Well it’s uhm… it’s green.

I thought i’d just create a consistent reference for why spending $100 Trillion over 10 years with only 2 years- if we’re to meet Ocasio-Cortez’s “world’s gonna end in 12 years” deadline- of planning for building cross-country high-speed railways and tearing down every building in the country and maintaining our current level of electricity access despite losing 83% of our power supply is a bad idea. (You want wind and solar farms? Forget it, they’re horrible for the environment even with as few of them as we have, now you want that damage to be multiplied no less than 5 times? It gets worse if you build them in the wrong place. I wonder if when they took into account the Green New Deal’s price tag, did they also count the subsidies that wind and solar energy companies need? Or does Cortez plan to wage a classist war on the poor by making electricity unaffordable?) According to liberals, most Americans believe this is in fact a wonderful idea. Maybe the average American is getting the facts from Politifact, who for a fact claimed that the Green New Deal literally does not say what it says.


Boy, if I had a nickle for every apocalypse I lived through! Totally been there before. Minus the part about strangling a 14 year old girl (though with all the women talking down to me in 2016 and beyond I just might snap next time). Image from the movie “End of Evangelion”.

First of all, I’ll dispute that 12 year timeline like I have earlier with alarmist memes. In 1989 we had 10 years to act before irreversible damage with dire consequences 30 years in the future would happen. It’s 2019, and we’ve seen no such thing. Wildfires in California are from liberal policies, California droughts are from liberal idiocy, and even the anti-Capitalists on the UN’s climate panel can’t prove hurricanes are impacted in the slightest by global warming (despite an NBC reporter telling us that the Paris Climate Accord was designed to end hurricanes, because according to NBC decreasing the rate of temperature increase by half a degree Celsius, not even stopping the temperature increase but merely slowing it down, will end all hurricanes- and read Ron Allen’s words, don’t look at the coverage because some outlets try to say he was only talking about superstorms when his words clearly show he was talking hurricanes in general).  And once again we have claims that not giving into one person’s demand that they alone (she is the boss, and was inaugurated, and her racist Green New Deal solely puts Latinos like her in charge, rather than say a black man or an Asian woman, and you’re a sexist if you dispute her attempts to control you) control where you work/how you live/what you eat/what you’re allowed to say will doom us all. I’m beginning to suspect that Cortez here, with her claim that men are scared of her because she’s as powerful as a man, has contracted toxic masculinity, more precisely she’s sick like Stalin.

Also, she is the future of the Democratic Party and Democratic Presidential candidates are taking their cues from her, and then the media complains that male conservatives are obsessing too much over her. You guys obsess over Trump because he’s our leader, we obsess over Cortez because she’s your leader. Fair is fair. The real question is why are you trying to pretend that she isn’t? Are you also scared that a woman has the same power as a man? Afterall- in 2008 you voted in your primaries to stop a woman from becoming President, then voted again later that year to stop a woman from becoming Vice President, in 2012 you voted for a boy’s club that didn’t pay women equally, and in 2016 you voted for someone who does not believe all women should be believed when they claim sexual assault (apparently feminists too in the 1990s shared Hillary’s belief in disbelief).

The Numbers


Didn’t really know what else to put here for numbers, but hey look the Patriots had more apple turnovers than the Cowboys! Yummy!

The Green New Deal’s FAQ states “The question isn’t how will we pay for it, but what is the cost of inaction”. The Presidential contenders on the Democratic side are increasingly embracing this notion that cost and funding does not matter. Try telling that to the IRS next time you owe taxes, or the court next time they fine you, or the bank next time you need to take out a loan to keep your roof over your head!

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) complained that the price tag of over $90 Trillion came from “lazy assumptions”, but in the deal itself they don’t even bother putting in the effort to make a lazy assumption! If Ocasio-Cortez is correct in her statement that she has total moral authority and a moral imperative to act since no one else is, then certainly in the absence of any Green New Dealer making a financial assessment of it we thus have the same indisputable moral authority and moral imperative when we take action and determine that it costs over $90 Trillion. Unless you want to say that acting rashly and stupidly doesn’t mean you’re acting rightly, but you’ll never admit that.

