Why we Need The Electoral College


A Map of the Electoral College distribution of votes. Image from printableworldmap.net

Ever since the Electoral College fulfilled their duty in December there have been calls from sore loser Democrats to abolish it and pathetic arguments based on selective reasoning, like the Electoral College is somehow Racist. Keep in mind this tantrum came after they begged and pleaded with the members of the Electoral College to ignore their duty. This is the most childish behavior coming from childish minds. They didn’t have a problem when the Electoral College worked in their favor and put Obama into office twice of course. Sadly back then it was Republicans decrying it, though in more rational and level headed tones.


Barack Obama. He was put into office twice by the Electoral College. Image from evil.news

I too at one time was critical of the Electoral College as are many Americans. The problem was that I didn’t know enough about it and how it benefits the fair election of our President. Interestingly, a popular vote would be the least effective and least democratic way to handle our elections and would result in nearly no voter participation. The Electoral College is not in any way obsolete and can barely be improved, in fact, the final version of the Electoral College as outlined in the Twelfth Amendment is needed more than ever. There are plenty of old problems that make it essential as well as new ones which further it’s usefulness.

And The Republic For Which It Stands

First off you have to realize, America is NOT a democracy. For those of you who don’t remember the Orwellian practice of chanting the pledge of allegiance from your elementary school days, the United States is a Republic. To be exact it is a Constitutional Republic. In reality, an actual Democracy ensures there is no freedom, if we were a Democracy then slavery might still be legal and Native American’s might have been wiped out a long time ago because we would be following the directive of the majority which is seldom right. By dividing power between different branches of a government and requiring that we elect representatives this ensures that the voice of the people is heard while at the same time ensuring that the majority does not have the power to trample over the rights of individuals at will.

Now you may ask what any of this has to do with the Electoral College. Well, the Electoral College divides the responsibility of electing the President and Vice-President between 50 States rather than just between a small handful of states. Does that make sense to you?  Another way of explaining it would be like dividing a pack of M&Ms for a bunch of kids. You can leave the decision on how to divide them to the older and bigger kids and hope they will be fair (which Human Nature states they will not be), or you can open the pack and divide them up between the group making sure even the smallest kids get at least 1 or 2 pieces.


A political cartoon about the Electoral College. It illustrates that without it, presidential candidates would only pay attention to 4 states and that the votes from the 46 other states would be worth practically nothing. Image from michaelpramirez.com

This is how the US would look to a Presidential Candidate if we went by the popular vote. Knowing that those 4 states would put them into office, they would focus on the needs of those states leaving the rest of the nation neglected. There is an argument that the Electoral College gives Disproportionate power to smaller states however that is totally untrue. In fact, it levels the playing field and makes sure the smaller states have their voice heard by the nation. In reality, the popular vote is the unfair system since it would put all of the power into the hands of larger states which would effectively overlook the concerns and needs of the smaller states in the same way the older kids would overlook the desires of the younger kids to have an M&M or 2 in my hypothetical scenario.

Tyranny of The Majority

What I just described would be disastrous for the country. Of course, it is wrong to leave the fate of the entire nation in the hands of a few states, or in reality a few cities. To understand the issues with a popular vote you need look no further than my home State of Maryland. Maryland has only gone Republican 2 times in the last 10 General Elections. What keeps Maryland a blue state is the dense populations of Baltimore City and Prince Georges County. This has enabled a Democrat Majority in Maryland’s Legislature which has also led to the state being heavily gerrymandered. Now there is only 1 Republican Electoral District in Maryland existing on the Eastern Shore and Harford County, even though the far west of the state is heavily Republican.

Because of this, and even before the gerrymandering for that matter, the legislature in Annapolis has been effectively able to ignore the needs and concerns of the people living in the mountains. This has led to a sad decline in those areas. The most drastic display of that is the City of Cumberland, Maryland; once called the Queen City for being the second largest in the State, it is now essentially only a Train Depot or another exit along Interstate 68. Once a city of heavy industry, due to heavy regulations out of Annapolis and their neglect in helping to replace those industries that disappeared the area slowly declined and the city has barely any new infrastructure even though it is the center of Allegheny County. They do not even try to repave and reorient the Interstate 68 Offramp, even it has a heavy volume of traffic incidents. Because of this and many other reasons the people of Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick, and Carroll Counties have begun a movement to secede from Maryland and form an entirely new state which has gained momentum after Brexit. Don’t confuse this with Calexit though. Unlike crybaby California whose only grievance is that their candidate lost an election, the people of Western Maryland are really and truly suffering because they are going unheard.

Everybody Gets a Voice And More

The reason I decided to highlight this was to demonstrate how pure Democracy that has gone out of control damages lives. Western Maryland is hurt because the cities in the east decide the Governor and the Governor then decides to reduce the influence of the west of the state because that is what the eastern cities want. That is the danger of a popular vote presidency, while the presidents cannot reduce the voice of the midwest he can still ignore their concerns and appoint officials that will do the same or pass regulations that go against their best interests to placate those who dwell in the cities. The cities have no right to decide what is best for the rest of the nation, they do not know or care about the needs of the midwest and this is a good reason they do not have any right to be the sole deciders of the fate of the nation. This is what the Electoral College protects us from, it makes sure everyone has an equal voice and protects the citizens from “the tyranny of the majority”.


