Liberals On The Move


Bernie Sanders supporters outside the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Even if the Trump-Russia collusion story turns out true, I don’t see why liberals are so upset. Lefties like Ocasio-Cortez (whom the Democrats are racing to catch up with) hated Clinton and love the Soviet Union, while Trump stopped Clinton and works for an ex-KGB agent. Maybe they hate Trump because they’re jealous? Image from talkmedianews

Quick flashback to last week’s piece- it happened again!

Reactions to Trump’s State of the Union address  are a good way to start this off. We have CBS’ unbiased neutral journalists disturbed by Trump talking about the need for a wall, with one host mocking the notion that illegal immigrants come into this country and kill people. She obviously wasn’t aware that someone who lost there parents from the very thing she denies happening was a guest that evening. Or maybe she knew and didn’t care, it’s hard to tell. She also tried to justify their entry into this country by saying they just want a better life.

Well so do we, but as Obama himself noted in his Grammy-winning audiobook if we take in all of these people wanting a better life we won’t be able to provide one for our own citizens, let alone the illegals. 13 years later, Democrats sit and stare when Trump says much the same thing that their Grammy-winning messiah said. Democrats outright refuted their messiah (whom they hold in such high regard as to wonder if they’ll have “another Obama” for 2020) in their response- they believe letting in everyone makes the country strong, not border security (I’m not deliberately misreading her statement- first of all, for all the times Democrats conflate “illegal” and “legal” immigrants its their own fault that their words can be interpreted this way. Second, she says walls- border security- does not make the country strong but immigrants- letting people in- does. She says border security makes us weak and letting anyone in makes us strong. How am I wrong?).

Onward to abortion- as you’re aware, Democrats are looking to get infanticide legalized in the name of protecting a woman’s body and her right to choose. I’m not referring to in-womb abortion, I mean VA Gov. Northam (D) said that legalizing the killing of a living baby outside of the womb was all about giving a woman the right to decide what happens to her body. So what would that new legal definition mean? If your mother decided to slash your throat, rape you, drown you, or put you in an oven that it’d be legal because she’s just doing that to her own body? Afterall, if you as a baby outside the womb are considered part of her body as Northam said, at what age would you suddenly not be part of her body?

20 years ago, Democrats already were very open about their position on this issue. Sen. Rick Santorum (R) questioned Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) about this. Boxer said the child was not considered born until the parents brought it home and the family accepted it. So if let’s say a week after being born the parents decided they didn’t like the child, in Boxer’s own words the child could be legally killed. And what if the child is never accepted by the family and lives until 3 years old before the parents finally decided to kill it? Would we be hearing liberals arguing how the parents were shamed by society into not acting even with abortion now being legal past birth, and how we need to give them their right to rid the world of a problem child? Brian Williams complained that Trump was graphic in his rather sterile State of the Union remarks about abortion; I assure Mr. Williams that I would have given him something graphic if I were up there. Williams must know what late-term and post-birth abortion entails, as a liberal he is smarter than me and surely wouldn’t support positions without understanding them, so why is he so scared about the American public hearing what smart people already know?

Do I really have to say it? The networks loved the Democratic response more than anything Trump said and chose to bias their coverage. The press just defended a Democrat who believes in killing babies and wearing blackface, so should we at all be surprised by this too? They’re about to get their butts sued off for libeling teenagers and generating a rage mob that led to those kids’ school getting shutdown, all because of lies. Lies that a Democrat Congresswoman knowingly promoted (she tried to spread the false narrative days after the truth was known, and then deleted the tweet immediately after a lawyer for the kids threatened to sue.. and while the media loves talking about the death threats it receives, they have yet to report on the death threat against the lawyer who’s going after them).


Most “Mainstream Media” Outlets colluded with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Election. This list is only expanding.

The Worst Is Yet To Come

You can expect more of the above, now amplified to heights unimagined in the past as the vast field of liberal hopefuls try to drown each other’s voices out. Here are some prospective 2020 Democratic candidates, though Wikipedia has over 150 potentials as of the time of this typing.

  • Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) (and we’re supposed to believe she didn’t know of this? She wouldn’t be the first Democrat to want to bury such things)
  • Beto O’Rourke (failed Democratic Senate candidate for Texas)
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – but he’s too white and too male according to Dems
  • Pete Buttgieg (mayor of South Bend, Indiana)
  • Julian Castro (former HUD Secretary)
  • Congressman John Delaney (D-MD)
  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) – I kinda like her, not bad for a Democrat.
  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
  • Let’s be honest here… Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) too despite Constitutional limits the Left wants to do-away with. Even if she’s not running this year, her policies are on the ticket.
  • Joe Biden (fmr VP, fmr Segregationist)
  • Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
  • Eric Holder (first AG to be held in contempt of Congress, criminally, civilly, and bipartisanly)
  • Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ)

Now, to be fair, a lot of these probably know they have no chance and just want the money and fame… maybe. They’re delusional enough to believe the below, so maybe they believe they have a chance too. Hard to say.


