A Historic Oppression


Pope Sixtus IV, after whom the Nintendo 64 was named. He’s the guy who authorized Catholic monarchs to begin the inquisitions. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Reality is just the same event happening over and over. Or as L.Q. “Sonny” Clemonds once said “it’s the same dance, it’s just a different tune.”

I present to you some history: the so-called dark ages came about because the Catholic Church was losing power and didn’t know what to do. They weren’t strong enough to fight their geopolitical foe, the Muslims. Their first crusade was a success, but the next three failed. They were cutoff from the rest of the world, with Europe surrounded at sea and on land by Muslim forces, with Spain and Italy being invaded outright and the Christian bulwark of Constantinople being sacked.

(Irrelevant to the rest of this post, but this story ends with the Europeans eventually overtaking the Islamic forces. I suppose we could say the final nail in the coffin was World War I. It’s also worth noting that the first overseas engagement of the United States military, that wasn’t related to fighting the British, was against these Islamic forces- the Barbary Wars. So when you hear that Muslims played an important role in U.S. history, they surely did, they gave our military one of its first victories on the world stage after this country was founded, a victory remembered in the Marines’ Hymn by the line “to the shores of Tripoli”. Islamic leaders believed that since Americans were not Muslims, then the Koran made it ok for them to enslave Americans and steal our property, until we sent our military in to beat them up. Amazing how the more things change the more they stay the same.)

Anyway, I redirect your attention to that early iteration of Islam vs the West. In particular, how the West reacted. The Catholic Church was the big power at the time, pretty much a government on its own. They reacted with what the Left likes to call the “dark ages”, an age of repression and intolerance and where no progress was made, as the narrative goes. But why did this come about? Well, the Catholic Church saw their power being challenged abroad and domestically, so they came down hard to maintain it. Inquisitions, heretics under every bed, all that sort. Intense paranoia and brutal oppression.

The Left likes to scold and mock Christians over that, ignoring how if the narrative holds (it’s been challenged, but that’s something I probably won’t ever cover because it’s irrelevant, though I will note this interesting idea here about how the Catholic Church’s policies made Europe way different than the rest of the world in a positive way) then Catholics were just reacting in an all too human way. The way liberals are today.

The Trumpish Inquisition


Grand Inquisitor Adam Schiff (D-CA) tells Amb. Volker that things would go easier for him if he cooperates. Image from Encyclopedia Britannica

Look at their primary race. The weaker moderates are being jettisoned, with Biden only having any staying power because he’s a darn cockroach and you should at least respect everything he’s gone through in his life even if he himself has terrible policy ideas and a weird gropiness about him. They don’t want anyone anything close to Trump. Heck, look at how they’re trying to take down Rep. Gabbard now: they’re trying to say she’s evil and unelectable because she allegedly was up for a position in the Trump Administration. They’re going all Spanish Inquisition up in here. Moderates are purged if they don’t bow to the far Left, who are running the show now much like the Catholic extremists during the Inquisition.

Look at all the people who have had to apologize for ever saying anything even remotely different from the party line. Pretty much the only thing protecting Biden is his relative electability as perceived by the establishment, and his ability to pretend to be for some leftwing ideals though from what I saw in the debates he had limits, limits that might win the needed independents.

Aside from purging their own party, look at the fifth and seventh crusades the Left have launched against President Trump. Impeachment over the Mueller Report until it was a dud, now impeachment over Ukraine which I’ve gone over twice as being a dud.

And when did this all start? When they lost power in 2016. Like the inquisitions of the Christians, the Left’s inquisition began when they lost their political power. They were riding high on the age of Obama, they could do no wrong. They thought it’d be an easy election and they’d keep their power and influence, and most importantly control over lots more money- the American taxpayer’s. But then disaster struck. Like when the Muslims sacked Jerusalem and Constantinople, Trump won in 2016. And like the Catholic Church eventually did, Democrats reacted with inquisitions. Aside from those against Trump and the ones mentioned earlier, we had #MeToo which tore apart several moderate Democrats and moderate Democrat donors. The inquisition for ideological purity continues- Former President Obama commented on it quite recently.

But it was only a natural, and quite human, reaction. They went from top of the world to facing a real challenge, and they turned to fear and paranoia to face it. And now we see the Left ushering in a dark age.


No more free speech. Oh sure, you say now that it’s a moral imperative to fight “hate speech”, but who defines what “hate speech” is? You? Or the people in power making the laws. Remember, liberal, folks like Bernie Sanders were once oppressed by the party that you’re trying to put in office. If they had the power, they’d have said in 2015 that all speech supporting him was “hate speech”, citing sexism perhaps, so as to make sure Hillary Clinton had a smooth ride to the top. You saw how corrupt they were. Now you want these same people to decide what “hate speech” is?

What happens if you turn out to be a bit too much of a Bernie Sanders for the Elizabeth Warren that controls what defines “hate speech”? You want to face jail time or worse because you’re the wrong kind of socialist? Don’t laugh, because that’s how Leon Trotsky met his end. That’s how China and the USSR split. All were communists, but they disagreed on what kind of communists. Do you want your brand of communism to be defined as hate speech if your rival does a better job at convincing people they’re right? No, I didn’t think so. That’s why speech of all kinds is protected- because it’s so subjective that anyone could find any kind of speech to be “hate speech”, and with enough Twitter followers they can make it look like everyone agrees with them. Remember- a small Twitter mob can force the New York Times to change headlines. What could a mob with that much power do to you if you were the wrong kind of socialist, with the backing of your laws banning hate speech?

And speaking of oppression, anyone get a look at who runs the internet? I’ve gone after Google before, and Facebook and Twitter aren’t any better. Microsoft and Apple are ran by some of the Inquisitionites too. So how about that speech, eh? Shadow bans, bans, repressed search results, all directed against political opponents. Physical mobs storming heretics. Physical mobs attacking heretics. The same kind of oppression you saw during the “dark ages”, that same rejection of what we’d later call “Enlightenment Values”.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out the academic issues, namely suppression, that the Left engages in. ANYTHING that counters ANY PART of their narratives, no matter how factually correct, is suppressed. Students are self-censoring. Try stating a neutral, nonjudgmental sentence about being trans on YouTube- you get censored for hate speech. Or try publishing studies that counter the narratives of trans activists vying for political power- it gets suppressed by an angry mob.

So who are the real liberals- the ones oppressing you like the Catholic Church in the dark ages? Well, that seems to be what you liberals believe.


The requisite pitchforks and torches were traded in for… well, I don’t see any pitchforks at least. Images of Liberal Inquisitionites from AP, RWC, Fox News, and Quora


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