I’d say offhand Biden’s accusers had a point, if he didn’t do this to everybody. I assume that’s him doing it to himself, but honestly one or more people photoshopped here could be Anderson Cooper. If Biden groped me and police had a lineup with Cooper, I might end up pointing to Cooper by mistake. Image from New York Magazine, originally from Trump’s twitter feed.

Joe Biden was doing great in the polls. Joe Biden had a chance in Hell of beating Trump. So naturally, much like with the Democrat Dr. Ford and other accusers and enablers, a vindictive person with a reason to want Biden out of the way was dug up to throw unproven accusations his way. Yes, that’s right, Biden has the same presumption of innocence as Kavanaugh… even though unlike Kavanaugh who had tonly one serious allegation against him (as you see in the links, the others were easily dismissed), Uncle Joe probably touches women more than he touches himself and cameras are often around for it. Sure I might enjoy seeing the guy falling victim to the monster he helped his party create, but I still don’t know if he actually did what he’s accused of doing in this specific instance. And honestly- by that point the Left had been defending Biden for years, surely Flores should have known what was coming. The legal system refers to this as “Assumption of Risk“, and Biden could probably win a court case with that defense.


The modern feminist has strong ideas on where men (cis-white men in particular) should be kept and how they should appear in public. Image grabbed from Daily Mail who grabbed it from Universal Pictures’ “The Silence of the Lambs”.

Also, as I learned from a FEMALE professor, some people are just huggers and always look to make tactile contact with someone else, like said FEMALE professor. You might say she was ok to do this since she was just taking power back from the cis-male-white-patriarchy (CiMWhiP), but that doesn’t neutralize the fact that some folks are wired to just compulsively platonically touch other people. But we’re talking about the same crew that thinks men should only be allowed in public in straight-jackets, so when that’s your standard it really doesn’t matter what a white man does because it’ll always be wrong.

Speaking of wrong I’ll derail here and throw a few snide remarks at another Democratic Presidential Hopeful… well Hopeless in her case. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was out bashing how Congress doesn’t take sexual assault seriously. I guess she was asleep when Democrats rioted over Kavanaugh, and maybe Sen. Hirono’s remarks were just pleasant white noise or something. Maybe she also slept through it when S.3749 passed, which helped force Congress to take something like that a little more seriously. Though she can be forgiven for missing it- she tried and failed to get anything done for it, but then 7 months later Sen. Klobuchar managed to get it through. Speaking of sleeping, it seems like she was Kirsten Van Winkle here. What S.3749 addressed was a very old problem, yet Gillibrand didn’t act on it until after she’d been in the Senate for 9 years! She only began speaking out about issues like this in 2017, 8 years after she was elected. 8 years is a long time, two terms as President as a matter of fact, so will she be napping during that time too if elected?

Anyway, now we watch as Progressives leap to defend Joe Biden while others try to tear him down. The same party that just 6 months ago was unified behind the “believe all women, all unwanted contact is sexual assault (even looking like a man who sexually assaulted a woman thousands of miles away should lead to an innocent man being investigated and treated like a predator), and all men are guilty (unless their name is Keith Ellison)” narrative is now split two ways. Either Biden is guilty period, or Biden is innocent and this is a political hitjob. And Democrats believe not all women are telling the truth, contrary to what Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) claimed. I guess Democrats also can’t face the idea that women don’t sit around making this stuff up, eh Hirono?

By the way Democrats- if this was a hitjob it didn’t work. So… does that mean you’re sexist? No one believed Keith Ellison’s accuser, and Biden would still be a winner for you. You already say that Republicans are sexist because Trump won; what about these guys in your own party?


Democrats used to defend Biden’s behavior. 6 years later he’s now a candidate for the Sex Offender Registry. So what does that mean for the people who protected him, especially the ones who are suddenly seeing a problem? Image from PJMedia

What I like is this reaction. The Leftists at MSNBC just love it when Uncle Joe creepily gropes them. Then we get the NYT saying it’s not so bad, I guess with an implied “so shut yo’ whiny face woman!”. Whereas with Trump it’s sexual assault even if it’s consensual. Remember: all Trump said is that if you’re famous women willingly let you do a lot to them- something any rock star, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and the most popular football player of any team is all too familiar with. But it does warm me ol’ heart to see that Democrats are finally happy to prey on each other, especially after they’ve all but ignored the allegations that State Attorney General Keith Ellison and Lt. Gov.  Justin Fairfax assaulted women. Or maybe Joe Biden has to go the way of Al Franken because he’s white and blocking more progressive members of the party?