A satirical map of the Electoral College. Not only does this show the bigoted attitude the Left has towards Middle America, it is another good example of why we need the Electoral College. Image from kym-cdn.com

All that said, those are the extreme examples for the reasons behind the institution. Rember, the Electoral college vote has reflected the national vote all but 5 times since the system was put into place. And that too is a good thing for the most part since it shows harmony with the choices of the people. It gives everyone an equal voice even though, in essence, 6 states have a disproportionate amount of Electors and are largely the deciding factors of the Presidential Elections. But it still requires the candidates to make an effort to connect with other states since even if one candidate won all 6 of those states (which is totally impossible because of their wildly different social make-ups), they would still have to court many others as well to reach the 270 Minimum Electoral Votes to claim the presidential seat.

However, that is not the end of the protections it provides. Electoral Voting helps avoid Run-Off Elections. While it is also true that it is nearly impossible for there to be a tie in the popular vote, it is equally impossible with the Electoral Vote. In fact, it has never happened. If however, it did then the vote would revert to the House. I somehow doubt that there would be a solution as easy as that in the case of the Popular Vote since the same complaints would arise that are now currently being directed at the Electoral College.

It also ensures the certainty of the vote. If there were a small margin of error in a Popular Vote Election then a Candidate could claim foul and call for recounts in states he or she thinks they may gain a sufficient amount of votes. This could go on back and forth for weeks or months even, leaving the presidential seat up in the air. From what I have seen after the 2016 elections I believe this could lead to massive civil unrest with mentally unstable people going wild one week because their candidate lost and gloating the next because they think they have won, then getting even more violent the next time they think they are losing. This obviously isn’t at all acceptable.

Additionally, in the last century, the Electoral College has become a protection against another new threat, Voter Fraud. Despite recent bogus claims by Democrats that there is no voter fraud, not only is evidence accumulating that there is indeed widespread voter fraud, it shows that Democrats are the ones committing it and profiting from it. First, there was the fraud unveiled during the Wisconsin and Michigan recounts. Trump gained 131 Votes in Wisconsin while in Michigan they found that Detroit counted more votes than the actual number voters, of course in Hillary’s favor. Also, a recent study found that around 2 Million non-citizen Hispanics are illegally registered to vote. Between these and other factors it has been hypothesized that Hillary Supporters cry baby claims she won the popular votes are extremely false, with some calculations claiming she lost by 22,000 votes.



Failed Presidential Spinster Hillary Clinton.


Had we decided the presidency by a Popular vote, Hillary Clinton would have won and been rewarded for the criminal action of herself and her supporters. That would completely have undermined the legitimacy of the election and thus the legitimacy of the government. Luckily the final result is determined by the electors who are voted for by their states. Even by committing voter fraud, Hillary could only have succeeded in a limited number of states or districts. It would be virtually impossible for her to commit fraud in rural areas where she is likely to meet more resistance from Republican Election Judges than cooperation and the same would apply if it had been the other way around; if a Republican committed fraud he would face resistance rather than cooperation in areas that are heavily Democrat. Committing fraud in enough counties and in enough states to sway an Electoral Vote is pretty much impossible because of this country’s bi-partisan nature. So yet again, the Electoral College saves the day.

Can It Be Made Better?

Does that mean that the system cannot be improved? To be honest I think it can in a couple of ways. One way would be to legally bind an elector to his vote, making it a criminal offense to break with their vote except in extreme cases. One problem now is that Electors do not face sufficient punishment for doing this. At the most, they face a fine in some states. That to me is not a real deterrent. Just look at last November when liberals were begging and threatening the Electors because they wanted them to vote against Trump, at that time some of them were offering to pay any fines or legal fees that would arise from breaking their oath which to me is tantamount to a bribe.

Another concept that could be improved is how states award their electoral votes. With the exception of Nebraska and Maine, every state awards all of their votes by popular vote. This is one reason I believe voter turnout is low especially in big states since even if you vote you will not even be able to get even one Elector for your Candidate. Because of this, I believe that for states with 4 or more electoral votes should award their votes according to the percentage of votes each Candidate got in that state. A simple example would go something like this. Using Idaho which has exactly 4 electoral votes as an example, let’s imagine that the percentage of Idaho’s Population that voted for Trump was 75% and The percentage that voted for Hillary was 25%. So under this new guideline, Trump would get 3 Electors and Hillary would get 1 rather than Trump getting all 4 electors. Trump still gets more but the 25% feels represented.

Of course, there is no real easy answer. What is easy to answer is why each party criticizes it when they lose. They feel cheated. But this time Democrats are also criticizing the institution out of hatred for Middle America. They blame Hillary’s loss on, “Whitelash”, as they call it. I mean, of course, it has to be racism!! It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the midwest feeling neglected by the last administration, or how dishonest Hillary was, or the blatant contempt hardcore liberals show the Midwest which does not share any of their values.

Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States Image from wikimedia.org

Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
                  Image from wikimedia.org

Donald Trump is President now. He won fairly through the Electoral College, possibly the best system for selecting a leader this world currently has. Liberals not accepting the results of the election decided by the electoral college is a direct threat to democracy. Well not really, because there is nothing whining liberals can do to change the results. They can kick and scream and cry all they want but the electoral college will not go away, just remember it is them kicking and screaming and acting like children that contributed to the electoral college being charged with voting the way it did. So actually, let’s hope they keep it up cause we are just going to ignore them and vote for Trump again. And don’t forget to thank them in advance for handing us victory again in 4 years whenever you possibly can.


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