Special Shitpost: My Thanksgiving Travel Adventures

Yes guys, it is the holidays, and since I spent the last week dicking around and wasting my time you guys get to read this post where I gripe about traveling on a budget. I love my family and I love seeing them all together for the holidays but the first leg of my journey to see them is usually pretty arduous. This Tuesday morning I had to wake up at 10 but I woke up and 8 instead. Then I ended up wasting 3 hours on television so by the time I started getting ready it was 11 and I had 2 and a half hours left before I had to leave. Luckily I packed my bags the night before.

After an unhealthy breakfast of leftover Alfredo, I departed. Unlike most sane Americans, I do not drive. So to get to my parent’s place in PA. I have to walk, take a bus, then take 2 trains. So after stopping for a drink at my corner store, I walked towards the bus stop to wait for a bus to Penn Station.

Walking 5 blocks with 3 heavy bags is no cake walk and I was winded by the time I got there. Wow, not even a half hour out and I already feel like throwing myself in front of the train I am going to catch. (Just Kidding) My luck wasn’t total shit tho cause I caught the free Circulator bus and saved $1.70.

After a short ride down Charles Street, I arrived at Penn Station and bought my ticket. Commuter rail is cheap here in MD. One way to DC is $8 and my ticket to Harper’s Ferry will be $12. Of course, I got to the station a half hour early for the train I had to take and so I had to sit and wait a half hour.

Finally, the train arrived. The view from the window while you are in Penn station isn’t very impressive though. Whats equally annoying is that I had to end a phone call with a friend since I knew there would be a long tunnel just after we leave the station in which I would lose all signal. It actually made this post harder since I had to wait till we left the tunnel to add an image. Fun fact though, even though the tunnel dates from the 1800’s somehow it accommodates the dual level cars the commuter rail uses.

There is not much to note on the Penn Line, well not a lot you can see from the train really. It passes a few small towns and the airport before reaching Union Station. After an hour I did reach DC’s Union Station. After exiting Gate A I was greeted by a wall of people going at least 30 feet.

Union Station is a Gargantuan affair indeed. The above photo was just a picture of the ceiling of the entry way and I couldn’t even get all of that into one shot. For it to be this crowded is a big deal. But I was still able to get my tickets and find out what gate my train was leaving from though with a bit more effort than usual. At least the wait wasn’t too bad, there was a cute guy with a Virginia Tech tee-shirt on who I kept peeking at and would have loved to have flirted with if he hadn’t been reading. 🙂

Pretty soon they called for my westbound train and I had to board at the far end of the platform which was under some sort of repair. Then began the 1 1/2 hour ride out to Harpers Ferry. There are a lot of Notable things along that line but I was too lazy to take pictures, it is nonetheless beautiful. Sadly the train I took only went up to Brunswick and I had to catch a bus the rest of the way into Harper’s Ferry.

Finally, I was there in Harper’s Ferry after that long journey. The sunset was beautiful on the cliffs and within an hour my father and baby sister picked me up from the station. After a long pain in the butt journey, I finally get to see my smiling sister. And that was the bulk of my holiday travels. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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