Calexit: Why it Will Never Happen But it Would Be Good for The Rest of Us if it Did

I think I have typed this so many times since November 8th, but as we all know Liberals have been throwing tantrums since their staggering loss on November 8th. It is true, and one of the funniest tantrums comes from one of the smuggest cesspools on the Pacific Rim. I am of course speaking about California. There has been a movement there to secede from the United States for many years now but ever since a successful Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump it has gained new energy and a new name. They call it Calexit and it is a huge joke.

The same lies they tell to get support also spook some Conservatives who fall for them. But the fact is despite their claims to the contrary, their economy is not really the 6th largest in the world, they would not be better off without the US, and besides all that, they do not have a legal right to secede. Which is a shame actually, them seceding would be better for the 49 other US States. California looks so grand and important but they are really a big leech propped up by tax money from other states. But I am getting ahead of myself, I want to start from the beginning and break this down for you bit by bit.

It Ain’t Gonna Happen

There is an extreme reason we will not see Calexit, it is because California does not have a legal right to secede from the United States. California was Purchased by President James K. Polk from Mexico for 15 Million US Dollars after the Mexican-American War. The war was actually sparked in part by the Mexican Government’s Refusal to receive US Diplomat John Slidell who was authorized to buy the California Territory from Mexico for 20 – 40 Million US Dollars, a costly mistake on their part. So what is the significance of this little history lesson? Well Unlike voluntary signatories to the US Constitution like Maryland or New York or any of the other 13 Colonies, California has no right of cessation because they are a purchased territory. Californians are free to pack up and leave the United States on their own, but they cannot take federal land along with them, which I submit to you that California is since they were purchased with currency from a foreign government. In order for them to secede they would need consent from the Federal Government which I highly doubt they would receive.

There also is not enough support to get Calexit passed. While there was a huge uptick in support for the misguided attempt at forming their own nation, there is still only 32% support among Californians for the independence movement which was doomed to fail before it started. And let’s face it, even if they had all the support and they attempted to secede illegally they would fail. After all, this is the gun control state full of liberals waving dildos, how long do you think they would last against the US Military or military action from states that respect the right to bear arms? But honestly, there are more reasons they cannot leave that also show the rest of us would be better off if they did.

Aquae Vitae


A Map of the Colorado River. California, as well as Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, are dependent on this as a source of fresh water. Image from

A major reason California’s Calexit would flop is the massive humanitarian crisis it would trigger. California, and especially the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, is dependent on the Colorado River for their source of fresh water for drinking and crops. While there are Desalination Plants in places like Santa Barbra, due to massive incompetence on the part of the state as well as the massive cost to run them these plants sit idle most of the time. California is already having a dispute with Colorado over water supply from the Colorado River, and if California leaves the US Colorado has no incentive whatsoever to resolve the dispute. California claims they feed America and threatens to cut us off from their agriculture, but the reality in that is that the US can survive without Almonds and Wine as long as we have Midwestern Meat & Grain and Florida Oranges as well as Wisconsin Dairy. They need our water simply to survive more than we need their luxuries which can be purchased abroad anyway. Sadly for them, the only reason we rely on them for these things now is the convenience that comes from buying American products, and once that is gone we really have no need to put up with them.

California's Central Valley Impacted By Major Drought

A view of a Dry Riverbed in California viewed from a bridge. Image from CBS News

As I said earlier, California getting cut off from Colorado Water would result in a Humanitarian Crisis of biblical proportions. As is already stands, California is just now recovering from a 5-year drought that ravaged the entire state. The only reason they could survive these last 5 years was the fact that water was pumped in from Colorado and other states. If California were cut off from that water supply and they were hit by a drought it would spell doom for California with the death toll potentially reaching tens of millions of people. Those who don’t succumb to drought would just end up coming to the US again anyway as refugees with the exception of celebrities who would have left at the first sign of trouble. Honestly, I am sure many of these celebrities already have houses in other states. And if they don’t, unlike the rest of the population of Southern California I am sure they can afford to buy one.

