Important Changes to my Site Schedule and New Subjects.

Hey there guys. So far you are accustomed to a new post every Wednesday and Saturday at Noon. This was my ideal vision, however, the reality of it has quickly hit me faster than I thought it would. Blogs, in general, can be pretty exhausting but gaming blogs present their own unique challenges. I hate changing things up so soon but then again it’s better to work out the bugs now rather than later. It’s less unsettling to readers to have a small change at the start than a big one later on.

Now back to these unique issues. The three issues I face are the stress involved with writing a post, the time required to research and play games, and the rate at which I am burning through the material. Again these are unique issues I am facing. Now I could fill more space with political posts but I think those are better in smaller doses and also because of aforementioned stress I am trying to avoid politics in general. The stress is actually deeper than blog posts by the way. In fact, let me elaborate upon these factors.

To begin let’s start with stress. Writing looks easy but it really isn’t unless you’re on Tumblr where the intellectual bar is so low it’s scraping against the dirt. I have to make sure I know what I am writing about and then try to organize it in a way that makes sense and that the reader can understand. This is pretty hard because as someone with an above average IQ my mind processes and organizes things differently than most people. (I’m not going to give an exact IQ number because I am not trying to brag or make people feel bad so let’s leave it at that) It thus becomes a struggle to try to put things in an order most people understand. And when the stress of this is compounded by my current life stress like my failing job search or this miserable presidential election then it ends up most days that while I feel an obligation to work on material for the blog I cannot emotionally handle it.

Next is the time required to make a post. Political posts and tech posts are relatively easy. Most of these I have a vivid knowledge of off the cuff and when that fails I can refresh my memory with a nice Google Search. Gaming posts, however, are a lot harder. Imagine you were making a blog about a TV show. You would have to watch that show every week or watch re-runs on streaming services and that takes time and effort. This is the same with gaming posts, while I often have to obtain screenshots online for some games that don’t change the fact that I actually have to sit down and replay some of these games and do additional research on the porting for them so I can give you a pretty vivid and accurate view of what gameplay is like and on which systems you can play. On top of that, I then have to write an article that makes sense to you and doesn’t contain too many spoilers so you can see how that adds to my stress.

Finally, there is the issue of limited material. I have a limited number of games I have played or have access to. I currently have 11 PS2 Games, 10 Hard Copies of GBA Games, 6 Emulated GBA Games, 22 Emulated SNES Games and 32 NDS games. There are a few mobile and computer titles I can review too and if I got my N64 fixed somehow I would have an additional 7 games I could add to that roster. Even with all of this though I would run through all of those games in less than a year and a half even with posts on tech and current events. From there I would have to use emulated games and I have really complicated views on these.

Now yes I do use emulated games but there are a few rules I abide by. First off, I only obtain ROMs of games for systems that are no longer operational like the SNES. I also only ever download games that I used to own copies of but they no longer produce and are impossible or extremely expensive to obtain. Other than that I do not condone emulating and I discourage the practice. If the game is new and actively available then go out and buy it people. Emulating, however, kills the gaming industry and hurts programmers. Why should they spend their time designing or coding a game when you are going to pirate it right out of the gate without any justification like the game being 20 years old or no longer produced?

Well with all of that covered this explains why I am cutting back to just Wednesdays and it may become every other Wednesday based on the stress level of my life, but I am doubting it will get to that. There are however some positive changes to address the issue of limited content and to diversify my pool of subjects to grab from. The first has already been implemented partially. To diversify my subject base I am rebranding this from just being a Conservative Gaymer Blog to a Conservative Gay Nerd Blog and I will now be writing about Tech, Anime, Sci-fi and other Nerd stuff in addition to Gaming and Politics. I am also adding a new page to this website with hand selected walkthroughs for games, walk-throughs which I found to be clear and helpful. I am hoping this will help enhance the enjoyability of the gaming experience for those of us prone to get lost or stuck in a game. This new page will be up at 3 PM today so be sure to check it out.

Be on the lookout for a special off schedule post-December 18th 2016/2017 to commemorate the 29th and 30th anniversaries of the release of Final Fantasy. I also am still committed to working on expanding to a YouTube channel and other interactive things for the readers of my site. I really hope that even with these cutbacks I will see an increase in site traffic. And for those of you already reading thanks for sticking with me through this. I’ll see you Next Wednesday with another regular posting.

Thanks for reading and Gaming. 🙂


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