A Liberal Environment


Since teenagers support groups like the socialist Democrats who caused this disaster, does this mean it’s a… teenage wasteland?

As you’ll read soon, a liberal environment consists of rampant wildfires, deliberately polluted rivers, and deliberate Chernobyls. Deliberately done by liberals, mind you.

I could go on and on about Democrats and their little dispute over which faction is the most racist: Pelosi’s moderates who don’t like the socialist Progressives that happen to be largely minorities, or the socialist Progressives who want to replace black Democrats (after my earlier post, are you surprised that the group led by a Latino Supremacist would target blacks?) with much to the chagrin of the Congressional Black Caucus. But I have another topic to get to, though I’ll note here that the CBC should realize catering to blacks is sooooo 2008. Remember: the Democrat position is “open borders” now, that’s what their Presidential candidates are demanding, and that’s what Barack Obama in 2006 warned in his Grammy-winning audiobook would devastate black communities. Since the Democratic Party is willing to exterminate the Black community to gain the support of the Hispanic community, I’m pretty sure the CBC’s complaints are falling on deaf ears.


Om nom nom nom! Image from Dictionary.com

Anyway, that lead-in does tangentially reference a figure that I’ll use to mention another figure that I’ll use to segue into today’s post. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the folks caught in the Left’s racism ouroboros. Well, it’s not her specifically that I want to talk about but rather her chief of staff/leader of what evolved into the Justice Democrats (and lover of a Nazi collaborator as you see at the end of this article, so is it ok to punch him too, or at least milkshake him?). Remember that Green New Deal that Ocasio-Cortez marketed as being needed to save the Earth in 12 years? Turns out she knew that was garbage, and that the Green New Deal was not originally designed with the intent to fight climate change. The Green New Deal was designed to convert the U.S. economy into a socialist system where the government controls everything and everyone, down to your day-to-day decisions. Micromanaging the entire public. Their plan was to scare you into socialism, saying the world would end if you didn’t obey their commands, and they ADMIT that their plan was more about controlling you than saving the environment.

Stewards Of The Environment

I suppose it’s a good thing that the Left didn’t really plan to save the environment. They’ve been pretty bad at it. Their Green plans keep burning Mother Nature and killing people. Let’s look at some, including the most alarming (which is why I am writing this now, instead of writing about the Democrats calling each other racist… well, that and it’s 2:41am and it would take me way longer to sort through my notes on that one).

  • The liberal EPA under President Obama deliberately polluted a major river just to steal some land, as mentioned previously.
  • The Left’s mismanagement of our forests in the name of being Green has actually caused more death and wildfires. And of course they tout their self-made disaster as an example of climate change that we need MORE of their policies to stop.
  • Here’s a big one, the real kicker for getting this post out. It was brought to my attention after the recent earthquake in California that there is a nuclear power plant sitting near some major fault lines. This plant is in very crappy shape. Like, right now it’s pretty much “Fukushima the day after the tsunami hit” crappy. Note that this environmental hazard is in California, the land where they spent $12 Billion trying to build a light rail to Go Green and where they talk of banning the sale of gas-powered cars by 2040 because they want to Go Green.

Presumably, this is one of PG&E’s fires, based on the article, though I won’t say for certain in case they put together what little money they have to sue me. Image from Forbes.

Now, in the most environmentally conscious state in the country, why would they allow that nuclear plant to exist? I don’t know, but it gets worse (if you read the first article I linked to in the above bullet point, you pretty much know where this is all going). Do you know who our liberal betters who are going to save the Earth put in charge of this rotting power plant? A power company that went bankrupt because of all the lawsuits against it. You see, that power company’s infrastructure was badly maintained and kept causing wildfires, resulting in death and millions of dollars in damage. So naturally, our Go Green superiors on the Left, the intellectual and moral and environmental saviors, put this bankrupt company in charge of the already hazardous nuclear plant.