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free

Many people claim that California is the world’s 6th largest economy. This is not in the least bit true, not really. If indeed California is as big an economy as some claim it is that is only because of the massive funding it receives from the federal government. Despite getting the most federal funding of any state,  they only pay 16.6% of their GDP in taxes to the federal government. Compare this to Texas which pays 17.1% or Illinois which pays 20.5% of their GDP or roughly 158,000,000 USD while they only receive roughly 105,000 in funding from the federal government for basic programs. And yet California insists they need these funds they receive all while they boast about how well they do.


Aerial view of the largely unused Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant in Santa Barbra CA. image from

If that isn’t enough, there is the fact that they squander this money and expect more while they levy high state taxes as well to keep their heads above water. As is the state is on the hook for over a Trillion Dollars for its unfunded pension liability, and they are failing to fund a doomed high-speed rail project and a botched Medicaid expansion rollout, all while the middle class flees because of high taxes and the homelessness rate skyrockets. There are crumbling highways in San Fransisco as the politicians pocket the money meant to fix the roads. There are desalination plants that have sat unused for 30 years. Hell, considering 48% of California’s Tax revenue comes from the top 1% of earners who will flee the state when the shit hits the fan it is quite clear an independent California would fail.

Nobody Likes a Fair Weather Friend


An aerial view of Silicon Valley California. The US Tech Industry is largely based here. Image from

Some people say without California the US will lose its tech and movie industries. I really don’t see that happening though in the case of a Calexit. While Silicon Valley investors and movie stars are more than happy now to trash America and fund this hopeless endeavor, the second water becomes scarce and taxes skyrocket these people will quickly disappear. Silicon Valley alone made up 14.5% of California’s GDP in 2014 and in addition, Government Employment, the Housing Industry, and Transportation/Trade/Utility Industries make up a combined 51%. California is like a fragile Ouroboros.

As soon as water runs out and taxes skyrocket in a frantic attempt to buy water or build and run Desalination Plants it will either bankrupt the California Middle Class or force them to flee back to the United States if we will take them in. All of those Silicon Valley Companies will most likely be proactive and seeing the writing on the wall they will most likely flee California for the US. As it is due to high prices for housing and an inadequate transportation Infrastructure in Santa Clara County which does not meet the burden of growth, the city of Austin Texas is catching up to Silicon Valley in the “Innovation Industry”. These industries are just in California as a matter of circumstance, the fact is they can be moved to any area of the United States and still do just as well and that is exactly what will happen at the slightest sign of California’s Collapse. As is Facebook has offices all over, including an office in New York City. Google has offices all over the world as well. If it becomes a burden to operate in California, which it will when the water dries up and taxes skyrocket to combat a severe debt, the tech industry will be leaving faster than you can imitate the Windows login noise.

And let’s not forget the movie industry. I can’t imagine celebrities will pay high taxes and watch their lawns wither when they can move to Colorado. I am not sure exactly where Hollywood will drift to but I doubt the film industry will stay in California. No water and high taxes would make producing a movie impossible for actors and directors alike, which would require them to relocate to somewhere more temperate but with better access to water. A few possibilities would be Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico. Knowing what fair flowers actors are though, they will no doubt migrate back to America since they need a free-ish society that also provides comfort.

It’s Falling Apart

Another concern of the water deprived, debt-ridden and jobless independent California will be their deteriorating infrastructure and their inability to pay government workers. I have seen firsthand just how bad California’s infrastructure is. My clearest memory of my trip to San Fransisco with my Grandmother back when I was 17 was not just my Trips to Chinatown or Alcatraz nor the bit of sexual experimentation I did in Berkely (not gonna get into that one), it was the ride from Oakland International Airport to where we were staying in Berkeley and how crappy the highway was. It was totally falling apart and according to our host, my grandmother’s college friend, it was because the city politicians pocketed funds to repair the road. This was nearly 10 years ago and of course, if she hadn’t told me then I would have just assumed it was because of earthquakes or something.

