones in all this! The Palestinians tried to kill the Jews and carried out various pogroms even before the Jews were resettled to Israel, land which I’ll remind you again the Palestinians did NOT have control over anymore. But Tlaib tells you that the Palestinians welcomed the Jews, who then formed the Jewish State of Israel and started genocide or whatever against the Palestinians. Pick up a history book and you’ll see Tlaib is lying. And while Tlaib paints the Palestinazis (because remember- their leader agreed to work with Hitler to kill Jews) as saviors and Jews as villains, she is greeted with applause by the Democratic crowd that showed up for the taping of NBC’s Late Night with Seth Myers, an interview in which Tlaib literally says you are a stupid racist if you believe that the Palestinazis tried to exterminate the battered and broken Jews, rather than believing that the Jews tried to exterminate the happy and welcoming Palestinians. Based on the reception from the mainstream late night host and his crowd of Democrats, Tlaib’s pro-Palestinazi perversion of history is mainstream Democratic Party thinking. NBC executives didn’t can her appearance, the crowd laughed and cheered, the host was very welcoming, millions tuned in to watch it, companies did NOT boycott it, thus we can only conclude that millions of Democrats and billions of dollars BELIEVE Tlaib. Except, surprisingly, CNN who are now stupid and racist according to Tlaib.


Image from Wikimedia, showing how the Palestinians and their allies welcome the Jews after the Holocaust. Tlaib said this welcoming is why the Holocaust gives her a “calming feeling”.

The historical inaccuracy goes even further than what I was able to think of off the top of my head- Jews had been fleeing to that area for a long time before the Palestinians welcomed them post-Holocaust with open “arms”… well, “arms opening fire” is a better way to phrase it. In fact, Palestinians had been attacking Jews in the region for that whole time too, though it didn’t explode into open war until the late 1940s. A Jewish state was rejected for the region too, before the Holocaust. In actuality, it looks like the Palestinians barely tolerated the Jewish presence, killing Jews just before the Holocaust, supporting Nazis before the war, then their leader met with Hitler and pledged to exterminate the Jews (“Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine & the Arab world” is what the Palestinian leader at the time wrote), then finally decided to do it themselves after the Nazis were defeated, killing a bunch of Jews even before a Jewish State was voted on at the U.N. So the time Tlaib is praising the Palestinians for acting during, it was that very time period where they became the MOST opposed to Jews being in the area. Also, Tlaib is speaking as if the Jews were a foreign intruder rather than the historical owners of that region- the Jews controlled that area until Tlaib’s ancestors raped and murdered the Jews living there. So even if what Tlaib said were true, her idea of generosity is tolerating a Jewish presence in an area that Tlaib’s ancestors stole from Jews by raping and murdering them. How kind of her. I suppose Indian Reservations give her a warm and fuzzy feeling about the Trail of Tears?

But you know, that point about how out of centuries of potential tolerance, Tlaib picks one of the most intolerant periods to glorify, it seems to be an overall pattern with Democrats that I mentioned last time– out of the many good Muslims in the country, Democrats rallied behind Omar and Tlaib instead. Democrats can’t seem to find a good Muslim anywhere though, last week they had an openly anti-Israel Imam deliver the House prayer. I guess that goes right along with the Dems in 2012 letting someone connected with the 9/11 attackers, someone whose son ran terrorist training camps, deliver the opening prayer for one of their events at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Which goes along thematically with letting the Taliban-praising homophobic father of the Orlando Nightclub shooter deliver an address at the Democratic National Convention, where Democrats praised him. That was 2016, when Democrats were still mainstream enough that Hillary Clinton could be their candidate, they’ve now spent 2 and a half years moving Leftward of that position where they thought the Taliban-lovin (the Taliban is, not coincidentally, seen as anti-Semitic)‘ homophobic Muslim was mainstream… so it’s no wonder they’re behind Tlaib and Omar.

As a quick aside- Tlaib tries to say that her support for a One-State Solution is different than groups like Hamas and BDS which she backs and defends… so pretty much she’s lying about that too, and very badly since she’s openly supported the very groups whose ideology she claims she does not support.

Time For Some Republican Shaming


Fake News CNN would never have such an accurate chyron. Original unedited image from CNN, edited one you see here from MS Paint

I looked all this up at 5:30am two days after it all went down. Washington Examiner gave a proper response describing the history around the topic, New York Post at least mentioned a sentence on it (in a piece cited earlier), whereas Rep. Lee Zeldin, Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. Liz Cheney and Fox News… didn’t have diddly about it in their writings. That means CNN had a better response! Heck, the New York Times in its DEFENSE of Tlaib noted that she got the details on the Palestinians horribly wrong!

Zeldin SHOULD have noted like I did that Tlaib wants a Muslim majority controlling the Jews in the Middle East, and should have noted that Tlaib aligns with the anti-Semites who want that, and should have noted what would happen if the Jews no longer had control of their country in a region that has wanted them exterminated since the first Muslims raped and killed their way into controlling Jerusalem. Instead, we get a sort of foundationless statement- he tells us it is a problem but not WHY, so it just looks vaguely Islamophobic and definitely allows apologists of the anti-Semitic BDS movement room to spread their propaganda and further delegitimize their opponents.

