Has the Election Really Been Rigged Against Trump?

So recently Donald Trump came under heavy fire for his assertions that the election has been rigged against him. And to some degree, that’s the right reaction because it is not as rigged as he seems to think it is. But don’t forget the time-honored adage, “Just because you are crazy doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” Indeed to some degree, there is a bit of rigging against Trump that has taken place both on a private and an official level. Can Trump overcome it? Maybe but first we have to understand what he is up against.

This article is a list of ways the race has been rigged against Trump with video evidence. Maybe you’ll see what even I myself reluctantly see and must admit.


#1: Debate Bias

So maybe not the best example video but it has been asserted that Lester Holt Colluded with the Hillary Campaign to rig the debate in Clinton’s Favor. Honestly, I am iffy about the hand signals but a Poker Expert has claimed that he believes Hillary was signaling Holt. However, while I am iffy on the use of hand signals I am 100% sure the debate was rigged to be extremely biased against Trump and favorable towards Hillary.

The first Prime Example was the fact that Holt hammered Trump with slanderous accusations and biased questions and neglected to ask Hillary a single question about any of her scandals unless they were brought up. Seriously though, any sane person watching this video can see that Holt has it out for Trump. Not only was he slamming Trump’s Tax plans and misrepresenting them, he then attempted to slander Trump by asserting that Trump supported the Iraq War. Meanwhile, Hillary smiles and grins like she knew this was going to happen. The only time Holt directed a remotely critical question at Hillary is when Trump brought up her emails, and even then the question was worded in a way that allowed her to be totally dismissive of the issue without looking like she was trying to avoid the question.

It has also come to light that Hillary was provided questions from the CNN debate before the actual event by DNC chair Donna Brazile. In an Email Exchange posted on Wikileaks between Brazile and Members of Hillary’s Campaign entitled “From time to time I get the questions in advance”, she outlined a question that was to be asked at the CNN debate. This brings up many questions. The biggest is “Why is CNN providing these questions to the chair of either party in the first place?” But I think we all know the answers to that.

Of course being that this is CNN the buck doesn’t stop there. Backstage the Focus Group of “Undecided Ohio Voters” were asked leading questions. The person asking the questions also made an effort to clearly avoid any questions compelling the focus group to speak their honest opinion about Hillary. In no stretch of the objective mind was the CNN debate in any way Balanced and Unbiased. Looking objectively, this debate was meant as a gauntlet in which Lester Holt and CNN were to take shots at Trump and make efforts to paint Hillary in a favorable light. It was totally unethical behavior and I hope the Republican Candidate’s in 2020 make a point out of refusing to cooperate in any CNN moderated debates.

#2 Political / Legal Bias

Oh, we all Remember that. People call it the Hillary defense, “I was grossly incompetent and broke the law but I didn’t mean anything by it so make me president.” Let’s see though, how did the rest of the FBI and the justice department react to that? Yeah, Comey better hope the crook Hillary wins or else he may see the inside of a federal prison. Or not. I mean only the Clinton’s and their friends seem to be above the law after all only Clinton’s can meet with the Attorney General while their spouse is currently under criminal investigation for illegal actions they took while in office. They are american royalty after all, if a Clinton and a Bush get married we can just cancel all the elections and disband Congress and the Supreme Court!!

Oh but it doesn’t stop there. The email scandal is just the tip of the Iceberg. There is also the Clinton Pay to Play Scandal, evidence now shows that during her time in the State Department members and donors to the Clinton Foundation were given special treatment and provided special access to diplomats and the like. Oh and lets not forget how Hillary is accepting money from the Saudi Government. You know the Saudi’s right? The ones who execute gays? But we all know how Hillary feels about gays.

And in the meanwhile the Trump University Lawsuit is still going through the Civil Courts. I hope the hypocrisy isn’t lost on you here. Oh I am not defending Trump at all though people. But here is a novel idea, maybe the outcome of civil or criminal legal action should depend on whether or not a person is guilty or innocent. You know, as opposed to their last name or the size of their bank account or their political affiliation?

#3 Reporting Bias

I can’t even find a that sums up all this to make the header to this section. So let’s jump right in. The media is extremely biased as they focus on every one of Trump’s Scandals. Now while we all know about how Trump mocked the disabled since the media howled about it for weeks, but not a peep was mentioned about Hillary calling a black servant the “N” word. Oh that’s not the end of it though, while they commented on Trump being endorsed by a member of the KKK (an endorsement he didn’t ask for) the fact that Hillary Clinton’s mentor and close friend Robert Byrd was a high-ranking member of the KKK and that she gave him a loving tribute in 2010 was never mentioned. Perhaps most upsetting is that they covered Trump’s 2005 comments about “grabbing her by her pu**y” they either ignore or try to justify Hillary’s 1975 defense of a pedophile in which she blamed the 12-year-old victim and the interview in the 80’s where she laughed about the case. I have a 2-year-old sister so that last one really pisses me off so much. I mean if Trump grabbed my sister I would beat him black and blue, but if my sister had been the victim in that 1975 case and I heard Hillary Rodham accuse my sister of asking for it and claiming she fantasizes about older men I would have killed Hillary in the courtroom without caring about the consequences.

Sadly we can’t hold the Media Legally accountable. The 1st amendment protects propaganda and courts have held up that compelled speech is as illegal as attempts to censor speech. So The media can act as Hillary’s goons without any fear of consequences. Honestly you need to sift through the internet to get the whole story or any story. After all when you try to tell the truth on CNN and stuff it just doesn’t fly with them.


Closing thoughts:

So you have to ask yourself why if Hillary has all of these more outrageous scandals that we don’t hear about them? Why if she has committed these illegal acts she is not in jail? Could it be because the Media wants Hillary in the white house at any cost? Could it be because the current administration doesn’t want to lose control? What we all need to remember is that the mainstream media exists to pander to and lie for the Democrats. Propaganda is alive and well. Trump is no prized pig but this election has been rigged against him as much as the Democrats possibly can. They will not stuff ballot boxes or hack voting systems or anything outright illegal, but they will be sure to withhold the truth and withhold justice to make sure the person they picked gets into the Whitehouse. And we NEED to stop that because if nothing else it sends the message to the Democrats that we can be controlled and they can control elections. And if that happens, the end result will be the loss of our 2 party system and the realization of the Democrats dream of a fascist 1 party system.

Update: It is unsual for me to update before an article comes out but this is breaking news and I do not have time to incorporate it seamlessly into this article. Voting machines in Texas had a “malfunction” where the machines were recording Republican votes as Democrat votes. In short, the machines recorded a vote for Hillary when voters tried to vote for Trump. Hopefully an investigation will be started soon and quickly. If it comes to light the DNC or Hillary’s campaign were involved then I feel she should be removed from the ballot in all 50 States and a Criminal investigation should be started for election fraud.


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