So since our number is right by virtue of us being the only ones to have a number, again according to Cortez’s logic so to dispute us is to dispute her and that would be sexist of you, we’ll run with the $90 Trillion figure. Tax revenue for the 10 year period of 2008-2018 was 27.18 Trillion dollars. Wee need to triple that in order to get anywhere near affording the Green New Deal. Our total GDP for that same 10 year period was $164.9 Trillion. No problem, just seize more than half the GDP and you’ll fund the Green New Deal! Except that will SHRINK the GDP and you’ll run out of money pretty quick.

If your small business is making $2,000 per day and suddenly you lose more than half of that, plus you have to pay for new electric cars and new green-compliant stuff, what do you think that will do to your productivity and sales? You won’t be able to spend money on quality items or the right quantity of items to keep yourself in business. And if we go to a Socialist system where no one is in private business, where the government forces everyone to work… that still doesn’t work. The Soviet Union was indisputably socialist, yet they collapsed because they ran out of money, just like we would with the Green New Deal. Maybe that’s the point?

Tax The Rich!


Image of a cool song from wikimedia

Speaking of socialists- they say tax the billionaires? Take every cent they got! When we’re talking tens of trillions, how far does a few billion go? When you need your full cup of Starbucks, liberal, do you really think a tiny sip is enough? Besides, don’t you need to tax the rich to pay for medicare-for-all, free college, and all that other free gifts you promise to bribe people to vote for you?

Moreover, let’s look at those billionaires- the One Percenters. Until you get to the top 0.001%, you’re earning less than $59.4 million. MILLION. Not even a hundred million! How far is THAT going to go even for Ocasio-Cortez’s medicare-for-all which will cost $40 Trillion over 10 years? And to Sen. Markey’s point about lazy assumptions- if medicare-for-all is $40 Triilion over 10 years, how cheap does he think the much larger Green New Deal’s spending will be? The more enlightened ivy leaguers and Presidential candidates endorsing this stuff seem to have forgotten what numbers are.

The average top 0.001% person makes $152 million per year. Let’s make a lazy assumption and assume that out of a population of 325,000,000 we can say that 325,000 people are in the top 0.001%, and so we can milk them for $49.4 Trillion each year. So we just take a fifth of their money every year for 10 years and Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is fully funded. In fantasyland.

That top 0.001% already pays 3.25% of total taxes collected in this country. And as it turns out, only 1,412 taxable groups (households, individuals, etc) are in that category. So 1,412 entities with an average wealth of $152 million per year means that if we took EVERYTHING they had for 10 years, we’d only get a about $2.15 Trillion. So… like 2% of what Ocasio-Cortez wants to do. So much for taxing the billionaires! And by the way- we already get 23.93% of their annual income anyway.

So let’s expand to the whole One Percent, who are already giving us 27.1% of their income (well, 99.9% of them give 27.1%). Let’s up it so we kill them like this was any other Leftwing revolution and the government takes every cent that they’d be getting if they were still alive. To be in the top 1%, you need an income of just $422,000. On average, One Percenters earn an average of $1.32 million each. Let’s do another “lazy assumption” and take One Percenter literally. One Percent of the population, 3.25 million people, make on average $1.32 million each. That means killing them and having the government be the sole recipient of their earnings each year gives the government… $4.29 Trillion. Huh. Well, at least then we’d be able to fund Ocasio-Cortez’s medicare-for-all (all except the deceased top 1%). By the way- Salon (in their deliberately unlinked piece “1 percent of households are $2.5 million richer in the past year”, unlinked but it was either this or a Quora discussion that gives how many households are in the 1% so here we all are) states that there are 1.26 million households in the One Percent, not that wonderful 3.25 million figure. For those of you who can do math (ie no one who supports the Green New Deal), I don’t have to tell you that it means we don’t even get to fund Medicare-For-All.

Where Will The Money Come From?

47% of American households pay no money to the federal government. Either Cortez plans on ravaging the poor (let’s be honest: the poor who aren’t Latino), or she plans on simply robbing everyone so that we all fall into that “too poor to pay taxes” category, in which case at least income inequality will have been solved! Though I doubt Cortez will give up her $174k per year, her crooked campaign chief of staff that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, and her gasguzzling-high-polluting lifestyle. While she gets to tweet all she wants about how wonderful life is, you’ll only be able to see them when you’re using your allotted ration of electricity for the day.


To paraphrase the man above, Ocasio-Cortez is The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, gas-guzzling, high-polluting, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ child of wealth! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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