In The End It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

I know this post is gonna come up on Wednesday so I better set some context. I am writing this post on Sunday, November the 6th. In about 48 hours we will know just how fucked the country is though by the time you’ll be reading this we will already know. But I just want to reassure you, it doesn’t matter who wins because things will not get any better. Politicians will still ignore us. In fact, even people who I’m supposed to be allied with already do.

Now quite obviously if that Bitch Queen Hillary won last night I’ll be ignored. After all, I’m not a “Good Gay” who is obedient and just looks over the fact she takes money from Saudi’s who decapitate people like me. That is a given, I mean I live in a Blue District anyway so I have pretty much no representation at all in Washington. What is really annoying is when your allies ignore your own advice that could save their asses. That’s not something you expect.

It happens, though unless you’re an insider you’re out. That’s just how politics work if you are just the common Joe and you don’t know anybody you get stonewalled. It’s done in many ways. Secretary’s tell you they will send the message to the Senator or they will tell you to Email them but you rarely ever hear back about your concerns no matter how well you present them. Sometimes they just try to misdirect you too and hope you give up.

Sometimes it is because of your political affiliation, sometimes it’s just because you aren’t an insider. It doesn’t make it right though. I mean you know it’s intentional from Obama’s White House where you can start a petition and get millions of signatures then a few months later receive a form email totally dismissing your concerns and trying to validate his own crap. Senators are guilty of this too. But you shouldn’t feel that way.

If Trump indeed won yesterday you guys don’t hold your breath that he will ” Drain the Swamp”. Once someone gets into office it becomes business as usual. The only politicians that ever listen to their voters are City Council Members and even that is rare. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is still better than Hillary. But most voters these days remind me of those Non-Doges in my featured image. I’m just saying no matter who you support it would be a good idea for you to Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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