Why Android is and always will be better than Apple.

So recently a lot of smug Apple fans have gone to the Internet trying to troll Android users over the Galaxy Note 7 Recall. This is like the skinny retarded guy in school trying to tease Valedictorian Quarterback. The only reason the Note 7 exploded is because Samsung tries to do something Apple doesn’t, make a better product. Seriously though, all Apple ever does is find ways to make their product less compatible with other things to try and force you to buy more of their products. A good example is their recent announcement to eliminate the headphone jack and make you pay for Bluetooth earbuds, but I bet they still haven’t addressed the dismal battery life their phone has always had. And when you compare the 6S Plus to the defect-free S7 Edge there is no comparison, the hardware is simply better.

Even older Android Build models outperform iPhones that were considered new and improved then as you can see in the chart below. The reason this happens is not the fact that the Android OS itself is open source, it is the fact that the Hardware Developer’s who utilize Android software are trying to build new and better phones while Apple focuses on phones that look pretty but force the user to be absolutely dependent on Apple alone.

Android is built to be open. Thus their slogan, be different. Not the same. Its about options and Apple doesn’t provide that. I mean beyond the Hardware Options, you can customize aspects of the software like the keyboard or launcher and do your own Bug Fixes. Android also has the ability to multitask and the ability to have 2 apps running on the same screen. Apple has not even tried to make that possible.

Android also has widgets. These widgets allow you to see relevant information from apps like previews of your email inbox and then access them with a single touch. I find them to be very handy myself, I even have the WordPress Widget on my phone so I can see how many people aren’t reading my blog! But seriously, iOS just added widgets however they are confined to a taskbar whereas the Android Widgets can be assigned to a home screen. It makes accessing critical information on the go a lot easier.

With iPhone you are stuck with the memory it comes with and when your battery finally dies you have to buy an entirely new phone. (God help you when it freezes too since you can’t pull out the battery and Hard Reset.) Most phones running on Android though have expandable memory through a Micro SD slot. Most models also have a removable backing and a removable and replaceable battery. This means my Android phone can and will last longer than any iPhone and I will never be limited to just the 16 GB of internal memory on my phone. Some phones are capable of even expanding up to hundreds of GB effectively making them like a handheld computer.

Android phones are more Durable too. Remember the Bendgate Scandal? Well besides it showing how committed Apple is to lying in order to cover up their messes it also shows you how they care more about how it looks than how durable it is. Apple users can laugh at the plastic housing of my phone all they want, it isn’t going to bend like their stupid iPhone. Along with that Android has features like water resistance, dust resistance, and shatterproof screens built into certain models. Meanwhile, Apple still has screens that shatter like glass when you drop them.

Android uses the far more durable and universal Micro USB. What does Apple use again? It’s that thing called Lightning USB, the thing that breaks easier and ONLY works on Apple devices. That’s to be expected, though Apple is about exclusivity rather than quality. But hey, at least you look hip at Starbuck’s in your skinny jeans with your bent aluminum iPhone that’s gonna die in 15 minutes since the battery sucks and you can’t charge it since your expensive Lightning USB broke like the 4 cords before it. 

When it comes down to it the this is what it boils down to. Android Phones are more functional than iPhones because they are built for adults. Apple iPhones are just built to look pretty and are in no way imaginative or innovative in a relevant way. Apple iPhones cannot match the Android phone in its capability to help users stay productive and dare I say it happy. All of this innovation is possible because the mentality is to build a better experience for the user rather than to trap the user and bleed them dry for profit. 

I’d like to thank crambler.com for the spec information and credit them for a few points I covered in this article that I forgot to consider going in. Click Here to read his article comparing Android to iPhones. It’s pretty good and less snarky than mine. XD


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