Democrats And The National Emergency


Not this one, it’s only a statewide emergency. Image from USA Today

So… remember in 2012 and 2016 when far right bloggers were called crazy conspiracy nuts because they thought President Obama could declare a national emergency and suspend elections? Remember as far back as 2008 when far Left bloggers were called crazy by the NYT for thinking President Bush would do that? Remember how we were crazy for thinking anything bad about Obama’s power-grabbing National Defense Resources Preparedness document where he could seize everything in the country for himself while suspending elections?

Well, now the crazy Leftwing bloggers have the rest of the party with them on that particular warpath but this time they tell us that what was a lie 3-7 years ago is now the truth simply because the guy in the Oval Office is from a different political party. Of course we all know that if President Trump didn’t use a national emergency and the many Lincoln Administration-esque powers it gives the President, then the next Democrat in office probably would if a Republican Congress obstructed them. Look at the 2020 lineup and lie to me that any of them wouldn’t do that. Some of them are the same Senators telling us they’d end the filibuster in the Senate if they were in a position to, to squelch any resistance from Republicans. All of them praised Obama’s use of his pen and phone to get around obstructionists.


I’m not blaming Bush, I was just too lazy to look up what Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt, Hoover, Coolidge, Harding, Wilson, Taft, the other Roosevelt, McKinley, etc. did.

It’s a pattern, if you look at it, where the next ones in power build upon the powers that their predecessors seized for themselves. President Bush used executive orders, Obama condemned him but then issued orders of his own that brazenly ran against the law, and now we have Trump using his pen and phone to fund the border wall. It’s not just with Presidents either. The filibuster in the Senate- first Democrats end it in certain circumstances, Republicans expand on that, and finally Democrats say that if they’re in power they’ll end it altogether. I’ve complained already that Republicans should beat them to the punch and ram through their agenda now; I’m glad Trump is at least doing that with his national emergency power.

And as for Democrat threats that their President will use national emergency powers? Well, they already did. Recall that Obama used his national emergency powers when he used the excuse of a total lie (as discussed before) to begin his assault on Libya, an action cheered on by warmonger Hillary Clinton. A Democrat already used a national emergency to topple a foreign government he didn’t like; the question is why wouldn’t a future Democrat use one to topple our government which they also don’t particularly like (and as referenced in the third paragraph at this link, make opposition illegal)? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but at a time when every Presidential candidate on the Democrat side is backing the Green New Deal which will cause basically a soft-toppling (or not, liberals are smart enough to know that something like the Green New Deal would destroy the economy, and thus the country, like Venezuela or the former USSR. Except now electricity will be so expensive and families will be so poor that America will be sent back to 1900. Maybe America might be saved by a severe balkanization, leaving us like the current Russian Republic? At least that way liberals will finally have total control, even if its only of the Democratic Peoples’ Republics of New York and California and Ginsburg (because let’s be honest, they would change the name of Washington State to something not related to a slave-holding white man) who are reduced to such a carbon-friendly level that the horse and buggy is as much science fiction as a flying saucer) of our government by turning it communist, we have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) threatening that their next Democrat President will use a national emergency declaration to handle climate change. Or maybe they’ll declare a national emergency to destroy border security, allowing 37 million new Democrats into the country to make sure that from there on only Democrats ever have the power to declare national emergencies, or really do anything else in government.

As a microcosm of this, let’s look at San Diego. Illegal border crossings dropped 95% after their walls went up. Democrats want to tear down those walls. Do you know what’s on the other side of that border? Tijuana, the murder capital of Mexico… which is saying something in the cartel country. Now is when someone will argue that the Tijuana murders are just a turf war. Well, what do you think will happen when new turf to the north opens?

Your Personal Security


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hid his NYC apartment behind locked doors, police officers, and small metal barriers when protesters pestered him. That’s more protection that he wants for you. Image from New York Magazine

You know, liberal, I couldn’t help but notice that in cities you put bars on your windows to keep criminals out. But you insist walls are ineffective, so wouldn’t such things as bars on the windows and locked doors also be ineffective? If walls are immoral for keeping desperate people away from the money they are entitled to, according to you, then aren’t your doors and window bars also just as immoral as they are ineffective? And what about the folks at MSNBC and on Capitol Hill who preach to us from behind not only walls and locked doors but also an army of armed guards? They tell us we’re not allowed to have guns and not allowed to have walls, from behind the protection of those very things. They tell us that the military is terrorizing poor desperate immigrants, from behind a militia of their own designed to terrorize people.