There’s still more to this. In 2014, the scandal-free Obama Administration sent an inspector from Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The inspector saw how bad off that nuclear plant was. Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission hid the report and transferred the inspector to Tennessee, and the inspector left the agency.

Remember: Obama was the environmental Jesus. He was going to stop the seas from rising as you saw in an earlier link (maybe by boiling them away with nuclear reactors melting down and creating Hiroshima-sized explosions?)! Obama’s Paris Climate Accord was going to end all pollution and all hurricanes forever (actually, it was going to destroy the U.S. economy while allowing literally every country with the capability to build as many coal-powered powerplants as they possibly could, and for those slogan socialists Khrushchev warned us about, coal-powered powerplants are the ones that deliver the most pollution). Yet, here we have Obama’s NRC burying evidence that a reactor was in serious danger, that we were going to have a Chernobyl in the United States. But it was also Obama’s EPA that caused an ecologic disaster just because they wanted some land for themselves, so I guess this is to be expected.


This is a 15-kiloton nuclear explosion, which the article warned California’s mismanaged powerplant could cause an effect similar to.  You will note that the author of the article I largely reference for this bit about the powerplant is absolutely a leftist. Image from Pinterest.

Given how Liberal environmental policies and the fearmongering over the climate which put liberals into power have led to lethal wildfires, an ecologic disaster, and will lead to another Chernobyl (quite literally, because the socialists in the USSR were warned about it too and tried to hide and ignore it, just like the socialists in California and the Obama Administration were warned about this and tried to hide and ignore it), are we really so surprised to learn that the Green New Deal had absolutely nothing to do with the environment? Are we really surprised that liberal utopias like the Soviet Union polluted more than the supposedly unregulated capitalist smogholes like the U.S.? And do you at all trust liberals when they demand you give them control over your life in exchange for them saving the environment?


With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission coming up, I thought I should plug this in. Besides, it wouldn’t be a post on climate without smearing scientists and the media. Another bit of evidence of the New York Times’ agenda-driven reporting came to my attention. It’s an interesting timeline. In 1920, fake news NYT smeared Dr. Robert Goddard. Why? Because he thought rockets could fly in space. Now, you’ll notice the NYT did NOT smear the Soviet space program, and did not declare Sputnik fake news, and did not retract its attacks on American Dr. Goddard during its articles praising the Soviets for Sputnik. It wasn’t until the Apollo 11 mission that the NYT finally retracted its anti-science attack on Goddard.

It’s easy to tie the NYT with a pro-Soviet position during this time- only 17 years after smearing Goddard with the NYT’s settled science that rockets can’t fly in a vacuum, the “newspaper of record” was covering up the mass death under Stalin’s watch. And now, the NYT is covering-up for Stalin again, while promoting socialism, because scientists say socialism will cure global warming and that fits the NYT’s agenda. Probably the same breed of “world’s top scientists” that attacked Goddard. Yet anyone opposed to what the NYT reports is anti-science, just as they said a hundred years ago about anyone who believed a rocket could fly in space.

You see the pattern though, right? They smear American scientists that disagree, they promote Soviet ideas, now they promote socialism in general under the guise of science. How are we supposed to believe the NYT’s position on “settled science” when they historically have shown a lack of understanding of it, when in the present day their fearmongering predictions turn out to be lies (as shown by the false predictions they and their climate allies are caught in), when at all points in their advocacy of science denialism they’ve acted like the Catholic Church, prosecuting heretics the way the Church went after Galileo, and when their science denialism is currently aligned with their attempt to convince Americans that socialism is ok? Did the NYT decide that anyone working for them must be an advocate for Stalinism and that’s just an unspoken corporate policy for 90 years? Much like the GND was about socialism according to AOC’s chief of staff, the NYT’s position on science historically and presently has been more about advocating their personal views and socialism than about facts. And the Left sees them as the “newspaper of record”, and sees you as and evil earth destroyer for daring to oppose their facts du jour (because as you saw in this last post, their facts change pretty regularly). How trustworthy can any of them be?

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