Fox News, Scalise, and Cheney SHOULD have made statements including how fictitious Tlaib’s remarks were. Heck, at the least they could’ve said something like “Tlaib claims Holocaust gives her a “calming feeling” because of how Palestinians treated Jews during and after it. Palestinians MURDERED Jews during and after it.” That would’ve worked, there isn’t a lie in there, they did not twist her words. They merely summarize what she said and then add historical context. In that tweet-sized blurb Tlaib and her protectors would be forced to defend her lies about history. Instead, Republicans simply gave her an out by attacking her in a way that allowed her to say they were merely twisting her words.

I wonder though- was it an accident? Did Tlaib let her true feelings about the Holocaust slip out, then realizing the problem she went on to denounce it and give a false interpretation of history by lying about the Palestinian response, so that way if Republicans challenged her she could say either they twisted her words or that Palestinians didn’t attack Jews and everyone was lied to? Thus her slip-of-the-tongue serves to spread anti-Semitism while also becoming a tool to attack Republicans with, two goals she is more than happy to pursue.

A CAIRing Ending

I just want to touch a little more on CAIR here. Tlaib shared the stage with an Imam known for his hatred of women, LGBT folks, and Jews at an event designed to raise money for CAIR. CAIR CHOSE that speaker, and TLAIB agreed to share the stage with him at that event, to raise money for the organization that supports him and his views. A lot is made about how Trump even retweeting something from a white supremacist makes him one, well what the hell does this make Tlaib?! And what does it make CAIR?

Well, as I mentioned last time of CAIR we know Ilhan Omar lied about its founding. I can also add that more than a dozen leaders of the terrorist-linked group have been arrested for ties to terrorism. But there’s more than that. I came across it in this article about how Muslim children at a mosque in Philadelphia were singing about beheading people in Jerusalem. I’ll conclude with that, but as for CAIR I saw this paraphrase of a diatribe from CAIR’s founder and former co-chairman Omar Ahmad: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant… the only accepted religion on Earth”. He said that in 1998. Contrast that to Omar saying CAIR was founded in or after 2001 to advance the rights of Muslims that George W. Bush was oppressing even though as I said CAIR had PRAISED Bush for NOT suppressing Muslim rights. Literally nothing Omar said in her statement was true, except that line about those people who did stuff.

Another useful quote from CAIR’s current spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper, in 1993: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future. But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.” Education like what Omar and Tlaib received no doubt.

So… CAIR has anti-Semitic speakers, ties with anti-Semitic terrorist groups (Hamas as mentioned previously being such a group), and as they themselves admit want to wipeout all other religions including Judaism, while Omar and Tlaib raise money for them and share the stage with anti-Semites, anti-woman, and anti-LGBT people. Tlaib and Omar also support the self-defined anti-Semitic BDS movement. Tlaib’s revision of Palestinian history paints the Jews as the villain and ignores the Palestinazis’ attempted 2nd Holocaust. And the Democratic Party backs these two in full. They get all sorts of soft interviews, defense form leading Dems, profiles in major magazines, appearances before cheering crowds and thrilled late-night hosts on major TV networks. The Democrats back CAIR just as much- heck, anytime there’s an accusation of Islamophobia against a Republican you can bet that the DNC media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc) will have at least a quote from a CAIR representative if not a full-on interview with one. And then you turn around and say Republicans are the real anti-Semites. Look, meet me halfway: at least admit that Democrats aren’t any better!

As for the video: the Muslim American Society was fully aware of what those kids were singing about and did not care at all, they must’ve thought it was a good thing I guess, until it got translated into English. Then they suddenly found outrage… at the people who felt threatened by a mosque teaching its kids to murder. But they also said that the whole several minute long musical number was a mistake, just an oversight. Nobody pulled the plug on it as it was happening, the parents of those children did not object to the performance in the weeks it must’ve taken to put it together and even while it was happening, no one said anything about it until the video was translated. In other words- until it became a PR nightmare, they thought it was acceptable! Here’s the quote we get on it, from Amir Qasim Rashad of the United Muslim Masjid in South Philadelphia: ““Places of worship used to be sacred, but now they are the target,” Rashad said. “And it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a mosque or synagogue or church.”

He DOES realize that this was all in response to a mosque teaching children to murder, right? Or maybe Amir has the Palestinian line of thinking that somehow hiding your murderous attacks behind something sacred or civilian should protect you from retribution? Because Amir’s statement that teaching murder in a mosque makes them immune from a response is no different than the Palestinian (and Democratic Party’s) reasoning that launching rocket attacks on Jewish civilians from a hospital or school or otherwise shielding yourself with an inoffensive non-target should make you immune from a counterattack and criticism (Not like the Palestinians need to, the media never had anything but sympathetic coverage for Hamas. CNN went so far as to say that all members of the Jewish State are fair targets and there’s no such thing as an Israeli civilian, and also asked a pro-Israeli teen if she was “brain dead”- the media is quite fond of Palestine and HATES Israel).


If were up to the people these two raise money for and share the stage with, the Jews would be extinct. Either Omar and Tlaib are absolute morons or dangerously anti-Semitic. AND WHY CAN’T DEMOCRATS FIND ANY GOOD MUSLIMS!? The best they had was Keith Ellison, whose only ties to anti-Semitism are his association with Farrakhan years ago. I KNOW a pretty cool Muslim who’s in politics and has no anti-Semitic ties (that I’m aware of, he’s certainly not an anti-Semite). If I, in my insular life, can meet one such person then surely the Democrats can field a candidate or two like that… right? Or is it because Ellison, Omar, and Tlaib represent the ideals of the party? The warm reception the Leftist media and audiences gives them indicates that to be the case. Image from Associated Press

Can The Center Hold?