This makes me think that the Oroville Dam incident was a result of similar corruption. On February 7th, 2017 due to concerns about the stability of the dam and fearing a collapse, state workers released the gates of the dam’s spillway. This caused a collapse in the middle of the spillway and rushing water eroded the ground surrounding the spillway, pouring mud and sediment into the river below. Residents below the dam were evacuated for two days after the incident. Despite this incident which could have been avoided with timely inspections and which it would take federal funding to fix, California Democrats still decided to badmouth the president in response to his criticism of the Berkeley Riots. Possible corruption aside, it is very clear the priority of California Democrats is to make political statements and badmouth the man who decides whether to bail them out or not rather than solve the issues facing their own state. Post-Calexit it would be a lot of the same except these nutjobs would be doing it from a UN Seat.

Their Loss is Our Gain

In the 2015 Fiscal Year, California contributed nearly 406 million USD in Income Tax to the US tax revenue which was only 16.6% of their GDP. The total US Income Tax collection is 3,283,920,138 USD. If you take out what California contributed we would still have 2,878,068,843 USD. Losing that 400 Million isn’t a huge loss, especially considering how much California costs us. California receives the largest amount of federal funding despite their high taxes and they keep asking for more. As I mentioned above they are soon going to be over 1,000,000,000,000 USD in debt because of their pension liability as well as failed transportation projects and social programs but in addition, their Governor Jerry Brown who is openly critical of Trump has, all the same, asked him for federal assistance 4 times since he took office. And the trouble doesn’t end there.

Illegal immigration costs American Taxpayers a net loss of 54.5 Billion USD annually. In response to this, President Donald Trump has promised deportations and a border wall. However, some cities and jurisdictions in an illegal act of defiance have pledged to make themselves Sanctuary Cities and the like where law enforcement will refuse to cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. California is one of these as they have threatened to become a sanctuary state. Their lawlessness could continue to be a burden to the US Taxpayer.


Illegal Immigrants protesting Donald Trump and Flying the Mexican Flag. Image from

In addition, California has been registering Illegal Immigrants to vote in an attempt to influence the electoral process. It is estimated at least 2,000,000 Illegal Immigrants were illegally registered to vote in the 2016 Election. California which voted overwhelmingly in favor of Hillary Clinton boasts 25% of the population of Illegal Immigrants in the United States. Pretty much this makes California a liability to our Democracy since their 55 electoral votes have gone blue in recent elections because they allow illegal immigrants to vote knowing they will vote Democrat.  I think we are better off without that.

The straw that breaks the camels back in my opinion though is the social trash they spread. Sure they send obstructionist candidates to DC and that sucks, but the politically correct culture of “Trigger Warnings” and “Micro-Aggressions” does 10 times more damage than any manchild politician. And the fact that they now trash free speech is disgusting too since at one time the epicenter of the movement to preserve that right was Berkeley. Certainly, they would have less opportunity to spread their filth if they were another country. And to be honest, because of that filth I don’t care how much they would suffer if their stupid idea came to fruition. They can reap what they sow when they make the next bad decision in a long line of them. And the rest of the country will benefit with the weight of California’s burden off of out shoulders.

Que Sera Sera

So sadly it is pretty certain we will not see Calexit. It’s a shame though, contrary to their threats and their hype, without California we would be better off as a nation. We would lose some luxury foods and a few theme parks but we would also lose 25% of the illegals burdening our country as well as the cancerous liberals trying to keep them here to further their agenda. People who want to stay American will move away from that cesspool and I imagine idiots who want to be in their fascist paradise (which they will quickly learn is their private hell) will move in. America will lose a financial and social burden that holds back the rest of the country. Honestly, that’s what Calexit would be if it were possible but in the end, I have to accept that whatever may be will be.


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