The Importance of Social Security

This is a piece I am sure nobody will be happy with, so that is exactly how I know I am 100% right. The fact is despite Conservative criticism of it, the Social Security Administration and the existence of Social Security Benefits are important to our society. Some call it Socialism, but if it has become that it is because Republicans have spent more time trying to dismantle it than they have trying to fix it and improve it. Because of this, what should be a useful Government Agency/Program has become a chew toy for the Democrats to further their agenda. Caught in the crossfire, the true use of this program has been largely forgotten.

Criticism and Misunderstanding

There are many critics of Social Security. Some people see it as wealth redistribution seeing as how money for Social Security is taken out of paychecks. A lot of people argue, “Instead of taxing us they should just allow us to decide how much money we put in our own retirement accounts.” While this sounds true it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what Social Security is. To emphasize, Social Security is like a Retirement Fund and Life Insurance and a Rainy Day Fund all rolled into one.


If for some reason your child were born with clinical depression, schizophrenia, or mental retardation they would be covered under your benefits. Image from

Most people withdraw their own Social Security when they retire, that is true. They get Medicare along with that as well, but did you know your benefits also extend to your children? If your child became disabled before the age of 22 and never worked to pay into this system, they are qualified to receive disability benefits based on your income. Children of parents who never worked do not get this same benefit, so by paying into Social Security, you benefit yourself and your child and nobody else. And if for some reason you die before your children they will receive Survivor Benefits from the Social Security Administration.


Spousal Benefits protect the one you love if the worst ever happens to you. Image from

Social Security Protects both you and your spouse as well. If for some reason you become disabled and unable to work before you make it to retirement age, Social Security will begin to pay out benefits to you based on how much you made before you became disabled. Unlike Workmans Compensation, this is indefinite or as long as your disability permits you to work. Your benefits also extend to your spouse in the case of your death or their retirement. Spousal Benefits help reduce the financial stress on your husband or wife if the worst should ever happen to you.

Identification and Other Uses

When a US Citizen is born and their parents apply for a birth certificate they are usually assigned a Social Security Number. This number is unique as your very fingerprint and not only does it work as a form of identification for bank accounts and such things, it is proof that your child is an American Citizen. Only people born in the US are supposed eligible for a Social Security number and the benefits associated with it. It is also used as identification for when you pay taxes that fund our military and schools and such things. This unique combination of 9 numbers helps our society run smoothly.

Social Security as identification streamlines the process for things like opening a bank account or getting a cell phone plan. Most major financial institutions or companies require a Social Security number to verify your identity. Employers also require you to provide a Social Security number for identification and tax purposes as well. You cannot get a US Passport without a Social Security Number and it is associated with your credit score. Having one is essential for day to day life.

Why Reform is Needed


With control of both the House and Senate, Republicans have an excellent opportunity to reform Social Security. Image from

I opened my article by implying that Republicans should spend more time reforming the Social Security system. This is not an understatement in the least. Besides the fact that the Social Security Administration is being heavily misused by the left, it is also a solution to many immigration issues our country is facing. Social Security needs to be viewed as a solution rather than a problem. It needs to be improved.


Illegal Immigrants protesting Donald Trump and Flying the Mexican Flag. Image from

Since a Social Security Number is essentially proof of citizenship it would be a good way to crack down on illegal immigrants abusing the welfare system or illegally voting in our elections. In a study comparing the use of Immigrant use of Welfare to that of Natives, they found that Illegal Immigrants claim an average of 5,700 US Dollars per household in Government Benefits. It has also been reported that Millions of Illegals cast fraudulent votes in the 2016 election, contributing to the appearance of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. This puts a huge burden on our taxpayers and undermines our electoral process. If Republicans who are now in control of both the House and Senate simply passed a bill making it mandatory that Social Security number be provided when applying for any government program, service, or document, this would eliminate the issue especially if we begin to keep fingerprint records as part of the Social Security application process.

What Do We Need to Fix?

This here is going to be a long section. Thanks to Democrats being the only ones interested in Social Security, the agency faces severe issues of accountability and mismanagement of funds. On top of that Democrats have used the Social Security Trust as their own private slush fund. Even though the money was earmarked for Social Security for American Citizens, over the years Democrats moved the money to the General Fund, raised the percentage of taxed income from 1% to 7.65%, changed the rules so it isn’t tax deductible, made up to 85% of the income taxable, and extended benefits to Immigrants who don’t pay into the system. Then they claim Republicans are the only ones trying to destroy the program.

To fix things, Republicans need to bring the program back to its basics and then make a few adjustments. This means making Social Security payments tax exempt, gradually reducing the collected tax back to 1 – 2.5%, and cease making payments to immigrants and anybody else whose family has not paid into the system. There also needs to be an intense review of personnel. There is a lot of waste in the system. But the greatest review needs to be of people already drawing benefits.


Kiara has been on welfare for 15 years and says she does not intend to search for work. Image from

A large and persistent problem has been the prevalence of welfare abusers. While there are welfare abusers of many races and of both genders, the ones that get the most attention are female welfare abusers or “Welfare Queens”. These women choose not to work because they get assistance from the government. Many get help with Housing, Food, and they receive cash checks from the Government. They get this money usually because they have multiple children or are vastly overweight, but they draw ire when they spend the money on nonessential items instead of spending the money on said children or to improve their health problem.


This woman who is on welfare for her weight claims she needs more welfare to lose the weight. This kind of transparent manipulation is commonplace. Image from

Sadly a stereotype has formed that welfare abusers are mostly African Americans, but there are plenty of white welfare abusers both here in America and across the pond in Britan. The most outrageous abuse, however, is from Illegal Immigrants collecting welfare. There are simple ways to fix this though. As I said earlier we need to stop giving funds to illegal immigrants but we also need to cut off benefits for people without an actual disability (cause gods know being fat isn’t a disability when the person chooses to constantly eat biscuits and crisps) who refuse to work. And as for the children of the ones who abuse their children’s welfare payments, their children should be entrusted to the state because they would surely be better off with foster parents than with a mother or father who puts their wants over their child’s needs.

There needs to be a detailed review of personnel as well. Most staff of the Social Security Administration are very dedicated and well meaning so it is regrettable this even needs to be considered. However due to a scandal involving the Veterans Administration every social agency is suspect. And considering the influence of Democrats on Social Security, the imperative to perform a review just deepens due to the high likelihood of corruption. Throwing money at the issue is ill advised anyway, but it is even less effective till the rot is cut out so to speak.

Important Still

In the end, the people Social Security is meant to benefit are the elderly and disabled as well as their families. Any reform should be focused on making sure the system benefits them and them alone. The money we pay towards Social Security should be earmarked for just that, security for those who engage in and contribute to society and their families as well. I hate quoting that asshat FDR but he characterized the purpose of Social Security best in his statements upon signing it into law, “We can never insure one hundred percent of the population against one hundred percent of the hazards and vicissitudes of life, but we have tried to frame a law which will give some measure of protection to the average citizen and to his family against the loss of a job and against poverty-ridden old age.” That is all Social Security should be, beneficial to the average working citizen and their kin.


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