Image From Daily Beast

Not “centrists” in the traditional sense, they’re an endangered species. I mean the “center” of the Democrat Party. The ones who are trying to bring all the conflicting ideologies together. The ones who are trying to bring the different identity-politics aggrieved groups together. We’re told there’s more uniting (Senator Klobuchar’s remarks) Democrats than dividing them, but listen to what’s uniting them: a hatred of Trump and Republicans. So what will happen when Democrats have no more external rivals?

We Already Saw That

It seemed certain Dems would be in power forever. Hillary was going to be President, Obama bypassed Congress and proved you only needed the presidency and bureaucracy to run the country, and the Republicans cowered from resisting anytime a journalist so much as looked in their direction. Now that the country was unified it was time for the factions to address their grievances. Time for Obama to be for gay marriage after being


Yeah, this pic again. I’m doing another “bottle article“- no new images.  Image from

against it when he was running for President after he was for it while still in Chicago, time for black lives to matter, there is no such thing as radical Islam, there is no such thing as voter fraud, there is no such thing as someone living in this country who can’t vote, there is no such thing as a southern border and the government will sue if you try to enforce one, and there is no such thing as a socialist government that failed (a question I like posing: if trickle-down economics doesn’t work because the people at the top are evil and keep all the money, how would trickle-down government, ie socialism, work any better? What is Government but a corporation with a gun pointed at you?).

Democrats eventually rallied behind Hillary to try and defeat the evil Trump, but before Trump was the candidate, when it seemed certain they’d win, Democrats were tearing each other to pieces.

  • Someone dared challenge Hillary Clinton on her superpredators remark.
  • Bernie was able to give the party elders a run for their money
  • the current Deputy Chairman of the DNC endorsed Bernie, and so did members of the national committee.
  • the party was divided on policy issues, like gun-grabbing and socialist policies.
  • Black Lives Matter, which only 12% of the black community opposes and which most Democrats support, fought the LGBTQ community (because they weren’t black-centric)
  • Even Vox, in March of 2016, saw fit to publish “American politics has reached peak polarization”, which indicates that internal divisions in the DNC were at their highest ever

Fragmentation Grenade

This fragmentation briefly disappeared in time for Democrats to unite behind Hillary at the voting booth, but when that effort failed their coalition collapsed. Open hatred of whites became even more mainstream, socialism is now their new platform, open borders is their future (DNC Chair Perez claimed that open-borders socialist Alexandria “right of passage” Ocasio-Cortez was the future of the party, interestingly enough she also wants to make sure every person in this country whether legal or otherwise,

patent-medicine-ad-yesterday's papers

No, really! Socialism totally works! It’ll do all this great stuff for you. Trust us. Image from Yesterday’s Papers

without paying a dime, gets free money and the government gives them free medical care, an interesting proposition to bankrupt the working people because the rich will do what they do in all hightax situations and flee to another country (like say one of those socialist European paradises the Left always mentions which actually abandoned socialism, and even if Ocasio-Cortez seized every penny our millionaires owned there wouldn’t be enough to pay for all these socialist programs, just ask Bernie) leaving the workers to pay for her programs and the new non-working residents the programs attract from poor countries, some socialist she is! Democrats, including her, in total have asked for $42.5 Trillion in new spending over 10 years. They suggest cutting funding from the military to finance this… except we’re already almost $20 Trillion in debt, our total GDP in 2017 was just shy of $20 Trillion, we’re expecting only $3.4 Trillion in tax revenue, our budget calls for about $4.1 Trillion already on domestic spending, and defense spending will only be just under $700 billion in 2018, while if only Ocasio-Cortez’s guaranteed-jobs plan were in place this year it’d cost $680 billion, basically the ENTIRE military budget. If all Democrat plans are put into place, we’ll be spending $8.35 Trillion with a tax revenue of only $3.4 Trillion. So what will Ocasio-Cortez do for the rest of her stuff, print money? Tax the rich whether legally or otherwise (helpful hint- it won’t help, you’d net maybe another $700 Billion even if you took every cent they had, barely enough again to pay for JUST ONE program she proposed)? Do we get Official Ocasio-Cortez Wacky Bucks? Will she seize the means of production and use our full $20 Trillion GDP? But hey, she’s very representative of millennials in general, who believe socialism like this is ideal and cutting military spending and raising taxes and getting the wealthy to pay their fair share are magical goodies makers and that these goodies need to be funneled from the government to the population, where the government takes a cut to fund the new bureaucracies created to give you that money when the IRS is all that’s needed, giving you money is already part of their job if you overpaid on taxes. Sigh. Does anyone remember back when Democrats were cutting taxes on the wealthy, to beneath what Republicans did? Because anyone who says the economy does better under Democrats and their high taxes only gets half the picture.). Meanwhile, party elders like Senate Minority Leader Schumer are being protested by their own voters, and House Minority Leader Pelosi seems like she missed a memo when she said that we should be strong on borders, sounding a lot like a Republican. Why isn’t Univision calling her a racist?