A Different Kind Of Election Count

I alluded to it earlier when I wondered if Biden was only being attacked because he’s a white person blocking progressive and even minority candidates (his accuser is a big Sanders supporter, and Sanders is definitely Leftward of Biden). Biden himself once argued that he should not be elected because he’s white.

Democrats seem intent on overlooking qualifications and electability in favor of Leftyness and Oppression Points. Look at their reaction to Buttigieg. They can’t figure out if being gay overrides his status as a privileged white male. Even Bernie has been told that despite his ideals being 100% what they’re looking for, liberals see him as too white so that disqualifies him. Nothing about “what will they do” or “what have they done”, rather it’s “how white are they?”. I haven’t seen such attacks on Beto O’Rourke, except from people on the Right mocking the lack of such attacks, but the day is young.


How can someone with all these liberal accolades be a racist, unless your whole party is racist? That’s like accusing her of protecting sexual harassers! Image from wikimedia commons

And yes, being white is a problem, it’s an official Democratic Party stance. And no, racism is not new to the party. Just look at how Democrat-ran Twitter treats a racist insult hurled at a black conservative, compared to their hair-trigger blocking of people they politically disagree with. And, if you ask Rep. Ayanna Pressley, the Democratic Party is STILL racist against non-whites because of their effort to stop officeholders from being removed by new and upcoming Democrats. Pressley of course sees racism where there is none- A: any Democrat will tell you their party isn’t racist unlike those evil Republicans and B: this is clearly just a power grab by Establishment Democrats and has nothing to do with race except in the sense that the established order they’re struggling to protect just happens to be white. If it were more diverse they’d still pass something like this because it’s about not becoming another Joe  Crowley or Hillary Clinton, because they know that once they’re out of power they’re worthless.

Actually, this race to be most Progressive and have the most victim points led to (GASP!) people actually checking qualifications… in the most race-based way possible. Kamala Harris apparently has a problem with black men. But that’s ok, all intra-party fighting is due to Russian bots and not people with legitimate issues. That’s why House Democrats were able to unify and pass a budget… oh wait. Well… have fun with that circular firing squad.

Below is a handy chart demonstrating how Democrats determine the ethos of an individual. This comes from 11 years of following politics. The farther to the Left you fall on each line, the more credible the Left believes you to be and the more qualified they think you are to speak on an issue. That must be the case- how many times do you hear someone say “As a woman I believe x” or “As a trans I think y” or “As a nonwhite I can factually claim Trump is racist”?



Chart from Microsoft Excel


  • White Hatred- the speech Biden gave that I referenced above put him on the map. Kamala Harris I just assumed was already there. They both got 30 points for being “I’ll hate as much as you want me to” kind of people in my opinion. I don’t know about Buttigieg, so I just assumed since he was a Democrat running for President he had that somewhere in his resume, or will in the future.
  • Immigration Spectrum- Buttigieg is open borders, while Biden and Kamala are happy with the “secure” border we had under Obama.
  • Economic-climate-hcare = What’s their solution to these problems? Increase government interference to the point of government takeover, European-style soft socialism, or the standard capitalism Republicans might be inclined to accept. Green New Deal support maxes out Buttigieg and Kamala.
  • Political Spectrum- Kamala and Buttigieg want to get rid of the electoral college, Biden doesn’t seem to have said anything about that.
  • Sexuality Spectrum- this is why the Left can’t make up its mind on Buttigieg. He’s the only candidate out of the three here, and possibly the only major candidate so far, who is not heterosexual.
  • Gender Spectrum- 0 points for male Biden and male Buttigieg. 10 for female Kamala.
  • Color Spectrum- As we all know, skin color is very important unlike what a certain non-progressive Reverend once said, and African-Americans had to endure the holocaust here (which makes them better than Africans in Africa or something) so naturally Kamala gets the max number of points for being black. Remember- like with Obama, it doesn’t matter that your ancestors weren’t even here (or weren’t even all black in Obama’s case), you’re still African-American.

I’ve been wanting for over a year to make a chart like this. I laid it all out in a spreadsheet, so expect more of these. I wanted some kind of generic thing that I always pictured as being a bunch of Venn-diagrams, but maybe some other time.

Obviously, the ideal liberal candidate will score 60 points in every category. So if Ocasio-Cortez were to become a man, but still love men, and then become a Muslim, and maybe turn the dial up on her anti-white statements a notch she’d be good to go for winning, based on my 100% accurate fool-proof assessment of the Left’s political purity/victimhood litmus tests. You’ll notice abortion isn’t on here. Michael Moore made the party’s stance on that clear.

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