SPECIAL POST: Congrats Verizon, you guys are Saints!!

So every day we hear from liberals that corporations are evil and every day that is bullshit. This is a prime example of why that is bullshit. Cell provider Verizon is giving customers in the hurricane-affected states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina Unlimited Domestic Calling, Text and Data between the 7th – 11th of October. Their reason is they want their customers to “stay connected when it matters most” and I have to say that is a beautiful sentiment. Kudos Verizon, I am definitely considering them as my next provider after my term with my current provider is up.

This is a classic example of why corporations are your friends rather than enemies. Besides providing us with jobs the better ones provide us hope in the darkest times. Corporations are people too because it is people coming together, and in tough times like this people need to come together. Sadly their only thanks at first will be having to cover the high taxes imposed on them by moronic liberal’s that their customers normally pay but I hope more people switch to Verizon after seeing this example of humanity at its finest. But the important thing though is that we thank Verizon for helping the Families affected by the storm.


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