A Discussion about Homophobia

Now honestly we all know what homophobia is right? So why even have this conversation. We all know homophobes are backward fools who run around the streets with signs. The only problem is that is not the case anymore. I mean that is one form homophobia takes but it is not the most dangerous form, only the most obvious.

Democrats have pushed the image of the loud rednecks in the street for a long time so they could claim Republicans are anti-gay. While that is not totally untrue (as some Republicans are very anti-gay), the real reason Democrats so painstakingly try to sell this narrative is that they, in reality, are the bigger homophobes. Homophobia is more rampant on the left than the right, that is just a fact. And it is more dangerous too. Allow me to explain.


Anti-Gay Protest by a Baptist organization.

A Choice Between a Train and an 18 Wheeler

When the few homophobic Republicans manifest their homophobia it is a public thing we all see. Liberals however are roundabout in their homophobia, it is more overt and insidious coming from them. The perfect analogy for this, it the difference between being able to see the 18 wheeler about to run you down as opposed to not noticing the freight train about to flatten you. In this scenario, conservative homophobes are the 18 Wheeler and the liberal ones are the freight train. While the few conservative bigots do their thing in public, the many and numerous Left Wing homophobes are homophobic behind closed doors and commit overt but damaging acts. And they really are more dangerous.


A wonderful message I once received from a “Tolerant” liberal.

Okay here is a good example, we all know Liberals love to virtue signal. When it comes to gay people that’s all we are to them, an opportunity to virtue signal and nothing more. And what should happen if one of us doesn’t agree with them using us as an opportunity to showcase their hollow and non-existent moral superiority? Well, that is when you get to see their true colors because these people are not our allies. They are huge bigots, bigger bigots than the people who walk through the streets with their signs and screaming because unlike those bigots the left wing bigots are not content just to hate us. They also use us like objects and indeed view us the same way Democrats view(ed) African Americans as Slaves.

Now some can argue that my example from above is reactionary but it isn’t. Much Liberal homophobia happens when they think nobody is looking. The DNC Leaks are a prime example, many of these emails had wonderful hidden gems like “No Homo“, or “Daddy Vibes“, or how to determine who is a “Good Gay” which by the way is my personal favorite. Can you imagine if these had been RNC leaks how much the media would have wailed about “Homophobic Culture in the Republican Party”? Unsurprising though as their last presidential nominee was a woman who took money in exchange for a weapons deal for a country that kills gays in an official capacity.

Cyanide & Unhappiness

That is only really the tip of the iceberg though because now we delve into their dangerous homophobia. See the upside to the few homophobic conservatives being outspoken is that if they are encouraging hate crimes or violence we know who to watch out for and we see it coming. Liberals, however, commit their violence under our noses or even manipulate LGBT individuals into acting against their own best interests. After all, they view us as property which they hold in utmost contempt.  And so they cater in a most disgusting goulash of fear and lies to hurt and control us.


This is the CURRENT voter registration information of Omar Mir Seddique Mateen as of this Summer. (yes, this means he was an active voter last November despite being dead.)

2016 was a year full of examples of this starting with the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. Their immediate reaction to the shooting was not legitimate outrage. The first thing Liberals did was try to claim that Islam was not involved even though Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS over the phone during the attack, and that apparently the shooter did it because he was a closeted homosexual. And beyond trying to place the blame on conservatives and guns, they even tried to deny the publicly known fact that the shooter was a registered Democrat while they tried to warp this into an anti-gun issue. And the cherry on top of all of this is that a week after these shootings the Florida Democratic Party held a banquet featuring an outspoken anti-gay imam. This makes it clear that the left is okay with killing gays when the murderer is Islamic. And I bet they get a big laugh when they get a bunch of gay uncle toms to march for the very people trying to kill them.