As for other elements of the Left’s coalition:

  • Pelosi’s latino angels are firebombing black families
  • Nancy Pelosi herself admitted that she does not believe in gender equality, rather, she believes women should be dominant. In fact, Pelosi in her own words believes women are entitled to such dominance. Anyone paying attention to South Africa, where with Obama’s support (note that Obama praised this guy, who talked of targeting whites until they had nothing left, much like the Nazis with the Jews, and doubtless with a similar eventuality- I mean after all, what do you think people like him will do with whites once they have nothing more to give, give them a “universal basic income”? HA! Sure, a basic income of watered-down soup and moldy bread crumbs) we’re seeing what a previously oppressed group does when it’s told it’s entitled to lead.
  • white people, of course, must shut up, the same whites who put money into that little girl’s campaign coffers. (Yes, I standby characterizing her as a little girl, because only children rebel like that against their parents- in this case, donors)
  • the DNC told its staff that whites, again: their money bags, should not apply for jobs with them
  • and stuff like this, again targeting whites… where are we, South Africa? No wonder Trevor Noah has a show…
  • Liberals love to hate PACs and the rich. Well, guess who uses them way more. The same party that received more money in campaign contributions (Democrats, for those who didn’t follow the link). Biting the hand that feeds you!
  • #MeToo has been harsh on Dems. Most of the Hollywooders involved, like big donor Harvey Weinstein, are Dem donors of course. And several Democrats in office were taken out.
  • the black community still hates homosexuals (even the politicians love homophobe Farrakhan, as do 50% of blacks as of March this year)
  • …and the hatred is mutual
  • a third of American Muslims openly don’t like homosexuals (the numbers are improving, but I still wouldn’t suggest asking one to bake your cake, and I reeeally would be skeptical of a Congresswoman who repeatedly says her Palestinian heritage of “gays get 3 bullets to the chest” keeps her going)
  • speaking of mutual hatreds, how the donors and the socialists?
  • And of course we have the wild shift to the Left, which left Rep. Crowley in the dust and will consign more moderate Dems to the dustbin of history, and which as mentioned led to Democrats actually turning against their party elders re: Bernie.
  • Such a shift to the Left that the lefties now think “liberal” is a pejorative because it means someone who isn’t far enough to the Left

Don’t Rock The Boat, Baby


Evidently, Trump is unifying and energizing the party in a way Hillary and Obama failed to do. You should thank him. He was a Democrat after all, maybe this is some kind of infiltration thing he’s doing. Image from

I’d say the media are doing a good job, by praising the socialists and not publishing anything bad about the establishment. Trump has been a hero to the media on that account- they can fill their news cycle 24/7 with stories about him, and ignore Democrat divisions. And also ignore 66 people being shot in one weekend in Chicago, 30 of them in 3 hours, but as Family Guy pointed out no one cares about blacks shooting each other. (Don Lemon seems to agree, he spent his programs immediately after the shooting calling Trump a racist for daring to call Lemon an idiot.) Oh yeah, and ignore how it was Muslims that were responsible for the starving kidnapped kids in Arizona. Funny how that detail slipped by in all the anti-Trump rage.

Stuffing it under the carpet that you hope your female demographic licks is one tactic. Another is the above notation on Senator Klobuchar, who acknowledged there are divisions but say their common enemy unites them. Of course AFTER Trump is through, that common enemy would be either capitalism or whites in general.

Then you have the Pelosi tactic of trying to say you agree with both sides, even if that leads to a contradiction between demanding strong border security as shown above and championing open borders. But like we saw with RINOs such as Dean Heller and Susan Collins, it’s easy to take positions opposite of what you truly believe when your party is in the minority thus not allowing you to act anyway.

You Uh… You Didn’t Answer The Question

Can the center hold? Nope. If Republicans win, the Dems shift even farther Left with the centrists either becoming radicalized or splitting from the party. If Republicans lose, the Democrat coalition falls apart because it still has all of that anger and hatred, but now doesn’t have a satisfying target, except the other folks on their team who suddenly seem quite different now that it comes time to pick apart America’s corpse and decide who gets the biggest share. Should it be women who’ve been oppressed by everyone for all of history? Should it be blacks who had to suffer through America’s “African Holocaust“?(I’m a little confused by this lady’s remarks- no one confronts the horrors of slavery? That’s news to me, it seems every day some Lefty, every other day a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, throws that in the face of a white GOPer, and certainly Trump has been attacked with it. Maybe she’s one of the millions that don’t watch CNN.) Should it be illegal immigrants who we all hate because they’re brown rather than because they broke laws and expect special favors for it, and who we stole the Southwest from before they could finish killing the natives? Should it be Muslim-Americans whom we’re all racist against because of Bush or something? Should it be the LGT community (which has about twice the membership of the Muslim community, is barely half the size of the official illegal immigrant community of 11 million that we’ve magically had for over 10 years despite repeated border surges, but is only a fraction of the Black and Hispanic communities- I’m not counting bisexuals because the L’s, G’s, and T’s hate them) because this group too has historically been oppressed, even in the socialist utopias that the liberal news outlet of choice New York Times praised (with one article praising how heterosexual women had better heterosexual sex under communism, ignoring how they’d be arrested for having lesbian sex- kind of homophobic to talk about how great heterosexual sex is in a country where being homosexual is illegal, isn’t it.)? That’s a lot of different groups that are going to want the biggest slice, and that already didn’t turn out well for the women’s march



The Case for the Deep State

(*Update: Even as I wrote this article, Andrew McCabe resigned from his position at the FBI.)


