Trump is a Womanizer but Hillary Defends Rapists!!

Hi Readers, in the run-up to this most crucial election I have decided to focus on politics so I can inform you about what the Mainstream Media will not report to you. Recently there have been a lot of scandals surrounding Crooked Hillary Clinton that have gone under the radar due to media Bias. I will report on as many of these as I can before November 8th. I want you all to go out on the 8th fully informed and vote your conscience. And for those of you who don’t live in the US or who are sick of politics and are now thinking, “Lame!!! F**k this noise, I’m out!!” I just wanna assure you after the 8th it will be all nerd all the time for a while cause I have had my fill of politics for a while. So with that said let’s dig into today’s selection.

Recently a lot of attention has been given to tapes with Donald Trump’s totally disgusting comments about women. They are indefensible and would have made me want to vote for Hillary if I didn’t know about her dirty laundry. In 1975 Hillary Clinton defended a Pedophile Thomas Alfred Taylor by attacking the victim and essentially claiming she asked for it in a highly suspect affidavit. This has been touched on as recently as 2014 when the victim told The Daily Beast “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell”. Liberal News outlets and her rabid supporters have resorted to lies or half-assed excuses like “She didn’t Volunteer for the case” or “The defendant had a right to a fair trial.”

What are the facts of the case? Were Hillary’s actions illegal or immoral? Well to determine that you need to know the history of the case without the spin provided by her memoirs or the corrupt far left media. I had to dig really deep into Google’s Search results (Which by the way, they excluded this search from their suggested searches) to find some facts. This is what I found from Law Newz which is a pretty unbiased source under thorough examination and I will also the facts of the case from the transcripts and records.

On Tuesday, May 13, 1975, at 2:27 PM Prosecutor Mahlon G. Gibson Filed charges of Rape in the First Degree against Thomas Alfred Taylor for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Three Days before Mr. Taylor and two male acquaintances, including a 15-year-old boy she had a crush on had encouraged the Victim to join them on a late night trip to the bowling alley. Taylor drove the group around in his truck and poured the victim a whiskey and coke. After getting the victim intoxicated Taylor drove the group to a “weedy ravine” where he and his two accomplices proceeded to rape her. According to the 15-Year-Old accomplice who later testified for the prosecution, Taylor was particularly violent when he took his turn and actually beat the victim.

Around 4 AM The Victim and her Mother went to the Hospital. Examinations were performed and it was determined she had been sexually assaulted. Taylor was arrested on the 13th when charges were filed. On the 14th Initial Discovery was filed by his Court Appointed Attorney John Barry Baker. On the 15th a signed Affidavit was filed by Investigator for the Prosecutor’s Office Kim Smith, who relayed that both The Victim and one of the 2 men who accompanied Taylor claim that he had raped her and that there was medical evidence that she had been sexually assaulted around the time both The Victim and the other witness claimed the rape had taken place.

Taylor was given a bond of 50,000 and was facing 30 years to life for this crime. His first legal move, however, was to fire John Baker and demand a female attorney. Miss Hillary Rodham was appointed to represent Taylor for his next court date on the 21st of July 1975. 2 days after the docket was updated on May 21st Hillary filed an updated Discovery request of her own including results of polygraphs. That same day on May 23rd she filed a motion to dismiss and a motion to modify bail.

In her motion to dismiss she claimed there was a lack of evidence and that the affidavit of the Investigator Kim Smith was not sufficient enough to establish Probable Cause. She also filed her own Affidavits on behalf of Taylor’s cousin Azilee Huddleston and his boss Buck Foster to sway the judge in her favor on her request to modify bail. Both of these motions were rejected on June 9th. On June 14th the prosecutor filed a Bill of Particulars stating the names of the witnesses present at the time of the crime or expert witnesses to be called upon at trial and the evidence in the state’s possession, a pair of the defendant’s undershorts compared to a blood sample that was taken by the State Toxicologist Berwin Monroe. On the 15th Hillary filed a Notice of Disclosure of Favorable Evidence along with a motion to suppress statements made to the police by Taylor by claiming they violated his 5th, 6th, and 14th amendment rights.

On the 16th a hearing was granted and scheduled for the 21st of July which was Taylor’s original trial date. On June the 8th Hillary filed a motion to compel the Victim to submit to a psychiatric examination at the University or Arkansas Psychology Clinic on July 31st. This was a clear conflict of interests since she herself worked at the University of Arkansas. On top of that, she filed an affidavit on July 28th stating that the victim was “Emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” according to the analysis performed by the University she was affiliated with 2 days before the scheduled appointment. However, after all this, the trial was rescheduled to the 16th of September 1975.

On the 16th the Trial was postponed because the Prosecutor had to leave the country and did not have enough time to arrange with the defense to answer some of the defendant’s questions before trial. The Trial was again rescheduled for November 11th, 1975. On November 4th Hillary and the state’s attorney agreed to a Plea Bargain after much of the state’s forensic evidence was lost or destroyed under mysterious circumstances. The charge was reduced from Rape in the First Degree to Unlawful Fondling of a Child. He was given 5 years with 4 years suspended and 2 months reduced for time spent. In the end, a man who by all rights should have spent 30 years in prison for the violent rape of a girl spent 10 months because of lies told by Rodham (later Clinton) and lost evidence.

Years after things still have come up surrounding this case that point to wrongdoing and a lack of ethics by Hillary. In 2014 The Washington Free Beacon did a report on leaked tapes of an interview with Clinton from the mid-1980’s with Hillary Clinton. In this interview intended for Esquire, Hillary Laughed about her defendant passing a polygraph and the crime lab accidentally destroying evidence as she worded it and of course how she got her plea bargain. Also according to the article posted by Law News which has been my source for these facts in a May 2016 report, CNN said no evidence has ever emerged to support the claims Clinton made in her July 28th affidavit.

While it seems Hillary was simply appointed to this case I believe she willfully took it to sate her ambition. She went far past the legal ethic of mounting a competent defense and went as far as attacking the victim and possibly falsifying evidence to win. This fits in with her pattern of psychotic ambition at any cost. It is reminiscent of her vicious attacks against the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. So yeah Trump is a womanizing scumbag. But unless the rape accusation against him is actually true, yet again Hillary is worse in so many ways.


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