I was going to say that the above candidates all want their piece of the pie, but pie is so 1975. Image from howtocookthat

Here are some beliefs the party has

  • It’s ok to put the lives of teenagers in danger if they support Trump but didn’t do anything wrong
  • It’s ok for the DOJ to apparently collude with the media to allow a raid on a Trump associate to be filmed, so that everyone associated with Trump can be publicly intimidated
  • Democrats in government should be allowed to use the government’s counterintelligence agencies to investigate political campaigns, because that does not enable dictators.
  • The media should be used exclusively for targeting Republicans, even if evidence has to be buried or fabricated. (think Covington, or really anything anti-Trump)
  • White people are untermensch to be purged
  • If a woman accuses a male of anything, the male has no right to a defense or investigation and must be terminated immediately. No questions asked. (unless you’re an important Democrat)
  • If the Left accuses Trump supporters of anything, they have no right to a defense and must be terminated immediately. No questions asked.
  • Hatred for Trump trumps anything else (even your job, regardless of who you voted for)
  • Trump supporters deserve violence and death
  • White women do not deserve a voice
  • Women’s health doesn’t matter- they want abortions to be done by anyone, even people that aren’t doctors. If you’ll recall the left warned that making abortion illegal would be terrible and lead to women dying precisely because they’d have to go to people that weren’t doctors.
  • Jews and Christians should be purged.
  • America has no right to a border; we should pay for anyone who wants to be here on welfare regardless of what it does to native citizens of any race or origin.
  • Weaponizing law enforcement to intimidate dissent (what do you call these open displays of power that not even the worst serial killers and pimps are subjected to?)
  • Killing babies, in and out of the womb, is no problem. Caterpillars have more of a right to live than a baby that has been outside the womb for days, according to liberals. (Anyone remember the simple days when their excuse for murder was merely that it was a woman’s body and the child’s right to survive didn’t matter, and how we were all crazy for thinking that liberals would want to extend their death penalty to outside the woman’s body? Stuff they wouldn’t even do to animals, they’re happy to do to humans that can’t vote yet, and then they tell us they care about the suffering of people at our border whom liberals refuse to aid in their countries of origin just to force them to come here and vote for them here.)
  • Being associated with Trump automatically means everything you did in the past is evil, even if liberals supported it.
  • You’re a racist merely for voting for someone that isn’t a Democrat. (Trump lowered the unemployment rate for the black community, is trying to curb illegal immigration which Obama said in his Grammy-winning audiobook would benefit the black community, and he tried to reform food stamp programs to deliver healthy foods to blacks as liberals complain  about blacks not having access to healthy foods (and they also complained in that HuffPost piece that only 2 of the 14 members of the dietary guidelines advisory group were black… about 14%, and blacks make up 14% of the population so they are actually represented equally, but then again it is never about true equality). With Trump in office though, they want welfare benefits for blacks to decrease, and want blacks to eat bad foods, and deny that Trump is increasing black employment)
  • America has no right to lead in the world, we should cede this to other countries like Russia
  • We need to cut spending for defense at the same time Russia and China have built weapons we can’t defend against, at the same time Russia is violating an arms treaty, at the same time the Democratic Party wants a war with Russia. (Because of the optics, I found it funny that a Muslim Congresswoman in hijab was saying that we spent too much on defense after 9/11)

These are the platforms the Left is running on, what they want codified into law. And they will win the Presidency in 2020 since Trump has caved on the border wall. Republicans will be out of the Senate too, since they did nothing to help. Which means the only thing stopping the above agenda items is the Supreme Court, except with the Executive and Legislative Branches under their control, Democrats can easily add enough liberal judges to the court to make it give them the outcomes they want.

Does this seem like desperate fearmongering? Have you read the links? Democrats openly believe -mainstream Democrats, loyal to the party, powerful in the party, followed by millions, voted for by millions- the points I outlined above. Saying that Democrats do not believe in this is like saying the KKK doesn’t hate blacks. Saying that Democrats don’t actually know their leaders believe this is like saying a Klansman only dons the hood and pays their dues because they like the networking opportunity but didn’t read any of the literature when joining.

severed head

They complain that Trump is dividing us, then threaten everyone opposed to them.

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