Liberals are smarter than us as mentioned above, so obviously they are aware of this hypocrisy, and since they keep getting votes I totally understand why they believe the public is stupid, but their intelligence also means they know that borders are necessary. So we are led to the question of why they want to get rid of them. Easy answer- 37 million Democrats to keep them in power perpetually. They gave up on convincing Americans to vote for them and decided just to import a welfare class that will vote for the Big Government umbilical cord, operated at our expense.

As for those of you who aren’t hypocrites and genuinely believe in open borders, do this and I will take you seriously: move into the worst part of town, leave your doors unlocked and windows open, take every cent of your money (cash out all of your investments too, anything that could create money) and put it in your house, then put a big neon sign outside your door that says “OPEN”. Live that way for the rest of your life. That’s the only way you aren’t a hypocrite on open borders.

Other Freudian Slips


I think she’s as prone to Freudian slips as Joe Biden. Image from wikimedia commons

Pelosi commented that the next Democrat President might declare a national emergency on guns, in a way she thought was a proportional response to Trump’s national emergency on the border. Like if I shove you and you shove me back. Except she believes that a President unilaterally exterminating the 2nd Amendment is the same as a President rerouting money. Worse, she believes the right of a foreigner to vote Democrat and receive welfare without contributing to the U.S. is equal to all of your Constitutional rights.

As you saw above with Obama’s National Defense Resources Preparedness, a President would have the power to do that. In fact, if a Democrat declared that anyone with a gun was in open rebellion and Democrats have their way with the Supreme Court, then they would be able to use Lincoln’s Administration as precedence for severe unconstitutional actions like that. In other words, Pelosi’s threat should be taken seriously, especially in light of the Left’s openly anti-gun agenda. And remember, as we saw in the UK, knives and hammers will be next.

Speaking of Californian Pelosi believing that the right of people being here illegally is of equal weight to your rights under the law, we have another Californian showing off their priorities. The governor believes that using the national guard to fight illegal marijuana growth is more important than using the national guard to deter illegal drugs from entering the country. Gov. Newsom (D) took a hefty sum of money from the Mary Jane industry, and wants to use the military to protect it from those participating illegally. Now isn’t that interesting? Democrats want to use the military to stop illegal pot growth at the behest of their donors in the legal pot industry, while at the same time they DON’T want to use the military to stop people from coming into the U.S. illegally who would use their illegal votes to help Democrats. Follow the money and follow the votes too I guess.

Trump And I Are One On Democrat Obstruction

How did it come to the point of the National Emergency? Weak-kneed Republicans as I keep complaining about, but also Democrats. They are absolutely dedicated to not letting Trump get anything done. Remember when 700,000 DACA recipients faced a humanitarian crisis, but Democrats refused a solution that would help not just them but also another 1.1 Million who hadn’t even applied for DACA solely because it came from Trump? Trump just wanted border security in return, something those Democrats supported, but because it was Trump who wanted it Democrats now refused.

Democrats are not now, nor have ever been, inclined to negotiate with Trump. I’ve mentioned before that they mock his negotiator abilities, but in addition to what I said before about party survival I’ll add here that Trump’s failure is also what Democrats want, no matter how many lives are hurt by it. His failure means less Republican voter turnout.

It’s tempting to simply blame Democrat incivility on Trump, to say that Democrats won’t negotiate  and will obstruct only because they hate Trump or because Trump is insulting or because Trump is a bigot or whatever, to say that if it were any other Republican then Democrats wouldn’t be so vicious. Nope. Remember under Obama, how Democrats weren’t inclined to deal with Republicans (Remember: Republicans are political terrorists for not adhering to Democrat demands when Democrats have the power, while Democrats are saviors for not adhering to Republican demands when Republicans have the power)? They said “win elections if you want your policies to pass”. Republicans did that, and instead of adhering to their words Democrats decided to oppose everything Republicans do… so, business as usual. How do you negotiate with someone dedicated to your destruction?

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