A year ago, if you told me there was some kind of Deep State within our government I would have probably laughed at you. Even with the DNC and Media trying to influence the election, the thought that there was an internal force influencing things was just too much for me to believe. A year later however, it has become clear to me that the external forces I just mentioned act in concert with an internal force within our government that is dedicated to advancing a certain agenda. The idea that a cabal of unelected officials is making decisions with no respect to the will of the American people is a scary thought, but the evidence is there. And the scariest thing is that they are seeing an unthinkable amount of success working against our president.

How Did it Start and to Whom do They Answer?


Barack Obama Image from

Make no mistake, there is no mystery as to who the Deep State works for. The Deep State really started to form in 2009, during the first term of President Barack Obama. The very nature of the Deep State itself is that it is composed of officials appointed by Barack Obama and the people they hired within multiple government agencies. As such, there is no question that the Deep State serves the political agenda of the Democratic Party, and they are willing to go as far as undermining our Republic and committing criminal acts to make sure the ill-gotten gains of the past 8 years are not undone. This includes the dismantling of their own power structure within the government agencies. The Deep State has operated with very little opposition for the past 8 years, and so like roaches that can survive a nuclear apocalypse, they are very hard to uproot.


George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

So how can I pinpoint when the Deep State was formed with such certainty? That is quite simple, looking at the 2 previous administrations as well as the current administration, one can observe the differences in resistance to the executive office’s agenda. During the Administration of George Bush, he faced average resistance, however he was able to operate a functional government and at no time were whole agencies working against him. This is typical of a presidential administration, Bush had individuals within those agencies go rouge but never an entire agency. During Barack Obamas Presidency however he did not have any agencies work against him, however they were too cooperative and acted as his cronies to attack political opposition. This is not normal at all for a Presidential Administration and it constitutes a severe breach of ethics that borders on criminal behavior. Finally, during the Trump Administration, we see whole agencies leaking partial information designed to damage the president, engaging in wasteful and clearly partisan investigations against the president, colluding against the president, dereliction of duty, all things that are so totally abnormal.

State of Unintelligence


Intelligence Agencies have done a huge amount of dirty work for the Deep State.

As I mentioned before the culprits are political appointees and those hired by them, and nowhere is the behavior more brazen and more dangerous than in the intelligence communities. This first became apparent in February when reports came out that along with agents leaking information to damage the president, Intelligence agencies like the CIA were actually withholding intelligence information from President Trump. The next scandal to arise involved the fact that intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration illegally acquired FISA warrants to wiretap the phones of Trump’s Associates, using a widely discredited dossier which was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. What is really scandalous to me is that figures like FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who knew about this and lied under oath about it are still allowed to hold onto their positions*. Even chronically dishonest Chuck Schumer Puppet James Comey was fired for his corruption.


Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had exchanged a huge volume of text messages expressing their hatred of Trump before and during their involvement in the farcical Russian Collusion investigation. -Image from

Another big scandal involving the Deep State ridden FBI also involves the fraudulent Russia Investigation and the inadequate Clinton Email Investigation. FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who had both worked on Robert Mullers Russia Probe were found to have expressed a clear bias against Donald Trump in messages found on their FBI Mobile Devices. This beautiful scandal has blossomed like a Bloomin Onion at Outback Steakhouse, with missing texts which were mysteriously recovered when the heat was put on the FBI. Some choice material within those texts were not just plain anti-Trump talk but also talk of a secret society to take Trump down after the election and efforts to hamper the Clinton Email investigation. Of course, predictably the Alt-Left Media continues to poo-poo the investigations and the accusations even as it blows up in their face.

Ministry of Love


Derrick Watson was appointed to the Federal Bench by Barack Obama.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece about fascism “1984”, there was a so-called “Ministry of Love” that was supposed to deal out justice but instead furthered the corrupt machinations of “Big Brother”. During his 8 years in office, Obama through a series of judicial and departmental appointments managed to turn our judicial system, including the DOJ, into the Democrats own private Ministry of Love. Even now that rot exists, especially in the corrupt 9th Circut of the federal courts which have routinely tried to prevent the Trump Administration’s agenda with a series of rulings that ignored the laws of this country and served only the politics of this countries political left. Take for example the case of judge Derrick Watson, a political appointee from the Obama Regime who ruled against the Trump Travel ban 3 times based off of cases with a flimsy pretext, and has been overruled by the Supreme Court every time an appeal made it to their desk. Even after having his ruling overturned by the Supreme Court the first time, Judge Watson tried to effectively invalidate the Supreme Courts decision by presenting an opportunistic interpretation of the language of their ruling, an interpretation which also got overturned.


Robert Muller was appointed to be the supposedly impartial Special Counsel into allegations of Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, however, his probe has only lead to a scandal surrounding his own actions.