This parade in Britain is an example of the left manipulating gay men and women to act against their own best interests and to act as left wing political pawns

Now you of course wonder how Democrats can trick millions of LGBT individuals into acting like lemmings? Well in the most disgusting act of homophobia on the part of the left, they routinely lie to gay men and women and distort the truth. Not just little white lies either, they tell lies meant to instill earth-shattering fear in the hearts of impressionable gay men and women and then paint themselves as saviors who will deliver them from this fate. In reality, however, they deliver them closer to a fate of death and misery each day. The oldest lie is of course that it is the Republicans who are the homophobes who want to kill them (I have heard these exact words come from the mouth of a gay man before) and true to that tradition they have crafted a new lie about the vice president in that grand tradition of making gays scared so they can be controlled.


These do not sound like the words of a homophobe

Far Leftists last year started a malicious and wholly untrue rumor about Vice President Mike Pence in order to paint him as a danger to gay men and women. They made a ludicrous claim that Mike Pence supported taking federal money for HIV Research and directing it to the public funding of Gay Conversion Therapy. They claim that a passage from his 2000 Campaign website for the senate which mentions directing funds to institutions which “provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior”. In reality however, Mr. Pence was referring to funding programs that promote abstinance to both heterosexuals and homosexuals, which was in line with his rhetoric. Sure there was other questionable material on the website but then again this was the year 2000 and since then some things have become settled issues.


Mike Pence summarizing his attitude on discrimination.

Not to be outdone though, liberals compound their lies by bringing up their further lies and hysteria over the RFRA. I admit the law did not explicitly specify what is and isn’t grounds to refuse service but Mike Pence obviously did not intend his state level reflection of a Clinton Era federal law to be used to deny LGBT couples everyday service. It simply gave certain businesses the rights to deny specialty services if being obligated to provide them grievously violated their 1st Amendment Freedoms. Any half wit could figure out that was the point of it and why not? Personally, I think people in those industries should have a right within reason to refuse service, namely that a Christian should be able to refuse to bake a gay wedding cake and a gay man should be able to refuse to bake a cake that says “God Hates Fags”. That should be their choice as it is their business that involves close involvement with the event and they should have a right to say no considering that we live in a free market with many choices. Actually, I think the Image below, as well as this article, characterizes this better than I can.

Pence Excerpt


More of what the left labels “Anti-Gay Rhetoric” from Pence

2 things you need to take away from this now. The first, Liberals are not concerned with truth or other people’s rights. They want to further their agenda and score brownie points at the cost of stirring up further animosity. The Second, to control gay people they will lie and turn anything into an existential crisis so they can swoop in and pretend to be their saviors. Sadly this kind of homophobia is so effective.

A Needle or a Bullet

Why is all of that important though? Surely yelling god hates fags in the street or calling a guy faggot on the internet is more harmful? Well if you think that you are so totally wrong. Calling one person fag only harms that one person and yelling in the streets only harms the people present usually. Telling lies to scare an entire minority into doing a group’s bidding and gaining their trust just so act against their best interests is so much more damaging.

This insidious homophobia is an actual hate crime if we are being honest here. These lies are actions motivated by hate and greed which cause harm to their victims. And unlike the Isolated incidents of hate crimes by conservative homophobes, this broad and sweeping hate crime does not hurt just 1 or 2 or 10 people. This crime against LGBT individuals hurts every gay person, not just in America but the entire world over. This is why I am a conservative even in the face of little morons saying I am a self-hating gay, I mean Republicans have done some not so good things but they have never tried to support people who want to kill us nor have they told lies meant to scare us into doing their bidding. If you are a gay Liberal it is, in fact, you who is the self-hating gay and sadly there are a lot of them these days. And if you are a gay libertarian or something along those lines then you are just freaking amazing beyond words cause you’re able to say eff you to both extremes that do these things.

The bottom line is this, the left is not a friend to gays. They are actually our worst enemy. These monsters have found a way not just to cause us harm like regular homophobes, but to also control us despite this while tricking us into thinking they are our allies. They benefit from our misery, and that is inarguably the worst manifestation of homophobic behavior. Scarily enough some of them might actually have internalized their hatred of gays so much that they think their harmful behavior is actually good for us. Buying their own hype would be a really macabre twist to this. In general though my hope is that soon LGBT people and the people who really do care about us will wake up to all this before we are hurt too much, though we might already be too late for that.