Next, of course, we have the phony Russian Collusion probe headed by Robert Muller, a hardcore leftist and longtime friend of James Comey. From the start of this farce, he has shown that he never intended to perform an impartial probe, opting to appoint a cavalcade of far left anti-trump judges and lawyers to his investigation team. He has also violated normal courtesies afforded to a cooperative suspect when he ordered an early morning armed raid on Paul Manaforts home where agents manhandled him and his wife, a clear attempt at intimidation. And of course, it doesn’t help that the only indictments he has filed so far are against Trump aids and their associates for alleged crimes that have no connection to the 2016 election, prompting one of them to file a lawsuit against Mueller and the DOJ. Luckily this corrupt behavior will hopefully result not just in Mueller’s Probe being ended as well as his own prosecution, we may even see other officials who have lied or contributed to the corruption going down with Mueller.

Goebbels Wet Dream


The Mainstream media has managed to become a running joke.

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own will.” When Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said this I am sure he never dreamed it would apply so well to the American Mainstream Media. Then again, due to how ridiculous they are he may have been a bit dismayed that they have undertaken the task of being the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democratic Party in such a crude manner. After all, there is no way to effectively push propaganda when your headlines revolve around how many scoops of ice cream somebody gets. When you peddle stuff like that as well as easily debunked lies, well you just aren’t peddling effective propaganda to the masses.


Most “Mainstream Media” Outlets colluded with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election

Of course, thanks to the WikiLeaks dump of the DNC and podesta emails, only the most willfully ignorant can pretend that they are impartial agents of truth. Thanks to the WikiLeaks dumps of the DNC and Podesta emails, we know for a fact that the DNC and Hillary colluded with the Media in an inappropriate manner. Thanks to Julian Assange, we now know who colluded with the Clintons and what networks they were a part of, but sadly we also have reason never to trust the mainstream media again. Notable outlets and publications, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Hill, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CNN, these supposed trustworthy scoursed were in direct contact with the Clinton Campaign to ensure coverage of her was positive and even to coordinate stories. In addition to them were biased Alt-Left outlets like The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vox, Buzzfeed, Vice, Now This, outlets only popular with the most radical leftists and which we never expected honesty from. The additional issue though is how unprecedented it is for a political campaign to direct the media during an election year about what to report and how to report it. Then again though, Democrats resorted to Fascism for the past 8 years, it was only a matter of time before they took a page from Goebbels playbook.

Not so Private Enterprise


Social Media and Tech Companies have shown an extreme left-wing bias for a long time now.

A new social trend has been to get news from social media as these sites have convenient features that show you “trending” stories from sites tailored to your preferences. At least that is what they say, in reality, though they have demonstrated a long-term and established bias against conservative ideas and voices. Websites like Facebook routinely ban and block conservative-leaning accounts that post offensive memes.  while turning a blind eye to left-leaning accounts that promote criminal activity. Instagram banned a conservative comedy group without giving any explanation of what rules they violated if they violated any at all. And along with banning Milo Yiannopolous on a flimsy pretext, Twitter also was caught suppressing a hashtag critical of Hillary Clinton.


The thought that information or things like your phone can be used to try and manipulate your opinion is terrifying.

Other tech giants have been demonstrably biased, and this should really scare us as these tech giants I mention produce the software for that phone you are likely reading this on. One example is apple, in 2016 they rejected a game poking fun at Hillary Clinton despite having an overwhelming number of Anti-Trump games. Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant has been making rounds in the news lately as it was discovered the AI is programmed with a pro-leftist political agenda. What alarms me most is the behavior of Google, the worlds largest search engine was caught burying search suggestions critical of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Google is also currently facing a lawsuit from 2 former employees for wrongful termination, in which details highlighting googles systematic discrimination against heterosexuals, whites, men, and conservatives have come to light.

Pervers de Noblesse Oblige


Billionaire and Former Nazi George Soros

Among the outlying Deep State actors are a group of extremely rich people telling poor people what is best for them cause they are their allies and other rich people are the enemies. Shady and possibly Faustian Power Broker George Soros is a prime example. Known for his funding of the criminal “Community Activism” group A.C.O.R.N. which engaged in numerous criminal acts, he has an extensive resume of trying to influence politics worldwide. Of recent interest, he has also been caught giving funding to an ANTIFA domestic terrorist group. The DOJ is now investigating this as well and hopefully, this will lead to an indictment against Soros. He was also one of the largest campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential run.


Artist Moby Lectured the Electoral College on decency. He is one to talk right?

Soros is not the only Billionaire putting his pen in the Deep State ink, a prominent sufferer of TDS Tom Steyer has dumped millions of dollars into an ad campaign calling for Trumps Impeachment. The impeachable offense he invokes is Treason, the Treasonous act of pulling out of the Paris Climate accord which asked our country to take a hit to our economy while leaving the worlds highest polluters to go on with business as usual. Speaking of TDS, remember how a bunch of celebrities who donated millions to Clinton pleaded for Republican members of the Electoral College to ignore the choice of the people they are supposed to represent? Luckily America is sick of their hypocrisy though, especially considering their seedy underworld of rapists and perverts they shelter. The damage they have done though is innumerable as for decades they have been putting their money behind corrupt politicians and acting as mouthpieces for the agenda of the American left wing. If there were ideological diversity in Hollywood this would be a different matter entirely. Sadly this is not the case, Hollywood Conservatives often face rejection and blacklisting from the “open” and “tolerant” Hollywood Left.

How do These Dots Connect?


The Deep State Runs Deep within the DC Beltway

Believe it or not, while some of these are seemingly unrelated they are connected in one way or another. From top to bottom, The rich fund the politicians who appoint the officials who work against the opposition while the media ignores the scandals and the famous instruct the masses what to think and the tech companies control the flow of information. I know it sounds convoluted. To simplify it, all of these things are connected to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the root of the Deep State, because as you will notice all of the actions of the Deep State benefit them from the Uranium One Deal to the bogus Russian Collusion Probe.


Thanks to their hypocritical bullshit along with greater awareness, younger people have begun to reject the Democratic Party which created the deep state more and more.

How do we fix the Problem? Well first would be to purge the Government agencies of Obama Era Appointees, the elements within the government are the only part of the deep state that poses an actual threat and ties it all together. But as Mr. F.L.A.G. covered in his piece about political appointee’s, this is very hard to do. Since the Democratic Party is the real problem and since they have engaged in criminal behavior with criminal elements, a Federal RICO case resulting in arrests and their dismantlement would work. This would also take care of Deep State elements in other area’s I mentioned if they are found to have knowingly contributed to criminal behavior. The best part of this is that it does not really harm our Democracy, another party like the Green Party or Libertarians can fill in that political void. But this is all a moot point as we are a long way off before any solution is possible, but the good news is that it looks like we are winning the battle.

Ad Hominem, Moral Equivalency, and Democrats who Have a Hard Time Understanding These Concepts


A wonderful message I once received from a “Tolerant” Democrat.

I felt the best way to open this article was with this little number here. This was a nice little message sent to me after I admonished a bunch of Democrats for some bigoted crap they were mouthing off about. I made it a point to let them know that their bigotry is why I am a gay republican and this little girl here decided to give me a cemented example of the bigotry I speak of. This represents the true feelings of Democrats who claim to advocate gay rights and fight against “Homophobic Republicans”. The thing is, I have never met a Republican who spoke to me like this. In fact, ever since I have come out the only homophobic remarks directed at me have been from Democrats and other liberals. That is because Democrats only protect those who are obedient to them. Their party is about obedience rather than progress as they claim.


A moronic Antifa who does not understand the definition of fascism.


Phil Robertson came under fire from the left for saying he didn’t support gay marriage nor understand homosexuality. However, the remark they publicized was cherry picked. This was the second half of his quote they excluded.

In case you are a liberal reading this who is going to claim that an isolated incident doesn’t mean anything, Liberals calling me Fag or Faggot or other slurs is actually a regular occurrence. In the mentally ill mind of the common liberal however, these actions are justified and don’t make them homophobes. Meanwhile, when their political opponents say anything that doesn’t amount to total support of their views they are instantly attacked by the left and called a bigot or some variation. Please, dear reader, compare these two individuals and their statements. Which person here seems like the actual homophobe? Is it the city-dwelling Antifa who calls anybody right of center a fascist or homophobe but then resorts to gay bashing? Or is it the redneck from the back country who admits he doesn’t understand homosexuality and is against gay marriage, but all the same respects human dignity and expresses a wish that people would just get along with each other and love each other like his Christian God teaches?

Seriously though, I invite you to share your answer in the comments of this article. Let the world see if you passed the test of moral equivalency. That is, of course, the problem here though, leftists never pass this test. Leftists suffer from an extreme ignorance and lack the understanding that their actions speak louder than their words about their beliefs. And let me clarify when I say ignorance I mean actual intellectual ignorance which in many cases is intentional.


A description of the characteristics of actual fascism from Wikipedia.

Let us return to our homophobic Antifa friend. He is a prime example of this intentional ignorance, he felt the need to call me a fag cause I pointed out fascism is not exclusively tied to conservative ideology and rather is conditional on the behavior of any movement regardless of ideological alignment. I also aptly pointed out that Antifa is, in reality, a fascist movement. Indeed through their actions and support of authoritarian left wing ideology, they undeniably fascists according to the definition to the right. Let me attempt to summarize this for you.

Antifa claims to fight fascists. In reality, they attack any group with an opinion that is in dissent of the views of their party. They attempt to justify this violence as legitimate and they have repeatedly made it clear they despise the US system of democracy because it put Donald Trump in the presidency rather than Hillary Clinton. Their ideal vision would be a nation under the rule their one party and hope that their violent efforts to stifle the views of others will lead to that outcome. Just like previous fascist parties such as the Nazi’s, they use violence and fear in the hopes of advancing their totalitarian agenda which is their idea of national rejuvenation.


There is too much “Tolerance” in this to cover it all.

Now the ironic thing is that this idiot also doesn’t know the definition of Communism either. Communism advocates the abolition of social classes and the concept of private property and promotes wealth redistribution. He claims Antifa are anarchists, however Anarchism promotes a voluntary departure from government and the formation of a society based on voluntary cooperation. Anarchists rebel through art and music, and someone who resorts to violence is by definition not an anarchist since by using violence as a form of coercion they immediately violate the voluntary nature of the society Anarchism wishes to establish. But then again I should not be surprised as leftists routinely display ignorance along with bigotry.


Liberals seem to have a hierarchy of hypocrisy, at the top of which lays the violent ideology of Islam. (c) 2016 Dixon Diaz

Now with Democrats in particular, they resort to the most basic of ad hominem name calling which appears also to be a form of deflection for their own crimes. What they say doesn’t really match up with what they do. For example, they claim Republicans are homophobic and don’t care about women, but it seems that they are the ones who don’t care much for gays or women. After all, they have an unhealthy obsession with defending Islam, a religious doctrine that subjugates women and promotes killing homosexuals like myself. The worst example of this overt homophobia was characterized by their behavior involving the Pulse nightclub shootings. Not only did the Democrats deny and cover up anything that indicated the shooting was even remotely inspired by the shooter’s belief in Islam, they held a banquet dinner a week after the event where the guest of honor was a Muslim Imam who blamed the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean on homosexuality. Meanwhile, those homophobic Republicans only showed outrage that the shooting happened and committed to taking steps to ensure there isn’t a repeat of the tragedy.


Literally nothing has changed about Democrats attitudes towards African Americans since 1860. (C) skscartoon

But I should not spend time harping on the issue that directly affects me. After all, Democrats have been screwing over African Americans for over 150 years and have spent a little over 40 years convincing them that the Republicans are their enemy. Last time I checked, Republicans don’t call African Americans names when they don’t vote Republican. And last time I checked the inner cities which have the highest death rates for African American men have been managed by Democrats for nearly 50 years, not Republicans. It was a Democratic President, Bill Clinton, who signed a bill into law that allowed police to purchase military equipment. Democrats have a long history of this kind of “tolerance” towards minorities which for the past 40 years ended up voting Democrat anyway. Then again when you have the media in your pocket, you can keep claiming the party that passed the 13th and 14th amendments, as well as the civil rights act, are huge racists and it will stick eventually.



A campaign poster for the Democratic Party from the 1800’s

To those of us savvy with history, their lies cannot be covered up and this image to the left is how we think of Democrats. The only evolution they have done over the years was from a party obsessed with gaining the power to oppress black people to a party obsessed with gaining power and oppressing all people. Sadly for us, the Democratic Party has learned how to better manipulate people and a substantial part of the population has fallen for it. They have successfully ruined the psyche of an entire generation of Americans by manipulating the media and the public school systems in areas they hold power. And this is where we enter the subject of Moral Equivalency.


Samantha Bee is a moron on TBS who uses comedy to spread fake news. Earlier this year she did a segment about AIPAC where she joked about the hairstyles of those in attendance and garnered outrage when it came to light one of these men that had the particular haircut which her show referred to as a “Nazi Haircut” because he was receiving treatment for brain cancer

Democrats have successfully warped their follower’s perceptions of reality and moral issues. Take this Samantha Bee thing as an example. If a comedian made this kind of joke about a Democrat then there would be a ton of publicity and calls for him to be fired which would be answered. With Samantha Bee, there was no coverage and despite some calls for her to be fired, she has still kept her job despite the horrendous joke she made. In the well trained and mentally ill minds of Democrats, it is okay when they do these things but it is not okay when Republicans do them.

To the rational mind no matter who made this type of joke, it would be an outrage and they would demand action. And no matter who makes a bigoted remark it would be unacceptable. That is Moral Equivalency and it is something mentally healthy adults possess, equal reaction to an incident no matter which parties are involved. Democrats however are extremely mentally ill and suffer from a delusion of exceptionalism, they believe they are instantly superior, everything they say is right, and that what is not okay for everyone else to do is still okay for them because of their perceived superiority. Anybody who disagrees with them is instantly some kind of predetermined pejorative term and any established fact that contradicts their belief doesn’t matter because you are the aforementioned pejorative term.


Democrats thrive on division, and they frequently attack conservatives like Allen West based simply because he is an African-American but not a Democrat. (c) Turning Point America

Democrats thrive on this kind of division and foster an environment for these warped views to take form. From the very start of their party, they have been dependent on a “Us vs Them” mentality to garner a support base. In the 1800’s they used “Us vs The Blacks”, and now they use “Us vs ________”. And they have so many things to fill that blank with now, “Us vs Whites”, “Us vs Christians”, “Us vs Israel (jews)” and of course the quintessential “Us vs Republicans”. Democrats are the kind of vile human beings who want power but don’t want to earn it by working hard for the citizens of this country, so they instead resort to dividing people into groups and set them on each other in a destructive and unproductive war of ad hominem attacks.


Hillary Clinton, who claims to advocate for the middle class, currently owns 4 luxury residences and gets most of her financial support from Wall Street. – Image from the Associated Press

It is truly saddening that this has been allowed to happen for so long. It should not be shrugged off that democrats think it’s fine to call people like me a fag because they claim to support gay rights and despise homophobes. Or that they can refer to African-American Republicans as “Coons” or “Uncle Toms” because they claim to hate racism and care for African-Americans. Or the really ridiculous one, that they care about the middle and working class even though their elite own multiple mansions and Democratic Policies have ruined the economic condition of our country and placed a financial burden on workers and employers. But it is instantly okay for them to give the bare minimum and then claim the moral high ground because they are Democrats, at least that is the narrative going around.

But you know what really makes me sad? At least in the case of my generation, some Democrats are aware of this and that is why they are Democrats. It is truly the party of the mentally lazy and corrupt. So remember this well, these are the people who call people Nazi while promoting National Socialism and call people racist while they kill African-Americans and take away the tools to help them succeed. In their sick minds, the names they call you are a valid argument and reprehensible behavior is tolerable when they engage in it because of their delusion of superiority. That is what the Democratic Party is, not an ideological group but rather a collective mental illness. I just wonder how long it will take for the sane ones they exploit to wake up to this reality.